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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 14, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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collapse. hey, hey, hey. >> back here at home bizarre behavior from bill cosby leaving court as he spoke to reporters in his fat albert voice we are live as we await a verdict. heat wave is over but don't get too excited, it is still hot outside, today is wednesday, june 14th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. it is still hot out there. >> yes, it is. >> great skies, over the center city sky line. it is so weird because in one camera shot a couple cameras from another it is rain or totally dry, like a summer morning. it is crazy out there. >> it is interesting because one of these spots on the radar popped upright over where we have field cameras here. where we don't have a camera to show it to you but in this instance it was pretty much just right over where we needed it to be. but look at this, we are looking at it just a quick glance you may not notice it but is there a front dropping in. let me zero in on that speckle
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we have just talked about right over philadelphia, at this point, it has had heavier rainfall intensity over last 15 minutes or so but still a brief albeit very heavy, downpour and it has been since moved out, lower, upper merion , now moving over broad street and this is going to be with you probably at lee for next 15 to 20 minutes. if you can wait this out and leaving the house, in philadelphia, i would try to, trying to avoid that. rest of the day you can getaway without the umbrella there may still be a spotty shower or thunder shower and clearly as evidence, on storm scan. right now your actual air temperature vice warm. seventy-eight at the airport where there is in rain, and as day progresses i expect you will rebound to 83 at best. not too much movement on the thermometer but with that said we did end up with a brand new record. today not enclose but there will be at lee some sunshine as these showers clear out of here with the passage of the front that is bringing about
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transition, meisha. >> okay, sound good, some camera shots we are seeing right now we are showing you wet weather. you are going to be waiting for the sun but other people have the sun but it is depending where you are. rain near schuylkill at belmont avenue headlights moving in the eastbound direction, tail rights, well, would i say taillights, starting to see brake lights letting us know moving in the, well,e or westbound schuylkill we are starting to slow down because of that rain. my advice heading out to the schuylkill anywhere just because of where you potentially could be in that rainy would give yourself 10 to 15 minutes and we have cracking in the 6:00 o'clock hour. schuylkill will get busy. accident here i-95 north near broad street was block ago this far left lane and has moved off to that shoulder. moving by you can see it is looking good, i-95 north gets a thumbs up but then we will get a disable tractor trailer which is still in there at schuylkill eastbound ramp to passyunk this is new looking wet this was dry just moments
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ago and new looking wet. that gives you an idea of the schuylkill that it is touch and go. more to talk about this in the next 10 minutes. jim, over to you. updating our breaking news out of london as hundreds of fire fighters continue on put out a deadly apartment building blaze. >> cbs news correspondent terry okita spoke to several eyewitness helps describe the chaotic scene. >> this is a unprecedented incident. >> reporter: thick cloud of smoke continue to rise from the west london high rise this morning, as members of the london fire brigade helped rescue those inside. the massive fire at green fell tower apartment building broke on it shortly before 1:00 a.m. quickly spreading from floor to floor. >> horrific. whole families screaming, you know, people on the edge, wanting to jump out. >> reporter: sparks flew from the inferno as flames grew more intense. david benjamin says smoke trapped his neighbors inn side
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>> unaudible. >> reporter: this video shows resident looking out windows as crews battled the blaze outside. the cities fire commissioner says that fire fighters arrived on the scene within six minutes, but weren't able to save some of those who could not get out. >> there have been a number of fat tallets. i cannot confirm number at this time due to the size and complexity of this building. >> reporter: many of the road around the tower have been blocked off. people living in other buildings nearby are also being evacuated for safety. >> the fire was raging through the building for a good four or five hours. police have said at this stage , they are concerned, that the building could collapse. >> reporter: greenfell tower has recently under gone a multi million-dollar face lift with many 120 apartments outfitted with new windows. it is unclear if this played a role in igniting the fire. terry okita for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a pregnant woman is
