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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 10, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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(all with worry-free ownership. colors in your neighborhood... head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one. >> my this morning, police investigate a possible robbery, that ends with two men stabbed, in the lawncrest section of the city.
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>> i just still like a.m. in shock, not really mad, but, just, you know, just in shock. >> a father in mourning, speaks out to "eyewitness news," after his son is killed during a confrontation with police. >> and temperatures are on the rise today. we've got a big warm up ahead. this weekend. >> today is saturday, june 10th, good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. warm today, down right hot tomorrow, let's get right over to meteorologist, matt peterson with the eyewitness forecast. good saturday morning, matt. let's talk today, first, looking pretty nice, right? >> it is. >> this afternoon will be great. we have to get through this morning first which has few light showers out there. but mostly, they're out to the west, at this point, but they are there. it will remain that way, for at least the next couple of hours or so. just keep an eye out, if you do see shower, push through, don't be surprised. it will be very light. it is going to not be widespread rain. it is going to be hit and miss showers, kind of here and there, and it looked as though
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we're going to be seeing the better chance for these showers to be north of the city. so if you're up in the poconos, up in the lehigh valley, that's where you will be seeing the showers here this morning, reading few light sprinkles out there, allentown, now starting to casino every get in on the action, little bit, as well. see lehigh, back toward lanceford, mount pocono, all very, very light though. maybe a few just around the grenitch area, few areas where we could get little more call it moderate rainfall, but probably not moderate rainfall at this point. all relatively light. we did are have small cell again on the light to possibly close to moderate side around the lancaster, lebanon area. headed along the turnpike, that's pretty much all fallen apart, just few light sprinkles out there out in lancaster county. temperatures for us right now, seeing that north, or excuse me, southwesterly wind. that's going to stay out there all day, keeping temperatures up, sitting at six an in philly, 63 in trenton, six's down toward atlantic city and wildwood.
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sixty-one millville. you get a look at the 24 hour temperature change, ten to 15 degrees warmer, jan, trend continues into the afternoon. we are talking 90s to wrap the weekends up in just a little bit. >> okay, thank you, matt. now 6:03, time to check the roads. let's go over to amanda mueller at the cbs-3 traffic center. morning, amanda. >> morning, jan. we are dealing with pretty big problem right now on i95 northbound, near cottman avenue. the accident had both right lanes blocked, but we just heard that that's now on the side of the road. it is no surprise that that was causing quite the mess earlier this morning. the good news is that the rest of your majors look like they're running along at speed. some more good news on 95. ninety-five southbound, near scutters falls bridge, the roadway is due to be opening up any minute now. it it was closed for construction throughout the night. that will was scheduled to end just few minute ago at 6:00. and, check out this view of the ben franklin bridge. it looks like there is already a fair amount of people getting a jump on their weekend travels this morning. in the cbs-3 traffic center, jan, back to you. >> they're headed down the shore, amanda, wish i was with them, thank you.
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new this morning, single car crash on i59 in bucks county has killed one man, and pennsylvania state police say the car lost control in the southbound lanes, and crashed into the woods, near wood born road in langhorne. the man was pronounced dead on arrival to the hospital. the cause of the crash now under investigation. >> philadelphia police are investigating the stabbing of two men in lawncrest, as a possible robbery. this happened just after 3:00 this morning, on the 600 block mayfair street. investigators say, both men, ages 27 and 28, were stabbed several times. they're now undergoing treatment at einstein medical center. >> and, an investigation is underway after a vehicle struck a pedestrian in university city. this happened around 2:30 this morning, at 38th and market street. a woman is now undergoing treatment forehead injuries at penn presbyterian medical center. police say the driver did stay on the scene there. >> philadelphia police continue their investigation into a deadly shooting involving one of their own officers. that investigation includes
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surveillance video, and now, we're hearing from the family of the man who was shot. "eyewitness news" reporter alicia live at police headquarters this morning to bring us to up date. >> reporter: jan, philadelphia police have not yet identified the man that an officer shot and killed on thursday, but that man's family has, they say his name david jones. we spoke to his father, who says, he heard news that an officer shot and killed a man on the radio. and he thought to himself: what a shame. it was only little later he realized it was his son. >> i'm just still like in shock though. i'm in the really man just in shock. >> still struggling to except the loss. >> i never been -- >> thomas jones is the father of david jones, and identifies his 30 year old son as the man police shot and killed. on thursday, a little after 6:30, at night, police and
