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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 2, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. developing now, in the philippines, the death toll sky rocketed overnight, after attack inside a man all casino. what we've learned about the victims! >> and, philadelphia city councilman david oh, talks about the moment right before he was stabbed, search for two people who may have recorded the attack. >> and fantastic friday on tap. katie says we could see a pop up thunderstorm, later on, and that is not our only chance, rain in the forecast. >> beautiful shot out there this morning, though, isn't it? >> today is friday, june 2nd, good morning, i'm jan carabeo in for jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha getting us out the door this friday morning. >> good morning. >> tgif. looking outside right now, i think this is the first time that this time around 6:00 a.m., all week, that i've said looking good. usually at this time, cracking into the 6:00 hour it is like oh, already a list of stuff. but right now, looking good.
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>> good, fantastic news, although sun glare, that will be potentially, i mean, just one of those good kind of call it a friendsenemy, right? all right. we like this, i look, so, you know, you are dealing with beautiful sunrise for sure, but going to be headed eastbound, this definitely smacks you in the forehead, causes some visibility problems, in that regard. so, just be careful of. that will have the advisor ready, pair every shades, you will be just fine, but sign of things for the rest of the day. storm scan, nice and quiet. another day into the 80s lots of sunshine, breezy, granted like yesterday. the big difference here today, is a shower or thunderstorm that pops up at some point this afternoon and toward evening. i think southeast, or pennsylvania, will be the most likely spot to see any wet weather for the afternoon. and toward evening, it is more of south jersey-delaware concern. but this is classic summer like weather, right? you start off quietly enough, see more sun than anything throughout the day, couple of patchy clouds, then later on you ends up with a spotty shower or storm.
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so, that is, again, one of those caveats, weaver to toss into the forecast, but our daytime high reaches 81 degrees, and it is a very mild day all-in-all. so lunch outside, any plans you have got scheduled outside, do not cancel them despite the pop up thunderstorm chance. keep your ears perk for thunder, anything that rumbled through, it will be brief but could have gust owe with it. >> lunch outside, me, i'm with you. you're buying. >> everyone, we got to get out there today and enjoy, that thanks, katie. look at the sunshine, speaking of, yes, katie nailed it, our friendsenemy. we love it. towel have to pack the sunglasses, do have disable vehicle, it might be cleared now, 422 westbound before oaks not that it will pose any sort of problems for you, just going to be little bit of sun glare once we start to get busy particularly on 95 south at cottman. this is where we will see it probably build the quickest, heads light moving in the southbound direction, yes, billing levels right now, but overall cracking into the 6:00. still looking good. everyone still traveling at posted speeds, beautiful shot, delaware county, 452, take this all the way up to the
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airport, basically what you are going to be sitting in. great, great, great, great company. all the way up, i will tell you once you get up around the airport, heads up, no concellations, no delays, but just make sure to check your schedules with your carriers before you head out the door if you are traveling by flight today. construction, maintenance happening here. we do have it on the university ave. bridge. it is closed, tomorrow, saturday, between seven a.m. and 3:00 p.m. you will have to use your alternate. schuylkill south street, grays ferry avenue probably your best bet, jan, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. new this morning in university city, a person is dead after being hit by a septa train along the market frankford "el." the crash happened underground at the stop beneath 34th and market street, police say the victim was struck just before 11:00 p.m. at last check investigators are still working to determine a cause. also, philadelphia police investigating the attack of city councilman david oh, also want to talk to some witness who is may have recorded the incident. >> "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, live at police headquarters this morning with the latest on the investigation. anita? >> good morning, jan and
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rahel. well, fellow colleagues called david oh, a very tough and resilient person, in less than 24 hours after this attack, he returned home, to recover after a successful surgery. meantime police at this time are combing through surveillance video trying to get a better picture of this suspect, but at this time, they say, that this attack appears to be completely random and crime of opportunity. >> he said give me the car keys, give me your car keys, give me your car. >> host are the last words philadelphia city councilman david oh, says he heard before a man stabbed him outside of his kingsessing home on the 5800 block of thomas avenue on wednesday night. then he says two men who pulled up in another car asked the suspect if he needed help and recorded the innings dent. >> there was a vehicle where two guys came out, and i thought they were asking me if i needed help. do you need help. but then it occurred it me they weren't talking to me, they were talking to him. and they were out their car
