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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 19, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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a punch tonight. good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we have team three coverage tonight meteorologist katie fehlinger in the cbs-3 mobile weather watcher but we will start off with lauren casey tracking storm here in the studio, lauren, what is latest >> thanks very much. area of concern is new jersey, shore points and much of the delaware as well. you can see the strongest portion with the squall line or line to strong to severe thunderstorms is moving across south jersey. we had quite a few severe thunderstorm warnings drop off but don't let your guard down yet still a very potent line of storms with nearly continuing lightening, torrential downpours and, possibility of 60-mile an hour winds. strongest part of the line right now is heading in to parts of the central and southern delaware where we have severe thunderstorm warnings for kent and sussex county until 6:30 and 6:45 respectively. look at all of this lightening that business to head into southern delaware and, very delaware beaches. friend and family out on the
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beach right now, head on inside across portions of south jersey, dealing with this line of heavy rainfall, and in and around browns million, hammington, vineland, cedar villain all this is moving east northe at 40 to 50 . our new jersey shore points is under the gun as well heading in the dennis area at 6:19. sea isle city at about 6:23. we have a good bit of sunshine youg the coast right now but shaded area not in the clear until as we head until 8:00 o'clock authentic. future weather will show thaws line movinge seven or 8:00 o'clock hour along the new jersey shore as we head in the nine or 10:00 o'clock hour our severe weather threat will come to than a end. katie fehlinger is in the mobile weather watch inner haverford township. things are quiet in pennsylvania but you have rain covered road in new jersey and delaware you have pouring rain coming down so a rough commute for everyone, how is it looking out there?
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>> absolutely true, lauren. yeah, we were able to hit a little pocket where there was a lull where it was more light rainfall intensity in the last say half an hour or so we have since moved west again and we have just turned off of township line road and on to west chester pike in haverford township and at this point we have got some relatively maryland rate rainfall, coming down. i will take you outside our rooftop camera shot that cars lined up, everybody has their lights on. that is other thing to keep your mind, using your wipers when sunnies not technically down you need lights on, headlights on because you need to make sure other guys can see you traveling on the roadway. lets go out to our graphic, since p.m. commute is far from over completely just yet even though we have a nice clear stretch here on west chester pike. can't see that in a while. we have to keep it in mind wind swept rain is still a concern, flash flooding. as we bring it back to the cbs-3 mobil weather watcher,
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live once more in haverford township with the weather watcher things are still definitely very slow out here and you do need to take it easy and make sure you arrive safely. jessica, back inside to you. well, these strong storms are creating problems all across the delaware valley. we have seen a lot of change ness wet they are afternoon as rain and wind have swept through at your use "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is in chester count which more on the damage this storm is leaving behind. >> reporter: it cleared out but not too long ago we had heavy rain, wind moving through the area dorothy davis drove through it all. >> side road, main road into lancaster, flooding really bad water pouring like crazy. getting off work so i can beat this storm. i heard something about hail and all that. i don't need that in my life right now. >> reporter: one man wasn't so lucky. he got caught in the downpour as he walked from the paoli train station.
