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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 9, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> a family's grief turns to anger after a man is shot and killed by a philadelphia police officer, we're live with how authorities say this routine stop ended in gunfire. plus, this: >> britain's election ends in hung parliament. now, prime minister theresa may is facing calls for her resignation. >> i'm jane ferguson in london with the latest coming up. back here at home, we are heating up. the mercury on the rise, and katie lets us know when we could see first heatwave of the summer. >> today is friday, june 9, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> and i'm rahel solomon. >> katie, we've been invited to so many pool parties, going through all of the invite, so keep us up on twitter to we'll let you know which one we are making a appearance. and the weather beautiful,
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katie, but we've had string every accidents this morning. >> interesting. >> at least the weather does cooperate. the sun glare will get you. all-in-all, again, one of the problems you never complain about. it will ends up being such beautiful day. do keep in mind if you're traveling, the sun will be definitely, you know, smack you in the forehead. have your sunglasses ready to go. so storm scan quiet, little vale of cloud here and there, really helping to paint some very pretty colors across the early morning sky for us out there. looking at the area temperatures, they're actually kind of chilly again. you're down to 41 at this hour in mount pocono, 54 in philadelphia, and at 49 in atlantic city. so, ya, that warrant an extra layer, i would say, throughout the course of the day, with more sunshine than anything. we do begin to rebounds, very efficiently, than is just the beginning, folks. the daytime high 83 in philly with sunshine, but here is the other thing, it is actually comfortable. not going to see too much humidity, or not notice too much humidity. so really pleasant weather. down the shore, more sun than anything. you flirt with 80.
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that water still low 60s, up in the mountains more sun than anything for you the, at 74 degrees. but coming up, yes, again, just the beginning of where the heat starts to really build for the area, meisha. so i'll let you know whichter o. >> reminds me so much of the ars the kicker. looking outside, new jersey 42 t you are working with this morning beautiful weather freaks tend to be one of the lighter travel days, too. hopefully keep up at light levels through the 6:00 even. so cracking into the 6:00 what you're looking at, got bridge convention going on, talk about it in detail. >> accident, garden state parkway before route 40 or 322, right lane compromised there. we also have another one, 422 the off ram top limerick linnfield out there oue
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for little while. doesn't look like it is affecting speeds too much.lane . more to come in the next tent minute or so. >> jim, rahel, back to you. >> thank you shall meisha. cameras inside north philadelphia corner store, for clues after an argument mends gunfire. >> cho t oveead, 25th street and lehigh avenue last night. police say group of people there were inside a corner take out store just before 11:00 p.m. when argumen into a fistfight, spilling into the street, and that's when someone in the fight pulled out a gun and shot the victim in the head. >> there was about seven or eight people inside the store at the time, most of them were young adults, some male, some female. you can clearly see them involved in a fight. but we don't know what the motive for the fight is at this time. >> at last check the 18 year old victim still in critical condition. >> meanwhile, deadly police involved shooting during a traffic stop in north philadelphia is also under investigation this morning. >> "eyewitness news" reporter
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trang do, live tow scene in feltonville, with more on what led to this gown fire. good morning, trang. >> reporter: well, good morning, rahel, jim. police are working with a good deal of evidence in this case. they were able to get a surveillance video of part of the incident from this war here, also, able to talk to two witnesses, but of course, they're looking for more to help them piece this altogether. >> tensions ran high as family and friends of a man shot and killed by a police officer gathered at the scene of the shooting near the intersection of whitaker and hunting park avenues. police commissioner richard ross says just around 6:40, thursday night, 15th district officer was taking witnesses to the special victims unit, when he saw a man on a dirt bike riding irradically. the officer then pulled the man over. >> the male starts to walk away from him. the officer is in close proximity, he grabs toward his waist, feels the a gun, and the male's waistband, and presence cents against the gun. immediately draws his service
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weapon, and tells the male not to pull it. and he orders him not to pull it several times. >> a witness says the man did not comply. >> according to the witness, that the officer told him don't pull it out. don't pull it out. because the officer can clearly feel that it is a gun. and it is a gun. and, according to the witness, the male did, in fact, break away from the officer, and pull it out. and the officer immediately discharged. >> police say the officer continued to fire, as the man ran away. hitting him at least once, possibly twice. he was pronounced dead at temple hospital short time later. woman who identified herself as the man's grandmother, was stunned. >> he didn't bother nobody. he didn't bother nobody. >> surround vale cameras on nearby bar captured part of the incident on camera, as the man tried to run away. ross says what he saw was definitely concerning. >> being very candid, some video footage that shows some things that gives us pause. so right now we got a lot of work to do.