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recovering after she was shot during a terrifying home invasion in philadelphia's kingsessing connection. >> it happened at north front street just before 3:00. the woman and boyfriend were woke up by two to three men who forced their way in to their home. woman confronted one of the men and she was shot in the thigh. >> the female exited the bedroom first to see what was going on and when she opened up her door she was confronted by two, at least two, males and they actually struggled over the bedroom door. >> would the man is in stable condition, two other children age three and six years old were also inside at the time and they were not hurt. her boyfriend was uninjured. he was taken to east detectives for questioning. that shooting in kensington to two women are spoke survive an overnight shooting in wilmington. an incident happened just before 1:00 in the morning in the 1100 block of read street. woman were taken to the hospital with what are described as non-life threatening injuries. several bullets also struck a koran that block, so far,
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police have not identified any suspects or motive. this morning we are still on verdict watch on the bill cosby sexual assault trial, deliberations will resume in a few hours. >> "eyewitness news" reporter frank does live outside montgomery county courthouse where jurors had questions for the judge, good morning, trang do. >> reporter: good morning jim and rahel. jury has had two questions yesterday, four questions overall, they seem to be really focusing on the pills that bill cosby gave to andrea constand and whether constand was able to give consent, the jury also asked the judge to rehear some key testimony. bill cosby left montgomery county courthouse on tuesday night channeling the signature catch phrase of his well known zero seven's animated character fat albert. >> hey, hey, hey. >> end of the full 12 hour day of jury deliberations, seven men, five women are charged with deciding whether the famous comedian and former temple trustee drugged and sexually assaulted andrea
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constand a then temple employee he was mentoring. jurors came back to the courtroom twice tuesday to ask judge stephen o'neill two questions, which observers like attorney dave ferrell said as a good sign to the defense. >> would it suggest to me somebody on that jury is having a problem with the commonwealth's case. that is just the way i see it. >> reporter: 11:20, jurors asked the judge to define without her knowledge a phrase included in the charge that cosby used pills to impair constand. the judge said he could not. just after 5:00 they asked to hear testimony of the canadian police office shore took constand's initial police report in 2005. cosby spokesmen says his team is encouraged by the jury taking its time and in the rushing to a decision. >> if they are willing to stay here and try to get it right, and that is all we have ever asked for, you know, to try to get a fair, and impartial jury to deliver the truth and look
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at the facts. >> reporter: between monday night and tuesday jury has now deliberated for 16 hours, and they will return here at the courthouse at 9:00 a.m. to re convene. we're live outside montgomery county courthouse i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", jim and rahel, back to you. well, "eyewitness news" will be in the courtroom all day as soon as jury reaches a decision we will have it live on tv and an our web site at cbs also happening today philadelphia district attorney seth williams will be in court but as a defendant. williams faces a pretrial hearing his actual trial begins this monday on 29 counts of corruption, bribery and fraud. former philadelphia d.a. lynn abraham and philadelphia deputy police commissioner joseph sullivan may testify in the trial. williams term end this year as d.a. is there also a preliminary hearing for omar cooper, man charged in the beating death of his six week old son in kingsessing last movement boy omar braxton
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cooper died at children's hospital. staff alerted police that the boy's injuries and philadelphia medical examiner ruled the death a homicide. cooper's being held without bail. authorities in georgia continue to search for a pair of escaped inmates, accused of killing two prison guard. donnie row and, ricky dubois has been on the run since escaping from a prison bus. they are accused of carjacking a motorist and breaking into this home in madison about 60 miles away from atlanta. police say men were searching for a change of clothes. >> wanted to check on my grandmother, i came back, everybody was just pulling up, coming every where, like 20 or so police officers, and they pulled over in here investigating, and like i said they went through the rooms one by one. >> officers surrounded nearby family dollar store after the two were spotted in that area although law enforcement says there was no surveillance shows the men were inside the store. yes college student jailed in north korea is back in the u.s. and in the hospital. this video came in overnight. his parents say 22-year old
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otto warmbeer is in the coma at university of cincinnati medical center. he was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor after his tearful confession to stealing a propaganda ban inner north korea in 2016. u.s. state department engineered his release. former nba star dennis rodman is in north korea right now but his agenda is unclear. rodman said he will meet with the country's sports minister and do sight seeing. he wants to help improve relations between north korea and u.s., he has met with north korean leader kim jong unin past trips but there is no clear sign that odd rodman will dot same this time. attorney general jeff sessions denies he has any inappropriate contact with the russians, we will look at his testimony coming up in the next half an hour. but first more wild wet's cross the nation tornado tear apart u.s. but different kind of storm that destroyed a vineyard in napa valley, plus this. these volunteers are blitz ing a block what they
