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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 5, 2017 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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>> breaking news within the hour, all central bucks schools are closed due to escaped prisoner watch resident are advise today do while he's on the loose. and, it could be the most watched celebrity trial since o.j. simpson. bill cosby heads to court today facing sexual assault charges, live in norristown with a look at what we can expect. >> and a damp and dreary start to the work week. katie is tracking rain, as it returns to our area, and we can expect a big drop in temperatures. today is monday, june 5th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things, getting us out the door. >> good morning, welcome back. looking outside right now, just a lot of construction do, have accident out there. but i would say starting to heat up little bit right now. some areas, damp, still? >> a lot of the stuff came through overnight, so in a bill after lull right now. definitely reflected on storm scan3, few speckles of green, i don't think necessarily will
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cause you any trouble whatsoever what you are finding over lancaster county. as the day goes on, some of the showers and storms will start to redevelop. we showed you the wide zoom moment ago. that's what's head our way aas f heavier rain even some heavier stronger thunderstorms, as the day goes on, but not necessarily for now. this is a perfect, i think, example whatever you will find walking out the door, kutztown area middle school, 57 the current temperature there, but little muggy outside. because we are definitely building up the moisture in thetmosphe, little hint of sunlight, about the best we can hope for today. also cents notice, haze in the distance, sort of the atmosphere to bring in wet weather with time. sixty-five your current temperature, modest breeze at the moment across most of the region but really got v 60s, ze, all represented over the course of they separate observations here region wide. so it will be warmer in southern new jersey, delaware, than it will be off to the north here in philly, we sort of split theero ght later today.
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but anyone fair game for some nderstm specially through the p.m. time frame. meisha? >> all right, good to know, katie. so another little bit of roller coaster again this week. looking outside right now gh calm. i will say starting to heat up lit bit interstate 95 push in the southbound direction toward center city what you are working with, and also notice ther tha little bit. it is getting a little slow movement on the northbound side as well watch weun side that we're keeping our eye oakep to the airport, basically what you are logllations or delays at the airport, but of course we will keep checking scl light moving in the eastbound direction, this is befored say t up of course on the schuylkill now that we are cracking into the 6:00 hour. so this is the accident morristown, route 38 eastbound at south lenola road. do have downed pole here as well blocking the right lane, ods,haight want to give yourself couple of extra constructing bridge around
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this area, 422, so 422 westbound between route 23 and trooper right lanene a.m. and 2, compromised, 422 eastbound the off ramp to 23 is closed between ten a.m. and 1:00 p.m. there. that will linger throughout through friday, jim, back to you. >> now back to breaking news this morning, all central bucks schools are closed today. and the shelter in place remains in effect as police hunt for escaped prisoner. the shelter in place affect part of warrington, doylestown, chalfont. authorities are searching for daniel sellby. police with k9's and helicopter seem to be focused around this home at easton and furlong roads in doylestown. the search began last night in warrington, after police say sellby escaped while being transported. >> i heasll flying over, over the house, and i got ahold of my brother. he came downstairs. and the whole street was lined with cop cars. i was afraid to come outside. >> now, prison is right up the . >> now, police tell us, sellby
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still wearing handcuffs. they say sellby was in custody for what they describe as low-level failure to appear in court. >> and staying in bucks county, everyone still talking about this one. the search for wandering black bear. "eyewitness news" in feasterville, near street road, bustleton avenue, where the bear spent much of yesterday high up in a tree. this morning we've learned the barajas since come down, but not clear where he went. yesterday, authority shot the bear with two tranquilizer darts, but unable to capture the stubborn bear, earlier in the day he was first spotted walking through backyards, and how about this? even opening a gate. >> ran through my front yard. our neighbor told us, i thought he said a deer, but turns out it was a bear. >> so once everybody got the first word shall everybody kinds of stayed inside, until we figured out what was going on. >> authority believe tweekn doys away, they think about two years old, obviously very crafty. >> today all eyes are on norristown, where the sexual assault trial tore bill cosby begins in just a few hours. comedian.employee andreat th
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"eyewitness news" reporter trang do, liver outside the montgomery county courthouse with more on the kate now, good morning, trang. >> reporter: good morning, rahel, jim. bill cosby is expected to arrive here at the courthouse, around 9:00 a.m., meanwhile, because of all of the media attention on this case, the jury of seven men, and five women, is being busted from pittsburgh and will remain sequestered. we do expect to hear from andrea constand in her own words for the very first time. defense,osby is not expected but here is a recap of the charges he is facing, cosby charged with three count of felony aggravated indecent assault against andrea constand, a former temple university employee, who became friendly with the comedian. constand says cosby drugged and assaulted her while she wa his elkins park home around january of 2004. now, over the years, more than 50 other women have come forward with similar allegations against cosby, but only one of them in addition to constand will be allowed to testify.
