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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 22, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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. emergency crews come to aid of a deer in the delaware. >> and this philadelphia man called himself dirty old santa. what he is accused of doing that landed minimum behind bars. >> but, first the spotlight on the 76ers. first pick in the 2017 nba draft the sixers select the young man everyone is talk bxingt markle fultz. now fans are trusting the process. >> the sixers did what everyone pretty much expected but there's plenty of excitement around it. >> don bell is at the barkley center in brooklyn where he spoke one-on-one with the number one selection. don. >> good evening, guys, this was instant night. once sixers traded from number three to one we knew what they would do with the number one overall selection we knew they would take markelle fultz.
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>> and with the first pick in the 2017 nba draft the philadelphia 76ers select markelle folts from the university of washington. >> well listen to that crowd. sixers fans chanting, trusts the process. and, of course, markelle is now a part of that process. 6' 4", 190 pound guard out of washington. he was explosive player with the huskies averaged 23 points a game and lobe season out in the pacific northwest. now, after he had his name called and had an opportunity to go one-on-one with markelle and the interesting thing is he is just 19 years eeldz old and a few years ago he was cut from the jv high school basketball team. here's how he was feeling when he stepped to meets the commissioner. >> if telt like god calling and giving me another opportunity in life.
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something i've been dreaming about sing i was young. words can't explain. >> it's something you've been dreaming about. at what point did you know you could be nba player and potentially number one pick. >> going to 11th grade year i realized i had a chance to make it to nba if i worked the way i was. and i set the goal to be number one pick in high school. and going to college i really realize the i had a chance to be the number one pick because just how hard i worked and every opportunity i got from working hard i just felt confident. >> he is the number one pick. you see the glitz and glamour. philadelphia will love this guy. because in every interview and every question he talks about hard work. he talks about diving on the floor and doing things, little things, to whip games. that's good to hear from sixers. coming up later in the show, you will hear from the general manager, brian coangelo moving from three to one and why markelle is a special player for him.
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live from the barclays center in new york. >> see you in a bit. >> sixers fans are thrilled with the pick. >> nothing but positive things to say during the team's watch party piazza northern liberty. steady rains down after the pick. they are confident they'll return to the playoffs and beyond. >> trust the process and ben simmonds and me i think we'll be able to win the champio championship. >> the process is about don and basketball is about to blow up in philadelphia again. >> it's been a long time, long time. thank you. thank you. we appreciate you all in philly. >> indeed. ticket sales by the way spiked since it was learned 76ers were picking markelle fultz. >> we're keeping a close eye on remnants of cindy and impact it will have on our region. meteorologist kelce ingram is tracking rain for us and a chance of storms, kelsey.
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>> out ahead ever the moisture moving in our direction we have southerly southwesterly flow setting up into tomorrow. we're talking heat and humidity. official high today was 8, 81 in philadelphia and 70s mil millville and down the shore and 76 wildwood and 77 atlantic city. that humidity up there as well dew points creeping to upper 60s. lower 70s around philadelphia. 71 in city. 72 wilmington that humidity is for sure noticeable. we're monitoring batch of showers located in western suburbs since dim inshing and in store for mostly cloudy night and moisture associated with what was cindy will be moving our direction as we head into the friday night and saturday. so that tropical moisture on the move. we're in store for locally heavy downpours and flooding and eventually clearing west to east as we head to day. i'll time it out coming up in i bit. now back to you. >> thank you so much. unusual rescue in the delaware
