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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 14, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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practice in alexandria, virginia. scalise is house majority whip and is currently in critical condition. >> we also know police shot and killed the gun man, he has been identified as 66 year-old james hodgkin's sin of illinois. authorities are investigating what shooting was politically motivated. gunman left chilling clues, on his facebook page. gunfire rang out at congressional baseball practice in alexandria, virginia this morning. five people, were hit, including house majority whip steve scalise of louisiana who was shot in the hip. >> he dragged himself after he was shot, from near second base, about 10 or 15-yard into the field. >> reporter: lawmakers practicing for their annual bipartisan charity game ran for cover. >> and he was very brave. >> reporter: congressional police returned fire, killing the shooter, identified as 66 year-old james hodgkinson, of illinois.
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a congressman, since the gun man approached him in the parking lot and asked which political party was practicing >> i responded it was a republican team practicing, and he proceeded to shoot republicans. you can take that for what it is worth. >> reporter: investigators still looking in the gunman's motives but he posted anti trump sentiments on his social media accounts and volunteered for bernie sanders presidential campaign. >> i am sickened by this despicable act. >> reporter: democrats practicing on a nearby field, stopped to pray when they heard what happened, president trump called for unity. >> we are strongest when we are unified. >> an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. >> lawmakers say game will go on tomorrow, as planned. >> we cannot let fear win. we will play. >> reporter: security measures are stepped up around capitol in response to the shooting. two local republican lawmakers
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were supposed to be at today's practice, pennsylvania congressman ryan costello tells "eyewitness news" he missed his ride to the ball field by two minutes. >> they leave at 6:00 a.m. sharp, i was out there in my uniform at 6:02. they said they had just left. so i just changed, and started my workday at around 7:00, and tv was on in the background and i heard baseball practice shooting congress and i looked up, and i saw the baseball field on the television screen where i practice every morning >> reporter: pennsylvania congressman pat meehan also missed the practice, we will hear more from him tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. "cbs evening news" will have much more on the shooting in alexandria during an expanded broadcast tonight, scott pelley will be live on capitol hill starting at 6:30 for an hour long show, you can see it right here on cbs-3 immediately following "eyewitness news" at 6:00. well, ups employee opens
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fire at a san francisco package delivery facility, killing three people, and then taking his own life. a ups spokesmen says that the employee, started shooting before drivers were sent out to do their daily deliveries. three were killed, two people were shot and survived. but still no word on the identity of those killed or the gun man at this point. jury in the bill cosby sex assault case continues to deliberate, and earlier today they asked to rehear the testimony of accuser andrea constand. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is monitoring all of the developments and he is live at the courthouse in norristown with more, joe. >> reporter: jessica, brisk new developments since they re heard that testimony we are monitoring a camera that is positioned at the door of the courtroom where all of this has been unfolding and right now everybody has been called back in, because the jury now has yet another question. this would be the second question of the day, it makes for six in total.
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they probed inconsistencies by andrea constand through testimony, and, dates and various recollections, and it remains to be seen what this latest question, by the jury is, but i can tell you at times jurors have appeared to be frustrated, jury forewoman is very engaged as judge interacts with her, lot of mystery unfolding right now inside courtroom. proceeding has not even gotten off the ground as it is expect , the judge, and the attorneys on both side are back in chambers reviewing how to go ahead and proceed with this latest development. the jury in the bill cosby trial is scrutinizing testimony, and reports made by the cases central witness andrea constand. mid wednesday afternoon panel of 12 requested the court read back her testimony, from 2004, night in question, when she says cosby drugged and section aislely assaulted her. jurors have been deliberating the three aggravated indecent assault charges for a total of 25 hours over the course of
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three days. >> some have appeared to be frustrated when returning to the courtroom where eight day trial has taken place. high profile attorney gloria allred, sees it this way. >> they have been here a long time, i'm sure they would like to reach a verdict. i hope they do. i hope it is to day but i don't know if that will happen >> reporter: cosby's lawyer says his client is stressed his publicist, 24 hours, earlier praised the jury for its questions that seem to probe the consistency of constand's story, something prosecutors have previously described as a significance. breaking right now jury back in that courtroom with yet another question, coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 latest on what they are seeking, information from the judge, and possibly, prior testimony, that they have already heard, this has been a very long day, we are now, approaching the 26 hour mark here of the jury, deliberating of course, this is day number eight, they said this could go
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through this entire second week, it looks like that could possibly hold true. so in about an hour i will see you back with the latest on this breaking news and more from bill cosby's publicist, we will see you then. reporting live from norristown , joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". "eyewitness news" will be at the courthouse, until the conclusion of cosby's trial, as soon as the jury does reach a decision we will have it for you on tv and also at cbs well, death toll meantime is expected to rise after a massive fire destroyed a london high rise apartment building overnight. so far 12 people died, more than 70 others are injured. fire fighters are going floor by floor searching for survivors inside of a 24 story apartment tower that went up in flames overnight in london. building was still smoldering on wednesday. >> this is a completely unprecedented fire, in my 29 years in the london fire brigade i have never seen a fire of this nature.
