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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 20, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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pats pass sxwrvr hi house shook and the living room went white. >> lightning strikeed several homes in chester country and one catches fire. more storm damage and katie let's us know what to expect today. >> opening arguments set today in corruption trial of philadelphia da selling williams. live outside the federal courthouse plus this. >> voters in georgia head to polls today for the most expensive house race in history. >> i'm on capital hill with that story coming up. >> today is tuesday, gym june 20. >> i'm jim donovan. >> and i'm rahel solomon. >> good morning, guys, contribution a lot of it around our area. i heard the weather doesn't stick. katie good news. >> you're funny. not like my trash con on the side of the road the weather is not stinky.
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>> precise. >> i don't know about precise but different. all in all not bad. we have clouds and still damp on the boardwalk at the boardwalk plaza ain rehob edge and you can see things clearing out here. you ended up with a decent beach day fall all in delaware. if you watch from the beach town you have the forethought and wherewithal to get inside as the storm clouds rolled n it's still humid outside and the front is still making departure. with time it drops off and is less sticky. right now it's kind of steamy out there. you can see the back edge of clouds. that too is something that will clear. well you have a few clouds out at rehoboth and jersey shore. it cleared out nicely. beautiful blue sky and sunshine over philadelphia. you notice temperatures are dropping offer too in north and western suburbs green contouring on map this begi beginning to nudge east. it's starting to feel better. if you're not a fan of soupy
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humidity like yesterday. daytime high into the upper 8 80s despite the passage of cold front. there's nothing cold about this day. it's turning less humid granted breezy behind the front and back to sunshine. the one thing that really is not changing much, pat is the temperature. you look like an angel. >> do i? >> yes. >> look at that. >> am i not beautiful right? >> it's not beautiful for the people driving right into. it not me i mean the traffic. traffic going into sun glare. 202 northbound near king of prussia. i hope you packed your oak li liz. it's pretty brutal and will be the next 45 minute or so and also disabled vehicle out there on the schuylkill expressway near the con hocken curb that's been out for a few minutes mow and it's not slowing anything down. that's good news. and but construction will be. 422 westbound between 202 and 23 left lane will be closed between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. that's for a little later on that could cause slow downs on
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495 construction that is slowing things down. it will be a brutsal drive if you go northbound. it's on both side of roadway. 45 headed towards whiming top. pa turnpike construction up there near norristown. left lane blocked up that way. doesn't look like it's slowing anything down. construction begins at 10 a.m. as wev boone tling you that's part of larger scale construction project taking place over 12 1/2 miles jim not good. >> not good at all. >> anything on the schuylkill is not good usually. >> updating breaking news a man is shot to death overnight in north philadelphia and this happened 4 a.m. on the 200 block of east indiana avenue in the fair hill section. we just talked to police they tell us the 24-year-old victim lives in the area so far no word on a motive or suspects. >> and new this morning fire officials are trying to determine what led to small overnight fire at this strip mall in olney and it happened inside harbor seafood garden
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6200 block of rising sun avenue. the fire caused a lot of damage. >> and lightning strikes five homes in chester county and causes extensive dpaj. >> one of the thomz was engulfed with flames in keepet square home 100 block osborne circle. chimney was likely struck by lightning before the fire broke out. neighbors we spoke owe to say they were in disbelief. >> when i ran outside owe i saw smoke billowing out of the chimney. >> it's unbelievable. these things just don't seem to happen and my neighbor's house is on fire they just did all this beautiful exterior work and was under contract to be sold. it was a sad list of activit activities. >> their house pets made it out okay. >> more cleanup in the agenda chester county. heavy wind knocked over trees and downed power lines. camera spotted some fairfield
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and spencer in devon. >> well in just a few hours opening arguments begin in the federal corruption case against da seth williams. >> trang do trang is live again what we can expect today. good morning, trang. >> good morning, rahel and jim, this trial is moving along long. jury selection took up entire first day with jury set 5 . biggest challenge was finding jurors to serve up to a month. >> districts attorney seth williams spent the entire day in court. not as prosecutor but defendant in federal corruption trial. monday, 137 potential jurors from philadelphia and surrounding suburbs whitled down to a jury of twelve. ten women, two men, four alternates. all female. they will decide if williams is guilty of the 29 counts of bribery and corruption charges he is facing. federal prosecutors say william accepted more that 34,000 in bribes in exchange for legal favors.
