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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 27, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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drone watch three is in the air giving you an area view of the ben franklin parkway, as fans, file into all of the festivities, after months of anticipation is finally here. good evening i'm ukee washington. aim jessica dean. we will go right out to sports director don bell and leslie van arsdal live from the red carpet and the excitement is building, guys. >> yeah, excitement is definitely building. behind us we have prospects coming through on the red carpet, we have a big crowd here, and lining the carpet, of course, it is a heavy eagles crowd, a lot of green in this crowd. >> yes, who need oscars when you have this going on behind you. >> pretty cool. one of the things people are doing here is giving eagles a chance no math shore comes on the red carpet. earl today we saw carson wentz , coming out here today in the to the red carpet but make his way around philadelphia. some might say he was on the wentz wagon, do you remember when they started three and zero last season, everybody got all fired up, this became
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philadelphia wentzsylvania. >> he tweeted this earlier today one year ago i got that call, crazy how fast, best of luck to those boys waiting to hear their names this weekend. #fly eagles fly. here's carson with the whole experience. >> i just remember being tired all the time. it was an exhaust continuing time. you are flying around every where. working out all the time. just being tired but also mentally because you have no idea what will happen. it is a big question mark. then finally i'll never forget the draft, that night hearing my name called knowing i was an eagle and getting to celebrate with my friend and family. it still gives me chills talking about it realizing how much my life changed that night and how fortunate i amie can't even imagine. >> amazing, that was a year ago. >> i know. >> eagles traded up twice in the first round to take carson wentz and it has turnout well
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for them so far. it is turning out well for us as well. we are here on the red carpet, prospects of rolling by and we cannot wait to show you some fashion statement. if you look over my shoulder, this is adoi jackson looking g we are live, by the way. >> is what up. >> i just wanted to get a nice cream color so when sun hit it , i will look good. >> smooth, brother, the stars. >> i didn't want to be too over the top and flashy but let everybody know i'm here. >> very sharp. good luck tonight. >> appreciate that, sir. >> take care. >> this is what it is all about young guys, in their early 20's really getting ready to see their dreams coming true. >> their lives will be very different after tonight. >> we have more to come in this show, from here, red carpet, this is a big day in the city of philadelphia, back to you guys in the studio. >> appreciate that, i like that. don, leslie thanks very much. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the national football
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league draft. tune into "eyewitness news" at 11:00 for more on the bird first round pick and always go to cbs for updates, anytime. tonight barricaded gunman wanted in yesterday's killing, of delaware state police corporal stephen ballard is dead. investigators are revealing new details about the trooper 's tragic death, investigators say officer shot and killed suspect burgon seal are sealy this morning when he came out of his home with a gun and engaged police. gaping hole was left in the corner of the home, siding was torn off, windows, blown out as swat team tried to get him to surrender. sealy fled the home after yesterday's fighting and fire at police throughout the night "eyewitness news" reporter, natasha brownies live in glasgow delaware where authorities held a an emotional news conference today, natasha. >> reporter: certainly very emotional we can tell you that hate baines extremely difficult day and a half for delaware state police. they have who one of their own , man they said murdered
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him is now dead and they are still reeling from this tragic turn off events. the loss is palpable, long before you stepped inside delaware state police troop two, your reminded of the ultimate sacrifice made by corporal stephen ballard, his car, hat, flag at half staff to honor a fallen hero. >> this is a very sad day. i stand before you with an aching heart. >> reporter: three two-year old corporal stephen ballard was shot and killed at a wawa in the 1600 block of pulaski highway wednesday afternoon. police say he noticed suspicious activity inside this car when he asked passenger to step out that is when suspect identified as 26 year-old burgon sealy opened fire. >> corporal ballard attempted to run... behind a parked vehicle. corporal ballard immediately went to the ground. the suspect then fired