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now, attorney charles becker every kline and specter sat down with "eyewitness news" to explain why. >> the purpose of her testimony is to show that mr. cosby has acted as to ot miss constand says happened to her. that parallel is relevant. why the decided is relevant to his intent, his motive, his patterns, his habits and his practice. now, if convicted cosby could possibly face up to ten years in prison. this trial is expected to take about two weeks. but for now, live from the montgomery county courthouse, i'm trang do, cbs-3 "eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you. >> bus twi weeks, thank, thank you. meanwhile in other news today, attorneys will present their closing arguments today in the trial of lee donald kaplan. fifty-two year old bucks county man accused of raping six girls, who are living in fe. prosecutors say a couple,
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quote, gifted their daughters to him, because he helped them financially. the girls' mother pleaded guilty to child endangerment, kaplan faces rape, sexual assault, and conspiracy charges. if convicted he could go to jail for life. two girls face sentencing in delaware this morning, in connection to the death of amy joyner francis. a judge found one, 17 year old teen, guilty of criminally neglect homicide in the trial. she is seen in an april 2016 cell phone video beating joyner-francis at the high school in wilmington, the second teen felt guilty of con spur at this. both girls will likely avoid jail time because they're minors. >> politicians in the united kingdom back on the campaign today. after brief pause following saturday night terror attack in london. correspondent mel oliver reportspetile who may have been linked to the plot. >> authorities in the uk continued their hunt for accomplices in east london this morning. rounding up several people at
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two addresses in the region, in connection with saturday's >> we've made number of arrests, trying to find out whether anybody was helping them, and to understands the backgrounds to this attack as best we possibly can. >> the suspected terrorist used a van to mow down pedestrians on london bridge. before crashing the vehicle, and stabbing people at random in borough market. >> i saw the look in their eyes, pure evil. >> in the end, a number of locals and tourists would be dead including a french citizen and christine archbald of canada. the attack here along london bridge came just two weeks after a suicide bomber killed 22 people at an ariana grande concert about four hours away in manchester. the pop star went back to manchester yesterday, and took the stage during a emotional event. raising money for the victims. >> amazing way to celebrate
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everyone. >> back in the u.s., in his first public comment on the recent attack, president trump vowed sunday to protect americans from terrorist. >> we new our resolve stronger than ever before to protect the united states and it allies from a vial end in i. >> the department of homeland security says there is no credible threat to the u.s. at this time. >> meg oliver, cbs news, london. well, buying a home costs much more than just the price after house. coming up: a lock at the true costs of home ownership. >> plus, tornado touches down in alberta canada.onman was doing while the twister was closing in on his house, now gone viral. >> and wine usually comes in bottles. sometimes it comes in a box. and now, there is wine in a read started selling it this way when we come back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> dave matthews bands on a monday morning. it was a beautiful weekend. monday morning, not looking as beau out there. a shot of the skyline. katie says yes, more unsettled weather. so join us with that great news when we come >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> back now, dramatic rescue in southern california, had to be air lifted from state park in callbasis, says the horse fell down steep cliff yesterday afternoon, air yacht footage shows securing the horse before hoisting him to safety using a helicopter. the rescue effort took several hours, and two attempts but we're told the 11 year old horse is expected to make a full recovery. >> that's good. >> oh, must have been so frightened. >> incredible images of tornado to share with you this morning. >> check these out. twitter users captured video and picture every big tornado touched down on friday, alberta canada. and as strong as the tornado looks it, didn't have actually hurt anybody and the damage left behind was limited, lasted only few minutes. >> that tornado was no match for this man's determination, though, his wife snapped a picture of him mowing the lawn with a tornado if the background, see him, in the orange, all the way at the bottom there. if you think he is simply not aware, think again, his wife said he was fully aware of the tornado behind him, wasn't
6:15 am
worried. >> this picture shared thousands of times, of course, on social media. >> katie fehlinger, please, comment. >> no. i don't think i need to. >> i don't think i need to. >> having barbeque, get the backyard red. >> i apparently he had company coming over, that the lawn needed to be perfectly manicured. tornado not going to stand in his way. >> hey, all right. take a look at storm scan3. >> love it, kate. >> i exactly i'm not saying one words. storm scan3, at the moment, sore of in a bit after lull. little hints evergreen spec that is show up on the radar, in southeastern pa, but see the leading edge of more heavier rain, that is moving through the virginias, letting north with time eventually going to bring us some additional rain and thunderstorms. at this point it, looks like this may be a forecast today that sort of slips the region in a couple of continue rent just what's the word i am looking for here? yes, there we go, all right, so what we ends up happening here, to the north, you ends up maybe with some heavier
