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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 22, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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next. sanctions in kensington. the residents on the block would rather see drug deal pores lease block then police. >> now at 6:00 concerns about the crisis, a philadelphia neighborhood feeling the effects of the heroin epidemic , and the tragic signs , were on display today. organizers and city leader are coming to go to shine a light on the problem and work for a solution. i'm ukee washington. i'm natasha brown in nor guess contact "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh are live at city hall where people were tackling the issue today. >> reporter: it has gotten so bad that even some local librarians are taking it upon themselves to learn how to administer narcan as people overdose outside of their doors, and those in the community are asking city leaders to step up saying this isn't just an issue that need to be handled but an emergency , crisis that demand immediate a tension.
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they are the sights and sound of kensington, but something else, something unwelcome has become just as familiar neighbors say. >> needles, drugs, everything that is bad. >> reporter: that is life christopher marshall knows firsthand as a form's dick. he used to shoot up multiple bundles a day. >> for a long time i thought that was going to be my destination, that was pilot in life was to die under a bridge with a need until my arm. >> reporter: he is sober, five and a half years to the day and has, the same recovery home that helped him get clean >> living like an animal, you know, i wanted to get sober myself. >> reporter: too many others are still shackled by chains of opioid addiction. >> it is real bad, i have never seen it like this. >> reporter: concerned residents who collected hundreds of opioid needles lit order cross the community
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presented a safely in jars to city leaders on thursday morning. >> we're delivering them as a plea for help. we don't think it is normal to find needles on our way to school. >> reporter: they understand collective solution also requires a path to help, and healing. >> there is always hope. it is never too late. as long as you are breathing, you have a chance. >> reporter: this morning city councilman david oh acknowledged the crowd saying that we are not doing enough but we are doing something. that includes work on mayor jim kenney's task force that he organized to address this epidemic. live from city hall, i'm anita oh for cbs-3 eyewitness nice. a philadelphia man who referred to himself as quote dirty old santa is facing charges tonight for attempting to lure what he thought was a 14 year-old girl for sex. this is suspect 56 year-old william mckenly of marcellus street in philadelphia charges are as a result of the under cover investigation by authorities in delaware county he was a seasonal employee at
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macy's in philadelphia, it is unclear what his position there was. he is behind bars, tonight. the search is on for suspect who and take woman running on the park trail in south jersey. it happened at par vin state park in pittsgrove salem county. the suspect attacked would the man monday on par vin lake trail hitting her on the face and nick with the stick. she hit him bark, ran to the campsite where she got help from police. she was not seriously injured. let's show you a sketch of the suspect is described as a white male 20 to 30 years of age, 6 feet two with a skinny build with short, dirty brown hair. also, authorities have now recovered the body of a 17 year-old who was swept away by currents in the mercer county creek, marty barchew and several other teenagers went swimming in hall ill ton township's john robeling park on wednesday afternoon. barchew and another boy got caught in the current of the tidal creek that feed into the delaware river. barchew never made it out. >> he was at its peak because
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it was a torrential downpour and what we believed happened is one of the kid got in the middle of the marsh and then got caught in the channel got caught in the current and was just swept down the marsh. >> hamilton township school district is offering counseling to help students deal with the tragedy. crews have also recovered body of the second teenage swim shore disappeared in the ocean off atlantic city a week ago. authorities say 15 year-old ramone quinn vanished attempting to rescue 16 year-old clea hand, she was caught in the rip current near martin luther king boulevard, they were both swept out to sea, hand's body was recovered on monday. police are trying to determine whether a young mother will face charges after her daughter was found sleeping in the car being towed, by a repo man. investigators want to know how long the girl's mother was inside the west philadelphia pizza place where she work and if she routinely kept her daughter in the car. seven year-old girl was sleeping when the car was repossessed at 2:30 this morning around 2:30. investigators are interviewing