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those illegal gifts they say included tropical vacations, car and ledger couch. williams is accused of misusing city vehicles and campaign funds and stealing 20,000 inintended for mother's nursing care. paul diamond mrnl aid speedy time line and told the jury the trial could last up to three to four weeks. >> meanwhile williams continues to draw 175,000 a year salary despite calls on him to resign. thingstic back up here's the courthouse at 9:30. for now live outside the federal courthouse, trapping trang, cbs3. eyewitness news. jim and rahel solomon back to you. >> also happening today a judge hears arguments on whether he sror om business colby sexual assault case. the judge declared a mistrial when the jury said they were hope lesly dead locked after 50 hours of deliberations.
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a juror told a pittsburgh radio station he probably would have soted to convict cosby. >> cosby accuser andrea co constand sweeted this thank you for outpouring of love and cannednessness and support. i'm eternally grateful for the messages i received in recent days. constand says cosby druingdz and molested here in 2004. >> an accident that criti critically injured a teen ai aimner norm philadelphia, officers found this cashed poet or scooter front and wish art streets after 10 last night. the driver ran away. two locks away officers found a 14-year-old boy with gash in leg and took him to the hospital. and meanwhile they're learning something about the scooter. >> that motor schooler turned out to be in stolen status stolen two weeks ago from address just about three blocks from here. >> an now the teen has now been arrested. police say his leg wound was so severe his condition is critical condition the purpose
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in the car that collide id with the scooter was not injured. >> the most expensive house right in history comes to a close in george atoday. special election forthe state sixth congressional seat attracted national attention and monday. after the seat was vaiked by tom price now president trum trump's secretary of health and human services. correspondent jiang is covering this election. >> democrat john ossoff mibing a final push on the eave of this special election in georgia. 32-year-old rookie candidate hopes to turn his district blue for the first time since 1979. >> what voters are concerned with is access to healthcare. >> republican candidate karen handel hit the streets and urminged vote others to show up at the polls. >> very, very encouraged by things. enthusiasm opt ground has been aamazing. >> the race offers a potential preview of the 2018
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midterm elections and republicans are weighing in from here in washington. working to keep control of congress. >> everybody knows about this race. karen is strong coming out owe of very difficult primary. >> president trump treated monday dems want to stop tax cut and vote for karen h.. and cam paining has helped ossoff raise 12 million. and all sides and sources poured a whooping $59 million into the georgia house race. >> whoever wins and losses it will affect evenlyer party and how they react to president trump moving forward. >> ossoff himself described his bid as a chance to make trump furious. cbs3, eyewitness news. >> meanwhile sean spicer ma maying step ago way from podium and white house press room. they're considering a more
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strategic role as president trump secretary. spicer held 'lower profile and has been managing communications office. the timeline for the change in spicer's role is fluid. >> well, have you been getting a lot of robo calls recent l. yes, i v on the race and what you can do to top them. >> hear what the homeowner has to say as thieves put a gun to his head. >> first of kind proposal the state that wants to ban the sale of cellphones to tweenz. sale of cellphones to tweenz. we'll tell you why. >> but full out. there a live look from the steps of the art museum. last night did the thunder an lightning keep you you awake. you're not the only ones deal with crazy weather.
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thanks! take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. >> >> >> welcome back, everyone, folks out west are brace tion themselves for a hot day. >> and here the latest on the heat. >> and heat wave gripping west is so intense.
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people in arizona are being washed to be careful around concrete and playground equipment. because touching them could cause second and third degree burns. >> heat wave is not a good way to describe it. it's more like heat attack. >> 120 degree a mark hit three times in history aunt record is 122. american airlines already cancelled dozens of flights saying the regional jet can not operate once temps hit 11 118. emergency officials in phoenix are hoping not to have a and repeat of last year when there were 130 heat related deaths. >> people can go from what they think is heat exhaustion to sim tox heat stroke. >> out in california roads across the state buckled because of extreme heat. hot temps are blamed for several wildfires. hundreds of acres burned north eevingts big bear. families who live nearby are packing up and getting out
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even though there's not a mandatory evacuation. >> it's scaring me because ft. winds shift too bad it comes straight through here and takes out this community. >> heat caused several power outages in the state and power officials predict more outages in the coming days. hannah daniels for cbs3 eyewitness news. >> and check out this video from our sky cam thee as storm 345eud its way to center city yesterday. you can seat dark clouds over the philly sky line before it started to rain. >> all right. and it was weird. it was like at one point like 3:00 in the afternoon i was leaving lows and it rained the minute i got out of the store and stopped when i got in the car. >> well it's because it was waiting for you. >> it was. >> and only in south philly. >> i'm not going to move until i see jim walk out. >> yeah those storms were nasty. they came right on schedule too. and but, they are now long gone.