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>> and police say they did recover the man's handgun here at the scene. they have not identified the man who was killed. nor the police officer involved. but for now live in feltonville, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," rahel, jim, back to you. >> trang, thank you. >> reported sex assault involving teenage girl in frankford is also under investigation, 16 year old girl told police she was abducted last night at orthodox street and trenton avenue. the girl said three men wearing ski masks forced her into a vehicle and sexually assaulted her as abandoned property on folkrod street. the teen said she managed to escape and run to relative's home. so far no arrest haves been made. >> prosecutors in the bill cosby sexual assault trial are expected to read more today from decade old deposition cosby provided in a civil suit filed by his accuser. in that deposition, cosby admits giving quaaludes to women before having sex with them. the 79 year old cosby has said he will not take the stand during the trial. >> cosby faces charges that he
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drugged and sexually assaulted temple employee andrea constand at his montgomery county home back in 2004. a senior russian official is dismissing the the testimony of former fbi director james comey as inch suggest. comey said the russian investigation cost him his job before he appeared before the senate intelligence committee. he told lawmakers president trump pressured him and fire michael flynn, len launch campaign every lies to discredit him. >> i was fired in some way to change, or the end death err -- endeavor for change the way the russian investigate was being conducted. that's very big deal. >> the the administration then chose to defame me and more importantly the fbi. those were lies, plane and simple? i got fresh all of this that you're too long say now that while were you director president of the united states was not under investigation. is that a fair statement? >> that's correct. >> and president trump's personal attorney reacted saying that the president feels completely vindicated by
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comey's testimony. >> well, new this morning, the future of british prime minister theresa may is in question after her conservative party lost its majority in the parliament in the general election. the stunning lost could delay brexit talks. cbs news correspondent james ferguson outside of the houses of parliament in london with more. >> this morning, british prime minister theresa may is facing calls to step down. may's conservative party lost is parliamentary majority in a election she calls. >> at this time more than anything else, this comes to me with periods of stability. >> the stunning setback means the labor party's leader jeremy corbin has a chance to form a new government, and be the next prime minister. >> we are ready to do everything we can to put our program into operation. the arguments the conservative party put forwards in this election have lost, i think we need to change. >> if may resigns, after just 11 months in offers, she would be the shortest serving prime
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minister in almost a century. and the results of her political gamble could mean a delay to the start of britain's exit from the european union. >> i'm jane ferguson, cbs news, london. >> and a look at some of the british headlines today. we've just learned that prime minister may plans to visit buckingham palace today where she will ask the queen for permission to form a new minority government. that meet something set to take place in about an hour and a half. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, new string of texts are revealed during the trial after woman accused of encouraging her boyfriends to commit suicide. what they said, plus, see a video the teen recorded before he took his own life. also ahead: one family's warning to other parents about dry drowning. finds out how their four yield old son drowned almost a week after he went swimming. >> rather girl's soccer team got disqualified, because they thought the player was a boy? see what the girls are doing
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> beach weather, subject, topless sunbathing, woman's advocate asked the state supreme court to clarify maryland's law in the matter. parent say topless bathing isn't family friendly but police, they're adopt ago wait and see attitude. >> it is really based on the
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particular situation, and how it is presented. >> the beach is something that we're trying to incorporate as a family. it would turn our -- it would turn us away. we would just go elsewhere. >> all right, maryland one of several states with ambiguous laws on topless necessary. several cities do have laws allowing choice between tops or no tops. so we will sends it over to katie. i won't even ask you where you stand on that subject. >> oh,. >> i think we all agree this weather will be hot. >> no matter what your view on this, this is the kind of wet their will make you want to perhaps take your top off. it is going to get awfully warm outside. >> right now? >> what are you saying? >> i'm taking my top off right now. >> let's not fool everybody. but, so see what jim really looks like at the desk. live neighborhood network, shot overlooking center city, really pretty shot all-in-all. and the shakiness primarily coming from the bridge, this is being taken from, real a very light winds out there, at