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hope to see when they are done in this weeks story of
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. welcome back everyone. more tornado sighting is a cross the mid woes including this big one in minute so the that was caught on camera moving through stevens county yesterday. 2-inch hail was also reported in that area. they are not out of the wood just yet. most of the western minnesota remains under a weather advisory this morning. more crazy weather in calvin yard in napa valley was
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pounded by an unexpected hail storm making matters worse it is halfway through blooming season so hail knocked many blossoms off of the vine, and they have lost about half, half of the grape harvest. and in our area we have been dealing with the heat, i don't have to tell thaw. several people including two students were overcome during central bucks south high school graduation, ceremony was held on a football field, people affect were treated on the scene and will be okay. >> they are wearing those gowns, i mean those don't breathe. >> right. >> they are dark and goofy hats we have to wear when we graduatey was outside, walking my dog when i come home from work and yesterday i got a headache from being outside in the sun. >> i'm glad you listened to yourself and got back inside. it was very oppressive yesterday and not quite anywhere near, you know, heat of yesterday and partly because of the frontal boundary dropping in right now to help cool off a couple communities with rain, and you
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can see this loop, heavier batch of rain, we have not seen any lightening reported but just showers but brief, very heavy downpour, with the ample moisture to work w parts of the i-95 included in here, parts of the schuylkill. so very, very localized but these are heavily traveled arteries around the city and if you can wait this out i would highly suggest that. looking at the rest of the region as a whole, yes we are talking spotty stuff this frontal boundary does not look that impressive on the radar but it will knock temperatures back and knock humidity back and today we will rebound backup to 83 degrees. that is where we should be. it is not as hot under at lee some sunshine, say from a stray sure or thunder shower that may fire up or a brief but heavy downpour in any given instance and i don't think you'll see that pennsylvania midday to early afternoon but that is reason for it. later tonight we will drop down to 61-degree low still with thee wind and cloud cover out there but somewhat scattered in nature.
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we will call it partly cloudy. looking forward to a pleasant day, we will see cloud but nice day, 80 and sunshine. pie friday and saturday spotty shower or storm is all that is in the card but on sunday late their night especially a potent cold front approaches, triggering rain or storms later on sunday. >> thank you very much. very good morning, happy wednesday, we will be showing you yes, what katie was talking about wet roadways in a minute but 42 freeway approaching 295 looking good out there, looking nice, dry, but you are starting to heat up now that we are moving on deeper in the 6:00 he clock hour. this is where we are very wet schuylkill eastbound ramp to passyunk plus disable tractor trailer, i would say, 20, 25 minutes ago it was in the looking wet at all but dry. spotty in nature. it will impact your commute. both moving in thee and westbound direction around schuylkill we will heat up. ninety-five south at cottman looking very busy but still very dry here and then we have
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an accident, gibbs bureau, new jersey route 30 white horse pike westbound at new road, and just a head up it is out there then if we can get on the regional rails we are running with 15 minute delays outbound because of signal issues. take a quick peak and check your schedules, you want to do that we have a disabled vehicle that has been cleared pennsylvania turnpike westbound and you are traveling around at posted speeds around there more to come when we come back in 10 minutes, jim, back over to you ♪ >> well, three southern california home painted pink, kind of like pep to bismol pink, they are slated for demolition to make room for an apartment complex and paint by volunteers for a community mural projects. while neighbors say everything including shrubs, looks like p
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epto, see, they are upset that they were not notified of the project. i would be furious if that happened in my neighborhood just pointing it out to you. philadelphia organization is making it easier for people to stay in their homes even if they cannot afford expensive repairs. >> ukee washington shows us an army of volunteers is swooping into spruce up the homes in the show of brotherly love. >> reporter: instead of fixing one house at a time this organization hit multiple houses in the same neighborhood all at once. they called it a block build we were there to see it happen >> carpet is coming out. and floors are getting new life, it is relief for home owner tatiana body and her son >> they are taking down carpet and putting down floors to help him with asthma. >> reporter: across the street her neighbors die ann and brown are getting welcomed work done. >> water is very damaging.
