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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 3, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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center-cut sirloin and dessert. a four course meal, starting at just $14.99. the outback aussie four course is a big win... but, hurry in! it's not 4 ever. breaking overnight, police release the name and a picture. suspect who they say attacked city councilman david oh. we're live with the latest from police, that's straight ahead. >> the white house pushing
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back on world-wide criticism after pulling out the paris climate deal. i'm kelly o'hara with the latest from the white house. >> and, you may need your umbrella today. storm scan3 shows showers to deal with this morning, if you're headed out early. >> today is saturday, june 3rd, good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. the good news is those showers aren't expected to last today. so let's get right over to meteorologist, matt peterson with the eyewitness weather forecast, good saturday morning, matt. when do we all clear up? >> i think by lunchtime. so if you get started a little late today, saturday, you sleep in, you won't miss out on anything. >> good news. >> again, later this afternoon, looks like pretty sun filled day, which is nice, but if you are up early this morning you do have some of the precipitation out there, little light, at times, even moderate rainfall, north of the city. now, showing our neighborhood network camera in kutztown, usually can rely on this camera for a great sunrise picture, unfortunately, this morning, not getting it.
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because all of the clouds are out there. little cool with the drizzle. 49 degrees in kutztown, and as you get a look at storm scan3, you can see, the area pretty much completely inundate in the that green covered in that green. so light again, maybe some areas getting a little bit of moderate rainfall, but across center city getting maybe quick break in the action, right now, but bucks county, montgomery, chester, delaware counties, surrounding suburbs, getting light shower activity, the heaviest precipitation still this morning is up in the poconos or just south of the poconos, lehigh, northampton counties, allentown being back toward easton getting in on some of the more moderate rainfall, south jersey getting in on light shower activity, burlington, camden counties, a little bit of precipitation for you. but overall again it is not a wash out after morning. it is not going to be a wash out after day by any stretch. temperatures, for us, 50's for the most part out there. so it is cool, not overly cold, if we do have some of the rain, they will corks feel maybe little dreary, be prepared for that this morning. 77 degrees with sunshine this
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afternoon, across the philadelphia area. little bit breezy, 20, maybe 25-mile per hour wind gusts for us. now headed down the shore, not whole lot different. actually we will get to 78 degrees at the shore points, couple of morning showers, afternoon sunshine, and the poconos, not too bad. maybe little bit more cloud cover though for us, staying just to the north. then jan we do have unsettled pattern settling in this week, i'll tell but it coming up. >> we'll get back to you, thank you, matt. 03:00, time to check the roads, over to amanda mueller at the traffic center. hi, amanda. >> jan, starting out with pretty big tie up for travelers. we have an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound, this is out between bensalem, willow grove. bad enough it has a turnpike completely shutdown here. traffic is being detoured at bensalem to get you around that, but as you can see from the map it is causing a significant headache. and taking a look at the vine, majors, and mass transit looking good this morning. in the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm amanda mueller, back to you. >> thank you, we begin with breaking news this saturday morning, there is a break in
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the case of the stabbing of philadelphia's city councilman, david oh. philadelphia police have now named a suspect. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, live at southwest detective, this morning, to bring us up to date on the investigation. anita? >> reporter: good morning, jan. while police do not have that suspect in custody right now, they do know who they are looking for. and that man is 24 year old sean yarbary, the man believed to have stabbed city councilman david oh, earlier this week, we also know that at some point he did live few blocks away from the councilman. now this all happened just before 10:00 on wednesday night, on the 5800 block of thomas avenue, outside of the councilman's kingsessing home. they say the suspect came up to oh as he was unloading his car after long day of work. he said something that the councilman couldn't understand then stabbed him theft left side. police say he's very lucky to have been able to return to work on friday. could have been much worse. they also believe that yarbary
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is homeless or maybe traveling from home to home. >> at this point he is a fugitive. we have searched his home. have not been able to find him at this point. obviously we consider him to be armed and extremely dangerous as a result of the action that is we heard that he committed to the councilman, and at or near his home on that particular date. >> arrest warrant now out for him, he also faces charges, including attempted murder and aggravated assault. mr. is are asking him to turn himself in. they are also asking family members to convince him to do so. and anyone with information is asked to call police. for now live at southwest detective, i'm anita oh, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> and hopefully we'll have more progress soon, thank you, and eat amount philadelphia school principal is now recovering from injuries he suffered after trying to break up an after school brawl. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff has more on the fight that was caught on cell phone video.
