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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 26, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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great sadness and heavy heart this we announce the death of the delaware state trooper. gun down in the line of duty. tonight, brothers and sisters in arms soluting a fallen hero , as the would i left this hospital. authorities remained in the standoff with one of the shooting suspects, another is in custody. hello i'm ukee washington. we have team three coverage. reporter covering every angle of the story about lets begin with natasha brown in bear, delaware where tragic situation began early this afternoon, natasha. just afternoon time today and here now hours later, you can see police activity at this wawa. state police trying to figure out what led to the shooting of one of their own a shooting witnessed by several people, nearby. >> i'm sitting in this area right here.
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>> reporter: kevin learner could in the believe what he was witnessing suspect firing several shots at a delaware state trooper, all playing out in the parking lot of this wawa in the 1600 block of pull as ski highway just afternoon. >> i was right here watching the shot, and you know, that is horrific. >> reporter: other two who work at strip mall were witnesses like brady, too shaken to she her face. >> i just can't concentrate right nowy saw him fall. it is something i didn't want to see, like, i saw him fall. >> reporter: witnesses say uniformed trooper had some kind of an exchange with two suspects in this burgundy car before the shots were fired. police gathered evidence from an extensive amount of bullet casings, all of the while those used to coming to this wawa, can't seem to shake this image. >> i didn't know what to think , i actually thought to myself, five minutes earlier down this road i would have been in that wawa. so, it was just, there is no respect for police officers
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any more. >> this is certainly left many people who visit this wawa shaken at this point. they certainly were pausing, and certainly saddened, uncertain by the news that this officer passing. one suspect was taken in custody, another suspect barricaded himself inside a home in middletown delaware 20 minutes from where we're standing right now. that is very latest from bear, delaware, natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". let's continue our coverage with that as we have been telling you, authorities say the remaining suspect is bar kateed inside his home on brick mill road in middletown delaware. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has the very latest from that location, david. >> reporter: ukee we just got an update about 15 minutes ago they say that this is still an active barricade situation, as you mentioned, state police helicopter is a would have, they are hoping they can then as a peaceful situation as soon as possible. >> i was terrified, i still
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have my foot. >> reporter: panic parents rushed to pick up their children at brick mill elementary school after learning a barricaded man was shooting at police, just yard from the school. >> we tried to keep it as quiet as possible for kid not to know. but still kid do in the know. >> reporter: swat teams and police rushed to the subdivision in middletown, following reports that the suspect who allegedly shot and killed a delaware state trooper is inside of his home on saint michael's drive. >> he is contained to the one house but continues not to surrender as we wish. we will be on the scene until we get a peaceful resolution. >> reporter: authorities lifted lock down at the school district but neighbors are still being held at a safe distance from the suspect's home. >> just to know what was going on but cops told me safees place is in the school. so it is best. i was waiting for everything to calm down. >> reporter: we heard six gunshots about three hours ago it has been quiet since then but authorities say it is an
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active situation, 15 minutes ago a couple ambulances came by, we don't know exactly what was going on with that situation but we do necessity police are still, actively investigating this neighbors are not able to get in the neighborhood and that is expect to be like that until this comes to a resolution. reporting live tonight from middletown, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and body of that state trooper, killed today, is now being transported. our joe holden is live at christiana hospital, continuing our breaking news coverage, joe. >> nicole good evening, think about the time it took to prepare this not much at all, state police trooper here in delaware left for work this morning, he does not return home tonight, and there were about 100 people out here, along this lawn, just to get a glimpse of the fallen state police trooper's body as it left christiana hospital in a very long motorcade, again we don't know his name, his body right now in route to the
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medical examiner's office in wilmington. an escort by his brother and sisters across the emergency services taking place now in the first state. few details are also known about this fallen trooper. police officials say they are work to go reach his family. meanwhile we watched those who came out to pay their respects , and, and, new jersey man and why he came out. >> i just think a battle of the cops, in general, being a family of cops, brothers, and father is a philadelphia cop. bad day for everybody. >> reporter: we have a few quick comments from delaware senator chris coons quoting this situation is heart break ing, a heart breaking reminder of the risk, and of to our police and first responders, they face each day in our communities, and delaware governor john carney also paying his respects to
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the fallen state police trooper. of course an extremely solemn, somber scene here unfolding in the last half an hour, as this brother in the state police, is taken to the medical examiner office at this hour. live outside christiana hospital, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thank you. stay with "eyewitness news" for latest developments in the shooting death of the delaware state trooper. we will bring you updates as they become available on television and our web site at cbs we are seeing for first time how david creato junior, camden county father on trial for murder of his three-year old son reacted when he learned that the child had been found dead. prosecutors called the lead detective to the to stand this morning and showed jurors police interrogation video. creato cried and screamed when he learn that the search teams had found the child's body.
