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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 21, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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latest leak came earlier this month in morgan town following one in august 2016 in holidays berg and another in may 2016 in twin oaks. "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves is live in marcus hook with the very latest on that leak. >> reporter: nicole and jessica we have seen these natural gas pipeline leaks around the country in the past that have been volatile, explosive, sometimes deadly. sunoco logistics leak in berks county according to the company did not affect anyone but dit reignite some old fears. the path is paved for a new natural gas pipeline to run through berks county but just an old one is renewing concerns about the potential dangers of the pipelines in the region. >> you want to think that hey, it will go in, maybe i'm being irrational. >> reporter: wayne lee lives in the neighborhood where sunoco logistics pipeline runs through. his concerns over natural gas pipeline were solidified earlier this month when the 8- inch pipeline leaked just
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over 1,000 gallons of propane and methane in the ground in nearby morgan town. >> that thing leak had happened in this neighborhood, you know, no telling what the damages would be. >> reporter: sunoco logistics says the leak caused no public safety impact but admits this is third leak along the pipeline route within the pennsylvania year. >> when you hear about three times in less than a year you wonder who is watching. now they want to put a newer pipeline twice as big and you are increasing the danger. >> reporter: sunoco logistics is in the process of constructing a 16-inch, 20- inch pipeline to run parallel to the one that has had several leaks. company officials say in a statement that our mariner east two project is being built to the highest safety standard. many practices exceed federal safety requirements. >> more stories like what we just heard with, you know, yet another break in the system it is hard to trust that.
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>> reporter: now mariner east two pipeline project is a green light all set to go but still some living along the projected 350-mile path are hoping for some sort of hail marry, some sort of state intervention when it comes to parts of the path that are expected to run near schools. reporting live from delaware county, alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". vineland police are asking for public's help identifying a nail throwing vandal. take a look at this surveillance here. police say the man is wanted for dumping roofing nails on the driveways of two local businesses earlier this week. the act of vandalism left unsuspecting drivers with more than 30 damaged tires. this isn't first time the vandal has struck. >> first year we were pretty short with the disgruntled employee we had let go so we didn't pursue anything with the local police. then we were hit again last year and same thing. it has been a real interruption for us. it could have caused real harm to some people driving home.
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>> reporter: if you recognize the man in this photo police want to hear from you. a new jersey schoolteacher is charged with sexually assaulting a 12 year-old boy. this suspect 36 year-old chin of east windsor mercer county. police say he inappropriately touched a boy at his home in 2012. chin ace teacher at the shall om torah academy in marlboro, county. conestoga high school employee is facing charges tonight. sixty-seven year-old arthur phillips of wayne, instructional aid in the film television studio is charged with sexually assaulting a student. victim tells police that she had sex with phillips on more than 10 occasions and that phillips groped her in his school office and car. two also allegedly exchanged explicit text messages, phillips is behind bars tonight. a man is fighting for his life after a shooting in the cities ogontz section. a second man is lucky to be alive. it all happened around 11:00 last night at 15th and
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conlin streets. victim remains in critical condition, and another man was shaken up but not hurt when a stray bullet went through the window of his home, narrowly missing him as he slept in bed >> that just missed the male who was sleeping in that bed by about a foot. so that individual is extremely, lucky, and had he been sitting up or if he heard gunshots, if he did if he would have got out of bed and looked out his window is there a good possibility he was struck by gunfire. >> reporter: authorities are questioning two men who fled from the scene possibly throwing guns from their car. south jersey woman is behind bars, on murder charge tonight. authorities say that 42 year old that this woman beat her 74 year-old husband douglass to death with a fire extinguisher. the attack happened in january in the couple's willingboro home. authorities say t insley told officers she struck her husband in self-defense.
