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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 7, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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today is wednesday, june 7th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things and getting us out the door good morning. >> happy wednesday, happy hump day, a lot of smiles, nice dry roadways, i necessity you have a good forecast i'm hoping for , katie. >> yes. a lot of construction. good news the crews are clearing out of the way. >> good news is we shouldn't have a sun glare issue, but storm scan is empty, so thinks creating the best case scenario, those cloud are breaking throughout the day which is awesome news. this is beginning of the transition to great looking weather, and by the time we hit weekend those who are lucky enough to have pools in your backyard, first of all can we hang out but second of all we will get to use them finally, taking a look at storm scan, things are quiet, just cool for now, mid 50's to report up and down i-95, cooler in trenton.
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these values have not change since we went on the air an hour and a half ago but regardless we don't rebound that much either. mid 60's from philly to the shore points as skies clear, we will see beautiful views overhead, but it is not going to warm up that easily. i call it down right chilly if you are not breaking out of the 50's in the poconos today but we will see peaks of sun. maybe most stray of showers but that would be it. this is last cool day that we will have to contend with before we start this nice warming trend. so later in the broadcast we will talk about that and as we again continue throughout the day today mid 60's. fifty-eight in the mountains with just a few peaks of sunshine. >> chilly, it felt like that this morning. thank you so much. i like katie's idea outdoor pool get a invite we need it. looking outside we have an accident pulled off to the shoulder, schuylkill eastbound before spring garden street. i will note that until 10 minutes ago we were looking
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both directions at the schuylkill. i didn't look like there was that much significant noise but congestion was holding off at bay. now things are starting to build. i want to call your attention to this pulled off to the right. two vehicles here. but pulled off to your left you have some activity there you can see, people, outside vehicle just walking around. this can be a dangerous especially coming around that curve. if you are heading out there right now it will start to get slow. you'll have gaper delay as well. if i were you i would give yourself extra time and take it easy coming around that curve especially when we have people outside on foot which, of course, we do we have a disable vehicle blue route northbound pennsylvania macdade boulevard and more construction we will talk about in the next 10 minutes, jim and rahel, back over to you. former temple university employee accusing bill cosby of sexual assault will testify for a second day in the row. >> another alleged victim is speaking out. "eyewitness news" reporter frank does live, to bring us up to date, trang do good
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morning. >> reporter: good morning. andrea constand will return to the witness stand this morning for second day of cross-examination. as you can imagine lots of interest in this, we have a number of people lined up outside courthouse wait fog are their spot outside courtroom among spectators other accusers who are also sharing their stories. >> yes. >> reporter: emotions ran high on day two of the bill cosby's sexual assault trial assent rally with witness in the case andrea constand took the stand her voice shaking and at times fighting back tears constand rewounded what she says happened at cosby's home in january of 2004. a night she alleged that he gave her three blue pills to relax and then sexually assaulted her. asked about her attempts to resist she said in my head i was trying to get my hand to move, my legs to move and i was frozen. i wanted it to stop. testimony brought back a flood of painful memories for lily bernard who appeared as a
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guest star on the cosby show in the 90's. bernard said cosby drugged and assaulted her in a shockingly similar way. >> as my legs were becoming paralyzed and my arms and legs were losing function, i feared was my heart also going to lose function was my heart going to stop beating. >> reporter: bernard has no legal recourse in criminal or civil court because statute of limitations run out but she said that won't stop her from sharing her story to protect others from arm. >> enslaved us with incapacitating drugs which were shackles, they shackled us. we could not flee, fight effectively, we could not run or escape. >> reporter: cosby maintains that the sex with constand was consensual, his attorney yesterday, really questioning her credibility, and her motives, much more to come later today. for now we are live outside montgomery county courthouse i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", back to you thanks, trang do. happening this morning, former amtrak engineer brand
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than bostian faces a court appearance in connection with the deadly train derailment in port richmond. eight people were killed, more than 200 people were injured in the crash in may 2015. bostian faces involuntary manslaughter charges. investigators say bostian was traveling more than a hundred miles an hour in an area with a speed limit of 50. in little more than 24 hours former fbi director james comey will testify publicly before congress about russian interference in the u.s. election. >> comey's testimony is expect to focus on his interaction with president trump before he was fired. correspondent weijia jiang is live in washington now with the very latest, good morning, weijia? >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. james comey is expected to offer up details about those conversation was president trump but he won't be drawing conclusions or offering any legal analysis and he certainly won't be testifying about potential evidence that is still part of the ongoing investigation. >> i wish him well. >> reporter: president trump wished james comey well tuesday ahead of his highly
