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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 23, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> we are tracking chance every thunderstorm on storm scan3, find out what it means for your weekend. >> dozen outside senator tomb i's office, the new gop healthcare bill, live with what they have planned for today. >> and, welcome to the newest sixer. markelle fultz goes number one in the draft, and it this morning, here ' hearing from him. >> today is true, june 23rd, booed morning, i'm jan carabeo in for ji jim done val. >> matt peterson get us g started with a check on the forecast, looks like you're tracking some showers, too? >> we r i have to say, we ran this little quick thing about markelle fultz. i have the one, two, three, four, five 76ers song stuck in my head. >> all, all last night, all this morning, already. >> i like that.
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>> i've trusted the process. sam hinkie died for our sins, now, we have going. >> a plan coming to fruition. >> i think so. i know pat's not here, so before we get into werth, and before we start talking about all of the showers, all of the thunderstorms, that could be moving in, for at least the start of our weekend, got to talk about one nice thing of course that was the 76ers, the first pick, but it doesn't look too bad outside. picture from a top cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> dew point, not all that different than our all air temperature of 76 degrees currently. >> few isolated rumbles every thunder slowly tracking eastward, good news about this, looking forward to move in just around the time of the morning rush hour. it does look like this area of precipitation starting to weaken, and it could actually fall apart. few showers, again, few maybe isolated areas where we could
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hear rumble every thunder, not rule out. but the better news it, looks like our morning commute, not going to be all that wet just fuse stray showers for us out there. 76 degrees, millville, down to the shore point, as women, still on the cooler side up toward mount pocono where it is 67, there is dew points, very muggy for thus morning, already sitting in the 70s, and you get a look at the pocono forecast, showers, today, maybe morning thunderstorm on saturday, but then very nice, 75, on sunday, guys. >> want to tell but jack nice travel took trailer, pa turnpike connect or near the delaware river bridge. all lanes are block, also, disable tractor-trailer on the eastbound new jersey turnpike pa turnpike connector, near the new jersey turnpike, the center lane blocked. and there was a disable vehicle on i76 westbound, near the vine st. expressway, what we were just told that that cleared, and it had been blocking the left lane. so just in time for the
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morning rush looks like it has been cleared, so road moving smoothly now. >> release of their healthcare bill is met with backlash. protesters even republicans are against the proposed plan. >> demonstrations are underway, good morning. >> good morning, this began 3:00 p.m. yesterday. will go for 24 hours, ending at 3:00 p.m. today. you can see, that this crowd has gradually gotten bigger and many more people are expected to join them, at 8:30 this morning, to make sure that senator pat toomey hears their voices. >> outside senator pat toomey's offers in old city, 24 hour rally, mitch mcconnell's newly unveiled healthcare bill. its content finally revealed thursday. >> premeditated murder for profit. >> kathleen o'donnell says her biggest concerns about the big include hefty cuts to medicaid, and allowing states
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to reduce coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. >> it will hurt a lot of people. it will hurt it to give tax breaks to rich people. >> bill also gets rid of the individual mandate and it taxes, but retains many of obamacare tax credit. >> capitol police arrested 43 people, caring some of the and i are protesters away from senator mcconnell's offers. the senators though remained un-phased on the senate floor. >> because obamacare is a direct attack on the middle class. >> president trump tweeted his support, but at least four senate republicans have already voiced their opposition to the bill. >> current draft doesn't get the job. >> released statement to the
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media that seemed to support this healthcare bill, but he says that he will thoroughly examine this draft, also will welcome any feedback, meanwhile, send at leaders hoping for vote on the bill before fourth of july. but for now live in old city trang do, cbs-3 "eyewitness news," rahel, jan, back to you. >> before they go on recess, trang, thank you. >> in other news this morning, philadelphia man who calls himself dirty old santa to lure a 14 year old girl for sex. >> arrested him in ridley township, he was allegedly engaging in ex police it sexual language with the girl who was actually an undercover police officer. the arrest was part of the internet crimes against children task force, and delaware county district attorney, jack wheel and tells us parent needs to do their parent. >> you got to try to be vigilant, have to have discussions with your children, you have to make sure that they're not interacting on the internet, with individuals, that they
