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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 3, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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breaking over night. police release the name and a picture of the suspect they're now looking for in the attack of city councilman, david oh. we're live with the latest ahead. >> attacked, hit in the face with a brick, serious injuries he received after trying to protect students during after school brawl. and you may need your umbrella today. storm scan3 shows some showers to deal with this morning, if you're headed out early. today is saturday, june 3rd, good morning everyone, i'm jan carabeo. we'll get to the breaking news just a minute. first we start with the weather forecast. here is meteorologist, matt peterson. good saturday morning, mat m. so when can we expect those showers to get out of smear. >> that's what everybody wants to know. if you're up early looks like
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mid to late morning lunchtime at the latest. so we have dry wet they are afternoon. if you are up early this morning, though, you're just getting ready to head out the door have, somewhere to go, to be driving around in the city or surrounding suburbs, especially north of the city take the umbrella with you, leave yourself little extra time. again, it will be a little wet out here. here is storm scan3 showing the showers as they work their way in from the north, for the most part, this is light rainfall. really not seeing anything that's overly heavy. but again, some light showers now moving in. we are getting maybe little bit more of a moderate rainfall, just north of allentown, and as we zoom, in you can see, reading, in areas of berks county getting the light rainfall there. then out toward lehigh county again north of the allentown area between 78 and the northeast extention where the yellow is where we could be looking for more of maybe moderate rainfall, head even further north, so again, light rainfall at this point. then heading south back down toward the city see maybe northeast philly getting little light shower activity also kind of west philly maybe
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getting little light showers, montgomery county into upper bucks county, too, parts of chester county, that's where we're seeing the lightest rainfall. it continues to track southward, that's where we will see the rain pick up, at least just little bit. not going to be a wash out after morning or a day. where we see more of the heavier rain reading, allentown, temperatures low 50's, 43 mount pocono looking at 59 in philly. forty-seven millville, cooler there, out toward the shore in atlantic city 51. looking at day planner, 64, few showers by 9:00 this morning, then we clear out head toward the afternoon, should be nice day for us, but unsettled pattern takes over next week. we'll talk about that in a second. >> we'll get back to you, thank up many we begin with breaking news this saturday morning. break in the case of the stabbing of philadelphia city councilman, david oh. philadelphia police have now named a suspect. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, live out with southwest detective this morning to bring us up to date on the investigation, anita? >> reporter: good morning, jan, police are confirming
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though they do not have the suspect in custody yet they do know who they are looking for. there is arrest warrant now for 24 year old sean yarby, believed to stab david oh. he did at some point live few blocks from the councilman. >> this all happened just before 10:00 on wednesday night 5800 block of thomas avenue kingsessing, outside of oh's home. the councilman was just returning home from work and taking bags out of his car when the suspect reportedly approached him, mumbled something, announced it was a robbery, then stabbed oh in his left side. now, police say that the councilman was able to pick the suspect out after note foe line up. they believe that yarbary may be homeless or traveling from home to home. >> at this point he is a fugitive. we have searched his home, have not been able to find him at this point. but we consider him to be armed and extremely dangerous as a result of the actions that we heard that he committed to the councilman at or near his home on that
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particular date. >> again, police at this time are looking for 24 year old sean yarbary facing several charges including attempted murder and aggravated assault. police are urging him to turn himself in or his family members to convince him to do so. for now live in southwest detective, i'm anita oh, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> progress in this case, anita, thank you. >> mayor jim kenney's chief of staff tweeted this picture at councilman oh returned to work yesterday less than two days after the stabbing. oh says he's fine. >> meantime, philadelphia school principal is recovering from injuries he suffered after trying to break up an after school brawl. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff has more on the fight that was caught on cell phone video. >> this is not how school dismissal should sound. clearly, not what it should look like. cell phone footage taken about 2:30 wednesday afternoon shows fight that police say broke
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out between student at the edwin academic school in germantown and student from nearby schools, the principal attempt topped break it up. >> what are we supposed to do, like leave his children? no principal is going to leave their children, in harms way. go down with your ship. >> according to the school administrator school president, doctor robin cooper, boone taken down by male student from another school and heavy object. >> was hit in the face with a brick. he was hit in the face with a brick. >> among other injuries, he required eight stitches to his face. other videos from recent months, show, how such violent after-school melees are becoming near common place. >> can't only be left up to the principal and the staff. >> aside from increase the sit assist tans, doctor cooper's adamant that parent call to power. >> parents, if the children get out at 3:00 you should be home by 3:15.
