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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 24, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> one of those mornings where we are waking up, it is raining, there is some thunder out there. the good news it, doesn't last all day. we never like have a rainy afternoon on a saturday or sunday, we like to get outside, enjoy it, hope we have sunshine, and we will get some later this afternoon. again, we have just got to get through the next couple of hours or so and then start it quiet things down. showing thunderstorm activity, heavy rainfall, downpours, as they're now tracking eastward, through the far western suburbs, just now entering into western new castle county, and delaware, and and still for the most part philly getting few light sprinkles. but it will be moving through this line of, again, heavy rain, some heavy downpours, maybe little built every gusty winds, some thunder and lightning will be pushing through, probably within the next hour to hour and a half at the latest, then it will track through south jersey and we will be clearing the coastline most likely getting toward mid-morning at the latest. and then the good news, even though our cold front still off to the west, this is really going to be our main area of precipitation could
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look for stray shower at times later into the late morning hours, but again in general we should be dry through most if not all of the afternoon. outside right now, at the beach, even though not a ton of rain coming down, rough surf in margate. really kind of a bleak start to the day down at the shore point. we are going to look for nicer afternoon, though, so don't wore if i you're down the shore, still going to get decent beach day in. again, just have to wait a little bit later this afternoon. temperatures for us, in the 70s for the most part. still hovering in the 80s through millville, dover, rain cooled air, through lancaster, reading, allentown, kept us lower 70s, even still 66-point pocono. get a look at the day planner up to 81 topping things out at 90, jan, and looking at much more comfortable weather to ends the weekends sunday, i'll break it down in just a bit. >> looking forward to that, manning you, matt. 6:01, time to check the roads. let's go over to kyle at the cbs-3 traffic center. hype, kyle. >> hi, jan, currently a crash
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on the pa eastbound between willow grove and bensalem. out there we have two of the left lanes blocked, so be on the look-out for that as you make your way through there. other than, that weaver no other incidents to report to you on the majors being looking at travel times. everything looking good on the interstates, you have decent drive on 95, the vine, the blue route, and the turnpike outside that accident, as well as the bridges in and out of the city. then we take a look at the route 42 freeway, currently easy going in both directions, as you make your way into new jersey, and back into philadelphia. in the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm kyle hawn, jan, back to you. >> all right, kyle, thank you. >> we are following breaking news this morning. a brutal attack has left a woman dead in the strawberry mention section of the city. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, live on the scene with the latest on the investigation. anita? >> goods morning, learning very tragic details this morning, police calling this a brutal savage attack, the victim believed to be a woman
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in her early 30's, and it is not clear at this time whether she new her attacker. now, it happened at this park behind me, this is behind dobbins high school. this is at north 21st street and west lehigh avenue, and authority say, somebody stabbed this woman, at least 12 times from the legs up, to the chest, and this violent murder. now video from earlier this morning shows police trying to collect evidence. they say someone walking found the body just after 3:20 this morning, in a park directly behind the high school. they believe who dover this not only stabbed a woman at least dozen times, but also beat her if the face. the woman's pants had been pulled down, but it is unclear at this point if she had been sexually assaulted. while they don't know who the suspect is at this time, they say it is clear who ever did this wanted this woman dead. >> we don't know how many times she was stabbed, but clearly she was stabbed multiple times. somebody didn't just stop once or twice or three times, they just kept stabbing this woman all throughout her body.
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>> ac back here live at this park, you can see, it is still active scene, as authority work to comb this area for a weapon, at this time, they've not found one. they're all still looking at nearby businesses, that may have surveillance video. for now live in strawberry mansion, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> just horrible story, thank you for the update. >> new this morning, two people recovering following an accident in south philadelphia. police were called to broad and oregon streets, just before 1:00. investigators say, a car hit a man and a woman, who were riding a bike there, now, both victims were brought to the hospital. they're now in stable condition. the driver stayed on the scene, no word if that driver will face any charges. >> also, overnight, police are investigating a hit-and-run that injured at least three people in north philadelphia. this accident happened just before 2:30 at venge and owe street and kensington avenue. police say the driver first hit two cars, injuring three people in those cars.