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don't know. >> we found out he was seasonal employee in macy's of center city. we reached to see what he specifically did there but still awaiting a response. >> police still looking foreman who they say attacked a woman jogging in south jersey. happened in pittsgrove salem county monday. investigators say, the suspect hit the woman in the face and neck with a stick. she then hit the suspect's back, and then also got help from police at nearby camp site. this is a sketch of the suspect, who is described as awhile male, 20, 30 years old, 6-foot two, skinny build, with short dirty brown hair. >> bill cosby sexual assault trial ended in a mistrial, and now, cosby may be hit willing the road for a series of town hall events representatives say they've been contacted by churches, and other organizations including one in philadelphia, for speeches about the us justice system specifically how men go avoid
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sexual assault accusations, one juror from cosby sexual assault trial says jurors dead locked from the start of their deliberations. >> from the first time on, when we wanted to sends that in, about three people jumped up and said hold it, i want to change. so, it was not a true ten to two, two to ten. >> the case against cosby ended up in a mistrial again, but prosecutors say they will retry cosby, the judge says he wants that retrial to start within four months. >> the process may finally be coming to an arena near you. first overall draft pick in the second year in a row. >> with the first pick, in the 2017 draft, the philadelphia 76ers select markelle fultz. >> you heard it there. newest sixer markelle fultz is out of the university of washington there, he averaged
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23-point, six rebounds, six assists as a freshman last season. the newest sixer told our don bell he is a great fit for young team on the rise. >> i just thought about the opportunity to go there, and a young group, you know, very talented, and i feel like i had the pieces where i can get them over the top. they compliment me, i compliment them, and also i feel like they wanted me there. the players get along well, so i was just happy. >> sixers nation celebrated the pick and the process, at a draft party at the piazza at submits in northern liberties there. was no shortage of fired up sixers fans, welcoming fultz to the sit of brotherly love. >> well, able ' here what everybody else is here for, first number one draft pink, hopefully he stays healthy. we have a healthy year. trust the process in ben simmons, embiid, i think we can be able to win the championship in a few years. >> you know, with everything that's going on, you know, i
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think fans should be proud that the process is getting to the point where it is getting complete. and we're going to start blowing the roof off downtown at the sent their. >> fans have high hopes i would say. sixers fast have already set record foresees on ticket sales. so, shall we say this, let's go sixer. >> let's go. do it. rahel, the nba draft is also become bit after fashion event. >> true. also know that fultz has some style. check out the custom shoes he was sporting last night. take a close look. yes, actually made out of basketballs. tweeted out this pick, but not everyone on twitter appreciated them. some people say they look like bowling shoes, and i'm going to second that. >> i was going to say, hey, they're fan recall bowling shoes, okay, made out of basketballs. i like that. >> you like it, i love it. and from one local star to another, eagles quarterback carson wentz giving fultz a shout out on twitter writing: welcome to philly. you all about to do some big things sixers.
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>> is let's turned it around. tropical storm cindy, leaves it mark on the south. >> from tornados to flooding, the damage is widespread. coming up: a look at the clean up, those areas are facing today. plus this. >> the number one killer of women that many doctors aren't talking to their patience b i'm chris martinez, results every a new survey coming up. >> and it is a real estate listing that's getting a lot of looks. find out why this one bedroom home in a small texas town is listed for $1 million. next. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> well, we can hear a little boom clap later today. matt tracking your chance of thunderstorms, find out what it means for your weekend. coming up next.