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>> all of the puddles and other than that, just a shower >> reporter: devon tree fell into roadways and powerful power pole split in pieces bringing power lines down with it. >> i saw fire engine and said my god i hope nobody got hit walking. >> reporter: tish said her home and others in the neighborhood who power as a result. local public safety departments remind neighbors to call their electric providers not to police to power report the power ages. anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". strong storms causing delays and numerous cancellations at philadelphia international airport, officials there are urging all travel tours check the status of their flights with the carrier, officials also say that these delays are expected to continue throughout the evening. a jury has been selected to hear federal corruption case against philadelphia district attorney seth williams. jury consists of 10 women, two men, four alternates all women williams ace accused of misusing campaign fund and using his official influence
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as sits sits top prosecutor in exchange for favors. he has denied any wrongdoing. opening statements are set to begin tomorrow. family members of the man shot and killed by philadelphia police two weeks ago during a traffic stop took part in the proes today. "eyewitness news" report's leash a nieves was at the protest and joins us live with their plea, leash a. >> reporter: protesters want officer who shot david jones to be charged. family of jones told us at the protest he was a newlywed just out and had a good job. for them there is no reason for officer to have shot and fatally wounded him. >> get down. >> reporter: outside philadelphia police 15th district headquarters a rally. >> no justice, no peace. >> reporter: protesters calling for charges against 15th district officer ryan palmerral. >> looking at shooting the black man in the back. we have seen shooting. we have seen shootings. >> reporter: the officer is
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currently on administrative duty after nearly two weeks along whittaker avenue during a traffic stop he shot and fatally wounded a man, that man 30 year-old truck driver david jones. his family stood at rally holding black lives matter signs, that had jones picture on them. >> i just want justice for my son, my son didn't deserve this, he was a good kid, he works, he wasn't a street person. >> reporter: june 8th after her son was shot and killed the officer reported jones had been driving a dirt bike recklessly, and that prompted officers to stop him. the officer said jones put out a loaded 9-millimeter gun. >> i don't believe in of them. all i know i watched my son get shot on national tv. >> reporter: immediately after the fatal shooting commissioner richard ross told supporters. >> there is video footage that shows some things that give us pause. >> reporter: commissioner acknowledging surveillance from a nearby business that shows officer, shooting david jones in the back as he was fleeing. >> we have to put an toned this new because other cops
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will look at this like oh, i can till somebody too and nothing will happen to me. this is second time shooting someone. >> reporter: rally organizers they are referring to 2010 shooting involving the officer in that shooting a man was shot in the back and paralyze while also fleeing from police we reached out to the fail police department for comment, on the status of investigation in the officer involved shooting earlier this movement the department declined to comment citing an ongoing internal investigation. live from the sat center alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. bod of the one of the swim hers went missing in atlantic city last friday has been located. police say body of the 16 year-old clea hand was found at jefferson avenue beach in margate. on friday, hand and a friend, ramone crim went missing at jetty at martin lieutenant are king boulevard at 6:30 p.m. after life guard were gone for the day. fifteen year-old ramone, tried to save hand who was caught in the rip current. officials have made an arrest in connection with the
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overnight terror attack outside of a london mosque that injured nine people, authorities say that 47 year-old darren osborne plowed a van into a crowd of worshipers just after midnight as ramadan prayers concluded. it happened as group gathered to provide first aid to a elderly man. stay tuned for more otter or attack in london, "cbs evening news" is tracking latest on the investigation and they will have it at 6:30 right here on cbs-3. good stuff from the sports world blockbuster deal has put sixers front and center in this weeks draft. the sixers and celtics made rumors official today. >> lots to talk about here, philadelphia will have the first overall pick, with sports director don bell joining us live. this is big. >> this is big. these two teams have been flirting for a while, okafor trade, talks a while back and now this. sixers making the trade official today but groundwork was laid weeks ago during the lottery. once celtics landed the number one pick the two side began to
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chat about the possibility of trade. gm brian colangelo held a press conference at team headquarters in camden. ultimately sixers traded a third round and future first rounder for rights to move up to number one. brian says that they are in this position because of unforeseen circumstances like injuries to ben simmons, joel embiid and jared bayless. >> the fact that we're here today is some what surprising coming off a 28 win season. you could make argument had both of those players been healthy, we would not be here talking about acquiring number one pick or having number three in the first place. so, things happen for a reason that was not by design. it was in the by plan. >> so here are details of the trade. sixers get first overall pick in this years draft in return boston gets this years third overall selection. the celtics will receive next years lakers pick if it is not first overall, between two and
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five. if the pick doesn't convey the sixers will send boston the 2019 pick from the kings assuming it is not first overall. then sixers will send their own pick to satisfy the trade. think of it like a relationship status on facebook, it is complicated. >> yeah. coming up in sports is the process finally over? some interesting answers from the guys over at sports radio 94 wip. >> don, you talk to some people on the street earlier today. >> yesy loved hearing what they had to say. >> various opinions, people excited and this one kiddy spoke to and he is like yeah, i don't know they still got aloft work to do. >> he will first in line to get a ticket. >> is that how it works. >> we will see. >> we will see. >> don, thanks. >> still to come you can soon find yourself stuck on the schuylkill when we come back where drivers head hitting busy highway we will see road crews and how it will affect the community. live look from the cbs-3 mobile weather watchers following the storm the system
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will linger in our area lauren casey has latest when we come back.