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river. philadelphia police officers had to save a deer after it got stuck in the water near penn's landing. it took theme a few dries dries before they pulled owe out of the water own on to the boat. we're working to find out what the deer do now. >> at the end of the police per outta near philly international airport the chase started in delaware tonight after two suspect mobd a t-mobile store in newcastle and need with electronics going to 495 and 295 and both suspects in custody tonight and no ones with injured. >> a philadelphia man facing child sex charges tonight he tried to lure a 14-year-old girl for sex and that girl turned out to be a undercover officer. greg joins us more with more. >> ukee, that 56-year-old suspect is behind bars tonight facing very serious charges. as you mentioned, he tried soliciting sex from what he thought was 14-year-old teenage girl. he even referred to himself
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according to investigators in text messages as dirty old santa. >> william mckinnley is here on the 900 block marcellea street northeast philly and jack said the 56-year-old traveled more than 20 miles to rita water ice to have sex with a girl he thought was 1 years old. >> this particular person believed he was having a conversation with a 1 14-year-old girl. it was just by the grace of god it was a police officer able to interseptember him. >> da wheeling said the 14-year-old was actually undercover officer part of internet crimes against children task force and icac had eye on mckinnley since april when the officers applied to online ad fightled young eup male for woman northeast. >> he continued to engage her and discuss very explicit sexual material with her. and that continued for a number of months. >> district attorney wheelen says the conversation took a
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bizarre turn. >> i'm santa and he said i'm a bad santa or referred to hi himself as dirty old santa. and then engaged in explicit sexual language with that child and then september her pictures that would disturbing from a sexual stand point. no one answered the door as his home thursday but neighbo neighbors with young children of their own say they're glad he was bustsed. >> very sad, very sad. definitely you know you never know who is next to you. so you always got to be acquire. >> i said it 100 times it's tough to be a paesht these days. >> now da confirms suspect was a seasonal employee here at the macy's cents city and no comment from the spokesperson at macy's what he specifically did here. we're live in center city, i'm greg ar fw os. cbs3 eyewitness news. >> the search is on for suspect that attacked a woman jogging in south jersey. this happened province state
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park pittsgrove salem county and suspect attacked the woman on monday on the lake trail hitting her in face and neck with the stick he hit the suspect back and ran to a camp site where she got help from lease. she was not seriously injured but this is a sketch of the suspect white male, 20 to 30, 62 about skinny build and short dirty brown hair. >> authorities recovered the body ever a 17-year-old swept away by current in the mercer country creek. marty bartrud and several feign agars went swimming hamilton township john robel robeling park yesterday afternoon and bartrue and another got caught in a tidele creek that feeds into the delaware river. bartrud did not make it out and they said he did not know how to swim. >> the second teenage swiler disaappeared into the ocean one week ago. 15-year-old quinn vanished while attempting to rescue 16-year-old kaleea hand she
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was caught in a rip current near martin luther king boulevard. hand's body was recovered. >> and seth williams trial focused on gifts williams accepted for legal favors. the government called businessman and william's friend muhammad ali to testify and williams accepted all expense paid trip to dominican rep for ali and his promise to help ali was getting through customs at philadelphia international airport. williams denied any wrong doinging. >> his sexual assault trial ended in mistrial and now comedian bill cosby may hit road for town halls. representatives for cosby said they are fielding requests for the 79-year-old entertain to go on public speaking tour about the justice system and representatives say the requests came if he churches and other organizations including one in philadelphia. gop senate leaders released their investigation
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of healthcare bill and criticism is already mounting. >> and straight ahead tonight at 11 it's not only democrats speaking out against the phils why some represents with saying they wion't vote for it. >> also, stephen colbert on niingt ray assignment. finltd out where the late show host is tapeing a segment and how it's all the talk on twitter. >> and it's a very popular spot for some of the best seafood down the shore. there's a story you probably don't know about the sea aisle favorite. in at any time's taste with
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>> among visions in the 142 page draft bill tax credits used to help pay for coverage will be based on income, age and geography. the plan cuts medicade more gladly and allows states to change what qualifies as essential health benefit. democrats and even some reps are already lining up against it. >> let us rights now, democrats and republicans, sit