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>> this is not how school dismissal should sounds. and clearly, not what it should look like. cell phone footage taken around 2:30 wednesday afternoon shows a fight that police say broke out between student at the edwin fiddler academic school in germantown and students from nearby schools. the principal, and thea spoon, attempt topped break it up. >> what are we supposed to do? leave his children? no principal is going to leave their children in harms way. you go there with your ship. >> according to the principal doctor robin coon err, boone taken down literally by a male student from another school and a heavy object. >> was hit in the face with a brick. he was hit in the face with a brick. >> among other injuries, he required eight stitches to his face. other videos from recent months show how such violent after-school melees are becoming near common place. >> can't only be left up to the principal and the staff. >> aside from increased city assistance, doctor cooper's
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adamant that parent hold the power. >> parents have to tell their children, if they get out at 3:00. , you know, you should be home by 3:15, there should not and span of time from 3:00 you come in at 5:00. they have to know where their children are. because these are our children. our children are doing this. >> police are still looking for that young assault suspect. reporting from school district headquarters, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." chester police are investigating four shootings all near chester high school, including one that killed a student. zion abdullah shot to death while walk to go school along 11 street. he was 16 years opened, and a football student athlete. there were three other shootings nearby within four hours, one involved a chester police officer. the gunfire forced chester high school to remain on lockdown all day. >> penn state now making changes to its greek system after the alcohol fueled death of a fraternity pledge. timothy piazza back in february. the board every trustees vote today take control of the
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entire greek system, as well as continue plenary actions. board members mentioned a zero tolerance policy for hazing and stronger criminal punishment. hard liquor is now banned at social event. now, fraternities and sororities can only have ten parties a semester, down from 45. attorney tom kline decline, though, who represents the piazza family, says, this is all lip service. >> what we don't know, and what was not enacted today, were any concrete proposals. that can was kick down the road. >> school officials say they're confident the proposals will turn into action in the near future. meantime, three former penn state officials are going to jail for their roles in a jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal. former athletic director tim curley, former president graham spanier, and former vice president, gary shultz, will all spend several months behind bars. arrested their sentences will be held un house arrest. prosecutors say all three failed to report abuses, abuse accusations against sandusky
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to police, after they learned about them. to the white house, fall out continues over the us withdrawal from international climate change treaty. kelly o'hara is in washington with more on what happened yesterday and what's likely to happen next. >> the president made a very courageous decision yesterday. >> on friday the white house defended move to pull out the climate accords, head of environmental protection agency called it a bad deal that hurts the us economy. scott pruitt said mr. trump wants better terms. >> it does not mean death engagement, he indicate the he'll either re-enter paris or engage in a killings caution with new deal. >> revealed one of the president's key campaign pledges, also set off protests around the globe, and left allies shaking their heads. >> we wanted the united states to remain within it. >> and effort are underway to counter the white house's action this weekend, california governor jerry brown will attend clean energy
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conference, and china. >> mr. trump, something so outrageous to the science, and to the reality of climate change, we can't stand idly by. this is serious stuff. >> former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is trying to convince local governments to voluntarily adhere to the accord. >> in the united states, emission levels are determined far more by cities, state, and businesses, than they are by our federal government. >> all of this with a global warming -- >> in the past president trump has called global warm ago hoax. the white house refused to say if the president still thinks it is. if that's why he decided to pull the us out of the paris agreement. >> in washington, kelly o'hara for cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> comedian cathy griffin tearfully apologized in a video in a depicted her holding a likeness of the president's severed bloodied head, and she accused them of joining the backlash and trying to ruin her career.
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>> and then i was like no, this isn't right. this is not right. and i apologized because that was the right thing to do. and i meant it. and then i saw the tide turning. i saw what they were doing, oh, okay, they're trying to spin this, making it about baron. >> griffin called the president a fool and a bully. she has lost endorsement deals and performance cents since the incident. still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news," concern for dog owners in one state after health officials confirm at least a dozen cases of k9 influenza. also ahead, a pet that was ac ago bit strange. iowa woman said it is because her cat knew it was pregnant even before she did. and the hazards of texting too much. the injury that's now on the rise, that doctors blame on smart phones. stay with us.