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>> we have breaking news from london, authorities say the deadly tower fire was caused by refrigerator freezer, also say insulation and tiles covered has failed fire tests, 79 people died in the fire last week, authorities are also saying manslaughter charges are being considered in their investigation. >> southern states cleaning up after tropical storm cindy brought heavy rains and tornados, storm has been downgraded now to tropical depression. >> cbs news correspondent hena daniels explains, the tail ends of storm cindy is now heading north. >> clean up effort are now underway in parts of the gulf coast. where cindy made her presence felt. the tropical storm was
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downgraded to tropical depression, as it made landfall yesterday. but the destruction it left behind, was catostrophic. particularly in alabama. sirens sounded as tornado touched down, just miles from downtown birmingham. ripping through several buildings, and leaving debris scattered for miles. >> i was in the middle of it, and i just saw it going around my car, and all i could do is justin to pray. >> cindy caused widespread flooding and forced evacuations in louisianna. creeks, flooded many low-lying neighborhoods. some part of the gulf coast also got 10 inches of rain, forcing drivers to abandon their cars. >> i was going to drive through it, but it was a little too deep to go in there with a car. >> system is being blamed for ten year old nolan's death, authority believe the fifth grader was hit by a log, that washed ashore by powerful waves while he was vacationing on the alabama coast with his family. flashflood warnings are in
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effect for part of the gulf coast to the mid-atlantic. as remnants of the storm continue to move north. hena daniels, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news." a lot of destruction down there in the south because of those storms. >> matt, talking some storms yourself, even cindy looks like we might have some remnants of that here? >> yes, we get later today, then tonight, and into tomorrow. that's when the remnants every cindy really get here. if you look outside right now, this is row hope beach. would you not think that we will be dealing with any kind of precipitation today, a wonderful start to the day all it be warm and muggy start to the day across the beach points. few people out there enjoying what is a warm start to the morning. getting their morning work out in there. some sunshine breaking through the cloud cover as well. and later this afternoon, we are going to see temperatures that ends up above average. we're going to be at 87 degrees later this afternoon, pop up thunderstorm is a possibility for us, through the morning, and then as we get little later on in the afternoon as well. you can see, precipitation slowly tracking to the east. good news, that area of precipitation that's moving toward the nation's capitol in
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baltimore right now, starting to weaken little bit. while some showers are a possibility this morning, not quite as much after big deal as we were originally looking at. cold front to the northern area, the plane, also have our cindy, what's left of it anyway, spirals through eastern arkansas, those systems will merge together, track eastwards, giving us shower and thunderstorm chances again later tonight into tomorrow. high resolution radar going through the next couple of hours here, showers again, maybe isolated rumble every thunder is an objects. >> but the good news this line is weakening a little bit. while again spotty shower not completely ruled out it, doesn't look like it should be too much of a problem for the morning rush hour. in it has not already moved in. spotty shower, thunderstorms activity later this afternoon, and then again, we look looking for spotty shower maybe later tonight as we go through the tropical moisture here, friday morning, a rounds every showers, pop up thunderstorms later this afternoon this evening, then that lingers into tomorrow morning. eighty-seven for the high today. eighty-nine saturday. and then looking much nicer, much more average, on sunday, high of 85. then, some 70s maybe kicking
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off next week. >> matt, thanks, we do have an accident to tell but. this is roosevelt boulevard northbound, near broad street. we hear that a vehicle is stuck on the center median. you can actually see it. looks like it is behind that truck there. but we hear at least one lane, and we can see, one lane getting by. we'll keep you up-to-date on this one. also, a jackknife tractor-trailer, on the westbound new jersey turnpike, pa turnpike connector. near the delaware river bridge. all lanes here are blocked. it is also a disable tractor-trailer on the eastbound new jersey turnpike, pa turnpike connector, near the new jersey turnpike, the center lane there is blocked. all right, some headaches out there, well, listen up ladies. new survey shows many women and their doctors fail to talk about heart health. with heart disease ranked as number one killer of women, medical expert want patient to be aware of certain risk factors, here's chris martinez with what women need to know. >> how has your chest been feeling? >> pretty good. >> tracey solomon clark, a mom with stressful career, figured
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that was behind her fatigue and shortness every breath. she never suspected she had an unhealthy heart, and would eventually need double bypass surgery. >> it got real-real when sorry, you're going to have your chest open. >> the 51 year old said she never discussed heart health with her doctors and turns out she is not alone. according to a new survey in the journal of the american college of cardiologist, only 35% of primary care physicians say they talk about heart health during exams with female patients. even though heart diseases the number one killer of women. >> it kills more women than all cancers combined. >> doctor noel bear i, from cedar sinai medical center led the study that revealed many women are hesitant to get checkups. 60% of women admit putting off doctors appointment, 45% say they cancel or postpone checkups because they want to lose weight first. >> women are more objective, women are more judged by their
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appearance, and it stigmatizes women to worry about their weight and not want to go see the doctor. >> tracey now encourages other women to pay attention to potential symptoms. >> if you have to go to the emergency room, three times, in one day, then do you that. but listen to your body. >> and make sure you see your doctor regularly. chris martinez, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news." well, a small home in texas has a huge price tag. >> this one bedroom, one bath home, in wako texas, is the talk of the town because it was featured on hd tv hit show sixer -- fixer upper. renovations cost more than $130,000 and it hit the market tuesday for, get this, $950,000. a lot of zeros there. neighbors now explaining how the home is a tracking a lot of unwanted attention. >> there are always people standing right in our driveway over here, and they're always taking photos. we can't get out. you know, we've got cars
6:21 am
lining up all the way down the street. half the time you can't even see when you are pulling out. you know, people are coming around the corners, i almost got in a kim of wrecks because that far alone. >> the home's nearly million dollars selling price does include furnishing, it is also minutes away from popular outdoor market. >> talk about flipping a house. that's outrageous, almost a million dollars? >> and to look at it, just looks so tyne. >> i it is tiny. all right. up next, why you shouldn't leave your dog at home today, rahel. >> yes. well, listen, they're cared for very well, jan. speaking of dogs, how about this cool trick? show you how some dogs are learning how to call 911 next. at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event.
