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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 4, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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terror in the heart of london, a van plowness to people on the london bridge and then a stabbing in a popular restaurant nearby, several people are dead this morning, including the terror suspect and dozens of innocent people are injured, and this morning there are many more questions after britain is hit with the third deadly attack in the last three months. today is sunday june 4th. good morning everyone i'm jan carabao, latest details on that terror attack in just a minute but first we are coming off what turned into a lovely day yesterday but will pleasant weather last through end of the weekend? lets get over to meteorologist matt peterson with the eyewitness weather forecast. good sunday morning how does
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today look. >> we will have sunshine, it will be nice, now, unfortunately, come the opposite of the end of the day of our saturday for our sun day. we will start off sunny, it will be great but we will get cloud cover as we go through afternoon hours and then a few showers, maybe an isolated rumble of thunder starts to work in as we get toward evening and then overnight tonight. starting out though taking a look what is napping kutztown could not turn this shot down. it is a wonderful start to the day in the poconos or around pocono area sun up, a few high cloud, little cool, 45 degrees , so if you are north of the city grab that jacket stepping outside an extra layer wouldn't hurt with our tell tours in the mid 40's but overall it looks like for the most part here so far, during the day, we will get that sunshine especially in the morning but cloud cover will thick up as we go through the afternoon. storm scan three shows us light showers north of williamsport but that upper level moisture working its way in to central pennsylvania and that will be eventually
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hitting the delaware valley. we will see sunshine and increasing cloud. temperatures right now 40's to the north, even 37 degrees this morning in mount pocono, 57 here in philadelphia. and center city. forty-eight millville. look at 50's along the coastline as well. here's your day planner, we will go to 66 degrees by 9:00 this morning. seventy-six with increasing cloud cover around lunchtime and few areas of showers work their way in with a high of 82 unsettled pattern, jim, throughout the week ahead, back to you. >> thanks, matt. british prime minister teresa may is having an emergency security cabinet meet to go day after yesterday 's terror attacks in london. here's what we know so far. the attack began just after 10:00 o'clock london time a van crashed in the pedestrian on london bridge and then three men got out and started attacking restaurant goers with knives, at a nearby boro market. three attackers were shot dead by police within eight minutes of the attack, seven victims
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have died, at lee 48 others are hurt, some of the people hospitalized are now in critical condition, correspondent terry okita is in london with more. >> reporter: the attack unfold ed in central london shortly after 10:00 p.m. saturday a van sped across london bridge running down pedestrians on the sidewalk. the vehicle stopped near boro market and a neighborhood filled with bars, restaurants and tourist. witnesses say group of men got out and began stabbing people. >> i just saw most people, running away from the market and there was people lying on the ground and there was someone shouting at people to run. >> reporter: armed police responded within minutes and shot and killed all three suspects at the scene. photo shows one lying on the ground, with canisters strapped to his belt. >> suspects were wearing what looked like explosive vests but they were later established to be hoaxes. >> reporter: police are continuing to comb through area for clues this was the second terrorist attack in
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england in less than two weeks last month a suicide bomber killed 22 people, at an ariana grande cons inert manchester n march a similar attack on london's west minister bridge left five dead. >> i'm appalled, furious, that these cowardly terrorist were deliberately targeting innocent londoners and bystander enjoying their saturday night. >> reporter: in a tweet president trump offered u.s. assistance and expressed condolences to the victims in london. mr. trump also wrote, quote, we need the travel ban, as an extra layer of safety. terry okita for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". terror attack came on the night before ariana grande is set to give a benefit concert for victims of the manchester bombing. singer tweeted last night praying for london. earlier she surprised some young victims of the last months attack by visiting them in the hospital. twenty-two people were killed, in a manchester attack, proceed from the concert will be used to help victims.
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stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage, of the terror attacks in london, when we're not on air we are always on line at cbs and cbs local app. back here at home now chester township police are investigating the death of the toddler. investigators say three-year old little boy found a gun in his home and accidentally shot himself. "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves picks up the story. >> reporter: delaware county community is rocked as a medical examiner removed body of the three-year old boy from his home. >> my dog woke me up. when i came outside stretcher was in my driveway. >> reporter: stephen pots, next door neighbor of the toddler who died, and adams the great grandfather. >> he is a child. he was eight. he has had so much potential. i don't know, man. it is just in word. >> reporter: great grandfather struggling to find word to express pain that everyone here is feeling. >> i just can't say what happened here, you know what i mean, but i know he is gone.
