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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 1, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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a search warrant, in hand. tonight we are learning why officers were called to the parish and were what they were looking for. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan joins us live from media with the very late owns this investigation, cleve. >> reporter: state police confirmed that they are conducting an investigation, involving saint cornelius parish and they say it started when they notified police because they received a package with drugs in it, addressed to the pass door. saint cornelius par niche chadds ford as pennsylvania state police executed a search warrant related to possible criminal drug activity. according to the philadelphia archdiocese, an envelope addressed to monsignor gregory , came to the church on tuesday that contained what staff thought were illegal drugs. they reported it to the state police who executed a search warrant on the parish. authorities have not commented on what exactly was in the
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envelope on if they expect par landte is involved. they told parishioners may 21st that he was being replaced. and then four days ago parl anti made his own announcement saying for pennsylvania few years my health has not recovered from my near death illness. i began medical leave to address my health issues. i asked archbishop to accept my resignation as pastor so i can totally devote my time to becoming well. walter and his family are members of the saint cornelius parish and said monsignor parl ant. >> he married my daughter a few years ago. he impressed me ago a very bright, intelligent, kind of a business guy as well as an excellent preacher. >> reporter: he has been priest for 35 years and was pastor at saint cornelius for 13 years. >> sad he won't be back. >> i didn't realize that so i'm surprised to hear it. i am. i thought he was excellent for the community.
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>> reporter: archdiocese has not said if there will be a future assignment for parlant and no word from state police if he knew about drugs coming in the mail. live from media, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a philadelphia city councilman stabbed during a robbery attempt is out of the hospital and talking about the frightening attack. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos joins us live from kingsessing where the councilman was welcomed home this afternoon, greg. >> reporter: ukee, councilman was stabbed in his left side around 10:00 o'clock last night out front of his home. weapon we're told narrowly missed vital organs. tonight police are still searching for that suspect as councilman oh is back home and expected to make a full recovery. less than 24 hours after being stabbed in his left side, during a robbery. >> i feel very good. good health, good spirit, good everything. >> reporter: council man david oh is back in the kingsessing home where hours earlier police say a man robbed and stabbed him around 10:00
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wednesday night as he was unloading his car. >> he said give me the car keys, give me your car keys, give me your car. he kind of like punched me and i knew that was a weird punch and way he punched me i just said did you just stab me and he had. >> reporter: after trying to stab him again, oh says suspect ran off. >> defender was trying to stab him as people were still trying to come out and assist and fight him off and the offender runs westbound. >> reporter: thursday southwest detectives are reviewing video from four surveillance cameras, searching for the suspect. >> black shirt with writing, black pants, scruff i beard. >> reporter: lieutenant john walker says investigators are also searching for two other men in the white car who may have filmed the entire attack. >> there was a vehicle where two guys came out and i thought they were asking me if i needed help, do you need help. but then it occurred to me they weren't talking to me they were talking to him and
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they were out there car windows video taping with their smart phones, you know, maybe they thought was a fight >> reporter: all the while oh says he is glad to be home and recovering. >> couple inches up this way, that way different story but as it is, as you can see ivory covered quickly. i feel g i'm pretty healthy. >> now both oh and police investigators say they believe this was a random attack. his status of the councilman did not play a factor. i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". greg, thanks for. that. eyewitness captured this video of the black smoke billowing from the fire in northampton count that i involved highly flammable material. it burned for about two hours this morning on chrisbold drive. authorities say a trailer contain buy tane lighters caught fire just before 10:00 a.m. and spread to the building and two more trailers pack with fire works. fortunately no one was hurt. chopper three over a barn fire in pemberton burlington
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county. the fire, also engulfed three vehicles no animals were in the born no one was hurt. there is no word on the a cause. penn state board of trustees will be holding a public meeting tomorrow to discuss greek life an campus in the wake of the fraternity death in february. timothy piazza died after falling down the steps following a night of drinking at beta theta pi fraternity house. eight frat members are facing charges in his death and fraternity was shut down permanently. tomorrow's meeting is expect to redefine the presence of greek life on campus. officers with the philadelphia parking authority are under going counter terrorism training. "eyewitness news" in center city today, philadelphia police department's counter terrorism operations unit is conducting training session was parking enforcement officers, the goal for them to be able to spot suspicious activity. >> walking the street every day, during numerous walking beats, those couple hundred people offer a an additional
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set of eyes and ears. >> program is in the beginning stages but by the time it is complete more than 200 parking enforcement officers will have been train. new jersey governor chris christie signs an executive order focusing on strengthening cyber security in the cyber state. >> any of new this room have gone through nightmare of identity theft and i have, it is ugly. so we need to do everything we can to make sure that we don't contribute to that possibility for anyone of our citizens. >> the order directs the state 's chief technology officer to deliver more secure , efficient, and reliable it services across the executive branch, the governor says actual make new jersey digital domain better than ever before. well, you cannot miss walls of scaffolding. >> the restoration of the billy penn statue high above philadelphia city hall is well underway. >> live look now at billy penn from our parkway central library camera. "eyewitness news" is getting a
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rare, close-up look at what is being spruced up. >> our joe holden came face-to-face with the famous founding father. >> rising 500 feet above street level this sculpture of william penn pen, hallow bronze statue weighing 53,000- pound was due for his once in a deck kate spa treatment. all of the intricate details. >> he looks like he is going out. >> reporter: not to be missed. >> you can see level of detail >> reporter: it is exact in detail down to the word his hand, craft todd precision but this perch high above philadelphia city hall takes its toll. >> the corrosion gets inside of those tiny pits and get in there and it accelerated cycles. >> reporter: every 10 years city contracts with new jersey company more lynn studios to clean from shoe to brim, a laser is used to clean many pits, and crevises and then cooper surface is heated.