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anticipated testimony before the senate intelligence committee. the ousted fbi director is expect to detail his interactions with the president before he was abrupt ly fired, last month. among them that mr. trump allegedly pressured him to drop the boro's investigation into former national security advisor michael flynn. an individual, familiar with what comey told associates after that request told cbs news that comey asked attorney general jeff session toss prevent him from being alone in the room with president trump again in order to protect the fbi from white house influence. while comey isn't expected to say whether the president obstructed justice he will likely address president trump 's claim that comey repeatedly told him he was not subject of the fbi probe. white house has yet to say whether the president will push back against comey's testimony by tweet nothing real time. >> my guess, he will let the
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testimony play out and then respond to it sometime late their day. >> reporter: comey's testimony here on capitol hill tomorrow comes amid mounting tension between the president and attorney general sessions. yesterday, press secretary sean spicer refused to say whether the president still has confidence in sessions. >> i have not had a discussion with him about that. >> reporter: president remains disappointed over sessions re cuesal from ongoing investigations into russia. today senators here will hear from several national security executives including the director of national intelligence dan coates. the president reportedly asked him to publishly claim there was no collusion between russia and trump campaign, rahel and jim. >> thanks, weijia. to follow-up what weijia just said senior trump administration says attorney general jeff sessions offered to resign, the two men have had series of heated exchanges since sessions reaccused himself in march from the
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department of justice russia probe. according to a senior administration official, sessions said he would quit if trump wanted him out. d o.j. spokesperson says sessions is not stepping down. update now on breaking news isis has just claimed responsibility for twin attacks in iran that has killed at lee one person and injured 12 more. suicide bombers and gunman stormed iran's parliament and simultaneously targeted nearby shrine. as the siege continues authorities have reportedly made at lee one arrest we will bring you latest throughout the morning and anytime on cbs in local news a pregnant woman is rush to the hospital after she is struck by a stray bullet in philadelphia's nicetown section. the woman who is seven months pregnant told police she was walking at a friend's house on the 3800 block of archer street when she was shot once in the leg. and now, while police were investigating that shooting they found another shooting victim in the home around the corner. that 21 year-old man was shot twice, police believe that he
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was the intended target. both victims are in stable condition, so far, no arrests have been made. meanwhile in wilmington police are trying to investigate a shooting that left a little boy critically injury. office are responded to the 700 block ofe sixth street yesterday afternoon, after a report of gunshots. they found a six year-old boy who had been shot in the head. his mother was shot in the arm so far police have not made any arrests. a lot of people talking about this next story four boys facing serious charges after police say they were caught on video assaulting a mentally challenge man in germantown. disturbing video posted on facebook shows the boys punching the victim on chelten avenue. police arrested the boys range nothing age from 12 to 15 some of the boys are connect to the attack of the principal involving bricks. >> it is, i mean no rhyme or reason. it appears one could think it is for kicks and giggles by sick men, in this case the juveniles. >> suspects are facing charges
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including aggravated assault. we are both told both victims other kaine recovering. caught on camera a terrifying bus ride home from school when driver starts screaming at the kid and calling them names. >> coming up hear why father of the one of the boys opened up emergency hatch to let them off the bus, plus this. massachusetts woman is on trial for texting her boyfriend to suicide when they were teens, prosecutors say michelle carter wanted to play the role of the grieving girlfriend. i'm hanna daniels in new york with the latest on the child. yesterday we told but story of an eight year-old soccer player whose team was disqualified from the tournament because they thought she was a boy but now we are hearing different store friday tournament officials coming up next, don't miss it. stay with us. >> ♪ >> i don't know if there no other place would i rather be, i would rather be on a beach.
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would i rather have sunny, warm weather but actually katie said we have some sunny warm weather coming. we will have her forecast when we come right
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♪ welcome back, a flood watch is in effect for parts of the south florida. >> this is what ever grade city looks like. many long time resident say they have never seen flooding this bad not even after a hurricane and there appears to be no relief in sight because more rain is speculate tore day.
