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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  June 9, 2017 2:07am-2:35am EDT

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subway $6 footlong sub of the day. big on taste, small on price. ♪ dance on over! >> you have to take it altogether i tried to be transparent erin fair. >> direct with the honest truth. james comey stands his ground on capitol hill testifying of why he was shown the door and what it had to do with russia. >> is the earth round. one group says no way. they're taking alternative science to the highway letting billboards posing the question
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could the earth actually be flat. >> and what started as a warning ended with gun shots. what made police officers open fire on a man riding a dirt bike in north philadelphia. according to police that dirt bike ride her a gun and things quickly escalated. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. >> hof hof is live at the scene on whitaker avenue with more tonight, alex. >> ukee, jessica, what we learned from police is that this man shot and killed by an officer was armed with a semi-automatic weapon and he displayed that weapon after the officer ordered him not to. what we also learned there's surveillance that captured part of this event and that provided commissioner richard ross with initial concern over how it was handled. >> cries of distress rang out from the intersection of whitaker and east hunting park avenue where police say around 6:40 p.m. a man was shot and killed by philadelphia police
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officer. it began with officer would was transporting witnesses to the special victims unit who pulled over to aato speak with a dirt bike ride whor was riding dangerously according to witness. >> eye understand heing was telling the guy to knock it off and not to drive like tha that. i don't think he was coming to give him a ticket or try to apprehend him. >> rich ashd ross says the officer noticed he had a gun tucked into his waist band and ordered him not to pull it out. those witnesses said the man did so anyway. >> according to the witness in the backseat the male pulled away from the officer and pulled the gun. at some point the officer discharges one time right around that location. it is important to note that inside this business there's a video of the at least part of the encounter. we're looking for other video. candidly speaking part of that video does show that this male was running away for at least one of those shots.
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>> what the footage does not catch sewer is initial struggle between the officer and man who has since died after transported to the hospital h he was shot at least once rrlt we don't know the man's identity nor identity of the officer. he has been taken off owe the street as police investigate if proper protocol was followed. regardless of that, commissioner ross calls this loss of life a tragedy. alexandria hof, eyewitness news. >> now an eyewitness news exclusive. facing charges tonight for identity theft and bank fraud. that employee is has an take east on adams avenue in philadelphia. according to pennsylvania attorney general's office she engaged in a scheme with others depositing fraud leapt checks and withdrawing money. the investigation is ongoing. authorities are searching for more suspect.
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>> please investigate a sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl. they told police he was abducted just before:00 tonight orthodox and trenton avenue. the victim told officers three men wearing ski mask forced her into a vehicle and sexually assaulted her. he was able to sdaip and run to relative's home. no arrests were made. cosby may not testify in the sexual assault trial but his words were read into the trial. they were from interview the entertaining gave to cheltenham contact police in 20003. it details his -- jurors are expected to hear more of cosb cosby's 200 5 tem tomorrow. >> former fbi director james comey says the russia investigation caught him his job.
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comey testifiedd in the the the snats committee the president told him to close app investigation against michael flynn and launched cam pain of lies to discredit him. >> i was fired in some way to change or endeavor was to change the way the russian investigation was being conducted. that's a big deal. the administration then chose to defame me and more importantly the fbi. those were lies, plain and simple. >> i gaminger from all this that you're willing to say, now, that while you were director, the president of the united states was not under investigation. is that a fair statement. >> that's correct. >> president trump's personal attorney says the president fields vindicated by comey's testimony. >> mr. comey's testimony also makes clear that the president never caught to imbead the investigation into attempted russian interference in the 2 2016 election.
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>> mark says president trump is moving forward. >> james comey admitted he leaked trump memos to the press. there's debate whether comey broke the lawl. david spent talked to a local attorney to set the record straight. >> on behalf of the committee this hearing is adjourned. >> after intense back and form he walked out ever his pub hick hearing and trump team responded through the president's personal attorneyp mike castlewits he took issue with comey marking his issues with the preingt breast. >> mr. comey admitted that he is one of these leakers. today mr. comey admitted he up laterally and seriptuously made up disclosed revelations to the. >> president obama:
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>> rick rimaldi practices la law. >> if you were still government employee would there be administration action government could take against him possibly if involved with non disclosure but not employee anymore. they were his notes. >> gramaldi trump team is up against a tough opponent former fbi director who happens to be a skilled attorney. >> he's a smart lauer and one of the things he did was making his sox more credible. >> his notes were little agree at some point and have an important place in american history. >> the more you documenting is the march details and credible you. >> david spupt, cbs3, eyewitness news. >> investigators announce an arrest in the house fire that police say was intentionally set using illegal fireworks. flamesen call ofed house on
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receiveen road in morrisville, bucks county, prosecutors charged abraham keeta and mor more. the homeowner was able toe escape that fire and authorities plan to release more details about the arson arrest tomorrow you. >> may have seen it on way to work, school or drive around a new billboard has some people thinking about the earth. >> and ask could the earth be flat. >> and taking on centuries of scientific research. >> ukee, jeff, this was just unveiled yesterday. digital. unveiled yesterday calling it a question theory most of us have accepted the aerming is around. those behind the bill board said we've all been tricked. >> the drivers already battled serious traffic. now there's another distraction slowing them down and it's just 100 feet would their heads.