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down and try to come one a bipartisan bill. >> we're willing to do it today. now, this minute. will you accept that offer. >>fy thought it was sincere offer i would take it in a minute. new york minute. but it's not. >> police arrested 43 protesters during a sit in outside majority leader mitch mc con eling office and they were objecting to medicade cuts in the bill. >> and president trump ends speculation. today he confirmed he did not make recordings of conversations with fired fbi director james comey. president said with all of the recently reported relec tropic surveillance and intercept and unmasking andel little information i have no idea if there's tapes or recordsings of my conversations and i did not make and do not have any such record sglingz late show taking a trip abroad. this is picture of stephen colbert in rush yaxt he's taping a segment for an
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upcoming show. a cbs person copied firmed trip and did not announce an air dates. every week night, 11:35 on cbs3 the late show. >> home summer fest heads to sea isle city and there's tasty restaurants around town including great seafood spots. >> and this week's taste with tori she takes us to one popular spot serving up delicious dishes for more than 100 years. >> if you're catching rays and waves ina sil city drop your beach chair and look for fish alley where mike see food is bringing the best catch off the boat. >> found thereers right offer the boat. >> my seafood is holding vacationers since 1911 and grandparents offer owe the italy to ellis island and
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speaking no english made their way to train station in new york why a ticket master poin pointed them in the direction of dealt any. >> he said north or south. south being second word hi said my grandfather said sout south. he put a map in front of him and said this money will take you to this town this town will be sea isle city. >> you can see beginning of mike seafood siting across the street. >> that's my life. every day i kept up and tell minimum self i'm blessed that a man and woman got on a boat they could barely stay afloat and came to this country. to make it better tomorrow for their children. i am blessed. you'll never come see me again. >> all right, mike let's lighten the mood with a late lunch. >> i'll make room. >> and lobster mac and cheese balls.
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>> creamy, lobstery, crispy, golden brown okay that's a ball of fun. catch. it catch it. >> jaijen red snapper. >> it's so flaky and fresh. all you are tasting is fresh fish. with cage unkick. >> fresh fish. >> i felt that kick in a net. >> muscles with family recip recipe. >> this do you damage to, mm. >> wow. >> and finally, steamed lobster. puffed to perfection. >> jackpot. >> don't you love it when that happens. >> fresh. sweet, >> buttery lobster. this view, this food ix these people. summer, summer fest it's the best. >> mike we're coming down.
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our summer fest celebration kicks off tomorrow morning with pat galen and starting on eyewitness news at 5 i'll be there live along with lauren dacey and hof hof showing off ul athe things that draw people backing to sea isle year after year including sea isle city food festival right here on cbs3. >> it never rains on ukee washington but others may need the umbrella. >> no rain for you but people around you may need it. >> i have a golf umbrella everybody can get under it. >> there's a risk for showers or storms. that's something we have to watch chosely especially for people going to summer fest as we head to tomorrow and really everybody deals with scattered showers and storms. we'll talk more about that and a look at outside it's a beautiful summer evening. here's live look at center city and we're dry now. we were monitoring area of showers located to the west. that is diminished we're going to be dealing with clouds as
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we head to the overnight hours tonight. we officially made it to 89 in philadelphia today and that is degrees above average high temperature for this time of year and of course, no before near the record we're now down sitting in lower 80s in philadelphia, and 81. we have 80 allentown and 80 trenton and located down to south and east down the shore and we're in the 70s. and wildwood is 77 point lower 70s. humid out. there humidity sticks around as we head to next couple days. you notice it headed to tomorrow and also saturday. good news we'll finally get relief as we head into sunday. not just relief by way of humidity relief by way of temperatures as well. and we're going to be more seasonable this time of year and as we kick offer the start of next workweek look at this well below average. certainly cool for june standards.
