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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 22, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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repossession gone wrong minivan gets towed with a seven year-old girl sleeping in the back seat we are live with how this could happen. crews will resume their search this morning for a swimmer who disappeared in hamilton township. his friend was able to make it out of the water. day of clean up for many neighborhood affected by last night's storms and katie has already tracked another chance of severe weather. today is thursday, june 22nd, good morning, i'm jan carabao in for jim donovan i'm rahel solomon. call it i and pat keeping an eye on things this thursday morning. >> yes, do i look disheveled after jumping in the ball pit. >> hair's perfect, as always. >> i try to take after jim donovan. >> we all can learn a lesson from that man. >> yes, thank you katie, how is weather looking today. >> not bad, hot, steamy, humid out there definitely starting
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to turn muggy at the moment. nothing more than a couple cloud left over, sun's shining and it will do its part to heat things up as day goes on here but we are going to stay dry for a change here. the entire day you will not keep your ears perked for thunder or eye to the sky if you want to go out, hit the pool just put on the sun block look at the variety pack we have with our temperatures. wind speed is very, very light but it is generally going to start turning more southeasterly. still quite cool in the mountains and it will be cooler by comparison up that way but you're at a mild 70 to start off the day here now that the sunnies rising in the city. we will have no problem rebounding, very efficiently and swiftly and by the time we will hit 3:00 o'clock, sun at its peak and we're talking 90 degrees for that day time high. very warm day coming up here. as we look forward here what you can generally expect is just climbing humidity, dry weather, however and the heat to be building and in that sunshine as well.
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90 degrees is projected high for our area but this is hottest day that we expect out of the next seven. we will talk about the next round of storms when they will get here and how cool it will eventually will turn, pat. >> i wore my breathable fabric today. >> nice. >> it wicks the moisture. >> it does, yes. >> this is getting weird. >> you say weird, i say -- >> hilarious, right. >> good morning, everyone. it has been out there for quite a while, 63 harleysville pike, traffic diverted around an accident up the roadway here thaw cannot see. it has been cleared out but they have road closed so they will point you in the other direction here. this is sun blazing down on the boulevard right here at the schuylkill expressway, you can see through the haze right there and it is starting to build a little bit of that volume toward schuylkill expressway at 6:00 in the morning. blinding sun heading northbound these cars are heading southbound on i-95 toward the city.
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you can see volume building here as well and that glare causing problems on the other side. here's a map of new jersey route 55 northbound closed near route 40, alternate is delsea drive, this is that fatal accident a dump truck and a car fire. sadly a fatality in this one. one more to tell but fire north coventry township route 100 northbound and southbound both closed here at hanover street, jan, back over to you. new this morning police are piecing together a bizarre chain of events after a seven year-old child is towed away in her mother's car. >> now we are hearing from the tow truck driver, frank does live in kingsessing where this strange ordeal came to an even , good morning, trang do. >> reporter: good morning. most importantly here that little girl is okay, i'm told she slept through the entire ordeal and did not wake up until she was removed from the minivan. this is 50th and wood land where tow truck driver was also at lee stopped and tow truck remains here as well as minivan with some very dark
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tinted windows. but here's what we do know so far police say around 2:30 a woman was parked outside her job at west philadelphia dominoes and she was clocking out for a night when a tow truck driver repossessed her minivan. woman's seven year-old daughter was asleep underneath the blanket in the third road. as repowe man was pulling away from forty-fifth and chestnut a number of people began yelling at him but he continued to drive away. mother then called 911 to report that her child had been taken with the van. officers were able to stop the driver a short time later about a mile and a half away at 50th and wood land and found the little girl asleep inside. >> it still concerns us for several reasons, why did this 26 year-old mother go inside her place of employment for several minutes leaving her seven year-old daughter in the back seat all alone at about 2:30 in the morning? also of concern is why did
