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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  June 21, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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tonight, george clooney, the billionaire? >> dollars flying. >> how the new dad got a lot richer overnight. then -- >> having another baby would mean everything to me. >> baby number three for kim kardashian. the high price she paid to make her dream come true. plus -- >> i'm so happy, paradise is back! >> but not everybody is celebrating the show's return after the scandal. >> are you upset with what warner brothers said? >> and our exclusive with a contestant. what he saw in paradise. >> i've heard that corrine was covered in bruises. >> i do remember seeing bruises. then -- >> we've never seen this before. >> "transformers" cast takes over. scoop on the "wonder woman" sequel an the "despicable me 3" cast on the most despicable things they've ever done.
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>> i got pulled over. where do i know you from? she was like, i don't really care. >> now, for june 21st, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." thanks for joining us, everybody, on what is officially now known as george clooney's billion dollar day. >> oh, yeah. it is good to be george. >> no doubt. >> just 15 days after having those twins, the new dad toasting another really big event. the blockbuster sale of his tequila company. >> happy hour somewhere. >> liquor giant poured out $700 million for clooney's company with potential to pay 300 million more over the next decade. in a statement, he said, quote, if you asked us four years ago if we had a billion dollar company, i don't think we would have said yes. we'll still be very much part of casamigos. starting with a shot tonight. maybe two. the big question, how did it become a billion dollar brand? well, it turns out, george clooney is a master marketer. through the years, he's been a
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walking billboard. even when amal was in couture, there was george in the t-shirt, and always talking tequila. >> a little tequila in me -- >> on and popping. >> dollars are flying. >> he even brought up the brand when we asked him about baby names for his newborn twins. >> my wife said i can't name them casa and amigos. that's the one thing i'm not allowed to do. >> you wanted to? >> just a thought. family business. what's up? >> the launch, just four years ago in 2013, with this astro jobbingtive commercial commercial, featuring clooney's then girlfriend stacy keibler, randy gerber, and his wife, cindy crawford. >> we started just making stuff for us to drink. and i think we sold ourselves about 10,000 cases. >> randy told us he and george always keep the tequila handy. >> he sits in all the creative meetings. if we find that we're disagreeing on something, we'll usually have a drink and then another and at the end, we've
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agreed, somehow. >> you know, we actually woke up today thinking that kim kardashian was going to have the biggest payday. way to steal her thunder, george. kim did all right. the debut of her makeup line totally sold out. she reportedly made more than $14 million in just hours. not too shabby. though, chump change to george now. that's not the only reason kim is making headlines. this is even bigger news. kim has hired a surrogate to carry her third child. senior news editor has the details. >> having another baby would mean everything to me. >> kim was extremely open about wanting another child. and using a surrogate this past season of her reality show, "keeping up with the kardashians." and now a source close to kim and kanye tell me they are excited to add to their family and i'm told by the source that they have chosen their surrogate, but she's not pregnant just yet. >> kim had health complications with both daughter north, 4, and saint, 18 months.
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doctors told her going through with a third pregnancy would be risky. >> the doctor, he's like, for sure now, you should not carry another baby. >> kim has not only dealt with fertility struggles, she had a condition called placenta accreta, which could make another pregnancy life threatening. >> kim considered asking one of her sisters. >> you have to pay those people. >> she ultimately decided to find an anonymous surrogate through an agency and the process is expensive. >> in addition to paying the agency $68,000, the surrogate will get ten payments of $4,500 each, that's a total of $45,000. now, if more than one baby is born, the surrogate will get an additional $5,000 for each child. >> well, kim is in the company only some other famous women that have used surrogates, including tyra banks and sarah jessica parker. let's move onto the "bachelor in paradise" redo. the sex scandal investigation is
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over, and some famous fans are very excited the show will live on. >> i'm so happy paradise is back. i'm telling you. i was worried. i was concerned. this is, like, our greatest guilty pleasure of all time. like, we sit down, monday night is, like, religion in our house. >> yep, ashton and mila joined the 6 million plus bachelor nation fans who were doing the happy dance, now that pair dice is going to start shooting again. cast members have been told the cameras roll this weekend. >> it is unbelievable, this show. it's like the greatest social experiment of all time. >> well, that social experiment turned into a two-week internal investigation conducted by warner brothers. no evidence of any wrongdoing or sexual misconduct was found. but corinne's lawyer made it clear, their team is doing their own digging into what happened that day. >> did you interact with demar owe?
