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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday  CBS  April 2, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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let the fun end there you can eat them all through college. >> it's a staple. >> i don't remember the last time hi one. >> i'm a healthy eater i'm not going to lie. >> you're not allowed to celebrate. all right. tell us about the last forecast here. >> let's talk about the weather coming up we have a beautiful monday on the way into the 60s with increasing clouds and wet weather on this tuesday 69, 67 wednesday looking beautiful and wednesday a beautiful day. wet weather. now at 6:30 a 14-year-old boy traumatically killed riding atvs with friends we caught one the new jersey community heartbroken over his loss. good evening everybody i'm natasha brown. >> thank you for joining us. we'll have more on that accident in just a moment and first breaking news from the atlantic city sxraes way at this hour all lanes are still closed near the farley service flaws aand after a tanker truck over turned around 1:00 this afternoon at least 7,000 gal opens of fuel spilled when the tanker tipped and crews are still cleaning up that roadway as we speak. state police in hamilton township say the tanker was traveling eastbound when the accident happened and traffic is being diverted to exit 28 and hazmat crews try to cleanup the area and there are no reports of injuries. >> and also, tonight, southampton township new jersey is mourning loss of teenage boy after a atv joy ride turns traffic. live from the cooper trauma center with more details for u us. alicia. >> that tash a. three tens were involved in yesterday's atv crash two were type cooper trauma center in camden with non life heat threatening injuries. the third teen could nobt
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helped by emergency responders and was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash in burlington county and turning a truly fun day into a truly tragic one. >> it was the first day in a while that felt like spring and on a day like that a popular things to do in southampton township, new jersey, is to go atv riding. but on saturday, afternoon, a joy ride for three teens turned tragic. >> the atv was right here turned upside down you know turned on its side. >> just behind joseph springe springer's property along west petty road the three teens riding on two atvs crashed. the teens lost control of the all terrain vehicles and collided and knocked off with the atv slipped. none of the teens were wearing helmets. two teens were injured and saying 1 4-year-old nicholas cunningham died at the crash. >> you have to feel sorry. >> friends of the teen that lost his life here came to the crash site still in disbelief.
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>> when i find out i was with two other kids and we found out we were heartbroken. in school, tomorrow will be so different. he was the funniest kid. >> the young friends of nicholas cunningham known to them as nicoli hope to give his family strength during toughest of times by letting them know how much nicoli minute for them. >> i'm so sorry for your loss it's terrible and affecting everyone in the community. and we love nickoli. >> and he was a good kid. his parents i feel bad for parents. my condolences go out to them. sad things happen. >> and police are still investigating to find out why the teens lost control of the atvs and one thing the authorities know the people that we spoke to know this sun fortunately a reminder of why it's important to wear helments when ridingment reporting live in camden, alicia neevr questions. eyewitness news. >> thank you. authorities are trying to
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figure out what sparked a three alarm fire at abandoned warehouse in reading, berks county, crew where called to the 200 block of south 11 street 9:30 this morning and fire burned for several hours before crews were finally able to place it under control. residents nearby were evacuated and there were no reports of any injuries. and ambushed on the road a driver is shot to sdaeming on the roosevelt boulevard while waiting at a relate. eyewitness news at summerdale and boulevard where police say a 39-year-old man was gunned down inside his car shortly before 6:00 this morning and police say a white cadillac pulled up alongside the victim's car and fired multiple shots and drove off. police are investigating and so far, there are no suspects in the case. >> and it has been an absolut absolutely beautiful day outside today. after a couple of days of damp dampp, rainy weather, many folks took the opportunity to get out of the house today. and just be out in the sunshin sunshine. and a gentle breeze kept things cool with lots of people in
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center city today needing nothing more than a light jacket out there. meteorologist lauren casey is taking in the nice weather on cbs3 sky deck with lovely nice little light jacket on. we only hope this could stay this way lauren but i think are you going to bring bad news is there more rain. >> yeah we have more rain on the way and today a beautiful day. who knew so many people leveled in the city and people coming out of the wod work to enjoy the sunshine and temperatures in the 60s. spring weather perfection on sunday. we're sitting at 62 in philadelphia and 62 reading and 62 in ac and 62 degrees rights now in wilmington as we head into the evening hours, temperatures falling back into the 50s. both 50s by the 10:00 hour and patchy clouds, quiet conditions and those winds will light inup after a breeze today by midnight. temperatures falling back up t toer 40s. what to expect for our monday quiet during the daytime hours and sunshine around especially in morning and clouds increasing into the afternoon and mild bit breezy at times and rain and thunderstorms