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live will from our mobile weather watcher making its way through severe weather on eagle road in havertown delaware county. meteorologist lauren casey is tracking system and she joins news two minutes, with her update. well, black clergy of fill calls on pennsylvania legislators to figure out other ways to balance state's budget without expanding gaming access. >> local leaders voiced their concerns at a news conference this afternoon. >> it is raising revenue but raising revenue that will increase problems in the community in terms of the indignant behavior, in terms of the people spending money that they need to be spending elsewhere. >> earlier this month pennsylvania house lawmakers passed gambling legislation
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that would expand casino style gaming, on line and also place s like airports and bars. a major highway connecting the suburbs to the city business to get very busy with construction crews. the schuylkill expressway interstate 76 will undergo a major asphalt resurfacing, that will last through october and effect the commute of tens of thousands office commuters every day. >> pretty much will be going every day starting sunday the 26th 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. through end of october. so milling, paving as part of the resurfacing. >> roving crews will also be repairing expansion joints, overhead signs, work will also be taking place on weekends as well, and penndot says, plan accordingly. think of alternative routes and expect backups. >> so that is just backups and alternative routes, this is like next level. >> let us pray. >> good luck, everyone. >> we will get through it. >> we will, we will.
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>> lets get the storm. >> rough commute, this evening , with the rain, we have rain soaked roads or rain pouring down as you are commuting b now we are starting to see changing conditions. we have just looked at this shot, about 30 minutes ago it was sunny, gorgeous, now cloud entering in advance of the severe thunderstorms that are approaching the delaware beaches. those people need to head on indoors. storm scan three showing thus line continuing to barrel eastbound across the delaware valley. good news we are starting to see weakening in the section across portions of south jersey but looking down toward delaware that is certainly most potent portion of the line and still very intense but we do have a little cell severe thunderstorm in southern new jersey. watching rehoboth beach as we looked at image quiet but there is that severe thunderstorm warning. is there severe thunderstorm line moving its way 50 miles an hour. warnings in effect for kent, sus zest county delaware until
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6:30, 6:45 for possibility of 60-mile an hour wind. seaford is about to get this continuing lightening, look at those lightening strikes, so yeah, delaware beaches, start to head indoors in and around lewis, delaware, rehoboth beach expecting this line to approach within the next 30 minutes. same case for shore we are dealing with this severe thunderstorm warning and this cell is moving east bound at 40 to 50 miles an hour so making its way toward dennis at 6:20, before 6:30 reaching sea isle sit a long the coast. we have had numerous storm reports as it moved across the area. thunderstorm, wind damage in the form of down trees, power lines across berks county, northampton and bass, east ban gor new london township chester county house struck by lightening with expect produced and secondary house in chester county struck by lightening as well, over 6,000 customers, are without power, in this suburbs. things are quiet now in center city philadelphia, much cooler we will see that lingering
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moisture. 72 degrees, we did drop down from 82 down to 73 in the last hour when that rain rolled through, and as i mentioned improving conditions across pennsylvania, severe thunderstorm watch has been dropped in these areas in our western suburbs, northwestern suburbs, berks county, lehigh veil, poconos still in effect until 8:00 for parts of the south jersey, shore, delaware we will see drop offs as a line moves east. rainfall amounts all this came down in a very short period of time inch and a half in glenn more, inch in wilmington and that is because we have flash flood watch in effect across parts of the area this evening until midnight, it looks like we do have tornado warning, thanks for kent county tornado warning for kent county, delaware until 6:45. maybe we will go over to the weather computer. matt, unclick me there and we will bring it over to doppler radar to show is what going on there a tornado warning has been issues at that persian of the line in marts of the
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central and southern delaware that area shaded in red. it that is tornado warning. we have seen all of this lightening, all of the heavy rain too. it is going to be difficult to see if a tornado is on the ground. is there doppler indicated or is this confirmed? at this point it looks like it is most likely radar indicated we have not had any confirmation tornado on the ground but there could be. it would be very difficult to see with all this torrential rain and lightening coming down. this is area in question, milford, is in that tornado warning. matt, can we zoom in and getty closer look at these towns under tornado warning in effect right now. we will walk you through tornado warning. thinks time, to seek shelter if you are in this warning, in delaware, sussex county, delaware, tornado warning, you can see, rain, showing you, where these areas are, under the gun.