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this tow truck driver who is a repossessor and he has paperwork to repossess this van why did the tow truck driver repossess this vehicle without first checking to make sure that no one was inside. >> this vehicle to me appeared unoccupied, there is two car seats in the second row that were empty that i could see from the mirror of my truck. i don't to have get out of my truck to get out of my car. i could see everything basically and the first in all of the rows. i mean kid was under a blanket >> obviously whole lot of questions left to answer here with you driver is being cooperative with police, in word yet if any charges will be filed. for now we are live from kingsessing i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", rahel and jan, back to you. >> thank you. meantime this morning a lot of mess to clean up after a severe storm moved through the region yesterday this was
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the scene on the 7800 block of limekiln pike in philadelphia 's west oak lane section. strong wind up rooted trees and knocked out power to 1500 homes who remain without power this morning. and a short time ago tropical storm cindy finally made land fall, in the golf coast but region was already feeling the impact of the storm, way before it ever hit land. the death of young boy inial bam ace being blamed on the storm's early effect, weather officials there say since making land fall the storm's max sustain wind have decrease todd nearly 40 miles an hour, potentially life threatening flash flooding is biggest concern associated with this storm. >> back here at home recovery operation will begin for a missing swimmer in hamilton township. search efforts for 17 year-old boy were called off around 9:00. two teens were swept away yesterday afternoon while swimming in the marshay area only one made it back to shore >> they tried to grab them but
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we were like dips and it just took him away, and then he went down, going under, coming up for air, going back down and get backup for air and then we went around corner and lost sight of him. >> new jersey law enforcement agencies including state police are assisting in the search efforts. the judge in the bill cosby trial released the names of the jurors despite opposition from both side of the case. judge stephen o'neill made his announcement yesterday, he grant aid motion to make the names of the 12 jurors and six alternates public. group from allegheny county deliberated for more than 50 hours last week, a mistrial, was declared on saturday, one jury expert told us that he fears revealing the names will make a cosby retrial tougher. >> why would you want to participate, right? i mean who wants to be bombard ed, there is, certainly , or some people i think that would, that like the attention but is there
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also, a portion and maybe a larger portion that would prefer that their names never became public. >> according to an abc news report, two of the jurors prevented cosby from being found guilty of sexual assault seth williams will be back in court this morning for day three of his federal corruption trial, prosecutors focused on his alleged spending habits yesterday afternoon. manager at union league testified against williams saying that the d.a. spent thousands of dollars on fine dining, and nursing home employees where williams mother lived said williams dodged bills and calls asking for payment for his mother's care. williams continue to deny wrongdoing. turning to sports tonight is the night, sixers have the first pick in the nba draft and loyal philadelphia fans cannot get enough of all of this excitement. here's a look at the guy widely expected to be the new sixer, university of washington guard markell fultz he is 6-foot four, point guard
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, who averaged 23 points per game in his only year in college, fultz, who just turned 19, said despite all of the hoopla surrounding the draft, he is actually a pretty calm guy. >> this is just how i am, i'm a laid back guy. i don't let stuff get to me. it doesn't about on the me. knowing i got a low key, it is another opportunity for me and something i have been working for since i was a young kid. >> should be a good skill to have keep cool under pressure. how hyped are sixers fans exactly? we have check out teams webb page and they have already sold 14,000 season tickets, that is most in the nba, look at that, they are almost sold out. if you can remember just a few years ago can you remember just a few years ago you could buy a whole row of tickets for one dollar on stub hub, so quite the difference. >> nineteen years, that is a lot of pressure for a teen. >> he seems so level headed.
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>> yes, fingers crossed. coming up how far a little acupuncture can go. >> headaches, back pain, calves were tender. >> where these patients come from and why this man felt moved to help them, that is coming up in this weeks story of brotherly love. new research shows older dad have geekier sons, we will explain that next in the healthwatch. you have to help me out on this one introducing snap map. we will show you how snap chat is allowing users to follow each other, that is next. >> jan, it might be the blind leading the blind on this oney don't have snap.