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>> back now on the health watch, phone thumb. a condition linked to repetitive movement, used for texting and e-mailing on smart phones. increased the incidence of tendon problems. health reporter stephanie stahl has details with the einstein healthcare atlantic city center report. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> smart phones have become our constant companion. >> our phone is a huge part of my life. i do everything from texting, to emails, social media, everything. >> texting and e-mailing around the clock activities for many. now, mounting research indicates, the repetitive motion appears to be increasing cases of
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tendonitis. >> one of the hypothesis is that, you know, the joints get loose, and lacks, and because of that, the bones kind of move differently than they would in a normal situation. >> a team of biomedical researchers is looking into what's called smart phone thumb. it starts with awkward hands and thumb positioning. >> it is also a movement that requires some force through the thumbs. so when you press, on your phone, you know, you're interacting with the phone, it is not just a free movement in space. >> researchers are using dynamic image technique to watch the bones of a healthy patient move, so they can document what's normal, and compare it with what's not. >> there is a high incidence every osteo art right in the thumb. and we just want to make sure that we aren't encouraging that onset by our daily activities. >> the team is also evaluating the impact for children. >> a long exposure over your lifetime, we really don't
6:16 am
understand why adult get pain and so children, you know, if you start earlier, you may get pain younger. >> ways to prevent problems include: giving your thumbs a break, mix-up your method, use your for finger or your voice to dictate. you can also perform daily stretching exercises with your wrist and fingers to keep your tendons limber. >> that research on potential new treatments for smart phone thumb is continuing. but, doctors, already know that osteoarthritis in the thumb happens more to women, than men. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> the take away here, put down the cell phone today, in the afternoon, get outside. >> absolutely, it will be a great day. you know it, will have sunshine, after a little bit of the shower activity this morning, so, yes, get out, enjoy, another spring day for us, our eyewitness weather watchers are up early this morning, enjoying some of the weather. now, we do have this across the board for the most part, might think, all right, on the
6:17 am
cooler side, but not all that away from seasonable really for the most part. even low 450's, area in north jersey right now, at 53 or so. but what i really want to talk about this morning, some great pictures from our eyewitness weather watchers. we start with ed this morning, he says, it went from really, really nice this morning, we had that sunshine out there, to only 45 minutes later, the dreary skies, and we had the cloud cover, and then, also, lynn, sending thus wonderful picture calling it a fiery sunrise this morning, wonderful start to the day. now, unfortunately, the cloud cover has start today work it way back in. and as we go back over, you can see, thereon storm scan3, all of the showers that are slowly now moving through the region, and will continue to move through the region, as we go through the rest of the morning, but, probably by this afternoon, we will see the cloud cover decrease, the rain will move out. we will be looking for very nice later on day. so storm scan3 continuing in. showing you all of the precipitation, we take you just north of the city out toward the poconos. you see monroe county here, getting just north of the
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upper mount bethel area, little bit more moderate rainfall right along route 80. maybe see little bit of more showers north of the city here this morning, the same goes for northampton county again, north of phillips berg, also getting some of the more moderate rainfall. overall just small pocket where we are getting more moderate rainfall. and everywhere else, just kind of light drizzle see south of pottstown, also, again, maybe little bit of yellow showing up on storm scan3, maybe little bit more of heavier rainfall there. but overall, again, it is light drizzle for most of the region if not all of the region. and then we will be watching all of this shower activity diminish going through the rest of the morning, and by again lunchtime we should be starting to see some sunshine, break through, if not even maybe little bit before that. temperatures out there right now, 40's, 50's, for many areas. mount pocono, 47 degrees, but 53 allentown where the rain has been coming down little longerment same for reading, getting little more precipitation there. it is 53 degrees, lancaster at 55. wilmington, double five's,
6:19 am