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>> they didn't seem like they were falling all over the place. they seemed like they were just drinking. >> alex was another contestant and an eyewitness in paradise. we spoke with the 27-year-old marine today. >> i've heard that corinne, on that second day, was covered in bruises. >> i do remember seeing bruises, because she was, like, laughing about it. she slipped or something. it was something completely irrelevant from the incident with demar owe. >> still working on the show? >> corinne today remained silent. no word if she or demario will return to paradise. but the new season is still expected to debut on august 8th. mark wahlberg and the "transformers" gang have been shutting down streets all over the world for one epic premier after another. but they did things differently when they hit the windy city. >> that is quite intense. >> somebody's up there trying to pull a u-y right in front of him with a pontoon. >> why have a premiere on michigan avenue when you can
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have it on the chicago river, on a barge? chicago! >> mark instagramed, "coolest red carpet ever." >> you have never seen this before. this is absolutely incredible. >> there's a big barge of sand. it looks like kitty litter. >> did you know the world is running out of sand? i heard that recently. >> they are bringing it here. >> josh and mark both brought their families to the windy city. >> my mother, my niece and nephew, my son. >> my family is in town. so, that's the best part of it. going to take care of you. i promise. >> 15-year-old isabella looked all grown up in her marchesa gown. but earlier, she reminder her she's still 15 >> my favorite candy is kit-kat. >> i have a present for you. >> what? >> the proper technique. shoe off the chocolate first. >> >> supposed to break really
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easily. like a magic trick. do i have chocolate on my teeth. >> no. do i? >> you're good, so. >> we know they're busy. next stop for this cast, events in brazil and miami, so, their world tour not over yet. but hey, i'm so excited about this one. we're getting more "wonder woman." >> three words for you, brooke. gal gadot rocks. >> girl power. >> absolutely now, the is the phenomenon of the summer, and "e.t." has now confirmed, there will be a sequel. >> stay here. i'll go ahead. >> the sequel is set to take place between 1917 and 2017, which likely means, once again, gal will have scenes set during world war i. there's no timetable for the next film. so far, "wonder woman" has earned an estimated $578 million worldwide, making gal a global superstar, with her own take on the feminist message of the film. >> feminism is not about women against men or they hate men or they burn their bras and have
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armpit hair, it's not about that. it's -- it's about, we can wear whatever we want to wear, we can do whatever we want to do. you know, it's all about that. >> we know director patty jenkins is working on the script for the sequel, but she hasn't said if she'll direct it. but she told me, she loved working with gal. >> she is, like, a special gift to this world to play that role. >> for me, when i just started being an actress, i always said i wanted to show the stronger side of women. little did i know that i would land this part. i hope we're starting a trend here. but it's amazing. >> she's amazing. and powerful. >> so much. listen, ladies. there is a major disturbance in the "star wars" universe. two directors of the han solo movie have been fired. production has taken a short hiatus and actually, ron howard is among the directors that's now reportedly being
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considered to step in. >> he is always fabulous. >> absolutely. up next -- >> why are you back? >> abby lee miller's dramatic return to "dance moms." >> i regret it. >> why her final appearance is even crazier than you would think. then -- >> we were living on welfare. >> scarlett johansson on growing up broke and who she lost her first major movie role to. we have the audition tape. >> close it up and put it away. closed captioning provided by --
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heather morris just got her wish. the former "glee" star will step in for rashad jennings when he takes a break from the "dancing with the stars" tour in july. >> they waisted no time making it official. she's already on the poster. she told u.s. she would love this happening. >> in case you are wondering, rashad is taking july to focus on football and hopefully sign with a team. >> we want to see him on the field. another dancing vet, cheryl burke, is stepping in for abby lee miller on "dance moms." >> why are you back? you don't want to work with the kids. they don't want to work with you. you screwed it up. this might be the last time we ever see this place. >> in march, she told me she quit because they she felt disrespected by the show. >> i'm finished working under these conditions.
