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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 15, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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have not heard from them ever since. a sudden midday development. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: turned steps of the montgomery county courthouse into a mad house. drum core, hit the building, and they were eventually told to hit the mute button protestors with signs. >> exactly. bring it. free mr. cosby. >> reporter: heated debates between accusers and demanding those bill cosby be vindicated . at 11:30 jury gave word to judge stephen o'neill they were dead locked on all three charges, that is sparking tension and drama. some accusers of the actor and comedian were reserved in their read on what the jury could be up to. >> jury's deliberations continues. so we don't have any other comment at this time report report reaction in the courtroom was flat, prosecutors and defense attorneys were motionless, andrea constand whom case is
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built around, stared straight on. body language of some jurors showed frustration. >> all of us are tired, but it is really not important to do this quickly, it is more important to do it right. >> reporter: cosby's team immediately reacted. >> mr. cosby should not be here today. >> reporter: they applauded jurors for what they said was a careful review and retrial of the evidence in the jury room. >> we can see the way we came in, and not guilty and a innocent man. >> jury has been at work for 35 hours and counting, it is unclear what the hold up is, fit is possibly 11 jurors one way or one the other, we just can't tell that and the court, of course is not revealing that information. going to the heart of this matter, of course, all along has been question of consent and for many accusers out here , what happens inside of this court room, bears important in some of their civil cases moving forward. we did speak to one of these accusers moments after the
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jury announced it was dead locked. i'm working on that part of the developing story for "eyewitness news" at 6:00 and, of course, if there is any shred of a development here, at the montgomery county courthouse, we will be back with that. live from norristown, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thanks very much. "eyewitness news" will be monitoring every development at the courthouse until the conclusion of this trial. as soon as that jury reaches its decision will have it for you here on the air and also on cbs jury selection does begin on monday in the federal corruption trial of philadelphia district attorney seth williams. williams is accused of accepting bribes from two businessmen, to help friend of their who were charged with crime. prosecutors also say that the 50 year-old, two term democrat , used money from a political action committee for his own personal use. williams has denied, any wrongdoing. congressional lawmakers are getting ready for their annual charity baseball game tonight. it comes after a shooting, during practice yesterday,
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that critically wounded the house majority whip. he underwent a third surgery today, the three others were shot, two others were wounded in the incident that has prompted calls for unity on capitol hill. the house adopted a resolution honoring those who were wounded in the shooting during congressional baseball practice yesterday, including house majority whip steve scalise. lawmakers also applauded capitol police officers and first responders. >> we will be forever grateful for their courageous actions. >> reporter: members of the congress signed get well messages for injured while investigators poured over crime scene in alexandria, virginia. president trump visited scalise last night and said while congressman is in rough shape some good may come from this tragedy. >> steve in his own way may have brought some unity to our long divided country. >> reporter: some lawmakers agreed. >> i think there is a great awareness that all of us have a role in improving the political culture in this country.