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windows videotaping with their smart phones, you know, like maybe what they thought was a fight. >> attacker eventually ran off, though reportedly attempted more jabs after stabbing oh's left side. philadelphia police lieutenant john walker says the two men who recorded the videos in passing are not in trouble. and hopes they'll come forward with the recordings that may help identify the suspect. >> we believe they're videotaping as they thought it was funny, thought it was interesting, not realize that it was an actual robbery and stabbing. >> meantime city council president darryl clark says this attack is part of much larger problem. >> the city of philadelphia, i don't know about anywhere else, but all lives matter. >> early next week, council members expected to mother with the mayor and other steak holds tears develop aggressive initiative to curb crime. >> and some council members say they're also focused on job creation, they believe that goes hands in hand with cushing crime. meantime, police describe that
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stabbing suspect as a black man, early 20's, anyone with information is asked to call police. live at police headquarters this morning, i'm anita oh, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> anita, thank you. and today delaware governor john carney plans to release a preliminary report on the deadly state prison take over on february 1st. inmates at the james t vaughn correctional center in smyrna took three correctional officers and a prison counselor hostage. steven floyd was killed. eighteen hour stand-off ended when swat teams worse g their way into the building. >> three former penn state officials are scheduled to appear at their sentencing hearing today in connection with jerry sandusky scandal. prosecutors want the school's former president, graham spanier, to get jail time for failing to report a 2,001 allegation about child sex abuse, spaniard's lawyer said his client is suffering from prostate cancer and heart problems. curly and shultz, also sentenced. also happening today, penn state board every trustees
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will meet to discuss campus greek life following the death of sophomore student timothe piazza. he died in february, after falling down the stairs after a night of drinking at the beta theta pi fraternity house. eighteen fraternity members face charges related to his death and the university has since shut that fraternity down. today's public meet something expected to re de tyne the press -- redefine the presence of greek live on campus. >> developing story from the philippines. dozens of people dead after attack at popular casino. >> cell phone video captured panicked people running out of the resorts world casino in manila early friday local time. police say the gunman seen here in the surround ill ends photo shot up tv screen, set gambling tables on fire, before taking off with casino chips. they say the victims, 22 guests, 13 staff members, died from smoke inhalation, not gunshots, president trump offered his condolances. >> our thoughts and our prayers are with all of those
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affected. >> they say the gunman committed suicide. they believe robbery was the motive, not terrorism. >> authority in manchester glands are hoping the public can help them track the movement of the suicide bomber who killed 22 concert goers last week. here are images from various locations, before the attack on the manchester arena. investigators say abedi returns many times caring a blue suitcase. they want to know if abedi was part of wider terror network. >> trump says he's too long renegotiate, announced decision yesterday afternoon, he said, he withdrew from the accord because it gave other countries a financial advantage over the us. world leaders in several european countries, including france, germany, and italy, say, renegotiating is not possible. opinions were split over mr. trump's decision to remove the us from the pollution reduction deal. >> all voices were heard. the president made very informed and i think
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meaningful decision. >> we all share the sense of responsibility. make our planet greater gain. >> former president obama also weighing in, issued a statement saying he's confident states, cities and businesses will step up to combat global warming. president trump said his president dessert 2015 agreement was harmful to american workers. >> here's what philadelphia mayor jim kenney has to say. he tweeted philly is committed upholding at local level the same commitment made by the us. the paris climate agreement. >> many buildings around the world lit up in green to stand in solidarity with the climate, the paris climate accord. these are just some of the structures, and paris, new york city and boston, that show their support for the environment, and sustainable future. >> all summer long we will be
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visiting terrific towns for summer if he is. >> today the annual devon horse show and country fair, "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen is, there and, still have horse side seat? >> good morning, we are live at the devon shores show, began back in 1896. so 121 years, began as one day show, week of fun and festive tis. as you see, things are getting underway here. the horses are warming up. also, the oldest and largest outdoor multi breed competition in the u.s., competitors from around the world, and many from in our area, will be taking part here. some of the disciplines you'll see, you have hunters, you've got jumpers, you've got sat l breds, and so still pretty much learning the linc owe as we go. last night one of the main event in the sapphire grand prix. today get underway at about 7:30, the day will run until about 11:00, same holds true for us, summer fest is here all day long, jessica dean
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will be anchoring, starting at 5:00 running through the entire night, so a big day here, we've got the fair, we've got the horses and it is a beautiful day. come on down to the devon horse show, guys. >> i love that the horses are so vocal there. >> right? >> and i did think you had some allergies there at first, but glad to see -- >> being one with your environment. >> yes. >> we'll get back to you later, thanks, pat. >> still ahead this morning, bear siting in the bushes? >> plus, ring less robo calls. >> you qualify for 75% savings ... >> are you tired of your phone always ringing from those tell he markers? companies that make robo calls, why use technology that allows them to go silent. see how it works. >> and hillary clinton reveals her top concerns with the trump administration. that's next.