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witnesses who were with police say an officer got into a confrontation with david jones along whitaker avenue. after witnessing him driving irradically on a dirt bike, the officer frisk david jones, and found a loaded 9-millimeter gun. according to police, jones grabbed for the gun. one witness even told authority he tried to tell david jones not to do it. >> he said he, himself, looked the guy in the face and said. ment don't do it, man, don't do it. and as if to say: don't pull that gun out. >> and police admit that there is surveillance video that they've seen, that appears to show david jones being shot in the back as he ran away from officers. the commissioner has said that surveillance video concerning to him than it does not appear to follow department protocol. but that the shooting may still be justified. reporting live outside police headquarters, alicia, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> all right, alicia, thank you. >> philadelphia police are also continuing their
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investigation into a deadly shooting involving the reposition of a mini-van. investigators say tow truck driver shot and killed a man trying to stop him at 18th and dickinson in point breeze. police say the worker didn't realize a woman was inside of that van. she called her boyfriend to the scene. police say the boyfriend pistol whipped the tow truck driver, investigators say, two men then exchanged gunfire, the woman's boyfriend died at the hospital, and neighborhood dog was also killed. >> delaware authority have charged a man right there, chelsey outlaw in a shooting of a six year old little boy. desean banner remains in critical condition after he was shot tuesday afternoon while inside after vehicle in wilmington. a judge set bail for outlaw at $2 million. charges include attempted murder. >> a spokesman for bill cosby says the comedian may take the stand at his sexual assault trial. this is video of cosby walking into court for day five of the trial. cosby spokesman, andrew wyeth, announced that surprising news on the courthouse steps.
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>> never off the table when you're in a trial of this magnitude. you have to look at where all of your options. that ballgame, things have changed, players have taken out, and sometimes the star player plays, and sometimes they don't. >> now, the prosecution finished it case and rested on friday. the defense will take over monday morning. we also learned that members of cosby's family will soon be supporting him in court. >> well, president trump is fired back at his former fbi director. on thursday, james comey accused the white house every lying during testimony before the senate intelligence committee. and now, as maula reports, comey is the one who is not being truthful. >> president trump said he's too long testify under oath about his face-to-face conversations with fired fbi director james comey. >> 100%. >> the president made his first public remarks about comey's testimony before the senate intelligence committee during a joint press conference with romania's president in the white house rose garden. >> some of the things that he
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said just weren't true. >> comey testified the president asked him to let the michael flynn investigation go. >> i didn't say that. >> so he lied about that? >> well, i didn't say. that will i mean, i will tell you, i didn't say that. >> the president said comey also wrong when he testified that the president asked him to pledge his loyalty. >> and there would be nothing wrong if i did say it according to everybody that i've read today. but did i not say that. >> comey testified he took careful note of his conversations with the president. >> honestly concerned that he might lie about the nature of our meeting so i thought it really important to document. >> earlier the president tweeted: despite so many false statement, and lies, total and complete vindication, and wow, camisia leak err. >> i don't know if there is the courage or the conviction in the white house to say that the president, you shouldn't be tweeting something like that, it is beneath the dignity of the office you serve. >> the president also tweeted, right after he fired comey, that is the former fbi director had better hope up there were no tapes of the conversation. the house intelligence committee now asking the white
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house to release any tape recordings or memos of come i's meeting with the president. >> lordy i hope there are tames. i'll tell but that sometime in the very neat your future. >> the committee want the tapes by june 23, at the white house, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this saturday morning: tick season is here, and doctors are warning about a severe season for lyme disease. coming up next: how to avoid particulars and prevent tick-born illnesses. >> also ahead, one families' warning to other parent about dry drowning. finds out how their four year old little boy drowned almost a week after he went swimming. we will be right back.
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>> federal center for disease control warning of a particularly severe season for tick born diseases. anna warner takes a look. >> got really nasty, and i, luckily, did get the classic rash around it. >> bitten by a tick and eventually diagnosed when lyme disease, most common tick-born disease in the country and on a rise. >> we've seen number every cases triple in the united state. >> doctor christoff or breton epidemiologist. >> i'm concerned about what we, you know, essentially epidemic of lyme disease that's occurred over the past two decades.
