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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 6, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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honored. >> reporter: it is 6:00 here's is what happening powerful storms rolled through the region and they are leaving their mark tonight, in montgomery county a roofies torn from the business, as wild weather, pushed through. frightening scene in west conshohocken tonight, good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer in for jessica don't lets get outside to "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff live from that scene, alex, what can you tell us so far. >> reporter: intensity of the storms that have just left our area what you are seeing behind me, should serve as a reminder. we also right now have chopper three live overhead so you might want to take a look at that, entire roof with a large air conditioning unit, now covers up at lee one vehicle in this parking lot. it was ripped from this building which is a metal working business in west conshohocken around 3:00 p.m. we are told a security guard
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witnessed a funnel cloud touchdown over building before quickly moving backup, and then out of the area. we're also told that 23 employees were inside at the time, in one was injured. >> we're fortunate, way our town is low, if this touched down in our town, it would have been a lot of problems, downtown. so up here in the hill come through and great big building and took the roof so that is one thing that was, substantial really. >> reporter: now aside from the roof most of the damage here has been to the cars, in the parking lot, we are taking a look, some have been removed right now, and, it is an entire car underneath that area of roofing, we're told that was checked to make sure no one was inside of that vehicle. once again no injuries have been reported, and witnesses say, a tornado and that will be checked with the national weather service. reporting live,al sand contract hoff for cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". you have shown these storms pack a punch but they are, on the move right now. we will check with meteorologist kate bilo, kate. >> that is right, storms have started to push out, many areas picking up sunshine now in the wake of today's storms. and, the national weather service will do assessment as to whether that was a tornado in west conshohocken but incredible damage left behind in the wake of today's storms. heaviest shifted north and west, see most of the area has dried out but there are still a few scattered showers, right now moving through lancaster county over toward chester county and we do have a thunderstorm down in sussex county delaware. if you saw some sun, it may be heading out of here for a few minutes as this line of showers, moves through, you can see around new garden, uwchlan township and portions of coastal sussex county, couple of showers and a thunderstorm. war has ended, problems with flooding remain. we have a threat for some run off from creeks and streams, poor drainage, flood watch remains in effect for majority
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of our area. that continues in the overnight hours in, a few spots, and a few flood advisory in the region as well areas that picked up heaviest rain seeing ongoing flooding. so especially in this green shaded zone right here, kind of spans the region here and there and watch out for flooding still on the road. as far as rest of this evening is concerned we can still see showers in the poconos, a couple spotty won off to the south but the worries over, and the problem thinks storm is not getting out of here anytime soon. we have a few showers around for our friday but saturday the sun comes back and we are tracking a major warm up, heading in the weekend in, fact we could be pushing 80's i'll tell you when coming up. problem of the distracted driving is only getting worse according to the officialness state of new jersey. they point to the increase of deaths on garden state road last year. as our cleve bryan tells you, the hoping of the expansion of the old hot line will force drivers to now think twice, before driving, distract.
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>> reporter: if you are paying attention while driving you have seen many people who are not. we all know why, they are on the phone. >> it is scary. honestly. >> many people just can't keep their hand off of their cell phone. >> reporter: traffic safety officialness new jersey say problem with distracted driving is getting worse. they say it is a big reason why traffic deaths increased last year by 8 percent raising statewide average to 12 traffic deaths per week. >> the proliferation of the smart phones, telephone, text ing and one device is proving to be a very dangerous combination. >> reporter: so new jersey is trying something new to combat distracted driving, getting everyone involved. >> i'm going to connect you to the police that handles that roadway. >> reporter: state police are expanding the pound 77 hot line used in the 70e -- 90 to report aggressive driving and now you can report distracting driving. >> starting to day a distracted driver need to be concerned about the person in the next lane. >> reporter: what safety officials don't want is for you to be distract while reporting the driver. so you have three options, you can put on your blinker, pull
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over, if you have a passenger, let them make the call or hand free technology use that to make the call. >> command please. >> dial pound 77. >> reporter: dangerous driver hot line which roadway are you on. >> most calls won't result in tickets so they are adding one more thing. if someone reports your license plate you will get a warning letter in the male letting you know if you are caught in the phone, you will be subject to the fine up to $400. >> up until now at lee trying to convince people that it is unsafe and they shouldn't do it, it is not really been enough. so we are trying to get creative, and approach it from a different angle. >> reporter: in west trenton, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". an alarming incident for students, and staff at a south jersey school, more than three dozen people were taken to the hospital, today for symptoms associated with carbon monoxide poisoning. officials say that a boiler exhaust fan failed allowing students to enter glassboro inter mediate school building. thirty-seven students and
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three staff mens were taken to kennedy university hospital in washington township, but none of had to be admitted. students from the school were taken to nearby dorothy bullock elementary school. seventeen year-old charged in the crime spree last month in west philadelphia is now facing a murder charge. police say stewart of park side avenue shot and killed, 17 year-old tysheen cheyney in the 5900 block of larchwood street last month. stewart is also suspected of shooting a 37 year-old father last week. police say that man confronted stewart for stealing from his son. update now to had story wye first brought to you on tuesday, and surveillance video showing a man approaching and touching a baby in the stroller, was not an attempted abduction. according to the baby's parent video from center city dunkin' donuts near 15th and locust was released by police. they were looking to speak to the parents after identifying that man in the video. the parents tell police that a third party notified officers.