6:16 am
thunderstorms, southern delaware, southern new jersey, could ends up with very heavy rain. here in the city, we will ends up with maybe more scattered showers or storms. the bottom line, everyone's looking at an unsettled day, regardless. and it is all courtesy of system that's just going to hang out for a few days there is will keep us in a pretty dreary pattern for few more days. so, with that said, what can you expect for the next couple every days? not necessarily a wash out status, but, each and every day bridges additional showers or thunderstorms. and the storm is going to just settle overhead bathesly, meander around for couple every days, bringing even chill to the air, through the middle part of the week which you'll see represented in the seven day. and in a second here, our "skycam 3"ng billy penn off in the distance here, you look real closely, there is a hint of, a hint of blue, to the sky, but generally overcast, the sun's trying to peak through, but don't bank on a lot of it here today. because eventually again more showers, more thunderstorms are going to fire up, stuck into the say low 70s or upper 60s at best both tomorrow and wednesday. so yes, that's cool. we should normally be up to 80
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at this point. we finley get there though by friday. >> by friday. all right, katie, thank you so much. very good morning to all of you at home. just waking up with us, so glad you're here. looking outside right now, and looking for the most part the camera shot, that will will help us this morning. ben franklin bridge, for those every you traveling from jersey in center city moving in the westbound direction, that would be the headlight. you're looking good. looking real nice there. blue route same story. taillights moving in the southbound direction at mid-county. you can see kind of off in the distance, you continue on southbound, how it is starting to route now, as we crack into the 6:00 hour. we do have accident moorestown route 38 eastbound at south lenola road. right l also downed pole in this area, as women. so this is your neck of the woods, this is your neighborhood, probably advise maybe couple every ext reminds nerve mass transit, some construction, cynwyd shuttle bussing through friday, also construction between wilmington, claymont, until july 2nd. so 20 minute delays in and out
6:18 am
weekends, make sure to check the schedules on line, talk more about this coming up until the next ten minutes, rahel, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. police officials apparently not seeing eye to ion lgbt pride month for pittsburgh squad cars. >> this decal being blamed for sparking city-wide controversy. the f.o.p. president released a statement saying we have a variety of the city of bit burying different viewpoints which can create controversy, and support for different events shown. police chief says the statement goes against what police departments are trying to accomplish. >> just our way of letting the community know that we're a part of the community. we want to be inclusive police department, inclusive city. anand i, to be honest, appalled when i saw the statement by the fraternal order of police. >> and the community support decals will be put on five to six vehicles in each zone. two stickers already made their debut. >> home ownership is at it lowest level since the mid 19 60s, and today's millennials are helping to crib to those low figures. as we see in this week's angie
6:19 am
list report, some millennials would still rather own than rent. >> well, the national association of realtors says the median age of first time home buyers is 31 years old. matthew and erica wagner got in the game in their mid 20's. and after living in their first house for five years, bought and renovated a 1920's residents. >> i can tell you matt and i were not one of those people that ever thought we would do this ever. and we had friends that renovate add home, and so we got to see kind whatever they were doing. >> before jumping in, the couple was with two young kids made sure the numbers made sense. >> when considering how much you can afford in a house, remember to look at the big picture, not just the mortgage, the insurance, it is the property taxes, and it is a rule of thumb, most homeowners spends about 3% of the values of their home in repair and maintenance, each year. >> the wagner's added 1,000 square feet, and an open floor plan that suited their needs. >> there were family that loved to host. and so having the ability to
6:20 am
have, you know, 20, 30 people in one room, we absolutely love. >> the couple did what they could, but new when to go with a pro. >> you don't really know what you are doing. i mean, i, matt and i both, just wanted to go the route where we hired someone. that's what their expertise is. >> experts say home during is often an emotional decision, so cents important to try to keep a level head, so you can make the right choice. >> well, a vinyards in vermont moving past the idea of boxed wine, selling wine in cans. >> located in the suburbs of burlington, shellburne vinyards in its harvest, makes most of the wine in traditional way in barrels, but said his cans wine a way to adapt to changing market, and grapes taste just as good out of a can. >> we think the can is really where it is going to shine, quality, certainly not issue. >> you look like aver monther. like me, go places, always active, this is a chance for people to seize on this opportunity, to go anywhere
6:21 am
with the wine. >> oh, okay. i understanded. four pack of their canned wine goes for $15, that's equal to a full bottle. >> wonder if they make wine coolers in can? >> okay. >> you know me, i would be on boards with my wine coolersment katie shaking her head at me again. we will find out who was spotted at the white house golfing with president trump. >> tip for mom. toking decrease your pain after a c-section coming up in this morning's health watch.