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>> cdc says it 2001 that epidemic has spread across the country. 95% of lyme disease cases reported in 2015 came from these 14 state. but, the ticks that carry the disease are spreading. and there are other tick born disease toss watch out for this summer. like, the rocky mountain spotted fever, it took the life of this two year old girl in indianapolis over the weekend. >> so even if you live outside of areas where lyme disease is prevalent, there may be these other types of infections that could occur. so where ever you live in the united state, it is important to prevent tick bites, and be evaluated if you think that there has been an infection. >> lyme disease can be difficult to diagnosis. symptoms can resemble other illnesses, can include fever, aches, and pains, fatigue, and a rash. there are some things you can do to prevent tick born illness, we've listed them on our website at anna warner, cbs news, new york. >> ticks are nothing to mess around with, be careful out
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there. a lot of people are getting outside this weekend, matt, just really heating up. >> we r it will feel like summerall weekend long. not just today, but as we head throughout our weekend right now. we're going to get a look outside with our eyewitness weather watchers, up early this morning, talking to us about what's going on, and we have plenty of pictures, that we need to show people. again, temperatures in morning, in the 60s, what i want to talk about these great pictures that people were able to send in this morning. >> this one comes in from lynn. this is from cherry hill this morning, a wonderful sunrise, and it will continue to be a really nice day today. also, phil, sent us great picture her this morning, as women, this is another sunrise picture, i love when we get these, that have the clouds and the sun mixed together. they always just look so nice. and this, phil always done great job. then i had to show a picture of the moon, always a good one, too. alan had a wonderful picture every his family out enjoying the weekend, alan, your
6:16 am
family, looks like wonderful group of people. hopefully you guys are enjoying your weekend out in this summer-like weather. now, i want to take a look outside right now, bethlehem, bethlehem, eyewitness skycam, but for the most part, it looks dry right now, but you can see, there are some clouds out there, and we could see maybe in the lehigh valley, maybe sooner than later a few light showers common through, maybe few sprinkles of rain, even fall in the bethlehem area around allentown, kutztown, early on this morning, and then we look to kind of clear things out as we go through the afternoon. the rest of the storm scan3, we take a look in central pennsylvania to start things out. see showers out there, few rumbles every thunder north of i80, up tort williamsport. this main area of precipitation is going to most likely stay north of 80. so if you're in the poconos this morning, it could be a chance for maybe a shower or two, for you, so, again, north of i08 this morning, keep ion what's going on, just again, north every state college. but if you're south of 80,
6:17 am
really looks like we're just looking at very light, very scattered chances for shower through the most of the morning hours, and then we will be slowly drying out. now, here is kind of assumed in look of what we're going with here. allentown again few light showers out there, not too much that we're overly concerned with. and as we head little even further south, we did have a few showers out toward the lancaster area, parts of berks county, we really are not even looking at anything at this point. most of this even though getting some returns, not reaching the ground at this point. so that's some good news for us, already seeing most of that precipitation dry out. temperatures are out there. in the 60s. we kind of have been hovering in the low to mid 60s range for most of us through most of the morning. knowledge pocono, sitting at 50 degrees, for the first hour of the show. now up to 56. so a quick rise in temperatures, and that's going to be indicative what we see across the region throughout the day today. so, again, starting things out right now in the low 60s, but this southwest winds is really going to warm us up quickly, when you add in the sunshine,
6:18 am
that we're expected to see this afternoon, it is going to make our temperatures, that mercury, go way up into the 80s, close to 90 degrees, in maybe few spots, later this afternoon. dew point for us, little bit muggy this morning. not overly humid. you do see couple of 60s millville, a.c. airport, and could see our dew point kind of who have nerve this high 50 range, through most of the day today. now that is still for the most part in a somewhat comfortable range, we're not awesome, pleasant, just not bad category. that is what we are specking today with the dew point in the 50's, but sunday, and no monday, that's when we start to get steamy. see our dew point climb up into the 60s and heat index values, pushing up to the upper 90s, challenging records tomorrow, monday, tuesday, we go with highs projected to be in the lower 90s, our record high, both sunday, monday, tuesday, all 95 degrees, so we're going to be looking for that as we head into the beginning every our work week.