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>> welcome back, people mo livero to keep an eye out for a bear. >> that includes taking a good look around before letting pets out in the backyard. the bear was spotted around swamp street and street road. may see them there. rt bear, do not approach it, instead, contact the pennsylvania game commission. >> indeed. it wouldn't be spring without a bear spotting. >> i know, i've reported on many a bears in the area. >> that time of year.
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>> yes, yes. they're out of hibernation, they're ready to frolic and grill out like the rest of us, i guess, right? oh, my goodness. well, you know, we do, obviously, the black bear very indigenous to the area, you won't usually see it in the urban areas, but we are all going to see a lot of sunshine, how much, whether your travels take you to up where the bears typically are found in the mountains or maybe anywhere else. but storm scan, nice and quiet for now. later today, very weak front will drop in, pay brief visit, deliver just quick shower or thunderstorm, but we talk about the weekends, since now is the time where a lot of us make those getaways for the weekends, to the poconos, to the shore, or just stay in the city. the roots picnic going on, and it really looks good. maybe shower that rolls through at some point during the day, but overall tomorrow looks like nice one. next storm stance starts to advance, second half of the day specially toward night fall the storm bridges in more showers and thunderstorms to the delaware valley. then appears as though the storm will actually get somewhat hung up, have difficult believing completely
6:17 am
into early next week, again we talk about the resort areas like the shore it, looks like great day tomorrow, all-in-all, very comfortable mid 70s, i love our icons hereof some trees, the chair to go along with the poconos forecast other than stray shower, looks like nice day, pretty much everywhere, meanwhile the seven day, philadelphia daytime highs, but general outlook for the entire region, we have some wet weather to track here. with that next storm we talked about, sunday into monday specially, but looks like the showers might even try to linger into a good portion of next mid week, meisha. so right back into the unsettled weather appears for now. >> i had a feeling that might be talked about, all right, katie, thank you. but take a look at the sunshine we are waking up to this morning. on our friday morning, just beautiful. pack the sunglasses, you'll need them, boulevard near the schuylkill, headlights moving in the southbound direction overall, everywhere that you are basically traveling today, still traveling at posted speeds, everything looking great. forty-two freeway northbound at creek road. take it to 295, working with with there on the vine being quick peak, westbound,
6:18 am
eastbound, looking good. we have overnight construction obviously long since cleared, but it will be that overnight construction next week as well, monday through thursday, so just heads up for. that will we do have some construction tomorrow maintenance university ave. bridge saturday between seven a.m. and 3:00 p.m. use the alternates, schuylkill, south street, grays ferry avenue, they'll be your best bets. also mass transit, some construction here, cynwyd line, buses replace all trains today through friday june 9th and the trolley tunnels some construction going on as well, closed 5:00 a.m. sunday to 5:00 a.m. monday. crews on the trolley tunnel market through the frankford line. >> mo cheeks has been released from philadelphia hospital after health scare on a flight into philly. cheeks now assistant coach for the oklahoma thunder. hospitalized for undisclosed medical property on boards a plane. no word what the problem was. cheeks spent 11 seasons playing with the sixers and covered the team from 2005 to
6:19 am
2008. >> your phone's advice mailbox may swooning filling one robo calls that if the fcc gives them agreement to send to your phone without a single ring. would allow solicitors to stop ringing your phone but still leave with you information if the fcc rules in the company's favor, calls could legally go straight to your voice mailbox. they say ring less robo calls are good thing but consumer advocates hear the opposite. >> ring less, none intrusive alternative, to this robo call. >> even more inch vase itch, more time consuming and more annoying in some ways than standards phonecall. >> companies arc that since the phone never actually rings, that their ring less voice males should not be regulated by the telephone consumer act. it might affect political outreach campaigns. >> i don't know how i feel about that one. hillary clinton warn trump has d dangerous level of hail.
