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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 2, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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horse show and country fair. cbs-3 summer fest is in full swing. ah, yes, good evening, i'm ukee washington. good evening, everybody i'm jessica dean. coming to you live, from devon , pennsylvania. home to the devon horse show and country fare and ukee, this is 121st year for the devon horse show. talk about some tradition? talk about some family traditions? we have certainly have all that here all around us. we have been learning more and more about what goes on here both in the oval behind us but also the fare portion where kid can ride ride and there is great shopping, great food, and they have a little bit of everything for everybody when they come here. we will tell but history. for the devon horse show go all the way back to 1896, equestrians have been competing here for years and years and certainly all day long today and well into the
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evening. back in 1896 the devon horse show started as a one day show but now years later it is the oldest, largest, outdoor multi breed competition in the u.s. many different equestrians disciplines are competing during the 10 day event that attracts horse lovers from all around world. we were talking to the chairman of the show and they had people from four different countries competing last year. it pulls in people all across the globe. and lucky for all of us we are enjoying some wonderful weather tonight. meet local goodies lauren casey is on site with us and lauren, people he enjoying this friday night, great one to get outside and no matter where you are in the delaware valley. >> absolutely, the sunnies shining. we don't even have any cloud that i can see anymore, just a bunch of blue skies, and i'm wearing this fantastic hat which makes the weather even better, then we head in the evening hours, and temperatures are going to cool fairly quickly but it will be a nice, comfortable evening for our friday.
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temperatures right now generally in the upper 70's. cooler in wildwood at 71 degrees. we are at 76 in allentown. coming in at 74 degrees in trenton but air is nice and dry and we have a bit of the breeze kick nothing out of the northwest, northerly component to the wind flow has usual nerd lower humidity. wind speed at 15 miles an hour but those wind will relax after sunset tonight which is right around 8:30. storm scan three showing us we had a couple of spotty showers work through parts of the area of doyletown, north philadelphia but those have since died down and new we have mostly clear skies across the delaware valley and we will keep it dry into this evening, mainly clear, lets get to the stray showers where it is coming to an end with comfortable temperatures in the 70's but we have a big weekend, we're almost there, we will talk about what to expect forecast wise, tomorrow is looking pretty good, and i'll have details coming up in a few. >> all right. i like the sound of that thanks very much. as we were saying visiting devon horse show is a
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tradition for families that goes back many generations but for one local family it is a mother/daughter who compete in the show and a bit of the interesting story and our pat gallen has more. >> ♪ >> pageantry and beauty of the devon horse show is on display and for riders from across the country, it is one of the most distinguished equestrian competitions. >> much more meaningful for serial family as mom louise and daughter chrissy, are competing here at devon. >> for me it is very special, i think having your children, in your business, with with you an awesome thing, it is also very difficult but it is awesome to have her with me and to hopefully take over the reigns. >> reporter: chrissy has followed in her mother's footsteps taking her expertise and having a passion for riding in the jumper class. >> i got in the jumper, when i was about 13. i had my first jumper. it became an outlet for me. i just really enjoying doing
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it and have a great time doing it. >> reporter: on the course chrissy isn't just compete bug helping her mother while she competes. >> she's a great support group for me and critical eye for me too which is really important that she will notice things and bring to my attention, so i can fix them. >> reporter: while riding louise specializes in a different class then christie but at times the kenneth square native are fighting for same accolade. >> we do compete. i do do jumpers and she does jumpers. we compete in the same class at times and she beats me and i beat her, but we go back and forth and we are happy for each other. >> reporter: louise turned head with her horse kings landing while chrissy competed with discovery. no matter their standings this place holds a special place near and dear to their hearts. >> devon is just a special place, special horse show, everything bit is just, special. >> reporter: in devon, pat gallen for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, pat gallen,
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thanks very much. we will, we also sent vittoria woodill out to learn more about what goes on here at devon horse show and she found out about something called side saddle. it is a formal way of riding a horse. she told me there is something extra special about this because they pack away a little something to eat for later. i will let her tell you more. >> reporter: at devon hats aren't the only tradition that celebrate the l again in women pomp, circumstance of the side saddle rider is also one that stayed. >> this classic devon is a traditional class, from victorian days. that is why it is so elegant and beautiful. >> reporter: woman's legs draped over the side of the horse dates back to anxious time as a way to dress in the finest clothing while riding in fashion. a class at devon judged from stitch tousled. >> side saddle is the only class where you are being judged against a historical standard. is what you are wearing appropriate for what a lady would have worn.