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president trump is having dinner tonight china's apartment as part of the two day high steaks, summit. two leaders are not meeting in washington, but rather at president trump's maralogo resort in florida. they arrived this afternoon. the growing threat from north korea and trade are expect to dominate these talks. north korea tested another missle just two days ago. during the campaign the president criticized china for unfair trade practices. he accused the company of draining millions of jobs from the you had. unlike when president hosted japan's prime minister in february, there has in the been much talk about golf diplomacy. natasha brownies in the satellite center right new to explain why, natasha. >> reporter: while two world leaders are meeting for the very first time at informal maralogo setting neither will be participating in a leisure ly game of golf. it it is damp, dreary day at union league golf club at torresdale not ideal weather
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for golfers, however popular the game still remains. >> it is growing. golf especially here, we have a fairly new operation, to a hundred year-old club. we are sold out on golf memberships. it is a special thing in the area. >> reporter: golf pros like shawn palmer still see an energetic interest in the game here locally and around the country, around the world, not everyone shares the same enthusiasm for the sport. the two day summit between president trump and chinese president xi jinping is taking place at president's resort in florida which boosts a beautiful golf course. however, two world leaders will not chat about trade agreements and international politics over a round of golf. chinese president doesn't play the game and considers it a symbol of government corruption, cracking down on club membership freeitems for chinese officials. >> golf course is biggest board room in the world. i can see where someone might think that but i don't believe that. >> i play golf, so i can walk. >> reporter: kimberly val appreciates the game finding
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comfort in the serene setting not corruption. >> it is actually a stress reliefer because we hit the ball that relieves stress. >> reporter: johnnies a form's ward winning foreign correspondent for the washington post and lived in beijing, studied in china and acclaimed why chinese president cannot be seen on the golf course. >> golf's huge in china but it is considered really upper class abe if xi jinping conducted very aggressive campaign against corruption, and when he picks up a golf club in florida he will look like a chinese fat cat. >> while it is difficult to get concrete numbers into how many people in chine after ever tried golf, accord together international golf federation the china golf association has less than 400,000 registered golfers, in the u.s., the national golf foundation estimates 24 million people here in the states have played golf at least once. that is very latest for now, live from the sat center, natasha brown, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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thank you. tonight we are remembering legendary comedian don rick who also died at age 90. among those who knew him well, beater, philadelphia's own jerry blavat, he works as rickles valet in the 1950's, and clubs around the city. after that the two developed a close bond. blavat spoke with us this afternoon and he says rick who also loves insults on stage was very different in private. >> the most lovely guy, completely opposite of what you would see on stage, he was beautiful to everybody. when he got off the stage it was a different don rickles. >> blavat went on to say will miss his friend dearly and there will never be another don rickles. rickles is survived by his wife barbara, a philadelphia native and couple just celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary. a philadelphia icon back home, fresh off a national championship win.