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event. >> it is going to be a bit of a split weekend for us. we will start out saturday with some showers, and first half of the day, then it will get little bit nicer, later in the afternoon, and then, a wonderful sunday for us, very
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seasonable, low humidity, temperatures that are going to be in the 80s, and plenty of sunshine for us. so, at least we will get ready for what should be a good sunday afternoon. guys? >> sounds good, matt, thank you. now for look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> in the trentonian, the new jersey department of children and families has stripped vital funding away from day care program for young children with special needs, run by mercer and other community partners in the state. it ran through the end of the year, so it was abrupt decision by the dcf. there another other alternatives at this time. >> in this morning reading eagle, lawmakers pushing for legislation that will regulate pennsylvania's tatoo shops. the bill would banta too long or body piercing for someone under 18 without the written consent of parent or legal guardian. also, requires, tatoo shops to register with the state health department. >> and, get your sparklers ready for the fourth. the burlington county times is reporting, that legislation to legalize the possession and
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use of sparklers, and some other small fire work, was approved and sent to governor christies' desk it, could be approved just in time for the fourth of july holiday. >> that's a look at leadlines from the delaware val. >> i good old-fashioned hard work. >> now man's best friend can use modern technology. researchers at georgia tech teaching dogs to talk with technology. i love. >> this they're using high-tech wearable vests even doing friendly touch screens that work like telephones, the researchers say the devices could be really useful during medical emergencies. >> dogs naturally, puppies consideration pull things, they can touch things with their nose, they can hold things in their mouth, they can bite things, so we just taught them, okay, you'll do that behavior you already know on the censor that you're wearing. >> so smart. they say the dogs have pick up on the idea pretty quickly and they're man's best friend for a reason. >> night have to get your dogs one of those vest snaz.
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>> hope so not need the 91 calls. >> but can never be too safe these days. ruching it at work today you may not be alone. >> that's because today is take your dog to work day, the special day to bring along man's best friends, started back in 1999. it is geared toward promoting k9 companionship, also to promote pet adoption. who knows, maybe our friday snack table here at cbs-3 will have some dog treat, table, jan, you know, obviously every friday everybody bridges in treats. >> i try to pass it, though, very tempting. >> i normally don't. >> well, i look forward to seeing your dog, rahel. >> okay. >> okay? where are they? >> sleeping, watching, at home. >> coming up: new plans announced for president trump's wall. >> thinking of that is unique, talking about the southern border. >> find out what kind of changes the president has in minds, and who will pay to maintain the wall. >> plus, a renewed push to raise the smoking age in new jersey where things stands on the legislation.
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>> and we're live in sea isle city, for summer fest. that's coming up. stay with us.
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. jim is off today. >> i'm rahel solomon. just after 6:30. here's what you need to start your day in the morning minute. today is friday, june 23, 2017. senate republicans unveil their plan to repeal and replace obamacare. and that plan has spark protests nationwide. these folks you see here, they've been here all night long to make sure that pat toomey hears their voices. >> he said i'm bad santa, or referred to himself as a dirty old santa.