dover, rolling doubles, too, 59 in philadelphia, and then 52 atlantic city, 59 in wildwood. so, again, not too bad of a morning. average to slightly below, for much of the delaware valley, lehigh valley, back down toward the shore. now, humidity extremely low. it has been a very comfortable pattern for us, really the last couple every days. we have had dew points in the 40's to 50's range, again, what that means, the humidity is down it, feels extremely nice. now, unfortunately, a change is coming, even though just small one, it will feel maybe little bit more on the humid side of things, especially, compared to what we've had recent lip, so for today still in the 40's with our dew points, see here by sunday, monday, still generally pleasant, and even in that not bad category, but again, still, a steady rise in dew points, and humidity as we go through the next couple of days. future weather for us, again, showers are out there for the rest of the morning, by about lunchtime, if not little before. we start to really clear things out. the afternoon, plenty of
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sunshine for us. then as we move into sunday, increase in cloud cover. we could see maybe lit day shower isolated thunderstorm, again late sunday, then sunday night into monday. unfortunately, the phils, really not playing all that well. if you want to go to the game today, i'll be there, 4,051st pitch, sunny, warm, breezy, 77 t the phils game. the high across the area here today, we go with 80 degrees, our high temperature sunday, increasing clouds, and the chance for late day shower or thunderstorm. the same goes for monday, showers, thunderstorms a possibility throughout the afternoon, 81 degrees, boundery comes through cooling us down then with few showers tuesday and wednesday. but jan could be back up to the high 70s near 80 by the end of the week. >> 4,051st pitch matt, pushing your bed time. >> it will be close. >> matt, we'll get back to you, thank you. florida health officials say they've confirmed at least dozen cases of k9 influenza, also called the dog flu. now the virus is believed to have spread last month, that dog shows in florida and
6:21 am
george a omar villafranca has more. >> stephanie is proud of her french massive. they won numerous top awards at last weekends' show. but several dogs apparently took home something else. the dog flu. stephanie's dog seen healthy but the vet tech decided to vaccinate them anyway. >> next show in a couple of weeks, she will be nice and protected. >> virus first appeared in the u.s. two years ago with over a thousand confirmed cases in the chicago area. at least five dogs died. the strain has since appeared in 30 state. the illness is rarely fatal, but causes sneezing, coughing, and nasal discharge. >> it is highly contagious. >> melissa, vet tech, at clinic. >> which pet owners need to worey? >> any pet owners that bring their dogs to dog parks, grooming facilities, on thursday, scientists at the university of florida urge dog owners here to consider
6:22 am
getting their pets vaccinated. >> skeptics say the alarm is over stated. dana scott of dog's naturally magazine, thinks pets are over medicated, and drug companies profit. >> what we think about where these report, basically, the manufacture that's are keeping track. >> the americans veterinary medical association says pet owners need to talk to their vets to see if their dogs are part of that high risk group. omar villafranca, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news." from dogs, to cats, now, iowa woman said she new her cat was having a baby before she did. last august julie noticed her cat sioux was becoming clinic i. in fact, wouldn't let julie more than 2 feet away from her ever, and the cat always touching her. well, pregnancy test confirm what sauce already new, the vet expected the kay may have
6:23 am
been reacting to her hormonal changes. >> it is hard, you're pregnant, warm anyway, then you have this cat always trying to be on you every second of the day, follow you around, i had a heart time sleeping because he would be up in my face all night. >> i'll take that problem any day. i love it when my cat does that. everything got back to normal after baby ivy came home from the hospital.
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>> david daniels, new superhero movie hitting theatres. >> hi, i'm george, and this is my best friends.
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>> this old guy is mr. kruk. >> the worse principal in the world. >> ever since you attended this school, you've been responsible for one prank after another. >> and when one prank is one too many? >> i'm going to ask you to ... >> going to e my late the friendship. >> doing is -- do something. >> everything changes in captain under pants. the first epic movie. >> captain under pants. >> after he's hypnotized by two students, voiced by kevin hart. >> oh, that tiger is craze. >> i and captain under pants, you can't actually fly. >> a school principal is convinced he's a superhero. >> is it okay that i'm kind of loving this? >> yes and no. >> but mostly yes. >> fear not. i will set you free. >> what is wrong with you? >> the kids struggle to control captain under pants as he tries to save the city.