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>> reporter: while lawmakers are efforting civility in congress, national park it is all about fierce competition, team captains joe barton and mike doyle warned there will be a battle. >> i told joey loved him before the game and after the game but during the game, we're going to play to win and i know joe's team will dot same. >> reporter: congressman williams was injured running for cover in the dug out, yesterday, he is planning to be the third base coach. >> we all bonded in that dug out. so, it will be a good night tonight. >> reporter: one congressman wore his baseball jersey to work. republican and democratic teams are tied with 39 wins each making tonight's game a tie breaker. three capitol police office hours immediately returned fire when gunman attacked are now being called heroes. special agents david bailey, crystal grinner and henry cabrera did not shy from danger. two of the agents rushed on the field in the fire. a third agent shot at gunman
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from behind the first base dug out. agent grinner was hospitalized with a gunshot wound to her ankle and former capitol police chief preached her work ethic. >> she's amazing and she's a hero. she epitomized being a hero is all about. >> reporter: agent david bailey was treated and released for a minor injury, agent cabrera was not injured. congressional baseball game will go on, as planned tonight at nationals park, in washington d.c. our alexandria movies there and she will have a live report tonight on "eyewitness news" coming up at 6:00 o'clock. stay with "eyewitness news" for very latest in the virginia shooting, we will bring you updates both on television and on line, cbs investigators say that the ups work shore shot and killed three collogues in san francisco, previously filed a grievance to stop working overtime. police say jimmy lamb walked in the warehouse yesterday and opened fire, some employees scrambled for safety, on the building's rooftop, others ran outside and began shouting for
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help. >> i am most concerned about my employees, to make sure that we have as many counselors that are needed, on site, for all of their support >> reporter: lamb took his own life after fatally shooting three co-workers and injuring two more, investigators say lamb filed that grievance to stop working overtime in march well, london's police chief says death toll will certainly rise as authorities opened up a criminal investigation into this devastating, high rise apartment fire. seventeen people died on wednesday night, the inferno trapped residents, right now dozens are still missing. fire experts believe that cosmetic siding added to the building's exterior may have fueled those flames. authorities say it could take weeks to search that entire site. >> you know, we're not expect to go find anyone else alive. it would be a miracle for anyone to be left alive. >> authorities say number of people killed in the fire could reach 100.
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we are enjoying a break from the soaring temperatures right now but more steamy weather is in store for the weekend. meteorologist lauren casey is outside on the sky deck to tell us what to expect, lauren >> yes, beautiful out here right now. sunshine, warmth, but comfortable humidity, a nice breeze, it is like i almost have my own wind machine and temperatures in the 70's and lower 80's right now across the area feeling good in philadelphia at 81 degrees. seventy-nine in trenton. low 70's in the coast. allentown sitting at 82 degrees and lower 70's in the poconos. yes that comfort index right now has dropped down to awesome. but hang on to it because that steam factor is going to return, really as early as late day, tomorrow, storm scan three is showing us pretty quiet conditions right now, just a few passion cloud but note that is cluster of showers off shore and that is going to start to move on shore as we head throughout the overnight period but a beautiful evening, it will be increasing but second half of
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the evening but staying comfortable with temperatures in the middle 70's falling back in the 60's overnight tonight becoming mostly cloud which a chance of isolated showers, building in across the region. we are going to see this un settled weather, develop overnight tonight and stick with us all the way through monday and really early tuesday, and that steaminess is going to return especially for sunday, on fathers day and we will talk about a active weather day on monday, all coming up in your full forecast in just a few. >> lauren, thank you. see you soon while you get your hair in the wind there. car runs off road and crashes in the cemetery in chester township delaware county. >> this happened just before 11:00 at haven memorial park cemetery on concord road. chopper three over that scene as official as zest damage, police are looking into what caused the crash, no word on any injuries. a suspicious substance found in the envelope forced shut down of the irs building mail room in university city. chopper three over 30th and market, where authorities said substance had a sweet smell
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and caused several to suffer eye irritation. no word on the nature of the substance. also a yardley man dedicated his career to finding cancer remedy is in the fight of his life against the disease. >> doctors say michael becker only has five months to live but he continues, his mission, to help others. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh has brought us his inspiring story. >> reporter: as a former head of bio tech companies focusing on oncology, michael becker has learned a lot about cancer >> i got on the street ph.d. >> reporter: none of that prepared him for november 25th , 2015. >> golf ball sized lump right here on my neck. >> reporter: biopsy confirmed his fear, stage four cancer of the head and neck. >> this is my nemesis. >> reporter: but even more unexpected diagnosis, hpv. >> i was just amazed, and angry. >> reporter: becker was a pharmaceutical developer had become a patient, treated by some of the very same
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medications that he said he helped bring to the market. >> i almost no side effects other than fluid in my lung. >> reporter: one point he even entered remission, then came the gut punch. >> i knew when i saw the picture with the lungs up on the screen that that is all over the place. >> reporter: tumors multiplied, the diagnosis turned terminal. >> not only yanked but, you know, ripped out from underneath. >> reporter: in the face of death, becker remains positive >> i have been blessed with what i have had so far and i cannot complain. feel bad or feel sorry that it will come to an end. >> reporter: while cancer has mark his life he want his life to be mark of something bigger , that is yes is publishing a book and encouraging others to consider hpv vaccine which was not available when he was younger. >> do you think hpv vaccine could have saved your life. >> yes, absolutely. >> reporter: for becker while cancer cells can invade his body, they cannot take spirit he has for life.