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i had in idea. >> reporter: all of the work is free this team of volunteers was organized by non-profit, rebuilding, together philadelphia. they helped fix up houses of low income homeowners, stephanie is executive director. >> every repair toys make a home owner healthier, safer and save energy. >> reporter: on this day 85 volunteers are working on eight houses on the same block , they can spent several days working. >> so far i have gotten a lot of work done to the home. i have gotten electrical work, roof repairs, and i have gotten plumbing repairs done. >> reporter: volunteers pay special attention to floors. >> the reason that we rebuilding together focuses honorary doing floors is because they can be a real tripping hazard. >> reporter: homeowners are able to work side by side so they pick up home maintenance skills. >> learning experience also and help me maintain the house once it is done. >> reporter: bill wilkins loves offering his help. >> my house was built in 1910.
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so i have done, my wife and i have done a lot of work on this house and when we finally got done, after a while, figured i might as well help other people. >> reporter: estimated 1,000 volunteers fix about 75 homes a year through rebuilding together philadelphia. >> they are special people. it takes a lot to do work that you will not be paid for. >> the organization says that the average amount of free work in each house would cost $10,000. you can find out more about rebuilding, together philadelphia, at cbs philly .com. i'm ukee washington for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good stuff right there. well, coming up a new tick concern in the healthwatch. >> you won't believe what pittsburgh penguins captain sidney crosby was caught doing with the stanley cup, we have pictures and reactions from fans, coming
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we will look ahead to the upcoming weekend and its one that may go downhill. while it is a spotty shower here and there for both weekend days it does appear at this point like there may be steady rain or storms that approached by sunday night, so timing is already and we will update you as we can goes on but it will turn steamy, again , rahel. can't say we're in the used to it, thank you. now for a look at newspaper headlines across the region. >> news journal proposal in wilmington will tighten curfew for minors in an effort to cut violent crime. if passed wilmington will be one of the few cities in the country and only one in delaware to enforce an 8:00 p.m. summertime curfew for all minors. opponents argued that youth curfews infringe on civil liberties draining police resources and encourage racial profiling. from the intelligencer a black bear was spotted on the canal path in the lumberville section of solebury tuesday. police confirmed another sight ing along river road.
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burlington county times willingboro student, parents, teachers got their first lot the new proposed uniforms this week. new uniforms are part of the high school rebranding project which includes additional advanced placement course offerings and separation of the district's alternative school and new extracurricular s, related to the military. >> that is a look at newspaper headlines around the delaware valley. >> coming up, on update on our breaking news, horror and chaos, a deadly high rise fire in london. >> unaudible. >> it was frightening. >> i saw people jumping out of the window, crazy, i saw people jumping out of the window. >> this morning officials are calling the fire unprecedented incident, we are also learning that residents, feared something like this could happen, find out why. plus a look at the maine points from attorney general
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jeff sessions highly anticipated testimony on capitol hill, meisha. we are looking outside dry roadways, wet in other areas and you will want to know where a couple accidents, disabled tractor trailer and all those updates coming up but first we will take a quick break. stay right where you life. intelligent technology can help protect it. the all-new audi q5 is here.
