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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  June 7, 2017 2:07am-2:41am EDT

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hthat's why new downyl can saprotect and refresh conditions fibers to lock out odors. so clothing odors don't do the talking for you. lock out odors with new downy protect and refresh. right now at 11:00, andrea constand on the stand in her own words, bill cosby is recused recounts the night the comedian sexual assaulted her in his montgomery county home. and on the run, no more. a fugitive back in custody after scrapping from a bucks county prison where officers caught up with him. police believe two assaults
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caught on camera in philadelphia are linked. the suspects are now in custody. we're keeping an eye on the results of the primary election in new jersey. you can see those numbers scores on the bottom of your screen and we will have much more on >> good evening everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. tonight two violent videos share something in common. we first showed you the most recent attack in germantown. david spunt is live at northwest detectives. >> reporter: there are four teenager suspects in custody, this video prompted a lot of outrage. the attack clearly on video, as you mentioned another attack on video from last week, that was involving a school principal with a brick. police believe both are related. the video is difficult to watch teenagers are taunting a mentally challenged man. another made sure to hit record on his cell phone >> the video is disturbing.
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it appears this man was 38 years old. was targeted because he was mentally challenged >> he tries to get away when another suspect comes up and hits him again. he blurred the suspects because they're under age and the victim to protect his identity. the man is smiling and clearly shocked by the attack >> i have a child who has mental health issues, it hits a little bit home. you wonder if other people will treat my child like. >> reporter: we told you about another attack in germantown involving teenagers and the principal. he was assaulted with a brick. and police believe some of the suspects are the same. >> we're looking at similarities from this incident relating to the assault of the principal. >> reporter: while authorities continue that investigation, this most recent one involving the four teenagers is providing plenty of good information according to police. after all, it's all on camera. >> there's no rhyme or reason. appears one could think that
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it's for kicks and gig else but sick minded individuals, juveniles. >> reporter: i'm told both victims principal from last weekend and 38-year-old man in the most recent video are recovering and will be ok. meanwhile, those four teenagers facing incredibly serious charges this evening. david spunt, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. (inaudible) goes viral. a camera capture a womanly tirade. coming up in a few minutes, greg argos speaks with the man who shot the video and police about the way they stay calm in these tense situations. >> dramatic moments in the sexual assault trial as accuser
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andrea constand testifies. she recounted the night she says cosby offered her three pills to help her relax. she woke up to cosby molesting her. constant said he eventually apologized to her on the phone. other women claiming to have been victimized by cosby were also in court. >> i'm so relieved i'm not on the stand. but i have made my statements and my statements stand true. and we all know what he is. >> cosby is charged with assaulting constand at his montgomery county home in 2004. after two days of deliberations. a bucks county jury convicted lee kaplan on all counts in his child molestation trial. kaplan argued the family considered him married to the oldest girl and never abused the other the. the judge did not set up a sentencing date. police are searching for the
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gunman who shot a mother and son in wilmington. "eyewitness news" alexandria hoff is there with the very latest. alex? >> reporter: ukee, the boy's mother has been released from the hospital. her 6-year-old does remain in critical condition and witnesses tell us they're struggling to cope with what they saw >> i heard the gunshots inside. like five or six, came outside to see what's happening. a detective went on and showed me my car. >> reporter: around 2:30 p.m., darryl price found the indentation of a large bullet in the frame of his car, impact shattered his back window. the community shutters to think what an impact like that does to a young boy. in the 700 block. another vehicle sits with shattered windows and a small shoe. >> i was still on the phone when they pulled up, and it was just -- it was chaos. of it was just watching the guys just shooting. >> reporter: when they responded
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to reports of shots fired on that block, they found a 6-year-old boy with a critical gunshot wound to the head, and a 31 woman who had been shot in the arm struck by a spray of bullets according to witnesses that were fired out of a pickup truck perhaps more than one suspect >> it sounded like firecrackers. i saw a guy with his hand out the window with a gun and shooting and heard the shell casings hitting. >> reporter: in no way does he or officials feel that the woman and child were the intended target. the frightening reality. >> i'm minding my own business, believe in god, go to work every day. >> reporter: the mayor visited the scene and issued an emotional statement saying, for many people, it is hard to comprehend why these incidents happen. for others, violence is an acceptable behavior. that's a very discomforting
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problem that all of us are going to have to solve. that young boy remains in critical condition, no arrests have been made at this point. reporting live in wilmington, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you, alex. a state bucks county prisoner is in police custody, daniel shelby junior was captured in the area of keith valley and county line roads in warrington. seven school in thes school district were placed on lockdown after a sighting earlier. selby escaped sunday after being picked up in lansdowne for failure to appear on a drug charge. his father, 65-year-old daniel senior is facing charges for aiding in his son's. there was an end for the new jersey primary in november's race to succeed governor chris christie is now set. murphy will be the democratic nominee. easily defeated former prosecutor jim johnson and
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assembly man john, ray less yak rounded out the democratic field. on the republican side, lieutenant governor kim guadagno will be the republican nominee. the former sheriff and prosecutor easily defeated jack. joseph and commissioner steven rogers rounded out that field. the race for mayor of camden, frank moran won the democratic nomination. moran will not face the republican candidate in the fall. no winner yet in the democratic race for mayor of atlantic city is close between front runners matter small and frank gill iam. they will face done guardian. and you can see the results from the races on our website, go to police identified the third and final suspect in saturday's terror attacks in london.