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co-workers and even checking surveillance cameras, to piece together details. >> all we can does look at relief right now we are looking at what happens this day. that is what the investigators will piece together to see if there is any other instances of this and that may be the result of not only talking to the mother but maybe other people who worked there to see if that is something that is recurring. >> the mother is being held on an outstanding warrant in an unrelated case, the repowe operator was cleared by police the crumbling bricks of the olde city building snapped a line on scaffolding, this morning, dropping it nearly 30 . workers were treated at the hospital no word on their conditions. official from his philadelphia 's licenses and inspections closed the -- closed down 400, 500 blocks of walnut street to assess the building structural damage. area will remain close through tomorrow morning. another juror from the bill cosby trial is speaking out anonymously. juror tells the associated
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press that the group was nearly evenly split in either acquitting or convicting cosby he confirmed an abc news report from another juror that they voted 10-two to convict cosby on two counts but three jurors change their mind. montgomery county detectives are investigating alleged cosby trial recordings, that were posted to social media. electronic device where is ban ned in the courtroom during the trial. reporters could use computers but only for taking notes. testimony today in the corruption trial of the philadelphia district attorney seth williams focused on gifts that williams allegedly accepted for legal favors. government called businessman and williams friend muhammad ali, to testify. prosecutors said that williams accepted an all expenses paid trip to the dominican republic from ali, in exchange, authorities say that williams promised to help ali with getting through customs at philadelphia international airport. williams has denied mid wrongdoing. debate underway in the much anticipated health care
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reform plan rolled out by republicans in the senate today. among the provisions in the 142 page draft bill, tax credits, used to help pay for coverage will be based on income, age and geography. plan cuts medicaid more gradually and allows states to change what qualifies as an essential health benefit. democrats and even some republicans are already lining up against it. a vote on this plan to replace the affordable care act is expect before the july 4th holiday. medicaid covers not just people who are economically disadvantaged but millions of adults and children with disabilities. today is national day of action, to help keep medicaid strong. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on families who depend on medicaid. >> they are very concerned. >> there is a lot of uncertainty about what is happening with medicaid and that has families who depend on it, worried. >> do you want a snack. >> reporter: snack time is complicated for stephanie
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prattco her two children have down syndrome and health complications. >> are they good. >> yes. >> reporter: eighteen year-old sarah a has a feeding tube that need constant attention, despite their intellectual and intellectual challenges they are thriving and happy. >> i work. >> reporter: twenty-three year-old john has a job, since they were born, sarah and john has had services paid for by medicaid, it is coverage they get not because they are poor but because they have disabilities. >> we both had decent jobs, middle class family, doing our share, rolling up our sleeves, not looking for a hand out, needed medicaid because we were handed something that we had no idea how we would have financially managed had we not had that. >> reporter: among things they pay for physical and speech therapy, hearing aid and caregivers for when stephanie to work at chop helping other families with developmental disabilities. >> i have never been more worried. >> reporter: that is because many republicans want to cut what they call, in efficient medicaid spending.
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>> thinks a life line. for folks with developmental disability for kid, with chronic medical conditions. these families won't survive. we are potentially taking away the pennsylvania 50 years of progress that we have made around valuing these individual lives and what they bring in spite of their challenges and we're ready to wipe that away. >> reporter: variety of medical groups have issued, statements about the importance of not cutting medicaid. the american academy of pediatrics issued a statement that said in part it is an empowerment program that allows college student with cerebral pause toy live independently, provides wheelchairs for toddlers, and chemo for grandparents, medicaid also we should tell you covers treatment programs for both folks who are going through drug problems. >> wow, a lot of people concerned about what will happen with this. >> no doubt about it. >> thanks, for that. also tonight anticipated is growing, nba draft night
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2017 is finally here and all eyes are on the philadelphia 76ers and their number one overall pick that could be the final piece in the rebuilding process. the count down is on sixers go on the clock in less than an hour, and fans, sixers nation, everybody is fired up. >> fired up. >> it business that time. sports director don bellies at barclay center in brooklyn an exciting night for sure, don. >> reporter: no doubt bit. we are coming to you live from the practice court, we're talking about practice, here at barclay center, but in about 50 minutes or so we will talk about the nba draft and, of course, where sixers fans are showing up huge here. many of them made the trip up i-95 to check out this event. thinks an opportunity to watch process take a leap forward. team has only averaged 18 wins over last four seasons. the sixers are expected to take top prospect, markell fultz with the number one overall selection, a 19 year-old guard out of washington. here's what fans are saying about the draft and the