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the moment, and we lock at storm scan3, very wide zoom, storm system lifting to the northeast, not going to have any impact on us for the rest of the day. we have low humidity, sort everyone indirect really nice impact that comes in from this. but there is also a frontal boundary, few showers already, sign of things to come over lower michigan. this would affect us into tomorrow morning. talk very quickly about the dew point. mentioned the humidity, very low, when you are talking dew points that are under 50, it is incredibly comfortable, plus the fact that the wind is very light, so, this is just going to be another awesome day, all-in-all, i don't think the dew point really climb much past the mid 50's at most, so, the lower the dew point, the drier the air, better the hair day, especially if the winds is light. headed up to the shore point, man, did you pick a good weekend. today looks awesome. saturday, sunday, all still looking absolutely fantastic. and we're going to flirt with zero nine even at the beaches on sunday. so where do we hit in the sit? here we go. ninety-two sunday, 393 apiece both monday and tuesday, yes, jim, sweating already. and looks like we could see
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shower or under this earl storm come late in the day tuesday at the earliest, all-in-all generally dry forecast, meisha. >> i don't know how people can't love it. so many people don't like the heat, i absolutely love it, i think everyone agrees except jim, i think you might be the only one. looking outside right now, the schuylkill at montgomery drive. both directions would say slowly are heating up now. we crack into the 6:00 hour, take a look, 95 at girard push in the southbound direction primarily where i am keeping my eye right now, looking busy, looking real busy, on 59, as you head toward center city. then the blue route, baltimore pike, headlights moving in the southbound direction, and looking good, i would say, hopefully ' can keep it there until 7:00 on a friday, that's possible. then we do have some accidents out there. one of them princeton new jersey route one northbound ridge road, fuel spill here, blocking the right lay, now just the right lane, also another 1422 westbound off ramp to limerick and linnfield. we do have third accident, garden state parkway northbound, for route 40, route 322, right lane
6:17 am
compromised there. and then we have some construction out there, we will be talking about there is coming up in the next ten minutes or so, rahel, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. >> this morning, defense attorneys will move to dismiss the involuntary manslaughter case against michelle carter. the young woman accused every encouraging her boyfriends to kill himself via text. meantime the prosecution released video found on the computer of her boyfriend conrad roy. >> created a monster out myself the past few years because of my depression. >> that video of roy shows apparent downward spiral, month before he took his own life, and police interview carter said she should have done more to help him. >> i was trying to get -- like i want him to go with me, and i should have done something sooner, but -- >> now the defense is argue that roy was already on a path to suicide and was entirely responsible for his own death. they also say carter's texts protected by free speech. roy died back in 2014 after filling his own truck with
6:18 am
carbon monoxide. >> texas family grieving the the loss of their young son after what doctors call dry drowning. i've never heard of this before. now the children's parent wasn't other to be aware. don champion with more on what parent should be on the look-out for. >> the delgato family is grieving the loss of their four year old son, frank i. >> he was full of life. >> almost a week after a family trip, his father called 911, because franky stopped breathing. doctors told him they found fluid in his lungs and around his heart. >> and it was caused by drowning. >> emergency room doctor, tom waters, from the cleveland clinic, says dry drowning, secondary drowning, can happen when a child gets sick, several hours after being submerged in water. a situation that can cause airwave muscles tomany. >> trying to breathe against the closed vocal cords which can lead to inflammation, swelling, fluid in the lungs. another possibility, they get just little bit of the flu i had into their lungs, they
6:19 am
recover, but then hours later that, again, causes inflammation, more fluid, respiratory distress. >> kids may experience abnormal breathing, coughing, become lethargic, orange tate dollars, while very rare, doctor watters says it is critical parent keep an eye out for symptoms. >> if you have any concern whatsoever, the best thicker on the side of caution, take the loved one to the emergency department. >> expert at drowning in general can happen in any kind of water, from the ocean, to the pool, to the bathtub. though caution is necessary, especially with young children. >> don champion, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> very sad there. well, the girls soccer team forced out of tournament when organizers thought one player a boy playing with the team again. >> not only playing this weekend but unveiled new sign of solidarity. the team is getting haircuts to resemble the short haircut worn by millie hernandez, league officials now insist the roster irregularity has the team benched, not
6:20 am
mistaking millie for a boy, but even so the team is rallying around millie. >> awesome. like nervous. when i woke up i was like oh, this is going to be gone today. i used to see them when their hair is long, then it will be short. >> now the girls say they were going to a salon after practice to spruce up their do's. they're rally cry short hair don't care. >> oh, that's right. that team is from nebraska, but that story has made national headlines this week, so good for millie and her whole team. short hair don't care. >> well, today is the last day we are giving away two free ticket to a popular broadway show right here in philadelphia. just listen for the words of the day. coming up. >> plus: what would you do if you saw this giant snake? your living room? do you sigh it thereby the chair? well, down south, they hands it will like a boss. we'll show you what we mean when we come back.