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there should not and span from 3:00 you come in at 5:00. they have to know where their children are. because these are our children. our children are doing this. >> police are still looking for that young assault suspect. reporting from school district headquarters, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> chester police are investigating four shootings, all near chester high school including one that killed a student. zion abdullah shot to death while walk to go school along 11 street. abdullah was 16 and football student athlete. three other shootings nearby within four hours, one involved a chester police officer. the gunfire forced chester high school to remain on lockdown all day. >> well, penn state is making changes to the greek system after the alcohol fueled death of a fraternity pledge, timothy piazza in february, the board every trustees vote today take control of the entire greek system, and disciplinary actions there. board members mentioned a zero tolerance policy for hazing and stronger criminal punishment. hard liquor is banned at social event, now fraternities
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and sororities can have only ten parties a semester down from 45. attorney tom kline decline, who reps the piazza family, says it is all lip service. >> what we don't know, what was not enacted today, were any concrete proposals. that can was kick down the road. >> school officials say they're confident the proposals will turn into action in the near future. meantime, three former penn state officials are going to jail for their roles in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal. former director curly, graham spanier, former vice president, gary shultz, were all sent several months behind bars. the rest of their sentences will be held at home under house arrest. prosecutors say all three failed to report abuse accusations against sandusky to police after they learned about them. >> to the white house now, the fall out continues over the us withdrawal from the international climate change treaty. kelly o'hara in washington with more on what happened
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yesterday and what's likely to happen next. >> the president made a very courageous decision yesterday. >> the white house defended a move to to, called it a bad deal, that hurt the us economy. scott pruitt said mr. trump wants better terms. >> exiting paris does not mean disengagement. he indicated he'll either re-enter paris or engage a discussion around a new deal. >> withdrawing from the treaty revealed one of the president's key campaign pledges, set off protests around the globe, allies shaking their heads. >> we wanted the united states to remain within it. >> and efforts are underway to counter the white house's action this weekend, california governor jerry brown will attend the clean energy conference and china. >> mr. trump, there is something so outrageous to the science and to the reality of climate change, we can't stand idly by. this is serious stuff.
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>> former new york city michael bloomberg is trying to convince local governments to voluntarily adhere to the accord. >> in the united state, emission levels are determined far more by cities, states, and businesses, than they are by our federal government. >> all of this with global warming -- >> in the past president trump has called clonal bathroom ago hoax. if that's why he decided to pull the us out of the paris agreement. >> in washington, kelly o'hara for cbs-3 "eyewitness news." comedian kathy griffin apologized to the video that detect dollars her holding a likeness to the president's bloodied head. accused the president's family in joining the backlash every trying to ruin her career. >> then, no, this isn't right. it is not right. and i apologized because that was the right thing to do. and i meant it. and then i saw the tide turning. i saw what they were doing.
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oh, okay, they're trying to spin this. making it about baron. >> griffin called the president a fool and a bully. she has lost endorsement deals and performances since the incident. still ahead here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" news this saturday morning, who is cents and history, summer fest shows us the fun the devon horse show has to offer. we'll also have this. >> the boom in on line shopping has malls across the country shutting down. i'm meg oliver outside philadelphia. coming up: a look at how dead malls like this one are giving the 21st
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>> welcome badge, cbs-3 celebrating the summer and events all across the region there is weekends the devon horse show and country fair is underway. as the name indicates, it is located in the small chester county town of devon, and the tradition rich in history. in 1896 the devon horse show started as a one day show, but now more than 120 years later, it has become the largest and oldest outdoor multi competition in the united states. many equestrian disciplines are competing, that attract horse lovers from around the world. >> those who score well here at devon take home some amazing prizes, including trophies valued at thousands of dollars. some of the trophies date back to the start of the horse show itself now proudly displayed at the entrance. show ground. >> we have the largest trophy exhibit as any horse show in the united state, and i
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believe of the worlds. our trophies go back to the late 1800s, and some of them are valued at over $100,000 each. >> yes, some of the more recognizeable names in the trophy case include the stoat bury trophy date back to 1892 and one named for john wanamaker, valued at more than $70,000. >> and fan favorite here at the devon horse show, of course, is the clydesdales. but of course, it is not just those horse that is attract people, as vittoria woodill and lauren casey found out, the fair is fun for all ages. >> if you have a love of horses you'll get that, of course, but if you have a love for fun that comes with a fair, you'll get that, too, at the devon horse show and country glare this is where the magic hams, not just by the trackment look at these lights. will you win me a horse, please? >> i'll see what i can do. >> for stops, cotton canned. >> i hi, can i have a small cotton candy, please?