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>> reporter: police were called to the home at corner of the bethel road and green street in chester township around 3:30 in the afternoon, mother of the three-year old told them her son got a hold of the 9-millimeter gun in the second floor bedroom of the home, and while the little boy had the gun, it went off. he shot himself once in the chest, and emergency responders, trying to revive the toddler but ultimately, pronounced him dead at the scene. >> just terrible. truly terrible that a situation like this could happen. >> from what i was told the gun was under the bed. i can't believe a child would be able to gain access to it, underneath a bed. >> reporter: police tell thaws at this point in the investigation they are still trying to determine the 9- millimeter gun was in the lock box and not and if it was how toddler was still able to get in. they are searching for that answer. it is focus of this investigation. in the cbs-3 sat center, alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in delaware county marple township now, suv struck and killed aid with man on the 300
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block of sussex boulevard, on saturday morning. investigators say that the woman was crossing the road near central boulevard when the vehicle hit her, her name has in the been released, driver did stay at the scene there and is cooperating with the police. investigators want to know what caused this house fire in montgomery county, fire fighters got the call around 9:00 yesterday morning to a burning house on the 600 block of sixth street, in upper providence. one person was injured. crowd gathered in philadelphia's as part of the nationwide march for truth rally yesterday, many held signs at ben franklin parkway there, they wanted an independent investigation into alleged collusion between russia an president trump's 2016 campaign. pennsylvania congressman dwight evans used the occasion to celebrate the resistance movement against the trump administration, and he urge crowd to stay involved, for the long hall. others held rallies, both for and against president trump's decision to pull out of the paris climate agreement meantime as wendy gilette
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reports the trump administration is putting out the message that the president does believe in climate change >> reporter: u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley is making clear how president trump views climate change. >> he believes the climate is changing and pollutants are part of that equation. >> reporter: haley clarified the opinion in the interview that will air sunday on cbs face the nation. friday white house press secretary sean spicer and the head of the environmental protection agency both deflected questions about the president's views on climate change. following his decision to pull out of the paris climate agreement. >> i am not an opportunity had that discussion. >> reporter: supporters of the move held a rally outside the white house. >> we do have to think about america, and what is, what we're doing, and not just go along with everybody else because they say we should. >> reporter: those opposed to the president's policies held more than 100 protests in cities around the world.
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demanding a full investigation into what connection the trump team had with russia. >> we are trying to send signals to our elect official that is thinks important to us >> reporter: investigation will be back in the spotlight next week when former fbi director james comey is scheduled to testify were congress. wendy gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". you can see more of nikki haley's interview with john dickerson coming up on cbs face the nation airs at 10:30 right here on cbs-3 and we will get a live preview when we talk with john in the 8:30 half an hour. phillies legend and former u.s. senator jim bunking has been lead to red. hundreds attended his funeral in covington. bunking won 224 games in the 17 major year career. in 196489 right-hander pitched a perfect game against the new york mets. he is the only baseball hall of fame tore ever serve in congress, and he died last week from complications of a stroke, he was 85 years old.
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still to come this morning on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this sunday morning another update from london, after last night's deadly attack. and new video shows what happened inside a casino resort in the philippines when it was under attack, we will be right back, stay with us.