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>> the weekends is right around the corner. generally sunshine up our sleeves here for the weekend. not to mention big surge on the thermometer, 90's by sunday, but likely few showers that fire up, early tomorrow morning, and mainly north of the city just from a very weak front, that's going to clear on out of here leave us with sun for the rest of the weekends, guys? >> katie, thank you. now for a look at newspaper headlines. >> more than decade before drinking water supplies in bucks and montgomery counties were found to be contaminated by fire fighting foams, document obtained by the newspaper show that the foam makers and military were privately discussing and debating the dangers of those foams in that area. >> and the trentonian, dioces of trenton dropping plans to bring a catholic cemetery to a
6:25 am
rural section of hamilton. cemetery would have contained over 5500 plots and three mausoleums, but proposal narrowly rejected. the dioces now agreed sell the 18-acre farmlands property for $566,000. >> in the news journal, the delaware fpca has agreed sell it georgetown shelter to the brandywine valley spc a and reopen it flag ship stanton shelter to adoptable animals later this summer, the transition will involve roughly double the number every animals available tow georgetown facility. >> that's a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware val. >> i woman in north carolina is the latest internet star. >> yes, she was kind of a boss for the way she took on wayward snake that she discovered flit erring through her living room. >> a snake in the living room. you see, look at there. oh, ya. ah.
6:26 am
>> wow, i can't even watch this, she said yahoo. well, that's sunshine picking up that big old snake with a pillow case, no hesitation at all, where i guess this sort of thing is apparently common? >> i don't got snake soup in here. >> sometimes living in the country, ain't too cool. >> i love her. >> okay. >> so i guess you take the good with the bad living in the country. when sunshine isn't snake wrangling, she a tatoo artist? no hesitation at all. >> coming up in the next half hour every "eyewitness news," how londoners are reacting to the results of uk election. >> plus, fiery crash after dangerous chase in new jersey, what happened after the crash, could cause some police officers their jobs. see the controversial video next. jan? >> rahel, jim, good morning. summer fest brings us to wilmington, delaware this week. i'm jan carabeo, reporting live this morning, at the
6:27 am
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>> here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute today, june the ninth. >> 1234 are. >> family and friends gather at the shooting. police have a lot of evidence to work with in this case. >> being very candid, some video footage that shows her things that gives us pause. >> prime minister theresa may facing calls for her resignation. >> your generosity set new record for alex scott stand for hope. >> $653,280,073. >> oh!
