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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  June 10, 2017 2:07am-2:37am EDT

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the prosecution rests in in bill cosby sexual assault trial. what the jury heard about his encounter with andrea constand.
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not really in shock. >>athe in i natasha from the victim's father in the deadlyandria hoff is live at police headquarters, she's g alex? >> reporter: natasha, the manas family as 30-year-old david jones, his h heard about the incident on the radio. he thought the whole thing was a shame but nagined they were talt his son. >> i lov sad that this happened. >> reporter: this is a father nost i disappointment. not one ready to point blame over his s shooting death. shock, you really mad but just with, just can't believe it like
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us. >> reporter: thomas j30-year-ol worked as a truck driveril haul him back to the area every few weeks. on this trip home, he ready to dirt bike >> we said that was a good thing because the dirtebl >> reporter: it was that bike and witness accounts of it being driven recklessly that led a 7:00 p.m. thursday at the intersection hunting park avenue. that confrontation led to a weapon being found and according to police commissioner richard ross, >> he looked the guy in the face and sit don't do it >> jones then pulled out the gun after being ordered not to. after clearing his gun, the officer fired. according to police, jones was hit at least once while running away. died at the hospital >> he tells me everything. but never said he had a gun or
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anything. >> reporter: police will continue to comey surveillance footage from the scene to determine if shooting jones as he fled was justified >> there's always a joking laughing type. >> reporter: david got married just four months ago. now, the officer involved in the shooting has been taken off the street as this investigation proceeds. reporting live from police headquarters, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." thank you also today, president trump responded to the bombshell testimony james comey gave to the senate intelligence committee. during a news conference with his romaineian counterpart at the white house, the president accused the fired fbi director of giving untrue testimony about their conversations and the russia investigation. president trump said he is willing to share his own version of events under oath and comey totally vindicated him. >> no collusion, no obstruction,
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he's a leaker >> would you be willing to speak under oath. >> 100% >> are there tapes? >> you're going to be disappointed when you hear the answer. don't worry. >> the president said he would soon reveal whether or not there are tapes of his conversations with comey. a spokesman for bill cosby says the comedian may in fact take the stand at a sexual assault trial. this is video of cosby walking into court today. it's day five of the trial. cosby spokesman andrew whity dropped surprising news on the courthouse steps when he announced the possibility of himself taking the stand. the prosecution finished its case. the defense will take over monday morning. practice some feel is taboo, office romances like some relationships the issue is complicated. greg argos is here with more on what companies are doing about this, you know, court ship >> it's interesting, natasha most companies have a formal policy outlining what happens if two employees start a
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relationship. the purpose is to protect both the workers and the company. but tonight, one company's informal policy regarding office hook-ups is getting a lot of attention >> you probably spent at least 40 hours a week with them. your coworkers, monday through friday, the work grind. but would you ever date your desk mate >> no. >> no. >> no, no >> we break up and i got to look at him >> not really a relationship but maybe a little thing. >> you don't want to mix business with pleasure >> a 2013 e-mail to employees by travis, uber ceo seems to do just that, laying out the sex rules for the right share company staff on an upcoming corporate trip >> seems kind of aggressive >> the e-mail is getting attention because of an investigation into corporate misbehavior, titled urgent read this now or else instructs employees not to have sex with each other unless both parties have permission, also warns staff not to throw large kegs
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off of tall buildings >> if google said this everybody would be freaking out >> jonathan rose now said despite the e-mail, it's important companies have structured plans for employee relations >> you want to make sure from all positions you're not doing anything that could place your job in jeopardy, that could place your company me jeopardy. >> he says not having a professional policy is a recipe for disaster >> a hostile work environment, sexual harassment >> or awkward conversations >> you want to ignore the person >> you wouldn't do it again. >> no. no: definitely not, no. >> definitely not. >> the attorney we spoke with says the bottom line here is to try to separate work life with personal life and if both are co mingled make sure you fully understand your company's policy on inter-office relationships. >> good to know. >> good to know. thank you so much. we appreciate that. . awayer learning more about