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>> reporter: many of the residents were asleep when fast moving fire started and had very little time to get out. >> people were just waving from the top floors, can't do nothing. >> i feel very helpless as we can watch the fire burning and in terrible flames and people are dying inside. >> reporter: witnesses say people trapped inside used the lights on their cell phones and waved clothe to go get fire fighters attention. others talked children out of windows to save them from the smoke and flames. >> people were jumping, they said please save my children. >> reporter: community group warned london officials that safety concerns with the building's fire fighting equipment would lead to a cast traffic event. residents want answers now. >> i already heard in my house smoke alarms. >> they were not even working. i don't know why, but they didn't break the glass, to go out. >> reporter: officials say cause of the fire remains
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under investigation but some residents, blame shoddy repairs. well, a lot of people are wondering if a fire like that could happen in one of the many high rise is here in philadelphia. according to the philadelphia fire code, all high rises in the city must have automatic, fire extinguishing systems like sprinklers. the only exception is for residential buildings that were built before december 1991. authorities are investigating a fatal two car crash in the cities west oak lane section. this is chopper three just before noon time today above intersection of the andrews and ogontz avenue. investigators say a car traveling northbound on ogontz overturned hitting a pole, the driver, died at the scene. the driver of the second car involved was transported to the hospital and is now in stable condition. one of the three people injured in the crash at 16th and jfk in center city yesterday has died from his injuries. two vehicles collided causing one of them to leave the road and investigators say that vehicle slammed in the news
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stand. it moved and hit two pedestrians. worker inside was also injured , investigators say man who died was 76 years old, so far his name has not been released. pennsylvania court has upheld philadelphia's tax on sweetened beverages. the court agreed with the court of common pleas that the city council has full legal authority to inact one and a half cents per ounce tax on sugary drinks. in the meantime though city has lowered its revenue projections from that tax. the city expect is it will fall short of the 46.2 million-dollar the tax was supposed to generate for the fiscal year that end june 30th and 13 people celebrated flag day by become naturalized citizens of the united states and they did it in the hall of the philadelphia icon. the ceremony took place in the home of the betsy ross, creator of the american flag. today is the 126th celebration of the flag day at the betsy ross house. coming up later on "eyewitness news" our vittoria woodill
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will show you other special flag day festivities that are happening around town. there is new fall out from the flint water crisis. >> high profile person who is now facing charges for cities lead contaminated water. also a potentially dangerous chemical still lurking in many popular products. where it is found and the damage it can do to your body. fatally beautiful i'm cleve bryan coming up dangers of the swimming in old quarr ies. first he said he robbed a bank to get away from his wife but his plan didn't exactly work out? find out that man's punishment for stealing the cash, lauren? and after several days of extreme heat we are no longer sweltering in the delaware valley, we have a cooler more comfortable night ahead we will talk about that plus get a look at that all important weekend forecast, we will be
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as the temperatures, rise this summer, police are reminding you to be very
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careful about leaving children and pets, in cars. new jersey state police just posted this video on facebook of them rescuing a two-year old boy and dog from a car in washington township month. man told troopers she put her two-year old grandson and dog in the car and she accidentally locked herself out. troopers broke a window and able to get them both out safe ly and we're told they are doing okay. today prosecutors filed new charges in the flint water crisis that led to the death of 12 people. four people including michigan 's health and human services director are now charged with involuntary manslaughter. the director is accused of failing to alert public about a deadly out break of legionnaires disease in 2014 and 2015. some experts linked flint's poor water quality to the out break. chemical in the lining of canned food has been linked to an increased risk of diabetes and obesity. chemical is being used less but as julie watts reports it can still be found in plenty