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>> police say he tried to solicit sex from a girl who turned out to be an undercover cop. >> tropical depression city -- cindy soaked the south, spawned devastating tornados. >> i was in the middle of it. >> clean up effort are now underway in part of gulf coast. >> it appears the process is really taking shape now. >> you're right. >> the philadelphia 76ers select markell fultz. >> markelle fultz is the player most people projected as the sixers first rounds pick. >> it felt like god calling me. >> down here for summer fest in sea isle city. i'll get on the beach, and i will be doing a bit of a work out. i think it will be a little kick boxes work out. i don't know if you can see my attire this morning. but i'm rocking the shorts, and i'm rocking the san as early on, guys. >> and we're looking forwards to that, pat. i think it is the summer fest uniform, sandals? >> shorts, okay. so say you're looking forwards
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to that, so kick boxing or seeing more of pat in his shorts and flip flops? >> let's say the kick boxing. >> out to matt, matt probably more excited to seat kicks bogging. you're tracking showers but how do you think that will affect pat down there? >> you know, i think he's going to be all right for all of that kick boxes on the beach this morning, and even folks that want to go down to sea isle for whether it is vacation or you're going down to hang out at summer fest this afternoon or evening, it looks like maybe spotty shower or two. overall it should be pretty good friday. and then friday evening for us now just waking up, temperatures are warm, it is very muggy, across the delaware vale, south jersey, into delaware, as well here this morning. seventy-six in philly. seventy-five wilmington. also, 75 down toward atlantic city and wildwood. looking at 72 in reading, still 67 this morning in mount pocono. so that's still cooler than everywhere, but still very warm. storm scan3 shows the approaching shower activity, starting to break up just a little bit. still going to be watching for showers to move through here
6:34 am
this morning. looks like they will be kind of passing through around the morning rush hour, time, if maybe the tail end of rush hour, so, traffic not going to be affected too much by this. but again, stray shower activity may be, maybe, isolated rumble every thunder. best chance for pop up thunderstorms will come later in the afternoon, go with temperatures all the way up to 87 degrees this afternoon, and then we start out the weekends, not just tonight, but tomorrow morning, with few more showers, as renmant of tropical storm cindy move on into the area, going to be talking about, that but whether it clears up, as well, coming up in just a bit. >> matt, thank you. also, some traffic to tell but, chopper three over the scene after jackknife tractor-trailer, on the westbound new jersey turnpike, looks like it is a fedex tractor-trailer. westbound new jersey turnpike pa turnpike connector near the delaware river bridge. we can see traffic getting by on the shoulder, also a disabling tractor-trailer on the eastbound side of the turnpike connector near the new jersey turnpike, the center lane blocked. >> and an accident to tell
6:35 am
berks we told but this this morning, as well, this is roosevelt boulevard northbound, near broad street. vehicle stuck on the center median, only one lane open. we can see the flashing lights there, in the median, there is also a disable truck up ahead of the accident. so, quite a busy morning. >> rahel, the gop health kay reform plan causing quite a stir this morning, after senate republicans roll out their new legislation. among the provisions in the 142 page draft bill, tax credit used to help pay for coverage, we will be based on income, age and geography. the plan cuts medicaid more gradually, and allows states what qualifies as essential health benefits, democrats, republicans, against the proposed legislation. >> let us right now, democrats and republicans, sit down, and try to come up with a bipartisan bill. we are too long do it today, now, this minute. will you except that offer? >> if i thought that was a sincere offer i would take it in a minute. in a new york minute.
6:36 am
but it is not. >> meantime, police arrested 43 protesters, who were upset over medicaid cuts in the bill. they staged a die-in outside majority leader mitch mcconnell's office. >> and here is what it look like right now outside center to pat toomey's offers in old city philadelphia. twenty-four hour rally and opposition to the healthcare bill now underway. protesters started showing up yesterday, at 3:00 p.m., and plan to stay until 3:00 this afternoon, with more coming around 8:30 this morning. meanwhile, senator pat toomey has said he's open to feedback. >> president trump has kept washington guessing for more than a month. or, whether or not there are recordings every his conversation with fired fbi director james comey, yesterday, he came clean. the president sent two tweets, with all of the recently reported electronic surveillance, intercepts on mask and i will legal leaking of information, i have no idea whether there are tapes or recordings of my conversations with james comey, but i did
6:37 am
not make and do not have any such recordings. meantime, president trump wants to add solar panels to his long promised wall on the us mexico border. the president says the panels would help pay for the walls construction san mick it look nicer. his plan is to sell the electricity produced by the panels to the utility at this companies. some expert say while it is a nice idea, the costs could outweigh benefits. >> your 81st group i've told that to with solar wall, makes sense, we'll see, working it out, we'll see. solar wall panels, beautiful. >> much of the area along the border has weak infrastructure, and does not have very good transmission. >> now the idea for solar panels, was originally proposed by a company that submitted a sign to build the new wall. it claims that selling electricity to utilities, to cover construction costs in 20 years or less. today defense attorneys plan to cross-examine the man who police say provided da seth williams with gift, in exchange for legal favors.