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>> welcome back, our weekend watch, looking ahead to the saturday sunday time frame, at this point not looking all that bad. i do think there could be shower around saturday, sunday not looking bad at all. in fact, more sunshine, nice and warm, asomugha we rebound, we have somewhere to rebounds from. temperatures will drop off which we'll get to little later on, guys. >> all right, katie, see you later in the broadcast, thank you, now for a look at newspaper headlines. >> from the news journal it, wasn't the typical race would you see at dover international speedway sunday. yes, there were some crashes,
6:25 am
and one fire, but one participant got stuck in the netting, surrounding the raceway. you see this race didn't involve cars. it involved drones. the international drone racing association held the race as part of a three year agreement at the speedway. >> from the president of atlantic city an estimated 1700 try athlete, swam, ran, bike yesterday in the fifth annual skate to case triathelon, featured olympic triathelon, spirit triathelon, both kicking off with 12-foot jump from the cape may lewes ferry into the bay. >> in the intelligencers, century bucks rotary club eighth annual motorcycle ride for hero and pinckney held yesterday. approximately 45 450 riders participated in the garden of reflection in lower makefield, ended in bed minister. event raises funds to support veterans and families of fallen heroes. >> and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> president trump has some free time to hit the golf course this weekend. >> he played with some special guests, take a look, president
6:26 am
trump spotted when former nfl quarterback peyton manning, and tennessee republican senator bob corker yesterday. white house did not comment but according to the press ittlol over four hours at the trump national golf club in virginia. >> patron manning, hasn't heard that name in a long time. >> coming up: protests in portland ended several arrests. finds out the reason behind these demonstrations. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> emotional night as ariana grande took the stage for one love manchester. it was a star studded benefit concert to help the victims of the manchester bombing. >> and looking outside right now, pretty good morning commute so far. dry roadways for the most part. we have one accident, reminders, mass transit. all of the updates coming up. first a quick break, stay right where you3 "ewitness newsl
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>> good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. it is june 5th, 2017. >> central bucks school district has canceled classes today, all because of the manhunt for escaped prisoner, david sellby. >> today is the day the sexual assault trial tore comedian bill cosby begins today in montgomery count. >> i now we will hear from andrea con stands in her own worst for the very first time. >> doesn't happen too much in feasterville, seeing big bear. >> it is the talk of the town, a black bear, roaming around, takes refuge, up in a tree. >> tens every thousands of fans flocked to the pennsylvania convention center for wizards world comic can.