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>> reporter: laid would have worn a top hat, veil and apron >> it is made of heavier wool for the reason when you are riding it looks nice. it doesn't flop around. >> reporter: contemporary riders need not worry about their skirts or sandwiches. >> i don't ever have to bring a sandwich when i compete. >> you do, right. >> yes. >> this is one of the appointment for side saddle you need a sandwich case. >> reporter: that is right a sandwich case like ladies would carry if they needed a bite, but what kind of sandwich is best. >> if you are out hunting in the field and hot you don't want to have a egg salad sandwich with mayonnaise and never want to have a roast beef sandwich because scent might throw off the hound while fox hunting. lady in the only has to have crust cut off but right sandwich. i'm lucky contemporary hunters we can eat whatever kind of sandwich we want. we can even have a hoagie. y told you victoria would find something in there. it is a wonderful way to learn about this 121 year-old
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tradition, there is so much happening and i just want to pop out from behind this desk quickly. do you see dog here? there are lots of dogs all over the place. little kid are coming through. look, very sweet. we have families, we have people coming here, for generations with their families that are showing up tonight, and to really take part in all of the fun and we will keep bringing it to you throughout the evening, ukee, we have got more to share, we will check with you later that was right on coup, dog's tail was wagging and little girl got a kiss. that was perfect. >> jessica, thanks very much. still to come tonight on "eyewitness news" unique training techniques, teaching the skills that can bring suspects to a screeching halt. >> our stephanie stahl shows why this is first for the philadelphia police department when "eyewitness news" comes right back.
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county. as "eyewitness news" report's leash a nieves tells you it was first in the series of shooting it is day in that same neighborhood. >> reporter: within four hours in the sit of chester police dealing were four separate shootings. >> it is unsafe out here. this is like every time we turnaround there is a shooting >> reporter: all of the gunfire in the vicinity of chester high school, school forced to go on lock down all day only let nothing frighten parents. >> my stepson go to school right here right now and i had to come and get him. he could have been shot today. >> reporter: unfortunately a chester high school student was one of the victims in the first shooting this morning, authorities say that student was 15 years old. >> from all our accounts, good kid, goes to the high school, was a football player from what i understand. >> reporter: high school football player according to police was gunned down at 7:58 this morning along 11th street simply as he was walking to school. >> this is a horrendous lost of life, this is devastating. >> he should be sitting in the
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classroom. he should be not burying himself academically but unfortunately he is not. >> reporter: city of chester overwhelmed by loss of the young student's life while authorities are overwhelmed by the violence in the city today including one officer involved shooting. >> what would help us is for someone not to shoot at people >> reporter: police have identified the 15 year-old chester high school student who was shot and killed atsion abdul, vowing they would do everything they can to find his murderer. in chester, alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". also tonight philadelphia police with some historic training, some of the phillies finest are shaping up on two wheels and health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on the first for bike patrol. >> this is a big first, talk about getting in super shape, group of rocky officers is getting intense training as new members of the philadelphia police department 's bike patrol. doctors say cycling has all sorts of health benefits,
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something that new recruits are learning first hand. these are bike police instructors showing their stuff riding down art museum steps. they are training newly sworn in officers who just graduated from the police academy. >> you have to be in good physical shape because today we are riding about 30 miles and you need to be coordinated as well because we do maneuvers with the bike. >> reporter: learning how to ride in tight spaces is what they have to do navigating through crowd. they practice emergency dis mounts and suspect take downs. >> it is historic. thinks the first time that we're ever having class that just graduate academy go through bike training. >> reporter: thirty offers hours volunteered for bike patrol started this session up in the northe and rode to the art museum. >> it is a lot of work. >> they are definitely required for good cardio levels. >> reporter: she is excited about staying fit on bike patrol. she has been focusing on
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breathing techniques, staying hydrated and eating a healthy diet. >> it goodies that the police department is doing this because it is tough to keep your body younger, stronger through the long hall. >> reporter: bike training covers safety, endurance, balance drills and off road trails. so these rookies on two wheels will be ready for anything they encounter on the streets of the philadelphia. >> these officers will be able to engage directly with the community, build relationships >> reporter: with the police departments 6,000 police officers, 250 are bike trained and assigned to various neighborhood around the city. they are heavily used during special events. i got to tell you those folks are in really good shape on those bikes. >> no doubt bit. >> those bikes are durable too >> what a team. >> coming down steps. >> really. >> how about that. >> yes. >> thanks, stephanie good stuff. turning out to be a fabulous friday and that is perfect for our cbs-3 summer fest. meteorologist lauren casey joins news devon. no bike riding but horse riding.