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multiple round at close range. >> reporter: this emotional briefing came on the heels of the 20 hour standoff with sealy, after he barricaded himself inside of his home in the millions farm development, in middletown. [gunfire] >> reporter: police say they came under heavy fire overnight, suspect served thursday morning firing at police, he was shot by law enforcement and died at the scene. >> devastating who. >> reporter: back at his home there we spoke with fellow troop hours reflect on the eight and a half year veteran as a devoted husband a father to a four year-old girl, consummate professional who paid the ultimate price. >> we had a great time working , very good to work w he loved his job. he loved being out there serving everyone. >> you hear about the person, that proverbial smile that lights up the room. that was steve. very personable. >> reporter: in terms of the investigation tonight that one of the suspects was taken in
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custody shortly after the shooting happened. he was not charged. he has now been released. meantime a fund has been set up to benefit corporal ballard 's family he leaves behind a wife, and four year-old daughter abigail. live from glasgow, delaware tonight, natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thank you. day four of the testimony in the trial of the david creato, the camden county father accused of killing his three-year old son, brandon. today jurors visited scene where boys body was found in cooper river park in 2015. back in court, jury was shown pictures of the brandon's body and special attention was given to brandon's socks, which authorities say prove he was carried, and did not walk on his own from his father's apartment. the walk was copied by another three-year old wearing same socks as brandon and those were shown in court. >> can you hold that up, so ladies and gentlemen of the jury can see the socks. is that one of the socks that the to year-old child wore
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when they went across. >> yes. >> david creato has told authorities he visited area where his son was found before the child's death. detectives found no footprints or any other evidence, linking him to the crime scene. pennsylvania state police have made an arrest in connection to this viral video of the group of bicycles riding on the vine street expressway in philadelphia alleged organizers of the ride is and rest, authorities say that he told investigators that the group was out on sunday afternoon to celebrate his birthday. >> we were able to identify a male juvenile who was responsible for organizing this event. he is in custody at pennsylvania state police belmont barracks. we do take this very seriously and he is being charged with miss demean are disorderly conduct, also a couple of summary owe even ifs. >> police have in the released the suspect's name because he is a minor. still to come, a patients for warmth, operating table. >> we literally gave him a
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microphone and he started to sing. >> this man went under the knife but it didn't stop him from serenading his surgeon, our stephanie stahl explains how it actually helped doctors during the procedure. it is not just the draft drawing crowd we have fans flocking to the pen relays, look at the first day of the events at the famous competition. we have a summer-like stretch outside today but we are tracking a few chances of showers and storms. i will tell you when gets in and when temperatures will head to the mid 80's coming up
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on the healthwatch tonight a serenade for surgeons in philadelphia. the operating room as a singer , was the patient, who was having brain surgery. >> amazing. cbs-3 exclusive. here's health reporter stephanie stahl. >> ♪ in the course of the night ♪ >> reporter: zachary knows about making it through hardship. >> ♪ >> reporter: the 29 year-old singer/song writer found out he had brain cancer in september. >> ♪ >> it has been a roller coast er when he started slurring word doctors discovered a tumor. >> zach's tumor is on the left side of his brain in this region which as we know, the center existence. >> reporter: penn nero surgeon said to assure that it was removed without affecting language zach was awake for part of the operation. >> this is his brain right when i started.