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an arraignment for her, on murder and related charges is pending. police are asking if you recognize the man in this surveillance video. this suspect is wanted for rob bing a delivery driver on the 1,000 block of ludlow street in center city march 13th. police say that the suspect punched the driver, dragged him from his delivery truck and then drove off with that truck. he stole several envelopes of cash and dumped the truck a short distance away. pennsylvania lieutenant governor mike stack has been stripped of state police protection. governor wolf gave order today amid an investigation into complaints over lieutenant governor stack's treatment of troopers and other state employees. stack apologized last week for saying things in quote anger or frustration, but didn't get into specifics about that probe. governor wolf sent this letter to stack that read in party do not delight in this decision but i believe it is a necessary step to protect commonwealth employees. we are tracking some showers as we head in the
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weekend, and meteorologist kate bilo is in the weather center with the latest on that , kate. >> there is not a whole lot to talk about outside right now but that will change over next several days. we have shower chances for tonight through weekend and first two days of next week as well. you can see we have a couple of things popping up here one pretty nasty storm crossing the chesapeake bay moving into southern delaware in the next couple hours. we have yet another cell over lancaster county. not much going over the city just yet even though temperatures are warming up and sunnies popping out but see this cell near lancaster, a hook to it, gusty wind, heavy rain and very small, isolated storm and we will watch progression movingeward over next couple of hours. is there more where that came from let's zoom out to the west and see system impacting the area over weekend. here it is, it will stay to the south but we will pick up a few showers especially late tomorrow which i'll show you with the full forecast. as far as tonight expect
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couple scattered showers to make their way toward city by seven or 8:00. we will clear it out tonight. temperature wise we are seeing temperatures arise as sun peaks out, we will hit 70 in millville. sixty-two in philadelphia. sixty-four lancaster. turning cool they are weekend as well. cool, cloudy stretch. i will break down best chance for sun coming up. now just six days away, the nfl draft begins thursday but before the eagles and other nfl teams make their picks is there still work to be done. lets take a live look from chopper three high above art museum, you can see everything starting to take shape there, the stage starting to take shape as well. this draft kicks off next week on the ben franklin parkway right here in philadelphia. >> as our anita oh tells us, those may be in for some sticker shock when it comes to the concessions. >> reporter: kick off for nfl draft in philadelphia is less than a week away. >> i'm a fan of the city of philadelphia.
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it is a great city. it has a lot of tradition. we deserve it. eagles deserve this. >> reporter: 200,000 people expected to attend the draft might not be fans of, price of food and drinks on site. the signage is already autopsy long ben franklin parkway, beer $12, crab fries, $12, ice cream, seven dollars. >> that is outrage, outrageous , that is just like stadium pricing. >> reporter: those inside confines of the draft experience may not have a choice because bob thompson, owner of the mason's crossing a pub a few blocks away. >> i'm sure there will be security clearance once you are in, you are in, in other alternative. >> reporter: these prices are typically set by third party vendors contract food service management company according to restaurant manager who didn't want to be on camera. some say for experience they don't mind shelling out extra cash. >> it is good stuff, good food , why not pay best for the best. >> while thompson is preparing for an estimated doubling in
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business during the draft, he won't change what he charges. >> as far as jacking up prices , it is not what we do vendors it is one shot deal. we have been here for 43 years , we need to be here 43 and that is how we do it. we don't hurt the customer. >> reporter: no matter cost for fans of football and of philadelphia, hosting this kind of a event here is priceless. >> it means a lot, you know, something big for the city, you know, bringing in a little revenue it goodies for the city. >> reporter: anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". there are road closures and traffic restriction letters in effect in the art museum area due to the draft. things are expected to get more worse next week. phase three of the road closures kicks in on monday, parkway will close from 20th street to the art museum, phase four takes effect on tuesday, and for a complete list of closures go to our web site at cbs speaking of the nf left draft. >> sports director don bell joins with us what is up next
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in sports, don. >> we are talking about the bird. move up in the draft or stay put why eagles say it is just too early to tell and why is this kid giving an alligator cpr? that is later in sports. also still ahead on "eyewitness news" get ready to shell out extra cash for a seasonal favorite, reason you will be punching pennies before that next crab dinner and how much more you can expect to pay.