6:20 am
the former nominee and her upcoming memoir. clinton says the president heist unleashed a level of hate and she finds incredibly dangerous. >> whether you call fake news, lies, pick your choice, it is deeply trouble, and also worrisome that it could cause lasting damage to our institutions. >> clinton's new memoir about the 2016 presidential campaign will be out this fall. i would guess a lot of people very interested to see what she has to say. >> look forwards to that one. instagram getting the rainbow treatment. >> social media site is offering new prize stickers including rainbow tinted seats, rain bowl bullhorn. new rainbow brush will allow you to draw rainbow on any photo and in hollywood stain gram teamed up with local boutique to crow ate the rainbow striped wall. place to take a selfie you might say. wall forced lgbt rights and will return to its bubble gum
6:21 am
pink color once pride season is over. >> social media thinks of everything these days, never miss an opportunity. >> interesting one, thanks to ill-time break, water tower in one town getting whole lot of looks. we will show it to you next. >> the warning alan thicke received from a psychic three months before his death what his widow is now saying about it coming up.
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visit your volvo dealer to take advantage of our midsommar sales event offer. >> we will ends up with some pretty nice weather tomorrow, but a storm system coming in sunday, second half of the day, night fall, when any showers or thunderstorms make a return appearance, guys? >> all right, katie, thank you. now for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> in the daily times, state police executed search warrant at saint corneilius catholic church in chaddsford this week after drugs were apparently found in a package delivered to a priest there. a parish employee opened the
6:25 am
package, immediately notified police. both the parish and the archdioces are cooperating fully with law enforcement. and, in the times herald, historical society of montgomery county has been award add $4,000 grant. the historical society uses collections and historic sites to showcase history every montgomery county and its contributions to the state and country. >> in the burlington county times, international night at the pope john paul regional school in willingboro. it put the spotlight on ten countries, with student performing traditional dances, making traditional foods. visitors got the opportunity to learn about the history and culture of each country. >> and that's a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> rahel, this is surely a funny one. some painters take a break at very bad time. >> wait until you see their half finished job, not paying attention to the tv now, take a look, watertown, in the town of wisconsin looks like this wednesday afternoon, until about thursday morning. you see there it says sex. resident upset, other laughed
6:26 am
it off. interestingly, though, we're told the last time the town path dollars the water tour, the paint he is did the same thing. they know what they're doing. >> exactly. >> having little fun at the town's expense. >> you know, it is a hard job. a little chuckle on the job, right? coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news," the winner of this year's spelling bee. and see if rahel has what it takes to make it to the final round. we will explain. don't worry. >> all right. plus, vladmeere putin speaks out on the election acting, hear what he has to say about so-called patriotic hackers. >> and more video is released of tiger woods, on the night he was arrested for dui, this time, we're seeing his breathalyzer test. meisha? >> and looking outside waking to up beautiful sunshine, pack your sunglasses today, good news, no accidents out there, but a lot of construction to cover on this friday morning, coming up but first a quick break, stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news
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>> jim is off today. >> i'm rahel solomon, here's what you need to know in your morning minute. >> philadelphia city councilman david oh, on the mend after terrifying attack near his home. >> investigators looking for clues, say, they want to talk to two men who may be holding onto key piece of evidence. they say that these two men are not in trouble, but they do want to see that video. >> appears robbery not terrorism was behind a deadly attack at a casino in the philippines. >> did your and the hit big three late in last night's game. then took the opportunity to stair down pop star court side right there.