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you're not leaving me, are you? >> while abby says her good-byes, cheryl gets quite the welcome. >> you're replacing abby lee miller. >> they didn't trust abby to be with their girls. i'm not going to yell at them. >> you can't remember to turn your feet out. huh? >> i'm not going to judge them for their appearances. i don't like her way of teaching. >> i don't think she's replacing me. it's going to be a different vibe. i bet you she's treated differently. >> a source telling "e.t." once cheryl was put in place, the production breathed a sigh of relief. >> i don't need any of them. >> after her reality show exit in march, abby's life got even more dramatic. >> are you so glad it's over? >> it's just begun. >> last month, she was sentenced to a year and a day in federal prison for bankruptcy fraud. >> are you prepared to spend time in prison? >> no, no. >> she also underwent gastric
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sleeve surgery. >> there's nobody freaking out if something happens to men. >> and in this last "dance moms" appearance, expect one more tearful hurrah. >> i regret it. i regret everything. >> she does have those tears flowing a lot, doesn't she? i'm sure there's going to be more tears at the end of this month, when she's expected to check into prison. still ahead, what you never knew about scarlett johansson's past struggles, growing up poor. >> we were on food stamps. then, we get a private tour of the all-new "big brother" house. >> this is unbelievable. >> 87 cameras capturing every whisper. which room contestants won't want to set foot in. plus, what are the most despicable things kristen wiig and steve carell have done? well, we grill the "despicable me 3" stars to find out. >> it didn't work, which is even more embarrassing.
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that is kevin hart and his wife enjoying a babymoon in paradise. they are having some fun in hawaii before their little one arrives in november. meanwhile, 16 house guests are about to be locked away in the "big brother" house for season 19, and kevin frazier got a private tour, inside from host julie chen. >> welcome to the new season 19 "big brother" house. >> wow. >> total redo. this year's theme is all about temptation. >> forbidden fruit. >> there's always at least one, two, possibly three bad apples in the bunch. >> check out all the tempting "big brother" bucks. except, this money is fake. >> hollywood money. made to look real. as you can see.
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motion picture use only. >> and the house is equipped with a greed room. >> over the top decadence. makes me think of michael douglas in "wall street." >> greed, for lack of a better word, is good. >> but what if you lose a challenge? welcome to the have not room. locked for now. >> for a week, they have no hot water in the shower. uncomfortable beds. and the lights don't go out, so, it's like -- >> on the flip side, we have the show-mance room. >> flowers. every bed is a double bed. they stay up until all hours of the night doing lord knows what. >> and every bit of the action, 4,700-square foot pressure cooker will be caught by 87 cameras, even in the bathroom. >> we cannot have any space that a secret conversation can take place. >> of course, the head of household suite is back and this time, redecorated.
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>> it's gold and it's greedy in here. >> wow. >> there's even an aquarium, and a chandelier in the bathroom. >> what in the world? >> as for kevin, if he was in the house, he admits you would find him in the sloth room. >> oh, my gosh. if you had this and a tv? oh. this is unbelievable. see you later. i'm good, i'm good. >> i think kevin's moving in. >> far from a sloth, though. he's constantly in motion. >> last year's winner nicole franzel spent 99 days under the microscope. this year's winner, easy, only 92 days. >> trapped being the key word. how long would you last? >> a day. >> me, a minute. those people get crazy. maybe if we were joined by two house guests like this, steve carell and kristen wiig, it would be all right. they're back in "despicable me 3" and they were totally lovable with our carly steel. >> we see gru change a lot when he becomes a father. how did being a father change you? >> it didn't change me at all. you know, people will say being a parent changes you. it's like, if you were a jerk before you had kids, you're
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still a jerk. if you were a nice person, you're -- you actually might be a jerk. >> kristen voices gru's wife, who is so not happy business his long lost twin is beckoning him back to the dark side. >> you two are villains now? >> i mean, hello, sweetie. >> uh-oh. busted. >> steve pulls double duty, voicing gru and dru. >> so bad. >> we have a despicable quiz to test how despicable you really are. >> oh. >> drive in the car pool lane without a passenger. >> does, like, an inflatable dummy count? i actually saw someone -- did i ever tell you this? i saw someone at the supermarket who had a mannequin in the passenger seat. so lame. >> use your celebrity to get out of a ticket? >> i did get pulled over three days ago, i'm not even joking.