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process. >> i like how it is coming up, you know, he was in high school, he didn't really make the team well. it rings a bell like michael jordan story. i don't know. i feel like he has heart in him and guys from philly, i know for a fact, only thing we need is a heart, and that will pull you through to the championship. >> i'm excited for what philly will get for topic and it will be really exciting for us. >> now markell foltz becomes a sixer as we anticipate is the process officially over? we will talk about that later on in sports, in fact, we will hear from his high school coach who had a big influence in his life and career. but for now coming to you live from the barclay center, don belfor "eyewitness sports". >> looking forward to hearing that, thanks, don. still to come on "eyewitness news", trashing your tax dollars, philadelphia city controller claims that these solar trash cans in the
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city are a waste reason they say they don't live up to the hype and how it is costing millions. good news for shore goers in time for weekend we will tell you when townsend inlet bridge is finally expected to reopen after months of repairs , chelsea. we're tracking a half and half weekend as tropical moisture will make its move in town i'll talk about what you can expect in your exclu
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city controller alan butkovitz so solar powered trash compactors positioned around center city are a waste >> they go by the name big belly but many are now broken and overflow with trash. others have had their aluminum handles stolen so no one can place their trash in them. software used to machine for how full cans are has been down since january, and they are now out of warranty so a dedicated team has to perform maintenance. >> again, i urge city to conduct a cost analysis which includes supporting data and evidence to determine true
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cost of maintaining high tech trash system. the city is not in a position to continue spending millions of dollars without knowing true cost benefit. >> today city council entered into a new agreement with big belly for more compactors and these will be paid for by an outside firm who will sell advertising, on those compact ors. and some good news, for travelers, between two popular jersey shore point in time for weekend. >> we are learning that the townsend inlet bridge which connects sea isle city and avalon is expect to reopen tomorrow. bridge has been closed for about three months for repairs , to one of the support beams but it will reopen tomorrow. speaking of sea isle city place all regulars know well but do you know story behind a popular shore spot there. in tonight's taste with tori the history of mike's sea food and how it found a home on the famous fish alley. and tori is sampling fresh catches that end up on your plate, that is tonight taste with tori on "eyewitness news"
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at 11:00. that looks good. it is not just tori sampling fun sea isle sit haze to offer, summer fest takes us down the shore, pat gallen heading to sea isle tomorrow morning and then on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 i will there been with your lauren casey anal sandra hoff behind the scenes showing off things that draw people back to sea isle, year after year, including the sea isle city, food truck festival, that is tomorrow right here on cbs-3. and we have to check with the weather. >> yes. >> hopefully we have a good day. >> um-hmm. >> talk to me today was a great day to work on your golf swing, great day to get those swings in and "eyewitness news" in conshohocken as golfers work to improve their game at t's golf learning center. some hit the green for a little putting practice. so, nice day out there, nice beach day, as well. unfortunately for summer if he you might need to bring umbrellas by the way. we will talk about that. we officially made it to 89 degrees today at philadelphia international airport, and the average high for this time of the year is
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85. we were above that. we have another couple days of above average weather and then we will be below average for a change, not only that but lower humidity. right now we are down to 87 in philadelphia 85 in wilmington. cooler down the shore lower 80 's to 80 degrees in wildwood eighty-five in trenton. right around 86 in allentown. we are expecting upper 70's in the mount poconos. dew points really noticeable. notice humidity creeping backup. that sticks with us literally for the next couple of days. current dew point around 67 degrees in philadelphia so definitely feeling more humid, sticky out there, and, more to your friday and saturday. we are talking about dew point s in the lower 70's. so at times it will feel in that oppressive category that i have been telling about but not for long. we will get a break from the heat and humidity, we have another couple days work high temperatures in the upper 80's but by sunday 84 degrees, we will have sunshine, lower humidity and machine and tuesday high temperatures well