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>> $5. >> here you go. oh, you smell that? here, lauren. hey, wait. share with me. you're lucky i have to get my change. >> but before we broke into that beautiful pink and blue fun sugar, we met one lucy and kensy. >> i love the devon horse show. >> who really love the devon horse show and know exactly what to do. >> go on the ferris wheel, it is so much fun. and play the game where you can win these bows. >> you love the bows why? >> because they're amazing. >> well, lauren and i tried our balloon at the -- we tried our hand at the balloon game. >> let's try this 11 more time. >> yeah! >> and how do you feel about next siting moment? >> about this experience, lucy, i don't know, i feel pretty great. i think i'm going ride the ferris wheel. >> yeah, that's the best ride. >> like kensy said, the ferris wheel was out of this world. topping off pretty amazing day at the devon horse show and
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country fair. >> lauren, that was the best, wasn't it? >> i loved it. >> vittoria woodill, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> that little girl is going to take my job. look for her in about 15, 20 years. still time to enjoy the fun. devon horse show and country fares continues through tomorrow. >> and next week, summer fest, heads to new castle county bringing the fun to wilmington and highlighting everything the sit has to offer. that's next friday all day and night right here on "eyewitness news." it looked like a good time out there yesterday. i think the weather was nice yesterday. weather supposed to be pretty nice a little later on today? >> yes, couple of showers out there this morning, jan, a lot of sunshine this afternoon. so hopefully folks can get out, maybe a little bit of cotton candy today, nice afternoon, but again, no showers -- those showers are here to start the day out. if you are up early. if you do need to be going around the city early on in the day, take the umbrella with you, at least grab the raincoat headed out the door.
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few showers out there. it is not a real heavy rain. it is not going to be a wash out of a morning. it is more of just a nuisance while you're driving around, or trying to get your day started. then sunshine comes out this afternoon. it was a little bit windy on our friday, little windy again for our saturday. but nothing that we need to be too worried about. it will be slightly cooler today compared to yesterday. got up to 80 degrees yesterday. we will be topping out most likely in the higher 70s through the afternoon hours, so, again, little bit cooler than what it was yesterday. overall, we don't have too much going on. there is an area of low pressure kind of spirals north of the great lakes. there is weak boundary associated with that, that's where the shower activity is firing up along that boundary will pull on through as we go through the morning hours, so again, while the showers are coming through right now, that's what's going to lead into our windy afternoon, and, again, going to clear us outgoing later in the day as well. again, here comes the weak boundery, maybe little bit more moderate rainfall north of 78, through lehigh county
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through the east of allentown. for the most part a lot of just light, light drizzle to begin the day from lancaster all the way toward reading. you can see montgomery county, chester county, philly now getting in on the action as well. bucks county, too, then it will track into mercer county over toward trenton, get little light shower activity this morning. it will be out of here, looks like, by the time we get to about mid to late morning lunchtime probably at the latest for our precipitation getting out of here, i should say. temperatures for the most part, cooler where we had the rain little longer, mount pocono, reading, low 50 to kind of even low 40 range. we do see 59 right now in philly. fifty-four wilmington. forty-seven this morning in millville. so little bit cool there. but check out the shore point. wildwood coming in at 61. atlantic city, at 51. so not too bad if you're down the shore here this morning. winds are relatively calm. they're going to be picking up throughout the afternoon, though, they'll be out of the west to the northwest, probably, in a ten to 15, maybe gusting up to high as 20
5:19 am
to 25 miles per hour. our high resolution future weather model there is all of the precipitation, probably overdoing the rain as we go through the morning hours here. you can see, again, little bit maybe a small pocket here or there of more moderate rainfall, but overall, it is light, by 12:00, 1:00 in the afternoon, sunshine, taking over, precipitation well off the coastline, then, really looking for good evening, even overnight tonight, not really too bad either. for our afternoon high temperature, we get all the way to 77, again, real nice day after that morning shower pulls on through. generally clear skies tonight. quiet conditions, 58 for an overnight low. our weather forecast, for the next seven days, 08 degrees tomorrow, clouds, increase, going through the day though, then late on sunday and more on the sunday evening-sunday nighttime frame stray shower, thunderstorm a possible, 81 with shower or thunderstorm again monday. and then it is kind of rainy tuesday for us. we cool things down, for the middle and ends of next week. >> matt, thank you. on line shopping is putting a dent in more than just your wallet.
