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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 4, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the first to the build up of the 2017 nfl draft in philadelphia, it is fail tourists, who are bumped out. >> only thing we came here for >> reporter: those famous rocky steps are knocked out for next few weeks, ronald st fuss fresh in from holland on the holiday. >> you just want to climb those steps but they told you that is not happening. >> it is not happening. it is because of the tradition of the draft. >> reporter: nfl draft will be big, a star studded event, to be held outside, that whim draw hundreds of thousands office people and tense millions in revenue. on the second pim, leading up, it is traffic. >> it will take over the whole parkway. >> he is right. >> reporter: starting april 19th inner lanes of the parkway will close, and by april 25th, all lanes of the parkway will be restrict. twenty-first to 24th street in this area will shut down. eakins awful off limits as well as martin luther king drive.
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third pick, pedestrian. >> it just makes things harder to move around. >> reporter: john and rebecca with their new born babe janet expect to dodge crowd. >> they are block off road, setting up bleachers. if we necessity bit ahead of time we will say let's take fairmount avenue instead. >> reporter: thinks your warning. >> now we know. >> reporter: sure inconveniences but silver lining the national stage and millions, plus it will be a pretty cool show. >> it is progress, right. a little bit of inconvenience, for the big event i'm sure that will draw a nice crowd and publicity for the city. >> reporter: counting down, two weeks from right now these traffic closures will begin on the parkway, again, expect significant issues here, as far as traffic, most of this area, three weeks from now will be entirely shut down, we have up loaded all of this information on our web site, cbs live along the parkway aim joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness
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news". >> thanks, joe. need to know how to get around until the nfl draft end we have you covered. head to cbs for detailed list of road closures and when they are in effect. well, calling it a career and starting, a new one, eagles fans love to hate him but tony romo is, retiring. >> sports director don bellies here. it looks like mr. romo is trade nothing his spot under center for broadcasting booth. >> we saw this coming, we just didn't necessity if it was going to happen this soon. >> unbelievable. >> no more blitzes, sacks or touchdown passes. tony romo now gets a mike and a tell straight or. romo retiring from the nfl after 14 seasons and joining the broadcast booth as an analyst. he joins jim nantz and replace s phil simms. in his final season romo was replaced by dak prescott, he primarily decided to call it quits because of injuries. as you know romo is hated here in philadelphia because of those heated match ups with
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the eagles. here now some reaction from fans. >> tony romo retiring is a great thing for football. i could not stand to see him on the field. i think he will do berth in the broadcast booth. >> it was time to get out for him. he will be great as a broadcaster. >> really smart guy, very articulate. >> he has never experience with what is going on. i don't know his flare, maybe he need to develop some flare but he should know what he is doing. speaking of, anyhow. >> in a statement chairman of cbs sports sean mcmanus say tony has been one of the nfl's biggest stars in the past decade and we are thrilled to welcome him to cbs sports. he will bring same passion, enthusiasm and knowledge that he displayed on the field to the broadcast booth. this also means romo will need to adjust his wardrobe. tony tweeting this picture after the announcement, guess it is time to start dressing up. #, cbs.