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>> let me help. >> your welcome. >> so he is actually making things worse. >> you monster. >> i think i'm starting to tire him out. >> things get real when true villain arrives. >> hey, i'm not some scary guy with a secret evil agenda. >> guys, i totally got this. >> ya, totally he's got it. >> in rigged system. esoy our economy... now the jersey machine has l leaders should stand for the people, not the polica
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as a prosecutor, at treasury, and as head of the brennan center, from the mafia, to the nra,
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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> police have now named a suspect in the stabbing of city councilman david oh. i'm anita oh, southwest detective, next, the charges that suspect is now facing. >> also ahead the latest changes coming to greek life, at penn state, after a student's death. and a different kind of trip down the art museum stems. the lessons these officers are learning on two wheels. good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. not a wash out today, just little bit of rain this morning, meteorologist, matt peterson live out there on the cbs-3 skydeck to time it all out. to time out for us, please, matt, help me out here. >> i got you. we will be talking about that rain. we will time it out for everybody here this morning. it has been light, across center city, and that's some good news for us, now, not all
6:31 am
of the folks across the viewing area have been so lucky. those every us here in the city. if you head north, we've been definitely getting little bit more along the lines every moderate rainfall. now anywhere, not anywhere has seen a real true heavy rain here this morning. but if you head up toward allentown, headed up toward the poconos, that's where we are getting again little bit more, call it, moderate rainfall, northern bucks county, getting in on some of the action right now, but again for the most part up toward allentown, even areas north of that. now, there is one little tiny pocket out in montgomery county, where we are getting a little bit of yellow popping up thereon storm scan3, where we could get maybe a slight mini downpour, i guess we could call it, but overall it, really is just kind of some light drizzle across the area. it will not be lasting all day long it, will probably last about through mid to late morning, and then by about lunchtime, then into the afternoon hours, definately going to be on the drier side of things with sunshine breaking through. temperatures here this morning, in the 50's for the most part. not overly chilly. with the rain it could feel
6:32 am
little bit cooler. fifty-nine for us right now in the center city area. and looking at 50 so far in millville. winds are relatively calm. they'll be picking up. we go with wind gusts later this afternoon that could be as high as maybe 20, 25 miles an hour. checking out your day planner for today, 64 degrees by 9:00 then all the way up to 77 again with some sunshine later this afternoon, jan, hopefully i was able to time it all out for you. >> matt, we've been on for zero nine minutes now. you would think we would have woken up by now, 6:32, we'll get some coffee. time to check the roads, let's go to amanda mueller over at the traffic center. hi, amanda. >> hi, jan, taking look at pretty big headache to start out with this morning already. drives should watch out for an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound between bensalem and willow grove. in fact there is has a turnpike completely shutdown. traffic is being detoured at bensalem. also, we have a disable vehicle on the schuylkill westbound past belmont. nothing major.
6:33 am
just a caution spot headed out this morning. and taking live look at the ben franklin bridge, always looking clear, in and out of the city this morning. in the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm amanda mueller, back to you. >> more on the breaking news now. philadelphia police say they've now identify the the person who they believe stabbed city councilman david oh. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, is live at southwest detectives this morning, to tell us all about it, hi, anita. >> reporter: good morning, jan. well, police say that suspect is still at large, but at this point, they do know who they are looking for. and that man is 24 year old sean yarbary the man believed to have stabbed city councilman david oh, outside of his home earlier this week. we also know that yarbary at some point did live few blocks from the councilman. >> this all happened just before 10:00 on wednesday night, on the 5800 block of thomas avenue, in kingsessing. that's where councilman oh lives. he was returning home after a long day of work taking some bags out of the back every his car when the suspect
6:34 am
reportedly approached him, said something, mumble something, announced it was a robbery then stabbed the councilman in his left side. now, thankfully the councilman is okay at this point. he did return to work yesterday and is also recovering at home with family. but police say that that is a lucky outcome for the councilman. >> the way this guy attacked, went and attacked oh right away, tried to injury the councilman, if it wasn't for him fighting as around as he did, it could have been worse. >> this is another look at that suspect, 24 year old sean yarbary again facing multiple charges including attempted murder, and aggravated assault. we know his last known address was on the 5800 block of catharine street. but at this point police say he is still not in custody. they are still looking for him. asking him to turn himself in or asking his family members to tell him to come forward. if you know anything of course call police. for now live at southwest detective, anita oh cbs-3 "eyewitness news."