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great savings. and a whole lot more. intelligent. explosive. the all-new audi s5 sportback. good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. 6:30. here's what you need to know to start your day, in the morning minute, june 14th, 2017. intense flames engulf a high rise building in london. >> i heard people screaming and people wanting to jump out >> she's three months pregnant >> pregnant woman recovering after being shot during a home
6:31 am
invasion in philadelphia's kensington section. >> hey, hey, hey. >> familiar sound, bill cosby doing his signature fat albert impression while leaving court as jury continues to deliberate. >> jury has had four questions so far, they seem to be focusing on the pills. >> ohio college student released from north korean prison is back in the u.s. otto warmbeer's parents say their son remains in the coma in a cincinnati hospital. >> they is. >> there was a moment last night where you were celebrating with the trophy and you whispered something in steph curry's ear and he crack up. can you share what you said to him. >> no. >> secrets kept with him. >> that was nba finals mvp kevin durant on face time on the late, late show last night >> durant did prom toys come on and bring his mvp trophy
6:32 am
but you might appreciate this, i hope he brings the real mvp his mom. >> yes. >> his mom. >> yes, i would love to know what she would have to say too because she's apparently a speaker, motivational speaker. >> yes. >> we could all learn something from her. >> we were hearing from a sound, another she said some nights she didn't know how to put food on the table. >> strong lady. >> well done. >> well, our weather is certainly not completely well at the moment. there is someplaces where you get clobbered by a thunder storm right now and right over philadelphia, in fact, reason i'm inside and not on the sky deck, lightening has been detect and we will take a look at storm scan three, look at what pops on the tail end here so for about an hour now we have been contending with this originated right over west philadelphia and into eastern montgomery county, is there lightening currently reported with this and that is why i stayed inside, if you can hear thunder and we could hear it
6:33 am
outside of the very well sound proof studio walls, thunder you are close enough to be struck by lightening. keep that in mind. there is a thunderstorm and heavy one currently working its way right now through bellmawr, haddonfield, for example and working its way down ac expressway. so, there is a lot of heavily traveled roadways in its path at the moment and precipitation rate is blinding talking 1.34 inches per hour, you will not pick up that much rain because it will be moving through over course of say 15 minutes but it is still going to drench you briefly. seventy-five at the airport. we are at 75 up and down i-95. cooler heading in the mountain terrain and dew points are dropping off where we have a little shower rolling on through. meanwhile looking regional wide we will top off at 83 in the city. that is where we should be frankly but compared to yesterday it might feel cooler to but still, meisha, warm enough that shorts and t-shirts are a go. >> absolutely, take a look at
6:34 am
this shot, it is 42. so in 42 freeway in new jersey northbound at creek road approaching 295. we were looking at 10 minutes ago and it looked wet but it didn't look this dark and this glummy and wet. so, 42 freeway, if you have to head out there anytime soon, give yourself some extra time. look at how many headlights are out there right now trying to make your way, 295 almost bumper to bumper in that far left lane as well. give yourself extra time on 42 , for sure. traffic light malfunction second street at callowhill street, and disable tractor trailer pulled off in the screen, schuylkill eastbound ramp to passyunk and plus you can see how wet it is here as well. our camera shots showing schuylkill is looking wet. you will to have extra time especially around other places around city avenue one of the areas looking slow. bridge inspections here skew are schuylkill westbound
6:35 am
between vine and girard, and we will are talking more bit coming up in the next 10 minutes, jim, back over to you >> sad news to report we have learned that at lee six people were killed in this early morning high rise fire in london and that number is expected to rise as rescue and recovery teams begin to go through the building. flames are under control but smoke continues to pour from the charred building. residents say fire broke out around 1:00 in the morning local time in the lower floor apartment. one eyewitness described people, frantically screaming for help. >> making any help they could to let some within know on the ground that they were there and in the windows waving and shouting for help, screaming and then just seeing them engulfed with smoke. >> many survivors say there were no fire alarms going off so they had in warning. so far no word on how the fire
6:36 am