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>> that is why i'm not complaining about drizzle around here. >> yeah, no kidding. you can always have way more extreme weather elsewhere for sure. we are seeing a little bit of sunshine, a shot outside palmyra cove nature park you can see the city in the distance what a novel idea. you can tell there is some sunshine, gleaming through here, to help really brighten up. they are pretty. most of thinks like a filtered instagram photo, mostly just gray thane one sliver is green , lush looking. meanwhile, we do have a nice pattern change, that is getting underway here. we will start to see that sun break through, as day progresses, most stray of showers is still a possibility but overall we are getting into a dry pattern, and much warmer one at that. today is still cool but it business to get a lot more warmer in the seven kay. here's that rain down in florida, soaking, basically means higher southern branch of the state of florida and right through keys as well. throughout the day, we only hit 66 here locally, cloud
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continuing to break for sunshine. wind is light but really helping to contribute from the northe that cool air flow to keep things, yeah about 15 degrees below average here. few cloud, nothing more that tonight and we end up in the 70's, 80's, 90's. >> yes. >> and then more sun then anything. we will be sweat buying next week for sure. >> katie, squeeze in here real quick. >> so exciting, good morning, everybody. yes: we love that forecast. we have smiles on our face but one thing we don't get happy about when we see congestion levels build and then we have an accident. one place we don't want an accident is on the schuylkill. that is where we have this. take a lot you schuylkill eastbound before spring garden street two lanes are blocked now trying to get this, cleared. fire trucks as well. what will happen now, by the way not to mention not just left lane but right lane, you can see a few cars here, trip
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you up but primarily i am focusing on this, your back up to this, very substantial. take a look at this, and this is all the way back to montgomery drive. it is looking like a parking lot. anytime you exit there is so many vehicles out there having to stop, and going so slow and backups are so significant that any of these exits will get blocked as well. if you can avoid this area i strongly suggest it. we will talk about this in 10 minutes, rahel, back to you. a massachusetts teen charged with involuntary manslaughter in the 2014 suicide of her boyfriend is on trial for pressuring him to kill himself. correspondent hanna daniels has more on why prosecutors say michelle carter's text messages are partly to blame. >> she list toned him as he died. >> reporter: prosecutors say conn ray's then 17 year-old girlfriend michelle carter played a sick game of life and death by encouraging him to kill himself so she could play the role of the grieving
6:18 am
girlfriend. >> she asked conrad in excess of 40 times when he was going to kill himself. >> reporter: carter helped 18 year-old device a suicide plan using car exhaust, you lose consciousness with no pain, you just fall asleep and die she wrote. in another texting conversation she comforted roy saying his family would understand and accept it. they will always carry you in their hearts she wrote. she later texted, tonight is the night, it is now or never. roy was found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning inside his truck on the night of july 12th 2014. roy's mother took the stand on tuesday and said her son showed no signs of wanting to hurt himself, the family even spent the day together hours before he died. >> we took a long walk on the beach. >> what did you talk about? >> life, what was going to happen. >> reporter: carter's defense attorney argued roy was trouble when the teens met pointing to his past suicide
6:19 am
attempts. >> conrad roy was on this path to take his own life, for years. >> reporter: carter's attorney added she had her only mental health struggles and was on medication that may have clouded her judgment. hanna daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". terrifying school bus ride in dayton, ohio is captured on video shows bus driver verbal ly abusing one of the students on the bus. >> unaudible. >> you cry baby 12 year-old christopher wilson junior said terrifying ordeal lasted an hour, it began when driver tried to take away his cell phone. chris called his dad who rushed over to the bus stop to pick up chris and his brothers but the driver didn't stop. chris senior says he chased the bus for blocks and eventually cutting it off. >> i ran in the back of the bus, opened up emergency hatch and got my kid off. >> father says he has filed complaints before, the driver resigned shortly after being placed on administrative leave
6:20 am
updating a story we brought to you yesterday about a girl his soccer team was disqualified because league officials thought she was a boy. >> lily hernandez is eight. she said because she looked like a boy but now league officials are sounding off and saying that is not the case. tournament direction or says it was an error on her teams roster and he stand by his decision. >> i didn't disqualify file her. lets get that straight. it wasn't anything personal about her. it started with the teams playing on multiple, or the players playing on multiple teams. that is what started this, you know, i'm getting threats. i have multiple calls a day, and it is not a good thing right now, but what i did, what i had to do as a tournament director for teams and clubs that achieving. the director should have caught the mistake before the tournament and not humiliated her after three games. they suspended the tournament while they investigate. coming up later in the healthwatch the food that
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could significantly increase your child's growth. plus this... >> so he thinks he is steph curie this little guy, might give him a run for his money sooner rather than later. meet this tiny fan thaw may want to keep an eye on