6:31 am
>> can you take me seriously with these glasses on or what? >> absolutely. >> out toward left centerfield. they're on the run. he won't get it. it will go to the wall. that's the third extra base hit of the day for herrera. >> herrera, finding his groove yesterday, helping the phillies beat the giant nine to seven. >> phillies check on the braves in atlanta tonight. katie, didn't we say last week positive thoughts? look at what we did. >> there you go. there is something to be said for that, you snow even right now, there is even little hint of blue sky over me here in the cbs-3 skydeckment granted, unsettled weather continues to be our theme now through mid week. how much, there will be breaks, and right now is one of them. little lull between systems, front as lifted through area of low pressure still on the way. what you see here, three hour loop, the early morning thunderstorms that have now since left the radar picture, but still, the atmosphere is really moistening up. so it feels pretty muggy
6:32 am
outside. but it is mild certainly with time i don't want to get too used to the sunshine trying to break through the clouds right now eventually the clouds rye build, ends up with showers, thunder storms, in scattered nature, but some could be heavy. specially true for southern new jersey, delaware, and then also i am toward the poconos. notice, the variety of temperatures though. it goes, like a gradient here from coolest to warmest, from north to south. mid 60s up and down i-95. and at the shore points, southerly wind flow helping to keep you in the seven's right now. i would not call this an ideal beach day, but if you really want to get out, maybe take a morning jog on the boardwalk, if you are lucky enough to be down there watching us this morning, now is the time to do it. later on today those showers and thunderstorms do become more numerous, still scattered generally but again could you see some heavier rain, the shore specially, then well off to the north. meanwhile in the city, again, watching for showers or thunderstorms to come through scattered in nature, high hit 79 degrees, so coming up more un settle weather in the forecast, i'll let you know
6:33 am
meisha how long the pattern lasts this time around a little later on. >> wonderful, katie, thank you so much. very good morning, happy monday to all of you. looking outside right now, looking at northeast philly. here we have an accident clearly you can see take a look at these two vehicles, yikes. this is state road at cottman avenue. i would say kind of around this area you can see the cars kind of wizzing on by. it is going to start to get pretty slow around the area. have a lot of gaper delay, a the love people tapping the brakes as well as they try to remedy the situation. heads up again northeast philly if that's your neck of the woods, might want to stay from the area. creek road, approach 295, looking at there, looking actually okay. i think that we're heating up, but kind of heating up to the levels kind of staying there right now, probably see the next wave start at around 7:00. so that's what it looks like on 42, then another accident here, moorestown, route 38 eastbound and lenola road northbound jughandle closed take a look at the picture, vehicle, smashed into that pole. so i can let you know if this is again your neck of the
6:34 am
woods, again, have some gaper delay, i would add couple of extra minutes onto that area. also, just reminder, in the world of mass transit, cynwyd line, shuttle bussing, wilmington, newark, construction between wilmington and claymont until july 22, and we will be talking more about this coming up in the next ten minutes, jim, back over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. breaking news this morning, just learned, that the shelter in place has been lifted, lifted, in parts of bucks county, but all central bucks schools will still be closed today. while the order has been lifted, police are still searching for an escaped prisoner daniel see bee, the search moved from war inch ton to doylestown overnight. now, sellby escaped into wooded area while being transported and police say he's still wearing handicuffs. >> authorities in bucks county also hunting for black bear that has been wandering around feasterville, take a look, near the intersection every street road and bustleton avenue where the barajas made himself very comfortable in tree. this morning we learned the bear since come down, but no one seems to know where he
6:35 am
went. yesterday, authorities shot the bear with two tranqilizer darts, so he shouldn't get too far. that bear was first spotted wandering around nearby residential area. eyewitnesses also got some video of him opening up a gate and running into someone's backyard. >> he get around. and pennsylvania state police have released more information about this fatal accident on northbound i-95. this happened around 9:30 last night, near tinicum township exit nine. officials say accident between two cars on the southbound side forced an s.u.v. into the northbound lanes, hitting a third car. >> one person died at the scene, and at least five more suffered various injuries. well in just a few hours bill cosby will head to the montgomery county courthouse for his sexual assault trial. will face jury chosen last week from allegany county. seven men, five women, were pick to determine the comedian's fate. two women will testify against the 79 year old actor, including, andrea constand. the temple employee alleged that cosby had drugged and sexually assaulted her 13 years ago.
6:36 am
cosby's criminal trial is expected to last two weeks. >> the man accused of stabbing philadelphia city councilman david oh has been arraigned on multiple charges including attempted murder. this is the suspect, 24 year old shawn yarbray, he turned himself into authorities saturday, three days after allegedly attacking oh outside of his home in southwest philadelphia. yarbray allegedly stabbed the councilman in the left side and then fled the scene. his bail was set at $750,000. >> this morning, police are investigating a brutal double murder in the city east mt. airy section, man and woman found dead along the 1,000 block of happened before 5:00 yesterday afternoon, police say the victims sitting insides a park car when shot execution sometime. they caught up with the woman who discovered the bodies while walk to go her daughter's house and she says that the man she found was wearing something that just didn't make sense. >> i knock on the window, didn't respond. and then i called 911.