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fewer people than ever are heading to shopping malls. correspondent meg oliver shows us how develop remembers now working to breathe new life into one's bustling retail spaces including one in delaware county. >> photographer seth got a look at malls after they fail. left abandoned, neglected, the giant buildings slowly fall apart. >> everybody saw it as dead mall. >> this used to be the site of the old granite run mall. >> this used to be like the food court? >> this was very close to the food court. >> developer michael markman giving the area a 20th century make over. >> what makes it different? >> you know, waist different about this, there are a lot of malls being redeveloped around the country, because malls are dying everywhere. what we did was really, really aggressive. we took down the whole interior portion of the mall. first building b. >> mark man will replace the old mall with a complex of buildings, for shopping, entertainment, apartments, and a healthcare facility. >> we have about twice as much retail square footage per
5:21 am
capita than any other country in the world. >> architecture professor says re imagining olds malls is becoming a necessity. it is estimated there are about 1,000 malls across the country, around one third are at risk of failing. in rhode island the historic westminster arcade found new life by adding apartments to the second floor, old strip mall in tennessee was converted into a church. and the 100 observation mall in nashville survived after vanderbuilt construct add health facility next to the stores. we see a lot of malls that are turned into medical clinics, turned into community colleges, or all range of educational facilities. >> this is the future. >> mark man says the first phase of the new property is set to open in may, 2018. meg oliver, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news." still ahead: we take you behind the scenes of what's new in theatres this weekend. >> i'm kevin frazier, coming up: taking on iconic role of the amazon princess turned
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♪ introducing colgate total advanced health mouthwash. just shake to activate its unique formula that removes 24x more bacteria. for a healthier mouth and a clean you can feel! try colgate total advanced health mouthwash. >> female super hero arrives in movie theatres this weekend. kevin frazier from entertainment tonight takes a look at wonder woman, big screen debut. >> this week the world's most iconic superhero comes to the big screen in her first major solo movie starring as wonder woman. >> i cannot stand by while innocent lives are lost. >> in wonder woman, she plays the title superhero raised on island of amazon women to be a fierce warrier, when a pilot played by chris pine crashes on their island and warns every deadly world war brewing, diana, decides to join the fight, with mankinds to fulfill her sacred destiny.
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>> if no one else will defends the wormed, then i must. >> lives up to the name, performing many of her stunts, including some re shoots, while she was pregnant with her daughter, mia. >> we shot the movie. then i went straight into got pregnantly was shooting, at the ends, five month pregnant, and i just had a funny costume, we cut a big triangle, and painted green, and i came to work, me and mia. we came to work together. >> playing wonder woman was an honor, who thinks this superhero has a story for everyone. >> i think that it is so great that finally we get to show this beautiful iconic char err's story. and it is not only great for girls. it is great for boys, as well. >> it is about time. i'm just happy that it finally is happening and i get to be the one to tell already story. >> sacred duty to defend the world. it is what i am going to do.
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>> for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier, now, back to you in the studio. >> and if you're interested in learning more about the local film industry, the philly film industry rally is happening today at 10:00 a.m. on the art museum steps. the rally is aimed at raising awareness about the contributions and benefits the local film industry makes to our region and the threats it faces, director writer producer m. night shyamalon among the many speakers there, actor david morris will be there, as well as casting agents, that's today at 10:00 a.m. on the art museum stems. >> we are following breaking news this morning. philadelphia police are making progress, looking for the suspect who attacked councilman david oh, in a attempted robbery this week. overnight they released a picture and a name of the suspect they're looking for. coming up: much more on where this investigation stands this morning in a live report, that's next.