6:32 am
>> wait, was that a leisure right? >> i think it was. same audition for james bond. >> i'll go with david beckham. cathy the forecast turning up the heat. can we just talk for a second leisure suits two, days in a row? >> yes, doesn't feel like it is necessary to me. i don't know. >> not even that one time. >> yes, in case you missed it yesterday, jim should divulge to the masses that he had, what was it, russ colored with lime green? >> well, russ colored suit with lime green shirt. >> that's horrible, jim. common? >> it was a great outfit. >> no, it was not. >> it was not. >> it was the 70s. >> those color never went together, not even in the 70s. >> you've got to get that picture, though. >> i think my mom still has it. >> real big laugh at your expense. you need to go find. that will let's talk about the weather, though, man do i
6:33 am
come wearing nice weather news. today looks lick gem, sunshine, couple of clouds surgeon out there. we will stay mainly sunny today. feels comfortable outside. you may still noticed i am wearing a jacket. many want to walk out the door again with a ex interest layer. today ends up being milder than it was yesterday, little above average. eventually hit about 83 degrees, but here's where we're coming from, mid and even upper 40's, from allentown, to mount pocono, parts of the pinelands, even the shore points, you'll need a sweatshirt if you're going to take the leisurely walk on the boardwalk here this morning, returning i you, i'm so jealous of you. looking forward being some of the kids still in school. also as though they'll have perfect recess weather for the ride home, 83 degrees on the school bus, be sure to remind them to bring that sweatshirt home with them. they'll not be needing it, might night it in the locker otherwise. looking ahead just the beginning like we've been talking about all week long, heat, humidity, ramp up. that starts this weekend. we're going to have several days, meisha, in the 90s, i'll let you know which oncely
6:34 am
little err on. >> like you were saying, heatwave, katie many thank you. i'm happy about that, i know not everybody is, what you will like, so far morning commute actually pretty nice. it is starting to heat up just little bit right now. the accidents we were seeing earlier, some of which are moving out of our way, couple still out there. tail light eastbound direction, past conshohocken curve. kind of beautiful shot here, although, reminder as well, if you see that sun that we will need to pack our sunglasses, with us, not a bad problem to have. vine closed overnight for construction now since cleared out of the wayment looking right now you can see moving in the westbound and eastbound direction, looking pretty good. then also talking about some construction this morning, in delaware, so 459 southbound the onramp from edgemore road closed between 7:00 a.m., 7:00 . then 495 southbound between edge moved road and terminal avenue two, left lanes closed until 5:00 p.m. so just heads up on that. also, we've got this american cancer society bikathon going on. so, the cool thing, they are traveling from fill toy atlantic sit ill, your alternates for this, going to
6:35 am
be the walt whitman bridge, betsy ross, patco is not affected, and the pedestrian walkway is also not affected with the ben franklin bridge closed sunday six al to 8:00 a.m. >> deadly police involved shooting in philadelphia's feltonville section is under vehicles. the shooting happened last night, at the intersection of whitaker and east hunting park avenue. police say an officer transporting witnesses noticed dirt bike driving irradically. now the officer pulled over to talk to the rider but the encounter quickly escalated. >> as he approaches the male, the male starts to walk away from him. immediately draws his service weapon, tells the male not to pull t cords to the witness in the back seat, that male pulled away from the officer, and pulled that gun. >> he later died at the hospital. surveillance video shows the man running away from the officer when at least one shot was fired, standard procedure, the officer involved in the shooting has been taken off
6:36 am
the streets. >> update to story we covered earlier this week, police in bucks county make arrest in house fire they say was intentionally set using illegal fireworks. flames engulf this house on stevens road in morrisville saturday morning. prosecuters charge abraham kit a and more arrests expected. thankfully no one was hurt. authorities will re lows more details about this arrest later today. >> meanwhile, another house fire update. a fraternity at rowan university has doubled its rewards to $4,000. they're asking for information leading to the arrest of arsonist who torched the fraternity house. this was on hamilton road glassboro gloucester county back on may 16. three people inside it home at the time escaped the flames. >> wild street chase ends in fiery crash, police try to pull the car over, but it took off, during the pursuit, police fired several shots. the car then crashed into utility pole taking another vehicle with it. the flames from the resulting downed electrical wires, video appears to show the officer
6:37 am
kicking an innocent bystander who was hit by the car. the city's mayor now want those officers to be fired. >> overseas now, british prime minister theresa may's gamble on calling early election backfires with her party losing its majority in the parliament. the stunning result, those british politics, went into chaos, leave the european union in dis a ray. election also have economic impact with losing more than two sent against the dollar. >> bit after mess. kind of hoping it would just go the way that it would. and we could have a quiet life in westminster. but no. >> and take a look, mayhem and shock, how some uk papers reacting to the result. also learned prime minister may plans to visit a buckingham palace today where she will ask the queen for permission to form new minority government. >> well, alex scott's stand for hope is living on. >> yes, yesterday here at our studios we held our 11th annual telethon benefitting alex's lemon