6:37 am
>> i didn't know what was going on. i don't know. >> investigators say the victims were shot in the back of the head and they believe the shooter fired from the back seat. at last check no arrests had been made. of course if you have any information, philadelphia police want to hear from you. >> first protesters and violence over the weekend in portland, oregon. >> police set off grenades, dueling protests taking place, some den the straight remembers rallying in favor of the trump administration, other protesting in opposite. the president supporters called for free speech. his opponent say they want transparency. >> this group is very peaceful. just freedom loving americans. >> the message would be we know this is wrong. >> now, police say the violence began whether counter protesters opposing the pro trump rally began throwing bottles. officers made 14 arrests, also seized several weapons
6:38 am
including hunting knife, brass knuckles, club flares, a slingshot, and homemade shield. >> fans all across the wormed shows their love for the victim of the manchester glands terror attack. helped raise $2.6 million, as ariana grande and other stars hit the stage for benefit concert. here's sean. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> reporter: american pop singer ariana grande took it the stage at manchester old contradict ground for the one love manchester benefit concert. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> money raised goes to help the families and surviving victims of the suicide bombing at her concert only 13 days ago. some 50,000 people packed the stands including 14,000 who were involved in the manchester arena attack. >> american katy perry joined more than dozen other artists. >> ♪
6:39 am
>> ♪ >> british rock band, cold play. canadian pop star justin bieber, and more. >> inside and out, increased police presence here to prevent repeat of the manchester arena attack. they're also on heightened alert following saturday's terror strike in london. officers both seen and unseen, surrounded the venue using metal detectors to screen concert goers. >> when i see all of the police, reassurance me that everything will be okay. just altogether we're not scared. >> suicide bombing killed 22 people, including seven children, and injured does zero dozens more. twenty-two year old died when he detonated the bomb just as the concert came to an end. police are still trying to uncover de bales about a suspected network that supported him. >> ♪ >> as the investigation continues, these concert goers say they'll stand defiant to fear.
6:40 am
cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> well, coming up next: apple's big event, what we can expect to hear from the tech giant today. >> plus, adrenyline junkies get to see par nays whole new light, how you can zip line. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> and motown musical, pat gallen get some dance lessons, and gives us a sneak peak at the musical, playing now in philly. >> ♪ >> stop in the name of love ♪ ♪ >> how would you like to see the show for free? yes recalling we are giving away two tickets. all do you have do, listen for the words of the day. we'll have it for you next. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> scientists studied 200 mother who had c-section between 2015 and 2016 they say that women who breast fed for two months or more after a c-section had three times less chronic pain at the surgical site, compared to women who stopped breast feeding earl. >> i also on the hell watch, cancer patients, who log their symptoms on line may live longer. researchers looked at more than 700 patients in new york city kept their doctors up-to-date on line. they found that those patient lived an average of five month longer than patient who did not use the on line tool. researchers say it helps medical staff adjust treatments quickly. >> and reminder now, our 11th annual alex scott stand for help telethon is thursday. we are raising money for childhood cancer. alex scott dream of the day when none of her friends would have to fight cancer even though alex lost her own battle we are joining her family and her friends in keeping her dream alive. join us on thursday. >> well, organizers celebrating the french open
6:45 am
are telling fans they can ride through the air like a tennis ball. >> and fans can travel just as fast as a ten i have serve, will be doing it by zip lining of the second story of the eiffel tower. readers reached more than 55 miles per hour during the ride which experts say is the average speed after tennis serve. that is the average. serena williams so far from average, her serve by the way reaches more than 100 miles an hour. >> i think this is great. i would go there right now to do this. this i find to be awesome. >> yes. >> that's so cool. >> i'm going to fairness september. >> are you really? >> you'll be there? >> can we stow-away in your suitcase please? >> um -- >> let me get back to you, katie. if you bring the good weather. >> tsa lines long enough? >> if you bring good weather. >> he will work i can promise you anything right now. i don't know it it will happen. at least at the moment here, locally, the weather is actually cooperating. we have some really pretty pictures, of the sunrise, from