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i got pulled over. she's like, where do i know you from? i was like, oh, maybe "saturday night live" or something. she still gave me a ticket. >> she did? >> i felt really gross. >> especially because it didn't work. >> that's even more embarrassing. i don't really care. >> wonder if she'll ever try that again? listen to this. it's pretty incredible. the last "despicable me" movie raked in a billion dollars worldwide. no wonder they love being despicable. here is a star that knows all about big money. scarlett johansson. according to forbes, she raked in $25 million last year. here's the thing. scarlett also knows what it's like to be totally broke, because she lived it growing up in a poor family. >> we were living on welfare, we were on food stamps. my parents were raising four kids in a low income household in manhattan, so, it was -- it was a lot. >> the 32-year-old superstar opening up to james lipton on "inside the actor's studio" about overcoming her tough childhood.
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>> my mom tried to be as much of a buffer as possible, with that experience, but by the time my twin brother and i came around, my parents marriage had a lot of strain. >> scarlett johansson, 9. >> that is 9-year-old scarlett's audition tape for "jumanji." she lost out on that role to kristen dunst. >> microchip in it or something. >> it's got to be microchipped or something. >> i don't see it as work. it's my dream. it's like a dream come true. >> fast forward, scarlett's 46th movie, "rough night," is out now. did you know she had a total freakout moment playing black widow? she reveals her body insecurity over wearing that skin tight leather cat suit. >> who wants to get into something like that? you just think, oh, really? couldn't it have, like, i don't know, some sort of a little, like, peplum skirt or something like that? i mean, this thing is so, like, there you are. it was daunting. >> the girl looks good.
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>> she handled it. okay, when we come back, your first look at the new "gong show" and the one act that is going to m miss hoffman gets us there safe every time. to make a good school day. takes a lot of people mrs. migliaccio teaches us all about fractions
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well, "the gong show" is
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back after decades. >> and if you can imagine, it is more bonkers than ever. will arnett is executive producing and judging the ten-episode remake of the '70s bizarre talent showcase. >> going to be great. the acts are wild, but let me tell you, the craziest part about the show is actually its host. >> so, he says his name is tommy maitland, but we say he's really mike myers in disguise. abc won't confirm it, but mike, we mean, tommy isn't shy about dropping clues to his "snl" days. >> i can be a bit cheeky. but you've got no proof. >> cheeky monkey. >> the winner gets $2,000.17. >> don't forget the 17 cents. good-bye, everybody. >> don't forget the 17 cents. good-bye, everybody. >> take care. ♪ come to sesame place before little kids become, big kids. before dress up, turns to make-up. and tag becomes hashtag. before furry hugs, become first loves.
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"the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one, the "bachelor in paradise" investigation comes to a close.
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>> you must be pretty relieved. >> no comment. >> so what happens now for corrine and demario? >> corinne and her team are continuing the investigation. they feel that warner brothers did not do they full duedy. then, maks and peta prepare to say i do. did peta just spill wedding date details? don't think we're fully prepared yet. and number three, "ew" takes us inside "american crime story: versace." >> what happened before his death, it's a fascinating story. >> to be able to shoot in the house where everything happened is nothing but a luxury. plus, your "insider" bonus. lisa vanderpump reaches into the great beyond with hollywood medium tyler henry. >> auntie kaye, if you can hear me, let me know. and -- woody, you got muscles, man! >> how mr. harrelson stays sexy at 55. but is he suffering from "cheers" amnesia? >> i don't remember that at all. i don't remember none of that. now, "the insider." tracking hollywood from the inside out.


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