6:38 am
businessman williams' friends muhammad ali testified yesterday at the federal courthouse. >> prosecutors say williams accepted an all expenses paid trip to the dominican republic from ali, as an exchange, promised ali some help getting through customs at philadelphia international airport. williams has entered not guilty plea to bribery and corruption charges. >> a community in mourning this morning. a 17 year old who drowned in a new jersey creek. marty and three other teenagers, went swimmin swimminn hamilton township john rob bling park wednesday afternoon. he drowned after getting caught in the current of a creek. his family said he did not know how to swim. the township school superintendent remembered him as an outgoing student. crews also found the body of the second teenage swimmer who drowned in atlantic sit a week ago. police say 15 year old ramon quinn tried to rescue 16 year old kalia hands after rip current pull her out, happened near martin luther king
6:39 am
boulevard. the current swept both teen under water. beach goer discovered her body yesterday, hands' body found monday. >> new jersey lawmakers taking another shot at raising the state's smoking age, the state assembly approved a measure to move the legal age from 19 to 21 to buy tobacco or electronic cigarette. now the senate did approve similar ledge lakes, but governor christie vetoed the idea last year. it is not clear howell act this time. new jersey would become the second state to approve a smoking age of 21, after hawaii. >> well, still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, the secret service is paying close attention to johnny dep, the controversial comment that put the actor on the agency's radar. >> plus, bamm bye, yes, her name actually bambi, one new jersey family's pool, a regular, see how the deer gets into the gated yard to go for a swim. pat? >> reporter: guys, we're in sea isle city. trying to talk live. real difficult. but i'm here with sports and fitness and a bunch of friends
6:40 am
i just made. we're punching, we're kicking, we're doing it all this morning, come join us. ya. ugh. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> pat's going to need the commercial break to recover from that. >> yes, he is. >> punching, kicking, sun's out, guns out. >> what can't he do? >> pat, pat gallen the man of many talent, got to say. anything goes on a friday morning, too. and we will be right back in about three minute. >> ♪
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>> welcome back, today we are soaking up the sun in sea isle sit. >> i while most of us enjoy relaxing on vacation, if you're maybe trying to sneak in fitness along with the sun in the fun there is shore town offers plenty of options, pat
6:44 am
gotten live this morning with a work out by the water, all right, pat, you promised us, so let's see it. >> all right, it is summer fest, we're here in sea isle city, so, when it comes to summer, everybody wants to get their boyde in summer shape. and that is why we are on the beach doing little kick boxing with lore he will with sports and fitness, good morning. >> good morning. >> so what makes kicks boxing kick but the you? >> deitz boxing here, on the sand, full boxing gym at 36th and ladies. when we bring it to the beach, a different element. so in the studio we have equipment to make our balance be challenged out here on the beach it is the sands that automatically does it it is awesome. >> no joke, it is the grip, do you have keep the core, keep everything baltz. i'm no trainer but i think i learned a little something. >> yes, demands different part every your body to work that win be engage philadelphia we were on the gym floor. then prevent any issues with
6:45 am
impact on the knees, and your joints. >> how often are you out here on both doing this? >> i think a lot of people might be excited doing this? >> tuesdays and thursdays, 8:00 a.m., all through the summer, until about september 15th. >> okay? >> yep, about an hour work out. all levels, experience dollars or not, come and join the class, we can fit everybody's level. >> what are we doing here right now? what's going on here? >> , would g on some cardio working on form for punches. >> what's your favorite part? >> i love being on the beach and having no music, go right into your zone, mentally tough out here. >> they've been making fun of me back at the studio because i have short on. look at the beautiful beach, salt walter, so lead me
6:46 am