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>> we are heating it up and allows it to work. >> reporter: all that work is done by hand. >> inch by inch and multiple layers. >> reporter: wind were whipping as we got up close and personal with mr. pen, scaffolding had a slight sway, statue prominent and iconic was hoisted into place, piece by piece in 1892, eight bolts hold him down, perhaps the best view of the city, from the top of his hat. >> here's a tidbit of information. inside of billy penn is entirely hallow, you can climb down him, through a system of ladders. inside signature of the men and women who worked on this statue over the years, one of those signatures dates back to 1899. such a throw back if you will from all of those years ago, reminds workers of the significance, pride of this landmark. >> important for to us do our best to care for these pieces. >> reporter: statue that command central spot one that has been known to curse our
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cities professional teams from time to time will have a new shine in a few weeks. >> 125 years from now people will be able to see it, come up. >> reporter: with william penn pen i'm joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> isn't that fascinating. >> wow. >> just don't put a jersey on him, it is a curse. >> no, no. >> clean him up, everything cool. >> still to come, teens with the fish in the fight. a food truck challenge, but the main course, comes from a unique source. way local chefs and students are teaming up. plus visit that has philadelphia students singing their praises, stars of the musical motown, make a special appearance, stop they made in the city and message they have shared with their audience, lauren. it is a beautiful day in the delaware valley to kick off month of june, how long will sunshine and warmth be staying with us? i'll have the answer in your full forecast coming up. big man for eagles is turning head, find out which
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defender has a coaching staff, all smiles. also what caused this guy to go absolutely nuts, at the australia open. talk about causing a racket? sports coming up next.
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system, best wraps, and tillap ia and a taco. most tasty dish wins the competition. >> we actually eat our class work. so kid grade the tillapia all year long and they learn how it works and then, just this last week, they then harvested the tillapia and fileted themselves and now we are eating them. >> no word on the winner yet because they are still counting the votes. ape different kind of stage forecast of the tone a ward winning musical. >> today they are spectators were philadelphia school students, justin udo from our sister station kyw news radio 1060 shows you the message the stars of motown had for their eager audience. >> reporter: diana ross, jackson five, stevey wonder are just some of the acts that helped motown become a name, sound synonymous with the 1960 's and 70's but every night company sound and story comes back to life on stage,
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via tony award winning musical that bears its name. >> ♪ >> today some of the actors from the musical stopped by african-american museum here in philadelphia to talk to philadelphia school students who were also inspiring actors >> number one, when i was their age, any chance i could get to see a show or even have someone speak to me, and just encourage me to get to where they were, it took me so far. >> it is amazing honestly like meeting the cast of motown was like traveling every where i had the best time meeting them honestly. >> reporter: during their time at the african-american history museum students learn about different aspects of the american history that heavily influenced the record label. not only did they learn about the history of motown and rigors of an on stage actor performers gave them lessons they can use outside of the theater. >> we should be able to encourage somebody else to, stay with it, to believe in
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yourself, and work hard, be diligent and get back tour dreams. >> it was really cool because they gave us like advice and they shared their own stories and what they did when they were younger and how they felt , how we are going to right now. >> reporter: many students who came out said musical and advice they gave them are things they will treasure for a long time to come. motown musical runs at the academy of music in philadelphia until july 11th. justin udo for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> love that music. >> watch me now. >> motown, it is in my dna. >> love it. >> sing us a song. >> never get through weather. >> got to get to the weather. >> yeah,. >> boom, boom, boomy will take that. >> sold. >> lauren has your forecast. >> everyone sing to go day, and singing, joyful tunes. >> nice weather. >> so beautiful after our
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miserable day with nearly six and a half inches of rainfall, we got sunshine. sing it. sunshine in the scene. blue skies, live look center city philadelphia, beautiful day 79 degrees. breezy, west wind up around 20 . we have dryer air in place with dew points dropping off from yesterday, and today is june 1 and also the start of the meteorological summer, yes , and later this month it is astronomical summer so it has live. june 21st is astronomical summer. it is also start of the hurricane season for 2017 season and noah has issued their forecast, predicting an above average season with 11 to 17 named storms on average. we will see about 12 named storms. of those five to nine becoming hurricanes. typically we see six on average and of those hurricanes two to 4b coming major hurricanes or three or four or five category on the safer simpson scale. looking at the names, we have
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six lists of names, we rotate them every have years unless a particular storm does a lot of damage and then we retire that name. we have had arlene in the spring. so next up is brett, then cindy, and then don bell, is there your hurricane. >> yes. >> and also, we get which is an interesting name. you can see the list as we head in the upcoming season but all quiet rye now in the tropics, and in our neck of the wood as well. storm scan three showing us a couple friendly cloud coming by and as we head in the overnight period keeping it mostly clear, breeze dies down after sunset, pleasant with a low temperature of 59 degrees. for our friday another great day in store. sunshine, breezy conditions. high of 80 degrees. right around average with the chance of the stray, late day thunderstorm. temperatures are sitting right around average. we are at 77 in allentown. seventy-eight in wilmington. land breeze in atlantic city. we are at 81 degrees right now great looking beach day. eighty-one in rehoboth.