6:38 am
stayed stands foundation, record break day in the fight against childhood cancer. how about this? we had army of volunteers working the phones. taking in a lot of your donations, and honoring the memory of alex scott, the little girl who started it all. >> billing thanks to our partners, sponsors, and of course you the viewers. our grand at the time al from this amazing day $6,545,574. that is a new records. obviously, we couldn't have done it without you. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> still celebrating that huge total. cbs-3 also celebrating summer fest, wilmington, this weekend, celebrating its 42nd year. >> forty-two years from delicious food to festive music, plenty every great traditions, jan carabeo live this morning in wilmington with a preview. good morning, jan. >> jim, rahel, good morning,
6:39 am
that's right, summer fest brings us to the beautiful wilmington, delaware north groom street outside you mentioned holy trinity greek orthodox church for the greek festival, more than four decades running now, one of the reasons, because you got great community here, great organizers, here to tell us a little bit more about it, it is a huge event, you expect 30 to 40,000 people every year. >> we do. and the support that we received from the greater wilmington community has been awesome over the years. grown from small food festival, into a huge community event. and we're really thankful for that. >> so what's it take to feed and entertain? >> volunteers, young and old, starting in january to start all of the logistics of organizing, food ordering, getting everything ready so we can open our doors, and welcome everyone to enjoy little piece, taste of greece, here in wilmington. >> run down the menu then. >> oh, we are talking wide variety of traditional greek favorite foods, traditional
6:40 am
greek pastries, we run the gahm the. so it is a wonderful and undertaking where we're all really happy to welcome everyone into our church. >> so we start feeding people here around 11:00 a.m. is that how it works? >> open our dining hall 11:00 a.m., and take out foods. we have curbside take out, people can go on line to our website, greek fest, order on line, pull up, we will bring your order right to your car, have little something different for lunch. then we roll into the evening, around 4:30, our outdoor boots open, all open up, our band start playing, people start dancing around 6:00. again, it is going to be a little taste after greek village here in wilmington. >> that's right, little taste of the old country. you mentioned dancing, music, that's this evening, and tomorrow, as well. >> that's right. >> who are performing? >> our youth groups are performing. we have kids small as three and four years old, all the way up to the teen and dance group. so they'll be perform being traditional greek dances and traditional greek costume. we have a band, out of upper
6:41 am
darby performing, everyone gets up and dance. >> we want to mention it all benefit, very deep greek root ties. >> greek community traces back more than 100 years, before there was a church, the greek community met on top after storefront downtown in market street. it is a very old community, traditions continue. >> everyone for the greek festival, and you know what, my job wouldn't be done, unless i make the anchors very jealous, back there in the studio. what better than this for breakfast, you guys? >> i used to live above greek restaurant when lived in ohio in columbus. >> yes? >> yes, amazing. >> did it always make you hungry? >> yes. i would walk in the back door, pick up my food, go out the back door and upstairs to my apartment. >> hopefully january will bring some back. jan, i thought we were better than there is i thought we were here, we were good.
6:42 am
>> we're here. i'm bring some back. >> thank you, jan. >> and our summer fest fun continues later today, on "eyewitness news," ukee, lauren, vittoria, all live at the wilmington greek festival, that's a fully trinity greek orthodox church starting on "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> coming up: you know, yes, i'm telling you, good food, you know texting and driving is bad. but texting and walking, can be just as dangerous. maybe if this woman put down her phone she wouldn't have take then nasty fall. we'll update you on how she is doing. >> and a billboard on the schuylkill expressway getting a lot of attention. it asks: is the earth actually flat? >> could be. >> well, hear what people are saying. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> she is singing in the backgrounds. and who doesn't know this hit from the broadway show annie? so, how did you like to see
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> take a look at this. it is the viral video that everyone is talking about, a woman walking down a street, in plane field, new jersey, took a plunge, while she was looking down at her cell phone. >> yes, surveillance videos shows the 67 year old woman flipping over one of the open doors after sidewalk cellar, a pse&g crew was doing some work when the woman flipped head first into the basement, 6 feet down. moments later fire crews arrived, pulling her out of the basement on stretcher. that will woman now recovering from serious injuries. cautionary tail there. >> new billboards in town catching a lot of attention. >> want you to research the possibility that the earth is actually flat.
