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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  May 20, 2017 2:07am-2:41am EDT

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. extreme school make overs. breaking news, a 2-year-old boy is shot multiple times in kensington. eyewitness on the scene, child shot four times, rushed to saint christopher's hospital for children in critical condition at a 25-year-old man was shot in the knee. we know police are looking for two men who fled on bicycles, we'll continue to stay on top of this breaking story. breaking tonight ax stretch of highway is shut down after a
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fiery crash involving multiple tractor-trailers. the reaction crash involved ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. . the fiery crash happened on eastbound i 78 near berks county. the police say a tractor-trailer did not stop in time for traffic that had slowed down. four trucks and one car were all involved in the wreckage. at least three of the vehicle went up in flames. one person taken to the hospital to be treated for burns. the eastbound side of i 78 remains closed between routes 143 and 737. as early as next summer, visitors to wildwood could be band from smoking on the boardwalk. >> smoking is prohibited on some parts of the boardwalk but the proposed band would stretch across 38 blocks. as "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos finds, there is one place where the restriction will not be enforced.
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>> reporter: the city is looking to band smoking, people who want to light up on the boardwalk >> not only onlily boardwalk but the rams. >> reporter: mayor said the bill is headed for a full city council vote. if passed, smoking would be out allowed starting in summer of 2018 >> seems to be the time to do it. smoke has become a little less accepted >> i think it's a good idea >> i hate cigarettes >> why some awesome >> you don't have to breathe in smoke. >> reporter: it applies to anyone on the wildwood boardwalk but you can smoke on the beach. >> why enforce or law or enact one that you can't enforce, you'd stereo put a an army of police officers or inspectors down here. >> reporter: taking a draw is prohibited on certain sections.
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but with a health concern >> our department goes out routinely. >> reporter: the mayor says it's time to apply it across all 38 boardwalk blocks. >> watch the tram car, please >> smokers agree >> i wouldn't be happy about it, but for the boardwalk maybe it would be good. >> reporter: if approval is granted, the city said they will use the public address system along the boardwalk to inform everyone smoking is not allowed. reporting here i'm greg argos cbs3 "eyewitness news." new reports indicate president trump bragged to the russians about firing james comey, the latest bombshell comes as the president embarks on an eight-day trip. the first at commander in chief. there's word congress will hear from comey >> president trump told russian prime ministers a russian ambassador to the u.s., i just
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fired the head of the fbi. he was crazy, a real nut should be. the report quotes the official white house account of the meeting adding the president said, i face great pressure because of russia. that's taken off. the 25-minute long visit took place in the oval office may 10th. that's the meeting the u.s. press was barred from witnessing, but a russian government news service was allowed in. white house press secretary sean spicer did not deny the comments but said in statement, by grandstanding and politicizing james comey created unnecessary pressure to engage and negotiate with russia. >> this is what obstruction looks like. comey agreed to testify before the intelligence committee some time after memorial day. earlier, deputy attorney general rod rosen stein briefed house
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members. ly >> special prosecutor will have the breadth of scope necessary to follow any and all leads. >> this is about the fight for the soul of our democracy. we cannot afford to lose. >> the president left for the first oversee trip, first stop saudi arabia saturday where he will address a submit of leaders. the battle between good and evil: a new report said the top white house official is a significant person of interest in the russia investigation. >> new castle police have arrested one person in connection with the hit-and-run crash that injured a one-year-old girl. elisha meredith has been charged fleeing the scene of a crime among others. around 10:30 lea was struck twice by the car. second time when she left the scene. police recovered the car about
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an hour and a half later. >> 15 minutes before it happened, she was running up to me, wrapped her arms around my thigh. i'm glad they they caught him. if they didn't catch him, i would have caught them. >> the child suffered a fractured skull but is in stable condition. meredith has been released. he had been smoking margin laced with pcp, richard rojas made his first appearance today. security cameras traveling had a high rate of speed. he told prosecutors he wanted to quote kill them all. officials are awaiting the results of the toxicology reports. anthony weiner's wife filed for divorce after he.