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the plans for the former taj mahal casino in atlantic city. hard rock bought the building in march for $50 million. a wish list submitted to regulators suggest there will be pool side and restaurant gambling skills slots and fantasy sports betsing. the company said there are plans for new slot products not currently available in new jersey. the casino should reopen next summer. every friday this summer we're hitting the road for summerfest to highlight the great events happening and the celebration is continuing tonight in wilmington, it's been going on all day. ukee washington has been out there. he's been chatting it up. eating. the holly trinity greek festival is the place to be. i understand you got musical skills, i know you sing but there's more. right? >> natasha, we will get to that in a matter of moments. hang on. >> i'm excited. >> we'll show you a little something. show you. it has been great friday in
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wilmington delaware, this is my first greek festival. they've been doing this 42 years. we have we had to come. let me show you the highlights. summerfest continues in the state known as a small wonder, the state of first and place where a theater music and the arts collide, what was toured theaters, talked history and explored the community created by growth orthodox church. we are live at holly trinity with the largest greek festival has one day to go. people come here from all walks of life. cbs3 is here, tori is here, lauren casey is here, crews behind the scenes, we've had a great day, eating. we've been. i think -- saturday? >> there we go >> it's a fried -- it's basically, it's almost like a
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don't the, and it's -- at honey ball and it's fried dough >> ukee can get >> that's for sure, and also, you know what else i had a few of? well, one to 19, grape leaves. grape leaves. and these grape leaves are hand made here, they make 10,000 of them plus. and i actually got to get in there and hand roll them along with a friend of mine. >> i love it >> let's take a look. >> here we go. >> on this picture perfect day, the sound of music filled the outside of greek orthodox church. where tons of vendors with hand painted items and what couldn't be missed with the smell of every authentic savory and sweet
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delicacy covering every inch of folding tables. but there was one favorite i got to try my hand at, rolled grape leafs. >> the traditional way and the way you see mostly in grease is the blend we have here which a soft white rice with a ground beef. you can buy them at any grocery store. california grape leafs and what you look for a is good size. i'm going to grab the mixture. you want to grab a little amount. kind of put it in the middle. you want to get to a log shape like a tootsie roll. yours is much better. >> i think mine does look a little bit better >> i think i'm fire >> after soaked in chicken broth and olive oil, they're baked and come out >> like this. >> very good. >> i'm now happy now addicted.
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>> i mean everyone is greek. take a look. he's been working the fryer the whole night and you can't see her. i'm going to take a bite >> you take a bite, lauren, it's your turn. we're i'm going to eat some of thes these. >> make sure you save me some. >> we will, we will. at beautiful evening that we've had so far for all of tonight's festivities. we'll hang out with the mobile weather watcher, dancing, singing and earlier we got a baseball on over at the baseball stadium. the blue rock had game tonight taking on the astros everyone was enjoying the conditions and william talk more about the forecast and what to expect for
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the upcoming weekend in a few. >> thank you so much. we're just getting started here at the greek festival folks are leaving but we're going to stay for awhile. so much more to tell you about including greek music. see what happens when, yeah, i take a shot at playing with the band. and the phillies aren't the only baseball team in town, we'll show you the big treat for fans tonight at the blue run game here in wilmington over at the
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♪. the customs are authentic and the dedication is more than real. this group of dancers entertained all year round, that includes dance competitions the dancing was too advanced for me but i did have a chance to get the ban back together. ♪ >> fun to dance greek and even if you're not greek, it's still fun. ♪ >> it's about fun. it's about passion. it's about laughter the about dancing, eating, celebrating,
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everything you do it >> having fun, play better, from the bottom of my heart, i love it. everyone has a good time >> is there any possibility that i can do something with the band? i got a little musical background >> what do you want? >> i can stand and like stand -- i can fake it though. ♪ . ♪ . >> truth be told, it's all about air guitar for me, can't play a note. and as the band allowed me to stay, yes, it was all greek to me. yes, it certainly was. i tried my fingers still hurting from playing air guitar and lauren casey, the air was absolutely perfect. you came through. >> so great. mother nature has been
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cooperative with summerfest over the last few fridays. a gorgeous evening after a cool and cloudy week but really not a cloud in the sky, the beautiful full moon, don't need a jacket. last night i had a jacket and a couple of layers, tonight just a t-shirt feeling great. it was a beautiful evening for the greek festival in wilmington and it was also a great evening for the baseball game over at the stadium, we were there for the 5 and 6, what a beautiful venue, the stadium is on the wilmington river front, the blue rocks took on the as stereos and after the game endeded there was a big treat for the fans. yeah, dazzling fireworks display lit up the sky tonight and what way to usher in the weekend. summer finally returned and temperatures are so mild. many of our temperatures right now are still warmer than our high temperatures from