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so that's been helpful news for morning drive. evening drive looked better than yesterday. at the moment it's steamy outside. you walk out the door and wonder why it feels humid. the front is making its departure. dew points continue to drop off. you can have a little delayed reaction when there's transition in the atmosphere. that's what will happen today. expect humidity. i'm no not saying it will be super comfortable but with time bert and better. we have a tropical storm system to tell you about tracking pretty at this moment. out over interestingly western atlantic basin and early to see this development across the atlantic at this particular part of the season. there's also into the system to watch this batch over the gulf. much more likely place for tropical storm development. let's track brett. this only has a short window of opportunities to continue to strengthen. what makes it interesting how early it has in fact formed and it will do a little interacting with north and south america. it likely will have a day or
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two to maintain its named status before it would actually just start to fizzle somewhat. >> regardless records began in 1851 and this is earliest we see a storm develop in that part of atlantic. interesting stat there. i'll look at names. it is your name opt look this year. no pat, no jim, no rahel. there's ophelia and phillipe a and vince is on the list. we'll see how far we make it on this list. >> he is like a hurricane. >> he comes in like as mainian devil. >> upper 80s and sunshine. >> phillipe galen coye go with that. >> i like pat better. >> and 95 southbound volume is starting to build. this is right at the betsy ross bridge. and after katie told me i look like an angel hi to try to find the next camera with sun glare. here we are 202, 252 wicked
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sun glare. back ray bans and maui jims. you'll need them. 42 freeway headed to i 295. no nraiz here normally a spot you would see this start to fire up at this time of the morning. >> not bad on the 42 freeway. it's bad in wilmington. i-495 northbound between terminal avenue and edgemoore road two lanes blocked until 4 p.m. causing page order delays in that area and a lot of construction out there this morning, jim. >> thank u. pat. >> secretary of state rex tillerson says united states hold north korea responsible after cuomo tos american student released that week died. the family of ot owe warmbier announced his death yesterday. warmbier fell into a coma koreans say after contacting botulism and taking a sleeping pill. doctors say he had severe
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neurological injury. warmbier was detained 17 months after accused of stealing a political poster. >> a map terrorized during a violent home up vacation is sharing the incident in hopes of finding is the suspect. >> understandably the homeowner says he thought he would die. >> they began to put a pillow over my head and there was a gun over my head as well and i made my paexts. >> rob i got away we cash. joulry and diaper bags. the victims moved out out of fear. >> colorado activists trying
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to ban cell phones for tweens. >> the group paused for parents against under age smart phones to gather initiative on ballot next year. cell phones banned for kids under 1. kids need to spend more time with traditional play and less time staring at screens. >> the kids are not playing out there anymore. there's critical staplings of development not happening. >> and the doctor even compared smart phone use to addiction and called smart phones electric pacifier. >> think about that in a moment. >> too much phone use can be dangerous and tweep can learn responsible smart phone use. >> i have a 14-year-old brother in the car with mom, me and little brother listens to headphones. we're in the same car. i don't understand. >> you probably would do the same thing. >> i don't. >> you're always on your phone sglp yeah not my headphones. not isolation device. >> yeah. >> you know me i can barely work mine.
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>> we've already seen self driving cars and rahel,self flying planes coming up next. >> and why olympic swimmer michael phelps will be part of ashark week the caidzy stunt he's about to pull off next.