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>> every day is your last day and, you know, there is no magic to it. >> reporter: in yardley anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" coming up on "eyewitness news" all eyes were not on the u.s. open golf tornment to day , they were actually watching in horror as a blimp, deflated and fell from the sky we will show you the video as it all happened. amazing technology, giving sight to a man who was once blind how his bionic eyes work wallendas are at it again with another death defying stunt but this time, it is not the men in the family doing the dangerous work. here is live look from our parkway central library camera a beautiful shot of logan circle fountain, nice there, right now, could be getting stormy, lauren has your fore
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pilot of the blimp flying over u.s. open was seriously injured at the aircraft crashed this afternoon. pilot was only person on board , and he was air lifted to a hospital, no word on his, current condition. sheriff officers in wisconsin say the blimp was on fire or
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smoking, and then went down rapidly. a landscaper working nearby was watching the blimp all morning, and then, witnessed the crash. >> started, blowing to the north and then deflating and i don't know next thing we know we heard kind of struggling, you know, motor kicking on trying to, we thought it was trying to land and next thing we know there was a couple booms in the tree line that went down and then blew up. >> well, first responders were quickly on the scene because they were all ready at aaron hills golf course for the tournament. make or dent in the drug smuggling trade, s coastguard seized 18 tons of cocaine on the high seas. drugs were intercepted by eight coastguard cutters in the eastern pacific between march and june. crews off loaded pallets in san diego. coastguard says it is increasing patrols along known drug transit zones in the pacific during the last two years. trapeze artist wife of
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dare devil nick wallenda pulls off her own death defying act. >> erin wallenda tangled by her teeth while death toward a helicopter 300 feet over the american side of niagara falls she felt good during the stunt and after the stunt telling reporters that it didn't hurt. >> it felt amazing. it was a little more windy then i expected it to be but like i said before i just had to put myself back to my backyard and training. >> wallenda broke height record her husband set six years ago when he hung by his teeth, 250 feet above a theme park in missouri. >> competition there. >> yes. >> we are also having another great community day thomas our summer fest celebration continues. >> i will be live in ambler, with tori and lauren. we will be at ambler arts and music festival, showing you everything ambler has to offer it is a town rich in history but it is also looking toward
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the future. so be sure to tune in tomorrow , when we're in ambler >> all eyes are on the weather , i'm certain, lauren. >> i'll be checking my radar, very studiously while we're out there, make sure we don't get rained on. >> exactly. >> today a beautiful day but unsettled pattern develops just in time for the weekend, yeah. >> yes. >> beautiful right now, a gorgeous day, after that extreme heat, earlier in the week, such a nice break, i'm looking live at center city philadelphia, blue skies and just a couple cloud, seeing a temperature of 81 degrees, south wind at 10 miles an hour , nice breeze and the wind feels cooler then air temperature is because of those lower humidity values. cooler temperatures off to the e of the city at 76 in ac. seventy-nine in trenton. warmer temperatures off to the west, 82 in reading. eighty-three in lancaster. beautiful beach day after 90's earlier in the week. seventy-three in stone harbor. 75 degrees in cape may.