6:19 am
high temperature today 87 in the afternoon. later tonight, we will be dipping down to 68 degrees, so, a mostly clear and mild night for us tonight, jan, but again, all eyes then turning sunday, monday, tuesday, those 90s and approaching that record heat. >> oh, record heat on the way possibly, all right, matt, keep an eye on it for us, thank you. a texas family grieving the loss of their young son after what doctors called dry drowning. now, the child's parent want others to be aware. don champion with more on what parent should be on the look-out for. >> the delgato family grieving the loss of their four year olson frank. >> i he was full of life. >> almost a week after a family trip, his father called 911 because franky stopped breathing. doctors told them they found fluid in his lungs, and around his heart. >> and it was caused by drowning. >> emergency room doctor, tom water, from the cleveland clinic, says dry drowning is secondary drowning consideration happen when a child gets sick, several hours
6:20 am
after being submerged in water. a situation that can cause airway muscles to spasm. >> they're trying to breathe against the closed vocal covered, which can lead to inflammation, swelling, fluid in the lungs. another possibility, they get just little bit of the flu i had into their lungs. they recover but then hours later that, again, causes inflammation, more fluid, respiratory distress. >> kids may experience abnormal breathing, coughing, become lethargic orange tate dollars while very rare, doctor watters says it is critical parent keep an eye out for symptoms. >> if you have any concern whatsoever, the best thing to do err on the side of caution and take that loved one to the emergency department. >> expert say drowning in general can happen in any kind of water. from the ocean, to the pool, to the bathtub. so caution is necessary, especially, with young children. don champion, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." police chase in texas ends with a fiery crash and a two
6:21 am
hour stand-off. it started when a big rig reported stolen fled and attempted traffic stop in fort worth. the crash on i30 in arlington about 20 minute later, amaze inningly, no one seriously hurt there. the driver of the rig is charged with aggravated assault, with a deadly weapon, and evading arrest in a vehicle. >> back up cameras help prevent drivers from backing over a child, but many parent may not know that there is also a major blind zone in front of the vehicle. and a national safety group says you can pull forward, and never see a child. susan explains. >> these are the faces of lives cut too short. two year old teigen, 20 month old tiffany, all of these children were run over, in driveways, by a parent who never saw them. >> it is something that happens in a instant. >> jennette runs kids and cars, an organization that track front over accident, where child is hit by a driver, pulling forward.
6:22 am
>> both don't know they're not educated about that huge blind zone in front of their vehicle. >> from 1996 to the year 2,000, there were 24 recorded front-over fatalities. that number, jumped to 358, between 206 and 2010. one reason, the popularity of bigger vehicles. 80% of front-over accident involve suv's, vans, and pick-up trucks. >> do you think that you would be able to spot a small child in the blind zone in front of your car? >> take a look at this. look out the windshield. you don't see anything, right? but take a look at this. we have ten small children sitting in front of our bumper. >> julie, a mom of four, we asked her to help us test the blind zone in front of her large suv. we put her five year olson, jake, on a scooter, by the bumper. >> can you see him at all? >> not at all. >> we moved jake back, and back, and back.
6:23 am
>> back it up, back it up. >> and finally at 8 feet. >> 8 feet i can see his head. and i can safely spot my car. >> most front-over accident happen in driveways, and in 70% of these accidents, it is a parent or close relative behind the wheel. >> just think after child dying and then you're the one responsible. >> susan, cbs news, pittsburgh. >> still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news," a military drama, new in theatres this weekend, we will be right back with more on megan, and her k9 part nerve, the movie based on a true story, that's next.
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>> rick, with more, on the movie megan levy, new this theatres this weekend. >> base based on true store. >> i good boy. >> playing real person, but as an actor, playing this kind of role; a real dream come true. because she starts -- she start out as one person, and ends up, a very, very different woman. >> after leave ski injured by a ied, the story follows her efforts to adopt her k9 partner rex. >> the cast fawn they had to create bonds, much leak those marine k9 handlers share with their working dog. >> you can't fake the bond t has to be real, or they won't respond to you.