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80 surprised and 1 monday and dew points will feel fantasti fantastic. there's batch of showers monitoring and since diminished. we have clouds now on storm scan 3 looking down to south and west though in the tennessee valley. that's where we have mrentstive moisture that was once associated with tropical storm cindy that's going to be moving in our direction as we head into the next couple of days. we are going to be looking at some tropical downpours because that's the type of air mass we're dealing with. let's track it all out for you here on future weather and things quiet headed to overnight hours and tonight dealing with partly to mostly cloudy skies and plenty of cloud cover around as we head to tomorrow and by tomorrow morning on tail end of morning commute we run into a couple of showers and then we're okay quiet during the afternoon and by tomorrow late afternoon and evening couple more showers and thunderstorms popping up and some on the stronger side. this is something we have to watch carefully and exceptional moisture associated with which was sinldy moves to saturday morning.
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it gets heavier down powers out of the next two days. things cheer out in time for saturday afternoon. your shore cast shows the next two days not the best beach days and sunday looking better with sunny skies and high temperature 79. forecast for tonight cloudy, muggy and warm. overnight low around 74. and as we head into tomorrow we're look agent highs upper 80s. mostly cloudy. showers, thunderstorms possible as we head to afternoon and evening and eyewitness weather 7 day forecast looks like this. unsettled into saturday and first part. second half looking belter. second half of weekend looking awesome. and then all the way into middle of next week. temperatures are very comfortable for this time yea year. >> that was really g chelsea, thanks so much. >> it's time to hit back out to sports director don bell live in brooklyn at the nba draft, hi, don. >> hey, guys, villanova star hears his name called in the first round. we'll tell who you that is and also markelle fultz what does
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he think about becoming a part of process. he think about becoming a part of process. sports coming up next
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,, snv and welcome back to barkley center site to 2017 nba draft. by now you know the number one selection made by sixers is markelle fultz. i learned a couple things about this guy tonight. one he still mows lawn for his mom. two he face timed his mom every day while he was a fres freshman at washington where he was a star averaged 23 points per game. i did a one-on-one with him and we had an opportunity to talk about him showing up in philly. >> when i heard about the possibilities i thought about
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the opportunity to go there and it's a young group. it's very talented and i feel like i have the pieces where i can get them over the top and they complement me and i complement them and also i feel like they wanted me ther there. players get along well and everything like that i was happy. >> at this point you met joel embib you know him a little bit and he said fans are now calling you feds, fultz, embi embib, daro, simmonds. >> i don't know if i like the name but whatever they want i'm going with it. the fans we'll go with it. >> the feds, you met these guys before he was here saturday in front of coangelo. here's what he had to say about that selection. >> we felt like value of moving 3 to 1 was relevant in that we moved into a possession to take what they think is ideal fit for this roster amongest draft
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prospects. markelle is a tremendous athlete and he's a tremendous young man and we think he's going to fit the culture of this organization and what we're building. >> you feel it a lot cheerer that the fit can be i think a little more seamless, he's a perfect complement to joel embib and ben simmonds. >> and sixers were not done. p they traded into the bottom half of first round. the 25 selection with orland orlando. they chose a' 2" latvian center. they gave up second round selection. we're learning to learn more about him as the days go by. josh hart star guard for villanova wildcats and senior he was selected last pick first round utah jazz and traded to the la lakers. so the kid from main line is going hollywood.
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that's the story here from the barkley center in brooklyn
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359y yack son, norman conner and nearby aroth and philadelphia 76ers and ukee and i were honored to be part east vent aas well. congratulations to all the hono
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for chelsea and everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm natasha brown.
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>> stephen colbert and the captioning sponsored by cbs >> president trump reportedly close to selecting outside counsel to help him amid these ongoing investigations into russian meddling and his campaign. trump prefers to have a team of attorneys, rather than a single lawyer represent him. ♪ ♪ >> has this ever happened to you? you're the leader of a country, and accused of colluding with known enemies? >> then you need to call galino and farnes. we've handled dozens of cases just like yours all across the globe. >> many of our clients went on to successful dictatorships and/or firing squads. don't believe us? ask agusto pinochet. >> robert mugabe. >> and scar, the lion. >> there's no proof he colluded with the hyenas after we took him as a client.


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