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dew points, that sticky factor , down around 50 degrees , it feels so nice, dry, comfortable, especially during june, little more muggy off to the west and we will see that mugginess increase for everyone, as we head into the day tomorrow. so dew points on the rise, feeling steamy by the end of the day tomorrow and then down right- press i have, humidity for saturday and sunday, as well, as dew points climb to the 70-degree mark. we are going to contend with the stalled frontal boundary keeping weather active over next several days. keep an eye to the sky, more humid tomorrow, passing thunderstorms both in the morning and again in the afternoon and evening, and this weekend we will see some dry times, it is not a wash out but spotty showers and storms, will hit the weekend on both days and then monday it will be our most active day when we see secondary cold front moving in, clearing us out but that will be strongest portion of the system. we will see heavy rain and strong thunderstorms as we head into monday. with the thunderstorm activity in the forecast always good to
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to recheck other lightening facts, 50,000 degrees fahrenheit that is five times hotter then surface of the sun men i'm talking to you, 79 percent of lightening strikes fatalities are men, that is not because of golfers , actually highest incidents is fishing, followed by people on the beach followed by people camping. good reminder for me, i like to cam. when thunder roars go indoors you don't want to be near lightening when that storm rolls in. be sure to have that safety plan if you do have outdoor plans this weekend. storm scan three showing us quiet conditions right now, this is our frontal boundary that will move in, and then kind of stall, out as we head into the upcoming weekend. we will not get in on all that thunderstorm activity at one time. our isolated showers, develop overnight tonight will be moving from the east mostly cloudy down to 64 degrees. for your day tomorrow passing thunderstorms, more humid, high of 82 degrees. temperatures not too bad tomorrow in the upper 70's and
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lower 80's with that humidity factor it will feel warmer then that and down right warm as we head in the upcoming weekend. mid 80's on saturday, 90 on sunday for dad's day, i think driest day is going to be perhaps on sunday but still keep your weather guard up, and then we clear things up as we head into tuesday and wednesday. >> all right. >> okay we're on guard. >> thanks, lauren. >> speaking of weather we are seeing changes in the climate and missing with lions. >> not in a bad way find out how mother nature is altering great harvest and wines in our area don. no whine nothing baseball at least not pennsbury high a tough minded seniors are on the cusp of
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journey into the adirondacks where campers carve through stone. and to the thousand islands, where kids can be kings. if you like big adventure, you'll love new york state. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer getaway at
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get fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo for 1 year and multi-room dvr service for 2 years. all with a 2-year agreement. switch now at welcome back don bell. >> did you miss me. good to be back. >> of course, yes. >> that wasn't forced at all. >> it wasn't. >> it was sincere. >> there wasn't even an
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awkward pause. >> very sincere we are glad you are back to tell us wonderful sports stories, like you always do i always feel so welcomed. hello all. team that grows up together stays together thanks to a rare group of upper class man one local baseball team is, going where it has never gone before. >> the falcons are headed to penn state, to compete for a state title. >> pennsbury high school baseball is getting ready to play for pennsylvania state title, for the first time, in school history. when they face, allentown tomorrow. joe paisley says the team is rolling at the right time. >> you look at what we have done, it is not an accident. we have never even gotten to a state title let alone won one so i think guys are ready to make that happen. >> returning all but two players from last years team falcons came into the season with high expectations, but they were up, and down, until may, when they got hot. rattling off 12 straight wins, including a 12 to nothing win
5:25 pm
over liberty in the semis. >> they really are a team. one guy doesn't get job done next guy steps up and does it. they are always, they are always rooting for each other and everybody is in every single game and it has been exciting for them to be a part of something special. >> led by 13 seniors it is a tight group that has been together for years. >> it is really special. we live real close too. we hang out a lot. go out to dinner with these guys. we have been sharing friendship was these guys, literally, for a lifetime. >> nobody in pennsbury has made it this far competed for state title and it is huge for us, for a program and it is up to us individually. >> reporter: entire community behind falcons is hoping for history. >> ton of support on facebook, twitter, people stop me at the store, parents taking their kid out of school earl to come to our games. it has been great because i went to pennsbury. i lived in the community for