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>> that's ridiculous. >> sandwiches between the two is bold three word billboard. research flat arm. >> i know about these folks. >> i can't believe this is for real. >> they have hard, concrete evidence, evidence, that they've convinced themselves the earth is flat. >> we believe at the is something that needs to be talked about. >> and 900 a week for that one. >> he's a member of the infin that saying he remembers it being flat, we believe it's all of it in front of cgi and augmented virtual reality and space works are down and she sell nated tanks. >> actually moore like 3:30 the mathematicians showed that the sure faz was cloud.
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>> it's fine to have different ppz but what this is reality. >> you've been able to observe lun erie clips. the only way you can make a curved chateau is you have a curved object blocked. >> and at least the next week this add will block driver's attention. >> it's not the worst thing to spend money on. this more important. >> i could suess that money. >> now, philadelphia is first city bill lord was ipt dusd. mass power land says we plan to unveil other goods in phoenix and denver in a lot of weeks. >> 900 what's he do. >> i don't know, actual, sells plaque with smarter maps for home. >> maybe we should get in the deshirt viz. >> no. >> costars.
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>> you name it. >> all right, greg, we'll keep app eye there teen the skib. >> alex scott stan for hope is living on. 11 annual when she believes she deposit get paid. it was a record breaking day. fight against childhood cancer. we had an army of volunteers taking on the phone and hono honoring memory of alex scott. the little girl who start it all. >> and big thanks to partners and sponsors and you, look at this grabbed total, that's a record. and we could not have done it without all of you at home. so a big thank you to everyone who too many parse. >> is your cellphone in your happened now you may want to put it down and play close attention to the next story. >> coming up how this woman ended up six feet down inside
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a seller in new jersey. >> this one is so nice and open and clean. and the foot is excellent. >> a river boat knit for a queep. we're in wilmington phone nor a barbeque and i was. >> clearing guys makes for a lovely and cool even of we expect high temperatures into the 90s and how long it last in the full eyewitn
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a woman walking down the street in plainfield new jersey took a terrifying plunge as she looked down at
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her phone. disstrangted by the phone in her hand that's what happened. 67-year-old woman flipped over one of the open doors of a sidewalk cellar. she landed head first in that basement 6 feet down. moments later fire crews arrived and rescued her pulling her out of the basement on a stretcher. she's now recovering from serious injuries. >> wow. >> yeah. >> tomorrow, summer fest celebration takes eyewitness news to wilmington, delaware where the riverfront is as beautiful as it is delicious. >> and vittoria woodill got a taste of a dinner to remember along the river. >> isn't she a beaut the river boat queen dinner cruise sits mighty pretty giving you background of the city of
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wilmington off of the river walk. >> the river boat itself goes up and down the christina to brandywine and delaware river and you can see the entire city of wilmington from a unique perspective. >> all aboard and you'll find new friends like joan to give you the rundown on the tasty barbecue sis play. >> the dessert is good, coleslaw, i'm ready to do that right now. >> geez, joan, in that case. >> this is a buffet let me get another plate. now we're ready. >> this is what happens when you send me to a buffet. >> ascend to the top deck. have a seat to shoot the breeze. >> can we slow mo this? then dig into the angusburger angusburgers. >> i can taste the grill marks. love that. >> baby back ribs. >> wow. >> it's melting in my hand. >> potato salad.