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we continue to follow developments out of london a live look from the british capitol where a terror attack has left at least seven people
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dead and 48 others hurt, and now the attack began late last night around 10:00 o'clock london time, a van drove off the road and crashed into pedestrians on london bridge, and then three men got out and started stabbing people in restaurant at boro market. police shot and killed those three men, prime minister may is having a meeting with her security cabinet today. eyewitnesses to the london attack are recounting their terrifying moments when a knife wielding man answered one of their restaurants. a waterwork nothing london's b oro market said he hid in the garbage bin for half an hour when one man stormed in. >> you saw him injuring people >> i saw them dropping it on the floor and everything with the knife on the floor. >> the restaurant was nearly full with customers at the time, we will continue to follow this attack in london and bring you very latest throughout the morning and on
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cbs meantime we have our first look at security video showing the attack on the casino in the philippines. it shows a gunman storming into the resorts world manilla complex on friday and using gasoline to torch gambling tables there fire caused cloud of smoke, 37 people were killed by smoke inhalation, authorities say that the gunman then ran to an adjoining hotel and killed himself. fire investigators in colorado are trying to figure out what cause aid big fire that destroyed several businesses there fire broke out friday afternoon in bright on outside of denver. building had flammable materials inside which caused explosions, crews work through the night to get the fire under control and put out smaller fires inside, nearby homes were evacuated as a precaution, those families have since returned. three, two, one... >> there it goes, space x launched its first recycled cargo ship, to the
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international space station. unmanned falcon rocket lifted off from florida's kennedy space center with a dragon capsule that made a station delivery nearly three years ago when it reaches orbiting lab tomorrow it will be first returning craft since now retired shuttles. latest 6,000-pound ship. includes mice and flies for research. so in the the most glamorous cargo i have ever heard have but it is fun to see rockets lift off in beautiful weather down this in florida. >> you need great weather to launch. it is a sensitive thing. now we started the day messy, yesterday. >> yes. >> but it turned out to be good. >> great. >> we will flip flop things today. we will start off nice, we have sunshine for us this morning but we are going to watch cloud cover and then precipitation especially in the northern half of the area as we get in the later afternoon toward evening hours as well. let's show you margate this morning, a great day to maybe get up early and walk down to
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the beach and see the sunrise over the ocean, one of my favorite things to do. tide pool there as well as we see the waves crashing on the beach. a great morning for us, across pretty much the entirety of the region, but that cloud cover is going to come in as we go through the afternoon. it is not a very warm avenue this day and we will watch for light showers to start to move in later this afternoon and evening for northern areas. up in the poconos where we could see that precipitation first and then it will push southward. so into philadelphia the southern area down toward the shore points whether it is new jersey or delaware. probably miss out on the precipitation today but it will be picking up in to monday. storm scan three showing a few light showers just north of the williamsport and that upper level moisture cloud cover you can see it there right around harrisburg and then again that is what will thicken up as we move through afternoon hours here across philadelphia and south jersey but again it will be picking up earlier in the day, further north you go.
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temperatures this morning 50's and 40's as we go into reading , allentown at 49. even 37 degrees this morning in mount pocono. it is a chilly start to the day north of philadelphia heading down closer to philadelphia, 50. millville 48. shore points not too bad low to mid 50's for the most part atlantic city at 50. wildwood at 57. it does look like we will see an on shore flow today, so don't expect our temperatures to rise a whole lot, as we go through the afternoon again if you are down to the shore points whether it is south jersey or back down toward bethenny and rehoboth beach into about 10:00 o'clock we will see cloud cover out there soak up this morning sunshine while you can if you are up early enough because included will thicken up, as we go through rest of the late morning and early afternoon time frame, most of us still dry, but you can still start to see spotty showers here out toward mount pocono. later in the evening overnight tonight, same cloud cover, we are going to be watching for showers to develop as well and then by tomorrow morning into
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the afternoon showers and thunderstorms more likely scenario for pretty much the entirety of the region on our monday. so 82 degrees for the high today. cloud will increase, it will be warm, breezy, five to 15 miles an hour wind but overall that is not too bad when you compare last couple of afternoons where we had wind of 20 to 25 miles an hour mild tonight only 67 degrees for overnight low and few areas of showers will be pushing through. your seven day forecast 79 tomorrow. we are just 1 degree below average for monday, showers, and thunderstorm, again mostly in the afternoon and heaviest rain will fall down toward the shore points. so again delaware and new jersey, for tuesday, 71 for the high. mixture of sun, cloud and stray shower and then we will stay cool through the rest of the week. >> okay,. there has been a growing number of police and first responders who accidentally ingest opioids who respond to drug scenes. health reporter stephanie stahl explains how it happens.