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weiner cried in court. he admitted exchanging obscene behavior. he faces years behind bars and he will have to register as a sex offender philadelphia's opioid task force is out with new regulations. the task force reports said the city should look into creating so-called safe injection sites. they could the inject. >> to engage people where they are, prevent them from dying and hopefully get them into treatment >> we've seen inaction, epidemics >> the recommendations include broadening access to medication
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assisted treatment, increasing education and prevention expanding the availability and reducing the stigma attached to drug use. workers at at&t wireless in 36 states and the district of columbia have walked off the job. "eyewitness news" cameras caught up with striking workers outside the at&t store at 15th and walnut. the company and the communications workers of america could the come to an agreement. the strike will last until monday. it is prom season and one school in our area is gearing up for the big night. the prom at pens berry high school in bucks county was once called the best in america and this year's event is shaping up to be unforgettable. natasha is live with more. >> reporter: we can tell you this has been a massive endeavor. months in the making. they transformed the entire first floor.
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this year's theme is everything philadelphia even down to the star power. step inside pens bury high school in bucks county and you're transported back into philadelphia from the flower show to the taste of philadelphia and the cafeteria and then there's the replica of the liberty bell. you can see why when all is said and done, this school's proms have been dabbed the best in america. >> i think it's one of the greatest memories they have of the high school years. they really appreciate all the time and effort that goes into it. >> reporter: this year's theme is yo philly and every meticulous design taken months. the bathrooms have a theme, welcome to the electric factory. >> part of something to beautiful and overall amazing it's so well-known and just be part of it is awesome. >> we have a core group, a lot of fun, you don't have to be an artist. they make the easy. everybody just a lot of fun. >> reporter: until friday, parents and students thought
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they lost the star power, roots drummer quest love didn't disappoint after saying he couldn't make it. it tweeted i have adjusted some things, these things were of a serious unavoidable matter and i will stick to my word and dj saturday >> he's going to be involved in the crowning of the prom king and queen. >> reporter: this has been become a labor of love an true community event. these are some of the folks still hereafter hours of preparation here that's gone into the prom. ukee i think we should go to the prom. get your powder blue suit and ruffled shirt together >> are they laughing at my suit >> no. no. >> that's a sharp suit. >> what? get ready. get your tuxedo ready >> and my ruffled shirt. >> don't forget.
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>> great job. the old reading railroad line closed decades. major construction will begin. >> drone watch 3 shows the first phase of the linear park stretching two blocks the hope is for the park to connect ten neighborhoods from 31st and girard to theth and fairmount. madam secretary is set to wrap up >> i get a sneak peak. >> reminds you that people in power and people who do important and interesting jobs are human beings. >> i'll take you behind the scenes of madam secretary as they shoot in washington, dc, what it's like and what to expect from the season finally the dairy craze, why experts say there are health benefits. lauren? >> it was day three with high temperatures in 90's but a cold front working through the area.
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we'll kick the scenario-like heat to the curb. in the full "eyewitness news" forecast come up. prominent statute gone, crews removed one of the oldest landmarks. landmarks. the late show with steven colbert is all new
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news". city of new orleans removed a statue of robert e lee. from a 60-foot high ped stall. last of four confederate area monuments. some argue that the monuments represent slavery and injustice instead of history and heritage. they plan to put an art
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sculpture. more people are choosing whole milk. contrary to what many believe nutrition experts say there can be big health benefits to working full milk yogurt into your diet. it can slow down the absorption of sugar. the chris drama madam secretary is about to wrap up this sunday. i recently traveled to washington, dc as the cast and crew shot on location for the first time since the pilot episode. >> guidance malfunction. we hit the russian position. >> my god. >> three seasons we watched elizabeth mccord navigate high stakes politics and family life with her husband.