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>> reporter: once brain is exposed zach was briefly awakened feeling no pain his brain is stimulated in certain places and changes in his speech guide the surgery. he wasn't just talking. >> ♪. >> we gave him a microphone and he started to sing, and that allowed for me to continuing to essentially monitor the fact that he was able to produce word, coherent ly, sing, while i was then recessing his brain tumor on the other side of the drape >> do you remember singing in the operating room. >> do i. >> reporter: after the surgery with his language intact zach had radiation and chemotherapy >> probably this most beautiful experience i have ever had in my life. i don't take a day for granted >> reporter: new appreciation for life. >> yeah, yeah it is. >> reporter: with that came instant celebration and this song called meant to live, dedicated to other cancer patients to break the chain of
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fear. >> ♪ >> i urge people through this video to find peace with themselves and your situation, make the best of it when i can even when something so terrible can be thrown your way. >> reporter: message that is especially powerful for doctor ali who shared the video with her collogues. >> ♪ >> this is what matters is that what you can exist. >> reporter: singing, living, zach is embracing each day knowing there is a high risk cancer will come back. >> ♪ >> reporter: he says his future is right now with a song, he will keep singing. >> ♪ >> reporter: wow. now in addition took a musician, zach's a child therapist and engaged to be married. doctor ali says his was first brain surgery that she had where the patient sang and
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they were, ed sheeran songs in case were you wondering. one interesting, being thinking out loud. >> how about that. >> how about that. >> unreal. >> science is amazing. >> great story, thank you. solar energy expanded in the philadelphia. >> this afternoon city officials gathered to announce details of solarized philly, a plan to bring solar energy to 500 city rooftops. >> we're trying to promote clean energy and local opportunities and reduce pollution and accomplishes all of those things. >> members of the city council and officials from the energy authority outlined details of that plan on the rooftop of the parkway central library think morning. the solarized philly campaign hopes to fill 10,000 energy jobs and it is expected to be completed by 2018. you are looking live, live , from chopper three with two major events taking place in the city at the same time is there bound to be some grid lock on the road.
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here's a live look over the schuylkill expressway where traffic is a little slow right now, possibly due to folks heading to the draft or maybe penn relays but very busy out there lets check with "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh in university city where penn relays carnival is currently underway, anita? >> reporter: ukee, a lot of those penn relays and with those three major sporting events happening on the same day getting around this city has practically been a sport of its own. now nfl draft has been talk of the town, of course but here at franklin field 123rd annual penn relays ongoing as we speak and caused traffic headaches in the area. chopper three is over the draft near art museum right now where detours, parking restrictions have been in place for several weeks. we spoke to drivers who say it is a hassle especially today as nfl draft is in town, penn relays and phillies game earlier today as well. we spoke to one driver maro
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who says for weeks he had to find alternate routes around art museum where draft is held , which tacked on time to his daily drive. he is glad draft is bringing business to the city but believes it should have been held at sports stadium. others say traffic has not been that bad if you are taking back road. now penn relays and nfl draft will be running through saturday, with those road closures and detours for the draft will continue until may seventh. again we are here now at franklin field, outside of the penn relays. this is 123rd annual, we have spoken to many athletes say this is such an exciting time to be here. some feel overshadowed by draft but they are here, excited about this competition , in the less but for now we are live, i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" >> thanks very much. they come from all over to the penn relays, amazing. >> are we glad it goodies weather. >> so glad. >> we were just saying if today had been like tuesday.
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>> don't even go there. >> and rainy. everybody comes in for penn relays, draft, it is just not nice. >> miserable. >> no, terrible. >> thank goodness, it looked like would it all week but is there always, will it pan out? will cloud clear. they did midday. beautiful evening it is for the outdoor festivities here in the city. here's outside right new we will go out to storm scan three and show you an advancing cold front moving through western pennsylvania right now this front is weakening, it is tapping in the daytime heating there in western pennsylvania, producing steadier showers and thunderstorms but by the time it gets here, it will come through overnight when we're in the dealing with the heating of the day and possibly pick up a stray shower not much more than that you can see robust storms here just south of i80 pushing into central pennsylvania. locally we had a band of cloud moving through this evening that brought cloud cover this afternoon. now they are clearing out. i was just outside on the sky deck, blue skies, nice breeze,