6:47 am
>> the digital sign sits high above the schuylkill expressway, a member of the infinite plane society movement paid $900 to get the message out. members of the society say our plan set flat. we asked the expert to weigh in, of course. >> if you go back as far as 3:30bc, the greek mitome tis cents figured out the earth is rounds. simply by looking at the angle of shadows, in different places on the surface of the planet. >> i never questioned derrick pit, he's always right. so some flat earth believers say that the nasa pictures that show curved earth are actually fake, however, astronomers tell us they have zero doubt, yes, zero doubt, that the earth is rounds. >> katie, isn't there a story about columbus, who thought that when he would travel, when woe sale, woe fall off the face of the earth? >> that was the belief. i believe he was -- was he one that thought the earth was round?
6:48 am
>> yes, we have to go refresh our sixth grade social studies. >> in 1492 -- >> right, sailed the ocean blew, then what happened? and why did he go? >> my mom is probably just like ugh, come on, you know better than this. she is a social studies teacher. let's look at the eyewitness weather watchers, cool conditions this morning, let me know when we hear any tweets about that, guys, because i'm sure people are already on the computers to let us know. all right, so we have some real cool conditions. as i mentioned, 49 degrees comes in this morning from dolores, has a little bit of cloud cover out there. little vale of it pushing through here, and she sent us picture just to show the very thing. i would say more blue skies than anything. but, there are some clouds out in her shot. she took this one facing pest. -- west. meanwhile further off to the north, 45 degrees comes in from marty this morning, more than anything sunshine. up in the chalfont area. and at cool 45 degrees, despite that, full sunshine, yes, you will love to walk out the door light layer for sure. want to take you one more, 49,
6:49 am
from william this morning, levittown,'s got some clouds, as well, but virtually no wind to speak of. as we switch it back over to storm scan3 to show you what's up, not too much going on locally, here is the little batch of clouds we were just talking about, also, off to the west, you do have little bit of clouds, or rather, a shower activity working through lower michigan. that's sign whatever we ends up with tomorrow in the morning. where we ends up with couple of showers to start the day from a very weak front. that's really the only part that we have to worry about. then the rest of the weekends looks great. moving forward, the humidity up on you. so it will begin to feel heck of a lot more like the dog days every summer looking forward. we have three straight days in idth 90s all three of these days, sunday through tuesday, at least flirt with record territory. the number to beat all three days actually 95. years, but you're obviously two, 3 degrees shy of both of those, all three of those, over that span. maybe shower or storm late in the day tuesday meisha. but otherwise just going to see sun. >> yes, man,
6:50 am
be steamy. buy that bottle of water and buy two,se. looking outside, thank you, katie, looking outside because of the gorgeous w,mute this morning. although, i will say we started off with kind of string of actions now many overlooking chesterbrook. route 202, taillights northbound direction at route 252, looking good in both we tak peak, yikes, looking busy as you travel in the southbound direction toward cenetsy ross b. give yourself couple. extra minutes there, plus pull your attention this there is gas main repairs here at route 206. right now 206, it is closed, between quaker road and carter road. pike, americans err road, route one, and, also, we do have an accident, as well, the garden state parkway.den state parkway northbound before route 40, route 322, that right lane is compromised right now. andhe you. the american cancer society bikathon, happening, this weekend, so the ben franklin ge sunday,
6:51 am
between 6:00 a.m., and 8:00 a.m. you will will have to use walt whitman bridge, betsy ross and of course, patco, so looking okay, right now on the ben franklin bridge, looking at live picture little bit ago moving in the westbound direction for those every in you jersey traveling westbound into center city. so the ben franklin bridge right now live. looking at live outside, actually looking good. you can actually see thelow, aln showing you that you are still traveling at posted speeds. but, just a heads up. that bikathon for those of you who maybe haven't heard of it,vy travel from philly to atlantic city. and as well remember those alternates probably going to construction 495. 495 southbound, on ramp from edgemore road closed, between seven a.m. and 7:00 p.m. more to come in about ten minutes. jim, rahel, back to you. >> thank you, so very much, meisha. we appreciate t broadway bestt for the 2017 tony awards airs here at 8:00 on cbs-3.