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developing as we head into tomorrow night and so we'll talk about the timing of that and what we can see a few stronger thunderstorms in full forecast and that's coming newspaper a few, that asha. >> lauren we'll see you inside soon. thank you so much. president trump surprise signa signaling his administration may not be swapping healthcare reform after all. according to white house officials the president discussed repealing and replacing affordable care act over rounds of golf with senator ran paul and office of management and budget director mic mol vainy. senator ran paul remains confident that appealing the affordable care act will even eventually happen. >> i remain opt missiontic that we get a volunteer repeal. >> meanwhile this week lawmakers continue investigation into russian interference in the u.s. presidential election and tomorrow the senate judiciary committee will vote on supreme court nominee judge neil gorsuch. >> and tax credits for organ donors. new jersey lawmakers wants the
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state to reward people who choose to donate. two bills provide new jersey taxpayers $1,000 income tax credit for doe night organs or 100 gross income credit for tax players that donate blood, platelets and plasma. new jersey don't be the favorite to offer them. 19 other states provide credits or deductions for living or an donations. >> those that benefit from organ donation in center city today spoke about the need for donors. survivors laced up screws for the donor dash asking those healthy enough to sign up.. >> on a cold sunday morning. >> i'm a transplant survivor. >> storeies of survival provided warm sglj since then i earned 40 metals 13 silver, 13 bronze i gave most medals to my dope or family you can see it i have gold. my heart is the gold. >> with the new heart janet
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dennis come need owe limb page competitions for transplant recipient. she's more than one of 20,000 that signed up for the donor dash in philadelphia raise ago wareness for critical need of organ donation. according to gift of life donor program there's currently more than 119,000 people in the united states waiting for a life saving org dap traps plant. 5400 are here in our region. >> toby miner landed on that list and 6 years going he received a double lung transplant at the university of pennsylvania. >> they made a world of a difference in me i would not walk 30 feet without having to stop and i got tired of oxygen thanks. >> without an oxygen tank and assistance he walked next to surprise pourers like grand nephew austin broccoli. >> there's people every day to run with that need the organs and it's awesome. >> a newly found life thanks to the gift of donors like zach switser who is just 20 when a
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drunk driver killed him 9 years ago. >> that day we got the phone call our son was gone six other people got a phone call and that's what makes us smile. >> mom, misscy switser said at age 16 he deposit hesitate to designate himself as an org app donor. >> it's prove donation sglorkz anita oh, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> stay with us everyone, still to come the 52 annual academy of country music awards, country music party of the year happening tonight live from las vegas and entertainers are ready. >> once they get the nomination it's beyond anything i could have imagined keith urban leaves the path for acm award knowledge naixs with seven. we'll let you know when you can watch here on cbs3 next and the latest out of columbia tonight where homes and entire ill villages were washed away by devastating mudslides and also a trooper helps make important delivery after he find a man
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broken down on the side of the
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>> country music awards in las vegas tonight and hosted by luke bryant and bently and keith urban is nominated 7 acm. miranda lambert, tim mcgraw and i glor saturday georgia line six nomination and florida georgia line will perform a
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collaboration with back street boys and are excited to be on stage at acm awards. >> it will be our biggest year, win or lose. because it's the vibe have real here you know what i'm saying. lot of great energy and networ networking going on and i really do feel like we won. win on lose, it's about connec connecting with our fans and other people and it's awesome. >> faith hill, sam hunt, carrie under word and miranda lambert are among some scheduled tom -- beginning 8:00 here on cbs3. >> and now at age 87 astronaut buzz aldridge by him the oldest person top fly with the thunder birds he flew at the malvern air and space show in florida today. he was in the air 20 minute or so before he landed and it's still unknown exactly what speeds they reached. aldrin was second man an moon