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his body was found in october of 2015. tomorrow the jury is scheduled to see this spot as part of the prosecution's case. a jury has begun deliberations in the penalty phase face of the trial of eric frein, man convicted of murdering a pennsylvania state trooper and critically wounding another. lawyers say that deliberations could stretch into the night, and prosecutors pushed for the death penalty, but frein's lawyers pleaded for life in prison without parole. a bell on top of the pike county courthouse will reportedly ring if freak is sentenced to death. it is the eve of the national fat ball league draft >> after months of anticipation, the first round kicks off tomorrow night, we have got team coverage, there tonight sports director don
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bellies alongside leslie van arsdal, all along the parkway, how are things looking out there, what is the view like. >> it is interesting, i will not lie. it looks like they have a lot of work to do. i know we're about 26 hours away from the nfl draft experience, is tomorrow, i believe at noon but, a lot of moving parts. >> a lot of moving parts. these guys have been going all day long and probably into tonight for sure. >> yes. >> getting things ready. >> we are familiar with deadlines and workers will be on a hard deadline for tomorrow. >> lets talk about what is going on in town here. commissioner in town, roger goodell is in philly today. he and nfl and united way visiting students from the william zigler elementary school in oxford circle. bill bergie and holis thomas were on hand as well. they talk to the kid about importance of character and teamwork. >> you think about yourself, you obviously want to always improve on yourself, think about what you do for the team
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, think about what you do for your classmates and what you do for other people because that makes you successful in life. >> listen to roger teamwork. just look it up. >> there you go. >> is there so many different nfl events going on right now, some of these events you may no associate with the nfl but check this one out that happened earlier this morning, the eagles, the nfl and cities park and regulars creek department all teaming up together to create a pollination protection habitat for monarch butterflies. catherine oroville said she's thrilled, thinks one of the many environmental projects connected with the draft. >> the fact that the nfl really wanted to do these community project and to have an environmental focus, it is tremendous and we applaud them for that and we are thrilled that they chose to partner with parks and recreation and to do this in hunting park because it shows that the draft will in the just have an impact on center city, tourism but right here in communities
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that really need and deserve that impact. >> reporter: very good, nfl leaving that green footprint here in philadelphia. >> and finally goats than way, there has been hike. coming up later in the show, we will hear from experts about who eagles should take an an old tiny, draft story, about the city of philadelphia don bell, leslie van arsdal we will see you later in the show >> all right gang, take care, we will get back to you. >> updating breaking news chopper three is back live over the procession of the fallen, delaware state trooper the trooper was shot and killed this after noon at a wawa convenient store in delaware two suspects, one was caught, the other is held up in the community in his own home in the middletown delaware area, and procession, again about 40 or so minutes ago or so as people lined up
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the highways of interstate i-95 to pay their respects to their fallen officer. >> it truly was an emotional site not only to see that procession led by his fellow, troopers, and people in the police department but also to see, civilians, pulling over, and taking a moment to solute, that fallen officer, killed in the line of duty, again, kind of sight, kind of show of respect you do not want to see because it is such a tragic situation but really powerful moments on i-95 as that procession continued earlier, and as we see it, now that body being transported. we respectfully remain silent as we watch the procession for the tribute to this fallen officer.
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we have reaction on facebook and on twitter, and many people and asking why, why. >> we still need to know very little information, at this point, the name of that trooper, still has not been released, but ukee as you mentioned two suspects, one which fled on foot and is now, hold up, still in the standoff , currently with police, and the other apprehended by officers, a little bit earlier this after noon but just the war outcome possible in this situation and that is, the delaware, state trooper succumbs to his injuries. he is, of course, fallen in the line of duty. natasha brownies at the scene of the incident at wawa convenient store. david spunt is in the community where second suspect is held upright now. our joe holden was at
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christiana hospital, and now he too awaits as we all do, as the officer's body is about to be removed at medical examiner 's office. it went from christiana hospital to here, the medical examiner's office, we will continue, our coverage of this solemn afternoon, after a short break.
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welcome back, family. we will continue to follow our breaking news today. a solemn procession with solute as long the way for a delaware state trooper. you are looking at the video tape of the left side of your screen, and the live picture from the medical examiner's office in that area on the right side of the screen. trooper was shot and killed during confrontation in the parking lot of the wawa convenient store in bear, delaware in the afternoon. one suspect is in custody, another though is barricaded inside of a home, we understand his home, in middletown delaware.