started. recent blog posts before the fire residents of the apartment building warned of what they described as serious health, safety issues including blocked exits this morning they upped it saying catastrophe like this was inevitable, this morning london's mayor promised a full investigation. deliberations resume in the montgomery county courthouse as jurors try to reach a decision in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. >> hey, hey, hey. >> you just heard there cosby imitated his character fat albert leaving the court news norristown last night. jurors are trying to deciding whether cosby drugged and sexually assaulted andrea constand in 2004. some people think that the jury's time deliberating is a good sign for the comedian. >> we appreciate the jurors what they are doing we appreciate them putting in the time. >> would it suggest to me that somebody on the jury is having a problem with the commonwealth's case. that is just how i see it. >> yesterday was jury's nurse full day of deliberations if
6:37 am
convicted of aggravated assault cosby could spend the rest of his life in jail. between monday night and tuesday, jury has deliberated for a total of more than 16 hours, they will meet again at 9:00 a.m. authorities dropped charges of a delaware man accusing six year-old boy in wilmington. chelsea outlaw was arrested last week and charged with attempted murder and other offences. late yesterday outlaw was cleared of any wrongdoing in connection to that incident, and was released. in the meantime city officials say they are pursuing new lead , six year-old desean banner was shot in the head last tuesday, near sixth and spruce streets, remains in critical condition. police have identified the step fat's accused in the sexual assault and death of his one year-old stepson. police say 24 year-old, salem salem is charged with murder and other offenses. he was found one unresponsive in the 1700 block of south conestoga street in kingsessing last week. investigators say doctors found bruces and other
6:38 am
injuries on the child consistent with both physical and sexual assault. a judge is considering the fate of the michelle carter accused of encouraging her boyfriend to commit suicide through text messages. both side made closing arguments yesterday in the massachusetts courtroom. defense is arguing carter's boyfriend had already researched suicide years ago and then he brought cart inner to his own plan. >> he brought her with all of her baggage you heard all about her baggage, she had some significant issues herself. he is in the bringing her along for this sad journey of his to eventually take his own life. >> she absolutely knew it was wrong and she absolutely caused the death of this 18 year-old boy. >> prosecutors say carter asked boyd to write a suicide note to get sim pate. she waved her right to the jury trial. investigation in russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election continues, a day after
6:39 am
attorney general jeff sessions faced tough questions on capitol hill. correspondent weijia jiang has more on sessions testimony. >> i have never met with or had any conversations, with any russians or any foreign officials concerning any type of interference with any campaign or election in the you had. >> reporter: during two and a half hours of testimony, attorney general jeff sessions , insisted he has not had any inappropriate contact with russians or interfered with the investigation. >> i reaccused myself from any investigation into the campaign for president but i did not recues myself from defending my honor against false accusations. >> members of the senate intelligence committee grilled session about what former fbi director james comey insinuated during his testimony. >> mr. comey said that there were matters with respect to the recuesal that were problematic and he could not
6:40 am
talk about them. what are they. >> i -- why don't you tell me, there are none, senator wyden. >> reporter: at time senator sessions seemed to feel pressure. >> i'm not able to be rushed this fast it makes me nervous. >> focus shift todd talks that the president is considering firing special prosecutor robert muhler, who is leading the russia investigation. sessions insisted he would play no role in his dismissal. >> i wouldn't think that would be appropriate for me to do. >> white house says late tuesday night that president trump has no intention of letting go of letting go muhler even though president has the right to. weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> did you hear president trump's birthday today. president turns 71. >> however it might not be a happy birthday because president's disapproval rating it as a new record high. according to the daily tracking pole 60 percent of
6:41 am
americans, disapprove of the president's performance so far well, still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning you know about lyme disease but a tic bite can cause a meat allergy. find out why officials say concern about this particular tic is growing. >> penguins captain sidney gives fans a treat we will show you what he was caught doing with the stanley cup, pat. good morning, guys. these are flags but they are not just any flags these are official presidential and vice-presidential flags and they are made right here in northeast philadelphia as you can see ladies working very hard this morning at defense logistics agency troop support and we will show you painstaking details when we come right giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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poconos is normally cooler , then it is in philadelphia. >> yes. >> it looks like 78 degrees here. cooler there it would be nice to be on the water today.