6:31 am
>> beautiful day. come on down for the devon horse show. >> i love the horses are so vocal there. i did think that you had some allergies there at first, but glad to see. >> beach-goers in georgia. >> magic the rabbit, tig err the cat, became fast friends when tig erray lived six years ago. can woe fit another animal into this segment. >> now actually back to pack, in a minute, but first we want to see, he will show us everything it takes to get the horses ready for the devon shores show. >> looks beautiful. i think expecting beautiful day, pretty much good part of the weekends, too, right, katie? >> absolutely, we will keep the theme going for yet another day. in all-in-all guys one more caveat. that will come in the form of spotty shower or thunderstorm, but there are many of you that won't actually get hid by -- hit by any wet weather. one of the summer like forecasts where you can't always predict where they'll pop up. you got to stay tuned. we know instability, dropping
6:32 am
in to pay quick visit to help trigger shower or storm. not even until well after lunchtime, for now, storm scan, as you might expect, empty, and i can't find one cloud in the sky over the skydeck for sure. currently at 06 degrees here, and 52 degrees in trenton, 53 wilmington, and the temperatures pretty similar going little further to the south and east. but, it is cool to start the morning in the most outlying suburbs allentown 49 this morning, nice clear sky will do that as the day progresses though generally with the sunshine, overhead warm up to 81 degrees, as i mentioned just keep in mind spotty shower or under this earl storm that fires up at some point for some of you this afternoon or evening. talk about this half and half weekend, saturday, by far the bert of the two weekend days but may be stray shower early on. more than anything, expect sunshine sunday the day the next storm starts, bridges in more clouds and specially toward night fall best chance
6:33 am
looks for showers or storms to redevelop. meisha? >> katie, thank you so much. and very good morning, happy friday to you. looking outside just gorgeous, the scene all morning long, little construction, most of which has now since been cleared just left with the really gorgeous shot for you, schuylkill taillights, before montgomery drive. you can see what you are working with there, starting to maybe heat up ever so slightly but overall the schuylkill basically anywhere we look still traveling at posted speeds ben franklin bridge, same story, come from jersey in center city traveling in the westbound direction, looking really good there, as well it, have downed wires from earlier accident in delaware county, now since cleared. route 252 which was closed but do have utility work going on, kings highway between washington avenue and tanner street closed until right about now. so crews should be pushing out of the way. i'll of course confirm when they do so. construction eastbound, before between downtown and valley forge the right lane still compromised. you can see moving around the
6:34 am
area, still looking okay in terms of how fast you're traveling. hopefully still around 06 miles per hour, then the world of mans transit do have construction, talking about this, coming up in the next ten minutes or so, jan, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. the search continues this morning, for a man who stabbed philadelphia city councilman david oh. we were there as the councilman returned to his kingsessing home yesterday just hours after the attack. he showed off his wounds to cbs-3 police now looking through surveillance footage, they also want to talk to two men who oh, says recorded the incident. >> there was a vehicle where two guys came out, they were out there car windows videotaping with their smart phones, you know, like maybe what they thought was a fight. >> fellow council members say they're reload to hear oh is doing okay but concerned about the incident, they plan to meet next week to develop an initiative to help curb crime. >> the nation's capitol white house taking it push for travel ban to the nation's highest court. overnight the justice
6:35 am
department asked supreme court to allow trump's travel ban to go into effect. it blocks nationals from muslim majority countries from entering the us. now in march, the federal judge said the ban likely violate the constitution, and just last month, the fourth circuit court every appeals agreed, they believe it would make the us safer. >> and meantime, the investigation into russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election is heating up. representatives from the house issued sack -- subpoenas and the senate, fb you can director james comey to testify. >> more on what president vladmeere putin has to say. >> hackers, they wake up in a good mood, and paint. same with hackers. russian president vladmeere putin insisting moscow did not have a hands in the 2016 election hacking. putin instead offering new line that patriotic hackers may have acted on their own. >> they're patriotic, crib in a way they think is right.