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a new weapon against alzheimer's disease. >> researchers at temple university found extra virgin olive oil protected memory and learning ability in mice. researchers say oil could reduce formation of the plaque ness certain chemicals in the brain which researchers say are hallmarks of alzheimer's. new study reveals growing number of americans take too much vitamin d. researchers say some people are supplementing at doses
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linked to serious side effects including kidney stones, cancer and death if you are young, otherwise healthy, and get enough sun exposure you probably get enough vitamin d. here's an interesting study, men who delay father hood tend to have quoting researchers here, geekier sons study said boys born to old are dad are more intelligent and less concerned about fitting in. researchers suggest that older fathers are more likely to be well established in their careers and wealthier then younger dad and offer their kid more enriched surroundings with access to berth schools. >> nothing geeky or negative associated with geeky, smarter , more money, more successful. >> i'm all for geekier. >> are you? >> yes. >> why not, right. >> i agree.
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>> katie, take ate way. >> i love learning things about my collogues. i'm with you though, is there nothing more attractive then a smart man, to this one. >> i married a genius i'm just saying. >> lets look outside, live neighborhood network, boardwalk plaza looking hazy, sign of things to come, turning steamy, not too many folks out here. we have a couple folks watching the boardwalk and almost every where else. they will be out in full force today and we expect great pool weather, great beach weather, anything you have going outside it will be sunny and hot. looking at more nationwide view, storm scan three, two features, an approaching system, and, and cross friday and saturday, and land fallen they it is expected to lose strength and get downgraded it will have ample withdraw from the gulf of mexico and drench deep south up ohio river valley and head our way with
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time. we are not expecting drenching rains like the deep south but we will see heavier downpours looking forward. talking about dew point we are starting to note that is humidity creeping up, 65 degrees dew point is current value. that is bench mark where we notice humidity. we will look at the seven day it is a hot one but drew, sunny all day. tomorrow and saturday thunderstorms rumbling through off and on not wash outs of days but that is when that front moves in and then by sunday it ale clears out and beautiful even to the weekend, pat. >> 6:00 o'clock wedding, long beach island tomorrow. >> keeping my fingers cross but right now i think you're good. >> good news. this is good news as this disabled car that was there second ago has moved out of the way going northbound on i-95 at girard avenue. it had been causing some headaches the last few minutes but they have got that out quickly. that is good news. this is not good news, this remains closed, route 63 main street at harleysville pike, is in lower salford the road is blocked because of an
6:18 am
accident, a car ran from to a pole. we don't see the accident out there anymore but it was up in this direction not seeing it now, still have the road closed so they are diverting traffic. this is for later on, 10:00 a.m. make note, 76 westbound between city avenue and the blue route, about four hours of construction in this area, i got caught up in it yesterday, really nothing to do down to one lane during those times intermittent lane closures and then one more that accident route 55 northbound we will have video of this coming up in the next 10 minutes, jan. >> pat, thank you. a philadelphia acupuncture expert who wanted to help new come tours this country has found a way to do it. >> as ukee washington shows news this weeks story of brotherly love he brings his skills to them. >> reporter: this acupunctureist has studied around the world and has spoken several languages. as an american he wants to help others who are becoming american as well. >> try to relax. >> stephen, and ahmed do not
6:19 am
speak same language. >> i had like four word. >> reporter: it only takes a few word for ahmed to show stephen where it hurts and for stephen to start fixing it. >> that is it. >> reporter: every wednesday stephen offers his acupuncture services, to immigrants and refugees who are coming through the nationalities services center and going through stressful transitions. >> good, okay. >> they have headaches, back pain, their calves were tender and they are feeling like overall stress of coming into the country and learning what it is like to be an american. >> reporter: down the hall gwenn, lead a free yoga trial, and both yoga and acupuncture are part of the center's well ness wednesdays, even when they cannot speak their language she can see the positive change. >> you can feel just that, that tension has melted away. >> reporter: even staffers are welcomed to stop by. >> they are doing great things so i wanted to help refugees be able to help them, because
6:20 am
they are just as strong as everybody else. >> reporter: after 10 minutes with the needles ahmed is on his way, relaxed and appreciative. >> very good. >> one more right here, okay. >> good, good. >> reporter: steve will be back next week to do it all again. >> it its so great to have them come in and essentially offer a serve that is maybe our clients wouldn't have access to or even though it is here. >> take care. >> reporter: you can see other stories of brotherly love at cbs i will see you tonight. i'm ukee washington. for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will all learn something here, snap chat users listen up there is a new feature on the app. >> it is called snap nap lets user their their location with their friend. to do it, touch the screen in the camera mode. see the map and where people are snapping from. you can open up their snaps, and you can also turn off location sharing and snap while in ghost mode you got all that, jan.