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>> part of master plan for camden water front. until nnl economic authority approved 18 million tax break and 3 million low interest loan for camden water front hotel. and the eight story 180 room hotel will be built at cool f cooper street and riverside drive. >> and reading eagle lawmakers have revived a bill to eliminate school property taxes and senate bill 76 nob as property tax and dependence act would replace 14 billion
6:26 am
in revenue again rated annual by by property taxes and personal higher income tax and sales tax. >> bucks county courier time times. the intelligenceer and burlington county times to gate house media. for almost 80 years caulk inz a small family opened company served local newspaper and television mark nets pennsylvania, new jersey, florida and alabama. >> and that's a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> so swimmer michael phelps faced serious competition on way to 23 olympic gold medals. >> and discovery channel says phelps will race a great white shark as part of programming. they're calling it great gold versus great white. there's no word if he will use a shark came for match. here's hoping he did. >> and in the next half hour of eyewitness news. philadelphia teachers are working without a contract for years and it's about to chang
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change. we'll tell about you the deal they just worked out. >> and plus our air conditioners get a real workout this time year right and that means added dress on wallets too. we'll take a look at ways to save money on energy this summer. saving money that's always good. right? right? we'll be right back (man) hmm. ♪hat do you think? (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love.
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it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> homes struck by lightning and kennett square quickly struck fire yesterday. >>. >> heat wave is not a good way toe describe it's like heats
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attack. >> opening statement get under way in corruption trial of seth williams. we're going into day two of of the trial. jury selection took up all of day one after working four years without the contract the philadelphia federation of teach areas proved a new deal with the district. >> and look at this shot. >> what is this. >> it's a bird. >> hawk from our photographer kyle hall. eagle eye kyle they call him. >> ain't now mountain high enough♪ ♪ >> that was paul schaffer on the late show. and on tour promoting new album paul schaffer and world's most dangerous band.
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>> forecast meteorologist. >> way to generous on most of that. >> you know, we do have nice weather to enjoy out here today. even just in the last hour. i was out here earlier in the show and it felt a lot steamier than it does. breezy. i'll give you that. whipped will be noticeable theme in wake of cold front it typically is and humidity levels dprop off. at this point it's starting to feel pretty darn refreshing out here. storm scan 3 is quiet. this say three hour loop. looking in last couple hours there was a stray leftover shower and due on the windshield certainly. you may have to flick the windshield wipers as you hit the road today. i expect dry weather for a change and looks like nice day all in all. still warm despite really potent cold front yesterday. it does not live up to its name. the things you'll notice changing are the breeze picking up, humidity dropping off. sun returning and not so much
6:33 am
a drop on thermometer and notice since this same time yesterday we have lien a little deficit out towards shore point and more so notable as you go to north and west most suburbs with where the sky had a chance to clear out readily in the overnight. you didn't have a blanket of clouds that would behinder you from the temperatures drop. wind out of the west, southwest there 10 miles an hour. yes, noticeable breeze. it's comfortable. 74 at the shore in atlantic city specifically. but as the day progresses a much nice are day. for many reasons. i would say especially because the humidity isp dropping off. because it's going to remain breezy for the day. 25 miles an hour. warm pat all the way to upper 0s for a lot of spots. >> got to love it. looks like it will be a pretty good week. we'll take that. not so good though as traffic volume starting to build on i 95 southbound as you head to city. this is at cottman avenue. stacked tight towards the city. so as you know, in this area
6:34 am
it's going it take you a little while longer at 6:33 in the morning and this is schuylkill westbound at city avenue and same is true here as you head into the city. westbound delays right there. and construction to talk about this is 422 eastbound hanover street ramp is closed due to a downed tree. so, you'll have to traverse around that one and also on 422 construction on a bridge between route 724 and san toga. right lane will be closed there between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. and more construction my good man tim hand me that please because we have the memo here. major improvement project on i 76. motorists expect daily overnight lane closures sunday through thursday. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and begins today 10 team 2 p.m. will be intermittent lane closures. not fun, guys. >> all right. pat, thank you. >> opening statements begin this morning in federal corruption trial of philadelphia district attorney seth williams and it took one
6:35 am
day to select a jury. that includes ten women, two men and four alternates all of whom are women. williams misused campaign funds and used nrungs of city top law official in the exchange for favors. he denied any wrong doing and refused to step down as da. accused mob boss joerymer lien owe was his racketeering judge. his lawyers requested that the trial be moved from man mat a an. they say it's because criminal complaint against him refers to him as boss of philly mob. marlino is part of organized crime operation that worked in new york nming nnl pennsylvania and mass pass and florida. >> and well police are looking for the drivers involved in a hit and run in burlington township that sent a woman ft. hospital. this all happened southbound laipdz of route 130 and devlin avenue sunday night. police say the victim was ros rossing road when one car hit her and another car dragged her. surveillance video shows a car pull into a nearby car deale
6:36 am
dealership and driver and the passenger get out of the car and switch seats and drive of off. >> there were four witnesses that did stop. so we were able to speak to some people. and ganler some information. but the vehicles involved they did not stop and kept going. >> detectives say they are not call the driver in the video 'suspect. just a person of interest. mean while the victim is in stable condition. >> off-duty police officer was killed in a car accident in hamilton, mercer county yesterday. this accident happened around 4:00 in the afternoon. 2700 block of nottingham way. mercer country officials say another car was involved in the accident and no one else was hurt we're told officials will release that officer ace name sometime today. >> well it's about a long four years. but today the philadelphia school reform commission is expected to vote on a deal for public school teachers. teachers union approved the deal last night by overwhelming margin. teachers have not have a new contract in four years and have not had ray pay raise in five.