6:45 am
>> i'm just wondering willie get rain on when i get out after the show to get my latte >> you will be fine but if you are going in to new jersey right now leaving from the city, if you can give it like 15 minutes and wait it out that would be a good idea. reason we are saying this just tuning in a little pocket of showers, very heavier showers i might add and little bit of reminding you that has developed and it has turn itself into a potent thunderstorm cell moving down ac expressway. we will get to that in a second. lets check with the weather watchers who have a very warm area we are in the 80's in a couple spots. don't expect these temperatures will rebound too much american this. eileen is out where we have had more sun then anything, she has 82 mentioned here in gilbertsville but compared, to places, like john carroll's location in mullica at 69 degrees. it is very much location dependent and what you will find because there are places
6:46 am
with more cloud cover then others. seventy-two from carrie. here we get i had a feeling she may have it, rain has been coming down in mount laurel. she heard thunder, saw dark claude, we saw exact same thing across delaware. here right over our sky deck camera. just started to sprinkle for her and really quite heavy rain coming through in that pocket. looking at the wide zoom just to give you a sense of the pattern here. look closely but we have a line of thunderstorms south and we just got hit with one of them. let me see if i can get this guy over. this will be on the camera shot, i cannot erase it. notice a expect that will pops up and turns in tie heavy thunderstorms and it has since moved out of philadelphia county and across river into camden. moving its way across the ac expressway and moved over heavily traveled, arteries like the schuylkill, vine, broad street all got hit. even part of the i-95. lot at shore in margate city
6:47 am
where it is beautiful nice bright blue sky. we denned up with a new record high of 96. that broke previous record as we project of 95 in 1956 but looking forward, we are going to be all over the place again at best, low to mid 80's today and tomorrow. friday cooler. we will rebound to steamy 90 by sunday in advance of the next front, meisha. >> so we are looking at those rainy areas in our camera shots and they are getting very slow, good morning. we have a disable vehicle schuylkill westbound at belmont. head up pulled off to the far right but you will start to get a gaper delay brake lights there. take a look at 95 south at cottman looking wet, as katie just pointed out and looking very slow as well. we are seeing brake lights go off. give yourself a couple extra minutes in this area jumping on interstate i-95 in the southbound direction toward center city extra time is needed. disabled tractor trailer here pulled off here, schuylkill ease bun ramp to passyunk and
6:48 am
see maneuvering around that both directionse and westbound it will start to look slow, in fact, looking slow around the boulevard, city avenue on the schuylkill. give yourself extra time there anytime we have wet red ways you know the drill it will get slow, especially on a wednesday morning. schuylkill westbound between vine and good are regard right lane compromised between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 a.m. and right lane is compromised between 12:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. for bridge inspection. just a head up because that will affect you today. route 30, westbound at new road we have an accident here, thinks your neck of the wood, just call it to your attention not slowing you down too much right now but could later, and then quick peak at delays outbound regional rails take a look make sure to check your schedules on line, jim and rahel back over to you. in the cbs-3 healthwatch incredible news doctors at chop separated conjoined twins connect at skin. >> erin and after months after preparation it took doctors 11
6:49 am
hearst to perform the complicated surgery. the twins, will likely need one or more additional surgeries before they can go home to north carolina but we are told they are expect to be released, sometime later this year. also in the cbs-3 healthwatch you may remember us telling but this tick in the pennsylvania but health experts are saying that the aggressive, lone star species which is found in the south is making its way up north. a bite from the lone star tic can leave you with a allergy to red meat. cases are now being reported in minnesota and wisconsin. >> we have several dozen record of lone star tics of minnesota they are extremely hard to come by and most of them have occurred in the last five or 10 years. >> doctors say symptoms of being bit bine a lone star tics including stomach cramps and rashes. check for tics after spending anytime in the wood. today philadelphia marks flag day celebrationing will be taking place all around sit
6:50 am
including at national constitution center and betsy ross house. >> betsy ross is america's most famous flag maker but did you know that presidential flags have been hand made here in philadelphia for more than 150 years? "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen is live at penn's logistics agency this morning to tell us more about that, good morning pat. >> i love learning new things and i had no idea growing up here in philadelphia that the presidential flags like the won you see behind me is made in northeast philadelphia i grew up not far from here and i had no idea that this is the presidential flag, the vice-presidential flag and look at the detail on them. so beautifully made. they are made by these five ladies right here and that includes my friend, right here working on her own, good morning, how are you. >> good morning. >> what are we looking at right here. >> this is a vice-presidential flag the front and back of the flag are the same so you are working on the front and the