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investigators say he was not on any watch list. the suspects are accused of running over pedestrians. and stabbing others in the borough market. seven people died. 48 injured. police shot and killed the suspects. investigators say they have released all 12 people taken into custody after the terror attacks. emotional moment as james cordon reflects on his hometown >> he took the opportunity to open up about the city's result. >> i'm so proud to be broadcasting here from my hometown. i'm proud to show off its beauty. it's divesity. and its british determination to let nothing or anybody stand in our way. this is not a country that feels afraid. >> you can see much more of his tribute to london tonight on the late late show with james cordon right here on cbs3 starting at 12:37. . still to come praying for
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the tense moments >> someone might be having the worst day of their life >> a philadelphia officer calm and collected in the face of a tirade. this video gone viral. a woman hustling insults outside a philadelphia comedy club. greg argos is talking to police and the man who recorded the incident. a one-year-old is the victim of the strike of a snake. but it was no accident. the reason a mother is defending her decision to allow the reptile to bite her daughter. . once again cool and cloudy but the return is summer is around the corner when to expect sunshine and temperatures in the 80's, and some 90's in the full eyewitness forecast coming up. happy and healthy, the newest admission at the philadelphia zoo. the emergency into
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the cops, he said, first of all why you screaming? and second of all, the establishment asked you to leave >> that's when the curses started flowing. >> stay calm and not be aggressive >> they're in the u.s. for the first time. visiting from england >> generally thinking america you do not mess with police officers and they will do things there's no supposed to >> philadelphia sergeant said the opposite is true. >> what we saw here is an example of an officer not taking something personally >> officers go through crisis
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intervention training. learning how to deal with everything from an upset comedy club patron to political protests. who may be trying to elicit a response. >> sometimes we're missed with the creativity. >> most people who have seen this video aren't impressed but amazed at the reaction >> he did his job. waited and was patient >> he didn't do anything extra. i think he did his job well. >> the comedy, yeah, like you should really, how you should handle a situation. >> i reached out to campbell. the person who answered said she was going to release a statement. live in the stat center, greg argos "eyewitness news." a florida i am is under fire after allowing a snake they don't bite her one-year-old
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daughter. >> the mother says the snake had bitten her and her son and did not leave a mark. she thought it was a good opportunity to introduce her young daughter to the reptile. they live in florida, the mother, who's not been identified said she believes it's important for her children to learn how two handle wildlife >> people are two sensitive and don't bother to ask why, they think i hurt my child intentionally. people that know me know i would never hurt my children >> the sheriff's office is investigating what happened but deputi deputies have not charged her with a crime. a gorilla delivered the healthy five pound male on friday. this birth is important to the future of gorillas. the gorillas' delivery what do you mean without problems. doctors were forced to perform an emergency delivery.