5:26 pm
35 years and it is a family right now and like i said with the school rallying around us and community rallying around us there was a lot of people hoping we can make this happen >> you can feel the energy, in that video, fans going up there, student body as well good luck to those guys tomorrow. >> that is fun about high school sports it is such a community event. >> yes. >> all of your friend and everybody. >> family. >> yep, yep. >> great thing. >> thanks, don. coming up next investigation into russian meddling is in the presidential election is heating up now that the focus is squarely on president trump he is coming out swinging, his latest tweets and where the investigation stand right now, next. and it is latest weapon in the u.s. arsenal but this drone offers much more than fire power but what do you do on a home front when we come righ
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news continues now at 5:30 here's what you need to know right now. jurors in bill cosby's sexual assault trial are sent back to the jury room for more deliberations after they told the judge they are dead locked cosby's defense attorney called for a mistrial but that motion was denied. authorities say they are examining a cell phone, computer, and camera found inside of the white van, where gunman james hodgkinson was living. he opened fire in alexandria, virginia. house majority whip steve scalise and lobbyist remain in critical condition. pilot of the blimp is seriously injured after crashing in the field near the u.s. open. eyewitnesses describe the one that is going down quickly followed by several explosions , and it was advertising about the tournament, at the golf course
5:31 pm
in wisconsin. pilot was only person on board and air lifted to a hospital. new at 5:30 the russia investigation may enter a new chapter. good evening i'm jessica dean. i'm natasha brown. robert muhler is reportedly now scrutinizing whether president trump tried to obstruct justice. cbs news has learned director of national intelligence dan coats has agreed to be interviewed by special counsel robert muhler about conversations he had with president trump concerning the russia investigation. >> i don't believe it ace pope eighth for me to address that, in a public session. >> reporter: at a senate hearing last week coats would not comment on the issue and national security agency director mike rodgers denied any white house pressure. >> to the best of my recollection, i have never been directed to do anything i believe to be illegal, immoral , unethical or inappropriate. >> reporter: rodgers is also cooperating with the investigation. interviews with the special counsel suggest muhler's investigation is now looking
5:32 pm
at whether the president tried to obstruct justice as the washington post first reported allegations of obstruction surfaced after president trump fired fbi director james comey , comey testified that the president asked him to lift the cloud of the russia investigation, in addition to the special counsel, two congressional committees are also conducting investigations >> i don't think it is for me to say whether conversation i had for me was an effort to obstruct. >> reporter: this morning the president tweet had you are witnessing the single greatest witch hunt in american political history led by some very bad conflicted people. in addition to the special counsel, two congressional committees are also conducting investigations. the president personal lawyer slammed the washington post report saying fbi leak of information regarding the president is outrageous, and inexcusable and illegal. there is no proof that the fbi is source of the leak. a short time ago doctors in cincinnati provided an update on the condition of the american student released from
5:33 pm
a north korean prison. they say otto warmbeer has extensive brain damage. on tuesday, north koreans sent the 22-year old home after detaining him for more than a year. officials there say warmbeer fell in the coma after contracting botcholism, his father spoke to reporters today. >> i'm so proud of otto, my son, who has been in a paraiha brutalized, terrorized and he is now home with his family and i'm just tremendously proud of otto. >> doctors say that they found no signs of botcholism, and they could not determine the cause of his neurological injuries. a tip lead to the arrest of bishop lyle jeffs, leader of the church of jesus christ of ladder day saints. that is a poly my mormon sector. jeffs had been living out of his car for two weeks before his arrest in south dakota he had been on the run for almost
5:34 pm