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>> sports director don bell joins us now and this hometown hero is back where it all started i guess. >> it is nice. >> very good. something would you expect from an all time classic, really. but before this season philadelphia native dawn staley was already an all time great, olympic gold medal and spot in the basketball hall of fame but this past weekend she took another leap forward by coaching south carolina to a national title. today staley was honored by her alma mater dobbins tech, students, faculty and other legend like sonny hill and john cheyney were there to greet her. chain remains one of her key mentors even to this day. >> we sianni talk all the time i had phone calls from him throughout the years. i take my notebook out. i just write every time he says something i write it down last year, this year he talked about low turnovers, consistent thing that he talk about all the time. he always talks about get gooding at, you know, one or
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two things. don't try to reinvent the wheel. i always take that with me. >> sound just like don. hard to believe but 17 years ago staley was reluctant to jump in to coaching but she got her start at temple and, yes, now she's a national champion. that has work out. >> temple made. >> she's special on and off the court. i remember covering her in dobbins in her high school days. nicely done. still to come, a lasting legacy. >> you know, local family. >> day after lose mission father pain still fresh, a message from the past, looking to the future, the treasured discovery that this delaware manmade, and where he found it one hundred years later remembering the great war, we will show you the special guest on hand to mark anniversary of the u.s. and entering world war
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bell told to commemorate 100 anniversary of the u.s. entry into world war one. >> ringing of the bell also happened on april 6th, 1917, when independent square became gathering place throughout the war. among the gathered today was ray chavez, oldest pearl harbor veteran, chavez served in the navy at pearl harbor and turned 105 on march 10th. thank you, sir. one delaware family has found a silver lining. >> "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh reveals small gift a world war two veteran left behind and what his son well cherish forever. >> it is overwhelming. >> reporter: on tuesday thomas barnett lost his nine five-year old father a world war two veteran a day later,
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he gained something special. >> seeing a letter that he wrote to me, you know, beautiful, short letter, it was just, i don't know, amazing. put a lot of closure. >> reporter: tucked in the pocket of his father's old military uniform this handwritten note. >> may 19th, 2012, dear tom, i wore this uniform from december 1944 to 45. graduating with pilot wings was highlight for me. hope your grandchildren will enjoy it. love dad. >> reporter: that love for his family could only be matched by love of his country. secretary lieutenant robert barnett, junior served as a pilot in the army air core during world war two. >> he loved life. you know, hard to let go. >> reporter: special bond between father and son. >> you know, we would visit, he would touch me, he would hit my car and say i got you last. run around behind him and touch him, jump back in the car. i think now he got me last. >> reporter: in dover. >> he is an american hero, my
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hero. >> reporter: anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we sleet solute sir. kate bilo joins with us our forecast. i have not looked out recent will you bit watts clear about an hour ago. >> it was. >> but not, anymore, not for all of us. >> it was, and then, it was. >> it sure was. >> yes,. >> now as we look outside we see some changes. we are seeing sunshine and worries over as far as damaging storms and heavy rain we are tracking a few scattered showers but here we go we will take a look at bright blue sky ban hour ago. looking live, and look to the west we have dark cloud, building again in the western suburbs, center city lookinge still blue skies, beautiful. looking west it is a whole different story. looking at storm scan three you can see why this is happening. heavier rain shifts north we will have wrap around showers and they are intensifying just
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a bit over portions of chester county, lancaster county, berks county and scattered showers and storms around coastal delaware. you can see pockets of steady rain around west goshen township, reading, allentown and these are all movinge toward city of philadelphia again we are not out of the wood just yet. we have had a break of blue skies and those showers trying to fill back in and we will remain under influence of the very large, slow moving area of low pressure. on and off we will see scattered showers here and there can't rule it out. they can come up quickly. go from blue sky, rain pretty fast on the road this afternoon and authentic. 10:00 o'clock still some cloud and tomorrow back edge of that low will rotate through and bringing included cover, a few scattered showers maybe a snow shower up toward poconos and then that starts to clear out as well. here's 2:00 o'clock, cloud, showers, strong wind as well, not the best friday we have ever seen for a phillies home opener. it will be cold, windy, stray shower here and there you will
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want to bundle up heading out to the game. 3:05. fifty-two. wind gusting to 30 miles an hour it will feel like 40's. this pocket of cold air overhead, cool breeze around center of the low shifting out now saturday is a transition day, milder air working its way from the west but notice still some strong gusty wind as that le exits and high pressure build in behind it creating a pressure gradient. saturday windy day and then jet stream lifts to the north sunday, monday, tuesday we will warm up, sunday, practically perfect. we are checking boxes, sunny skies, mild temperature, low humidity and light wind, sunday great, monday, tuesday are amazing as well. look at your seven day forecast, tomorrow, cold, cloudy, windy, couple showers, saturday, still breezy but nice, but then 57 sunday, and we will be pushing 80 by next tuesday. some spots in the upper 70's with sunshine and next week through middle of the week looks nice as well. so spring finally will break through and nice dry stretch.