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6:22 saint johnson's town, allendale, 6:31 this cell is moving in. a tornado warn cell. this is something we want to take very seriously. you need to be seeking shelter , low level of your home, away from windows. you can see matt, thank you for your help, circumstance telling area this is where we are seeing rotation a hooking there we call it on the radar signature. this is where we could be seeing that rotation in this indeed could be where we do have a tornado probably on the ground a this point we are seeing this warning indications that it is on radar we have not had it confirmed or observed yet but that doesn't mean that the tornado is not on the ground. act like it is and taking proper precautions thinks time to act in southern delaware, right now. we are talking about how conditions were so quiet along the coast in rehoboth beach and around lewis, delaware area and just up wind we are dealing with this tornado warning this line is moving at 40 to 50 miles an hour off to
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thee, so at a very wrapped pace we are seeing this, area shaded in readies area of most concern, right now and you can see progression of that line, knott weakening at all across delaware, if anything, now strengthening and we have tornado warning in effect for next several minutes. it was until 6:45, for portions of delaware, also we will be contending with torrential rain. you will deal with straight line wind, in addition to the possibility of that tornado being on the ground as this cell continues to move off to thee, so again, here's more information, kent, sussex county delaware mainly sussex but portion office kent, cities including in the tornado warning that runs until 6:45 allendale, greenwood, milford, slaughter beach. you need to be taking precautionness these areas. a tornado warning, when you have a warning issue you need to take action, no longer, a watch, yield those safety precautions when move to the lowest level of your home, basement if you have it, if not you want to be on the
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first floor, you want to be away from windows and with the most walls around you so interior closet, a bathroom would be good, stay away from those windows with the potential for strong wind, produced by a tornado, so, storm scan three showing us it is juste, or excuse me just west of the milford area. we will continue to movie at a pretty fast pace at 40 to 50 miles an hour. we are seeing rotation signatures right now on doppler radar that indicates possibility of a tornado embedded within this line of severe thunderstorms. storm tracker there you can see in the owens area, 6:23. so really in the next couple minutes, oakly 625:67:89eman heights 6:32 and slaughter beach 6:39 as we are seeing east northeasterly motion within this severe thunderstorm. a tornado warning in effect right new for parts of the kent, sussex county delaware, until 6:45, indications on
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radar of rotation, embedded within one of these severe thunderstorm cells, this is, more information, on that tornado radar indicated at this point. so it is not observed but that doesn't mean it is not on the ground. it is very difficult to observe, and torrential rain and nearly continuing lightening, and impact flying debris, dangerous, damage to roof, windows possible, and vehicles so stay in your home, lowest level in the basement, even better. >> are, interior closet and bathroom. tracking storm. we gave you projection there is 6:25,eman heights 6:32. line, is right now, if we can pan out and give you a look at the motion of this, progress of this severe line, thank you , we will show you what is going on, continuing to move, at a wrapped pace, this over the last, over last two hours. area is the tornado warning so
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just kind of south of the milford area you are included in the warning as well but very edge of the kent county is under this warning. but even areas just outside of the warning, need to have a concern, as the cell continues to move off to thee northeast, we are dealing with the a tornado warning that is in effect until 6:45. so take cover now, and we will see continue to see the line, progressing off to thee, the potential for tornado is there it is radar indicated not indicated on the ground but we are seeing, strong wind, even if we are in the dealing with the tornado we are dealing with a very intense, thunderstorm, severe in nature with the possibility of very strong wind, even outside, the tornado potential, 60, possibly 70 miles an hour of straight line wind, torrential rain and nearly continuing lightening as well. we have taken lightening off because it gives you a better picture of the radar. the radar and everyone showing us but we are seeing nearly
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continuing lightening especially in this portion, down from about dover, to milford and then stretching down into the sussex county delaware, the area of concern thinks tornado warning. continues to move off to thee northeast, national weather service not, dropping this off yet so you need to take proper precautions f they see this line maintaining strength or portion of the line this particular cell, it will eventually make its way to the northern delaware, beaches. that would include rehoboth beach, lewis, delaware beach area we have had numerous reports of down trees and wires across pennsylvania, when the line came through but this portion of the line much more potent then when we even saw that was working through parts of the pennsylvania, and west of the i-95 corridor. so this definitely packing a punch this portion of our severe thunderstorm line. again tornado warning just joining us right now in effect for parts of the sussex and kent county delaware until 6:45. you need to take caution.