6:51 am
back at the same time. >> so you, it is sketched out and you go along with the sketch. >> this is the actual plan and this tell you which color we use and we use 15 different colors for this flag. >> when i say painstaking detail that is not even doing it justice, and long time, and , and three strains. >> and how long does it take start to finish for just one flag. >> it takes three to four months or 45 working days. >> for just one flag. >> correct. >> everyone here is working on a flag. >> correct everyone is working on a president or vice-president's flag. >> so how many of these are you able to make then in say a year. >> the room can make 35 flags a year. >> thirty-five flags a year. >> impressive. >> how does one get to
6:52 am
embroidery like this. >> you take a test actually. >> take a test. >> you have to go to school so people go to school, some people learn from their families or their careers. >> how did you do it. >> i went to school. >> where at? >> in england. >> you went to england to make flags for united states of america. >> we didn't have any embroidery schools here. >> some of these ladies will be down at betsy ross house. thank you. they will be down from 11 to 3:00 today. you can see the beautiful detail that they are putting together here. this is cool stuff. i had no idea it was here, jim and rahel. >> thank you. well, time is 6:52. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell joins us live with the preview, good morning, nora. >> good morning rahel and jim. we are on the scene of the massive high rise fire in london and talk with tom cotton about attorney general sessions testimony. also how an army veteran is making it his mission to
6:53 am
bring criminals lying about military service to justice. effort to change pit bulls bad reputation and give them a new career as police dogs. all that plus your eye opener your world at 902nd. >> thanks, nora. police in south floor searching for the suspects who robbed a man at gun point in front of his own home in broad daylight. >> friday's robbery was caught on surveillance, police believe suspects followed victim home from the bank on saturday, armed with a gun, chased him across the victim's front lawn as victim was running police say he fell a dropped a bag of jewelry and suspects got away. authorities are seeing if someone recognizes the suspect or just the car. looking at this from the new york city deli employee was injured after two customers were so upset over a botched order that they started hurling avocados at him. that employee suffered a laceration and fractures as well as broken jaw, suspects got away.
6:54 am
nypd is hoping someone will recognize them. when you win stanley cup every member gets to spend the day with the cup. >> they can take it where ever you want. wait until you see where team captain took his. penguins super star kidney crosby took it on the shopping trip in western pennsylvania. he stopped at supermarket and some shops in the community and at the moment everybody there will probably never forgot. >> congratulations, and he said thank you, very softly, very soft spoken. would you like to see the cup. that is when we went crazy. >> he is just a nice guy. he talks to everybody here. he says hi. everybody gives him his space. can i have your autograph. it is just like hey that is sidney crosby the captain of our team that won the stanley cup, again. >> of course they are not routeing for them but that is nice, sharing the cup with the fans. stanley cup will make a special appearance when
6:55 am
penguins have their champion ship parade in downtown pittsburgh. >> we will be right back. >> with three to go. pro tip for fruit lovers: giaproduce prices. ble so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer to take advantage of our midsommar sales event offer.
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visit your volvo dealer to take advantage pro tip: giant has great prices on praspberrjohn... strawberries for amy... what's a jicama? thanks! take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. here's three to go.
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>> search and rescue operation is underway in london after a high rise was consumed wye fire, rescuers say six people died in that massive fire and the number is expected to increase. >> deliberations continue in the sex assault trial of bill cosby. jurors deliberated for 16 hours since monday night. >> stars and stripes festival taking place, in honor of flag day, there will be a parade and sky diving demonstration. >> that is three to go. >> let's get a last check of weather and traffic. >> you can have sunshine or heavy thunderstorms, one instance is in kutztown area middle school, streak of sun out there, 71 degrees, here's that thunderstorm blooming in the last hour and a half, meisha and messing with route 42. >> sure is, we have an accident we will talk about in a second, disabled vehicle schuylkill westbound at belmont and that accident on 42. >> cbs this morning is next. >> join us each weekday morning here on cbs-3 at 4:30 a.m., have a great day.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, june 14th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." a deadly fire roars through a london high-rise apartment building overnight. people trapped inside take desperate action to get out. the death toll could be very high. nearly 200 congressional democrats sue president trump over his company revenues from foreign governments. plus white house advisers has to discourage the president from firing the special counsel in the russian investigation. and we'll intro dye deu trow drewes you to a


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