6:35 am
>> all right, anita, thank you. penn state is taking control of what used to be self governing fraternities. the changes to the greek system follow the alcohol fueled death of a fraternity pledge back in february. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has more on what penn state is planning. >> penn state zaza lot of work to do. >> in a recent interview with cbs news, timothy piazza father jim insisted fraternity live at penn state and across the country must change. >> i'm not necessarily opposed to greek life. but it is broken at penn state. it is broken throughout the country. >> friday afternoon the psu board of trustees voted on several rest lugs toss change fraternity life. some of the changes include giving the university control of the entire greek system, including disciplinary action. board members mentioned a zero tolerance policy for hazing and stronger criminal punishment. hard lick sore banned at social events. and now fraternities and sororities can have ten party a semester, down from
6:36 am
>> today the board changed kline decline sees things bit ty and says the board allege en recommendations, he tells "eyewitness news," they're nothing more than words on paper at this point. >> what we don't know, lan was not enacted today, were any concrete that can was kick down the road. >> kline, who is in regular touch with piazza's parent, says they expected to see new rules enacted immediately. not just a list of proposals. >> everything that was said today by the board of trustees was a promise to meet certain an the future. they're confident these proposals will turn into action, in the near future, 18 student are facing charges, in the piazza case, eight student facing involuntary manslaughter charges. david spunt, cbs-3,
6:37 am
"eyewitness news." a new report is revealing the problems that led to deadly prison stand-off in smyrna, delaware. governor john carney released preliminary report from an independent review t describes the james t vaughn correctional center as dangerously over crowded, critically under staffed, poorly run and managed. in february, lieutenant steven floyd was killed, after inmate there helped three correctional officers and prison counselor hostage, during a stand-off that lasted almost 20 hours. well, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" got inside look at some new philadelphia police officers who are joining the bike patrol, and how they're dealing with the physical demands of being on two wheels. "eyewitness news" at the art museum steps, where bike police instructors showed off their skills. they're training newly sworn in officers, who just graduated from the academy. the rookies road from the northeast to the art museum, they're practicing maneuvers on those bikes, and while also learning the importance every physical fitness. >> i think it is really good that the police department actually is doing this,
6:38 am
because it is helping keeping their bodies younger, and stronger, through the long hall. >> of the department's 6,000 officers, 250 are bike trained, they're ' signed to patrol various neighborhoods around the city. >> a fun run with a serious mission start this morning at the glen mills school in delaware county. john mcdevitt of our sister station "kyw news radio" has a story of the two day fundraiser known as muck fest. pluck fest ms elite is 5k run with 18 oversized obstacles. oh, ya, and there is mud, plenty of it. john of drexel hill and his wife jessica are getting dirty for a good cause. 100% of fundraising dollars go to the national multiple sclerosis society. they'll un bewaring a teal bandana, he is among participates living with ms. he says event like muck fest ms helps raise awareness. >> no one likes to talk about it for whatever reason. and i'm just more of the --
6:39 am
the more people can finds out about the disease, the more aware negatives there will be, and hopefully that will lead to finding a cure quicker and faster. >> the president of the greater delaware chapter of the national ms society. >> we have mower than 16,000 local families affected by ms. there are more than 2.5 million people in the world living with ms. the good news is because of event like this, raising funds for research, there are now 16fda approved medications. >> participants with ms cross the finish line, and everyone grabs a bell and rings for world free of ms. >> and that moment, like we're going to do it. i believe, i believe, from the moment he was diagnosed, we will finds a cure. i believe that events like this are hoe wu dough it. >> johjohn mcdevitt, "kyw news radio." >> and there is still time to be a part of the fun there. for more information go to cbs philly dot column. >> dozen every teens in the
6:40 am
independent dragon both regatta thousands expected to cheer on their favorite teams, starts on the schuylkill river at 8:00 this morning, 89 team will compete for the best time on the 500-meter course. >> tens every thousands are expected in philadelphia for this weekend's wizard world comic can. it runs through tomorrow at the pennsylvania convention center, stars from some of your favorite tv shows and films are there, the list includes jean simmons, some of the stars of river dale seen on the sister station cbs philly, and it opens at 10:00 this morning. also happening today: the roots picnic returns to philadelphia for it tenth year, at the festival pier at penn's landing, this year the headline is her pharrell backed by the roots. schedule to perform at will the 15. lil wayne and thunder cat will also perform, the music start at noon, for more information again go to >> still ahead on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this saturday morning: surprise switch. we'll hear from cell phone custom here says they were moved to more extensive plans