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below average to right around 80 degrees on monday. eighty-one as we head into your tuesday. nice break from the heat and humidity. here's storm scan three is there not a whole lot across the delaware valley between those cloud and increase thickening up as well. we have a couple showers and storms located to our west and those will make it west of philadelphia as we head in the ladder part of the evening but by midnight things couple down just fall apart because we lose that day time heating look at this moisture located down to the south and west in the tennessee valley. this is associated with what was tropical storm cindy and that moisture moving in the neighborhood as we head into friday night and saturday. we are looking at tropical downpours heading our way. here's showers that will be moving through quickly this evening, things fall apart look at midnight just very quite it. couple showers around for the morning, on friday. we will have a break i think as we head in the afternoon or things will be less active and then another round of some showers and storms moving through as we head into friday night, overnight, all the way into your saturday we are
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looking at significant rain moving in, we could easily have heavy downpours as well, because thinks a very tropical air mass that will be moving on in and just locally heavy downpours possible and also minor flooding. then we will be clearing from west toe. that is good news as we head into your saturday. shore cast not the best beach weekend but by sunday things looking better with plenty of sunshine and a high of 79 degrees. here's your forecast for tonight. 74 degrees. increasing cloud with a shower early. as we head into tomorrow, we have a high of 88 degrees, mostly cloudy, shower or thunderstorm around and eyewitness weather seven day forecast looks like this another day of heat and humidity into your saturday and looking so much better in to sunday. 84 degrees. eighty on monday. things are looking fantastic all the way through middle of next week. just get through next few days >> all right. >> so far tonight things are looking fantastic as far as sixers huge night for your 76ers. >> don's tracking it all from
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welcome back site of 2017 nba draft. for every shack and lebron is there a greg oden and andre barnyardi, number one picks that did in the pan out. sixers have number one overall selection for second straight year and they hope markell fultz the guard out of washington is a guy who pans out for them. fultz is expected to be the final piece of the process. they add him with ben simmons and joel embiid and sixers hoping they have a championship contender, markell's former high school coach mike generals believes markell is the difference. >> i truly believe markell and the whole trust the process, i believe he is last piece to
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the puzzle. you may go get a veteran here and there but in terms of the four cornstones of what that process is, he is last piece of that puzzle. markell will lead philadelphia back to the playoffs, and from there, once they get in, i wouldn't bet against him. >> we hope that he pans out for the sixers. now lets talk about the nhl because nhl draft is tomorrow night. today they released regular season schedule. the flyers are opening up their season in san jose october 4th and home opener is on october 14th against the hated washington capitols. baseball today we have day baseball for phillies they took on cardinals at home, and we pick it up in the fifth inning. phillies up one to nothing. tommy joseph going big fly solo shot, it is two to nothing phillies. aaron nola on the mound and he went seven and a third innings , only gave up one run, four hits, punched out eight, phillies win five-one snapping
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a five game losing streak. speaking of losing streaks been a whole lot of losing for sixers, four straight seasons of misery, only won 28 games last season and we hope that they are on their way to recovery with the number one pick tonight, with markell fultz. that is store friday barclay center i'm don belfor cbs-3 eye bitterness sports. >> listening to the coach got me fired up more. >> i know, appreciate it. when we come back opening with a slash, pools are opening in philly. >> cool way they kicked things off at one rec center.
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officials made a big splash this afternoon, kick off the opening of the cities public pools. >> and city council man mark squilla jumped in, he was as excited as the kid to get in the pool at murphy recreation recreational center on shunk street. more than on indoors and outdoor pools, open up this summer the sit urges city to check with the neighborhood pools for more information about pool hours, swim lessons and also swim activities. >> wash and wear suits are back. >> there you go. >> love it. >> thanks for watching us here at 6:00 "eyewitness news" returns at 10 on the cw philly and back here at 11:00 on cbs-3. >> up next, "cbs evening news" from new york here's anthony mason. take care family, we will see
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you tonight. captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: the bluff stops here. >> did president trump record his conversations with former f.b.i. director comey? mason: the president admits he did not. also tonight-- >> american families deserve better. >> mason: senate republicans put out their health care plan and protesters are waiting. >> we can't allow cuts to medicaid. we can't. >> what the heck is going on with these people? >> mason: road rage sets off a chain-reaction crash. and... >> it's like dancing on the water. >> mason: night surfing-- riding a new wave of popularity. >> reporter: what do people say when you're out on the water with this? >> they're tripping.


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