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>> reporter: ohio police officer chris green accidentally overdosed on fentanyl during a traffic stop may 14th and he was helping to arrest two men on alleged drug charges in this car. you can see white powder on the floor. officer green wore a mask and gloves at the scene but when he got back to the police station he noticed powder on his jacket, brushed it off and collapsed an hour later. >> i never dreamed that something dangerous would be such minute piece of powder. >> reporter: emt were nearby to administer the opioid anecdote narcan there was a similar incident in west moreland county parks where a police officer inhaled heroin or fentanyl causing a fast heart rate, he too was revived with narcan. >> it is actual very easy to absorb through the skin, inhaled, through the mouth, it goes in anyway you want it to go. >> reporter: doctor eric stand er emergency department chief of hahnemann hospital says powdered forms of opioids can be easily ingested
6:20 am
accidentally and quickly cause people to feel disoriented. >> it can affect blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, which is really most dangerous. >> reporter: powdered opioids heroin and fentanyl are dangerous and spread ago cross the country so fast. >> fentanyl is being sold. >> reporter: dea made a video warning police and emergency responders of the risk. >> as long as this stuff is on the street our men and women, first responders will be bumping in to it and it is extraordinarily dangerous. >> reporter: dea says street fentanyl is 40 to 50 times more powerful then heroin which makes accidental overdose so much more dangerous for first responders i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a celebration of cancer survivors in west oak lane, take a look 300 people gathered for colorful tea at e none tabernacle baptist church this is third year church honored cancer survivors while remembering those who who their battle with the deadly
6:21 am
disease a ray of colors, each representing various forms of the cancer, our own natasha brown mced the event. every two years cancer ministry at the church host this is colorful celebration. still ahead here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" forever homes for deserving dogs. >> will you ever imagine that so much love could be on this side of the bashed wire? coming up a very special graduation for rescue dogs where inmates played a hand in their future and how one veteran is walking away very, very happy, that is com
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a program in camden county is helping inmates and veterans while giving rescue dogs a second chance. our vittoria woodill has the story. >> turning them into jail is harder. >> reporter: in the yard in the camden county department of corrections it was graduation day, for a few dogs hoff been trained by inmates in, a program, called friend for vets. >> these puppies need love and we need love too. teacher need to teach puppies how to be accomplishment ills a great accomplishment in my life. >> reporter: on this side of the bashed wire these dogs have been treated with more love then on the outside. because each dog, was a rescue for 12 weeks they were taught by a select group of inmates to sit, stay, and lend their paws as companions of comfort for veterans. veterans like arthur, a vietnam vet, who served in the
6:25 am
you had arm any 1968. >> it will help me when i'm thinking about my condition, thinking about not being able to move, thinking about i guess anything that is not goody think the dog will change that frame of mind. >> reporter: as much as these dogs dogs are helping, they are serving a purpose for these inmates as well like darren hardison. >> i put my heart, mind and soul into this program. >> when duchess first came in here she was scared just like i was scared when i first came in. so she helped comfort me just like i helped comfort her. >> reporter: now that you have to say good bye. >> that will be heart, i have to let you know that, and, we got attached to these puppies, this is my gift to the veterans, who you know, risked their life for our country. >> reporter: vittoria woodill for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> what a wonderful story good job to everybody involved there. well, coming up in the
6:26 am
next half an hour on "eyewitness news" this sunday morning we are going live to london for very latest on last night's attack that left seven people dead, and nearly 50 innocent people injured we are back in a moment. stay with
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good morning everyone i'm jan carabao. nice to start our day but rain is inching closer to the delaware valley. meteorologist matt peterson is live outside on the cbs sky
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deck with eyewitness weather. so matt, how long before that rain gets here. >> we have one full day for most of us until rain is going to get here. we have sunshine this morning, which is nice, we woke up yesterday, with the cloud cover, we had even again those few rain showers early in the day on saturday but it was a nice afternoon. we are starting the day off opposite of what we had 24 hours ago, we had sunshine, really very comfortable morning, maybe a light jacket for some folks but overall a great start to the day. storm scan three shows we have a little bit of cloud cover off in central pennsylvania with a few light showers around williamsport area and that precipitation and upper level moisture is slowly advancinge and it will bring increasing included throughout midday and afternoon hours for many across the delaware valley and a few stray rain showers further north you go as we get in the afternoon and evening as well. as i said temperatures right now maybe cool for some folks