through something here. >> let's go one, two, three, four. >> let's do it, ready? >> one, two, three, four. >> again, let's go, ready? >> one, two, three, four. good. ready? >> one, two, three, four. >> one-two. one-two. as fast as you can, go, go ahead. one-two, one-two, rahel, jan, how am i looking out here. >> oh, actually very good. >> ya, what's he talking about when he said making fun of him out there? >> oh, all very positive around here. >> looking good, pat. >> looks beautiful, and just walk to go my beach blanket through the sand is a challenge, working out on the beach. >> , one, two, three, all right, pat, thank you. looking good. >> our summer fest celebration again continues all day on cbs-3 "eyewitness news"
6:47 am
starting at 5:00. ukee washington will be there along with lauren casey and all of the things that draw people back to sea isle year after year including the sea isle city food truck festival. that's today right here on cbs-3. looks fun! and a bit of good news if you like to hop from beach to beach down the shore. "eyewitness news" has learned that the town set inch lend bridge set to reopen today t connect sea isle city to avalon, the bridge has been closed since early april, for emergency repairs, after officials found a crack in one its sport beans. >> good news indeed. matt, do you think this weather will holdup r for the folks down the shore? >> maybe the driver could have few sprinkle, showers, but overall i think it will be a good friday to be down the shore, every course weaver summer fest down in sea isle, pat down there doing his thing. looks like headed down to sea isle to hang out or want to go hang out with everyone at summer fest, take maybe an
6:48 am
umbrella with you, throw it in the car. but only very spotty shower chance you wetter watch ers talking warm, muggy start to the day, up to central jersey, 57 at ed's house in chesterfield, of course since pat was just doing his work out, he had he had said well it's cardio day for me, as well, getting reds toy head out to the humidity. so warm, warm start to the day, lou talking about it being 74 degrees in eagleville this morning soupy morning for us across the delaware vale. here is storm scan3, see our shower activity moving into the lancaster area, leading edge of that precipitation, not really too much going on with it right now, very, very light. what we are watching for is more back here, between harrisburg, back down toward baltimore, then little bit towards the washington dc area. that is where more of the shower activity is currently,
6:49 am
overall, big picture here, cold front out to the midwest, remnants every cindy out there, working its way eastwards, and as it does, it is going to bring showers, maybe few thunderstorms, to the day on saturday. but then it will be very nice, clearing things out, as we get into sunday, so we will just time it out real quickly for you here. again this morning, few passing showers, pop up thunderstorm later this afternoon then saturday morning showers and thunderstorms, but it really looks like saturday afternoon should be pretty nice. here is our seven day forecast, 87 today, 89 tomorrow, bye then we are cooling it down, looking really good. eighty-five sunday. seventy-nine for our high temperature on monday, rahel. >> matt, thank you. we do have one quick accident we want to tell but, roosevelt boulevard, northbound, near broad street. a vehicle is stuck on the center median, and all lanes are currently block. you can see the flashing light there, in the middle, to the left of your screen, so all lanes are currently blocked. we'll keep you up-to-date as the show progresses. comments by movie star johnny dep are under extra
6:50 am
scrutiny this morning after he apparently reference dollars donald trump while on stage. >> when is the last time an actor assassinate add president? >> i want to clarify, i'm not an actor. >> i lie for a living. >> he was attending england's glass berry festival when made the remarks about assassinating the president. deposition he had showing of his 2004 movie show called the liberty. >> reason rage chain reaction everyone is talking becomes now hearing from the victim who survived the brutal crash in california. a motorcyclist kicked a car, spark a chain reaction crash, earlier this week, the driver of the car lost control hit a barrier, and a pick up causing it to roll over. the driver of the truck describes the terrifying scene. >> when i felt the impact, and my truck spun out from beside me, and i started to roll, i saw nothing but asphalt, and
6:51 am
sky, and then coming to rest. >> authority are still trying to sort out the moments that led up to this crash. >> well, switching gears now, it is not popular in the state. but in cambodia, it is edible tarantula season. >> didn't know that was a thing, deep fried tarantula's dog cassy in parts of cam bode y actually go out and hunt the spiders and sell them. often sell them to travelers pausing through, often put live spiders for medicinal purposes. >> time 5:00 -- 6:51. >> joining us live, nora with a preview, good morning. >> hey, good morning to you, rahel, jan. ahead the reasons to compromise on the senate healthcare bill may be hard to reach. plus cosby trial juror takes us inside the deliberation room, explains why concensus wasn't possible. and an earthquake warning system, scientists say will save lives, now on the