6:27 am
>> kept me feeling honest, vulnerable, as an actor, which is real important. >> i tried to do dog training myself. i wasn't that good to be honest, but dogs real dow feel your energy. and they keep you honest and truthful. >> marks the march tiff film debut of gabriela, best known for directing the killer whale documentary black fish. didn't rely on previous experience. >> specially this script called for something different. also you have more correction value at your disposal. so you really can make coins cents and creative choices, visual choices, that you wouldn't be able to do in documentaries.
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>> the prosecution rests in bill cosby sexual assault trial. what the jury heard from does bye about his encounter andrea constand, in his own words. >> i'm cherri gregg, i'm show you what will soon mark this tragic incident as well as surprising group behind it all. plus, the hot weekends is on the way, and the shore is the place to be.
6:31 am
>> good morning, few showers, and then really warming up. matt peterson out there live on the ski deck with eyewitness werth. morning, matt. >> morning, jan, morning, everyone, couple of light showers here this morning, but, everyone really needs to prepare for the hot and the humid weather that's on the way, especially as we wrap up our weaken tomorrow. storm scan3, this morning, showing couple of those light showers. they're really just up to the north of philly. lehigh vale out toward the poconos, little bit of the light shower activity this morning. now, we can't completely rule out a stray very light shower here, in philly, either, but really for the post part it looks like it will be dry. and areas in south jersey don't expect to see any kind of precipitation. so we get a look around the allentown area, that's where we are seeing few light showers, out toward mount pocono as well. there is another line behind this first area of weak precipitation that we will keep an eye on. but looks like for the most part that will stay north of
6:32 am
i80, and maybe just few stray showers, kind of peak their way down below i80 at this point. temperatures out there across the region as we start the day, it is a little bit cooler as you might expect towards the poconos, because it is usually little cooler there, then also little bit of the precipitation, as well, 56 degrees. southwesterly component to the win here in philly, back down toward the shore, keeping temperatures mid 60s to start the day out here 65 here in philly looking at 66 down at the a.c. airport, maybe little bit cooler down on the beach. but temperatures today, 87 in philly. eighty-three down at the beach, and 79 up in the poconos, and 90's in the forecast jan for sunday and early in the week. i'll break all of the record breaking or near record breaking temperatures down in just a bit. >> look forward to it, thank you, matt. it is now 6:32, time to check the roads. let's go over to amanda mueller at the cbs-3 traffic center. lie, amanda. >> jan, live look at 95 near cottman avenue where earlier accident had both right lanes block, back up pretty bad up to the last half hour.
6:33 am
traffic now running smoothly, no delays, that accident on the side of the road. downed tree on morris road, all lanes are blocked, there, your alternate is skippack pike. >> and taking a live look at the 42 freeway in new jersey, we've got some volume, but all of the majors looking pretty good at this point. you should have easy drive in or out of the city or down the shore this morning, we also just got word the talcony palmyra bridge will be owning in a kim every minutes, so plan ahead for. that will in the cbs-3 traffic center. amanda mueller, back to you. >> all right, thank you. bill cosby's defense team begins presenting its case, in his sexual assault trial on monday. the prosecution rested on friday. and now, cosby spokesman, tells "eyewitness news," reporter david spunt, that it is possible the comedian could take the witness stand. >> bill cosby walked with confidence, and next to him the man who walks him in every day, andrew wyeth, the comedian's friend and
6:34 am
spokesman. >> his mood is great, as good as can be expected. >> wyeth dropped surprising news by announcing g the possibility of cosby himself taking the stands. >> nothing is ever off the table when you're in a trial of this magnitude. you have to look at where all of your options, in a ballgame, things have changed, and players have taken out. and sometimes the star player plays, and sometimes they don't. >> inside the courtroom, more from a 2005 deposition. including an admission from cosby, he says, he gave multiple women quaaludes, but it is not clear if they were aware. seven prescriptions, many from the mid 19 70s, were in cosby's name, but cosby said he never took the drugs, because they made him tired. earlier this week, andrea constand insisted that cosby drug then sexually assaulted her at his montgomery county home in 2004. according to the deposition cosby gave constand benadryl. admitted he worries she thought he was quote dirty old
6:35 am
man. >> said apologize today constand's mother on the telephone, and cosby always maintained the sexual contact with constand was concentual. andrew wyeth said that reality is difficult for cosby's wife camille, but still support her husband. >> people think because of optics that you don't see them here that they don't love them, you're not together any more. that doesn't say that you don't have the support. >> the prosecution rested late friday afternoon. cosby's defense team will pick it up early monday morning. david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." at the white house now, president trump is responding to the bombshell testimony james comey gave to the senate intelligence committee this week. during the white house news conference, with the president of rumania, president trump accused the fired fbi director of giving untrue testimony about their conversations, and the russia investigation. the president also said he's too long share his own version every event under oath, in the same breath, he also says that
6:36 am
comey toldly vindicated him. >> no collusion. no obstruction. he's a leak err. >> would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version -- >> 100%. >> are there tapes, sir? >> oh, you're going to be very disappointed when you hear the answer. don't wore. >> i president says he'll soon reveal whether there are tapes of his conversations with comey. >> despite the 198 a move bombing in cobbs creek, soon get pennsylvania historical and museum commission mark err. the group, who pushed for the historic marker, may surprise you. cherri gregg from our sister station, "kyw news radio," picks up the story. >> move, bar i had kad dollars, the resulting fire destroyed 61 homes, and killed 11 people, including five children.