a year. he is now expected to be extradited in utah in the coming days on charges of conspiracy to commit benefits fraud and money laundering. manhunt in the meantime for two georgia inmates accused of killing two correctional officers as they escaped from a prison busies now expanding. authorities are now conducting a nationwide search, for ricky dubois and donnie rowe, officers recovered honda civic they carjacked after tuesday's killings. police believe that they are now in a white pickup truck, and they could be anywhere in the country. >> this is, the greatest effort i have ever seen and it is not just because of the crime, it is because the public is in grave danger. these are dangerous, seriously dangerous, vicious, criminals. the reward for information leading to their arrest now stand at $130,000. the military unveils its latest class of unmanned attack drones. the new models are larger,
5:35 pm
more suffice kate then won before with wide ranging capabilities. cbs news reporter danielle nottingham gives us rare behind the scenes look. >> reporter: thinks mq9 reaper , u.s. air force's latest remotely piloted aircraft. the attack drone is replacing an older model which will be retired next year, mq9 is equipped with high definition sensors and more fire power. it has a larger pay load and can carry thousands of pound of missiles, bombs and fly up to 24 hours without refueling. >> it is larger, flies faster, higher, and it has got upgraded camera. >> each drone weighs two and a half tons despite its massive size it can be disassembled and packed in the single contain tore ship around the world. mq9 is used for more than surveillance and attack mission, it is heat seeking technology can be a big boost to fighting wild fires this is video of the older were q1
5:36 pm
drone battling the rim fire in 2013, one of the largest wild fires in california history. >> we were able to fly at night with infrared, we could see through the smoke, which allows to us give them quick information, so that they can fly more effectively. >> reporter: mq9 costs 11 million-dollar each, danielle nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, officialness japan hope to use under water robots to probe the extent of the damage at the fukushima die after i plant, they are about the size of the bread and they collect data with cam yams and devices that measure radiation melt downs were caused by an earthquake and tsunami back in march of 2011. stay with us, still to come on "eyewitness news" it sound like a sci-fi movie, health reporter stephanie stahl will introduce to us a man who was blind and now he can see, thanks to a bionic eye, incredible technology is up next. weather and wine, how
5:37 pm
changes in the climate are affecting your favorite wine, it is not just the flavor that can be altered, we will tell you all bit, lauren? nearly upon us, it is fathers day weekend if you have outdoor plans with dad, we will do some grilling keep an eye to the sky for thunderstorms, both saturday and sunday more likely in the afternoon and evening hours but cannot rule out a spotty shower or storm in the morning hours due to a stalled frontal boundary. we will see times of sunshine but cloud a general trend and warming things up getting steamy by sunday with high temperatures rising to near 90 . we will be
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earth's climate is changing and many businesses have to
5:41 pm
adapt to the difference that he is may arise. >> one of them is the wine industry, and meteorologist matt peterson is is in the iron science center to explain how temperature changes could effect the next glass of wine. >> wine industry is in different then any other business, that ace expected by the weather. as temperatures rise across the globe they must learn to cope with changes while producing high quality products. climate issues in wine are not typically two topics we would lump together but we should since is there a conn sense as you monk wine producing community that seasons and climate are more unpredictable >> i will say about 2,000, i could really see the progress of the winter, and the spring and i could pretty much guess the season coming. after the year 2,000, you throw your arms out. >> reporter: in general producers believe temperatures are rising leading to change
5:42 pm
ness harvest times here in the philadelphia region. >> we're pretty consistent harvesting earlier then we had 10 years ago because we are seeing a bit of earlier ripe ness. >> reporter: largest change that wine drinkers are likely to see is higher alcohol contents in the finished product and is there much discussion on whether this is good or bad change. >> you get sugar ripeness in the grapes as things get warmer but you don't necessarily get ripeness to the skins and this means that you have wines with lots of alcohol but no length. >> reporter: regardless of what wine makers or drinkers believe, when it comes to changes in the climate across the globe one thing does seem to be clear. >> you carl late everything because your goal to produce top quality wine. >> reporter: this friday when i helped out to happy hour take an extra second to think about the weather and how it effects everything even the glass of wine in your hand. in the einstein health care science certainty i'm
5:43 pm
meteorologist matt peterson. >> now we know. >> sing's dell support for her hometown in hot minute when we come right back.