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piloting "apollo 11"and followed neal armstrong in 19 1969. >> now in southern columbia, folks are lost. they lost everything. digging frantically through the rubble hoping to find relative relatives, friend, anyone chbl the military says 254 people were killed in mudslides on saturday and sunday reds more are missing or injured. torrential rains across much of the land to give way and massive flooding has forced thousands to now evacuate. >> and check out this amazing spectacle turtle head island east china cherry blossoms there are illuminated at night creating a beautiful attraction and lighting of the trees is part of international cherry festival and started in 2014. celebration continues through the end of april. our cherry blossoms here will be blooving lovely soon. >> he they with blooming i was walking down the street it was a beautiful scene the row of cherry blossoms. >> it was pretty today. >> i heard the music swelling
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in the background out of nor. >> it was like a movie. >> absolutely. >> we can absorb the moment you will tell us that will not last, i think. >> it will not last. hold on it today, cherish s sunshine across the area. good look right now on the neighborhood network. rehoboth couple of people out there taking in the blue skies and comfortable temperatures. we thought 63 degrees today timely above average in philadelphia and normal high at 59. chilly start to the day though at 43 this morning and getting a live look at center city philadelphia, a couple of high clouds and on ton of sunshine. 6 the current temperatures and winds out of west at around 10 miles an hour and temperature change as you may have noticed over the last 24 hours in the positive digits ten warmer than this time yesterday in philly close to 20 warmer han than this time yesterday in mount pocono. overnight tonight not as chill chilly, cool, quiet, getting down to 45. southwest winds light and patchy clouds gracing sky and
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sometimes the sunshine especially first half of monday then clouds increase to second half and even milder as we head to tomorrow tacking on a few more degrees with high temperature at 66 and we have several more rain chances we're tracking two potent storm systems going to be moving through the dem del-vally giving us periods of heavy reign and imbedded thunderstorms and few storms could be on the stronger side. we're talking about as soon as tomorrow night into tuesday and then again on wednesday night and into thursday. but, storm scan three showing us quiet conditions right now and just a lot of sunshine across the area. we do have our next storm system moving across portions of south right now. and actually causeing a tornado outbreak. it's a potent system we won't have the same upper level dynamics here and we're not concerned with that threat and we could see stronger storms especially late monday night and early tuesday morning so future weather showing us your commute tomorrow morning month problems even the evening commute no problems increasing clouds and as we head into 9, 10, 11:00 in the evening tomorrow that rain swap over spreading area could see period
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of heavy rain overnight neem early tuesday with that chance of imbedded thunderstorms. and then tuesday morning looks like we'll have scattered showers activity it won't be a de luj and not widespread in nature and again statored as we head to tuesday afternoon and evening. but a few of those storms could get unrecallly as we head to tuesday afternoon and into early evening hours. as we have a warm day that will fuel that thunderstorm activity. but for tomorrow, increasing clouds down the shore, 61 degrees. late day showers arrive in the poconos with better chance of showers and thunderstorms arriving overnight and high temperature 50. and temperatures going to be feel going all across the area tomorrow. generally up into the middle 6 60s and top at 6 5 in wilmington you need the umbrella if out and about late monday night and again tuesday have the unbrel aholeing by. winty with high temperature 72 degrees. looking good on wednesday. sunshine returns. broodzy conditions with high
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temperature at 68 and we're back to another chance of showers and few strong thunderstorms on thursday. and then the phillies home-opener is on friday. and it looks like we could see a passing shower. a little cooler but not too bad altogether. >> did you hear how excited she was about that. >> it was almost like a musical happening there. >> i'm fueling the fire rights now. >> it's the sun. >> it's the sun i'm tell you it does wonders doesn't it? >> it does. >> lesley flyers what's going on. >> hanging on by a thread. and four games left. tonight they're in new york taking on rangers and they won five in a row and must make it sensor season owe over. boston beat chicago this afternoon and anthony stoleart in the goal for flyers and michael was released from pennsylvania hospital today and is resting and all of this came gabbing normal and was rushed to the hospital after this last night collapsed in the first period. against the devils and was apparently battling a chest cold. >> 2017 making or league baseball season is underway. three games on the slate today.