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the driver kept ongoing, until flipping over outside after bank on castor and erie avenues. the driver then ran off. no word yet on the condition of the three people who were injured. >> welshing check this out. after several attempts, crews manage to rescue this deer from a water at penn's landing. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos has the full story from the people who saved its life. >> pretty hot and humid this week. don't blame this young deer from chasing a dip in this jersey pool. >> he knows how to get in. knows how to get out. she kind of comes and goes. >> thursday afternoon this distant deer relative in the delaware didn't plan on cooling off in that river. >> we were on duty last night. we received a call for a deer. >> this little guy, stuck in the muck. and pretty exhausted. >> it was grunting. it was shivering, shaking. >> when the philadelphia police marine unit responded, sergeant gregory caputo said the deer had managed to free itself, began swimming away. >> were able to snare him with
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a dog noose, and safely bring him on board. >> rescuers pulling bambi ton their boat, calming it down, snapping the selfie. >> there was a selfie involved before setting him free. >> fortunately the deer was -- didn't give us any issues, got up on it way and continued into the woods. >> greg argos, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> switching gears now, south jersey ice cream shop owner facing charges, after police say he had a hidden camera to spy on employees and a changing room. this is the suspect, larry bostic, charged with five counts every child endangerment, and five count of invasion of privacy. bostic owner of the cool breeze ice cream parlor in vineland, he hid a camera in a changing room and spied on female employees as they changed in and out of their uniforms, wish they were not allowed to take home. >> that's nasty. that's people's kids out there. that could have been my daughter, you know, my daughter one day will be there one day trying to get a summer
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job. you know? >> bostic is being held in the cumberland county jail. >> meantime, philadelphia police hope you can help track down a burglary suspect. this is surveillance video, showing the suspect inside a delaware county home last saturday. police say the pair stole various items, along with the keys to corner grocery store in kingsessing. that very same store was robbed the next day. if you recognize the suspect, please call police. well do you have trouble sleeping? i don'i don't. i know a lot of people out there do. new advice from doctors that may help to get some solid z's in no time at all. then we have this. >> i'm danielle nottingham in los angeles, coming up: a look inside exclusive dinner parties, where chefs are
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>> back now on "eyewitness news," new details how the owe bamm administration handled russian hacking of the 2016 reelection, cbs news correspondent jeff reports, the president and its staff apparently agonized over how to punish russia, and president putin, in the middle of a volatile campaign. >> by early august, us intelligence had evidence that vladmeere putted hena proved the operation. russian hack hers been caring out cyber attacks, and had orchestrated the disclosures of stolen democratic party emails to hurt hillary clinton, and help then candidate trump.
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>> wouldn't it be nice if we actually got along with russia? >> former us official tells cbs news there was debate how can we punish the russians and not have it appear like we're trying to help hillary. ultimately the administration decided to focus on shoring up-state election systems against further attacks rather than having the king of prussia publicly speak out instead of homeland security issued a statement blaming russia, president obama did warn putin directly, something he only revealed month later. >> i felt that the most effective way to ensure that that didn't happen was to talk to him directly. and tell him to cut it out. >> in december, the white house announced sanctions, and that it had expelled 35 russian operatives from the us and seized compounds in maryland and new york, former deputy director of the cia michael morrell says the punishment should have been worse. >> 3us actions, i think, were seen by vladmeere putin and
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only a slap on the wrist. they didn't hurt him politically in anyway. >> did consider a cyber attack. multiple sources say there was no precedent for, that and it could have made the situation much worse. >> cbs news, washington. >> meantime, nevada east dean heller has become the fifth republican senator to declare his opposition to the party's new healthcare bill. senator says he opposes the bill in its current form. senator running for re-election next year, republicans can afford to lose two of the 52gop senators hacked legislation. >> in other news this morning, there is a new kind of sleep therapy aimed at people who wake up in the middle of the night and just can't get back to sleep. health science center to explain how it works.
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>> the science of sleep is complicated, an issue for millions of americans, instead of drugs there is new therapy says, if you want to sleep more, try sleeping less. >> whenever i go to bed, i would be all right, time to go to bed now, about eight hours, then an hour goes by, then it is like okay, now i only have seven hours, then six hours, then it is the morning. >> this was the unhappy end, unhealthy way megan grant slept, or tried to sleep, at night. >> i would just sort of lay in my bed, trying to sleep. >> doctors suggested new therapy that had megan getting up and out of the bed if she was awake for more than 30 minutes. >> i was like what do you mean? like that doesn't sounds right to me. >> it is called restrictive sleep therapy. >> once tossing and turning for 30 minute, get out of bed, don't go back into bed until you're tired again. >> the concept of laying there resting in bed felt better than going and doing something else. so i was very like reluctant