6:52 am
chopping blockment all of that plus the eye opener, your worlds in 0,892nd. see you right at 7:00. >> nora thank you see you in about eight minutes. >> how about those cool video of surfers hanging ten by night, with a estimated 35 million surfers world-wide. crowded waves are come on, so now, hitting the surf after dark with glow in the dark surf boards. some say they do have to be extra careful of sharks in the dark water. the new breed of surfers uses a board with led's, that make quite a show when seen from the shore. >> little scary to me. >> it is scary but pretty site. >> yes. >> well deer has become a regular visitor at a family swimming pool in monmouth county new jersey. >> yes, one reporter learned, the family fawning over its new furry friends. >> talk about inviting pool, it is even a tracking this young deer. brittany lives here and last week for the first time saw the deer getting out of the pool. >> she shook off. she laid down in the shade. and i just figured she had fallen in and managed to find her way out.
6:53 am
>> but apparently the deer squeezes through a gap in the fence to take a dip. so she opened opened up a the gate to get her way out. but bamm bye just wanted to keep on schwinn g, they called animal control, whose officers let the deer out of the pool area but keeps coming back. >> been coming since the beginning of last week, she comes every day, late afternoon, take a dip, cool off, clearly she snows what she is doing. >> little crazy. but it is cool. i mean, i've got three kids who love it, and we're all animal lovers. >> the kids even leave tiny cherry tow mail owes under a plant so bamb limit have some treat, and of course the kids would love to keep her. >> people keep saying can you adopt her, keep her, but kind of just like a distance pet. >> a well trained pet who even takes advantage of the jaccuzzi area of the pool for a water massage. >> she hasn't ripped the lining, and she has been a good guest. she knows thousand get n she knows how to get out.
6:54 am
she kind of comes and goes. >> when the family uses the pool, bambi runs away, but always comes back, and they know sharing the pool won't last forever, since the young deer will soon be too big to squeeze through the fence. >> and that was cindy sue reporting. what do you think that far? >> bambi likes the high life. that's what i think, the finer things in life. >> you can't blame her. >> the jazz uzi, cooling off in the pool? >> we'll be right back with three to go.
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6:58 am
protesters are demonstrating outside the center city philadelphia offers of senator pat toomey. they want him to vote no on the new gop healthcare bill meant to replace obamacare. >> the sixers pick market fultz, with the first pick in the draft. the 6ers had the first pick for the last two years. >> and today is take your dog to work day. so bring your breast friends to meet your work friends, it promotes pet adoption. >> that's three to go. >> last check on weather matt. >> warm, muggy, few showers today, and then, we finally get nice by the ends of the weekend. eighty-seven today. hot, humid again, for saturday, 89, shower and
6:59 am
thunder storm in the morning, thanks to the fact that cindy is at least remnants of it moving through. then eight a, and sunshine, by sunday afternoon. >> looking good. finishing on high note there. >> summer here, and school is out. >> one california school made sure to end their school year with a blast. how cool is this? student at in san marcos, cooled off at foam party. the company known for its all that the out soap in hollywood came out to the school free of charge for a flu i have fun for the kids and their families. >> foam party. good times. next on cbs this morning: a photographer stepping up with a gift that will last a lifetime. see what he's doing to make sure graduating seniors right here in philadelphia, capture that moment forever. >> very interesting. and have a great day, and a great weekend. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, june 23rd, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." senate republicans search for votes to pass their health care bill. four gop senators say they're not ready to support the legislation, calling the bill obamacare-light. north korea is responding to the death of otto warmbier. they say they did not torture the college student and call themselves the biggest victim. and the bill cosby trial, 250 hours of deliberations that led to a hung jury. plus, john oliver sued by a coal company. but we begin t


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