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will this weather stay with us >> reporter: yes this weather will stay through the evening and weekend as well, beautiful conditions, yeah, horses, riding i'm learning so many new things about horses. i'm more of a dog girl but i think cansering is when they have do this i'm learning new word here at the devon horse show and conditions are beautiful as they are all across delaware valley for whatever you have going on this evening. checking on our temperatures right now we have 78 degrees in philadelphia 79 in millville. seventy-six in allentown. we're 64 degrees, mild in mount pocono. we have a breeze with us. we have a couple spotty showers working across the area but those have since waned, just a little lingering shower right now across portions of the south jersey but otherwise we will continue to clear skies, out, and still do have this breeze out of the northwest, wind speed up around 10, 15, 20 miles an hour but after sunset that breeze will start to die down but that northwesterly wind flow ushering in dryer air.
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it feels so comfortable. we have had warm temperatures but nice dry air with dew points down in the 40's. our comfort index is feeling awesome and that is how it will be in the first half of the weekend, dew points remain in the 40's setting up for a beautiful saturday but for tonight partly cloudy, seasonal falling back down to 57, very pleasant evening for our friday, as we head into tomorrow, temperatures warming up to 78 degrees, right around average. we could see an isolated shower in the morning but otherwise that will roll on out and reveal mostly sunny skies to take news to our saturday afternoon. future weather showing us, in the evening hours and overnight tonight, no precipitation, to worry about. then as we head into tomorrow morning we will see upper level disturbance that could pre dues a shower, quickly moves out revealing sunshine as we head in the second half of our saturday. really nice start to the weekend shaping up but watch out for scattered showers and thunderstorms developing as we head into sunday. 79 degrees, muggy into monday,
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our humid day with showers and a few thunderstorm, 82. slightly cooler in to wednesday at 71. backup in the 80's by next friday but yes, gorgeous evening, after the show here, me and vittoria will team up, taking on country fair we will rate ride and more importantly we will rate the snacks. we will have more on that coming up during 11:00 o'clock newscast here on cbs-3. >> lauren, i got a friend who wanted to say hello. can you say hi, everybody. >> hi, everybody. >> hi, everybody. >> we are just having a good time here at devon horse show are you excited about the horses. >> yes. >> everybody is here to seahorses but other fun parties the fair part. our vittoria wild over at country fair portion what did you find. >> well, i found three sweetest ladies in devon, let me introduce them, this is candy, say hi to everybody, this is elizabeth and karen, and wanted to let candy know
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something. she just asked she said who is on channel three? i will let you know, first of all, me, vittoria woodill. >> thank you ukee washington, jessica dean. >> love, love. >> we love it all, lauren casey, kate bilo, i can go on and on. >> fabulous. >> candy, you come every single night to the devon horse show, why. >> because i like to watch people, i like to go in the shops, i like to eat the food. >> yeah. >> i like to watch the people especially the children. the children are like little gems, they are so much fun and they are so excited, they have such a wonderful time. >> love that. it is funny, i think one of my producers said it this place feels so protect because you are protecting history and nostalgia and you really like to ride ferris wheel. >> i do. >> what do you think about that ferris wheel marriage girl friend's grandchildren she wouldn't go on with them so i ended up on the top of the ferris wheel.