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it is perfection outside. as we head down toward the coast it is cooler thanks to the on shore flow. we are in the 60's in atlantic city, wildwood. cooler at the beach on the san heading further independent land 77 in the city, 80 in allentown. seventy-eight in reading. we got to 81 today. normal is 68. so again about 13 degrees above average and next day or two will be just that warm if not warmer. watch out how this front dies out overnight maybe a stray shower, one or 2:00 a.m. we will have cloud, by 10 or 11, sunny, beautiful day. then warm front lifts through bringing a morning shower or storm saturday at 7:00 a.m. that lifts out. we will see sky clear for sun saturday afternoon. another chance for shower sunday morning with a few in other cloud and temperatures cooler, sunday then they will be tomorrow and saturday. for next few days, 15 to 20 degrees with the jet stream off to the north. nfl draft forecast tonight heading out to the festivities
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, partly cloudy, mild at 8:00. tomorrow just a morning shower but afternoon looks great at 81. saturday, warm, steamy, stray thunderstorm especially in the morning and then again at night. most of the midday hours looking fine. eighty-one tomorrow. beautiful day. maybe a little cloudy when you wake up, but then sun will break through saturday same story. sunday we will bucket back to the 50's with a stray shower and back to 78 on monday, thunderstorm monday night and then tuesday and wednesday, if this is too warm for you, it is beautiful but for some people 80's, humidity may be much. tuesday and wednesday next week may perfection. >> thanks, katie. >> lets head back out to sports director don bell just hours until the nfl draft, db. >> we can't believe it is almost here, how long have we been talking about this draft? we are coming to you live from the red carpet. we will talk bird when we come back at art
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and, welcome back to the red carpet here at the art museum steps. site of the 2017 nfl draft. if you are paying attention to mock drafts a lot of people have the eagles taking, this man, right here, derrick barnett defensive end out of tennessee. my man congratulations. lou good. how excited are you. >> i'm very excited. i'm not nervous at all. everything is out of my control to today. i'm ready to get to work and help be an impact early. >> you heard anything about the eagles. i believe you visited with them. >> i visited with them, my last visit, so not too long ago and visit went well and meeting went well. >> did you talk to doug peterson. >> i did. >> what was that like. >> they compared me to a t sizzle. >> that is terrell suggs he is a beast. >> so it is a compliment to me
6:25 pm
>> and one of the reasons why you might be interested in this guy as well, you broke reggie white's sack record at tennessee. that is heavy stuff. that name resonates here in philadelphia tell me what you could bring to this team. >> i think i necessity how to get to the quarterback, very good on the run. i'm the georgia a combination of things i'm in the just a pass rusher but a combination of everything. >> what is hardest part of this process. >> it is not hard, it is easy. this is fun party like are attitude. >> ready to roll. >> i'm ready to get back to a team and play ball. >> real quick because we are on a red carpet what are you wearing and rocking let the people see. >> a little red suit, you know what i'm saying, something nice, not too fancy. >> something different. >> all right. >> maybe we will see you here in philadelphia thanks for your time. >> appreciate it. >> so is there a process who could be with the philadelphia eagles they need a pass rush. exciting night here stay with cbs-3 tonight at 10 and 11:00 with the very latest on the bird, back to you in the
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studio. >> wow, he broke reggie's record that is saying something, thanks, we appreciate it. coming back penn relays underway. >> a look at early events of the competition.
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coming up on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 fill up the car and then your stomach, courtesy of these three crazy ladies, it is taste with tori inside a main line gas station see why these women call
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themselves crazy, and, see how they came together to dish up food like salted carmel cheese cake shots and at sunoco, vittoria woodill discovers gourmet gas station grub that is tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. she's enjoying it. >> wow. first and oldest of penn relay. >> it is officially kicked off at university of pennsylvania today. "eyewitness news" at franklin field, for 123rd year young athletes across the globe are competing in the track and field competition. the penn relays runs through saturday. >> it is a science over there. they get you in a pit, start everybody, they shoot you out, like cattle just to be on time and then it is on. loved it. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at have we are back at 10 on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", tonight crash dummies get a make over, chris van cleve find out why making the batter heaviest could save more lives.
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from new york here's scott pelley. take care family we will see you captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: a new investigation of flynn. >> i honestly do not understand why the white house is covering up for michael flynn. >> i was, frankly, taken back by his comments today because they're, frankly, not true. >> pelley: also tonight, on day 98, a message from the coal mines to the white house: >> we supported him. now it's time for him to support us. >> pelley: united and this passenger have reached a settlement as the airline announces a new compensation policy. crash dummies are gaining weight to better reflect america. and a pint-sized mr. wizard with his own show. >> i think it's actually just


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