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yesterday. we're going to continue to heat things up as we head to the upcoming weekend. temperatures right now generally still in the 70's at many reporting sites, 71 in philadelphia. 70 in wilmington. 68 in allentown, hanging on to near 70 in atlantic city. stormscan 3 showing us the friend and that was a bunch of nothing, blue skies cumulus cloud, simmerry looking sky and i think all of us enjoyed that dose of vitamin d, mile dropping back to 65 degrees and for our saturday, to yours jump up once again, we do have a chance of see a stray morning shower, sunshine will take over our skies quickly as we head into the afternoon hours. high temperatures topping at 87 and the big warmup continues as we head into the upcoming weekend after needing the extra blankets and layers. we're going to be cranking ac,
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the record is 95 we'll be at 93 on monday and tuesday and still near 90 by next wednesday. for best place to be, we got the summer like heat settling in. check out this shore cast, beautiful conditions for the beach, be sure to lather up plenty of that is, pf. 80's for our day tomorrow, sunday looking good, more sunshine if you're lucky enough to have monday off at 82. we have a heat wave likely in the city three days of consecutive 90 degree temperature, as we head to early next week and keeping conditions warm as we head into the upcoming week as well, high temperatures still in the middle 80's as we head to next week, after dealing with the cooler than average conditions finally feeling like summer and yes, so much fun was had at the greek festival. i got some waiting over there
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for me i need to try. i don't think i ever tried it before, i'm pretty excited. i definitely had a euro. maybe two. there was a chicken one and a pork i felt like any needed to sample both. you know? ♪
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having fun, no score them to joseph at the plate, michael walk double earlier scores's the phillies take the lead.
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later on we have erin altherr going the opposite way, tommy joseph able to score and it's 2-0, quickly raise the phillies lead, jericho with the rbi single. and that's going to tie up the game. we head to the fifth and diaz going to take the pitch over the wall in left center with the solo homer phillies losing streak is now 3-2 is final. flyers locked up one of their young defensive men, shane gostisbehere worth $274 and a h second highest behind andug ped little bit of a break on the final day of ota instead of practice they played paint ball. a exercise they headed out to the field tuesday for a three-day mandatory mini camp
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this will be doug's second season as the headcoach in his rookie went seven and nine and missed the playoffs. doug was asked what needs to changes that you season? >> i don't think a lot has to be changed. i think things had can be better. i think you can just approve upon what we've done. that's one of the things as coaches that we look at in the off season, how can we better ourselves from a schematic standpoint and obviously better on ourses from a coaching standpoint, that comes down to studying our offense and defense >> they head on up to the poconos raceway for the poconos 400, kyle busch turned the fastest laps, started for the they should time, he's never won the checkered flag. he's hoping the third time will be the charm. last career his older brother kirt won the race. i feel like he's been
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♪ welcome back, the irban league of philadelphia has a new leader, the organization held its annual empowerment dinner in center city philadelphia. andrea custis was introduced, she is a retired verizon executive. the urban league is devoted to empowering african-americans to achieve economic cal and social
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. let's check summerfest in wilmington wrapping things up >> as you can see behind us a little bit, tables, they were packed. not too long ago. >> i'd be afraid >> i know. everybody is moving on with one more day tomorrow, wilmington delaware, come down when you get a chance, from center city, it's
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only like 40, 45 minutes, ladies did you have fun >> i had so much fun and ate so much food >> and shopped >> i don't know how much i dropped on those hand made bowls but the food and the people, hopitality, the greeks know how to do it. that's for sure. i know you asked me for fun but all i have is paper clips >> that's good. felt that way, i was left out to dry. >> we're going to do it again next week hope you can join it summerfest celebration continues we'll broadcast from ambler from the arts and music festival and we'll show you everything that town has to offer next friday here on "eyewitness news." on behalf of these lovely ladies our try crew behind the scenes as well that did an excellent job. thank you so much everybody for joining us. we'll see have a fanatic weekend. natasha back to you >> great stuff you guys.
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morning team is back with you starting at 5:00 a.m. and lesley and all of our team in wilmington, i'm natasha. the late show with steven colbert is next. have great night. everyone. alex paen: kidnappings, family abductions, runaways. right now, we need your help to locate the many children and adults who are missing. [captioning made possible by telco productions, inc.] thanks for joining us. i'm alex pae


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