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of products. >> reporter: it is removed from baby products, reusable water bottles and most toys but concerning chemical bpa is still in a lot of food package s. >> this is a sampling. >> reporter: center for environmental health recently tested 250 cans purchased at supermarkets and dollar stores they found nearly 40 percent, still contain bpa. down from 67 percent from two years ago but still. >> still much too high. we need them to get down to zero. >> reporter: bpa is used in canned linings but it can seep in the food. while f.d.a. says bpa is safe at current level occurring in food, calories eventually added bpa to the prop 65 list as a chemical men to cause reproductive toxicity. several major food manufacturers have taken bpa out of the products or in the process of doing so. concerned consumers can look for cans labeled bpa free. super markets where cans were purchased and tested for study
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tell us they are working with manufacturers, to take bpa out of the all of the cans sold in their stores n san francisco, i'm julie watts. the hunt is on for two suspects after they hurled produce at a store clerk, it was caught on camera. investigators in new york city say that two men, hurled avocados and bananas at an employee of stadium gourmet deli in the bronx. the assault began after a dispute over a food order last month. ultimately the clerk's jaw was broken in all of this, and authorities are still trying to identify those suspects. man who said he robbed a bank to get away from his wife will have to spend the next six months at home, with her. a judge in kansas city sentenced lander riple to home confinement for robbing a back last september. he told police after the robbery wow rather be in jail then at home with his wife, but he also blamed his actions on his depression and was remorseful at his sentencing. turning to our weather now , boy what a relief.
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a few degrees less, makes a difference. >> it will get better and better heading in the evening hours decreasing humidity values and that heat is finally broken. much more comfortable stepping outside, still warm, getting a live look at center cityepping philadelphia still low cloud and some sunshine, it has been trying to break through throughout the afternoon hours wind out of thee right around 3 miles an hour and we still have a heat index, feeling like 88 degrees. muggy conditions with that dryer air is slowly, building in across parts of the delaware valley and will settle in overnight tonight but temperatures right new we are warm, but we are not oppressively hot, 86 degrees in allentown. eighty-three in wilmington. temperatures in the mid to upper 70's. dew points they tell us about that sticky factor how humid it feels when they step outside. we have dew points in the upper 60's in philadelphia to 70 degrees in wilmington. still feels steamy in i-95 and as we look toward the shore, poconos, dryer air has been
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building in, dew point temperatures down in the 50's, so it is feeling much more comfortable and that will overtake the entire area, as we head into the late evening hours, becoming less humid. temperatures generally in the 70's to near 80 degrees and that cloud deck will decrease overnight tonight. nice night. great sleeping weather. open up those windows once again mostly clear, cooler falling back down to 62 degrees after several nights falling back only in the lower 70's. comfort index as we head in the day tomorrow, dryer air will be maintain throughout the day so feeling nice and comfortable but then of course , by friday that steam factor starts to creep back in especially by friday afternoon and evening. then saturday we are pushing up toward oppressive humidity levels and sunday will be a down right steamy day but storm scan three is showing us quiet conditions right now, storm activity well off to our south and west where it will remain. we will see continued clearing as we head in the evening hours and overnight tonight, showers generated on future