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super pro-tip: buy your veggveggies pre-chopped. nce. uber pro-tip: buy delicious produce you don't need to chop at all. boom. summer made easy at amazing prices. only at giant. >> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. police have now named a suspect in the stabbing of city counts ill man, david oh. i'm anita oh at southwest detective, the charges that man now faces. also ahead, the latest changes coming to greek life at penn state after a student's death. >> and a different kind of trip down the art museum steps. the lessons these officers are
5:30 am
learning on two wheels. >> good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. rain this morning, but the forecast is looking brighter. meteorologist, matt peterson liver on the cbs-3 skydeck this morning with eyewitness weather. matt, you got the umbrella, and i hear the rain. >> it is a morning where you need to grab the umbrella or raincoat stepping outside. we have little light precipitation coming down. now, not overly heavy. not going to be a heavy rain, even through the most of the morning, where we do have this precipitation coming down. and, to get a look at storm scan3, you can see it, ranges all the way from here, in center city, through montgomery, bucks, chester counties, all the way up little heavier headed toward the allentown area, lehigh counties, northampton county maybe getting more moderate rainfall at this point. but overall, it is not going to be a wash-out after morning, and it is definitely not going to be a wash out after day. we will have the sunshine later on in the afternoon. we kind of freeze our storm scan for you, you get better idea where everything is
5:31 am
sitting right now, again, for the most part, relatively light drizzle here in center city. really the exception of northern bucks county, back up into lehigh, as i said, northampton counties little more of the moderate rainfall, everything we're seeing, berks county, montgomery county, chester, back to delaware county, as women, even now into part of south jersey, it is for the most part little bit every lies drizzle. that's the way it will be through rest of the most of the morning. temperatures out here this morning with the precipitation, sitting at 43 degrees, in mount pocono, a little bit warmer in center city at 59. then it is 51, down at the shore points, atlantic city coming in at 51. winds for the most part relatively calm. they'll pick upgoing through the rest of the day t could be little bit on the breezy side with wind gusts 20 to 25 miles per hour. temperatures go from the 60s this morning, to up high of 77 . you can see, after about lunchtime, jan, all kind of sunshine for us. it will be a little bit on the messy side though for our sunday, then we could also have unsettled week ahead. we will talk all about that just ahead. >> we'll take today while we have it.
5:32 am
thank you, matt. more on breaking news this morning, philadelphia police say they now have a face to go with the person they believe shot city councilman david oh. anita oh live at southwest detective this morning to tell us more about it, anita? >> reporter: good morning, jan, police say that suspect is still at large, but at this time they do know who they're looking for. police now have arrest warrant for 24 year old sean yarbary, believed to have stabbed david oh. he did live previously few blocks from the councilman. this unfolded ben 10:00, on thomas after, kingsessing there is was just outside of the councilman's home it, happened as he was returning home from work, and unloading bags from the back of his car. that's when he says the suspect approached him, said something, announced it was a robbery, and then stabbed him in the left side. thankfully the councilman did return to work yesterday and is recovering at home with family, but police say, that
5:33 am
this could have had a much worsened g. >> the way this guy attacked, went and attack right away, continuing to try to injury the councilman, if it hadn't been for him fighting as hard as he did it, could have been worse. >> now, again, the suspect's name is sean yarbary, 24 years old, at some point did live few blocks from the councilman. his last known address on cat lynn street. he is facing a multiple charges, including attempted murder and aggravated assault, and police are urging him to turn himself in or asking his family members to convince him to do so, anyone with information is asked to call police. for now live at southwest detectives, i'm anita oh, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> progress in this case, good news, anita. penn state is taking control of what used to be self governing fraternities. the changes to the greek life system follow the alcohol fueled death after fraternity pledge back in february. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has more on what penn state is planning.
5:34 am
>> penn state has a lot of work to do. >> in a recent interview with cbs news, timothe piazza father jim insisted fraternity life at penn state, and across the country, must change. >> i'm not necessarily opposed to greek life. but it is broken at penn state, it is broken throughout the country. >> friday afternoon the psu board of trustees voted on several resolution toss change fraternity life. some of the changes include giving the university control of the entire greek system including disciplinary action. board members mentioned a zero tolerance policy for hazing, and stronger criminal punishment. hard liquor is banned at social events. now, fraternities and sororities can have ten parties a semester, down from 45. >> today the board changed nothing. >> philadelphia attorney tom kline decline sees things a bit differently. he represent the piazza family and says the board's recommendations are just that: recommendations. he tells "eyewitness news,"
5:35 am