6:37 am
the deal is worth 390 million over the next four years. >> cavrking up the ac. air conditioners use 6% of all electricity used in the united states at annual cost of 29 million to homeowners. >> there are ways to save on energy this summer. cbs news business analyst jill joins us live from new york. good morning, jill. >> good morning. >> how can we reduce air conditioning costs? >> well, don't let that cool air and hard earned dollars sneak out of the windows and doors. most utility companies offer something called home energy audit to give you idea where you're wasting most energy and seal up the leaks and install weather stripping and add more insulation to help with energy bills overall. perform reg lance maintenance on air conditioning unit changing air filters regularly can reduce energy consumption 5 to 10% and experts note where you place the unit is
6:38 am
important. avoid direct sunlight. reduces efficientty. ideally put the unit in shady spot on east or north side of your home. i know what you're all doing now. where is east again right? always. >> jill what about thermostats you can program. do those work. >> yeah they really do. great way to make sure your home stays cool during the time you're there to enjoy it. so it's not working over time when away. when to use prop arely these settings can save you 10% each year on heating and cooling bills. translates to 180 bucks in annual energy costs. if you likeer your house to feel like ice box, guilty, be forewarned each degree below 78 uses 3 to 5% more energy and avoid setting thermostat at colder setting than normal when you turn on air conditio conditioner. guess what it does not cool your home faster it can result in excessive cooling, unnecessary expenses.
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for more information energ saver. i like the hot weather. mostly when i have ac unit nearby. >> agree i leap in ice box. it's 67 degrees. >> is that ice box. >> send me the bell do i not care i need sleep. >> got to be comfortable. >> thank you, jill right on take care. >> pat was talking about thi this. if you drive on the schuylkill get ready for traffic headaches. as he mentioned crews closing lanes ahead of road resurfacing project that lasts several months to city&crews will be repairing expansion joint and overhead signs, work start next week. lane closures begin today. so beware. getting ready to prepare the roadway. >> pretty much going every day starting sunday the 26th, 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. through end of october. so milling and paving is part of the resurfacing. >> now project will last through october. crews will work on weekend. tens of thousands of drivers used this stretch of the
6:40 am
schuylkill every day. >> and well it seems self driving cars are all but reality and now the world's biggest aircraft manufacturer is working on next step. >> are you ready for self piloting planes. >> bowing says increase in demand for flights and short aming of pilots are main reasons for research. they say plane can already take off. crews and land without pilot and they plan to start simulation this summer. tests on replane could come as soon as next year. >> they do. >> i mean pretty much a plane can land itself. >> i don't want. >> i need a human there. >> people flying around. >> still ahead on eyewitness news this morning. robo calls on the rise. we're talking about it on the commercial. we're all getting them why annoying calls are increasing and what you can do to stop them. >> fidget spinners popular and, doctors are warping parents about a daipinger the toy poses to kids. >> only in new york a giant rat is caught on camera. draging a garbage bag down the street more this of this crazy video as you eat your
6:41 am
breakfast when we come back.