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north of the city out toward reading, allentown, poconos, 40's even 30's as we wake up this morning. waking up at 57 here in philadelphia. fifty-six this morning in dover. here's your hour by hour forecast. we will be up to 66 degrees by 9:00 this morning but that cloud cover increases and a few spotty showers toward maybe three or four or 5:00 this afternoon and we will top out in the 80's. we will look at unsettled pattern all week long, and we will talk about that. >> thanks, matt. we will start with tragedy in london. seven people are dead, and at lee 48 others are hurt, that is after terror attacks unfold ed in london late last night. correspondent terry okita is live in london this morning. bring us up to date what happened there and what do witnesses see. >> reporter: good morning. it has been a busy saturday night. 10:00 o'clock last night witnesses say a large white box truck comes barreling down london bridge, running over
6:31 am
people three men got out and started stabbing people. it happened in the crowded area in central london an area with restaurants, bars, residents, tourist alike. witnesses as you can imagine described panic, chaos and conn fusion. at lee seven people dead, 48 others were injured, some with life threatening conditions. after yet eerie mergecy meeting prime minister teresa may says enough is enough and alluded to islamic terrorist being behind this attack. >> terry, you reported just a chaotic scene there. we also understand that police responded extremely quickly can you tell us about that? >> reporter: police say they responded within eight minutes of the attack, they believe that all three of the people who were behind this attack are dead, but they are still investigate to go see if there is any further, steps that they can garner from this investigation londoners will see stepped up patrols all
6:32 am
across the u.s. and across london today. forensics team is still on the scene at london bridge piecing this all together and there is some heavily armed police officers as well that they seen on the streets this morning. also, in terms of the investigation, police are working with anti terrorism network and international partners as well. >> a lot to be done and still a lot of people reacting this morning. london's marries responding. what did he to have say after the attack. >> reporter: well, sadikkann was part of the meeting and called this a barbaric act, calling it a cowardly deliberate attack on knows end londoners but it was prime minister teresa may when she said enough is enough and that things need to change when it comes to combating terrorism and islamic streamism. what these changes will be? it is still to be seen. i saw some important to note that the they did not raise
6:33 am
terror is he rear level which is at severe. >> terry okita live from london, keep us up to date, we will be right back to you. thank you. well, preparations have been underway for the one love manchester benefit concert to be held at emirates old cricket ground tonight. all-star benefit concert is set to take place, almost two weeks to the day after the suicide bomber attack, at ariana grande concert there in manchester. justin beiber and katie perry with grande are some of the stars scheduled to perform, ticket sales will benefit british red cross society foreman chester emergency fund , supporting victims of the manchester bombing. security for benefit concert will be tight, arrests in connection to the attack continued as recently as yesterday, when police investigating the bombing took a 24 year-old man in custody and took his vehicle. man was 17th person detained in connection with the may 27th attack. well, this morning man accused of stabbing
6:34 am
philadelphia city councilman david oh is set to appear before a judge. 19yarbray, turned himself in yesterday morning. investigators, issued an arrest. he is being charged with murder and aggravated assault and among other things this morning. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan spoke with councilman oh after learning his suspected attacker was in custody. >> i feel good. i feel good. >> reporter: philadelphia councilman david oh is as upbeat as a person who was victim of the stabbing this week. it happened during a robbery attempt wednesday night in front of his home, in west philadelphia policish identify a warrant for his suspect attack 24 year-old sean yar bray. after police inn successfully searched his home he turned himself in saturday morning. >> i'm glad he turned himself in. that means nobody got hurt. he is cooperating. >> reporter: oh says before being stabbed he got a good look and has little doubt police have the right man. >> police drove me around pointing out different people
6:35 am
and i was happy to say that is not him, that is not him, that is not him but when i saw this photograph, i said that is him >> reporter: many fill abs look at oh's attack that city has a lot of improvement to dress crime and underlying causes. oh amazed many by showing up to work two days after being stabbed saying he wants to get back to work addressing those issues. >> i love you so much. >> reporter: stephanie dixon was glad to learn of the arrest and happier that oh is already. >> he supports us in the neighborhood and he is from the neighborhood and... >> reporter: that means lot to you. >> yes, it does. >> reporter: why? >> because you don't find too many people politician that is support you like that and he is one of them. he is rare. >> reporter: councilman oh has not had an opportunity to see him since at rest but he has in trouble picking him out of the line up n west philadelphia, cleve bryan, cbs three "eyewitness news". bill cosby's sexual assault trial starts tomorrow in a montgomery county
6:36 am
courtroom, the philadelphia born comedian is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a former temple university employee in 2004. cosby who is now 78 years old says that the encounter was consensual, the judge plans to wait until jury is sworn in before making a final ruling on what evidence can be used during the trial, if convicted , cosby could get 10 years in prison. in other news this weekend big hollywood names are helping the philadelphia film industry fight to keep making movies and tv shows right here in the city of brotherly love. greater philadelphia film office hosted a rally at rocky steps yesterday, and they are asking the pennsylvania legislature to increase the amount of money for film making tax credits in the commonwealth. current cap is 60 million-dollar, and once that is gone productions will look at other states with better incentives. our own ukee washington spoke with director m knight shame lon at the rally.