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we need jacket, sweat shirt, fleece for now but weekend is nothing but shorts, flip-flops, folks. we are warming up in substantially milder territory , mid to upper 80's over course of saturday and sunday great excuse to maybe schedule a pool party, guys. don't have to tell me twice, thank you. now for newspaper headlines across the region. >> daily times upper darby township woman was shot three times yesterday after walking one of her children to the school bus stop. police superintendent michael
6:25 am
chit wood says unidentified victim was definitely targeted , and 30 year-old woman survived gunshot wounder to the side of her head, chest , torso. bucks county courier time five students at pennsbury high school were treated at area hospitals for respiratory issues after wrapping up a swimming class. students complained of short ness of breath and other breathing problems, incident occurred after a school maintenance man cleaned a filtering system for the pool. the atlantic county animal shelter is waving the $85 adoption fee for cats and kittens during month of june in celebration of the adopt a shelter cat month. the shelter has a large selection of the cats that are already newterd and available for immediate adoption. >> that is a lot the newspaper headlines around the delaware valley. well, it sound cliche but some people are simply born to do certain things in life. >> this three-year old california boy you where to meet is proof of that. this is miles, sinking three-pointer from across the living room. this isn't a one time thing he
6:26 am
does it again, and again. he showed his skill, at just 18 months and like any young athlete he has his favorite. >> he thinks he is step curry. >> we're walking past the sign , and he hugged and said, hello, curry. >> curry. >> if you can believe it his parents just moved to the bay area a few years ago and neither mom or dad were fans of the warriors until now. >> i believe is there a college scholarship in this kid future. >> go miles. >> i remember him from when that story first hit net at 18 months old. >> getting better coming up next half an hour of "eyewitness news" results from new jersey's primary election. >> and a pregnant woman is shot by a stray bullet, jan. >> rahel, coming up we will see how that pregnant woman is doing this morning and find out, an update on the investigation in, to the gun man, meisha.
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good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. 6:31. here's what you need to know to start dare in the morning minute june 7th, 2017. a double shooting in philadelphia's nicetown section, has left a pregnant woman hospitalized. >> that woman is seven months pregnant and she says she was exiting her friend's house when she was hit in the leg by a stray bullet. andrea constand will return to the witness stand later this morning but outside the courthouse another cosby accuser who once shared the screen with the actor shared her own painful, almost parallel experience. >> you could not breathe, fight effectively, we could not run or escape. updating breaking news isis has just claimed responsibility for twin attacks in iran. tossed out in the roadway two passengers survive a scary
6:32 am
crash in china. they were riding in the back without seat belts. >> see what the director has to say. >> here we go. here we go. >> ♪ >> ed sheeran on car pool karaoke. >> katie knows all of the word to that, and i also have a feeling that katie fehlinger has a good forecast if you like warm weather. >> i do, i love that song, but , there is just a lot of word in it. i don't think i know that. i can do this like through the whole thing. >> we do though, you are right , really nice forecast to look forward to i would not call it a bad day but walk out the door with extra layer for sure. daytime high hits mid 60's here and standard of mid-june talking about 15 degrees below average. there are still cloud overhead but they are already beginning to thin out. we will see pretty looking,
6:33 am
views across the region here with that sundown coming up. but, with that said, again it is still cool. sun will not have an opportunity to heat things up efficiently here today but we have a storm system making its full exit. other than a stray shower, we are talking stray mostly dry with a gradually clearing sky. mid 50's from wilmington, philadelphia upper lancaster and pine land of southern new jersey. we are off to a cool start, even cooler as we go in the mountains with blue shade of the contour map show up. we are talking bay chill in the air. outside of philadelphia just by county, you are up in willow grove. 49 degrees, so i call that chilly for sure. as day goes on cloud will break for sun, it is about 15 below the average so we are talking about 66 for a daytime high, stray sure for some, mostly staying dry as the wind does remain light out of the northe bye coming up this is odd ball day of the seven day. we are about to heat up in a
6:34 am
big way and we will talk bit later. >> all right, thank you so much. very good morning to you. happy wednesday just waking up with us. we are looking at an accident causing significant backups here on the schuylkill eastbound before spring garden street. the accident, has pretty much moved out of our way. some of it is pulled off, to the shoulder, and it will slow you down but we still do have a backup lingering out there it will still slow you down and factor in i would say at this point an extra 45 minutes or so on the commute. schuylkill at montgomery drive extending back to city avenue and beyond. here at schuylkill eastbound give yourself extra time and quite a bit of time. paoli pike we have a down tree here because it is closed between warren avenue and long lane, use king street as your best bet around there we have a down pole in mount laurel, church street northbound between laurel acres park and burch field drive is compromised. we have some construction.