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but i know it won't be easy. how will i keep up with everyday expenses: rent, food, bus tickets? >> joe: hi. this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to offer the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including emily. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at >> emily: start saving to live independently today. >> welcome back, everyone, cellphone users were once safe from robo calls. not any more. >> they're on owe the rise especially in philadelphia.
6:45 am
and blocking robe owe calls and it says philadelphia ans receive almost 46 rob owe calls alone and that's an increase in april. maybey trick those into answering because of the phone call they're calling from. >> it seems to be somewhat local number and it comes one a town near where i live. and then it's some kivrpd sales call of some kind. >> it always is. federal governments do not call registry only works for companies based in u.s. overseas call septemberers are not affected. >> pat and i were discussing we actually had calls come into cell phones from own phones. like it shows our own number. called spoof when they put those numbers amex or visa ar something like that. so anowing. >> and bizarre to me. >> katie. >> rob otts are taking over. >> katie weather watchers out there in force today. >> they are we had a lot of awesome pictures from the
6:46 am
watchers yesterday. even though the storms were menacing these are the kind of stories weather geeks geek out over. we say great pictures of the storm clouds coming in from yesterday. jeepy sent this in. we go for full screen here storm coming in yesterday and peter sent this one. i'm this came from lynn sprin springer she saw storms roo rooming in as well. look how gray the sky turned. back one more this is one self cloud rolling in over will wums town as the squall line was ready to hit peter's house. then you have a picture like this. gorgeous shot. ray of sunshine coming in. right over the grass. this is one of those mornings that you don't walk out the door in flip flops and traips through the lawrence unless you expect your feet to get back. damp out there. not only do you have the due but rain yesterday dried out. switching gears we have a live neighborhood network and nice
6:47 am
clear sky at this point. leftover clouds pleasant valley and middle high school broadheadsville noticeable breeze out there and technically light. it's going to be something you notice lawsuit the day. frontal paerm has been made. we're basically in the clear. say for southern delmarva peninsula. generally sky cleared out nicely and any storm damage surveys can take place i got an email from a watcher lieu headed to berks county to check out damage later on today. we'll look forward to those reports. we look ahead tomorrow. and this is when our next possibility of showers or thunderstorms fire up. and anything that would be out there would be incredibly scattered or sparse. there could be renegade heavy burst of rain. keep ears perked for thunder second half of the day. next three days are looking nice with sunshine and nice and warm too pat. so what do you think? what kind of glasses will we wear today? >> ed hardy i think you said. >> i won't wear ed hardy i
6:48 am
suggested you wear that. >> what about foster grants. >> i have foster grants good and oaklies and ray bans ready. >> you're cracking me up. >> beautiful majestic look at lovely ben franklin bridge. no delays this morning headed into city of philadelphia. that's good news. beautiful sight to see. but here's more glare. i have halo back i'm looking good look at me. >> this is picking up here volume picking up as you head from the boulevard to i 76 little delay there. this is accident pa turn pike slow in this area and slow you down more left lane blocked there at 45 in delaware on both sides of the roadway we've got construction which is leading to major backups. if you're in this area just a little south of wilmington between wilmington and newcastle problems there and downed wires ondicer son road in north wailz and more to get
6:49 am
to when we come back. thank you patrick. >> new details about carrie fisher final days. the autopsy report revealed actress had a combination of drugs in hersome when she die died. according to the report cocaine, heroin and ecstasy in her system which she fell ill last year. it's unclear ft. drugs played a role in her death. fish are you may recall died in december after going into cardiac arrest on flight to los angeles. her official cause of death is listed as sleep apnea combined with other factors. >> fidget spinners are ho hottest gadget. now there are reports of children choking on pieces of the toy. don champion explains. >> firefighter shane holt had to res okay his own daughter. like millions of kids she has a fidget spiper when playing with it a couple weeks ago one of metal bearings inside came loose. >> it flew out and was in my
6:50 am
mouth. >> emma started choking and he gave her back blows in she started choking and an extra revealed she swallowed the metal piece about the size of quarter. >> be careful with them. accident can happen any time. >> consumer prod incompetent safety commission is investigating incidents involving fidget spinners. lost in in mu ton a child needed surgery to remove bearing in her esophagus and another swallowed a bearing. >> parents need to educate children about risks of these. >> dr. nina shapiro is from ucla mattel children's hospital. >> not to give these to younger children, children under six and for children to explain these are toys but they are risks and should not be put in mouths and not be taken apart. >> he is sharing his daughter's story for one reason. >> i don't want to see a parent go through what i went fly. >> done champion.