6:52 am
>> so when it comes to tony trivia, how much do you know about this year's show in director of programming and presentations at the kimmel center hooter test our knowledge this morning. god moing, so exactly what does it take to be a voter for the tennis in. >> well, because working for broadway philadelphia and the kimmel center we present many weeks of broadway here in get ue one qualified voter. i get to be that person. and we -- i saw 37 shows on broadway, all 37 shows that opened this year. so quite an amazing year tore plays, musicals, everything on broadway. >> what do you look for? >> look for that has the little extra. so many people on broadway, great directors, designers, performers, but the show that sort of moves you, sort of makes you laugh so much, or cry, or just make you wantju toe theater and see something that changes you as much as it can. >> sounds good. so let's talk about some >> okay, here goes guys, ready? first this tony
6:53 am
nominated musical one of the tony nominated movie, 1993 movie starring bill murray. there is a rodent involved. >> caddy shack. >> ratatui. >> number two, another tony mus, teenager having some issues maybe some self doubt, struggling to fit in. this is big pop hit, also written by the guys who wrote or lala lands. how you start a letter. >> like deer >> good one. >> top hit, 1812, 12 nominations, all the different nomination action there is nomir the show, leading actor in musical. he will raise you up. >> oh,. >> jh >> yes. >> got it, meisha. meisha and i sing that all the time. ♪ >> we raise you up ♪
6:54 am
>> jim, and this tony nominated actor, the 71st tony nominations. >> yes. >> very good. >> very good. >> this is great stuff. >> yes. >> well always great when thee broadways shows make their wayht are the shows that are scheduled this season? >> well, we will open our season, we have boots coming back, family of the opera, and our season starts in november, with finding never lands. and then we also have the color puppet. we have great selection, we have on your estefan story, andrew school of rock, waitress, really awesome. >> this year, guaranteed for your tickets, 17-18 season, new for 18-19, guaranteed your tickets for hamilton. >> i don't know if you realize there is i am a theater star, in cherry hill west. >> oh, i think everyone knows that, jim. i mean, actually, you know, i didn't get to see it but i
6:55 am
think would you have been nominated. >> absolutely. well, thank you, we do appreciate it, you know "eyewitness news" this morning has been counting down, to the tony awards all week long. >> that's right. each night we've given away two free tickets to popular show in philadelphia, today is your last chance, all do you have do is listen for the word of the day. okay, here we go. today we are giving away two free ticket to annie at the wall street theater, the show runs november 7th to january 18th, of 2018. >> the secret words is andrea, as in philadelphia's own andrea, lovely woman, met her recently, or originated the role of ann any broadway in 1977. became the youngest performer ever to be nominated for a tony award at the time. so, go to cbs philly right now., and enter the word andrea for your chance to win. >> and of course, don't forget, you can watch the 71st e is sunday night at 8:00 p.m. right here on cbs-3. >> i'll sink for francis. we will be right back.
6:56 am
>> thank you. at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event.
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event. >> break out the bermuda, flip flops, about to get real hot. >> cbs this morning is next. >> have a great and wonderful
7:00 am
weekend. we'll see you monday. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, june 9th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." president donald trump faces a battle of creditability with fired fbi director james comey. he launches attacks on twitter after comey told congress mr. trump is a liar. and theresa may struggling to stay in power. her risky gamble election backfired overnight. we're 120 feet below ground in coal country with a brand-new mine one small town is counting on. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds.


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