6:37 am
>> like children, younger, older than us were killed by a bomb that was dropped by, like, police, and stuff. and they didn't even know why. >> meet ella, hanna, i shall tar, david. >> i don't understands how philadelphia can do that. >> these current and former student at the jubilee school make up songs of the children, anti-violence club, after learning about move last may, teacher karen falcon took the group to osage avenue. >> the houses looked really worn down. they weren't rebuilt well. >> what stood out, what was missing. a memorial that told what happened. >> we were like how about me having historical marker. >> they got 200 signature, and filled out the lengthy application for historical marker, the pennsylvania historical and museum commission gave approval in march. the move bombing marker will be placed here at the corner of osage and cobbs creek parkway, it will summarize the 1985 tragedy, including the pa participation of the city, the state police, and the fbi. >> it is really empowering,
6:38 am
and it makes me feel happy. >> they launched a go fund me, for the june 24th dedication, in a documentary about their work. >> i really want to show that this is out there, and this happened. >> and the kids, no matter their age? >> we can make a difference. >> while taking action that makes change. cherri gregg, "kyw news radio," for cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> and in other news this morning, the search resumes for dozens of irish workers who died while building pennsylvania first railroad along the main line. a team of volunteers explored the arc logical dig site? east white lands with grounds radar, looking for the remains of 50 rail workers from 1832 who are believed to be burr made mass grave. >> the flags are placed here, the locations of anomalies, things that don't belong under the surface, which we hope are bodies. because we hope to excavate them and of course conduct forensic tests on them and eventually to re-bury them.
6:39 am
>> digging at that site began in 2004. >> this morning, we're learning more about plans for the former taj mahal casino in atlantic city. hard wok bought the building in march for $50 million. a wish list submitted to regulators about the upcoming re-make is suggesting there will be poolside restaurant gambling, skill base, fantasy sport betting, promises new slot products not available in new jersey, a summer 2018 opening is planned. >> the urban league of philadelphia has new leader. the organization held it annual empowerment dinner center city last night. andrea, introduced as the group's few president, and ceo. she is a retired verizon executive. the urban league devoted to empowering african-americans to achieve economic and social success. >> well, still to come right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this saturday morning. >> it is just something to take you away for another -- for five, ten minute.