6:37 am
>> unaudible. >> if we were to do that. >> critics say pennsylvania is facing a 1 billion-dollar budget deficit and film tax credit program is ways full. switching gears now, wizard worldcom i can kan wraps up to day. fans filled pennsylvania convention center for last few days and in hopes of the getting a selfie with the celebrity or an autograph. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live at the convention center. anita, maybe someone will ask you for an autograph, good morning. >> reporter: i don't know about that but tens of thousands of fans have been flocking here to the convention center for this amazing event, and today is very last day you can check it out. you might sigh familiar faces like the hulk or cast of river dale honors on the cw sister station this is by clinton ho
6:38 am
batter a licensed disney fine artist. clinton, you say you didn't choose art, art choose you. can you talk about the process that gets to you this end product. >> well, what got me here was just drawing since i was a little kid. i didn't have a choice. just since i was six, drawing, drawing, drawing. i never really made a decision in my life. things just sort of happened for me. i got invited to comic kan3 years ago. though would like me to do one show. i said great that sound like fun. here i am 30 shows in three years later still doing these shows and loving every second of it. >> reporter: you will be doing live drawing, you will give that away, what has it been like for to you experience an event like this and what has it meant for you as an artist. >> it is like having your job be one giant party, and you know, you get here, on friday night and we start and i paint on the stage and i hang out with, you know, my friend and we give away the painting at the end of the day, 2:30, or
6:39 am
3:00 we will give away the painting. it is just one giant part which artists, and writers, and celebrities, actors, and just fun. >> reporter: you have also done art that includes, you know, things based off of tangled, alice and wonderland and fun things like doritos, cheetos, popcorn how did you get into that it was supposed to be a joke. doretto was meant to be funny. my brother was a literary scholar. we were joking. i don't know you why are painting apples, egg shells if rembrandt were alive he would be painting cheetos and doritos because that is what the country eats. we both went you have to do it i did the painting. michael rooker from guardians of the galaxy saw it. he buys the original. post photo of me and painting on facebook and twitter. he it just blew up. he somewhat made my career, single handily. >> reporter: well, that is amazing but also something else made your career, you say which wasn't a actually good thing but there was forged
6:40 am
copies of your work that ended up on line. can you describe that experience how you handled it and what came out of it. >> i guess it was about 10 years ago, maybe a little less , there was a town in china, that makes copies of work and they helped themselves to images off my web site and started to make some copies. they put, they took image on web site and posted my painting on e bay with my signature in it, which we thought was funny, and they were selling a 500, thousands of dollars of painting for $49.95. we got on the news. we ordered one. we held their bad little copy up to my original and people say to you it must have been an awful experience and i'm thinking yeah, it was terrible , it got me on the news, got me into disney and wizard kan. kid, if you are out there get ripped off by towns in chine ate will do wonders for your career. >> reporter: thanks very much. clinton, he will be here as monk many other people.
6:41 am
doors open up at 9:30 and general public at 10. tickets are still available. check out our web site at cbs for more. for now live from the convention certainty i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" >> way to turn that situation around, clinton, incredibly talented. it looks like fun. we will check right back with you, a neat, thank you. still to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> hawaii can't export sun, sea and sand but island's favorite food is making it bigot mainland. we will do some poking around, about pokea. and nice outside right new but keep that umbrella close by matt's back to tell us when rain arrives in the eyewitness weather