6:35 am
ninety-five northbound ram the to 141 northbound is closed. and it is also closed, we will come back in a little bit. in the news a pregnant woman leaving her friend's house is a victim of the latest shooting in philadelphia police said she was not intended target. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live with the very latest on this investigation good morning, jan. >> rahel and jim, good morning certainly a frightening night, she's seven months pregnant. she tells police she was walking out of her friend's home in the nicetown section of philadelphia when hit by a stray bullet in her leg. she was taken to temple university hospital. she's in stable condition, thankfully all of this comes as police continue to search for the gun man this morning. take a look at the video you can see where this happened late last night where a 27 year-old woman was injury. police were called to the 3800 block of archer street right around 9:30. investigators found four spent
6:36 am
shell casings about 200 feet down the street. leading them believe this woman was a innocent bystander then police were notified of the second victim a 21 year-old man shot in the shoulder and leg and found in the home in the 3500 block of germantown avenue which is just around the block of the shooting scene so police believe he was intended target he is now in stable condition at temple university hospital as well and that ace long with that pregnant woman. >> although she's in stable condition doctors are concerned with the fact that she's seven months pregnant, family members were on location of the initial shooting and they told police that the victim was, in fact, pregnant. we have a description of the shooter, a male with the shaved head, wearing a gray hooded sweat shirt with a medium or dark complex and last seen running west on butler from archer. >> now police are searching for that suspect and motive
6:37 am
this morning, they have found private surveillance cameras in this area that they hope can help, northwest detectives division is now investigating. reporting live, outside this morning jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks for that report. authorities identified new jersey transit bus driver shot and killed in washington township gloucester county. police say 45 year-old ryan reynolds of sicklerville was killed by 44 year-old pia jackson of woodbury. jackson then took her own life but there is no word on motive bill cosby's accuser returns to the witness stand today on a trial of sexual assault charges. andrea constand dramatically recounted night in 2004 when she said cosby offered her pills to help her relax. she testified that she later woke up to find cosby molesting her. dozens of other woman accused cosby but statute of limitations prevented filing of charges. the 79 year-old cosby is not expected to take the stand
6:38 am
during this trial. new jersey's race for governor is set. >> we know two candidates facing off to replace governor chris christy. on the democratic side philip murphy is nominee former goldman sachs executive and obama administration ambassador. republicans show kim guadagno, sheriff and prosecutor has served as christie's top deputy but she wants her support tours know she will run the state her way. >> i'm running for governor based on my values, based on my record, and based on my principals. >> four more years of christie style politics won't change new jersey's unfair, unsuccessful, unsustainable course. >> guadagno will be in burlington county for what she's calling main street, not wall street tour, sheila tend an affordable round table in marlton. tight race for mayor of atlantic city came down to mail in ballots.