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eighty-one in cape may with that westerly win. we have a breeze to contend w wind speed at 15, 20 miles an hour with the higher gusts but as i mention as we head past sunset around 8:30 that breeze will wind down. also, what we have seen winding down over the last 24 hours, dew points are with the dry air settling n muggy day yesterday but today feeling nice, comfortable with our dew pointness that 40-degree range when they are in that range our comfort index is down in the awesome category. where it will stay as we head in the day tomorrow in, to saturday as well before dew points start to climb up as we head into sunday with more muggy factor but your shore forecast over next several days looking great, chance of the evening thunderstorm tomorrow, otherwise, sunshine 78. saturday, gorgeous, low humidity 75 degrees. watching out for thunder showers developing for second half of the day on sunday, and then wet day of the next seven will be on monday with showers and thunderstorms looking likely, humid day at 82 degrees. more showers likely as we head
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into tuesday, fall back in the mid 70's. east wind on wednesday pushing us down to 07 degrees but won't hang around long we are back to 75 late next week. >> thanks, lauren. >> don's up next with sports. >> june 1, phillies a great day for a fresh start. timmy journigan is off to a
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breathe easier with your vicks vaporub. soothing cough relief that starts working instantly. it is june 1 if you are a weather person it is a reason to smile because it is beginning of the meteorological summer. lauren. >> yes. >> yes. if you are the phillies you are just happen that i may is finally over. get out of here may. phillies had one of the war months of may in team history. there are 15 teams in the national league, they are six- 22 record ranks dead last with their era. when you add it all up you get the worst month of may for
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phillies since 1928 and their war month overall in 20 years. tomorrow they host the san francisco giants. round two of the eagles ot as wrapped up at know of care complex, teams excited about new comer ken journigan, back in april they traded with the ravens for 24 year-old defensive tackle. he will play alongside fletcher cox in the middle. >> not physically the biggest guy but he is very strong, very active, and it has been a great addition for us. i really look forward to coaching him and him being on the field for us. >> you know, he dominated, he is a great player. he will help us, in both run and pass and i'm excited about it. >> cleveland calves and golden state warriors tonight, thrilling, first time in history, the same two teams will play in the nba finals three straight times. lebron is looking for back to back titles. no cat fish, on the ice
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last night, penguins beat predators in game two of the stanley cup final four-one. pence have a two games to none lead as series moves to nashville, game three is saturday. second round of the australia open that is nick cure joost he who his mind. not only did curious ask for a beer during a match, yes, he crushed the two racket as long the way. >> i wish there is one that one clip where kid just nodding his head, with each one. yes, watch the kid in the white. >> what? >> and then just like yeah. >> yes. >> he is like, let it out. >> yes, three, four. >> sometimes you have to vent i guess. >> let it go, thanks, sir. taking a page from their favorite book. >> when we come back where children's favorite stories are coming to life and how long you will be able to see
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cbs team will hit the road thomas our summer fest celebration continues. >> we are on the road checking out best towns and events our region has to offer and tomorrow, we will head to devon and devon horse show and country fare. vittoria wild is blazing trail to devon in tonight's taste with tori, stepped into dan/ dan a hot spot on the main line despite noodle dishes and a peculiar choice of seating arrangements. see what it is all about on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. and then our cbs-3 summer
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fest continues tomorrow from devon. i will broadcast live from the devon horse show and country fair. we will also bring you store business what makes the chester county town so successful. that is tomorrow right here on "eyewitness news". >> a lot of fun. seven classic children's books come to life in the new exhibit at please touch museum >> "eyewitness news" got a sneak preview this afternoon of story land, trip through childhood favorites, it featured interactive scenes from seven classic stories, the exhibit is bilingual featuring both english, spanish and designed to build children's literary skills. story land a chip through childhood favorite opened saturday june 3rd and runs through september. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back at 10 on the cw philly. we are right back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", tonight celebrating sergeant pepper, a milestone anniversary for one of the beatles most iconic albums. from new york here's anthony mason, take care family, we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> so we're getting out. >> mason: the u.s. withdraws from the paris climate accord. >> i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris. >> this is putting america last, not first. >> mason: also tonight, putin says patriotic russians may have launched cyber attacks. but not the government. >> this is susan with credit card relief. >> mason: they enter your home without ringing, robo calls that go right to voicemail. >> you qualify for a 75% savings. >> mason: and a solid gold anniversary coming right up on the cbs evening news.


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