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transfer, or payment each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright with simply right checking from santander bank. ♪ are you feeling alright, baby? ♪ long standing favorite but popularity of pokea is spreading across the you had, in case are wondering, pokea is dish made with chunks of raw fish like tuna or salmon but with the rising popularity as john blackstone reports, some in the food industry are concerned, about what it could mean for overall fish supply. >> reporter: millions of tourist visit hawaii each year seeking sun, sea breeze, increasingly, they also come for pokea. >> wonderful. >> really good. >> that is good. really good. >> reporter: flavored pack concoction of raw fish is an essential part of the diet for hawaiians, at merryman
6:45 am
restaurant on this beach chef mark ariola is a pokea perfectionist. >> it is nice. >> reporter: pokea has wrist men program mens pokea places are popping autopsy cross the country n illinois zach free lander is hoeing to take his pokea company nationwide by end of the year. >> healthier way to eat. way people look at fast food. >> reporter: fact that pokea is making it big so far from home makes some people here in hawaii proud, but others, find it just a little bit, fishy. >> i looked at some menus and looked at some things but we are not throwing pine apple and bananas, inn i have seen weird variations like what is that. >> reporter: what worries the chevies that new popularity of the pokea could lead to over fishing. and a 2016 study by u.n. report that had nearly 90 percent of the fish stocks are fully fished or over fish ed. >> you don't know until you
6:46 am
just don't show up anymore and i don't necessarily think we will put a dent in the fishing industry with the amount of restaurants we are opening. >> reporter: this pokea company says it uses sustainable suppliers and method to make sure that the fish, and the business, stick around for a long time. john blackstone, hawaii. well, from pokea, to cheese, say cheese first, you guys because it is national cheese day although we don't need a reason to enjoy dairy goodness, cheese produced from the pressed kurd of milk according to the international dare a so, so making of cheese dates back more than 4,000 years, and it is not clear compactly who made the first cheese but today it is in big demand of course. more than one-third of all milk produced in the u.s. is made to manufacture cheese. you know what, matt, maybe i'll have a cheese danish, a bacon, egg and cheese, i don't know. >> now i'm hungry. >> yes, i'm thinking it has to do with the morning shift too. doesn't like a plane grilled
6:47 am
cheese sandwich. >> good idea. >> maybe have that for run much wheels are turning. >> cheese across the board for lunch today. not bad outside. not a bad day outside, right now. take a look what is happening in rehoboth here, a few folks working their way down the beach. couple people on the boardwalk as well. sun has been out so far this morning. that has been good news for us it does look like we could get cloud cover later this afternoon but overall not a bad morning, down at the shore points. storm scan three shows you, again a few light showers to our north, and then that upper level low moisture working its way in so far. philly, most of the delaware valley and back down into southern parts of the viewing area, toward atlantic city, cape may, bethenny beach, rehoboth, great; is that right to the day, maybe a lit about on it cool side, especially for those, in the poconos but overall, you are not going to need that jacket later this afternoon. we will see our temperatures sky rocket as our cloud cover increases, throughout the day, and we do like like we have an
6:48 am
unsettled pattern throughout the workweek. we have low pressure that just spirals to our north and that will feed some showers as we get through the entirety of our workweek and unfortunately that area of low pressure also brings with it not just a chance for some yours but cooler temperatures as well through the workweek. temperatures outside right new , we're in the 30's, toward mount pocono. it is at 37 degrees, definitely need the jacket there allentown, reading we're in the high 40's. lancaster at 51. wilmington 54. again, not an overly cold morning, we will say, but definitely a morning where we will need the extra layer as you step outside. even trenton at 50 degrees. wildwood at 56. if you are getting out doing a little bit of exercise this morning maybe getting ready to go to church or maybe having an nice early start to the day , grab that extra layer at least here early this morning. talking about what will be happening, here throughout the week. there is our area of low pressure. it will kind of slide out of canada into monday and tuesday and we will have some shower activity, possibility, for us, not just tomorrow, and monday, but also on tuesday as well.