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>> um-hmm. >> they rolled out the feature yesterday. >> i don't know why i was so surprised you didn't have snap chat. >> i don't really do that you are so hip. >> you are so hip. >> always on top of the trend. >> that is me. >> well, this isn't something early risers want to hear but quality of our coffee could go down, reason why is coming up. >> also kim kardashian west says she wants to have another baby but she was told too dangerous to get pregnant again. we will tell you about new way she plans to expand her family when we come right
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our weekend is right around the corner and it will produce some wet weather for the first half of it. first half to midday of saturday expect something showers and thunderstorms. it is still steamy, too. that is a cold front passage and that will get out by sunday and lead to absolutely
6:25 am
spectacular weather in the 80 's but with sunshine and lower humidity by sunday, guys all right, katie, thank you. for newspaper headlines across the region. >> reading eagle reports exit er township professional fire, e ms is hoping to rail support from the public to force township to give up on plans to switch emergency service providers. exiter's supervisor voted last month to allow negotiation toss begin with hershey medical center based live life line. burlington county times reports despite chris walker announcing his resignation officials have yet to receive official notice of the letter of resignation. they are waiting for one before taking action to fill his seat, mayor walker cited health reasons for his decision to resign. news journal reports on the study conducted by christiana care and university of delaware examining the relationship between health, opportunity, and physical violence on wilmington's west side, residents there can earn $75 if they participate this
6:26 am
weekend. researchers are looking for african americans age 16 to 44 >> that is a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. switching gears right now big news for parents kanye and kim kardashian west. >> couple reportedly hired aid surrogate to help them have a third child to their family. people magazine first reported the news. right now kim and kanye have their two children, four year-old daughter north and one year-old son. the doctors warned her about the health risk of becoming pregnant again after she had complication was her last pregnant i. so they are expanding their family. >> yes, kid are cute. >> so beautiful. >> coming up definition of being wealthy, and how it has changed. >> plus tropical storm cindy has just made land fall but presence already being felt in a number of states we are tracking the storm. case of road rage that will make your jaw drop we could not believe it when we saw this in the news room see how this plays out next.
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it is 6:30. here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. today june 22nd, 2017. >> this vehicle to me appeared to be unoccupied. >> bizarre chain of events when a seven year-old child is towed away from a pizza shop in west philadelphia. >> i'm told that she slept through the entire ordeal. >> aim not ensure she knew she was taken for a ride on a tow truck. >> big clean up after severe weather rolls through the region. >> and then she came down, came down quick, like boom. >> water's coming up at our place. >> people along gulf coast are
6:31 am
bracing for more rough wet they are morning as tropical storm cindy continues to move closer to land fall. the judge in the bill cosby trial shares the names of the jurors with the media, some are concerned this could make a retrial tougher. >> why would you want to participate, who wants to be bombarded. >> what is this place. >> greatest place ever. >> emoji movie, they brought a ball pit. >> all right, here goes nothing, here we go. >> yeah, emoji movie brought a ball pit to our park lot and jump in at citizens bank park. >> it looks like something cool on a hot day. >> i think so. >> katie, supposed to be hot, it is already 70 degrees. >> a nice warm start bench mark to get things underway for heating of the day that will take place. in the morning minute we mentioned those storms that came through last night. at the moment humidity has been scaled back ever so slightly but rebuild, heat up again today generally with sunshine. lets go back very quickly and
6:32 am
talk about some damage not an exhaustive list but idea of what happened yesterday from bordentown, pottstown, radnor to south philadelphia and point pleasant, those storms held together well from multiple trees, multiple wires down and did cause damage obviously. those are all long gone we are now in the clear and say for a few cloud here and there but all and all it is promising to be a beautiful day but will get hot. not that your favorite thing in the world just make sure that you get those outdoor plans in now before it gets too hot, 10 to 4:00 p.m. is when the sunnies always at strongest. we are at 70 at philly international. seventy-three by 9:00 a.m. and through course of the afternoon we will heat up effectively and efficiently, 90 by 3:00 p.m. where we expect to peak and building humidity to go witt. if there was ever a day to maybe play a little hooky if you are able to get that personal day hit the pool take