6:40 am
it is music to their ears. patients at a montgomery county hospital are singing the praises of a new program that bridges performances to their bedside. our stephanie stahl shows us, it is not just for entertainment. >> then, one of the top chefs in the country dishes out his secret in the kitchen. how you can cook like mark vetri and help great cause at the same time in this week's taste with tori. we will be right
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>> ♪ >> he can really play. >> this soul full performance given at the philadelphia school district, all city jazz festival. many of those musicians are actually philadelphia students, the free all-day concert was presented by the philly pops and the kimmel center. >> now, to the cbs-3 health watch. the healing power of music. patient in a montgomery county hospital have not just doctors and nurses on call but now musicians too. health reporter stephanie stahl takes a look. >> the introduction of wxpn musicians on call. >> great to have the sounds full of beautiful music. >> from the auditorium, fu
6:44 am
patient rooms for musical visit. >> just for little bit it, made me feel like i wasn't in the hospital. >> todd peters who lives in wayne wayne hospitalized for gastrointestinal surgery. >> it is a wait and see game. it is day after day after day. and anything to break it up, and pack a little fun, and all of that, just fantastic. >> so got to take a break from med side medical issues with the song lovely day. >> just something to take you wawrinka for five, ten minute, think about getting better, think about anything but just enjoying and row lacking. >> growing scientific evidence showing that the brain response to music in very specific waste, active music engagement allows pain don't reconnect with the healthy
6:45 am
part every themselves even in the face every debilitating conditions. >> it creates more healing environment, the power of music in particular, we think is awesome. >> ♪ lovely day ♪ lovely day ♪ >> more than 98,000 patients have been visited by wxpn's musicians on call. they perform live, in eight area hospitals, throughout our region. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning saturday. anthony mason and alex wagner join us live from new york with a preview, good morning. >> see how you can come out the winner! >> tomorrow, is the tony awards. we will preview it by taking you on the stage after best play nominee.
6:46 am
details the struggle of working class americans, and already won pulitzer prize. >> and lindsay buckingham and christine motorcycle -- mc see, talk with flea wood band made, about their albumn, and they're perform in our saturday session. >> all ahead on cbs this morning saturday. >> love it. looking forward to it, guys, see in you about 14 minutes now. thank you. >> medical nursing at chop, tracey and the nursing staff there, have done a lot in the fight against childhood cancer, on friday, chop hosed 28 stands throughout their care network. >> the lemonade stands at that alex scott started carry on her tradition in wynnewood. alex axe original lemon said stand open for business at
6:47 am
penn win from 10:00 this morning until 3:00 this afternoon. her family and friends have added more than just the stands there. it now includes food, games, crafts, and music, last year, alex's lemonade stand, the original one, raised more than $100,000, for childhood cancer research. it should and good day to get out there and support that great cause. and a good day for a glass of lemonade, too, i think. >> yes. absolutely. not only can you get refreshed when it is so hot like this, but when you can give to a wonderful cause, always great to be able to do both. you'll need that lemonade this afternoon, because it is going to be a hot one. our weather watchers, well up early this morning, we were talking about pictures, just about an hour ago, temperatures out there, were in the 60s, few spots, actually in the 50's, dolores' house down in delaware. she is at 58 degrees. some cloud cover mixing, with that sunshine. down in newark, wanted to talk to her this morning, she was saying good morning earlier, and it is a comfy morning, beautiful clouds, mixing with
6:48 am
the moon. so not bad start to things down in delaware. >> see 62 at jamie's house, little more sunshine, muggy-ish start to the day. she is getting the air-conditioning ready. i don't blame her. it is going to be a morning where you want that air-conditioning, and it will be an afternoon where you'll need it, too then headed further north, 62 degrees, at charles' house, a little bit of sunshine, and cloud cover up there. and then, also, 58, this morning, in john's house in perkasie, he has little more cloud cover. little more precipitation maybe closer to the perkasie area few areas of light showers, take a look what's happening. >> just across the river, pointing back toward the city and it is a little bit after hazy morning >> philadelphia this morning hanging out with temperatures in the 60s to start the day out. few light showers out, there as well, and then we will be
6:49 am
really rocking up into the 80s, look like, later this afternoon. most of the precipitation at this point really fading as it comes past harrisburg, past centracentral pennsylvania, few light showers up toward mount pocono, maybe scranton, as well. still dry in philly. second line of showers couple embedded thunderstorms as well, looks like that's even starting to fade out. most of the heaviest precipitation at this point still north of i80. >> see moderate rainfall, again, where we could possibly see maybe an isolated rumble every thunder. then, back down toward the lehigh, allentown, easton, up toward mount pocono, where we had some light shower activity, that is even really fading out. but again, we will continue to see at least chances for the poconos, lehigh valley, to see showers, maybe isolated thunderstorm here this morning as we watch the second line approach from central, pennsylvania. >> looking at the feature weather, we go through the rest of the morning, really fades out. by 9:00, 10:00, i think the
