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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 16, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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update from the shore, after two swimmers go missing. well, right now at 6:00, day number five of the deliberations and still no decision, the jury goes back to work, and back to asking questions, with the bill cosby trial, now in day number 10, again, deliberationness day number five. the judge had some strong word , for bill cosby's spokesmen. good evening, i'm natasha brown, in for ukee tonight. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden has been there for all of the days developments and live in norristown. joe, where do we stand right now. >> reporter: deliberations continue, and as we have seen, today the questions have also just continued. the judge not watching word with bill cosby's publicist. >> bill cosby's publicist, verse judge stephen o'neill. judge on his fifth day of protract deliberations, warned
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if, if there ways mistrial it shouldn't be interpreted as a win. his publicist andrew wyat made comments that dead locked journey was a victory for cosby team. wyat responded late today to the judge's comments. >> i will continue to speak on his behalf. if i see something that should be taking place and something not taking place, i will say those things. i am not going to be shy about saying them. hey, i was glad the judge shouted me out, maybe he wants me to be his publicist for st. patrick's day when he walks down that hallway. >> reporter: judge took steps to sure up integrity of the proceedings against wild speculation that some have been pushing outside the courthouse. >> the judge wants to be absolutely sure that bill cosby doesn't claim his lawyer didn't tell him that you can be retried if it is a mistrial >> reporter: accusers of the bill cosby remain engaged, but tired as try goes along. >> defense keeps saying mistrial, hung jury. they are tired.
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mistrial. judge keeps saying no. just because they are tired, that is not an excuse for a miss trial. >> reporter: judge stephen o'neill said very clearly he will not cap the time that he will allow this jury to continue to deliberation, he said from their questions, and he said this a few times, it is clear that they are deliberations are continuing, in ernest. my collogue greg argos is picking up another and toll this story, greg, you are looking at some of what we can glean from the jury as they are, working through this very big process. >> that is right. this jury has been sequestered since sunday june 4th, it will be one week this coming sunday they have as of 6:00 o'clock tonight you just heard courtroom bells here of been deliberating for 49 hours, and 21 minutes. you can imagine that is extremely exhaust continuing for those folks inside the courtroom especially those deliberating the fate of the 79 year-old bill cosby. they have asked 11 questions and also passed the judge one note. that was the note from yesterday at 11:00.
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they were dead locked accounts and they have deliberated for more than 10 hours. last night and, of course, this afternoon continuing those deliberations. today in court when asking one of those questions, one of jurors appeared to be taking a nap. you can tell how much of a toll this 49 plus hour deliberation has taken on these seven men and five women once again, deliberations are continuing, right now, if anything breaks we will be here for it. we are live at montgomery county courthouse i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much for that update. also tonight in atlantic city a teenager is feared dead along with the friend that he tried to rescue on the beach in atlantic city last night. and ramone queen, tried to help.