6:46 am
some folks out there, phil sent this beautiful one in from his home in chestnut hill. the clouds are definitely trying to break up. i don't think this lasts, so enjoy the view while you have it. you will have generally quiet commute out there. another one comes in from ed, i mean, you can if you look closely see little hint every blue and some light out there this is off to the west though, so you can see some gray as well. and little bit of wet weather will be working it way through every location, and some of that is not only just a little bit. it is actually going to be quite heavy coming through here, it is very active storm scan3, in short, in a midst of a lull at the moment, more wet weather lifts in from the south, also, have an area of low pressure diving in, and that will stick around for couple of days. bottom line is this: do need to expect you'll see showers if not thunderstorm anywhere. heaviest amounts likely come into southern new jersey, southern delaware, and up to the poconos later tonight. there could be heavy thunderstorm, it is specially true up toward up-state new york. but still, up far south as the poconos, heavier thunderstorm isn't out of the question. but, with that said, i would
6:47 am
say in terms of how much we end up with, southern new jersey, delaware, end up with the most, today's high hits 79. showers, storms, generally hole off until the p.m. hours for the rest of the morning, looks okay. and then both tomorrow and wednesday, do look cool. for the standards, normal high 80. so definitely cool for the standards. and then we do rebounds by the time we hit friday, quiet weather returns, maybe brief, but at least will return in the seven day, meisha. >> good, we take it, katie thank you so much. in the world of travel right now starting to heat up, pushing toward our main hour of the rush, 7:00 hour we do still have the accident out there. >> this accident northeast philly state road at cottman avenue. yikes, you can see this vehicle right here. to your bottom of your screen, also this one right there, we do have the squad car out there very slow moving, as you push past there. so if this is your neck of the woods, your neighborhood, i would say give yourself extra time. or just avoid the area if at all possible. going to be hard to do. a lot of people have to get to work. but if you can avoid it. ninety-five south at cottman, quick peak there, head into center city actually looking
6:48 am
good. volumes levels on 95 actually looking okay. then we do have another accident here, this is where a car hit a pole. take a look at the picture, in moorestown, route 38, eastbound, lenola road right now the jug handle is closed more on that coming up in a little bit. jan. jim, back to you. >> soul full music to the masses, what gary's motown sounds was all about. >> sound of motown are on stage right here in philly. "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen takes us to the academy of music for me? peak at motown musical. >> here the academy of music, the sweet sounds of motown are back, with motown the musical. they'll give me behind the scenes look with the cast and maybe show me few dance moves. want to see me dance? let's do it. >> ♪ >> how are you, my friends? >> great. you? >> good. chester gregory from motown the musical. what's it like being a part of the play? >> dream come true. huge fan of the show for years, now i get a chance to portray this icon legend to
6:49 am
barry gordy himself. >> if people are coming out what will they see when they seymour town the musical? >> they'll see gosh a tribute to all of these legends, all every these icons, it will bring back a lot of memories for them. it will bring a lot of things very relucent to the day and time, a lot of term. >> talk about some of that material. some of the best? >> s best. michael jackson, stevie wonder, marvin gay, it goes on and on. >> you guys are up there dancing. do you think i have what it takes to join? you can be honest. >> i don't know, i have to see. >> all right, let's go see. here with ray davis junior, >> who do you play.are you? >> young stevie wonder, young michael jackson. >> i'm guessing if you play those characters you're pretty talented. if you play michael jackson you can dance. >> yes, yes, yes. >> do you think you can teach me how to dance. >> oh, for sure, yes. >> are you sure about that? ll, ow me what you got. >> snap. >> snap. >> and then you want to act
6:50 am
like you're combing your hair. point. >> point. i do that every morning in the mirror. perfect. >> and then bend down, you're perfect. >> that was it? >> that was it. >> do again for me. >> five, six, seven, eight. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> comb point. >> comb point. >> comb point. >> comb point>>top. >> i missed. stop. >> point. >> spin. >> perfect. >> nice. my man. looking good. >> so we've got to look the part. megan quinn will help us do that. hi, how are you? >> good. how are you? >> so tell us about the wards robe for motown. >> the wardrobe is extensive. we cover the supremes. so we have all of these looks for the streams. this is a diana ross. >> looking very diana ross. >> yes, then this as everybody knows steve i wouldn'ter. >> can i take a guess who would wear this? would this be like a rick james.