6:50 am
entire region, entire viewing area, from jersey, south delaware, all the way through the delaware vale, up to the poconos, dry, we will be seeing a little bit of cloud cover still hang around mixing with sunshine early in the day. but as we go into the afternoon, plenty of sunshine for us. that's going to allow the temperatures to rocket, with just a little bit of humidity out there, too. areas back up to our north again lehigh valley and northward up towards the poconos, could potentially see maybe pom of isolated shower, thunder shower, as we head through the mid to late afternoon hours. philly, south jersey, back down to the delaware shore points, going to most likely remain dry even though the future weather tries to paint in couple every light showers toward the evening. really kind of i think even overdoing those chances, again, if we do see anything, it will be north of the city. with maybe just pop up shower, thundershower. sunday, even more sunshine, than today. temperatures even warmer on sunday, as well. and then humidity will be a little bit on the higher side for our sunday wrapping up our weekends with heat index values that could be pushing well up into the the high 90s,
6:51 am
we could be looking at temperatures that get up near records for sunday, monday, tuesday. across the region today, we will be topping things out in the mid to upper 80s, 87 for our high temperature, in philly later this afternoon. our future heat index, through the afternoon hours, today, looking for heat index to stay in the 80s, but check out tomorrow, in the afternoon. we will be all the way up into the 90s, feeling like 93 degrees tomorrow, around 5:00. in philly itself. our eyewitness weather seven day forecast, 87 the high temperature today. ninety's sunday, monday, tuesday, with hazy, hot, humid conditions. our record highs, sunday, monday, all three days 95. so just shy of that. and then we do slightly cool down, jan, wednesday, thursday, friday of next week with a couple of shower chances and temperatures falling into the 80s. >> but feeling like summer finally, thank you, matt. >> in support, new cook book sees orthopedics with magic of alex scott. vittoria woodill gives a look at this taste with tori
6:52 am
report. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> it is a rare occasion when you get to go behind the place that put a place holder on your pallet forever. creating a memory of the times you dined in the restaurant after great chef. but that's about to change. there is a new cook book you'll want to add to your book shelf, alex's table, the alec's lemonade stand foundation first cook book takes you out of the dining room, and into the kitchen's of great chefs, like world renounded mark vetri, as they hands you one recipe at a time to benefit the fight against childhood cancer. >> we understand that, yes, you know, weaver restaurant, and we're making food, and but it is the -- this is the hospitality industry. and we are there basically for everybody else. and we're always happy to help. >> mark met the scott's 13 years ago, and alex's story propelled him to create the great chefs event in 2006.
6:53 am
and an annual feast of food and the finest chefs, benefitting the alex's lemonade stand. >> it just this crazy enormous event, that has a mind of it own. we just kind of make it happen by some magical thing. >> maybe it is al next. >> maybe it is alex watching over us. >> perfectly seared tuna glenn you can do it, tore. >> i perfect sauce every segment dollars orange. >> just slice them, just like this. >> shaved fennel, vinegar, salt, pepper, which mark calls the he he on the haha. >> the sauce is the he he on the haha? >> the he he on the haha. always one thing you finish it with. you start that side. i'll start this side. >> we'll work our way. >> cheers. >> cheers. >> he's like i'm not going to brag, but pretty good.
6:54 am
>> i don't want to say anything. >> wow, almost taste like you're a professional or something? >> you know? >> to alex. >> vittoria woodill, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." to alex indeed. and it was a record year for alex's lemonade stands. a lot of good people helping out a great cause to help end childhood cancer. we
6:55 am
dear fellow citizen, hunting treasures with my daughter is wonderful. because before i'm ready, she'll be off to college. i want to help her pay her way there. like i do for my son. call 1-866-999-0152. as a leader in student lending, we have student loan options that others don't. if you have a question about student loans, ask me. sincerely, michele wright, fellow mom and fellow citizen. call 1-866-999-0152 to apply now.
6:56 am
>> final check of the forecast, matt? >> hot, humid. >> 3h's. >> hazy, hot, humid, couple of showers out there for our saturday morning, 87, this afternoon, and we'll have good amount of sunshine for us, as well, then here come the
6:57 am
nine's, sunday, monday, tuesday, approaching our record high for all three days of 95. but we don't quite get there. >> hot. all we really need to know. >> it is going to be, got to be ready for it. >> thank you, matt, that's cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for now, may be signing off on tv but always on line at cbs this morning saturday, next, have a great weekend.
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