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at first. >> but she liked the idea after drug-free therapy, even as the doctor prepared her for the discipline, the process required. >> when i suggest to someone that if you're up from 3:00 to 3:30 in the morning, get out of your bed, get out of ear bedroomment people look at me like i'm crazy at first, but it does make sense. admittedly the first two night of doing this will probably be terrible. >> sleep expert say once patients are out of bed they should try simply reading, no tv or electronics, no food, or alcohol. >> it seems very backward, kinds of counter intuitive, that we ask people to -- >> the idea to quiet the minds, staying calm as they wait to get tired again. doctors say it can take several weeks to re-learn how to sleep. >> eventually they sleep. vicinal idea, but it really works. >> every night i'm like i love going to bedment like it is like the greatest feeling, i get in my bed and i'm like
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cozy and ready to go t makes such a world after difference. >> doctors say usually people experience marked improvement in the quality of sleep after about a week of restricted time in bed. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> you know what, matt, you and i wake up in the middle of the night, too, but only to come to work, not because we can't go back to sleep. >> that's true. i wish on some days coy go back, like day like today, sleep in, you know, the rain shall usually -- >> and gloom. >> i just great day to stay curled up, then wait for the sunshine this afternoon, then you get outside and enjoy everything. our eyewitness weather watchers well are not wait to go get up this afternoon. they're up already, early on this saturday morning, telling us about the temperatures out there. couple of report of precipitation across the area, already. lou saying this morning he already got over inch. and a half of rain up in the eagleville area. charles, in bath, over an inch. , then mart any chalfont, he
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has just shy after inch. three quarter every an inch for john in philly. jen any cherry hill, tabernacle, around couple hunts every an inch: precipitation across the region will get even worse as we get maybe kind of in the next half hour or to about 45 minutes or so. storm scan3 showing you all of the rain, all of the isolated thunder that's out there, here early on this saturday morning. this line is what we're concerned with, as it moves through the delaware vale. we could not just see the heavy downpours, not just the thunder, maybe some lightning strikes, but again, maybe little bit of gusty winds as this line comes through. that's usually what happens when we get these little bit of line segments that common through. we get gusty winds to go along with the heavy, heavy rain. so see the orange, the red, extending themselves just north of trenton, america err count any trenton, hopewell, back toward northampton central parties of bucks county, just south every solebury, south of to two, that's where we get the heaviest rainfall, bucks county, head into southern
6:17 am
montgomery county also just south of 202, abington getting in on now some of the moderate to heavy rainfall, right along the turnpike or so, norristown, as well, lower merion, springfield, down into delaware county, havertown, haverford, showers, maybe even few rumbles every thunder again, heavier downpours for you here as well. just north of just up northern, north of upper chichester, where we see the heavier rain coming through the maroon, instead of just the red. we head down into new castle county delaware, wilmington, newark, back to elkton maryland, again, lot of orange and red out there because the heavy rain will be coming through. again it will be accompanied by some thunder, maybe rumble, and then also maybe little bit of lightning, some gusty winds, here we go, storm scan3, getting ready to see it move into philly sooner rather than later. as it does, it is going to be causing at least for maybe 15, 20 minutes, some real heavy rainfall. so here is the future weather, we go through the 6:00, 7:00 time frame.
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once past, about 7:00 hour, looks like really from philly and westward, looking pretty good. the line moves into central and then south jersey, as we get toward 7:00, 8:00. then mid-morning hours, see the shore point on some of the shower activity even though this morning it is not bad just yet, once we hit 9:00, though, the front clears the coastline. that means, that precipitation goes along with it, we start to see drier air filter in. you can actually see little bit of kind of curve to some of the cloud here on our future weather. that's because westerly maybe even slightly northwest component to the winds, as we go through the afternoon hours. bringing in the drier air on the back side of our cold front, bringing in the cooler air, and it really won't feel too much cooler today. feel the effect of the colds front tomorrow, we are still up to about 90 degrees later this afternoon, as you take a look outside right now, those ominous clouds along the palmyra cove nature park. if you do want to go to the beach today again later this afternoon it is going to be pretty nice, 87 degrees down at the shore, going to be cooler if you are in the
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water, 63 degrees. make sure to still wear the sunscreen, uv index a nine, see plenty of sunshine later in the day. going with high temperature of 90 this afternoon, 86 for us tomorrow, sunny, seasonable, much lower humidity, we wrap the weekend up. getting into monday, high of 80 degrees, so actually little bit below average on monday afternoon, spotty shower could be seen there. seventy-eight only on tuesday. once again, spotty late day shower is a possible. then more 80s for us again on wednesday. next chance for showers, really kind of after monday and tuesday doesn't come until the end of next week, so real a lot of sunshine really good looking seven day forecast. >> yes, let's just wait out this morning, matt, thank you. sears is closing another 20 stores as the retailer tries to jump start its business. the closures come after 164 k-mart and 62 sears stores shutdown this year. on a positive note, sears is opening its first appliance and concept store in texas. looks like american teenagers probably won't be bail hey,