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weather but they will stay west of us. as we head in the day tomorrow good amount of sunshine across south jersey, center city philadelphia, western suburbs, we will start to see increasing late day included especially tomorrow evening, and then we will see showers and a few thunderstorms start to develop late tomorrow night and then into friday. the best chance for wet weather is going to be west of i-95 throughout the day on friday as we continue to track their way toward lehigh valley and poconos but for tomorrow pleasant with late day cloud, high temperature running below average at 80 degrees. we will top at 70 in mount pocono. seventy-seven feeling good in trenton. high temperatures in the low to mid 70's along the coast. shore forecast for the upcoming weekend, not great, not horrible, spotty thunderstorms for both days high temperatures in the upper 70's to lower 80's. you will get time on the beach but you'll to have keep an eye closely to the sky for those thunderstorms popping up which could be popping in the morning and then again in the afternoon and then our wet day looks to be all on monday when
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we could be seeing stronger thunderstorms so day to keep an eye on. >> much more pleasant. >> yes. >> thanks, lauren. stay with us still ahead baby watch for beyonce. >> the signs singer may been to give birth to twins. >> but first from bad to worse how governor christie is making history on his way out of office, leslie. well, students at one local school got to celebrate their last day with the phillies fanatic and aaron all tear we will tell you which advice he has for phillies next in
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one of the most amazing people , she wants me to reach my goals and that is how she impacts me. >> her students say it all after decade of service a beloved teacher is ready to retire. coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 how she she has grown to be a fixture at northeast philadelphia high school and the special way that she's going to end her run, tonight at 6:00 o'clock. leslie has sports highlights for us today was
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last day of school for a lot of kid in new jersey and this was an extra special one. this was last day at friend school in mullica. students treated to an un forgettable end of the year party courtesy of the phillies aaron altherr and fanatic after the special assembly the phillies and kid had advice who should not be happy with their current report card. >> phillies are 21-42, war team in baseball. >> it is horrible. >> would i give phillies a d minus. >> an f. >> i give them an f. >> throw in the towel, they are never going to get good again. >> say hello to aaron altherr we wow. >> things are not going too well. but you have to stay positive. >> i think that they should be with the won that build them up, and won that they love and won that love them back just as much. >> it is all about how you respond. >> in baseball there is a lot more, struggle then when you are doing good. >> no team, no kid, always
5:25 pm
wins, on every test. it is how you respond and how you come back. >> keep grinding through, it is a very difficult sport. even guys in the hall of fame got three hits out of every 10 at bats what did you do those other seven times. just keep plug ago long don't give up, keep fighting and battle. >> you learn more burr self as a person when you are going through struggles then you get out of it. definitely struggling is more of a learning process then succeeding. >> i'm confident. believe in yourself. believe you have the ability to do it. a lot of times especially when you will see kid you will still have that moment that we're like i can do this i say you are playing one of the greatest sports in the world. you get to be lucky being a professional you go out there and treat it like a job abe continue to work hard and try to improve, don't give up and keep trying trying to do your best. >> they will be good again in a few years, hopefully. >> good advice. big thank you to will ken worthy for put ago this piece together. >> good tips there. >> yes. >> all right, leslie, thank
5:26 pm
you. coming up next, big day for president trump how he is celebrating his seventh first birthday. it is a risky illegal way to beat the heat dangers lurking below water at quarry is a cross the area. these volunteers are blitz ing a block, what they hope to see when they are done , in this weeks story of giant has unbelievable pro tip produce prices. : so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. that's right honey. bye! take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. save over $44 with exclusive digital coupons on top of great bonus buys.
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an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. >> lawmakers under attack after a gunman opens fire on their baseball practice shooting five people, including, a congressman. good evening i'm jessica dean. i'm natasha brown. we are expecting a press conference in the shooting investigation very shortly. >> we are monitoring any developments along with cbs news and we will bring you that news conference as soon as it happens.