they're nothing more than words on paper at this point. >> what we don't know, and what was not enacted today, were any concrete proposals. that can was kick down the road. >> kline, in regular touch with piazza's parent, says they expected to see new rules enacted immediately, not just a list of proposals. >> everything that was said today by the board of trustees was a promise to meet certain goals, certain aspirations, in the future. >> and school officials say they're confident these proposals will turn into action in the near future. eighteen student rent facing charges in the piazza case. eight student facing involuntary manslaughter charges. david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." a new report is revealing problems that led to deadly prison scanned off in smyrna, delaware. governor john carney released preliminary report from independent review. it describes the vaughn
5:36 am
correctional center over crowded, poorly managed. steven floyd was killed thereafter inmates held three correctional officers and a prison counselor hostage during stand-off that lasted almost 20 hours. "eyewitness news" got an inside look at some of philadelphia police officers who were joining the bike patrol in how they're dealing with the physical demands of being on two wheels. cbs-3 at the art museum stems where bike police instructors showed offer skills, newly sworn officers graduated from the academy, the rookies road from the northeast, to the art museum there, and they're practicing maneuvers on the bike while also learning the importance of physical fitness. >> i think it is really good that the police department actually is doing this, because it is helping keeping our bodies younger, stronger, through the long hall. >> one of the departments, 6,000 officers, of the 6,000 officers in the department, rather, 250 are bike trained, they're assigned to patrol
5:37 am
various neighborhoods throughout the city. >> a fun run with serious mission, start this morning, at the glen mills school in delaware county. john mcdevitt of our sister station "kyw news radio" has the story of the two day fundraise -- fundraiser known as muck fest. >> muck fest ms, a 5k run with 18 oversized obstacles. oh, yes, and there is mud, plenty of it. john of drexel hill and his wife jessica are getting dirty for a good cause, 100% every fundraising dollars go to the national multiple sclerosis society. they'll bewaring a teal bandana indicating he is among participant living with ms. he says events like muck figures ms help raise awareness. >> no one likes to talk about it for whatever reason. i'm just more of the -- the more people can find out about the disease the more awareness there will be, and hopefully it will lead to finding a cure faster and quicker. >> the president of the delaware valley chant err of
5:38 am
the national ms society. >> we have mower than 16,000 families affected by ms there are more than 2.5 million people in the world living with ms. the good news is because of events like this, raising funds for research, there are now 15fda approved medications. >> participants with ms cross the finish line, everyone grabs a bell and rings for a world free of ms. >> and that moment, like we're going to do it. i believe. i believe from the moment he was diagnosed that we will finds a cure. and i believe that event like this are how we do it. >> "kyw news radio" for cbs-3 "eyewitness news." there is still time to be a part of all of the fun there, for more information, go to well, happening today: dozens of teens are competing in the independence drag and boat regatta houses are expected to cheer on their favorite teams. it all start along the schuylkill river at 8:00 this morning. eighty-nine teams will compete for the best time on the 500-meter course.
5:39 am
>> tens of thousands are expected in philadelphia for this weekend's wizard world comic can. it runs through tomorrow, at the pennsylvania convention center. stars from some of your favorite tv shows and films are there. the list includes chuck norris, jean simmons, some of the stars of river dale, seen on our sister station the "cw philly." doors open 10:00 a.m. this morning. and also, happening today, the roots picnic returns to philadelphia. for its tenth straight year, it is at the festival peer at penn's landing there is year the headline is her pharrell backed by the roots, scheduled for 9:15 tonight. lil wayne and thunder cat will also performment the music start at noon. for more information again go to and still ahead this saturday morning: if you hate those robo calls, blowing up your phone all the time, there is a plan on the horizon that could stop the constant ringing but may not completely stop the calls. we'll explain. >> plus, a space mission that's never been attempted before. we will tell you what nasa hopes to learn from the risky
5:40 am
endeavor earn how they plan to carry it out. >> and rain right now, but there are brighter skies ahead. matt peterson is back with the weekends forecast, that's next.
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>> companies making robo calls are asking the ftc for permission to use a new technology that allows them to stop ringing your phone. instead, as anna warner report, they want to go directly to your voice mail.
5:43 am
>> this is susan with credit card relief. >> you qualify for 57% savings. >> marketing calls, usually make your cell phone ring. but, if the ftc rules in the company's favor, those credit card, financing and detective collection calls, could legally go straight to your voice mailbox, in unlimited numbers. marketers, like josh justice, who runs ring less voice mail firm says it is a good thing. why? >> you go to put your baby to bed, and your phone rings. and you're being solicited something. ring less voice males is non-intrusive alternative to this robo call. >> the company's are arguing to the ftc that since the phone never actually rings, that their ring less voice mail should not be regulated by the 1991 telephone telephone act. said regulating the practice might affect political outreach campaign. that's even more invasive, more time consuming, and more annoying, in some ways, than a
5:44 am
standard phonecall. >> consumer advocates say not regulating would be the wrong call. margo saunders with the national consumer law center. >> they want to be able to reach us without consent. they want to be able to reach us without our telling them stop. >> the fcc does not comment on open petitions, but chairman, told us recently about robo calls in general. >> this is the number one source of consumer complaints to the fcc, dwarfs tig else that we get. >> anna warner, cbs news, new york. >> well, friday was national donut day, if you didn't know, and to celebrate there was a donut eating contest in santa monica, california. the eight minute donut eating contest brought out some big eaters. the winner, joey chestnut, knocked out competition eating five donut, fan that name sounds familiar, it is, chestnut is a past winner of the wing bowl, right here in philadelphia. matt, i felt guilty yesterday eating one donut. so 55 kind of makes me a