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well, we're closing in on another weekend and it is looking like it will be great beach weather, for the most part, lauren will tell us when we might have to dodge some rain and storms coming up in just a few minutes. now bionic vision meantime on the healthwatch today a growing number of people who were once blind can now see, with the help of a bionic eye implant. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to explain. >> reporter: pretty incredible, i have to tell you it seems like science fiction on but bionic eye technology is bringing the world into better focus, for some people who are blind. >> actual vision it is what we call artificial vision. >> reporter: anthony every day puts on his gear. he leaves his home and ride public transportation to his job. anthony has retinaitis pigment
5:47 pm
tosa. >> once everything is black, for many, many years, it was it. >> reporter: for 20 years he lived in blackness until he received a bionic eye this animation from the developer shows how it works, a tiny camera in the glasses, send images to a wearable computer. images are processed and sent to an implant, on the eye. >> it is really a marriage of technology, micro electronics, wireless technology, blue tooth wireless communication and tissues. >> i don't see things the way other people do, i see everything in a different flashes, lights, shapes. >> reporter: more of a cloudy black and white vision. >> i can tell difference between a car, bus, truck. i cannot tell what you make the carries. >> reporter: helps him navigate life more safely. >> i can see they have tables set up, and this is really a
5:48 pm
difficult place to navigate. >> i have my hope back. once i lost my sight i was resigned to be blind for the rest of my life. i'm not resigned to that anymore. i believe if i can live long enough, i will be able to see, you know, all of the beautiful things. >> seeing beautiful things. >> developer of the bionic eye is working on the next generation, with faster processing and sharper images and they are hoping to make ate veilable to patients hoff other forms of blindness wills eye in philadelphia was first in the country to test and use this bionic eye. >> not surprising. >> that is right. >> it makes you realize you take for granted something like seeing, you know. >> all right, stephanie, thanks. >> lauren is along tracking the forecast, so fathers day weekend. lots of plans. is what going on. >> well, don't cancel your out door plans but have a backup plan for your outdoor plans as
5:49 pm
we have spotty storms, on and off throughout the weekend because of the stalled frontal boundary that will hang around and we won't get rid of it until monday but conditions right now, beautiful, check that out, on sky scan three, jack frost big boulder in the poconos, carbon county, sunshine in the scene, beautiful looking lake, out in the poconos last weekend, did some camping with the dogs, promise land state park, gorgeous, we have sunshine, warm temperatures and edge gar was swimming, others running around going crazy and beautiful conditions are persisting with comfortable humidity levels. our weather watchers reporting with their current conditions and generally in the 80's and 70's on the board what a nice break from that extreme heat we have been contending with all week long. we have cool pictures as well, phil, our man, our photographer, he has a cool shot from this morning old glory flag and the moon there 6:25 this morning. sunshine, blue skies, on the scene, gorgeous shot.
5:50 pm
this is from a couple days ago but check that out detail on the moon there good job. cool shot at 4:45 in the morning. a few days ago. we love weather pictures. you can tweet me with them as well. we will check in on current conditions right now. we will head over west of the city where it is 75 at gary's house. he has sunshine in landingberg he has humidity levels on the lower side what a relief to day was from the last three days of that extreme heat and that is certainly the case, and we will check with one more, i have not seen my man lately in norristown. david mitchell, he has 80 degrees and sunshine looking cool as always. 80 degrees, mostly clear, break from the super hot with super hot weather. we are going to get steamy, once again as we head in the upcoming weekend just in time for your fathers day. high temperatures will be on the rise, we are looking good right now as we get a live look on our neighborhood network.