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investigators say he is refusing to surrender, and there are reports that he is firing at police officers. our david spunt is on the scene we will have an update throughout the broadcast, police have not released trooper's name. our coverage will continue on television and on line, at cbs now in other news tonight, with the eyes of the football world focused on philadelphia for nfl draft, cbs-3 confirmed that eagles quarterback carson wentz had vision on correction surgery in january. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has been in touch with the sent their did the operation and has more now. >> reporter: exactly. crammer eye surgery told me carson wentz had popular laser correction surgery three months ago. there has been in comment from the eagles or wentz but star quarterback is endorsing the procedure, on facebook. on the eye center's facebook page is there a photo of carson wentz with the surgeon, a quote says my eyes are my career, although the decision to have prk was a tough one,
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trusting my eyes to kremer wasn't signed carson wentz, pr k alumni 2017. prk is photo refractive car it my a laser surgery that reshapes the cornea. it starts with drops, and then , the outer most layer of the cornea is removed and laser adjusts the shape of the underlying tissue. it usually takes about 10 minutes per eye and typically results in 2020 vision. recovery time can vary from several days up to three months and there can be mild discomfort. eye irritation and watering right after the procedures. no word on carson's recovery. he sometimes wears glasses in post game press conferences and presumably contacts during the game. following prk he should be able to see on his own. he is now among a number of professional athletes to have laser vision correction. prk can correct near sighted ness, far sightedness
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and stigmaism, it is similar to lasix but corrects a different part of the cornea and slightly longer recovery period. now, prk vision correction is popular and considered to be very safe and effective. since we have not heard from carson we just don't necessity how his vision is doing but most people do very well and they say their vision actually improves. so maybe the star quarterback will be even better, this coming season. >> those big receivers even better now. >> yeah. >> stephanie, thanks very much before we get to lauren and our weather forecast back to the top story, our breaking story the casket is being removed, as the fallen office shore was shot and killed this afternoon in the state of delaware is being taken to the medical examiner's office. >> at this point we know delaware state trooper was shot and killed outside a wawa convenient store in bear delaware. this is around noon time today we know two suspects were involved, one was apprehended, the other is now currently in
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the standoff with police and we understand some shots were fired but all of this resulted in this officer succumbed to his injuries shot and killed in the line of duty. >> flag draped overcast death as officer plainclothes and in uniform, end their solute, end their solute as the fallen officer is taken inside. >> we will continue to follow the last 10 minutes of our broadcast and once again always at cbs such a sad situation in delaware, lauren joins us with the forecast and getting ready for a couple big events here in the city. >> we have the draft, we have penn relays and, of course, big weekend for just people hoff off and just want to enjoy the conditions. all that is ahead and the weather will improve, we are
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already starting that transition, we have been stuck under the cloud for several days with the glummy conditions, sunshine, trying to break out as we get a live look at center city philadelphia. 64 degrees our current temperature, dew points up in the middle 50 ease, it is feeling muggy but check this out, kutztown, what is up, it is sunshine in the scene there we would like that and see that in philadelphia and point east as we head into tomorrow afternoon. we are contending with the cloud cover in place but break ing up with that sunshine overtaking poconos, lehigh valley, berks county but still stuck in the cloud down the shore with the coastal low that gave thaws miserable day yesterday just off shore, it is slowly working its way off to the north ande and temperatures rebounded a bit today. we are up to 70 with sunshine in reading. near 70 in allentown. sixty-four in philadelphia milder air mass off to the south and west that will give us a warmer day for tomorrow, overnight tonight temperatures not falling too far near 60 degrees, breaks in the cloud, mild conditions and for draft looking pretty good,
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watching out for isolated thunder shower early in the morning on friday otherwise turning over to sunshine and watching out for late day thunderstorm on saturday, humid with a high of 68 degrees and we will kind of go through future weather here and we have a chance of showers, thunderstorms tomorrow night moving out, main would be lingering in the morning and sunshine in store for friday afternoon. seven day forecast looking like a lot of 80's heading in the upcoming weekend and cooler conditions by sunday with a chance of spotty thunderstorm and high of 74.
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i'm don bell with your sports, nfl draft just a little more than 24 hours away , as you know, the eagles have 14th selection in the first round, now earlier today we had a chance to keep up with analyst at nfl network and get some predictions. >> i think they are better off with offensive player to
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support carson wentz. i have been on the record saying if you move from 13 to eight to two to get him you better support him. >> one of those receivers is there like a corry davis if he manages to be there, mike williams if he is there, john ross if he is there, that could be a type. >> do i improve defense or wrap these people around carson wentz. christian mccarry's name. i don't know if he will last there. there is a lot of different people. couple good receivers that would make sense. but it is always, you only have one, number one pick. >> predictions galore, so many options for eagles at number 14 overall. quick note, baseball tonight, the phillies will open up their two game series now with the marlins down at the bank, vince velasquez gets a start we will be right
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updating breaking news killed in the line of duty,
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flag flagged drape body of a slain delaware state trooper has arrived at the medical examiner's office, in the wilmington delaware following a very, emotional procession, from christiana hospital. >> that trooper was shot and killed, during a confrontation in the parking lot of a wawa in bear, delaware this afternoon. one suspect is now in custody and another is barricaded inside of his home, in middletown delaware, the trooper's name has not been released, but, of course, stay with us for updates on line as well as here on "eyewitness news". very somber day. thanks so much for watching "eyewitness news" the 6:00 o'clock, we will return at 10:00 on wpsg, the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. coming up next, the "cbs evening news". from new york here's scott pelley. take care family we will see you tonight.
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>> pelley: the trump tax plan. >> we will have a massive tax cut for businesses. >> pelley: what about the middle class? >> we will let you know the specific details at the appropriate moment. >> pelley: and one more time: mr. trump's tax returns? >> the president has no intention. >> pelley: also tonight, the intersenate heads to the white house for a fill-in on the korean nuclear threat. >> we want to bring kim jong un to his senses, not to his knees. >> pelley: more legal trouble for fox. accusations of racial discrimination. >> i've seen this before, and i was silent. i cannot be silent anymore. >> pelley: and remembering filmmaker


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