6:36 am
the fight against those who say bad things about russia. >> us intelligence concluded russia meddled, the first time they conceded russians could have had any kind of connection. putin's statements commas the probe into the meddling ramps up nsu. james comey who trump fired last month, set to testify before the senate intelligence committee, about his conversations with the president including whether donald trump leaned on him to drop the investigation into former trump national security advisor, michael flynn. obtaining letters thursday, by patrick leahy, al franken, to comey before he was fired, asking comey to investigate attorney general jeff sessions, a mid concerns that sessions may have had an additional meeting with the russian ambassador to the u.s., sergay. >> it was true, it is extremely disturbing and i'd rather let it come out. >> justice department firmly denying it, sessions said in his confirmation hearing he had had no contact with russian officials during the
6:37 am
2016 campaign. but later admitted he met twice with the russian ambassador, read bin john, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> more than 200 remains discovered in old city still waiting to be analyzed and reburied. now archeologists across the region working to prevent problems in the future when the cemetery was discovered earlier this year, experts say certain organizations did not assist with the dig. kimberly more ann, forensic archeologist from rutgers camden, she said she jumped into help. >> initially just a box of bones. so it didn't seem like it was going to be the huge project that it turned into. >> love the fact that they have a five-point plan to move forward. i'm just really hoping we can implement it. >> the archeologists say they now have a better idea what to do if another cemetery were to be discovered. >> if you've been around city hall lately you have probably in the dollars the scaffolding surrounding the william penn statue. "eyewitness news," first rare close up look at the clean up
6:38 am
job overlooking center city philadelphia. every ten years the city hires contractors to clean the hollow bronze statue, lazer cleans the crevices then the crews heat and wax the copper surface, penn state ooh has been watching over the city he founded since 1892. >> corrosion gets inside of the tiny pits, gets in there, accelerated cycle. >> important for us to care for these. >> and inside william penn's hat signature of the men and women who have work on the statue over the years, one of them dating back to 1899. you can see the finish product in just a few weeks. >> here we go, after three consecutive ties solo competitor came out on top of this year's national spelling bee. >> marocain. >> that is correct. >> congratulations. >> but do we know what it means? twelve year old anna from fresno california is the new champion.
6:39 am
she spelled a total of 35 words correctly, including the winning word, apparently a type of fabric. >> how does it feel to be lift that trophy? >> it is look good things, so happy right now. >> the sixth grader gets trophy and $40,000 in cash, and prices, also, how about this? cherry hill's finished seventh. >> congrats to them. >> well, rahel, sit tight here. this is a surprise to you. >> okay. >> we did tees it earlier in the show. see if you could spell, we'll at the time your skills, because i hear you've been bragging were you very good speller back in the day. >> yes, that's true. >> so don't look at the prompter. it is in there right now. so -- >> i'm look at you. >> look off into the distance, runner up misspelled this word. you're in the spotlight right now. >> can you put it in a sentence? >> haha. >> well, well, okay, i'm go with marem?
6:40 am
>> do you want a second try? >> yes. >> okay, okay. >> come on, a second try. >> marum. >> do we have time for a third try? >> oh, no. >> oh, this is -- >> mar -- >> here is a little bit of help. found on coastal sands dunes. >> oh, yes, that helps. >> okay, okay. ma h. r. mcmaster um. >> no. >> oh,. >> okay. not saying it correctly? >> probably -- >> how about you? >> i can use it in a sentence perhaps. >> maram? >> closer. it is closer. there is 2r's. >> marram? >> yes. >> i cheated and looked.
6:41 am
>> how about we figure that out and come back and do this? >> i think the moral of the story, i should stop banking about my spelling. >> maybe little bit. that's why we love you. >> you're very confident. >> way to spin it, jan! >> all right. i think we've established that i cannot spell any more. >> good try, yes. >> coming up in the health watch, way to detect brain cancer five years before symptoms appear. >> warning for actor alan thicke, three month before his death. find out what it was, next. pat? >> good morning, live here at the devon horse show. this is my friends, jasper. say hi, jasper. say hi, smile. we're here at the stables getting ready for a big day at devon. more when we come back. apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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and it's also a story mail aabout people
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and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you >> police arrested tiger woods on suspicion of dui.