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>> i think one of the things to make the show relatable is that granted it's on a high level but you have two people dealing with moving, changing careers, have kids lives changing, teenagers. that's something everybody goes through >> for the finally the cast and crew shot in washington, dc for the first time since the pilot. the miller who plays >> for the past three yearses we've been making new york city our dc, they've done a great job. thus far but it's nice to be able to in the end of the third season to be in actual dc filming at different monuments and being outside and being among everyone here >> our army is your army >> the cast is led she first realized she was a hard worker when shay shot a dinner scene together >> after the first take i was
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looked up and over and taylor was doing the same thing. and i thought that's a good kid. >> the cast is close >> we like each other >> they call madam secretary aspirationnal politics >> i found republicans believe that our administration on the show is republican. and democrats believe that our administration on the show is democrats. >> fiction mixes with reality looking the lawmakers a nonpartisan supporting arts administration >> i believe it's time for americans to embrace the importance. >> reporter: daily and the rest of the cast are focused on wrapping up the season with an episode that's classic madam secretary. lending politics to personal >> it reminds you that people in
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power who are doing important jobs are human beings that have to deal with all the same stuff that everybody else does. >> here ap local connection for you. new worth told me she beloved her adopted her cat from a philadelphia area shelter. she grew up in princeton ton new jersey. you can watch the season finally this sunday at 9:00 p.m. on cbs3. >> wonderful show. >> great show. new, the 2017 celebration of the black arts legacy awards. at the university of the arts in philadelphia. the awards on our outstanding contribute tors to -- guess what? our own ukee washington received the award for excellence in journalism. they presented ukee with the well deserved honor. >> yes. >> not only are you excellent in
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journalism you got moves. >> you didn't tell me that was going to be on. i thank you all love working with the team in front of the camera behind and for all of you at home. >> congratulations. we're proud >> thank you. lauren got the forecast. going through the weekend. put you're over heat you're going to be doing some moves of your own, temperatures are coming on in for the weekend. drier air is building in, hasn't yet arrived in center city as we get a live look. 78 quite warm for this hour. southwest wind, due points elevated in the low 60's they will be dropping through the overnight. today, temperatures were doing anything but dropping. 93, the three degrees shy host record high and three days in a row of those 90 degree highs in philadelphia and can we r we climb to the 90's in atlantic
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city 91 in wilmington, 91 in trenton, in reading today, temperatures still pretty mild, atlantic city at 80. stream lines indicate the wind direction out of the north, cold front is positioned here. you see the winds coming together and cleared most of the area, cooler air is spilling in on the back side and temperatures have dropped significantly oh to the north and east in the 50's and 60's and in mount pocono temperatures dropping off considerably on the back side of this frontal boundary down about 18 degrees from it yesterday. down about 11 in allentown and temperatures will be significantly cooler. high temperatures of 71 tomorrow clouds and sunshine maybe an isolate sprinkle cool with low humidity into sunday high only at 68 with the cooler air comes can the drier air, we've been in the steam category over last several days, due points middle 60's dropping off to 40's and 50's. feeling much more comfortable.
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stormscan 3 showing us a trend. that is delaware getting hit by the showers and thunderstorms activity, thunderstorms slowly making its way about 20 miles per hour right over milford. cape may county dealing with residual light rain, we do have the thunderstorm moving through baltimore, so to speak. you may see another round next hour, smyrna picked up about .4, elsewhere we saw isolated showers about an 10th of an inch future weather showing us this will wind down over the next couple hours, waking up to clouds. clouds with sunshine breaking through at times through the date tomorrow. sunday will be for a little bit more sunshine, clouds hanging
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around. overnight chance of a thunderstorm south breezy at times, 61 for day tomorrow partly sunny less humid high of 71 and we'll be in the 60's across much of the area, planning on a beach weekend, you'll need the sweatshirt, high temperatures in the low to middle 60's with the easterly wind off the
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come on. tonight, the phils tried to prove it in pittsburgh. pete mackanin. third win this month, first inning, phils down 1-0. ground r and throw. oh, the throw. got. phils down by two, third inning
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say saar hernandez face not. freddy galvis is in the phils were down by one. fast forward with a one run lead. jeremy hellickson line drive. bag right there. maikel franco. jeremy held his side he left the game giving up one run. to the 9th, fills adding insurance get up and get gone, three-run, phils beating the pit ritz 7:002. the finalist sixers team mates joel embiid and dario saric, the winner will be announced june 26 and. eastern conference finals. cabs visiting boston, labron found out that he's not a finalist, james westbrook, so naturally. somebody had to pick. he ties michael jordan's record
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for 30 point games in playoff with eight they hand the celtics worst loss in playoff history. beat them by 44. playing ball in boston for a little bit. pretty good at that. not on this night. big game by the caps. matty ice with a warm reception. atlanta at a falcons quarterback going back to his roots at pen charter school. foundation provides programs for at rick children in local neighborhoods, it's good to see meaty ice. of he suffered the heartbreaking loss against the patriots in the super bowl. he talked about that >> it was a special year, a lot of fun, it ended up not wait we would have loved for it to end as a team. i'm still proud of the guys, how
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we competed and played i feel like we're optimistic heading to enact year >> welcome home. >> thanks,
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served as the director of human law enforcement for the organization died last year at the age of 69.
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everyone. coming up he said the late show with steven colbert followed by the late late show with james cordon. morning crew back from 5:00 to 7:00 a.m. >> i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean, we're always on at >> thanks so much for watching.
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