6:41 am
without their permission. >> plus: horses and history. summer fest shows us all of the fun, the devon horse show and country fair has to offer. and some rain right now. but don't cancel those outdoor plans. matt returns to tell us when we can expect some sunshine to return, and we will be right
6:42 am
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>> growing number of cell phone custom remembers complaining they're being moved to new more expensive
6:44 am
plant without their permission. one man's surprise switch. >> in january, that i started getting the text messages. >> and quickly realized his grant daughter's phone was to blame. just as he was about to double his family plan's data limit for an extra ten bucks a month, he said the rep offered a better solution. >> she says i can do something to slow down her data usage, and it won't cost you anything. >> he agreed but then a surprise. >> it didn't plane. >> switched out to new mobile share advantage plan, which doubled the base price of each line and added fees, when he called to complain, he says, at&t explained once you switch, can't go back. >> i didn't authorize any change. >> and he's not alone. we requested wireless complaint data from the fcc regarding switching phone plans without permission. at&t accounts for more than 37% of all complaints, verizon close second at 25, and another 22%, t-mobile, 15.
6:45 am
>> less than 10% of the people actually file complaint. >> utility watchdog group says this type of thing happens more than most realize. >> part of the reason for want to go switch people to new plans is because the phone companies does make more money off accustommer. >> in a statement at&t said we want every customer interaction to be perfect and will never stop working to get better. after to -- >> i felt i was being handled very poorly. >> after we got involved, at&t did credit his account and switched him back to his old grandfather plan. in van francisco, julie watts. >> there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning saturday. anthony mason and alex wagner join us live now, from new york, with a preview. good morning. >> good morning, looks like the batmobile. but it is designed to travel the surface of the red planet. we will take a prototype for the new mars rover.
6:46 am
>> but from stand up to citcom and now host of his weekly late night show. we catch one comedian jim jefferies. >> the front man for the black keys, dan arrow back, has new solo albumn with some of the best back-up musicians for the past 50 years. we will talk with him and he'll perform in our saturday session. >> that's all ahead on cbs this morning saturday. >> looks good, guys, see in you about 15 minute. >> friday was national donut day. donut eating contest in santa monica california. the eight minute donut eating contest brought out some ether, and the winner joey chestnut. eating 55 donuts. if that name sounds familiar it is, he eat a lot, won a lot of competitions, chestnut also past winner of the wing bowl right here in philadelphia. >> good more him, add it to his resume. matt? >> i'm curious what kind of
6:47 am
donut? glazed, chocolate icing? that's the question i want to know. >> good question. >> nobody likes a plane donut. but this wet they are morning, it was starting out nice. >> rain showers, eyewitness weather watchers are telling us what's happening. this is for the most part temperature wise across the viewing area down it dolores house,. >> fifty-one in newark, she is seeing few drops of rain in her backyard as she checks the wet they are morning. and she woke up. as we head further down toward the millville area, 54 degrees at jamie's house in new jersey, asking questions, where did the sun go? she said it is overcast this morning, hoping for hill creek later in the day. i think you'll get it, jamie. that's some good news, and let's check one more time. go up little back further to the north now. >> lou's how, myself ear weather guy, i like tagging to
6:48 am
him, 56, little rainy there, always, he and i like to go back and forth about ourself ear weather experiences on twitter. >> what's happening in rehoboth here this morning, we have the cloud cover out there. no real rain shower activity just yet in southern delaware, so if you are down at the beach or planning on heading down to the beach, in south delaware, here this morning, goods to go, could see few showers, don't be surprised if you get couple of raindrops in south delaware, later on in the morning, again, for the most part right now we are looking pretty good. storm scan3 shows you all of the precipitation that's out there this saturday morning, it is light for the most part, center city few raindrops as you get little to the north, new jersey, pocket of heavier rainfall, most pushing off to the east. that's good news, still in the poconos best chance to get maybe little bit of more moderate rainfall for the most part, though, again, most of the rest of the us looking at