5:45 am
little bit sick. >> you and me both. i could only handle one. i don't know, 55? >> that's a lot. a lot. in california where that contest was held they always seem to have good weather but here we have a bit of a mixed forecast? >> i think you and i de is her after donut, because this weather is so dreary this morning, but it will be turning around, we will be looking at some nice conditions, this afternoon, unfortunately, as you head north of the city, bethlehem this morning little on the wet side. that will wet weather now traveling southward, as well, so you see all of the kind of the shimmer on the road, it could be a little slick out, there even just little bit of rain makes it little tough to drive around. so do be careful if you're north of the city, but even in center city, going to be a little bit on the dreary side. again little drizzle coming down currently. you can see all of this precipitation, all of the green on our storm scan3, right now, maybe a little bit more even moderate rainfall. just to the east of allentown, through northampton county, northern bucks county getting in on some of the more maybe light to moderate rainfall. again, across center city for the most part right now, as
5:46 am
you head back down into camden, burlington counties in new jersey looking at just some light drizzle. zoom in on what's going on again, north of the city, allentown toward bethlehem, lehigh, and there is just northern northampton county, little bit of yellow. again the more moderate rainfall at this point. easton getting in on some of the action, too, headed down into southern bucks county, bensalem, mt. laurel, browns mills, going to get a shower in the next five to ten minutes or so. then across center city, even though not getting a ton to show up on our storm scan3, i was just outside on the skydeck. and again, there is still little bit of precipitation coming down. so, we're still going have a nice afternoon, if you are planning on headed down to the beach today, even if you are waking up to maybe little bit of precipitation, we will get afternoon sunshine, 75 degrees for our beach forecast. water temperatures still chilly at 67. uv index, still on the higher side, because sunshine comes out this afternoon. make sure you have the sun block ready, our rip countries being for today is on the lower side. so that's good news. if you are in the water you always need to be careful.
5:47 am
temperatures 50's out there across much of the region, 59 in philly. little cooler toward mount pocono at 43, millville 47, dover 57. and there is atlantic city at 51, wildwood at 69 on this saturday morning. winds are little on the strong side. they're going to calm down. future weather my resolution model bridges in rain, overdoing, don't freak out, not going to be this wet throughout the entirety of our morning. but you can see some light shower activity will be possible, until about 9:00, 10:00, then really once we get to lunch time and later, we will see plenty of sunshine, real good morning clear out pretty quickly. so do you have any afternoon plans, you don't need to cancel them, it is going to be pretty nice day for us, as we go through the nighttime hours tonight it is still clear, temperatures will be a little bit on the cooler side tonight. still not going to be all that bad. for our afternoon high temperature, we get all the way to 78 degrees, again, wind could be gusting as high as 20 to 25 miles an hour at times, be prepared for. that will down to the 50's tonight, 80 on sunday, so not bad temperature wise day on
5:48 am
sunday but increasing cloud cover, and chance for shower maybe late day shower or thunderstorm for us sunday night into monday. monday another system starts to roll on in, showers, thunderstorms are possibility. maybe a few rays of sunshine, we get up to 81, then our boundary comes through monday night, so that cools us down, headed into tuesday and wednesday, 73 on tuesday, with showers, once again, drying things out by wednesday, jan, but going to be below average with a high of only 72. >> matt, thank you. nasa has it sites set on the sun. the organization unveiled plans for a first of its kinds mission to send a spacecraft directly into the sun to atmosphere. jessica dean has more on how they plan to pull off the hot new mission, and in today's einstein science center report. >> it is a blistering hot mission. >> i like call it the coolest mission under the sun. >> nasa wants to go directly into the sun's atmosphere, with these solar probe plaques, will orbit within 4 million miles of the sun's surface and face scorch temperatures like no other
5:49 am
spacecraft before. >> we will be moving at about 430,000 miles an hour. that's about 118 miles a second. at which you will enjoy your morning commute at that speed. >> the ambitious plan will help nasa study the sun's outer atmosphere, understand it better. >> we sort of take the sun for granted. it is our very own star. we see it everyday. it provides all of the light and heat for our planet, things like. that will we have become used to it ac very stable star. and it is. for the most part. but we really don't understand exactly how the sun works. >> franklin institute's chief astronomer, derrick pits, says one critical part of the mission is gathering information on the sun's solar flare. >> our civilization now is very, very dependent on very, very sensitive electronic component that drive all of our communications, drive all of our internet, and world-wide web, all of those sort every things, and they're very, very susceptible to these enormous electronic blasts that come from the sun. >> jessica dean, cbs-3,
5:50 am
"eyewitness news." so experts believe this close-up look at the sun's behavior will give us more information that we need to know to protect ourselves from potentially devastating solar erruptions. the mission is set to launch in the summer of 2018, and will last seven years. stay with us, coming up eyewitness sport, that's after the break.
