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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  April 5, 2017 2:07am-2:41am EDT

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inues ] [ tires screech ] [ laughs ] [ doorbell rings ] when you bundle home and auto insurance with progressive, you get more than a big discount. that's what you get for bundling home and auto! jamie! you get sneaky-good coverage. thanks. we're gonna live forever! . an alarming scene inside a don't shop. a stranger grab babies. why police are looking for the child's caretakers. all i wanted was to be able to have my sign. a sign calling for unity turns into a controversy. why the rules won't allow it and how one woman is fighting to change that. the nfl draft is a little
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more than weeks away. but the parkway are already being felt. parking will be off limits less than an hour. we begin with a possible attempted abduction inside a center city duncan donuts, i'm ukee washington, i'm jessica dean. video shows a man putting his hands on baby before a couple interconvenience. >> alexandria hoff is outside police headquarters with why authorities need to talk to that couple. >> reporter: ukee. they need for them to come forward to help piece the case together. this footage taken sunday shows a couple with a child inside of the duncan donuts on the 1400 block of locust street when a strange places his hands on the baby >> it appears to be an attempt to abduct the baby. >> reporter: the plan and woman with the child react and chase
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the suspect outside. he was still there when police arrived and was temporarily detained. >> it's a rather peculiar set of circumstances. we're asking for the parents or who we believe the parents to come forward and give us a better idea of what happened. >> reporter: a witness who was the one who called police did provide us with a better idea. she told "eyewitness news" off camera that the man is a regular. known for strange sometimes lewd acts. she says the man shouted that's my baby before touching the child >> grabbed somebody else child. >> reporter: parents tae and antonio say they will be on high alert >> i hope the parents will come forward and press charges and try to get people like that off the street. >> reporter: no charges have been filed against the man as of yet. but i was told that he returned to the business today and was kicked out after
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assaulting an employee: eyewitness reporter david spunt tells us haddon heights woman is demanding change and looks like she might get i. >> reporter: in haddon heights new jersey, a place known as the friendly community. it's not hard to find a sign. some show patriotic feelings, other as sporting event. it's this sign that has those who live here talking. >> i don't have anyone's phone number on there, anyone's website. >> reporter: daniel, a mother of three, was surprised to get this letter last week. warning her to take down her hate has no home here sign. or face a summons, has the heights has a strict policy. residents are not allowed to display signs with advertisement, she decided to
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fight back and the employee who sent her the letter. >> he said well, it's an advertisement. and i said it's not an advertisement. it's just stating the fact that i have love in my home, there's no hate. >> reporter: we found the sign in many front yards around town but a law is a law and in haddon heights it's almost 40 years old. mayor and other council members got to signed business at the meeting. the mayor defended the employee who sent the letter but admits it's time to rethink the ordinance. >> the only thing he was trying to do was follow the ordinance. there was no political intent at all. >> reporter: daniel said she loves haddon heights and doesn't want to cause problems. before the meeting she found out she could keep her sign but went to the meeting anyway to make a point that the friendly community should allow her to keep her friendly sign >> the sign is not coming down.
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>> reporter: and the mayor here in haddon heights said the matter will go to the zoning board before final decisions. reporting live in haddon heights, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." now an update to a story we brought you last night. a $70,000 reward is being offered for information in a quad drupe el information. one man remains hospitalized. the victims were well-known to authorities. each had lengthy criminal records. tonight police are searching for two suspects. a man accused of a sniper trial shooting. 29-year-old lawrence mitchell fired shots last week. some bullets narrowly missed hat hitting the woman, he was arrested on unrelated charges in
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new jersey. he will be brought back to philadelphia to face charges. there will be an emergency meeting of the un security council tomorrow. we want to warn you the video you're about to see is graphic. this happened at an opposition held town in syria northern province. the government is believed to be behind this attack. video of the victim shows some struggling to breathe. othe others. the attack has garnered widespread international condemnation. the chairman of the senate intelligence committee says his panel may talk to former national security advisor susan rice as part of the russian investigation, she's ponding about surveillance of trump to associate >> i leaked nothing to nobody and never have and never would
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>> president obama's former national security advisor told msnbs, she did not publicly reveal the identifies of president trump's associates who were incidentally caught up in a wider sweep of surveillance of foreign officials. she said the identities of u.s. citizens had hidden or masked. intelligence reports on foreign targets. she said establishing their identity does not mean their names are ever released. >> there's no equivalence between so-called unmasking and leaking. the effort to ask for the identity of american citizens is necessary to understand the importance of an intelligence report in some instances. >> i don't find anything surprising in this at all. >> president trump pointed the finger at rice in a retweet tuesday and the white house questioned whether other motivation was political >> if there's no intelligence and criminal value, why was somebody requesting it? who did they share it with >> the senate intelligence committee is investigating