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kicking off the new season tomorrow in cincinnati. for second year in a row jeremy will be on the mound. six innings giving up one unearned run and jeremy was best pitcher on the phillies staff and 3.71 era and he cannot wait to get the season startd very excited. it's obviously another huge honor and you know especially sip thaty you know put on awesome show last year and you know we have a lot of family there. and so it will be a lot of fun. >> he was a model of of consistency last year he pitched extremely well and he would throw strikes when he's got change-up working and breaking ball working he's solid major league pitcher. >> just six games in the season for the sixers and they are underway against the raptors and long season is taking a toll on dario sarage 20 minute
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reestimation with left heel soreness. and a uniform malfunction, losses sneaker and it's hard to guard him with two snikers let alone one. >> tomorrow night a national champion will be crowned here on cbs3 when gonzaga takes on norm carolina. bulldogs going for first championship and this will be the sixth for tar heel heels. last night carolina held on to beat oregon 77-76 despite missing four free-throws in lasts ten second of the game and last year villanova beeltle far heels on kris jenkins buzzer beater. head coach roy williams says he doesn't think about it. >> only thing i said about it you guys when you had the most fun in your life plague basketball they said lasts yea year. let's put in the time, work, sacrifices to make sure we get there. but, no, it's amazing thing and 351 teams start playing and
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this is second year in a row we're one of two left. >> we'll preview the 2017 phillies season and discuss the fliers last minute playoff push may have about too late. >> all right. lesley. back to the guy that lost the shoe do they keep extra ones lay around. >> i don't know. >> there's a shoe farm there. >> he's okay. he has -- >> we can do that in the studio. stay with us. precious cargo a man carrying one of sports most coveted trough easel doingt deposit make an appointment when he we take some unexpected extra steps to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. like putting oregano in their water. it has natural antioxidants and we don't have to use antibiotics in their diet. perdue. over 200 products
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no antibiotics ever.
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we take some unexpected extra steps to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. for example, thyme. it's part of our 100% veggie diet and helps support their immune system. perdue. over 200 products no antibiotics ever. >> welcome back everyone a maine state trooper responding to car with a deer crash deliveries precious cargo.
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trooper tyler maloon picture next to vince lombardi cham peepship tree he. the couple he gave a ride after the couple hit a deer. they explained they were in the process of delivering trophy to nearby arena for presentation. trooper says he will never forget that night. that close to the trophy. forget that night. that close to the trophy. we'll be right back
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>> well finally tonight a police department in for the kol ups, colorado went to great
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lengths to fool people into believing they had a feline unit to help fight crime this video was posted on the fort collins police services facebook page on april 1 and has since gone viral. the video shows officer working side by side with his new side kick officer buttersworth [ [ laughter ] that's a 1-year-old him lay an. >> any time, let's go, let's go. come on sawyer. come on bad guys are this way. >> the police department post the video with a post that reads, in part, we're fortunate to be the 1st and only claw enforcement agency in the united states with a cat on staff. okay, okay, we're just kitten happy april fool's day for the collins
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> he's got his hands up there for her now. >> last september in tulsa, oklahoma, a white police officer shot a black man who appears to have his hands up. videos of similar shootings aren't rare. but it is rare to hear from the officer who pulled the trigger before a jury does. >> my incident is not a racist incident. i am not racist. race had no factor in what happened. >> race had everything to do with her pulling the trigger that day. >> at first glance, you might mistake him for the bouncer at a leather bar, a professional wrestler, or the front man for a


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