6:39 am
frank gilliam beat out marty small and far read abdul and jimmy whitehead. gilliam is a city council member and will face, don guardian who ran unopposed. city council president frank moran won democratic race for mayor of camden. dozens of supporters turned out to celebrate the victory at hank's bar and grill in camden last night. long time councilman defeated democratic field in the three kay race to succeed current mayor dana red who heavily endorsed him. there was no republican dayton the ballot. and for the full list of results from the new jersey primary, as always head over to our web site at cbs philly .com. up next in healthwatch, how moderate drinking alters the brain. and as a sit down for breakfast a reason why you may want to make eggs for your kid , we will tell but health benefit just discover. >> sound good. backyard adventures academy of natural science is here to introduce us to some of the wild life living right
6:40 am
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well, on the healthwatch, drinking, even moderate amounts of alcohol may lead to a decline in brain health. >> researchers track more than 500 adults over 30 years and they found those who drink moderately between 14, 21
6:44 am
drinks a week were three times more likely to show a decline in cognitive skills. >> eating an egg a day may help young children grow. research in the journal pediatrics found eggs significantly increase growth in young children far more than expected. study follows babe is in ecuador six to nine months old who were fed at lee one egg a day. difficult ever tell i when i was a kid we were not allowed to leave the house until we had a hot breakfast. only day we were allowed to have serial was saturday. >> did you eat a giant salad sized bowl. >> my dad used to make us breakfast, one day eggs, waffles, french toast. >> sound like a loving home. >> awesome. >> my kid liked eggs too which was interesting, they loved just scrambled eggs over waffles. >> yes. >> they don't have mommy ease genes, in that regard. it is stim cloudy at the moment outside boardwalk plaza i have seen a handful of folks walking up and down that cher
6:45 am
line but they have extra layers on and you would do well to take that advice. it is cool, but dry across the board. you may see most stray of showers but you will not need an umbrella see how things are fizzling, any sign of precipitation, cloud cover starting to lift and as a result we are clearing out, but we will see that sunshine, and, keep it in the forecast for an extended period of time which we were not able to promise at all and feel like last couple of weeks. this will be a turning point, nice wide zoom, heavy rain across southern florida, and that will bypass us off to the south and will not be a major concern, but it could trigger a shower near shore points tomorrow but all and all here's the main story, look at what happens to the jet stream in the days ahead, it will lift and jet stream is primarily responsible for separating warm, colder air mass from one another and also steering storm systems. all that will happen here is heat builds up and we will see
6:46 am
that reflect on the thermometer in the days ahead. mid 60's today. odd ball out. we will start that warming trend 72 thursday. then start 80 right through weekend with sunshine no less, monday and tuesday, yep, we will crack 90, meisha. >> nice,. >> wonderful katie. >> thanks very much. very good morning to you. we do have some accident that are causing some pretty big backups, first one here vine westbound before the schuylkill you can see that blocking that lane and it is very slow. this is ben franklin parkway take a look at this, you are sitting in, give yourself an extra 45 minutes at this point , and then we have an accident and schuylkill eastbound before spring garden , it is just, now, pulling the last remnants that were pulled, off of the shoulder, out of your way. now another area where you want to check on an extra half an hour or so. then we have a down tree in malvern paoli pike closed
6:47 am
between warren avenue and long lane. your alternate king street. we also have a down pole in mount laurel, church street northbound between laurel acres park and bird field drive, right lane is compromised there. we have construction, crew is still out there. ninety-five north ramp to 141 northbound is closed until june 6th, event and 295 northbound ramp to route 141 southbound is closed. more coming up in the next 10 minutes. jim and rahel, back over to you. well, a new exhibit is revealing hidden world of science right in our backyard. backyard adventures opens up at academy of natural sciences at drexel university this friday. >> of course, there are many species we can find in the great outdoors including some you see out sued your very own window. karen is a teacher with the academy and joins us in the studio this morning. >> good morning, hello, thanks for having us. >> thank you. >> tell us about this exhibit
6:48 am
this exhibit has your backyard and ecology that is going on and science right in your backyard and all of the things you can find. you can come, collect pollen like a bee. you can come, discover how to discover the science right in your backyard and become citizen scientists yourself to help wild life and how wild life helps, with plants, interacts with the backyard ec o system. >> who is this little fellow. >> virginia possum, her name is willow and possums you see very common here in philadelphia in your back yard >> cutie. >> this is a new possum. and a lot of times people see them they are frightened of them but they do good in our backyard habitat. they eat close to 5,000 tics a season. they are so low toe so they pick up more tics and more efficient eating them, they are grooming, they are very
6:49 am
clean. >> they are very good feeders. clean up crews. they will lay dead things, live things they will eat it all and tics are very important that they eat them with this season coming up. >> who else do we have here. >> yes, we do. this is another type of animal you'll find in your backyard. lee will bring it in. it is our hawk. >> look at. that. >> hawks sometimes think my hair is a necessity i'm standing back here a little bit, just in case. >> they are common in philadelphia, in your backyard a lot of people will have bird feeders and these are guys you are bird feed ertz. they are feeding what comes to the bird feeders. >> they don't like a squirrel but song bird. anything that has to eat. song bird can have babies. it is that balance of life. that is what you can discover at our new exhibit backyard adventures how eco system works together, and how you