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romo just 36 years old, he walks away from the cowboys as their all time leader in passing yard, and touchdowns. >> wear that eye with pride, young man, come on. >> all right, thanks, buddy. lehigh valley company is suffering a grand slam of the deal. maker of the major league baseball uniforms and fan gear is being acquired by fanatics a licensed sports merchandise company. as part of the deal baseball uniforms and fan gear will continue to be made at majestic's plant in easton, pennsylvania. governor tom wolf praised the deal in the statement. he said continued use of the majestic facility is important news for the commonwealth, the region and talented employees who are true baseball fans, with a genuine pride in what they do. police need your help identifying a robbery suspect who hit a convenient store on south street. authorities say that the man in the surveillance video entered 7-eleven store last week and ordered a pack of cigarettes. when the employee returned that suspect threatened to throw a cup of what he claimed
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was gasoline on the employee and set them on fire if he did not give him money. after the suspect was handed $20 he fled. anyone with any information is asked to call police. trial for eric frein, man accused of murdering a pennsylvania state trooper got underway today. that trial is taking place in milford, pike county, jury from chester county. in opening statements prosecutors say they plan to present computer evidence proving that frein and the procedures. the defense said he will not be testifying. frein's charge in the 2014 deaths of corporal brian dick son and wounding trooper alex douglass. if convicted, he could face the death penalty. the government in syria tonight is suspected of unleashing a chemical weapons attack on its own people. fifty-eight people have died, including 11 children. we want to warn you video from the incident is graphic. this happened in syria's northern province. video of the victims show some
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struggle telling breathe, others foaming at the mouth. britain and france are calling for a emergency meeting of the u.n. security council following the attack which has garnered widespread international condemnation. stay with cbs news for continuing coverage of the deadly attack in seer, yeah scott pelley will have much more coming up at 6:30 on the "cbs evening news" right after our broadcast. seventy you this dollars reward is now offered for information, leading to an arrest in the quadruple shooting in north philadelphia three men with killed in yesterday's violence at 11th and style streets, another is hospitalized. police say that the victims were well men to authorities, each had lengthy criminal record, and police are searching for two suspects tonight. suspected shoot inner last week's snipper situation in northern liberties appeared in the camden county courtroom today. police say lawrence mitchell allegedly shot hat a car more than a football field away from the fifth floor of an unfinished apartment. a woman associated with delilah's gentlemen's club was
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getting into that car and bullets missed her by simply a few inches. so sad news to pass along tonight, ralph arch bald, who for 45 years was philadelphia 's official ben franklin impersonator passed on. his family tells "eyewitness news" he died last week due to complications from congestive heart failure. archibald began recreating the famous philadelphian in 1973, becoming a beloved figure in this city. he was 75 years old. as we first told you on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 a local school nurse is being hailed a hero after spotting symptoms of the life threatening disease in the kindergartener. "eyewitness news" report are cleve bryan practice spoke to the child's mother and is live at children's hospital of philadelphia with this story, cleve. >> reporter: well, long road to recovery but family says he is doing well and they think his school nurse deserves special recognition forgetting him on the right track. >> she called and said do you think that nate's coloring is
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off. >> reporter: nicole campbell says her son nate is alive because of his school nurse, last september, nathan campbell started kindergarten at sane north elementary school in collinswood. right away his teacher kathy keller noticed something was off. >> he stood alongside me and said his legs hurt and he didn't want to go outside and play. >> reporter: keller asked nurse patty butler to take a look and immediately alarm bells went off in her mine. >> his skin was translucent and that is when i said, nicole, this is nurse patty, please, i want you to see someone, and prove me wrong report campbell wait aid couple days to take nate to the doctor but nurse patty kept calling. >> honestly, i wrote it off. i really thought that she was being an alarmist because i didn't see anything wrong with him and then that night doctor , the phone call came and said we got results of the blood test and he need to get to chop. >> reporter: nathan was diagnosed with leukemia and started treatment for cancer in his blood at children's hospital of philadelphia he is
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now in remission and nicole credits nurse patty with saving his life. >> if she hadn't called we would not be standing here talking about nathan. i believe that firmly. that she saved him. >> reporter: she's nominated nurse patty in a contest america's greatest school nurse. butler just wants to see nathan get well. >> love you nate. >> reporter: since nate's immune system does not allow him to return to school yet, classmates send him messages and save him spots in the class. >> be strong and we know you are coming back soon. >> reporter: his mom says his form of cancer vice treatable and he has a strong chance to make a full, recovery, now if you want to vote for nurse patty for america's greatest school nurse, you got to do that on line by april 16th. live from chop, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, a barber's big honor , but not for his skill with the scissors, when we come back. >> the reason he was being recognized at city hall today for his work outside of the shop. >> new castle county
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paramedics have been in service for 42 years, i'm greg argos here in new castle county with the story of one man who paved the way. we have a few scattered showers, on storm scan three, even report of the lightening up toward poconos this evening but even stronger storms, are on the way, we will track yet another system that will bring rain and thunder i'll tell you when and when it clears out when we come right back.