6:33 am
day trips to the beach i would say this is it, pat, back inside to you. we have got an accident out there route 55, we have been telling but this all morning long, chopper is heading out there on the scene we will get that when we can but route 55 northbound closed near route 40 alternate is delsea drive, fatality with this accident, happened around 3:00 a.m., dump truck plowed in the car, truck fire there and so a nasty accident and we will get video coming up. in new jersey, staying in new jersey, route 42, 42 freeway toward 295 in the city of philadelphia looking good at 6:33 we have minor delays. sixty-three main street at harleysville pike still closed , a car hit a pole, we don't see that out there but they do still have road closed so they are diverting traffic around. that conshohocken hector street at north wayne is blocked due to an accident there and it is not causing any delays in this area but route 100 there are delays here northbound and southbound
6:34 am
at hanover street. there was a fire in the consignment shop. that has road completely closed, there will be delays here in north coventry and boulevard we told but earlier, the trees from yesterday's storm kind of hanging over inner lanes of the roosevelt boulevard, and that is causing some delays, jan and rahel, over to you. >> pat, thank you. new this morning frightening moments for a mother when her seven year-old daughter is towed away in the family minivan in west philadelphia it all began at dominoes pizza shop on forty-fifth and chestnut right around 2:30 this morning. we are told a repowe man was tracking minivan all day with the gps when woman park her car, hooked the car up to the tow truck and drove away. he eventually stopped at 50th and wood land in kingsessing and could not believe what he found in the back seat. >> she was in the third row not in the car seat, seven year-old child under a blanket , you could not see her whatsoever. >> police say they do have a few concerns and they are asking why the 26 year-old mother left her young child in
6:35 am
that van. while she went to work. officers are wondering why the tow truck driver did not thoroughly check the van before pulling away. a lot of questions there but glad she's okay though. we have an update about 1500 homes are still without power after storms rolled through the region. take a look "eyewitness news" in rhawnhurst in northeast philadelphia where strong wind toppled trees and knock over tables at a checkers restaurant this large tree came crashing down, crushing a car in logan. >> the tree came down and came down quick, it was just like boom, and then next thing this car right here got smashed. >> fortunately no one was inside that car at the time. tropical storm cindy made land fall early this morning in southwestern louisiana bringing rain, wind, even tornadoes to parts of the gulf coast, correspondent don champion has very latest on the first major storm to take aim at the u.s. >> reporter: from whipping wind in cameron, louisiana to heavy rains in galveston texas
6:36 am
overnight tropical storm cindy has now made land fall. cindy began hitting parts of the region hard wednesday toppling trees in biloxi miss sip and flooding low lying areas. >> water coming up at our place and we had to take off because i think the road will be flood. >> reporter: with up to 15 inches of rain predict for some spots the national hurricane center issued a warning a potential life threatening flash flood. >> the rainfall coupled with the already high water that we're seeing is really, there is not a place for everything to drain. >> reporter: with forecasters expecting an above average hurricane season they are prepared for cindy but saving their panic for now. >> we will just bear down and stay in. >> reporter: at least one death is already being blamed for the storm a 10 year-old boy on a alabama beach was struck and killed yesterday by a log thrown a shore by storm
6:37 am
surge. >> the child sustained very severe head injuries, had to be pulled from out underneath the timber. >> reporter: storm system is predicted to take a turn east later today and hitting the mid-atlantic coast with heavy rain by the weekend. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". today investigators will take over scene of the huge junkyard fire in burlington county. chopper three over allied recycling on route 206 in springfield township at 7:00 o'clock last night. flames engulfed dozens of vehicles and other objects. you can see heavy smoke there. there are no reported injuries idea of wealth is change nothing america. according to recent research, million-dollar doesn't cut it. >> would it cut it for me but cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins us live from new york to see how we see wealth, good morning, jill. >> good morning. >> so let's just start with the numbers what exactly defines wealthy. >> reporter: this is a study
6:38 am
