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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 9, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in a moment. first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute for today, friday, june 9. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> a man on a dirt bike is shot and killed by police. >> that male pulled away from the officer, and pulled that gun. >> investigators are still looking for additional surveillance videos that will help them piece this altogether. >> those were lies, plane and simple? fired fbi director james comey front and center, some of the highest political drama. >> i was fired because of the russia investigation. >> watch where you're walking, a woman falls right into an open cellar door. plisses she was distracted by her cell phone. >> oh, my god.
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he's hanging. >> a hot air balloon pilot knocked out of his basket, the terrifying crash captured on camera. >> of course this is extremely important testimony. so first they had to swear him in. again, he's like 6-foot eight. >> that's -- >> james comey's testimony dominate being the headlines and the punch limes. >> we turn it out to katie. looks like the heat will be dominating the forecast. >> in a very, big way, yes. we are going to in the it other course of the weekends building. the humidity building, lot of sunshine to go with it, too. but there are few little blemishes that we have to put on this forecast, too, little weak front crosses through tomorrow, some of you ends up with a few showers in the morning, all-in-all, great weekend weather, and it is turning a lot hotter, too. so, let's start it off by tacking about the here and now, actually real comfortable. you may have noticed avenue jacket on. a lot of you want to walk out the door with a light layer,
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because still quite cool. if you are just rolling out of bed, left the window open last night, probably in the dollars how comfortable and refreshing it feels. storm scan basically all clear, couple of clouds in the south and west most suburbs. as the day goes on though generally sunny, but yes, turning up the heat. the daytime high will hit about 83, but the humidity doesn't really climb all that much. won't that be nice? slight breeze, this is one of those days you just make the most of. it will feel so nice outside. and warm. that said, come 5:00 p.m., early as 3:00 p.m., still up to 83 degrees, but as we mention, this is where it begins, the warming trend that's already been underway since yesterday, continues, and it is going to continue in full force the next few days, meisha, i'll let you know where we ends up peaking coming up. >> wonderful. sounds good to me, very good morning to you. happy friday. we made it to the ends of the work week, looking outside right now, looking great. take a look at this, 59 at cottman, see the sun starting to rise, beautiful sunrise out
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there. pack those sunglasses, not bad problem to have. schuylkill at belmont, looking here, taillights moving in the eastbound direction, headlights of course moving in the wean direction, lou being good there, as well, levels starting to starting to build. we do have more serious accident out there, i say serious, all lanes blocked in princeton new jersey route one northbound, right now at ridge road, right lane open. by the way there was fuel spill in the area, as well, then we do have some gas main repairs, happening route 206 at quaker road, and that should be lifting in the say next half hour or so. until then alternating lanes opening there. also, another accident, garden state parkway northbound before route 40, route 322, right lane compromised there. and a little bit more, we have one more accident, i think it might still be out there. yes, 422 westbound, the off ramp to limerick, linnfield, you can see you're traveling around 55-mile per hour, hopefully i can keep you there until the 6:00 hour, hopefully gets cleared out of your way i'll of course let you know as soon that is does. back to you. >> thank you. this morning, deadly police
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involved shooting in philadelphia's feltonville section is under investigation. >> the shooting happened last night at the intersection of whitaker and east hunting park avenue. police say an officer transporting witnesses noticed a dirt bike driving irradically. the officer pulled over to talk to the rider. but the encounter quickly escalated. >> as he approaches the male, the male starts to walk away from him. he grabs toward his waist, feels the gun. immediately draws his service weapon and tells the male not to pull it. according to the witness in the back seat, that male pulled away from the officer, and pulled that gun. >> now, police say the man was shot at least once, he later died at the hospital, investigators say, there is surveillance footage that shows part of the struggle, as standard procedure the officer involved in the shooting has been taken off the streets. >> well, overseas now, major power shift in britain and its impacting the local economy. brexit talks could be delayed after the country's conservative party lost its majority in the parliament. in the election the prime minister did call for, well,