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more to stream to every screen. fill your basket with easter only at my giant. today barber to the star robert woodard discussed is what planned for his barber shop, family day, celebration the. it is an annual celebration of racial unity, he says doctor king junior who was assassinated on this day in 1968 had a civil rights movement. now we have a human rights movement. >> if nothing else we all think differently but we will be able to put things together as we come together and start dialogue, that is why we have barber shop to have a conversation to get things off the ground. >> woodard was also named philadelphia's good neighbor of the year, human family day
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celebration will take place april 30th, at union baptist church. well, public safety officials are honoring a philadelphia police officer for his dedication to a job he holds dear. >> chief gregory massy was recognized for his volume they are with philadelphia's second alarms a group that provides support for first responders after a emergency calls. he has volunteered for two decade serving as its chief, since 1997. and the job is personal, his sonnies a philadelphia fire fighter. tonight, we're introducing to you delaware's first paramedic. >> a lot has changed since he started on the job more than 40 years ago. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos talked with the medical pioneer. >> second and scott right now, okay. >> reporter: prior to 1975 if you had a medical emergency in delaware, an ambulance unit would simply transport you to the closest hospital. >> who knows, how many people were lost, on that trip.
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>> reporter: john potter was one of those ambulance drivers , stationed in new castle county with just a 27 hour red cross course under his belt. >> i believed at the end of the course we did get to cpr. >> reporter: his boss knew there was a need for advanced life support in the field so after speaking with a doctor at the wilmington hospital. >> you want to teach ambulance drivers to do what? >> he sent job to be trained in new york, a 40 hour course to be certified, as a paramedics. the first paramedic hit the ground in new castle county delaware in 1975. >> this was something, new. >> reporter: in 76, an eight unit team was dedicated. john's first person on it strapped with more than 50- pound of high tech gear, including the heart machine for. >> you were loaded down before you got to the patient. >> reporter: that equipment and training made a world of difference in the field. >> i necessity that there was, walking out of the hospital. >> lieutenant potter certainly
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helped pave the way for what we do today. >> reporter: now the county has more than 100 paramedics who all get through two years are training, have latest technology, and can thank john potter who retired as a route for helping create a profession which has help countless others. >> the fact that the medical community has come to value what paramedics do out in the field is in large part based on what those early pioneers did. >> if i was just a little bit responsible, for what we got here today, it was worth all of the time that i spent away from my family. >> reporter: in new castle delaware, greg air guess for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". i'll tell you, thank you, yes, indeed, congratulations. kate bilo has your forecast. we have seen instability out there it is crazy. dark cloud over here. sun over here. >> one of the days where we are seeing storms exit but we are still in the low pressure system pattern where showers and thunderstorms can pop up at anytime. much like summertime when we
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get these pop up thunderstorms , once sun goes down we lose heating of the day threat for showers and storms will diminish but through next hour or 2a couple of pop up showers and storms on the radar picture. here's a look in the poconos. reason why i chose this camera is where we have a couple of showers and storms rumbling through, nothing at jack frost big boulder but you can see cloud one half of the screen looks ominous other half seeing blue skies. it all depend which direction you look on a day like today but cool cloud formations out there what we call couple rust cloud, and precursor to a thunderstorm. storm scan three again showing that system is impacting our weather, it brought us rain last night, and now, showers and thunderstorms, and more concentrated autopsy cross new york state but locally we are seeing just a few scattered and storms, and this one has blown up, a lit built on the border on have northampton county and, we're seeing lightening as you can see, so traveling i80 could be impact.
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and, you can see, and, this evening, and just a couple of stray sprinkles here and there and once we get to the end of the week, we have a retation every three days, we will get a rain storm. here's next one over wichita kansas right now, thanks in oklahoma and that is lift nothing here, especially on thursday. and in the meantime, it is, and still very warm, and, 77 in atlantic city. and, with the new record today 78 degrees. that broke the previous record of 77 degrees for 1999. temperatures are still, on their way up. today average high temperature in philadelphia is, right at 60 degrees. by may fourth, average high is just 70 degrees. by june 4th, average high 80 degrees. we are in the wrapped warming trend, those averaging moving up, quickly over next several months. we have a stray shower or thunderstorm through the evening. a few around poconos at 8:00 p.m. it clears out, tomorrow we will stop this around 3:00 p.m. full sunshine. beautiful looking day. nice breeze.