6:51 am
cbs3. eyewitness news. >> in california a woman got a frightening surprise the other night. >> all caught on home security cameras. this is carla of los angeles who thinks the stripping on ground is string from dog toy no baby rattle snake that has poisonous venom she drops the snake as fast as she can and rushes out of there. animal control took away the snake. >> time 6:51 coming this up morning. >> charlie rose joins us live with the preview. good morning, charlie. >> good morning roachel and jim nor ais in soul south korea. >> we're here on the grounds ever a new wide ranging interview of president of south korea. why he says president trump greatest diplomatic achievement could be what happens here on korean peninsula. >> man behind new effort to ban smart phone sales for children under 13. all that plus eye opener your
6:52 am
world in 9 0 second. we'll see you at 7. >> charlie thank you we'll be watching. >> maybe famous for cookies but girl scouts have the opportunity to earn 18 new merit baths in cyber security. >> they're partnering with cyber security pay low alto networks in california to help young girls learn computer science curriculum privacy and coding anden call hacking. >> we know we have to have groups of people to get the talent we need in cyber security and girl scouts is millions of girls. why not partner with them. >> i love this girls who code. the perit badges are expected to be ready by fall of 2018. woman in brooklyn seize unusual sight. >> i don't think it's that usual of un usual. the rat can be seen pulling a trash bag several times bigger
6:53 am
than rat itself. people who live on this block say they're used to seeing rats running around and rats don't seem to care that the people can see them. >> that's hole they're coming out of we patch that and they come somewhere else even when i stand if front of my house they run past your feet playing tag. it's day block. >> i watch four go in and one come out. >> i am stomping and doing everything she's like what do you want? >> i love those neighbors. the rat cannot tate bag further and that's when it pulls the pizza out and secureyes into a hole in ground and disappears and neighbor says he since patched that particular hole. >> i went to college in new york. we would take the subway. you would see all kind of rat rats. >> they're in every city. don't blame my hometown. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. three to go.
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>> on eping statements start in the corruption trial of philadelphia da seth williams. just one day to select a jury. >> voteers in suburban atlanta go to polls in most sxen sivr congressional race in history. they spent a total of $60
6:58 am
million. >> philadelphia school commission is set to the have a contract for philadelphia teachers. philadelphia feld ration of teachers voted overwhelmingly to approve a deal. >> and last check on weather and traffic. >> it's looking all and all to be a beautiful day. we're expecting to see humidity drop off nicely. still warm. despite the passage of cold front tomorrow and spotty shower or thunderstorm especially second half of day and it stays toasty and turns steamier by week's end and another front across friday and saturday. >> how about rapid fire traffic. pa turnpike there's an accident in a second. broad and eary multi-vehicle accident slowing things up right there. and plus, go to the turnpike that accident there at virginia drive left lane is blocked and 422 eastbound hanover street downed tree. >> rapid fire traffic. >> well, some projects you should leave to the professionals. >> agreed a pittsburgh man reminded of hat hard learned let'son every night exactly 10 minutes 7. >> and that's when he hears.
6:59 am
jerry lynn dropped alarm clock behind his living room wall he set alarm and lowered it to feing you're out where to punch a hole for tv hookup. >> i heard funk as came loose. that's not a real problem. maybe three or four months will run out of battery. that was september of 2004. it is still going off every day. >> he has more patience than i do. jerry and his wife still holding out hope that the clock seemingly immortal patry will die. here's hoping. >> that will never die. >> it will keep going. >> murphy law. >> cbs this morning coming up next. >> and cbs3 starting at 4:30 >> and cbs3 starting at 4:30 a.m.
7:00 am
good morning. it is tuesday, june 20th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump commenting on north korea's brutality. now the united states is considering retaliation. nora o'donnell is in south korea. >> and we talked to south korea's new president in his first television interview. moon jae-in ses the u.s. approach to nuclear is failing. >> blistering heat smashes records in the northwest. we'll take you to phoenix where the temperature could approach 120 degrees today. yik yikes. it's too hot for some


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