5:30 pm
in the meantime right now authorities are searching that gunman's home and going through his social media powes well, this is video of the shooting caught on camera until alexandria, virginia. congressman steve scalise was shot in the hip, the republican's house majority whip is in critical condition following surgery. texas congressman roger williams witnessed the shooting and injured his leg. >> we were sitting ducks. we had no, nothing to fight back with but bats, and if it got that. we were signature ducks. i think he was not able to get on the field because the gate was locked, on the other side. if he had gotten on the field, it could have been a bad situation. >> police shot and killed the gun man, james hodgkinson of illinois, social media shows he did not like republicans, and volunteered for bernie sanders presidential campaign. we are still awaiting a
5:31 pm
decision from the jury in bill cosby's sex assault trial. today is third day of deliberations and this afternoon jury reheard parts of the testimony of the accuser andrea constand. cosby is charged with assaulting constand at his montgomery county home in 2004 authorities in new jersey meantime want to get word out as quickly as possible about danger of swing in quarries. it comes following the drowning death of the man in atlantic county earlier this week. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live at hamilton township atlantic county with the very latest for us, cleve. >> reporter: well, that drowning happened at a quarter on private property behind that fence, and today i went with the head of the hamilton township guide team to find out why drownings like this are a recurring problem. >> it looks inviting. >> reporter: with bright tiehl water former sand quarries like this in mays landing are both beautiful and treacherous >> problem with sand quarry is here in south jersey is they
5:32 pm
drop off. >> reporter: dive team chief glenn houseman were placed in the memory of the 23 year-old man who drowned here monday night. authorities say he slipped off a sandbar and then disappeared for hours. >> you walk 5 feet, 25 feet and then you hit one of those creators and you just fall in. >> reporter: taking some safety precautions, i got to check out problem firsthand. >> being tethered in with chief houseman's supervision i will she you how it drops off. >> reporter: it starts off shallow with a gradual float and one big step down and another, and i'm in over my head. >> right here is the drop off, it business a 10-foot different. >> you will try to fight your way back up and you will the sand will cave under you. >> reporter: new jersey has 900 active, bandon surface quarries, like the one where monday's drowning occurred are on private property and some on public land in winslow township, you also cannot swim here, something police try to educate and enforce as no
5:33 pm
alcohol. >> they are back here, as a family having a good time, it is fine. our ultimate goal to keep people from drowning and getting hurt. >> reporter: even experienced swimmers are not immune to the dangers. >> odd are they will swim and go home but the odd you are betting is your life. >> reporter: simple message is do not swim in sand quarries, find somewhere with a life guard. live in hamilton township, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". right now we have an update from police from the shooting in alexandria, virginia. >> five people were shot let's listen into the very latest now. >> talk about the character or nature in which we are investigating this case other than to say we continue to work this as an ago i have investigation and ongoing matter. there has been some confusion about the injuries involved. our statements came out earlier today this afternoon actually identified number of
5:34 pm
victims and their injuries. let me just review that quickly for you. five individual were shot, a congressman, a you had capitol police officer, a congressional staffer, a lobbyist and the subject. an additional two individual a congressman and a capitol police officer obtain secondary injuries at the scene and were transported to local hospitals and treated. as for the subject and thinks only time i will be referring to him by his name, this afternoon we released a statement noting that the subject name was james hodgkinson, 66 years of age, of bellville, illinois.
5:35 pm
he succumbed to his injuries at the hospital and d.c. medical examiner has issued the cause of death a multiple gunshot wound to the torso. the fbi has issued a seeking information poster, identifying the shooter and it can be found at www dot fbi dot gov. while the subject is deceased, we continue to actively investigate the shooter's motives, acquaintances, and whereabouts that led to today 's incident. we will continue to have presence as we process a scene here in alexandria and fbi agents are searching the shooter's home, his residents in bellville, illinois. the subject's vehicle was located on the scene and has been swept by alexandria pd. the atf. we will be processing with our
5:36 pm
fbi evidence recovery team as well. obviously we are looking to glean what we can from the contents regarding his electrical devices that he owns. law enforcement has reason to believe that the shooter has been an alexandria, virginia area since march of this year. the fbi has issued again seeking information poster that is located on our web site asking the public to come forward with information on the shooter. to the local alexandria community we believe that the shooter has been living out of his vehicle in the vicinity of eastman road/street therefore asking to you report any interactions that you may have with him. likewise, the subject travels from his residence in illinois and we are asking and speaking with individual who know him
5:37 pm