6:49 am
the light precipitation here this morning, rain jacket, umbrellas still early in the day, through the afternoon hours we clear things out. temperatures for the most part 50's, little cooler, 59 here in philly. because we have the rainout there. so little bit of dreary morning for us, 57 trenton, 50 millville. again these temperatures are what we are seeing with the air temperature, but might feel little cooler out there with the precipitation. wind speeds for us, already starting to come in out of the north, that's what we are looking at through mess of the rest of the day, north-northwest flow. it will be picking up. seeing ten to 15-mile per hour winds, 14 miles an hour, good looking wind gust this is afternoon, 20, maybe to 25 miles per hour for today all said and done. so breezy all be it sun filled saturday afternoon. by 11:00 precipitation done, afternoon hours, plenty of sunshine across the entire viewing area, that's good news, all the way from the poconos where we have the rain
6:50 am
here little bit thick they are morning, through the delaware valley back down to the shore point as well. plenty of sunshine for us later in the day. we will then watch for clear sky tonight, next system late sunday, sunday night into monday that's when we will see another chance for shower, maybe thunderstorm, to roll on through, then an unsettled pattern really remains in the forecast for us through most of the rest of next week. so for today, 78, for our afternoon high temperature again, we have the clouds, rain showers, sunshine later, winds pick up 80 degrees sunday, so little warmer, for the end of the week, comes with increasing cloud cover through the day, chance for shower or thunderstorm, as we head later on on sunday night in monday. eighty-one monday afternoon. shower, thunder storm activity definately possibility. rain on tuesday, and then, 70s wednesday and thursday. jan? >> i might take it one day at a time. today looks pretty good. thank you, matt. cbs-3 celebrating the summer and highlighting events in our
6:51 am
region there is weekend the devon horse show and country fair is under way, as the name indicates, locate the in the small chester county town of devon. and the tradition is rich in history, in 1896 started as one day show, now more than 120 years later become the oldest and largest outdoor multi parade competition in the united state. many different equestrian disciplines are competing here during the ten day event. that attract horse lovers from around the world. those who score well here at devon take home amazing prizes including trophies valued the at thousands of dollarsment some date back to the start of the horse show itself, and are now proudly displayed at the entrance of the show grounds. largest trophies, trophies go back to the late 1800s, and some of them are valued at
6:52 am
over $100,000 each. >> some includes the stotesbury trophy dates back to 1902, and trophy named for john wanamaker, that one valued at more than $70,000. >> it is not just the horse that is attract people, as vittoria woodill and lauren casey found out the country fair, fun for all ages. >> if you have a love of horses, you'll get that of course but if you have a love for fun that comes with a fair, you'll get that, too, at the devon horse show and country fair. >> this is where the magic hams, lauren, not just by the track. >> first stop, cotton cans. >> i can i have a small cotton candy please? >> here go. >> here, lauren. hey, wait. share with me.
6:53 am
>> you can get these bows. >> you picked the bows why? >> they're amazing. >> hello? >> so we tried our hand at the balloon game. >> how do you feel about this exciting moment? >> about this? i feel pretty great. think i will ' ride the ferris wheel. >> yeah, the best one. >> like ken see says, the ferris wheel out of this world. >> look at the beautiful view. >> topping off pretty amazing day at the devon horse show and country fair. >> lauren, the best, wasn't it? >> so nice. >> svelt tore ya woodill, cbs-3 "eyewitness news."
6:54 am
didn't they say not to talk with their mouthful? still time to enjoy. the fair continuesom summerw ca, head today wilmington, highlighting everything the sit thighs over, next friday all day and night here on we will be right back. but for many businesses, it's out of rea
6:55 am
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>> before we leave, let's check the wetter. >> we have showers out there this morning unfortunately, good news, they're moving out. already seeing some light precipitation, but again, it will be clearing out, mid to late morning, at the latest, i think by lunchtime, we are definitely clear of the precipitation here across the entire area, some sunshine for
6:57 am
thus afternoon, 78 degrees. for the high today, little breezy out there, increasing clouds cover for our sunday, 80 for the afternoon high, but then again, another chance for a shower or thunderstorm, late into monday. >> but the phillies game today, not looking too bad. >> think it should be all right. >> that's it for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for now at least, we may be signing off on tv but always on at cbs this morning saturday is next, have a great weekend. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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