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good day to get outside. that changes, overnight tomorrow night into thursday morning. 8:00 a.m. showers and a few thunderstorms impacting morning commute. this just comes in waves all day. if you will remember last tuesday we had scattered showers and storms some with heavy downpours and thunder, this is on and off all day long even impacting the evening commute at 5:00 p.m. before eventually clearing out then on friday, still under the influence of low pressure but it will be mainly cloudy, cool, breezy, stray shower for that first pitch forecast for phillies home opener, 55 degrees. don't think it is a wash out. i think game will be played but definitely make sure you bring fleece, and hat, perhaps , and maybe a rain gear for that friday game, not the best day for a home opener but weekend looks a whole lot belt er. once we get through thursday's rain, thunderstorms, friday again still cloudy and cool but weekend looks beautiful, great spring weekend on the way and then back to the 70's, with sunshine next week. >> we like it. >> we do. >> yes. >> love it.
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>> fleece, it is just not fair >> i know. >> sorry. >> the eagles making moves along defensive line, trade details on the way. anal even iverson talks but he is not talking about practice. you will want to hear this practice. you will want to hear this next in practice. at longhorn, tonight'sthis special, steakhouse cuts. featuring, for a limited time, the new delmonico ribeye, our tender flo's filet, and the juicy new york strip. and for lunch, try our steakhouse burger or any steakhouse lunch combo. you can't fake steak.
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it baseball season. >> yes, it is, we a had opening day. it was a tease. >> yes. >> but, don't worry, but, plenty more to go. >> a lot of baseball to go. >> one down, 161 to go, and phillies had day off after their season opening win yesterday. jared eickoff, will get the start, and touchdown for an era during the springtime, 7.47. eagles, making a trade today they acquired 24 year-old tackle, timmy journeyagain. they swapped third round pick with the ravens. baltimore will draft seventh fourth and bird dropped 25 spots to number 99.
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he was a second round pick in 2014. he could compete for starting job alongside, fletcher cox. the flyers visiting the devils tonight, and now, that their playoff hopes have been dashed rookies will make their nhl debut. sam and mike will be in the line up for fly guys, just three games left in their season. there are five games left for sixers, tonight, they host brooklyn. rookie dario saric is on a minutes restriction for final five games just 24 a night, basically sore from a heavy nba schedule. but it is important for him to play every game. >> it is important, i think, just like it is good to finish , 82 games, rookie season. we have so many players, some players are injured, some are resting. i want to show, i can do this. >> tough guy. we like it. word association, i say allen iverson, most people mention practice. >> practice. >> practice.
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>> practice. >> well, ai is childhood team atlanta braves have a new ballpark and they recruited the answer, for their promos. >> we heard parking may be an issue. >> parking? the best franchise in all of baseball and we're in here talking about parking? what are we talking about, i necessity we are not talking about parking. >> is it going to be a has toll get to these games. >> we have got 14,000 spaces. this is a joke. >> it is an important issue to the fans. >> i know it is important but we're worried about parking. not the game, but parking. look, i necessity they got plans. >> one more question, allen iverson. >> parking. >> oh, no you didn't. no, he didn't. >> parking. >> that is clever. >> yes, atl braves, well done. >> he did good.
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>> he did good. pretty good as an actor. >> when we come back coming together for a special celebration. >> where american 150 seniors a sem told day and why it was so meaningful. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps.
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a traditional, pass over feast. they are they shared elements of the meal, at and said pray ers together. eight day jewish holiday begins at sunset, april 10th. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at sixth, we are back at 10 on the cw philly, and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". tonight a nationwide scam costing families thousands of dollars, the caller tells you someone from your family has been kidnaped, but that is just the beginning. ana warner on what you need to be aware of before you answer the phone, from new york, here now is scott pelley, take care family we will see you tonight
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: atrocity in syria. president trump says the suspected chemical attack that left dozens dead was a result of president obama's "weakness." also tonight, susan rice denies putting out the identities of trump associates caught up in surveillance of foreigners. >> i leaked nothing to nobody. >> pelley: it sounded frighteningly real. >> "distric "dad, they're takina van." and a guy comes on the phone and says, "we've got your daughter." >> pelley: but kidnapping was a con. and one of the most powerful men you've never heard of. he can open doors at the vatican.


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