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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  April 15, 2017 2:07am-2:41am EDT

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head right to theentic nearest subway. introducing the italian hero footlong. stacked with genoa salami, mortadella, and spicy capicola. add oil and vinegar and some mediterranean oregano. there you have it. it's our better italian flavor, for a better subway. at 11:00, ostrich on the loose. where the big bird had drivers doing a double take. vandals caught on camera, police need help filing this group they say went on a vandallism spree >> increased security had a popular carnival. the search for the attacker continues. we're hearing from a young
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man who was victimized at that carnival. i'm jessica dean >> i'm ukee washington, natasha is in hunting park where police stepped up security. the playful sound of a carnival here in hunting park. families enjoying the rides, food and the games. rewind back a few days ago. tuesday on the innocence of a night out turned violent. a teenage girl being viciously attacked >> everybody started going in and swinging back and forth. it escalated quickly. the girl was identified as jay la santana, he says he was attacked >> they totally picked us out at random, some girl came out behind my girlfriend >> the same group tried to attack his father outside of his
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store >> i was upset. it could have been one of my kids. >> reporter: as many as nine officers added to the carnival grounds. >> people are out here to have put a good time, no need for this stuff >> i think my daughter. >> reporter: carnival wrapped up. police still in search of suspects linked to this brawl. natasha brown, cbs3 "eyewitness news." developing right now, one person is rushed to the hospital after a fire at this home in montgomery county. "eyewitness news" on the scene at allentown road and wood lawn drive. authorities were not saying much about the fire they say emergency crews will be there for awhile and should avoid the area. the search is on for an uber driver missing several days. kristen lives in abington
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township. she has not answered her cell phone. she was driving a green subaru legacy with hj a 8582. if you have seen her call abington township. a deadly crash raising new concerns about safety on one of the region's most heavily traveled roadways. an suv slammed into a parked tractor-trailer. alicia nievez has the details. >> reporter: before 9:00 in the morning, a deadly crash on roosevelt boulevard. >> we're seeking out witnesses and trying to do everything we can to get to the root. police say this suv driving northbound near dstreet somehow swerved and slammed into a parked tractor-trailer. one man was taken to the hospital, two women died. >> i'm always concerned about accidents here.
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it's always because of that. that was allow cars to park. why? . >> reporter: people who live near the crash are upset about parking along the boulevard and speeding >> they don't see the speed limit. you see car flying at night. 50, 60 miles an hour. something needs to be done. >> reporter: the tractor-trailer was legally parked here. the operator was asleep at a hotel nearby. the victims of this crash are identified as 40-year-old mash sha flowers hardy and 25-year-old asia holland, both died on scene. as for the man. he was taken to the hospital with a broken hip but in stable condition. alicia nievez cbs3 "eyewitness news." the search son tonight for vandals who struck in newtown township bucks county. take a look at this surveillance video, the suspects vandalized store fronts on sick more overnight. they through a bench into a railing. on another tape, they're seen
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eating and walking an the street, if you have information, contact police. the bucks county spca is offering a $1,000 reward for information in the shooting death of a cat. scooby was shot monday near knights road. anyone with information is asked to contact the bucks county spca it's saturday in north korea and it's the most important holiday of the year. the birthday of the communist country founder. nuclear tests attentions escalate in the region >> the vice minister of foreign affairs is not mincing words. he said his country is ready to strike first if provoked including possibly using nuclear weapons >> if the u.s. comes up way dangerous matter option, we'll deal with it with our predicament strike. this means war. >> tensions have escalated since
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north korea started testing nuclear and ballistic missiles. a u.s. navy strike group is making its way to the region. the official told cbs news the trump administration is deliberating insighting a military conflict by sending the aircraft battle group and continuing military exercises in south korea. kim jong-un presided over a military parade. the country's founder. he also may order another round of missile or nuclear test which would be its sixth since 2006 >> the test will at a time and a place that the supreme court leadership deems necessary >> the u.s. military readied almost two dozen fighter planes in japan >> we recon figured live ordinance. and put them back on status and
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ready to fight >> a military official said the u.s. does not intend to use force unless the country targets another. lawmakers in hawaii are urging the state to update the plans for coping way nuclear attack. north korea last test was september. vice president pence will visit sunday. >> a bomb crashed into isis fighters. the pentagon videos shows the bomb hitting the mountain and sent a mushroom shaped cloud. they say the bomb killed 36 isis fighters. they built tunnels and case of in the mountains for protection. this massive bomb nicknamed the "mother of all bombs" was the largest nonnuclear weapons ever used in combat. tom wolf is calling on seth williams to resign. in a statement released. governor wolf said the people of
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philadelphia need a district attorney fully poconosed on and legally capable of executing the important disputes of the top law enforcement official in pennsylvania largest city. it will allow the employees to focus on work and help the citizens move on. williams is facing federal corruption charges and entered a not guilty plea. the da will continue to handle his offices administrative duties while assistants take over legal matters. an unusual sight on the streets of philadelphia. a horse on the run with philadelphia police hot on her trail. the wild scene unfolded across several neighborhoods. big mama gap helloed down spring garden. continued down until richmond and girard in fishtown. she was moving pretty good. i didn't jump in until broad street >> i'm glad she didn't get hurt or hurt anybody.