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>> come on, sun. >> beautiful when it does. >> yes, right don. >> yes, indeed. >> next week nhl playoffs will start. >> yes. >> flyers, they are in the in that. >> no. >> why didn't flyers make playoffs. wayne simmonds answer that is question. unlikely source hammers phillies, highlights from cincinnati next up in
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phillies looking to bounce back after today's game in cincinnati. clay buck who also making his phillies debut. looked good early but fell apart in the fourth. he allowed four runs, in five innings. and bottom of the sixth, adam morgan on the mound with the game tied at four, relief pitcher michael, pinch hitting and it is gone. the phillies could in the recover they lose seven-four. ryan howard has a new gig, former philly just signed a minor league contract with the atlanta braves. he will play for triple a, and if he is still in the minors the 37 year-old will play against lehigh valley in july. last year howard batted .196 with 25 home runs. hopefully he gets to the big league. horrible trip to augusta for world number one dustin johnson. we drew from the masters as he walk to his first t, yesterday he injured his back at home after falling down a flight of stairs. he apparently slipped, while wearing socks, on a hardwood
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floor. yikes. meaningful basketball in the month of april, chicago is in i three way tie for final two playoff spots. sixers host bulls tonight and hepp to play spoiler. count down is officially on, there are only two games left in the flyers season. today they practice as they get set to host columbus on saturday. all-star forward wayne simmonds on why orange and black missed the playoffs. >> for us, it is just lack of intensity. one game we would be unbelievable and next game, a little bit lower intensity. so next few games into next year we have to find our consistency level. we have to make sure that we have those games at all times. >> cleveland cavilers in boston last night and that is kevin love, apparently ball boy has no love for kevin love threw ball at him. they do that during pregame shoot around. nobody warned kevin. >> calves win 114-91.
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>> sometimes they feed them without looking. that cab happen. >> it was boston ball boy though. >> oh, okay. >> look out. >> thanks, sir. next up, a history lesson from across the river. >> the connection between piranas and u.s.
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if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer 6vgz z5yz y26vgy y5yy big day tomorrow for camden, pirana ball opens to the public this morning on "eyewitness news" our pat
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gallen learned a u.s. president helped give that fish their ferocious reputation. >> back in 1913 when teddy roosevelt, our president, visited the amazon and locals trapped a bunch of pirana in a small area within a net and they lured, they brought a cow , put tonight there and started a pir an and with their razor sharp teeth they chewed it up in record time. >> so it was our president to thank forgiving these guys a bad wrap? everyone thinks they are a killer fish. >> but they did eat the entire cow. >> okay. >> mark kind went on to say, when piranas are well fed federal they are not as vicious but they still have razor sharp teeth, pirana falls opened up tomorrow at adventure aquarium. >> just saying. >> when they had pirana. >> thanks so much for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we will return on 10 on the cw philly being back here at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", from new york here now
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is scott pelley, take care family we will see you tonight captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: a sharp reversal by the trump administration. after the chemical slaughter, the syrian dictator has to go. >> those steps are under way. >> pelley: also tonight, republican chairman devin nunes accused of mishandling intelligence drops out of the russia investigation. >> the house investigation can now go forward without laboring under the cloud that had been created. >> pelley: going nuclear-- republicans change senate rules to put gorsuch on the supreme court. the attorney general considers a crackdown on pot. >> i reject the idea that we're going to be a better place if we have more marijuana. >> pelley: and remembering don rickles. he turned


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