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after years, there is finally a use agreement between the philadelphia school district and largest teachers union. negotiators for both side agreed to the terms of a new contract that runs through august of 2020. details of the agreement have not been released, just yet, and ratification vote is set for monday night. teachers have been working without a contract, for more than four years. also tonight it is friday, and now that is showing in ambler this evening, cbs-3 summer fest, let's check out the movie marquis here at historic ambler theater, anchor jessica dean is live there on main street, jessica, how are things looking. we have been meeting foulke,
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chit-chatting, having a good time. >> yes, we have had a great time. we have met so many people who stopped by, who were watching earlier, came down to say hello. if you are still at home, come on down and say hello to us. ambler theater really taken care of us. earlier this week i was here at the ambler theater, talking with them about this wonderful piece of history and what it took to bring it back. it is an incredible story. lets take a look. >> the 30-foot neon sign, beck ons movie goers and welcomes everyone to the town of ambler. >> it is something special about coming to this theater with all of its history. >> reporter: ambler theater was built in 1928 but fell into disrepair by 2001 when some businessman, bought the theater. at that time, bernadette dougherty work on down up to economic development, for ambler. >> they sold the theater to ambler theater inc. where we are right now and then began the journey of fixing up a 1928 building, with all of the
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problems, but all of its potential. >> reporter: as theater co director chris collier showed me there were layers of paint that peeled away decade before and holes in the ceiling. >> whenever it rains outside it rained inside and theater just really looked bad. >> reporter: three beautiful theaters, including one with the original curtains, showed first run, and classic films. and the refreshment stand has all of the favorites. it is popcorn that smells, and tastes as good as it looks. >> it became the anchor. everybody came to town because the movie theater. >> reporter: decade after her debut the ambler theater is back to earning, rave reviews, bringing people together, in the way only a movie theater can. >> it is something about sitting in the dark auditorium with other people, laughing, crying, and feeling suspend together, this is our his try there noise question about that, and it is just so
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beautiful and when it gets hot this summer and looking for somewhere to go that is cool it is a great place to try and they are running, films like casablanca, bye-bye birdie so these classics if you didn't see them on the big screen, before, this is your chance to do it in a gorgeous theater. certainly something to check out here in the middle of town town ambler. also here with us for summer if he lauren casey and she has been keeping her eye to the sky. we have not had any rain here, we are hoping to keep it that way. >> yes, yes, everyone is happy because it has been dry, so far we have cloud, and it might be blue sky but most important thing is it is not raining right now. the ban has commenced, the crowd is starting to fill in, people drinking lemonade, eating funnel cake, everybody having a good time in ambler. temperatures feeling summer- like. it is t-shirt weather for sure heading out and about on this friday evening. lets check with your current temperature. 81 degrees in philadelphia 80 in wilmington. cooler up toward lehigh valley , 72 degrees.
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seventy-four in reading. feeling good along the coast in the 70's. we will check with your comfort index and after a very comfortable yes, day yesterday with dew points in the 40's and 50's, dew points have climbed in the middle 60's and you notice that, as soon as you step outside, it is steamy but good news is it is staying dry. i have to contemplate satellite and radar not much in the way of thunderstorm activity but due to the stalled frontal boundary we will see several chances of rain as we head in the next several days and we will talk about that in your full forecast coming up in a few but until then, we will get my dance on jessica, rocking to the regay. rocking. >> yeah, it is music portion of the music and arts festival >> very good. >> thanks very much. we will check with you later. all over town there is history and there are businesses that have been in families, for generations and generations and when it comes to get ago this all important haircut, is there one barber shop that has been in the business now for three
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generations. so quite an imprint here in ambler. our pat gallen paid them a visit and here's his story. >> the boro of ambler pace small covering less than a square mile but if you are from here you know all about beauty, charm. >> this is a great community, everybody knows, each other, and everybody is willing to help each other in time of the need. >> sure. >> and you just walk down the street and people say hello. it has come back, a restaurant town and a town with a lot of people in it that are happy to here. >> reporter: if you know ambler you know ambler barber shop. it is a community stapel that has been around for generations, thanks to the vo to family. >> this is where it is at right now. it is all next door. >> this is my dad's, open this in 1976. >> reporter: this is his father, anthony, and in 1949,
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in 78, they moved into their current location, and family has been serving customers, ever since. >> people work there, it is a great family atmosphere. everybody is basically related , and it is a fun environment. >> reporter: over last year one thing has been missing, anthony, he fell and was forced to retire but his legacy lives on. >> this is family. when dad was here, beside, i heard the stories of italy and the things that he did and coming over here. >> reporter: vincent still gets choked up when talks about his father. >> i miss him. >> yes. >> where was his spot. >> he was on the end. >> yep, i was here. >> what does it mean to be able to take over his spot where he was. >> i wanted my son to take it. >> reporter: with anthony gone another anton he stand behind him, his son. >> my grand pop and my fat wore tell me i was going to, come work with them. >> sure.