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i love my horses. it would have killed me to see something go bad. i'm glad she's, i got her here. i made sure everything was fine. she's in there eating and relaxing >> big mama escaped from north philadelphia, covered about five miles before she was caught in fishtown. another animal on the loose, in exton, chester county. an ostrich escaped from barn fire in malvern. the large bird was captured and returned to its owner. christians around the world marked good friday. "eyewitness news" at the cathedral basilica of st.s peter and paul in center city. it's the most solemn day. marks the crucifixion of jesus christ. in rome, pope francis presided over a way of the cross service is at the coliseum attended by an estimated 20,000 people. he asked god for forgiveness for scandals in the catholic children, in a prayer the pope
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expressed shame for humanitarian's failings and expressed hope that hearts will become forgiving and loving. a lot outdoor plans lauren casey is keeping her eye on a taste of summer? >> a high temperature will hop up into the 80's. i'll let you know what to expect in the full eyewitness forecast. how the digital age is changing the way people view cheating on their partner parking problems at philadelphia's 30th street. who's being blamed for taking up apprised spots near the busy transit hub >> meet the man who's imitating one of the film of most famous characters. when "eyewitness news" continues.
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several days of deliberation a jury found nfl aaron hernandez not guilty in the 2012 murders not guilty he was convicted of a of a gun possession. he was sentenced four to five years in prison. he's already serving a life sentence in the 2013 killing of a man who was dating his fiance of sister. investigators looking at the electrical and lighting systems as a possible cause at one of
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the most popular hotels on the roof of a bilagia hotels in vegas. but it may have caused up to a half million in damage. it remains open the digital age has brought about a lot of changes. that includes how we perceive faithfulness in relationship. a survey reveals what people consider cheating. nicole brewer is here it was interesting to ask couples to talk about cheating. this survey was commissioned by a news site as part of a series that examines the relevance r relevance of ten commandments. how the internet changed attitudes about adultery. >> there's the physical cheating and the emotional cheating >> desiring, anything other than
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than person you're with. >> taken in front of me, i feel like you know it's wrong >> a stutter conducted found the digital age created somewhat of a gray area. >> it's clear to see if someone cheats or not, it's not purely physical? it was just a facebook post, instagram, people have more excuses. as is to why they might be communicating. why three out of for kissing having sex cheating and 73 percent percent said one night stands were absolutely wrong. >> that's i can bet you they're the ones doing the cheating >> the survey revealed americans are split when it comes to sending flirtacious message >> conversation and then it's over and then i think that's ok. >> cheating but it's a gateway to cheating, if you will >> it's the marijuana of cheating >> why are you texting? only 16% said following an x on
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social media was deceitful >> i'm not. >> but nearly 45% of men thought it was ok to keep an online dating profile active when in a relationship compared to 30% of women. >> experts say it's best to consider the information you're exchanging with someone online and if you wouldn't show your partner a screen shot of that conversation, you may want to consider reconsider what you're saying. >> the billboard theory if you wouldn't put it up >> it's a good call >> the couple that i ended with, they were fantastic. they were just joking around. >> i mean. ok >> ok. thanks. ride sharing services could soon be again in the cross hairs of the philadelphia parking authority. temperatures flaring over short term parking spots at 30 street? >> some are designated for uber
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and lyft, some say they're taking up spots meant for paying customers >> i didn't know that now i know. thank you. >> somebody should be out here policing that the uber and lyft drivers don't sit idling. >> the one driver suggested the creation of a cell phone waiting lot for ride sharing drivers. >> run forest run, this is not tom hanks, a runner is taking a movie inspired trek through philadelphia and the nation, rob hope is running across america to raise awareness for environmental conservation. the emergency veterinarian is recreating the run done by forest gum's. as it turns out no one completed the journey.p. as it turns out no one completed the journey.