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russian interference. >> listen, there's intelligence that leads to reason for us to look at susan rice we'll do it >> she stopped short of saying she's ready to testify but said she would be helpful in the process if she could. there are know three separate investigations. republicans in congress are working to revive the healthcare reform bill. house speaker paul ryan said he's talking with conservatives and moderates to approve the legislation. vice president pence is lead, the negotiations. the fight over philadelphia sugary drink tax is headed back to court. tomorrow in pittsburgh, court pellet judges will hear arguments. critics are one and a half cents say beverages are already to the
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sales tax and as a result they shall hit with a double tax but the city argued it is for the a sales tax because it's levied on distribute tors. ralph archbold was philadelphia's ben franklin impersonator. died from complications. >> his family tells "eyewitness news" he died last week and began recreating the famed philadelphia back in 1973 becoming a beloved figure in the city, ralph archbold was 75. a warm finish to the day. how long will the sunshine stick around >> kate keeping an eye on the possibility of strong storms. we saw today's storm move out. temperatures on the mild side. a stronger system heading our way coming up i'll tell when you it gets here, when severe storms could impact the area and when we clear out possibly in time for the weekend. at 11:00, this family photo is making a big impression on
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social media. that's because this family tradition has a twist. why so many people are talking about it preparations for nfl draft are underway on the ben franklin parkway. one hear that will be off limits starts in less than an hour. tony romo cut by the cowboys. he already has a new job. quarterback was pictured smiling from ear to ear, later sports. a local school nurse hailed a hero. what she noticed about one student that saved his life. when "eyewitness news" continues. joanne
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two-minute drill for the city of philadelphia as it prepares to host the nfl draft. the parking restrictions going into effect tonight. beginning at midnight, no parking will will be allowed on the 2400 block of pennsylvania avenue near the art museum. this impacts south side angle parking only. the rocky steps down for the count. crews beginning to construct. >> it's progress >> a little bit of inconvenience for a big event i'm sure will draw a nice crowd and publicity for the city. >> here's a look at upcoming road closures starting april 19th, inner lanes of the parkway
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closed april 25th, all lanes will be restricted. 21 it's to 24th in this area will shutdown. eakin's oval will be off limits as well as martin luther king drive. you can take a closer look at the closure as the it's the family pour transit getting a lot of attention on social media >> parents are divorced but still make a family still posing for the family p. when victory array and her husband got divorced. they committed to an annual family portrait.
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>> progressive use of relationship >> would you ever do it? probably not. >> reporter: in a now viral post, bald win wrote we're not best friend, sometimes we don't even like one another but we're forever connected because of our beautiful smart kind compassionate son >> my thought was they're doing a lot of things right. >> reporter: the doctor believes it will to benefit the child as long as the message is clear and consistent >> they're trying to continually communicate to their child he does have two parents and they work well together in raising him. >> reporter: many voiced support some worry it send a mixed message >> i'm amazed they can do it. >> if i break up or divorce i want to sever the ties.
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>> it's not for everyone >> something emerges that is appropriate for you, that expresses your love for your child >> you do something during the holidays, and be there for the important moments >> the post has about 15,000 likes and been shared more than 1500 times. the people i spoke with said even if they wouldn't post for a photo with their ex-this family's story might inspire them to do a better job of co parenting. maybe something positive can come from it >> i like do what speaks to you and your family >> forgery your own traditions. a collingswood new jersey boy is alive thanks to his teacher and school nurse, when nathan campbell started convinc she notice his skin was trans lucent. he called nathan's mom and
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insisted she take him to the doctor. few days later, nathan was diagnosed with leukemia and began treatment at children's hospital >> we would not be standing here talking about him today. i believe firmly she saved him nathan is now in remission, his mom nominated her in a contest a new jersey high school senior is in the news for her stellar achievement. she has the pick-of any ivy league university she wants. she was accepted into all eight ivies. the 17-year-old in rock away new jersey heads the student government. she says she wants to go into global policy but hasn't decided which school yet to attend. >> i got into harvard so i was like, just go there. then i got to all the others. and i was like i don't know where i want to go >> just in case she isn't