6:49 am
then you will notice this low does not go anywhere. wednesday we're still looking at the cool side of things, maybe a few stray showers out there for wednesday, and once again, and then thursday, it is still not moving. that low parking itself pretty much right over mid-atlantic but we will see eye area of high pressure develop over four corners region and that ridge will try to move east ward and what we are watching as we head through thursday and friday is our low finally starts to break down, and taking with it the precipitation, and taking witt some of the cooler air and we will look for clearer skies as we get into maybe the end of our workweek and then toward weekend and then that my pressure really starts to slide in saturday and sunday, looking for some sunshine, maybe toward the beginning of next weekend and we will be watching temperatures that are much warmer then what we will have, during our week. increasing cloud throughout the day today. it will still be very warm at 82 degrees. for tonight we are looking for a few areas of precipitation but it will be very mild, 67 for our overnight low. so definitely not what you
6:50 am
would expect. seventy-nine with showers, maybe isolated rumble of thunder for us on monday. then here comes the cooler weather, below average on tuesday, some sunshine but a few showers. 71 degrees for the high. showers back in the forecast on wednesday, we will go with a little bit more sunshine high of 70. seventy-two on thursday and then we will start to warm up, jan, as we head into friday and next saturday. >> looking good, thanks, matt. time right now 6:50. i don't usually say this on a sunday but we are dealing with a big backup on the schuylkill lets get to amanda muhler in the cbs-3 traffic center, hi there, a manned. big backup indeed. we are taking a live look at schuylkill westbound near belmont avenue where is there an overturned vehicle, you cannot see the accident here but you can see the backup, it is big, road is completely closed folks are starting to u turn to get out of it. best to take those back road if you can. out near blue route is there an accident at 40-foot road at detwe willer road, that is not causing too many problems but you can hop on
6:51 am
the blue route there and taking a live look at 42 freeway in new jersey, a lit built of maryland rate volume but nothing to worry about in new jersey if you are heading back from the shore. from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm amanda muhler, back to you >> thanks, mandy, busy morning unusual street race took place in indiana. competitors used four wheels and a bennet, check this out. residents in noblesville held their darlington bed race. teams of four pushed their bed as fast as they could down the street there event is a fundraiser for kidding to go summer camp in the area, this year 12 teams competed and helped raise $4,000 for those kid. wow, they are moving, like a bob sled almost. check that out. sweet ride there in indiana. we will be right back in a
6:52 am
6:53 am
introducing fios gigabit connection. superfast internet at an incredible price. with speeds up to 940 megs'20n most people have. with speeds up to 940 megs'20n most people have.
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♪ jeremy hellickson will take the mound this afternoon in the series finally with the giants. last phillies starter to win was back in april, until yesterday when danny lively took on the giants. lively was 24-six with 2.62 era in the last two seasons with the minors. after giving up a run on sacrifice fly he would get defensive help, michael franco robs him with the over the shoulder catch to end the third inning. the phillies get on the third floor in the sixth, tommy joseph, with the fly ball down the left field line, that almost land in the concourse and game is all tied up, and seventh inning we have freddie galvis, bloop single to left, miguel franco come on down and with that phillies take a lead
6:55 am
later bases loaded for odubel herrera he clears them with the fly ball to center field that goes to the wall. andrew knap and gallon vest and caesar hernandez scores, and, giving up a run, to win his major league debut and five-three the final. >> it was awesome, and i was so ready to go, and warm up pitches i was just like lets get this first one out of the way. after that it was just me being locked in. >> first in hitter of the season happened in miami, marlins edison volkes beat d backs three to nothing. he has who eight of his first nine starts, and, it is marlins sixth no hitter in the team history. eagles will resume off season work outs tomorrow down at novacare complex. offensive coordinator frank like will talk and answer questions about development of carson wentz. last season bird had 11th
6:56 am
ranked rushing owe even if in the league and in the draft they selected done he will pumphrey in the fifth round from san diego state all time san diego state rushing leader he has been through a couple weeks of practice and asked what is the difference at the pro level. >> it is really play book but obviously the game, you know what i mean, linebackers, that are running fast, just like i run fast. so it is just about, you know, building your craft and being able to do different things. >> well, union was looking to start a new winning streak when they took on new york city fc at yankee stadium. union had their four game winning streak snapped last week in utah. no score in the 69th minute union with the ball and on the attack pass to the nice move and that will, find the back of the net. union have the lead. to the eighty-fifth minute game all tied up, new york with the corner kick, ball goes inside the box, andre blake makes the save but alexander call thens to knock in the rebound and the defens ing champion beat union
6:57 am
two-one. >> that is all for sports. i'm leslie van arsdal, have a great day. well, believe it or not, it is a trend spreading nationwide, goat yoga made its way to binghamton, new york, 20 goats wiggled their tails and jumped on peoples backs as they stretched their stress away. idea behind the trend that is goat yoga is not just fun but it has true they are pete i can benefits. how could it not? experts say interacting with baby animals is a calming experience, big shout out to binghamton, new york i started my year there goat yoga makes headlines. takes me right on back. coming up next, here's what we have coming up at 7:00 terror in london, dozens of heavily armed police, fan out around the scene of another terror attack. now that left several people dead and many more wounded. plus man who allegedly stabbed a philadelphia city councilman surrenders to police what the councilman is saying about that suspect. and a change from this, to
6:58 am
something a little bit less desirable, that is on the way, eyewitness weather is copping up this sunday morning, we will be right
6:59 am
7:00 am
you could not see, get back, get back, get back. >> terror in the heart of london a


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