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>> i was basically thinking how it raises awareness share the world's wildlife >> he wanted to tackle the art museum but it got in the way. so he'll have to come back >> it's going to be a perfect weekend. >> i like that you never know what you're i'm going to get. >> i hope i do. we have warmth for the easter holiday. temperatures warming up for easter since 2011. temperatures a little cool. 52 as we get a live look at center city. all is quiet. winds out of the southeast around five miles per hour, due points in the 40's, nice, dry, comfortable air. to tip off at 68. our normal high temperatures 63, running about five degrees above
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average. also about five degrees above average where we started this morning at 49, temperatures cooling off chilly levels, 48 in millville, down to 48 in wildwood, 45 in mount pocono. as we head to easter weekend up to 67 degrees back up into the upper 60's more clouds around then as we head to the evening, maybe see a passing shower, most of us will stay dry. a better chance of a late day shower or thunderstorm. we won't be at record territory, not too far. record for sunday is 90 a set back in i want you to. seven degrees shy with the low 80's. stormscan 3 showing us quiet conditions. more clouds towards western pennsylvania they will start to roll in for saturday. some breaks of sunshine throughout the day and staying mainly dry, for your outdoor plans, notice the cloud deck as we led to midday, could see a
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chance of a passing shower. sunday morning, you can sit outside enjoy the conditions. as we head to the second half. not until the evening hours, showers and few imbedded thunderstorms, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00. for tonight, staying dry, increasing clouds, dropping back to 47. tomorrow, partly sunny and mainly dry, high at 67. winds a little breezy at times around ten to 15 miles per hour and poconos mountains, 59 degrees, clouds at the shore, breaks of sunshine with a chance of showers developing high temperature 62. maybe you have an extended easter holiday. pleasant days monday and tuesday, above average high temperatures on monday, low
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humidity, breezy for upon, tuesday, nice light wind speeds, nice seven-day forecast with high temperatures in the 60's, 70s and 80's. 83 for our easter holiday, back to 73 on monday, back to 65 right around average on tuesday. temperatures climb right back up into the 70s by thursday, looks like best chance of rain will be not until friday. >> thank you, lauren. >> lesserly in for don, up next with sports. >> can we go back to the weather? better news. >> the struggle is real for the phillies, gomez and the union and can you were been
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ben franklin will be overseeing another important philadelphia event. the nfl draft will be set up in
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front of the franklin national memorial at the franklin institute during the draft. representatives from all 32 nfl teams will submit their selections in front of the statue. main portion will take place at the art museum between april 27th and 29th. right now it's baseball. >> it is and let me tell you it has been a tough week for gomez. he lost his closing role and couldn't get out of the 10th inning. the fly ball goes off the score board. chris was on the second and the game tied up. daniel murphy as it goes the opposite way. bryce harper, phillies will lose fourth straight game, 3-2.
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season ended for it's sixers. 28 wins which is the most in four years, they could have been beat two top five. last year's top pick been simmons missed with a broken foot. the team plans on moving with a point guard, he will be a problem and gm brian >> he's a transformational type of player, not dissimilar to what magic brought years ago. that's not to say he will be magic, there's no combination of what he's got since that time. >> reporter: the sixers open training cam in october will simmons and
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played his final game >> he finds himself in a situation where there's a big roadblock. and so again, openly, we've discussed, you know, scenarios with his agent that, you know, we could find something mutually beneficial. we're happy to have jahlil. >> now to the pitch the union looking for the first win at home against new york city in extra time the union down 1-0. it goes over. and into the net. new york with the 2-0 victory. the union winless since august. 13 games, guys. >> ok, we can do this.
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>> lesley, thanks. more than
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late show with steven colbert. morning crew back tomorrow. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. on for you at >> have a great >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for the copper chef xl, brought to you
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did -- we put two side handles on here. so we call it a casserole. >> right. okay. >> so what that's gonna do for us is it's gonna make it easier to roast. >> a turkey? are you kidding me? >> this is a 12-pound turkey. see, you don't need your lasagna pan, your roasting pan. >> right. >> you don't need that anymore. you can do everything in the copper chef. >> ahh. >> and i want to show you the side dish. now, these potatoes are delicious. i want to say i have eight pounds of potatoes in here. >> wow. >> so easy to do. all we did -- salt, pepper, and rosemary. that's all you need. and, man, they're perfect. >> beautiful. crispy and tender. >> so simple to do. now let's take a little snippet out of here. >> oh, yeah. >> look how gorgeous that is! >> oh, wow. >> it's so juicy and wonderful. >> that's beautiful. >> i always have good stuff to show you, right? >> you do! >> we are gonna make a breakfast bake. so, i have a lot of eggs here. >> and i love that you're not adding extra calories. no extra butter, no extra oil. >> not unless you want to, right? >> right! >> so, just think -- we're getting rid of our lasagna
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pan. >> yes. >> that's what you'd normally make this in, right? >> yep. >> like a 9x13 baker. >> mm-hmm. >> now i'm gonna add a ton of cheese 'cause we know it's not gonna stick 'cause we got the cerami-tech. i love the cerami-tech. now, i'm gonna just open one of these guys up. so i take this out like this, and then we're just gonna cut these into quarters like this, and i just quarter them. >> these? dump them in? >> yeah, help me out. come on. >> absolutely. >> you know, denise, you got to work around here just a little bit. >> i am! >> you can't just eat. >> i'm getting to be a whiz in the kitchen. >> you know, when you have a copper chef, it's just easier to cook. we're gonna put this guy in. all right. [ laughs ] >> oh, my! >> look at this. am i ever worried about anything sticking? i need kip. >> kip, good friend! >> the reason i want kip is because i want you to see. no oil, no butter. now i'm gonna just pull it right out of here. >> really? >> before i serve it up. >> oh, man. >> kip, seriously, i can actually make something else in there now if i wanted to. >> right! >> look at this! you have the biscuits cooked right in with the eggs, right? >> mm-hmm.


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