just out yesterday from charles swab and according to a you need an average of 2.4 million-dollar to be considered a wealthy person in america. now i want to put that in perspective by these standard you need to have 30 times more than the approximately $80,000 in net worth of the average u.s. household. many people think a million-dollar isn't what it once was, a million-dollar, saved 30 years ago in 1987, well, it would have to be 2.2 million-dollar when you account for inflation. still i want to remind everybody if you don't think million-dollar is a lot only 10 percent of americans are worth a million-dollar or more so it is still means something >> yes, would i say so. >> so what were finding that defined wealth differently. >> well, okay, you know it is more than just your total net worth. health of the respondents say being wealthy was having money and being able to afford what you want, but here's this,
6:39 am
enjoying life experiences, living stress free, having peace of mind, having loving relationships with your family and friend, they also ranked high and when you asked these people, compared two opposing ideas of wealth at a more personal level they focused on physical health, gratitude and building community. all right. worth noting previous studies found money can bring you happiness but only up to a point. amazingly that point is just about equal to, $80,000 the current average net worth of americans. maybe is there something going on here maybe we can just be happy, gang. >> maybe on to something. >> some things are priceless. >> maybe grass isn't always green on the other side, jill. >> reporter: that is right. >> very interesting. >> yes. >> still coming up how client climate change can effect your cough eye. >> heart breaking video shows aftermath of philando castille 's shooting hear what
6:40 am
his girlfriend and four year-old daughter say in the police car after the incident. caught on camera a motorcyclist kicks another koran a highway and that is just beginning of this shocking case of road rage, pat. who is excited? time for nba draft that is happening tonight in brooklyn the sixers well, they are picking first, we will give you low down on markell foltz. we have derek one earn and jake will join me to chat and sixers dancers and flight squad are here. maybe i'll dance a little
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
we have the top overall pick in the draft for second straight year, and joining me, to talk bit all we have derek bodnor 94 wip, ringer, and
6:44 am
jake, who is not 14 years oldy promise that he is editor of liberty ballers. good morning, how are you doing. >> i will start with you. markell fultz is number one pick. >> it is one more complete player in the draft. operate with the ball in his hand. good pick and roll, shoot off ball, great court vision and has size to defend. you have to get him out of bad habits there but he can be more offensive guard in the draft, in a couple years here. >> so we add markell foltz to the ben simmons and joel embiid, and how does he fit in with them, is there a place for him. >> perfect guy next to have next to ben simmons. he can play all on ball, playoff ball coming off screen and shoot three's. him and ben simmons, he and joel embiid can be a pick and roll. they will find a way to make it work. >> i like all of those things you just said. >> derek, with him and this core, everyone wants to know is this one that can, compete, for championships it is tough
6:45 am
with lebron in thee right now but in the future do you see that being a possibility. >> yeah, it certainly is a core that has that potential. they have along way to go, 31 combined games between them. but joel em bee he does have top five, top 10 player in the league potential. when you have two guys like simmons and fultz who fit so well off of them. fultz is a perfect guard as jake was saying to come in here to play alongside ben simmons and joel embiid. it will be a great core to watch to develop. they have that potential. >> outside first pick in the draft sixers have few more in the second round what could they do tonight and rest of the off season. >> i can see them taking another guard to backup markell fultz and cj mcconnell frank jackson from duke can go out after his first year, high level player who can score the ball at 42-inch, at a combines , so i think they can address that as well as another wing, samuel from smu would be a very complimentary player behind robert covington y will ask both this
6:46 am
question should people trusting of the process. >> you know, i think when they started this if you told me they would have joel embiid, ben simmons and markell foltz and dario saric i would have signed up for that any day. i would have signed up,. >> do you agree. >> i have been trusting it the whole time. >> i agree, thank you so much. is there also a party tonight that we need to tell you about , sixers fans can have a good time. i will come over here with the dunk squad. not the planning squad. what am i talking about here. good morning, guys, how are you. >> good, how are you. >> doing well. >> so tell us about tonight, big party. >> we are so excited. sixers dancers are performing as well as dunk squad which is awesome. there is food and drink. first 500 fans get a free exclusive t-shirt. >> where is all going down. >> at piazza, where we will broadcast live. don't miss it. >> it starts at six, is that right. >> yes. >> 6:00 o'clock, schmidt commonness northern liberties, so tell me what it is like to be a sixers cheerleader.