personally and or who may have encountered him on his travels if you have any information please call the fbi 24 hour tip line at 800-call-fbi and select option one or visit tips dot fbi dot gov. again, fbi's 24 hour tip line 800-call-fbi and select option one or visit tips dot fbo dot gov. all tips will remain confidential. no amount of information is too small to report. law enforcement will remain on the scene until processing of the scene has been completed. we ask that the local community for your patients, and your cooperation as we complete this task. further updates will be shared via written statement unless law enforcement collectively standing behind me add veis otherwise. i'll open it up for a few questions in a second but i
5:38 pm
want to turn to it chief brown from alexandria pd for a couple of comments. >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen, it is mike brown, b -r-o-w-n chief of the alexandria police department. i just wanted to give back and give status what we are doing in this community to reassure the community in terms of the safety, and the security of our residence. we are canvassing this area doing door to door with our collogues from the sheriff's department and fire department so that we cannery assure people in the community that we believe this incident today is over, although, the investigation will continue and it will for a while. we are also working with our other departments in the city, for example the department of community and health services, to make services that are generally available for these kind of situations available to our community over the next couple of days. we care very much about our residents and the people that come to visit us in this city
5:39 pm
and we are doing everything that we can to reassure them that this is a safe community and that your government and your public safety personnel care deeply bit. with that said you'll see law enforcement, fire personnel, working this area trying to reassure them of such. i thank you for that. as part of the department we will continue to work with the fbi as they move forward on their investigation. thank you very much. >> did he have a vendetta against republicans? >> i have no comment on that. >> that is the fbi anal sandra police department giving an update on the shooting at vat baseball field, and natasha, what it sound like right now confirming information we have been reporting to you during this broadcast but also adding even though suspect is dead, they will continue continue on investigate his background and you saw there they weren't talking about motive at this point, they are still trying to discern exactly what his background was and what his motive was. >> we have learned more about
5:40 pm
his whereabouts in the last few months or so. he has been in alexandria, virginia area in march living in his vehicle, so they are, canvassing area where they knew him to be hoping that folks can get more information about this now deceased suspect. >> we will stay on top of the developments and bring them to you as they happen. we will t you can now reserve a car online and carmax will hold it for you up to seven days, for free. you come in when it's convenient i know this because i'm from seven days in the future. now don't be frightened, seven days in the future is a glorious place. after all you had two good hair days in a row... perfect. right out of bed. and this car you reserved on is still being held for you, for free. pretty sweet. or as we like to say from seven days in the future... ah...we still say pretty sweet. it's basically the same.
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new jersey governor chris christie is making history, but not in a good way. >> well, governor's approval rating has plumet todd just 15 t quinnipiac poll. 81 percent of the people polled disapprove of the job that the governor is doing, that is worra travel rating for any governor in any state that quinnipiac has polled, in more than 20 years.
5:44 pm
and to take marks president trump's seventh first birthday, still in the clear how command inner chief might mark the big day but last week first lady melania trump asked support tours sign a card for her husband. signers must make a donation to the trump make america great again committee. first lady says birthday celebrations always include family and very close friends. burlington county elementary school won a brand new playground for their recycling efforts. >> as john mcdevitt from sister station kyw news radio reports the playground itself is made from recycled materials. >> wow. >> ribbon was cut for new playground at this elementary school in willingboro, old tooth brushes, plastic, floss containers and toothpaste tubes among items repurposes todd make the playground. >> slide is really fun and the rock wall is really fun as well. >> reporter: was the whole thing worth it.
5:45 pm
>> yes. >> reporter: why? >> because it was, we recycled , we wouldn't this have playground. >> reporter: how thorn beat 200 schools in the recycle play ground challenge. recycling company, tara psycheddal monk sponsors of the challenge. >> colgate, shop rite partnered with us to run a recycling contest, for kid, to recycle as much oral care as they could, and also get their community to work with them. >> reporter: recycling is nothing new after lunch they line up and dispose of their waste putting items in to their property outlets. >> in addition to to recycling oral care products, tooth top pers, and, being turned into things like school bags. pencil cases and folders. >> reporter: even though school will be out for summer vacation shortly the playground will be opened for the community. >> it is not just for our kid, kahn play all summer. we invite parents to come out, use it to get kid out for playing video games, they can enjoy it. >> reporter: john mcdevitt for
5:46 pm
kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". that looked like fun and lauren casey, it is a better day to be outside on a play ground. >> absolutely, yes. cooler temperatures. we have knott who humidity yet but other parts of the delaware valley are feeling so much more comfortable. >> nice. >> that is in store for us but nice looking conditions as we get a live look at sky scan three at jack frost big boulder. beautiful conditions there and it is feeling good and comfortable in carbon county right now. sunshine in the scene. we are going to see that humidity drop off across other portions of the delaware valley heading in the evening hours and overnight tonight, some good sleeping weather in store, when yeah, not so much the case over the last several nights with that ac chugging along temperatures falling back in the 70's over last couple nights. temperatures no 90's on the board and that is some relief, 80-degree temperature reported by weather watchers right now so lets check in where it is 84 in chilly hill at cws3
5:47 pm
weather watcher lynn's house. she has partly sunny conditions right now and what a difference a thunderstorm makes. comfortable today. dew point did his drop down a bit in some areas especially after a couple thunderstorms rolled through this morning in association with the cold front that has brought us a break from that extreme heat, so lets check what is going on down the shore right now where conditions are quite lovely at james house. seventy-nine and sunshine in ocean city new jersey and he says great night for miss new jersey pageant parade on the boardwalk, i'll be walking in that tonight because i'm in the pageant. no, just kidding. i'm not. really nice conditions with that sunshine in store, and taking in our live neighborhood network you see sunshine, on the scene in rehoboth beach, some people out enjoying the conditions, certainly on a wednesday. it is nice to be sitting by the ocean or walking the board as we head in the evening we will see dew points continue to drop off, where we have not seen them so farrah long i-95
5:48 pm
but said dryer air has made its way in to wildwood, atlantic city, poconos. that dryer air building in and dew points dropping off in the lehigh valley as well. it will be increasingly more comfortable heading out to the phillies game tonight, back in town, first pitch still muggy, 80 degrees but we will see decreasing cloud, decreasing humidity levels by mid portion of the game and end of the game, really nice, clear skies , 72 degrees for 10:00 o'clock hour. storm scan three showing us quiet conditions across the region, a bunch of thunderstorms, going on right now to the south and west and that is in association with the cold front that has cleared the area and now keeping all of that convex off to the south and west quiet overnight tonight, mostly clear and comfortable, back to 62 degrees. tomorrow we are up to 80 degrees but that is below average, comfortable humidity levels sticking around pleasant day mostly sun which late day cloud, building in but we are going to enter an unsettled pattern as we head into friday and upcoming
5:49 pm
weekend, thunderstorms looking likely on friday mainly west of i-95 and this weekend kind of round of showers and thunderstorms, they will not be a wash out but keep an eye to the sky, as we head into monday that is looking more like a wash out with potential for some stronger then are storms so keep that in the back of your mind and continue to stay with the evolving forecast. lets check on the tropics we are in hurricane season right now we have area of disturbed weather by western caribbean. it has 20 percent chance of developing in the next, five days as far as national hurricane center is concerned. we will look at climate during this time frame and in history in june 20th, june 11th to 20th these little symbols will indicate tropical systems, be it tropical storm or hurricane that forms between 1851 and 2015. you can see that trend for formation in the caribbean, gulf of mexico and atlantic closer to the coast so that is where we see system develop as we head into the early season
5:50 pm
but pretty quiet conditions in the tropics but we will get busy weather-wise in the upcoming weeks even. thunderstorms saturday, scatter thunderstorms hot and steamy and then watching out for that likelihood of rain, potentially heavy rain and strong thunderstorms as we head into monday, back to you. well, baby watch kicks in high gear for beyonce and manchester, ariana grande thanks her for her concert. >> here's bex with your hot minute from 96.5. >> thanks, jessica and in a cash a kevin hart holding nothing back, actor takes us behind the scenes of his upcoming animated film secret life of pets two. kevin plays snowball and definitely gets quite the on the job work out, the film is out in 2019. >> ariana grande's outpouring of love and support following manchester terror attack has not gone unnoticed the city will grant ariana its first
5:51 pm
ever honorary citizenship. singer helped raise over 13 million-dollar during her one love manchester benefit concert. beyonce fans are in a frenzy, speculating that the singer has given birth to a little boy and girl. according to a source beyonce security was seen leaving her home carrying two baby seats, to a hospital in west l.a. adding fuel to the fire celebrity stylist chuck amoz posted a selfie with beyonce saying hang in there mom a her representatives have not confirmed the news so on baby watch we will remain. that is your hot minute i'm be x from today's 96.5. >> pair of sneakers has sold for big, big bucks at an auction. lets take a look here these nike air max self lacing sneakers were inspired by the 1989 movie back to the future part two. they sold for $52,500 earlier this month. and that is a new record for a collectible sneaker at a public auction.