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>> since was a kid. it is not a bad thing. >> vincent just hopes he can continue to keep the tradition a live. >> my dad lasted all these years. i hope i still have his genes. >> if i ever in town stop by and see vincent and the guys, get yourself a straight edge shave, or a fantastic haircut. in ambler, i'm pat gallen for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". love the treatment, love it. i get a lolly-pop too. >> yes, sir. >> okay. >> thank you. >> full service there pat gallen, full service. is there much more coming up from ambler and we will focus on the art and vittoria woodill will shows us a local art connection, you won't want to miss it, natasha.
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we are coming to you live from ambler, pennsylvania this evening. year hear information cbs-3 summer if he featuring arts and music festival here and to ri, the arts portion of this , yes, it is a wig portion you got do a little bit of that. >> i got to wet the whistle, if you will, but the arts in ambler are all, around you, you just to have keep your eyes peeled and fortunately for me i got to dip my toe into the arts, all over. lets take a look. >> ♪ >> the arts are all around, in ambler. >> just open your eyes and see what pops on the main drag. interesting. even though, these have art. do you have a quarter. >> if you are looking for fine art is there one gallery, turning head, this studio an art gallery the second floor light filled gallery off of poplar that pride itself on highlighting local artists. >> we are in the trying to pull in the biggest names in
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the world. we are trying to pull in people do art in our community and sell their art for them. >> the voice of our artist real, that is the main thing, that it is, something that the artists have poured their heart into and studied, and trained for, and it is ready to just be displayed to the public. >> reporter: owned by husband and wife lisa and karl, you will find lisa cure rating unique collections in the gallery and karl attacking art in the studio. >> this stuff is very fresh. so i'm not here painting like this very often, it is more, of an attack. >> i want to do that. i want to attack some art. >> and let's just say he really gets into his work. >> you painted this with your feet. >> part of it. >> i wanted that movement. >> reporter: it noise secret artist alive in ambler and if you want to get in the action mermaid art studio is place to give it a whirl. >> you cannot mess this place up. you cannot get paint where it
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shouldn't be. it is fun. it is inspiring to see people get inspired. >> you know you didn't think that i made this, jessica,. >> with you a little birdie told me. >> you thought it was high end fashion design. >> i know. >> picked it up on the way. >> but amazing how art all around ambler, sprinkles every where you go and lauren, actually spent the week coordinated very well. i have to say i don't think i would have made a dress prettier then the one she has haddon. >> lets check with lauren right now. she has a look at her weekend forecast, lauren. >> tell me more about my outfit, ladies. >> yes. >> definitely need the summery type outfit heading out and about this evening. music is going here in ambler, people have t-shirts, tank tops, and everyone feeling great, temperatures are warm. turning out to be a very lovely evening, not a very humid one, but the rain is staying away, thus far, but
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unfortunately we will not keep it completely away as we head in the upcoming weekend. but temperatures there is a gradient across the area as we check with our weather computer right now. 72 degrees in allentown. eighty-one in philadelphia 81 in millville. temperatures in the 70's along the coast, dew points, they tell us about that sticky factor, yesterday they were down in the 40's and 50's to day they are way up in the 60 's and even 70's, so you will feel that mugginess when stepping outside and it will be feeling steamy into dad's day weekend. tomorrow our forecast high temperature is 86 degrees but we will factor in that humidity and feel more like 90 with that heat index as we head into sunday, actual air temperature 90 degrees. feel more like nine have degrees. just a nice stroll, and a nice movie, and want to stay cool on sunday with those heat indexes. storm scan three showing us cry conditions. sunshine peeking through along the coast, more cloud cover toward berks county, lehigh
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county we will have a stalled frontal boundary. we will see wet weather up wind and we will to have watch for a chance of spotty shower or thunderstorm as we head in the overnight period otherwise mostly cloudy, warm, muggy falling back to 7o for our day tomorrow kicking off weekend mostly cloudy, spotty shower, thunderstorm high in the middle 80's and we have dad's day we have to be on the steamy side, cruising up to 90 . shower or thunderstorm possible but we will get in some dry period, upcoming weekend not a wash out but monday, likely will be especially in the afternoon with strong cold front coming through and that will clear us out as we head into next week with some sunshine returning but guys i know we have music going right now but of course artist a big part of the festival as well and i will be featuring some of my paintings , tomorrow because i'm actually an expert painter , so you can buy those, tomorrow, if you come to ambler arts festival, i'm lying. i just like to pretend i'm
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good at art when i'm really not. >> i know, lauren, you pretend at a lot of things but you are very good at weather. thank you very much. >> live from ambler where it is art, instantly, and it is going to ab a good one. secrete i have process, in action, we're back from summer fest in just a moment.