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we ended up there a half an hour until it turned around, see the whole horse show. i love it. i love it. >> nothing must be berth. >> your feet don't hang over and you are in a protect little area so i like the ferris wheel. >> it is almost how you talk about the ferris wheel that seems so sweet, endearing. >> we had to be on the pink one. >> naturally. oh, of course. >> i'm surprised you didn't go for devon blue but maybe next time. i will send it over to don, ukee, there is a lot of love in devon. come on in we're sending the love right back. >> sending the love right back , tori. >> familiy feel it. >> kaine get you a lemonade. >> and he is working so hard he need some lievation is lets get him lemonade. come on, girls. >> we will get back there in a little bit. >> good time. >> right now we have
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two last place teams, two different approaches, san francisco manager bruce bucci publicly ripped his veterans for poor play. pete mackanin is showing his guys love and support. the two hook up in 45 minutes in south philadelphia. phillies had a players only meeting today, probably discussed how they who 22 out of 28 games in may a lot of fans want to see minor league call ups but gm says not so fast. >> it is more, we have responsibility to the players, themselves, to call them up when they are ready, to expose players that are not ready, to expose players to the big
6:24 pm
league level, isn't doing them any favors nor is it doing the organization any favors. >> on to hoops sixers big man joel embiid has been trying to get a date with pop star rihanna for months. she said, maybe after he makes an all-star team? last night riri had an even counter with a former mvp, golden state warriors crushing cavilers by 22 in the game one of the nba finals. kevin durant nails a three and stairs down rihanna. um-hmm. >> oh, no. >> twitter went nuts over the incident and kd was asked about it. >> do you remember that? i don't ebb remember that. well, just to let you know social media is butting about it. >> yeah. >> don't get into that. >> i'm cool. >> he is not like joe joe, he will stay away from that one. kyle bush won pole at dover international speed way for sunday's race. first of the season. the 20th of his career. he has gone 28 straight races
6:25 pm
without a win but he finish second race week at coca cola 600. washington fan dale earnhardt junior is off the hook. junior was scheduled to race in an eagles theme koran june 11th at pocono but, it was, just discovered using a team's logo in connection with another sport is a violation of nfl rules. the car was to promote the xal ta all pro teachers program so now junior can cheer for washington in peace. >> get a little eagle on his uniform there, right. >> of course, that was sponsor that make him do it. yeah, but. >> it is not my squad. >> how about it. >> when we come back we will head back out to devon where cbs-3 summer if he continues but first a beautiful shot from drone watch three. we will be right back.
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i need the phone that's where i happen to be... to be the one that rings. i need not to be missed phone calls... to not be missed. i need seamless handoff... canyon software. from reception, to landline, to mobile. i need one number... not two. i'm always moving forward... because i can't afford to get stuck in the past. comcast business. built for business. wonderful day in devon for our cbs-3 summer if he and speaking of spectators time to kit kickback, side sad this will desk and let all of my collogue there is, right there close-up shoed from devon. ladies, hey, guess. i feel like we taught ourselves and you and everyone so much. side saddle. >> i got it. >> i like how he wand will to
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side saddle the desk. i'm thinking a good gummer rang video, i'm planting an idea. >> so we will see you at 10. we will stick around here rest of the evening. we will be live at 10 and 11:00. summer if he rolls on next week. so just get out and note this next week we are going to wilmington. we will highlight the city and everything it has to offer, so wilmington delaware. you are up next, next weekend or next week. in the meantime thanks so much for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on the cw philly and we are back at 11:00 on cbs-3. up next, it ills the "cbs evening news" with anthony mason. >> until we see you again, we're live at devon. good night. >> good night.
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>> mason: feeling the heat. >> yes or no-- does the president believe that climate change is real? >> does the president believe today that climate change is a hoax. >> what does the president actually believe? >> mason: also tonight, the president gives ethics waivers to more than a dozen white house aides. >> now, let's dial the number. >> mason: please hold-- it's the future on line 1. the phone company wants to cut the cord. >> reporter: what would you do? >> i might die, i might die. >> give me 5. that's it! >> mason: and steve hartman. >> 26-"f," follow me. >> mason: from usher with love. >> i get more hugs and kisses now than i ever got in my life. captioning sponsored by cbs


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