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>> taste of hint of dill and pickle relish in there and skin is on potatoes delicious. >> and. >> that's how you round out a barbecue. >> you're not just here for the grub. >> that's oswedes landing where they landed in 1638 not just swedes there was a dutch and free after cap on board. >> set sale and allow the core knoll to how it is fist collection of first. we could go on and on with first. what else, we had a football team. >> no way. >> we beat the eagles 17-14 in in the 30 -- >> this guy names lins lombardi played. >> a break from reliving history to reliving spoke
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scene. >> vittoria woodill, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> i covered that game in the 30s. >> if you have not been to the riverfront in wilmington you're missing out on a lot of beauty. there is so much to see and do and getting there is a piece of cake down the road a piece. live in wilmington 5, 6, 10, 11 for summer fest at the william ton greek worth tox church. >> i'll try toe be in wilmington owe tomorrow. >> i'm excited for euros, greek foods, ribs. >> and it looks like things will be nice outside. >> 80? >> just in time for sunshine. 80 s. >> ready? >> yes, cool temperatures all week long we're ready to kick him out the door. chilly, 58. a live look at center city philadelphia. and mostly clear skies after
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pesky clouds rolled in this afternoon and winds east wind speeds light and feels like temperature. we'll change the wind flow through the overnight period.. you see the streamline that indicates the wind direction. out of north and as we change that wind direction we'll change temperatures as well. but we're a little chilly now. 48 in mount pocono and 60 reading and 68 philly and chilly millville down to 51. we had a grading as far high today off north and west and 75 high temperature in reading and down the shore cool, high temperature. 63 wildwood. changing up the forecast no more 60s. beautiful conditions over the next several days. per inspection 78, sunshine, beautiful tomorrow, warm and awesome on saturday. floorious on surprised, sunshine, up to 80. clearing trend over the last
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several hours. we had a storm system pass offshore but good news for us most of the energy and moisture taid off sure. we saw that dense high level cloud deck moving in throughout the day today and now it cleared on out and it's mostly sunny friday and as we head staying dry and looking cigarette and feeling very summerlike as we head to upcoming weekend. mostly sunny. chance of that and getting ot on surprised, up to 94 degrees under sunny skies and we're going to be klechinging record starting often surprised. got a heat wave♪ i'm not going to sing. record high temperature monday closest with the forecast high of 93. 92 the for cost high on tuesday challenging that record of 95 from 1950s. and overnight tonight cool. need that extra xwlavrpinget.
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5 a5. partly sunny, warmer, you up to 82 degrees. high temperatures get a boost across the region. high 70s and low 80s for friday and surprised, monday, use, you're kicking in as we head sunday into monday and midweek next week not quite as hot but warm and mid 80s by wednesday. >> you have the bug in my head. >> that's right. >> singing that tomorrow. >> all right. >> up next with sports. >> got you talking eagles going forward on fourth down what doug pederson is saying about the approach and plus phillies try to take three out of four in atlan
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phil and braves tonight. what pete mackanin loves the most is that she shows no fear at all.
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6 matt kim knocked double to right center and atlanta up 2-0 lively with 7 innings and struck out three. follow me on this one. first philly since 1972 to throw 7 innings and giving up three runs or fewner first two sparts top of 7th phils get on the board. michael franco singles to right. herera here comes the throw. phils falling 3-1 to braves and they will head to st. louis tomorrow to start a three game series. >> unofficial beginning of eagles season has a date. this morning the birds released their training camp schedule. here are the dates you need to know. rookies report jewel 24 and then everyone hits the field jewel 27 and once again this year the birds will host two open practices at the lincoln
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july 29 and august 6. both practices begin at 10 a.m. and it's free to the public and seating it first come first serve. >> meanwhile, birds were back on the field today wrapping up last round ever otas they'll return next week for mandatory mini camp. eagle as announcing today they'll host joint practices with the dolphins before the teams meet in week three of the preseason. now one of the areas the eagles needed to work on this year is going forward on fourth downs. they finished last season 13 for 27 on fourth down and critics say some of doug pederson as gambles may have cost birds a chance to win games. peterson is not change ago approach i'll be as aggressive as i can and when i can i think it's something that is who i am
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team or putting us in bad situation. >> do you? on the ice tonight. pittsburgh beating nashville. and pengs on top 3-2 in series. >> see where that goes. >> still to come tonight. singing songs of freedom. the philadelphia boys choir is ready for close up. we'll have preview of annual concert
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>> a celebration of freed dom philadelphia boys choir and chorale are rehearsing for annual con sthert year. >> their voices will help the audience explore the meaning of freedom and common ground shared by all people. new piece put together by offer james mcbride called the williams guest book will be the central highlight of the
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show. so hop order to be one of the original 60 of philadelphia boys choir. me and 59 of my closest friends. >> yeah. >> going strong. >> the concert happens this sunday 4 p.m. at the kimmel center hope you can check it out


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