5:52 pm
the previous record was just about 32,000 or so, the buyer has not been named just yet. those snazzy sneakers. >> for a snazzy price. >> big price. still ahead, celebrating
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
,, this summer in a place where flavor runs deep, any dish and every glass might be the best you've ever tasted as long as you don't forget your appetite. new york state. it's all here. it's only here. plan your trip to the finger lakes at
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welling, it is flag day and today we are celebrating the 240th anniversary of old glory >> and philadelphia has reason to celebrate after all and our vittoria woodill is live on independent mall right now with how the city soluted the flag today. hi, tor. >> you know jessica, natasha, hi you guys, is there one city that knows how to celebrate the stars and stripes and it
5:56 pm
is philadelphia and we do it big, see a little bit of what happened today which was a lot old glory, the american flag is much apart of philadelphia as liberty bell and independent hall so what better place to celebrate flag day, and we know philadelphia can throw a party. today is cities stripes and stars festival and an event that also celebrates the birth of the u.s. army. >> our nation's flag is raised and we play our national anthem, every single time i hear that i get a tingle down my spine. >> reporter: soldiers young and old presented a birthday cake with the army, a long standing tradition. over at independent mall a death defying leap from high above olde city, that is the team fast track professional sky diving team soaring to the ground and betsy ross house betsy herself was there to show visitors how to so a flag
5:57 pm
a lot of volunteers were needed at national constitution center to fold this giant flag. >> let's bring it in. >> reporter: just a few blocks away at museum of the american revolution visitors were celebrating flag day as well. kid were designing their own flag and even practicing some stitching techniques. >> yeah, like that, perfect. >> reporter: now a quick history lesson on june 14th 1777, continental congress passed an act establishing an official flag for the new nation, that makes old glory 240 years old but legend has it first american flag was made by betsy ross an acquaintance of george washington. the rest as you know is history. could there be a better place to celebrate flag day if you are a history buff? i don't think so. look at that gorgeous flag, blowing in the wind as we take in in its grace, majesty and just honor, oh, there is
5:58 pm
nothing better than our american flag blowing in the win that is at independent section of the independent mall and sixth and it does not get any better than philadelphia the place where america was brought to life and the flag. so jessica, natasha, i think you party anywhere it is here and we knew that. >> we know that. >> yes. >> always. >> thanks, take care. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00. [gunfire] >> frightening soon of gunfire caught outside nation's capitol a man opened fire at a baseball field, striking politicians, and police, tonight what we now at 6:00 as victims recover. plus bill cosby back in a courthouse and jury still deciding his fate at this hour , what they have asked the judge today as they try to come to some kind of a decision in the sexual assault case against famed comedian. >> extreme heat has finally been broken and opened up windows with a cooler night ahead. we will talk temperatures and
5:59 pm
preview have your upcoming weekend coming up, "eyewitness news" starts 6:00 now. >> the green thumb of lincoln high hangs up her garden gloves i'm cherri gregg in northeast philadelphia with a store of the woman whose flowering disposition change the lives of thousands of students, over nearly four decade. my first thought go to the heroism of the capitol police and they were there and responded immediately, and, likely that saved the lives of , a number of people. now at 6:00 courage under fire, but politicians, prais ing heroic options of officers quickly responding after a man opened fire, just outside washington d.c. tonight the wounded recover which includes a congressman we're learning more about the person police say fired those shots. also our other top story tonight, still no decision,
6:00 pm
bill cosby back in the montgomery county courtroom but the same philadelphia comedian is still unsure of his fate at this hour. we are approaching 30 total hours of deliberations, following closing arguments on monday. good evening i'm jessica dean. i'm natasha brown in for ukee today. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live in norristown and you have been there all day long and for last several days or so what can you tell us tonight about where the jury is in deliberations. >> reporter: well, natasha and jessica jury had question last time we saw you. they were in the middle of asking court to read back more testimony. this time it would be the first time that andrea constand made a police or report to police, this particular detective, in canada is actually her brother-in-law. he is married to andrea constand's sister. he took the initial report and referred andrea constand to durham, ontario police. they phoned police here in montgomery


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