6:51 am
>> yes. >> thing going on here? >> yep. he wears just the jacket and the pant, no shirt. >> megan, thank you so much. so cool to see all every these vibrant colors, you guys do such amazing job. >> thank you very much. >> ♪ stop in the name of love ♪ >> now, wouldn't you love to see some that far awesome show? how about seeing it for free? >> katie? >> today we're giving away two tickets to the motown musical for sunday june 11, ticket valued at $200, now, here is your secret word of the day. barry gordy, as in music gordy's famous biography, right now go to enter the secret worth berry gordy. be sure to watch "eyewitness news" this morning every day through friday each morning giving away tickets to some other great shows. so just watch for the word of the day. >> and don't forget you can watch the 71st annual tony awards, sunday night at
6:52 am
8:00 p.m. right here on cbs-3. >> time now 651:67:89 a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> charlie roads joins us live from new york with a preview. good morning, charlie. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. the latest on the london terror attack investigation. we will talk with former homeland security advisor fran townsend about stopping the spread of terrorism on line. plus, west virginia democratic senator john mansion is here. what he want to ask former fbi director comey during thursday's testimony. and this, the two climbers we followed all the way to the top of mount evrest. they're back in studio 57. and we will talk about the challenges of the latest trip, to the top of the worlds. oh, that, plus the eye opener, your world, in 90 seconds. we'll see you at 7:00. >> very well, charlie, we will be watching. thank you. this weekend, tens of thousands of fans descended upon the pennsylvania convention center, for wizards worlds comic can. >> popular convention had a little something for everybody, from superheros to comic books, even celebrity sitings. and one says the convention
6:53 am
allows her to escape reality and just be herself. which has helped her through some times when she has been bullied. >> i was an out cast really when i was growing up. and then all the sudden, you know, now more excepting being a geek, a nurds, you can be open about it. >> that wasn't all. replica of the delorian car from the movie back to the future, also made appearance at the convention, car has traveled more than 700,000 miles, all raising money for parkinson's research? speaking of comics it, has been big weaken for wonder wall, direct or patty jenkins, the film shattered the box office with $100 million north american debut. that makes the latest installation in warner brothers dc extended universe the biggest opening ever for a female director. wonder woman is also the first major superhero film to be led by a woman. sounds good to me. happening today apple's world-wide developer conference only hours away. >> analysts expect to see some new ipads, laptops, more, tim
6:54 am
cook will deliver the keynote address at 10:00 a.m. pacific time. apple and use the the event to launch new gear for this year in addition to the new ipad, mack laptops, also expected to hear about new peer to peer payment service in a small speak their runs with siri, wagner said earlier sort of be competing against alexa. >> always interesting. well, we will be right back with three to go. judge your phone just started talking to us. >> apple heard us. >> i'm telling you, the eyes are watching. right back with three to go. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century.
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6:58 am
are closed today, that as police search for escaped prisoner, police say, daniel shell by escaped last night while being transported. shelter in place has been in place. >> course bye trial starts today, charged with sexual assault, the trial expected to last about two weeks. >> politicians return to the campaign trail in the united kingdom after brief pause following saturday night terror attack in london. >> that's three to go. last check on weather and traffic. >> off to pretty good start. we saw a lot of clouds up at mount pocono, you actually have sunshine beach patrol headquarters in margate. don't get used to it, though, as time goes on, radar will
6:59 am
fill back in, see more showers, more thunderstorms cropping up, especially this afternoon and tonight shall meisha. >> all right, good to know, thanks so much, katie. still have this accident northeast philly state road at cottman avenue. heads up. i would say avoid the area if you can. if you can't give yourself couple every extra minute. police this accident in moorestown out there, route 38 looks like it is just now clearing. >> indianna may be best known for the indy 500, but different race was going on this weekend. >> we are talking about mattressesment take a look. racers inof nobleville used four wheels,ey t as they could down the street, to raise funds, and it raised nearly $4,000. a lot of people wanted to seetht >> i wonder if they could pick me up at home in bed and shift me over here this morning. next, can alpaca's be costly are being use today skirt property taxes, 1us senator is sounding the
7:00 am
morning here j> e 5, 2017. welc t "cbs this morning." police in london make saturday's deadly terror atta promises terures saying enough enough. we'll talk to security adviser fran townsend about how l extremism. president trump angers londoners after criticizing their mayor after the attack. bill cosby'strial begins th. the comedian's fate could hang on statements he made under oath 12 years


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