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now there are calls to resubmit a step down which publicly refused to do. if she does resign after just 11 months in office, she would be the shortest serving prime minister in almost a century. >> and japan's parliament has passed historic law allowing to advocate. the 83 year old emporer will become the first monarch to row sign in 200 years, under the law just passed the application must take place within three years, his eldest son is next in line for the thrown. >> in business news this morning, more on how britain election results are impacting the market. >> money watch's hena daniels joins us live from the new york stock exchanges with the details plus a look at the futures. good morning, hena. >> good morning, guys, happy friday. in this country, invest remembers waiting to hear from fed policy makers next week, speculation, that the fed will raise interest rates boosted financial stocks. the dow jones rose eight points, the nasdaq added 24, hitting record high. >> the surprising results in the british election sent the
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british pound into a skid. the pound lost close to 2% before slight recovery. it biggest daily drop since january. british stocks were also down yesterday. a mid questions of how britain will go forward with its plan to leave the european union. today however stocks did open higher across the pounds. >> you may soon hear some of your favorite tunes playing while you shop at target. the retailer has been testing music in a handful of stores over the past two years. and hopes to expand it now as it attempts to separate itself from on line retailers. previously target was against music playing in stores, and in order to create, quote, distraction free shopping experience. and eating out for lunch may be swallowing up your potential savings. new visa survey shows americans fork over about $11 twice a week for lunch. that's just over $1,000 a year. which if you put in a investment account, earning
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6%, would be $88,000 in 30 years. so, guys, every dollar count. >> i'm actually surprised, now that i think, is a low number. >> eleven twice a week. >> i do too. >> i mean, maybe it is because you're in new york, we're philadelphia, if i watch people. i mean, i bring my lunch every day, you know me, i'm frugal, i'm retiring soon. >> good for you. >> i don't. >> you'll be working a long time. i have eight years and eight months and one day. thank you, hena. >> not that he's counting or anything, hena. all right, thank you. have a good weekend. >> take care. well, earlier this week, we told but this devastating house fire in bucks county. police have now arrested and charged abraham, accused every intentionally setting this house on fire. using illegal fireworks. flames engulfed the house on stevens road in morrisville, saturday morning. fortunately, the homeowner was able to escape the fire. investigators say they're still looking for more suspect in that case. >> following up on another fire, police still searching for the arsonist who set the
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fraternity house at rowan university on fire, on may 16, this fire was on hamilton road in glassboro, gloucester county. the fraternity has doubled it reward, now $4,000 for information leading to an arrest. fortunately, no one was hurt in this blaze either. >> well the victim of movie director roman's sexual assault 40 years ago, will appear for the first time in los angeles superior court today to ask the judge to end the long running case. now, the oscar winner has been a fugitive since he fled to france in 1978. on the eve of his sentencing, for having unlawful sex with a minor. samantha geiger, 13 at the time, has long supported plans for these effort to ends the legal saga. geiger received settlement from several years ago. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> that time of the week. cbs-3 summer fest makes its way to wilmington today. among the many things to see
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and do in the sit, the chance to take in great is show or concert. >> many venues have rich history. jan carabeo set the stage for us this morning, good morning, jan. >> rahel, jim, good morning. a long this two block stretch here in wilmington, delaware, there are three venues with 200,000 square feet of performance space. we start now with the grand opera house, it mission was actually created back in the 1800s, but that mission remains the same today. >> built to re certainly the paris opera house in the city of light, this is instead is wilmington, delaware, the grand opera house on north market street, has embraced performers, patrons alike, for 146 years. making it one of the ten oldest opera houses in the us, still in used to. >> it was built in the 18 70s, to put wilmington on the map, so wilmington could compete foray tension with philadelphia, and baltimore. >> with that in mind, outside the facade is from cast iron