6:47 am
>> incredible. >> it is a lot of fun. >> yes, energy of the fans, especially this year and we are looking forward to this year having the number one pick again. so it is just so much fun and energy in the stadium and feeding off that, it is just incredible. >> we heard season ticket sales are way up. that energy will be even bet they are year. >> exactly we are looking forward to another great season. like rachel said every season it gets better and better. >> ladies, thanks very much. gentlemen, do what you do. >> all right, guys. tonight six to 10 at commons at piazza at schmidts, at 10:01 north second street in northern liberties, katie. >> yes. >> pat, no, no, no. >> don't ruin it. >> yes. >> my goodness how willie top this? why do i have to follow this. >> my gosh, i can't do that. >> are you sure you can't do it.
6:48 am
>> pat can't do it either katie so through go. >> i don't want to go there. >> who need weather when you can watch this. >> we go back and show that again. >> are we able. >> we will to have recreate that and powe it on social media, wait and watch for that , because what would you call that move. >> what is that move called. >> i never seen anything like that before. >> lets get outside we want to talk about weather here very quickly here. we have several systems on storm scan three. first of which, so many of us are talking about tropical storm cindy. it has made land fall. it is still bringing in, some band of incredibly heavy rain across alabama, mississippi and right along the border between louisiana and texas. this is expected to lose some of its strength and get downgraded but it will maintain moisture as it makes a right hand turn. off to the north, northern high planes, mid-atlantic, we
6:49 am
are dealing with another system moving through. that will be our story friday and saturday. let's track cindy, notice again right-hand turn, it is expected out of the storm. it will not have a direct impact on us, but moisture gets drawn in. we will be beginning to see humidity levels creeping up, over the course of the next couple of days, certainly with time, the storms are going to start to fire up again. not today though. meanwhile our eyewitness weather watchers are out there and reporting some mild air at the moment especially in dividing creek, one of the most remote places of the pack from jamie, she's at 70 here near the bay area so she has got influence from some of that water out there making it feel somewhat more refreshing but regardless it is still going to turn quite humid every where in the city, we will spike to 90 degrees and we will keep it dry through tonight down to 75, but dry, sometimes a relative term, muggy, sticky but no rain in the forecast just yet. not until tomorrow, with showers moving in, first half of the day, probably then a break and evening additional
6:50 am
thunderstorms firing up. those storms could really mean business. we will keep an eye on that. by saturday another round of showers and storms, and especially first half of the day, and that is your cold front, that clears out by sunday and we will end up with very nice weather for second half of the weekend. so pat, you have got to get those guys to recreate that move. >> pretty crazy never seen anything like that. >> powe that on social media. >> good morning, more serious note there was a deadly accident in new jersey, on 55, northbound, it is closed at route 40, you will to have use delsea drive there, was one fatality there, a dump truck and a truck colliding, and there was a fire as well and that happened around 3:00 o'clock this morning, so this area, it is kind of shut down, on route 55, northbound so again delsea drive is way to get around that. as we move further north, thinks 42 freeway headed toward 295, things still cruising at 10 of 7:00 in the morning just minor delays we will see this jammed tight but so far so good in this area up
6:51 am
on route 63, still closed we have been telling you this all morning long main street at hard wristville pike in lower salford traffic being diverted around this area, but here is where the begins in wilmington happening since last week 495 southbound between 12th street and terminal avenue. we have two left lanes block there until 8:00 a.m., rahel. this morning we have new video in the shooting death of philando castille that shows his girlfriend diamond reynold being consoled by her four year-old daughter after the shooting. >> it is okay. >> one point the child even asked her mom to stop screaming because she doesn't want her to get shot too. an officer shot and killed castille during a traffic stop near minneapolis last year, last week jury found that officer not guilty of
6:52 am
manslaughter. jaw dropping video of road rage in southern california, watch as motorcyclist and driver get too close to each other, well then motorcyclist kicks car, car swerves, bumps motorcycle and hits a barrier and then hits another car. this happened yesterday on freeway 14 we are told one person suffered minor injuries , no word what sparked that road rage. president trump held a campaign style rally in iowa where he boosted his administration's accomplishments, and this was yesterday at a promises made promises kept rally in cedar rapid, iowa. the president urged senate republicans to add more money to their health care plan because he wants a care with quote heart. president told the crowd some of his plans for a southern border wall. >> we're thinking of something that is unique, we're talking about the southern border. lots of sun, heat, we're thinking of building the wall as a solar wall so it creates energy and pays for itself.