6:45 am
>> please state your name. >> yes, this at a police station in jupiter, florida, woods given two breathalyzer tests which confirmed the golf lends end had no alcohol in his blood. but the video still shows him struggling to answer questions, and he claims it was an unexpected reaction to prescription medicine. >> we learned alan thicke receiving warning from medium about his heart. the actor filmed appearance on tyler henry's hollywood medium throw month before he died. during the session, henry told thick that there may be multiple people in his family who dealt with heart issues, he warned the star to see a doctor. henry showed the footage to thick's widow who called what she saw, quote, unbelievable. >> over in the world of pop, big news former sties girl ginger spice is apologize to go her fans for leaving the spice girls, jerry, left the girl power group in the middle of worlds tour back in 1998. well the 44 year old took to twitter on the anniversary of her departure, i'm sore bye,
6:46 am
that everything works out in the end. that's what my mum says. >> heart broke when that happened. >> i know, she apologizes now, little late there. >> yes, i mean, how many decades later now? >> i can remember back in 1977 or so, i was in high school, like driving my mom sweet saturn wagon, bragging -- blasting down to band practice, and it was amazing, talking marching bands, talking practice. >> eyewitness weather watchers, mid 50's, upper 50s, kind of on the cool side out there this morning. we is her know on one every these here, short on time, but john sent in nice clear sky, full sunshine for him, he's at 48 degrees, though, and even though it has been about an hour since his observation, not too much warming that has taken place. so it is actually feeling little on the cool side to him.
6:47 am
depending where you are in the most remote suburbs i would suggest extra layering walking out the door this morning, but swiftly rebounds from here looking at storm scan, yes, wet werth off to the south. we're under the influence for the most part here today, of high pressure. that's going to keep things generally clear, sunny, very minor front going to work its way in later today, help trigger quick shower or thunder storm, in a few spots this afternoon or evening. maybe you're headed up to the mountains for the weekend, all-in-all not looking bad. sunday first half of the day is generally dry, but that's also in our next storm moving in, and that goes for everyone, so, the chances for showers and thunderstorms beginning to increase throughout the second half of the weekend, but all-in-all the weekend is not bad tom the better half of the day. maybe showers and thunderstorms at any time. >> funny katie i swain every time we get to friday i think everyone just so glad it is friday. we will just take whatever comes our way, right? good morning, yes, katie talk about the sunshine, take a look at the camera shot.
6:48 am
>> this one looking slow, schuylkill westbound at city avenue. kind of, well, little bit every residual. do have an accident, schuylkill westbound at city avenue. you are seeing everyone starting to stop approaching the area now. certainly right now, we a approach the hour, typical morning rush begin now. delaware county, little bit as well. still traveling at posted speeds here, 59 north at 452, take it all the way up to the airport, still looking okay. then we do still have construction crews, that right lane is compromised then also in mass transit, wynnewood line construction, today through friday, june 9 and the trolley tunnel. >> back to you, latest.
6:49 am
>> thank you, it is friday of course, and we are celebrating summer fest today the annual devon horse show and country fair. >> this show gives us a chance to sea world class equestrians right here in the area watch if it takes to get those horses ready to end their main show ring? >> hey, pat? >> forget the beach, doing country style here at the devon horse show this morning, where we are standing outside every wentz stables, and my friend, new friend jasper, how are you? >> how are you, in the. >> doing well. tell us a little bit about jasper? >> a 12 year old american sat l bread, we've had him for about six years. >> champion and former world chap john and quite a personality. 's champion in saddle bread western pleasure. and we are going to demonstrate getting him ready this morning. he will show this evening in
6:50 am
his championship. we were very happy he won his qualifier wednesday evening, and like i said, certainly not camera shy. little built of a diva personality, like the attention, and he loves showing off for everybody at the horse show. >> perfect for television, jasper knows what's good for tv. >> yes, he does. >> so when you say saddle bread -- >> they've been featured here at devon for many, many, many years. the saddle bread called the peacock of the show ring. because they like to show off very preps i have, animated when they travel happen really shine in the show ring. and he's competes in the western pleasure division of the saddle breds. that's what does, also very versatile, he also will show in english, as well. >> pretty cool. >> he'll actually be doing
6:51 am
both today. >> champion already. >> pretty cool. >> he is pretty awesome, he knows it. >> so is he going to ride him off? >> ride off in the sunset. so we bring the -- first put on the saddle pad here. >> look lime he knows. >> he does, he does. then we put decorative pad over top the lower pad will help to just cushion him a little bit. just little dressing making little extra fancy. >> put the western saddle on. little heavy. special saddle version of it, so as you can see, it has beautifully tool and has the silver and everything. >> does he want this? >> he does, he does. >> he's going to make the bloop for real. >> i have a mint for you and the bad breath.