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made to look like stone, inside mix of hard and soft. high above, watch over a house that fits a crowd of 1200 people. >> there is a real electricity in the room. artists love to play here. because this is the room that they look out into, as they're standing on stage. >> built in 1871, then renovated a century later to the tune of $5 million, the grand has attracted talent as wide ranking as the march king, annette he can berry moore of the famous berry moore family, to modern day act including tony bennett. >> he i perform in theatres all around the country. i can counted on one hand the ones that compared to this one in terms every beauty happen acoustics, located just couple of blocks from the grand, and 42 years later the playhouse, long lit of notables who performed there just as impressive. dupont company constructed the playhouse in rodney square in just 100 delays, broadway style theater built to attract world class performers, that could entertain employees and
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the entire community since 1913, the playhouse has turned into a training ground of sorts. >> shows moving to new york, to play on broadway, and also, primary touring spot for shows coming out every broadway. >> executive director mark fields, says, credited one of her performances here at the playhouse for launching her career, and next to the stage, the wall of fame. a running tally and autograph forum, whose who of talent, making stop in wilmington, delaware. >> back here at the grand now, this venue has three resident companies, ballet, opera, orchestra. right next-door is actually a third venue called the baby grand. stage for emerging artists. so there really is so much to see and do here in wilmington, delaware, among all three of these venues, for a full list of perform and cents, performers and plays coming not only this summer but when the season officially starts in the fall, visit our website at we're reporting live in
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wilmington, delaware this morning, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news," rahel, jim, back to you. >> thank if you. >> i've always loved that building. absolutely amazingment well our summer fest every fun continues later this morning, today on "eyewitness news," ukee, lauren, vittoria will be live at the wilmington greek festival at the holy trinity greek orthodox church starting on "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> up next: go behind the scenes of tom cruise's new movie the mummy. >> also ahead, an uber driver in chicago goes for a pretty long trip. eight hours, five states. >> what? >> finds out who he was taking and why they drove all the way to buffalo. >> and change of heart for taylor swift. we'll tell you why the berks county native is now allowing her music to be played on streaming site. remember that was a big story. we'll have it for you when we come back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> starting today, you heard that right, starting today, once again will be on spotify, pan door, a amazon. the star broke the news on instagram, to celebrate her
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albumn 1989 selling 10 million albumns. count it up. swift initially pull her muse frick spotify back in 2014 when 1989 was released. >> ♪ >> i got to tell but tomorrow cruz action pack movie, entertainment tonight's kevin frazier with the mummy. >> this week, tom cruise is back in action, pulling offer some incredible stunts. as he tries to stop an ancient source of evil from destroying the world in the mummy. >> you have no idea what you have unleashed. >> in the mummy, tom cruise place nick, guy who makes big mistake, removing the mummy's casket, awakening the sewer natural being inside kicking off a race to stop her from destroying the world. >> and for cruise, playing the knot so perfect good guy, was a bit of a change. >> you know, play a character like that, he is the character that the audience follows into this world, new world of gods and monsters. he's a funny guy.
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you know? bit of scaly wag, who find his humanity at the end, we don't want to give away the ending. >> one thing we can give away, how cruise continues to pull off the show stopping stunts, including the intense plane crash sequence which required 64 drops in a 0g plane, to get it right. >> i am feeling it when i do it. over two days, we did 16 in the morning, 16 in the afternoon, 64 total over two days, it was -- you're doing it, it is like okay, you know. also, just, physically draining doing that. you can't prepare for t you just got to get used to it, luckily i didn't get sick. i can't. i got to do these takes. i convinced everyone to do this. i can't be sitting in the corner going please, tap out. you know, i can't tap out. >> for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier, now, back
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to you in the studio. >> last shot reminds me when we run through the news room to get to the studio. >> maybe you. seventy-first tony awards, suddenly looks a lot like last year's, miranda, dominated broadway honors in 2016, scheduled to perform again this year along with other winners from last year. tony and owes car winner kevin spacey this year's host. uh-huh. and broadway fans can expect a lot of great performances, and maybe even few surprises, during this year's tony awards show. you can watch it all right here on cbs-3 this sunday night starting at 8:00. >> looking forward to it. >> when do you think hamilton's buzz going to die down? probably not any time soon. >> listen, cat played for 20 years, so, i mean? did you ever see cats? >> i know the songs of it. >> memories. >> please. >> still time for us to see hamilton. >> yes. >> yes, here's hoping. >> i know our trang do had a chance to see it i get on her birthday week. and she loved it.