6:53 am
>> also in cedar rapid the president discussed the importance of agriculture during a visit to kirk wood community college. former vice-president joe biden received the lb gthero award at dnc annual lb gt gala in new york city yesterday. biden was recognized for his advocacy on behalf of the community, and he challenge the community to hold trump accountable for campaign promise he made to protect lb gtq citizens. here's an aspect of climate change you may not have considered and that is a cup of joe. >> in nature's plant find you could lose a significant amount of suitable farming land because of climate change the world's fifth larger coffee producer, climate can effect haze. the warmth causes it to ripe even too fast meaningless favorable beans. it is largest export there. >> that is not good. >> we will be right back with three to
6:54 am
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6:57 am
here's three to go. >> this morning more than 1500 people are still without power , that is after severe weather moved through yesterday, almost 30,000 more in the dark right after the storms. >> the corruption trial of the seth williams continues today,
6:58 am
prosecutors focused on accusations he stole money from his own mom and spent thousands on fine dining, he denies any wrongdoing. some philadelphia pools are opening up for the season today, all of the pools should be opened by july 1st. >> that is three to go. good day to get out there to the pools. >> you said it. we are looking ahead to the nice warm day higher humidity with every passing hour, little bit of low lining cloud cover in the distance here at pleasant valley middle and high school but this is another place that will heat up with no problems, beaches are a great place to go, that uv index is way up there, and, some sun block required, pat especially for. >> yeah, for me. >> some traffic right here i-95 near route 452, northbound delays and also this accident we have been telling but in south jersey route 55 remains closed northbound near route 40, delsea drive, it is way to get around that one. >> all right, take a look, the end of the road, i cannot sing or otherwise i would have. >> i love danced. >> i know, right. end of the road lead to broad street for philly's own boys
6:59 am
two men. >> we are days away from the unveiling of their very own road, city of philadelphia will honor r and b singer with the street rename this saturday at 11:00 a.m. this stretch between christian and carpenter will soon be known as boy two men boulevard the group, of course, tended philadelphia high school of creative and perform arts, also known as capa on that part of the broad street can you sing that line. >> we have come to the end of the road. >> i know you would do it. >> to the end of the roady will say, nice. >> wow. >> i'm impressed. >> just to make you all jealous, the ladies out there jealous difficult a satellite interview with two of the members of the boys two men because they had an animated show and they both sang to me. i didn't to have sing but they did sing to me. >> okay. >> yes. >> next up on cbs this morning how meal delivery co are disrupting the food industry and what it means for the feud tour of grocery stores and restaurants. >> remember to join us each weekday morning on cbs-3 at
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4:30 a.m. a great day. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is june, 22nd, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." tropical storm cindy slams into the gulf coast. powerful flooding, storm surge and possible tornadoes. senate republicans are just hours away from revealing their secret health care bill. new details about what it means for your coverage. plus the largest peacetime project in military history. we'll take you to the air base in south korea where forces say they're ready to fight tonight. and diehard surfers thrive diving into the darkness. why they like to dive at night and the rif, of


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