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well, a philadelphia fire department is welcoming new dispatch tours its ranks. >> "eyewitness news" was at engine 38 at mack gee avenue for graduation ceremony. these are new face that is will be answering calls, for help. fire commissioner adam tiehl was on hand for the graduation , award were also given out today to fire communication center employees who performed outstanding, work. the summer is coming up fast, and with that, crabby craving,. >> get ready to pinch pennies because price of your favorite sea food is going up. shortage of the crab meet in asia toys blame. supplies of crab usually comes from the philippines and thailand but both nations under produced this year. that means price per pound of lump crab meat can be 100 percent higher. that breaks down to 10 extra dollars, per pound. >> wow. >> wow, sizable. something special happened today on "eyewitness news" live at noon. weather watcher team got a lot bigger.
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>> meteorologist kate bilo joins with us a sneak peak of the new edition of the eyewitness weather team. not exactly a human. >> no. >> but impressive nonetheless. >> packed with technology. weather watchers are as well. this is what we're calling or mobile weather watchers. not that our weather watchers are not only, they are, they are all over the place but this is a vehicle like we have never seen before. this amazing vehicle rolled up to the cbs-3 "eyewitness news" studios this afternoon, drone watch three hovering above capturing it's a approach. look at how beautiful that carries. so exited to give you this sneak peak. this mobile member of our amazing weather watcher team is changing the way we bring you weather store that is matter. now monday, on "eyewitness news" you will be able to get a look inside at 6:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. we are mobilizing our weather watcher crew they are coming in the studio and take you inside for a look around. we will show you just what this baby can do and it can do a lot. can't wait to get behind the
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wheel of that truck and take it all the way around. >> very dramatic, i love it it is beautiful. great addition to our team. >> in the meantime, we will get through weekend. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> we will need windshield wipers on mobile weather watchers. >> on monday when they come in we will be watching some weather because we have showers, cloud and the whole nine. i'm sure windshield wipers are a great feature on that vehicle but wish i didn't need them. we will talk about more wet weather heading in the weekend lets start you off right now with a look at art museum which as we know is under construction right now. they are building stage there for the nfl draft a lieutenant of road closures in that area. it is busy part of town right now. you can see right now still looking glummy. we have a few peaks of sun breaking out across the area right now but we're also tracking a couple of scattered showers moving on through. so not the best looking evening outside as much of the weekend will be cloud ace well storm scan three shows most of
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the shower activity is well off to the west back across lancaster county but this storm movinge is still staying together because it is drawing on the warmth and moisture from the sun breaking out. we will see a couple of these clip southern delaware. these are hit and miss a lot of spots will not pick up any wet weather tonight but that will not be the case this weekend. that front extend back to another low developing over mid south heading our way over weekend. while that will miss us to the south we will still be on the hook for some rain chances here and there through the weekend. couple of scattered showers or thunderstorms here tonight, still tonight at 9:00 crossing the city. keep that in mind tonight. heading in to your saturday, cloud are in place. much of the first part of the day is dry unless you are in south jersey and delaware, that is your best chance to pick up showers midday saturday. saturday afternoon it is cloudy and better chance for showers just about every where , not the best evening for your saturday. but here's good news for sunday, it is trending dryer. sunday morning showers are
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namely relegated to the del marva. by sunday afternoon we may see sun breaking out. i'm hopeful we will. it will be on the cool side but that is your best chance to see sun in the weekend. breaking it down here, if that helps you more mainly cloudy through the day tomorrow. showers will be around at anytime but especially through the afternoon. sunday morning we could start with showers mainly to the south, cloud in the city but by midday sunday we will see some sun break go through and end up sunday not looking that bad. we have shifted the storm earlier into saturday evening into the bulk of the moisture looking to stay off to the south. twenty-six saturday lots of cloud, afternoon showers, sunday showers to the south, and some sun to the north, high of 62 degrees. overnight tonight we have got isolated thunder shower early, overnight some cloud 54 is your low. tomorrow, lots of cloud, showers especially in the afternoon, we're cool into next week. that system will move off the coast, sit and spin there
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monday and tuesday bringing us east wind, breezy conditions along the coast, cool temperatures through tuesday but next week, end of next week huge pattern change, starting thursday first day of the draft in the city we're talking 80 degrees. looks like it is warmer. next weekend in the 80's all weekend. just get through this and it will start feeling warmer. >> good timing. >> yes. >> for a very major event coming up. >> don's up next coming up. >> yes. breaking out of the slump find out what he is doing. plus eagles traded up for carson. what their mine set is before thursday's nfl draft. sports coming up next.