5:51 pm
margate, life guard out there a minute ago. they were cleaning up shop, bringing the boat in but check out that scene doesn't it just look so relaxing, gives you that sense of peace on a thursday. comfort index right now is feeling amazing, after several steamy days, wind have dropped off in the 50-degree range for most of us so feeling awesome but take it all in because dew points will be on the rise as we head into tonight. gradually increasing but still comfortable, mostly cloudy, isolated showers developing after midnight dropping down to 64 degrees. for our friday we will need to pack that umbrella just in case passing showers and thunderstorms, possible both in the morning and again in the afternoon and then again in the evening. more humid conditions, a high temperature of 82 degrees. storm scan three showing us, warm conditions. passing cloud. we have a frontal boundary up wind, that looks good right now with storms rolling east but we won't get in on that action just yet this front will slow down and we are going to see battle between
5:52 pm
this front and high pressure off to our east that will stall out over the weekend. also a little bit of moisture off shore. shower activity tonight will be moving in from thee as opposed to that line to the west. future weather will confirm that for us. isolated showers tonight but some showers around. again, not a wash out and not widespread rainfall but spotty rain showers and thunder showers as we head into tomorrow afternoon, same case into tomorrow evening, and same case into saturday morning as well. checking in on the tropics we have an area of disturbed weather right now in the gulf of mexico, 50 percent chance of development over the next five taste what the national hurricane center is giving this system. keep an eye on that as we head in the next couple days but your beach forecast, keeping an eye to the sky for spotty thunderstorms, friday, saturday, driest day could be sunday but passing storm is possible with warm, humid conditions and highs in the middle 80's along the coast, cities and suburbs, highs soaring up to 90 degrees for dad's day our most active day
5:53 pm
on monday with heavy rain, strong storms possible before we clear things out and quiet down into next week, back to you. it is fair to say most people try to avoid jumping honor off a moving boat. >> but for some teens in wisconsin successful leap is key to landing a coveted summer job. >> jump. >> teens are jumping at the chance to make special deliveries, as mailbox, mail boat jumpers that is, a tradition more than 100 years old, the 12 teens trying out for six coveted spots are laser focused as they deliver mail from pier to pier. >> i always say run faster then you think that you should be because you will be running and say i'll get back and turnaround and boat will be almost gone. >> well, mail jumpers make deliver toys 75 homes every day during the summer, unfortunately not every leap is successful. the mail boat also offers tourist for spectators who just want a front row seat to
5:54 pm
the action. you have to be quick. >> watch that for a while. >> still ahead, hot minute with bex. >> find out why the internet is lighting up over music legend gene simmons claims with a universal symbol for rock and roll, stay with
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
rocky weighs in on the upcoming may weather mcgregor mega fight. >> one of the world's most famous singers pays her respects in london. bex from 96.5 has her hot minute. >> thanks, jessica and natasha , adele makes a low key visit to london's greenfall towers less than 24 hours after tragic fire. music icon made an appearance hugging and comforting victims who is the real life rocky according to sylvester stallone he weighs in on the recently announced floyd may weather conner mcgregor fight telling tmz sports that connor has a real spot.
5:58 pm
>> he is a real life rocky. >> don't rely on him before placing those bets. >> but then again, i live in fantasy. >> gene simmons has taken legal action to own rights to the devil horns gesture accord together claim it was first used commercially by him on november 14th 1974. now the internet wasn't too fond of his attempts, pointing out the beatles 1966 yellow submarine cover and more importantly, that it is the american sign language symbol of love. that is your hot minute i'm be x from 96.5. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 dead locked jury still stuck in the bill cosby sex assault trial, drama an inside and outside the courtroom in montgomery county today. game goes on, congressman take the field in washington d.c., to play ball, just a day after shooting injured a high ranking republican representative and five others we are live from the capitol
5:59 pm
as the politicians and players , prepare for the big game. it is fists verse mosquitoes aim cleve bryan battle to stop the spread of zika in our region. we are getting a beautiful break from the heat and humidity but steaminess and storminess will return for our fathers day weekend, we will have your forecast, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 6:00 start right now. we wanted to send these jurors we wanted to thank them and continue to be looking at the facts of the case, and, and see that this case will never have been brought here today. >> now at 6:00 bill cosby's spokesmen confident but jury remains at a stand still. we learned today that they are dead locked on all three charges in the sexual assault trial, deliberations now in their fourth day. and right now the jury is once again attempting to reach a verdict after the judge ordered them, to keep working
6:00 pm
good evening i'm jessica dean. i'm natasha brown. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden has been tracking details of this trial from the very beginning, and joins us live from norristown, joe, what can you tell us about what is happening at this hour >> reporter: lets get you up to speed right now, the judge, and defense and prosecution are all in chambers right now, court is telling cbs-3 "eyewitness news" it is not clear what is going on. there has been no official e-mails blast that we have become accustomed to indicating that the jury has a question or if there is some other development, however, outside here right now, wild speculation, continues, on about what this jury might be up to. bill cosby's accusers begin to size up the possibility that this jury might hang. >> just very tired, you know, i feel emotionally drained by it all. >> reporter: victoria valentino said cosby drugged and assaulted her decade ago they never resulted in


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