6:50 am
can then help that eco system. >> we might see a hawk like that in the city of philadelphia proper. >> yes, you can see them around. >> we will get calls, and, it just swooped down in my backyard and ate a bird. >> i hear we have even more. >> yes, we do. i just need to pick this up too. >> okay. >> bring this out. >> we can't have them out together. we have another owl, excuse me , another bird. one you usually don't see. this is one you hear and not sianni that is because they have awesome camouflage. they will hang out in the hol ies in trees, and you can see the color, that they really blend into those trees. so if you are high up in the tree walking by you might not see it. thinks a full sized owl. >> wow. >> it is a screech owl. it et cetera the name because of its called, a loud thrill. it is a type of owl you will
6:51 am
hear more so then see. >> this is full sized. >> full sized screech owl, they also havend a brown face. >> this is absolutely exciting . academyns up this weekend at of natural science is today. friy. >> this friday. >> yes. >> okay.dagh >> for members and then saturday and byobb, ong beverage feeder bottle, is there ahrough sunday. >> yes. >> thanks, karen>> thanks for hs blinking one eye and the you wot fine like this new baby kera a western low land philadelphia z. she went labor, doctors had to perform an emeivercy the birth is important bse low landd critically
6:52 am
pittsburgh zoo after being rth which is surprgother, is a . she's tough and is on the road to this calf is critical time right now 6:52. there cbs this morning. live with the preview. >> hi rahel don't youth early ad stillound, wow. no,arow. that is a big baby. jioo you. top democrat on the warner joins you head of the jamesy. we will hear from the parents accused of leaking a top secret document. changes come to keep it popular and kevin spacey will
6:53 am
be here in studio 57, sitting at the table with us. all that plus eye opener. we have a lot going on which means your world in 902nd. we will see you at top of the hour which is seven minutes and counting from now, back to you rahel and jim in philadelphia. >> thanks. >> bye you guys. >> bye. >> sunday is broadway's biggest night seventh first tone a ward and "eyewitness news" this morning is counting down. >> yes, we are here's where you come infer day through friday we will give away a pair of tickets to the popular show in philadelphia, just watch for our word of the day and then event their word or word at cbs contests. today we are giving away two free tickets to the buddy holy story at pearl man theater. it runs from june 24th through july 9th, tickets are valued at $120. >> secret word this morning are peggy sue as in buddy holy 's song, peggy sue, one of the feature hits of the show, right now go to cbs /contest and enter the word peggy sue for your
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chance to win. we will give away another pair of tickets tomorrow right here on cbs 36789 just watch for the word or word of the day. >> don't forget you can watch seventh first annual tone a ward in sunday night at 8:00 p.m. right here on cbs-3. today could be the day you take the first step toward a healthy lifestyle. >> today is global running day , organizers say today was designed to make that life changing commitment, and people around the world, are joining n they say runners, ran in 170,000 countries last year, and more outdoor beginners or more experienced runners will hit the road today and you can be one of them. >> we will be right back with three to go. >> as a reminder as we go to break our 11th annual alex scott: stand for hope tell -a-thon is tomorrow. we are raising money to fight childhood cancer. we hope you will join us, we will be
6:55 am
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6:58 am
three to go. >> bill cot cost which's accuser returns to his stand in his trial. andrea constand testified about the night she said cosby assaulted her. >> engineer charged in the 2015 deadly amtrak train derailment is in court today brand an bostian has a preliminary hearing. >> phil murphy will place republican kim guadagno in the race for new jersey governor. democrat frank gilliam will face don guardian for atlantic city mayor and frank moran won
6:59 am
democratic primary for camden mayor. that race had no republican. >> that is three to go. >> switching gears. >> tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. you and i will take a dream drive together where history is literally in bloom but there is a short window to see it. we have to get busy. lets take a look we will to have get out, come see this. >> absolutely is there still time. >> not only is it beautiful but also fragrant in the bad for plants that are more than 100 years old i'll tell you which flower got its name from the war hero and which one is saved from stinks. horticultural history lesson tomorrow on dream drives right here at 6:00 a.m. on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". next up, latest fortune 500 list is reveal. >> very interesting. >> i'm in the on it. >> no. >> remember to join us each weekday morning on cbs-3 at 4:30 a.m. have a great day. >> you say that like we had would be surprise by that. i'm not on it.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is jeune 7th, 2017. welcome to thps. fired fbi director james comey told the attorney general he did not want to be left alone with president trump. we have new details about what comey is expected to tell congress tomorrow. president trump jumps into a diplomatic crisis involving key allies in the middle east. russian hackers may have come up with a fake news story toe triggerishes with qatar. and cbs news talks with the mother of a 25-year-old government contractor accused of leaking nsa secrets. she said her daughter, that would be be reality leigh


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