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>> yes, of course. >> lucky her. getting ticket. >> we can all and little luck bye this weather. i'm feeling pretty happy, kate. >> i feeling lucky, good. because it is looking greatment lock at this beautiful sunrise, this is actually shot from our very own station headquarters this time facing east, obviously, since the sun is right in your line every site there. and we've got couple of clouds, granted, but all-in-all, beautiful weather expected today. it is a little warmer than it was yesterday, if you are a fan of the cool air, this isn't necessarily the forecast for you. it is starting to feel a lot more like summertime out there. but, with just few clouds, what beautiful views. you can ends up with, when it comes to the sunrise this time of year, and this time of dayment meanwhile the eyewitness weather watch he, couple every pretty shots just like. that will we start things off near gilbertsville, eileen murray sent in nothing but sunshine, she did sends beautiful picturement wanted to show that to you, again, similar idea here, where you have got these gorgeous colors, out there, on the morning sky, like a pastel painting out there. then we had another report
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that came in, little closer toward the shore, 50 degrees, this morning, definitely seeing some moderation, from the ocean water here in ocean view there is came from greg wood. he, too, finding more sun than anything, and it is beautiful, he said. yes, little cool for this time of year. the beautiful view he is talking about is this one. he sent this within the last couple every minute becomes ten, 11 minute or so ago, this is just beautiful. i love this shot. so, so pretty. with the sun just starting to pop over the tree line. let's switch it on back though, to the maps, take peak, storm system that obviously no long area concern, it is continuing its trek northeast. we however do have little line of showers, what scattered in nature, sort every sign every things to come for us. very weak front comes along early tomorrow morning. that's going to help trigger couple of showers, especially north of the city. i don't think you are talking wash out by any stretch. most of your weekend actually looks lovely. and it is about to get even hotter. but, that's one little blemish over the next few days that we have to talk b your health report definitely something we must talk about, as women. uv index you can imagine very
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high with more sun than anything, not quite at the point where we've got to talk about using caution when it comes to heat index, humidity still going to stay quite low. air quality, pollen levels, those could still bug you. so, keep it in minds. now that we get into the summer hopefully pollen isn't as much of an issue for if you you're an allergy sufferer, hottest days of the pack very obvious, will make it heatwave with three state days of zero nine or above, sunday through tuesday, meisha? >> a lot of water remembered. drink that water, and if you are walking around outside, that warm, you'll buy yourself one, get one for someone else. pass by someone and hand them bottle of water, something real nice that yke a louk at th. katie take a look at the shot. in delaware county, tell me that isn't cool? so this is from delaware county, this looks at center city, the sun went up through the clouds, and just kind of resting there. absolutely gorgeous. almost looks like it could be on a hollywood set. really cool. now, we did have tock about some problem spots we're seeing this morning, all morning long, which is a little odd, considering how nice it is outside.
5:52 am
in terms of the weather, but looking outside, we do have accident here, vehicle hit a deer, butler pike, germantown pike, roadblocked, those early hours in the darkness, deer come out by the way, kinds of residential area. you can just kind of softly tap on your horn there, and sometimes that will give the deer little heads up you are coming down the road. anyway, serious accident, princeton, new jersey, i say serious only because it was all lanes blocked, no longer, route one northbound ridge road, just the right lane block now. then we had gas main repairs hopefully the crews are kind of clearing out 206. another update coming up in the next ten minute. rahel, back over to you. you. what started as small lemonade stand has now grown into multi-million dollar fundraiser for childhood cancer research? army of volunteers worked for the 11th annual alex school telethon, record year for alex's lemonade stand foundation thanks to our partners, sponsors, all of that you were watching yesterday, the grand toll al reached record $6,545,474.
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thank you so very much for making it all possible. >> well, as we head into the break, here is the philadelphia boys choir and chorale. rehearsing for their annual concert this year. >> and you can see them in person there is sunday, at 4:00 at the kimmel center. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪ ♪
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>> on monday, cornerback needed to make 7:00 a.m. work out in buffalo, but his flight after a chicago lay over was canceled. this is where this man came in, got passenger request 11:00 sunday night turned out to be eight hour drive, through five states. >> i thought he meant buffalo grill suburb nearby chicago, so i wasn't expecting buffalo, new york. he said this is an emergency i have to be at buffalo. i'll take you where ever you want to go. you sure, we're going to buffalo new york, it is like eight hours, i'm like it is far. >> i just check, that's about 535 miles. the driver got right to practice with three minutes to spare, the fair $632, for all of his trouble, the uber driver got a tip of $300. lifim.
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>> oh, ya. >> welshing coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" your last chance to winfrey particular tote broadway show here in philadelphia, just listen for the word of the day. >> and show of solidarity from the girls soccer team that made national headlines after they were disqualified from tournament because people thought one every theirs place was a boy. was a boy. see what they're doing now you knew when you cast it they'd lock you up. but that didn't stop you. you traveled far and wide, and others followed. mothers, daughters, sisters, lions. and because together you roared so loud, i know my voice matters today. this summer, come celebrate new york state's equal rights history. download our guide to plan your trip. dear fellow citizen, hunting treasures with my daughter is wonderful. because before i'm ready, she'll be off to college. i want to help her pay her way there. like i do for my son.
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>> a family's grief turns to anger after a man is shot and killed by a philadelphia police officer, we're live with how authorities say this routine stop ended in gunfire. plus, this: >> britain's election ends in hung parliament. now, prime minister theresa may is facing calls for her resignation. >> i'm jane ferguson in london with the latest coming up. back here at home, we are heating up. the mercury on the rise, and katie lets us know when we could see first heatwave of the summer. >> today is friday, june 9, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> and i'm rahel solomon. >> katie, we've been invited to so many pool parties, going through all of the invite, so keep us up on twitter to we'll let you know which one we are making a appearance. and the weather beautiful,


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