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>> that is a sweet little baby. >> that is. >> lauren joins us now. it's been days and days. >> things are about to make a big turned around. we're soggy, like ringing ourselves out and ready for sunshine mother nature is going to be kind and deliver as we head into the end of the week, not tomorrow and definitely not right now. getting a live look at center city philadelphia, the low clouds. fog lingering obscuring our view. temperatures chilly. 56 right now. that east wind at around ten miles per hour, we've had this east wind over the last couple of days pulling in this much cooler than average air going to stays with one more day before it scoots itself out. high temperatures, we did not make it out of the 60's in philadelphia. topped at 65 in atlantic city. 62 in trenton, we should be near
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80 as far as averages. 55 degrees in trenton. 58 in wilmington, we're already down into the 40's in the poconos. overnight, going to need the blanket. and dropping into the 40's in the lehigh valley, bucks county. trenton dropping into the 40's with 46. bottom out at 54 in philadelphia. showers possible over the next couple of hours, otherwise cloudy and the north easterly winds stay in control. i think we're going to go see late day sunshine, maybe a brief light shower, high temperatures running about 15 degrees above average but a big ridge in the jet stream. a quick transition as we head into the upcoming weekend in our temperature department with hot air building in. upper 80's in store as we head into sunday but for today, have the cool air, have the clouds, of course, and the damp conditions once again and more rainfall, we tallied up over an inch in pottstown, same in
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reading, doylestown picking up about seven ten of an inch six inches of wildwood. dover picking up over five inch, doylestown five inches in the 3030 days. stormscan 3 showing us we're contending with the upper level, counter clockwise precipitation, wrapping its way. the shower activity is starting to wayne. we had a couple of rounds of light rain, about over the last three hours that since dissipated but dealing with light rain cross portions of delaware, new castle. light rain coming down with moderate pockets newark starting to clear out. same case in delaware city, future weather showing us throughout the overnight period, those showers move off to our west, as we wake up clouds still in place, slowly we're going to go see breaks in the cloud deck, more as we head to late day and
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as we head to the evening hours, could see sunshine before the sun sets as we wake up thursday morning, sunshine at this point, mild indicating we're going to go see a weather system move offshore. still keep a close eye. could bring an isolated shower on thursday, but otherwise we're looking good towards the end of the week. the slow late-day clearing on thursday, mix of sun and clouds we're up to 72 and beautiful by friday. sunshine a high temperature at 80, 84 by saturday. of 88 by sunday, and some 90's by monday and tuesday. how about that? >> right into summer. >> don up next with sports. >> talking baseball. mike schmidt
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national news? >> national news. this is what nightmares look like. the public has an angry reaction and that person apologizes while saying their comments were understood. what day for former philly mike schmidt. while appearing on wip, he said that odubel herrara is not the type of player you can build around, not because of skills because because his first language is spanish. then here odubel through his interpret after mike called him to apologize. >> my honest answer to that would be no. because of a couple of things. first of all it's a language barrier. and you know, because of that, i think he can't be a guy that would, you know, sort of sit in
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a circle with, you know, four, five american players and talk about the game, you know, or try and learn about the game or discuss the inner workings. >> it is disappointing because you never want to hear negative comments but he apologized and explained what happened and everything is good. >> so mike also released this statement. this is a statement here. it's been made known to me that my answer on a radio interview this morning to the question can the phillies build a team around odubel herrara was disrespectful and latin players in general. i'm sorry this misrepresentation of my answer occurred and that may have offended someone. i assure everyone i had no intention of that. now, let's talk about baseball. phils visiting less than. fills trail 1-0.
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we're tied at one. there it is, odubel herrara line drive down the ritalin there. cesar hernandez. gives them a 2-1 lead, nola out of his mine strong, eight innings gave up one wrong the longest and the fightins beef the brave 3-1. historic night in cincinnati. utility player home of four-times and drove in ten runs against the st. louis cardinals. 17th player in baseball history. how long have he been playing? what? it's been a minute >> it's been awhile >> scooter. >> (barber) their outfield needs serious work. ya think? -yo! -hey, guys.
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. they performed today. the festival is one of the largest african-american street festivals in the country. drawings up to 500,000 people. the 42nd festival returns sunday lauren? during this cool stretch of june weather, we have another cool day in tap as we head to tomorrow, by the weekend, a dramatic, sunshine for both saturday and sunday, could see an isolated thunderstorm, high temperatures cruising middle 80's saturday approaching near
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11th annual alex scott telethon happens thursday, raising money to fight childhood cancer. he dreamed of the day when none of the friend would fight cancer be we're joining her family and friends to keep her dream alive. fashion for a great cause
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>> at more college of art and design. professionals model and donated suits to outfit those who need them for work. cherri gregg took part >> i'm jessica dean >> i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean >> i'm ukee washington >> the late show is headed >> announcer: this program is a paid presentation for omega xl and is brought to you by great healthworks. ♪ >> welcome. i'm larry king, and i'm here today to report on a significant health-related investigation that's been taking place for the past couple of years. the information i will provide you during the course of this show is relevant to everyone's health and well-being. several years ago, i was introduced to ken meares,
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