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feeling any ivy league schools, she also got into stanford. the option is there as well. it will likely come down to whichever school provides the best financial aid package >> way to go. that's amazing. >> kate bilo and screen appears to have sprung both in temperatures but also rain. >> we got a little bit of both and everything in the forecast. we got a rainy day, chilly day and we got put a day near 80 degrees in the seven-day forecast. a little something for everyone here. tomorrow may be a day for everyone. tomorrow is beautiful. today we saw things clear out in the afternoon once the sun peaked through. it warmed up nicely. tomorrow looks great. then the next system comes through. every third day or so we get a rain storm, this week is no exception. looks like we'll break it. let's start off with what's happening. it's a nice night. very warm. feels like a summer evening,
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good night to maybe leave the window cracked let the breeze blow in for sleeping, temperatures in the 50's and 60's overnight. still in the upper 60's in philadelphia feels very warm outside. in center city looking quiet. just a couple of showers to the north those are starting to move out. stormscan 3 shows where the showers are right now. mainly up through the poconos, got a couple of sprinkles here there and in the poconos region as we sweep the area up towards mount pocono. rest is pretty quiet but that's going to change with our next system. this is the very strong storm moving through the midsection, you can see the pronounce the comma shape. there's a moderate threat for severe weather and potential strong tornados, portions of alabama, georgia and into south carolina with this same system. and we can get in on some of those strong thunderstorms as we head into the day thursday. storms will not be as strong as
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tomorrow in the south but could impact the weather. look how warm. 69 in philadelphia. well above average, atlantic city set up a record with temperatures in the 70's. you can see how much cooler it is now with the on shore flow kind of a wind boundary. 40's in atlantic city. back to the west in the 60's further inland. future weather shows a clear sky tomorrow. here's noon. temperatures on their way up. not all that windy, a pleasant breeze through the afternoon, 8:00 a few showers starting to creep in. thursday morning, here comes our next storm, this is pretty much an all day event. scattered showers in the morning, that will impact at least the second half of morning commute headed into the afternoon, we just get the burstses showers and storms. heavy rainfall there's a ryan to the north and we head to thursday and that starts to move out thursday night.
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what to expect thursday? periods of rain on and off all day. strong thunderstorms possible with heavy rain and strong winds and even though friday is quieter, will be chilly, and a bit damp 55 with the chance for a stray shower. we drop down to 52. tomorrow beautiful, thursday is wet. friday kind of damp and cool. headed into the weekend temperatures are on the upswing again. we got a nice stretch of sunshine 70's next week. we finally break out of this every three days pattern. >> don is up next with sports. >> a pair of rookies make their debuts for the flyers. the eagles make a move along the defensive line and a record setting night for t
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point, we're looking at the future. flyers visiting new jersey, couple of rookies making the debut. second period, taylor hall on a break away. get the piece of him and steve mason able to make save. scoreless now, mason. now we have overtime, devils, catching the flyers in a line change. john moore lights the lamp and they hate playing in north jersey. flyers lose 1-0. headcoach brett brown said the team wasn't just going to roll over going to play hard. check out the highlight. villanova josh hart at the game, over? ready for the nba draft. jeremy lynn, a brooklyn 16-3. nets up by seven. in the second.
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things getting out of control. sixers turning it over. archie throwing it down. >> lopez. the short-handed sixers giving set up a wells fargo record 141 points, 141-118, final score >> there's nobody that out walk out of the gym tonight out of my locker room tonight feeling kind of anything about like you just want to forget that. last few hours quick. wake up and it's a new day, you move on. >> football. tony romo cut. the quarterback is trading his play book for a, romo from the nfl after 14 seasons and joining the lead broadcast booth for cbs3 as an analyst. he joins.
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at 36, romo primarily decided to call it quits because of injuries. here's what he plans to bring to the airways. >> making enjoyable to watch. and you know, maybe catching a few things that i can bring that hopefully people can enjoy. >> the eagles making a trade acquired 24-year-old defensive tackle timmy jernigan. the birds drop 25 spots to the 9. he was a second around pick in 2014. he could compete for a starting job alongside fletcher cox. we'll see. >> thank you. up next,
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a massive diamond known as the pink star diamond sold at auction in hong kong for $71.2 million the diamond nearly 60 carots was sold to a client who phoned in the bid. he was a buyer in hong kong, a hong kong based jewelry retailer bidding against two other phone bidders. this isn't the first time time at any tried to sell the pink star, in 2013 it so$2013 it sol million but that buyer defaulted. the good news is sunshine returning by the weekend. rain thursday, showers friday but a sunny weekend temperatures on their way up. saturday into sunday. and all in all pretty nice spring weekend to get outside. we'll see temps rise from the 50's to 60's and we could be in line for 70's.
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it's the late show with steven colbert followed by the late late show with james cordon. our morning team is back from 4:30 to 7:00.
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