6:52 am
>> thank, pat. >> also, "eyewitness news," we will spend the whole day in devon. join jessica den and the rest of our team for the summer fest today live at the devon horse show and country fair. >> it is now 6:52. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell, with a preview, good morning, nora. >> well, good morning to you, rahel, jan. talk with john dickerson about the political fall out from the president's decision to withdraw from the prime at accord. what this means for the economy. also, remote island in the south pacific. it is considered to be one of the most vulnerable areas to climate change. and the 12 year old winner of the national spelling bee joins us, all that, plus the eye opener, your world in 092nd. see you right at 7:00. >> on to the hell watch now, new study find changes in the blood can signal growing brain tumor, five years before symptoms appear. researchers at ohio state university say interactions
6:53 am
between proteins and i am aoun cells are weakened years before a diagnosis is made. >> also on the hell watch, cancer screenings for children. >> something parent don't often think about, but kids do spend a lot of time outdoors. taking her three sons to dermatologist for a few years now, and she says it has really paid off for her 13 year old son, cooper. >> there had been a mole in his hair that the doctor had been keeping an eye on. and they did check that biopsy. and it did actually come back abnormal. >> one in 40 people now, will develop melanoma within their lifetime. >> and the cancer was caught early and cooper happy to say fine now. so definitely does pay to get that yearly checkup. >> so rahel, i just slid this in here. did you know, that it is donut day? >> i heard on twitter, and i'm very excited. >> yes, and donuts actually brought to the u.s. by 18th century dutch settlers. >> so interesting, also, tid-bit of information on this national donut day. whether you like your donut,
6:54 am
frosted, powdered or glazed, it is an around the clock option, talking millions in sugary treat every year. early recipes have nuts in the dough. that's why they're called donuts. >> oh, interesting. learn something every day. donut shop lamars in denver colorado celebrating by delivering their donuts by get this drone. lamar so-called dronuts delivered to police, first responders and holding contest grand prize is a don't of your own, second prize is free donut for a year he would take either one of those. how about this? >> drone watch three on in. donut actually have the cbs-3 logo. >> your favorite. >> never want to shy away from donut. i'm a glaze dollars gal but coy go for good boston cream. >> do you see, just taking over? throw it to break. katie, back with three to go. >> maybe. >> meantime, we will be right back.
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>> before you leave home here is three to go. >> david oh recovering after a man stabbed him in front every his kingsessing home. >> former penn state president graham spanier and two other former school administrators are scheduled to appear for sentencing today for failing
6:59 am
to report now convicted sexual preditor jerry sandusky to authorities. >> and the devon horse show and country fair continues this weekend, it runs through sunday, and that's three to go. >> all right, and this will put a smile on your face, so happy to announce another addition to the cbs-3 family. >> kate bilo had baby girl. here she is, welcome, everybody, so lynn morris elizabeth! happy to report, mom and baby doing just great. she was born yesterday. she ways 8 pounds, 6 ounces, 20 inches long, big congratulations. yes, congratulations to mom, dad, and solenne has two older brothers. >> happy happy family. congratulations. we can't wait to meet her, too. >> absolutely, can't wait to see you back, but you enjoy that precious one. >> sleep when you can, right, katie? >> cbs this morning is next, have a great day, and a wonderful weekend. here are donut! >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
7:00 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ good morning. it is friday, june 2, 2017. welcome to cbs this morning. the world reacts to president trumps decision to withdraw from paris accord. leaders say it will not stop their efforts to protect the planet. the president says he acted to protect american workers. heavily armed gunman storms a kcasino. 35 people died after he set gambling tables on fire. highly contagious flu making dogs sick. a controversy of jack


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