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get into a basement, a lower interior home, or your lowest level of your home, you want to have as many walls around as you can and be aware from windows. very serious situation. we had a severe thunderstorm watch for all delaware valley throughout the evening hours, and now main concern is this area in delaware where we have tornado warning. remember a watch means that conditions are favorable for severe weather. we had that watch in effect all day but once you have that warning that is issued be it a severe thunderstorm warnings respect storm warning or tornado warning that means warnings mean take action, no longer observing conditions, you need to respond to the conditions, because there could be a threat, there could be a threat to, you personally , and could be a threat to your property so you want to be sure to respond accordingly. this is one of the more serious types of weather we can have come through delaware valley this tornado warning kent and sussex county delaware. cities included, allendale greenwood, slaughter beach, for the next, whatever 6:25,
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6:30 so for the next 15 minutes people affected by this tornado warning, about 10,000 people need to be seeking shelter or if you need to help home in your home area , hold off on that, commute, until this line passes on through. this is our main concern we are still dealing with strong thunderstorms activity moving through south jersey and approaching the shores, head up there, dealt with sunny conditions for much of the air noon but conditions are changing rapidly along the coast for you as these cells continue to move, your way, but again main concern that we're focusing is this tornado warning for parts of the delaware, and we have had severe weather rolling through the area throughout the day, line really hasn't decreased in strength, if anything we had sunshine today but further helped destabilize atmosphere and really allowed these storms to fire up, at a very rapidly and also maintain their strength, over the last several hours as the line progressed all the way from the lehigh valley, berks
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county to i-95, south jersey and hitting the shore. tornado warning. we can zoom down there milford is included in that warning, just a slice of kent county but you need to take those proper precautions regardless just south of river view seeing heavy rain coming through, tornado warnings stretched out in the delaware bay, but take proper precautions. just on the edge of that tornado warning but still you need to yield that safety protocol, and heading to the basement, or on the first floor of your house if you don't have a basement, interior closet, interior bathroom as we could contend with in fact a tornado. so we will track this out a little bit show you storm lines. movinge northe at 40 to 50 miles an hour this particular tornado warn cell, so federalsberg rolling in for you, 6:32, anderson cross road and 6:39 slaughter beach. so you want to be taking that appropriate action as the cell continues to move your way.
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so milford area you are being impacted by this cell right now, it will continue to move off to thee northeast you can see that progression over the last couple of hours, this cell is spreading its way east northeast bound, right along the bay, moving for you as well tornado warning in effect until 6:45. we will keep a close watch on this ukee and jessica i'm tossing it back to you. >> we want to give you a quick break and let everybody know we are coming up at 6:30 when we would go to the "cbs evening news" but we will not doing that we have to stay on for a little while to watch this tornado warning. i just talk with my dad about two or three or four minutes ago in dover and as you showed us, it is starting to move out bad weather but that once again is kent county, we're talking further south, correct >> absolutely, yeah this line has looked impressive even if it was, west, of kent county, delaware it was maintaining its strength, that nearly continuing lightening lightening strikes kept going
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as it progressed milese bound so it did maintain that strength and it is really still moving, at a fast pace and very potent cell and most component portion of the severe thunderstorms. we are in a enhanced risk as issued by storm prediction center. there is five levels of risk, and enhanced third on the scale so we did have that, conducive environment for severe weather. it is coming with the line of severe storms, we had multiple severe thunderstorm warnings across pennsylvania, that into new jersey and as a line continues to move eastbound and we are dealing with these warnings in delaware, severe thunderstorm warning and now in particular, we will dangerous type of warnings a tornado warning we need to be respond agoe


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