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still chilly for baseball but there should abe good crowd down there tonight. >> the guys are back, after a six game roady. >> yes. >> phillies host braves tonight jeremy hellickson is pitching begins ageless bartol a cologne, at 43, bart has more mlb experience then entire phillies experience combined, 19 years to just 14. last night phillies finally took a series from the mets, this happened in queens. miguel franco a big reason why third base man busted out of a zero for 22 slump, he had two hits and drove in two. >> it has been a frustrating year so far. you know, we have to stay close and patient and through the whole season and every single day just get out there and do whatever you can do. and do what you have to do. and more important then just winning the game. coming on the list of your favorite eagles, carson,
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fletcher, brandon. bird traded up to pick all three of those guys will they make a move thursday in the nfl draft? they say it is just too early to tell. >> next week is when we kick tonight to high gear to talk to have team in the league and we will talk to every team in the league. we will talk about where they are at, where we're at and try to, have those discussions because it is hard on the clock. you have a lot going on. >> the union host montreal tomorrow night, philly is only team in mls play without a win in fact, union haven't won a game since august of last year they are due. >> guys continue to work hard. it is not from lack of effort. this group is so deserving after a result, i feel for the guys because i watch how hard they work each and every week. whoever is called upon we necessity will step up, dot job. >> college baseball, florida verse north florida, there is a foul ball and gators mascot
6:25 pm
albert protects a young fan and he covered the kid right there. right there. i got you, buddy. >> look at that. >> off his nose. >> let me help you out. >> yes. >> cpr. >> yesy don't necessity that could have really -- >> big time play. >> well done. >> "cbs evening news" just minutes away. >> anthony mason in for scott pelley tonight. he joins us with a look ahead. >> hi jessica and nicole. tonight on the "cbs evening news" it it is first and scientist as cross the globe prior to march in the name of preserving science itself. how will yesterday terror attack affect france presidentiale election. steve hartman shows you how he became the hero of his basketball team just ahead on the "cbs evening news". but first on the water for a reason, and this is in quick
6:26 pm
trip, when we come back wait until you hear how long they will be paddling and why they are doing
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community leaders are pad dling this weekend for a good cause, clean water. >> more than 20 people will begin a three day kyacking adventure to explore waters off the delaware river near camden and philadelphia. this trip coincides with marches for science, it is happening nationwide, in honor of earth day.
6:29 pm
it will investigate rarely visited waterways to evaluate their condition and come up with creative ways to educate people about them. very lucky, that because it is earth day and clean water act movement, back in the early 70's that these waters are now recreationable and we cannery connect like we did for hundreds of years along these waters. >> when the trip is over they will have paddled more than 35 . >> pretty good. >> thanks so much for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 "eyewitness news" returns at 10 on our sister station wp sg the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. >> up next, "cbs evening news" , fit is friday it is time for steve hartman to go on the road meet a young boy determined to make the local basketball team despite not having hand, do not miss that story. in for scott pelley tonight here's anthony mason from new york.
6:30 pm
>> mason: march of the scientists. coast-to-coast rallies are planned to fight federal cuts to climate and health programs. >> the most powerful country in the world is attacking science. >> mason: also tonight, she's 11 and suing president trump. >> reporter: you've been worried about climate change-- >> since kindergarten. >> mason: secret meetings at mar-a-lago raise new questions about who's getting access to the president and how. and steve hartman with the kid no one wanted. >> he has no arms. how is he going to play basketball? >> mason: until he showed them all. captioning sponsored by cbs


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