5:51 am
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>> loose night, giant made them pay for the free passes, and here we go, no score in the first, brandon bell, with a grounder second, goes under the glove of ceasar hernandez, no focus, that's an error. the giants, up one-nothing. now, in the second, phils down by two, nunez, singles to left. tie block. come on down. phils trail three-nothing. now, jared eye cough went just two and two thirds innings, giving up four earned and walking five. giant starting pitcher tie block walked in his first three at bats. the first time they've allowed that to happen for pitcher, since 1936. to the sixth inning we go, nunez to left, two more in. the phils losing, ten to nothing. >> all right, boxing. jujitsu, wrestling, toss in few other disciplines, and you get the ultimate work out. lesley van arsdall is throwing punches, and she is having fun doing it. >> the official self-defense
5:54 am
fighting system of the israeli defense forces. >> it is real world save your life get out of that situation quickly and get home safe. >> amazing work out, possible to burn up to a thousand calories in the 50 minute class. >> i have people that tell me they're losing pounds, losing inches, or feeling better, endurance, cardio getting better. >> tell me you use this outside of class? >> wouldn't really leave mimi alone. went to grab movement i used one of the basic defenses we use called 360 defense, sort of to block his arms from grabbing my shoulders. and he left me alone after that. >> after that? >> yes. >> ten more seconds. get there. >> and let me tell you, it is tough. >> start off with some shoulder tags, moving around, making sure you are fighting distance from your partner. >> okay. >> get out of the way. >> let's g let me hit you. >> i got you. >> protecting your feet, your shoulders, your knees might be available. everything do you creates an opening, you have to defends against it. >> don't bends down. >> okay. >> i cannot, not look down. look down.
5:55 am
>> oh, look. >> we take all of the element of traditional marshall art, get rid of them, and techniques that save your life. >> combat self-defense system also a killer work out. i'm in. lesley van arsdall, eyewitness sports. >> well done, leslie. that's all for sports, i'm don bell, have a great day. >> well, president trump stirred up the twitter verse yet again this week there is time with a non-existent word. as jeannie moose reports, it is a real tongue twister. >> jibberish goes presidential. it wasn't even a complete sense tweet you had out by president trump just after midnight. despite the constant negative press, what's that word? covfefe. >> what? >> professionals could only guess at how to pronounce it, and the public? >> that is hilarious. >> how do you say it? >> covfefe? >> cof-fee fee?
5:56 am
>> we're pretty sure the president meant to type negative press coverage. but the tweet stayed up for almost six hours, then deleted and the president tweeted: who can figure out the true meaning of covfefe? enjoy. which the internet did. turned into a wheel-of-fortune puzzle. a make america covfefe again, lock up the show, eventually the press secretary only confused things more. >> the president and small group of people know exactly what he meant. >> hillary clinton probably wasn't part of the group. >> i thought it was a hidden message to the russians. >> oh, you did? >> tweeted one joker: are you suffering from small dysfunctional hands? if covfefe is right for you, tweeted another, i thought covfefe is what you said when someone sneezes. >> it sounds french. covfefe. >> covfefe was turned into an ivanka frank rag. a california man bought the
5:57 am
license plate as soon as he noticed the non-word trending. >> what is a covfefe? >> yiddish term for i got to go to bed now. >> ted cruz tweeted: covfefe hard to say but i hear al franken's new book is full of it. many assume president trump just fell asleep. mid tweet. >> i know words, i have the best words. >> the best non-words too. >> covfefe. >> you say that with such assurance. >> jeannie moos. >> covfefe. >> in new york. >> still to come right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this saturday morning, we're following breaking news in the case of the stabbing after city councilman. the name and the picture of the suspect. that's next. >> also ahead: after school brawl lands a local principal in the hospital. the serious injuries he got while trying to protect students. >> and cheerful yet defiant.
5:58 am
what kathy griffin is saying about the shocking photo shoot. matt back to let us know the best times to get outside this weekend. we will be right back.
5:59 am
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center-cut sirloin and dessert. a four course meal, starting at just $14.99. the outback aussie four course is a big win... but, hurry in! it's not 4 ever. breaking overnight, police release the name and a picture. suspect who they say attacked city councilman david oh. we're live with the latest from police, that's straight ahead. >> the white house pushing


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