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weekend baseball. >> on sunday because of the dad. >> get out there and check it out. hopefully phillies can deliver baby steps are better than no steps at all. the phillies are looking for back to back wins when they
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hoe arizona fightins snapping a will game losing streak thanks to their win over red sox last night. aaron know lays pitching tonight, highlights at 11:00. fightins beating boston one to nothing, thanks to second paveta, he went seven innings, and struck out nine, loud four hits and gave up zero runs, once again, it was a close game, great pitching from nick paveta. the rumor mill is swirling , nba draft is thursday night and sixers apparently are ready to make a deal. multiple reports say the team is in advanced discussion was boston celtics about trading for the number one overall pick, the sixers have the third selection, and the target is reportedly washington guard markell foltz stay tune. sixers predraft work out continues in camden, top prospects included guard jeremy singleton of weaver state. tomorrow the sixers will take a look at, seven more players including smu guard sterling brown.
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to hockey, nhl draft is exactly a week from today. flyers have the second overall pick and gm ron hextall is keeping his options opened. >> i'm not going to reveal who we're taking whether we're moving the pick, i don't think we are, as i told you before but i will not sit here and tell anyone who we're taking or give anyone, any idea who we're taking. >> got nothing. >> exciting times, we have sixers, potential for number one pick and flyers with number two. crazy week. >> yes. >> thanks, don. before we go to break a beautiful shot from drone watch three here showing historic ambler theater, our summer fest celebration continues and we know that they will be plenty of dancing in the dark there tonight. we will be right back.
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we want to head back out to guess kaine vittoria to close things out from ambler, hi there, guys. >> hi there in a cash a thanks very much. i want to show you what is going on to the side of us while we have been doing this in ambler. we have kaine mccoal from painting with a twist. look at what they have created we are at ambler theater which we showed you earlier with cbs-3. payne did a cbs-3 with a eye, kyw, well done, thanks very much. >> thank you. >> how long have you been doing this. >> i have been painting
6:29 pm
forever, pretty much born that i started yesterday. >> kane is a quick study. well done. >> thanks, it looks tremendous we certainly appreciate it. tori, also so generous, thank you such a good friend. >> anytime. >> we're having pie. >> things have been getting out of control in ambler. i was eating someone's jerk chicken out of their plate. i went back to pie and plate and got chocolate peanut butter press sill pie. >> it is delicious. >> just for you. >> thanks,. >> lets take a look where we will be next week, sea isle city, if you are in the area make sure to stop by and taste of sea isle city, it is food truck festival and we will check all that out, tori, that is right up your alley. in the meantime thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00, up next, scott pelley with the "cbs evening news".
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>> pelley: collision at sea. between the u.s. destroyer "fitzgerald" and a merchant ship. the navy has made an urgent call for assistance. also tonight, from inside syria, american doctors volunteer to save the victims of the war. the president says the special prosecutor is investigating him for firing the f.b.i. director. she was charged with manslaughter for a series of texts urging her boyfriend to take his life. >> this court now finds you guilty. >> pelley: and steve hartman with some thoughts about hard-ball politics. >> reporter: i would argue that everything congress needs to know to fix our political acrimony, they already learned in littleea


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