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sipping ice cream, or stocking supermarket shelves this summer. more likely to be in summer school boosting college credentials or just hanging out with friends. >> as more state move to legalize marijuana, the cannibis industry continues to grow. cbs news correspondent danielle nottingham introduces us to one chef who has made marijuana a staple in the kitchen. >> this is the cannibis oil. >> andrea drummer taking fine dining to new height. >> drum serra cannibis chef. she infuse cents her food with thc. the chemical compounds in marijuana that is a euphoric high. >> i believe in proper dosing, and responsible, so often i do micro dosing, which is very small levels of hpd. >> drummer hoses the he can clues i have pop up dinners southern california, classically trained chef goes beyond bake goods and candy and create more sophisticated
6:21 am
experience with her custom strains of oil and butter. >> drummer's company elevation vip is a medical marijuana dispensary t allows her to glaze this quayle with cannibis blue berry barbeque sauce. and serve up in rice. >> not everyone can join this dinner party. you need a medical marijuana license to enjoy this type of meal. >> california legalized recreational marijuana last year. so, only the host, but drummer said she makes sure all of her diners are licensed. she has been entertaining client from all walks of life for five years. they say they come for the conversation, stay for the food, and save or a gentle high. >> like many people, first edible was a brownie. you just get way too high. but in these experiences it is a taste high. >> and the blending of the flavors is ridiculous. >> starting at $200 a person, you can try her take on
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at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> back now on "eyewitness news," head the to the movies this weekend, nicole kidman, kierston dunst star in new thriller some surprising tis cents. david daniels explores. >> (movie clip). >> writer director sophia, focuses on a female perspective of the civil war. >> think about the women left behind during the civil war, so isolated from the world, can't even imagine what it is like for them, so interesting. >> for ella, her co-stars were the big draw. >> like you don't get to
6:25 am
always work, i don't know if i ever worked with ensemble of laid it like, that definately a part of why i want to dot film, too. >> a lot of preparation went into writing the script and getting into character. >> we do, even before like rehearsals, had us do sewing lessons, in character, to kind of get the dynamics going, and so far, before we even got onset. >> before we were filming, to learn about the time from watching the documentary, and having civil war reenactor, just about medical procedures. >> according to kierston dunst, any chemistry on screen was due to friendships off screen. >> i mean, elle is like my sister, she just -- she is
6:26 am
hilarious, and i just love her. she just like my little soul sister. >> yes, so thrilled i got my dream cast, i love working with kerston, elle, and nicole kidman to be with her, and young actresses altogether, off in new orleans, it was, you know, really -- >> in hollywood, i'm david daniels. >> a lot of good actors in that one. well in our next half hour here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this saturday morning, food trucks are all the rage, alexandria huff goes on tasting tour in the sea isle city food truck invitational. how they all converge for this eating extravaganza. also have this. >> are you looking to learn more about bugs? well, don't look down. look up. the tyler arboretum has brand new exhibit where these big bugs are on display. he's
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good morning, tracking serious weather tracking right now, matt peterson liver in the weather center with the warning that just came into the news room. hi, matt, what are we looking at. >> jan, just came in, still kind of sifting through the information, issued tornado warning for south new jersey, this is for burlington, camden, and gloucester
6:30 am
counties. we're going to take a look at it here, real quick on storm scan3, again, this is our tornado warning, going until 7:00 in burlington, camden, gloucester county, deposition forwards, gloucester, voorhees, washington are all within our tornado box right now. you see the line every thunderstorms off to kind of the west of the gloucester area, right along 295, so, again, this is tracking eastward, and at this point it is a strong thunderstorm, we will continue to keep an eye, on it, again, tornado warning that just came through. you can see line of shower, thunderstorm activity, tended all the way from trenton, mercer county, new jersey through philly. we getting some very, very heavy rain, some thunder in this philadelphia metro area, center city, and then back down into delaware, as well. so, i'm going to tip-off real quick. still talking about this potential tornado warning that we do have down in central new jersey, at this point, going to zoom back in on it so everyone can get better idea
6:31 am
of again where we are talking about, gloucester, see water forwards in there, as well. mantua, washington, tornado warning just came through, again, until 7:00 this morning, what we will be watching for is strong line of showers, thunderstorm activity that's just around 295 at this point tracking eastward. that will could potentially have some strong gusty winds, then of course, the national weather service thinks that there is maybe the potential for a tornado to form within this polly gone box. now, not getting ton of information on this, at the current time, so we will continue to keep an eye on it, jan, as anything else develops, we'll obviously let everybody know as soon as we know here in the weather center. >> all right, matt, we will get back to you in just a few minutes, as well, thank you very much. >> time now 6:31, and time to check the roads, let's go over to kyle hawn in the cbs-3 traffic center.
6:32 am
hi, kyle. >> hi, jan. live look at the penndot cam. we have new crash from route 309 northbound at paper mill road. that's currently sitting on the shoulder. police are on the scene working to get that cleared away. we still have the crash out there on the pa turnpike, eastbound, between the exits willow grove and bensalem. two left lanes are still blocked out there, so be on the look-out making your way through that area. then we take live look, at our 95, just north of cottman avenue. still seeing a little bit of volume picking up out there. as travelers making their way cautiously through their destinations in these wet conditions. >> i'm kyle hawn, jan, back to you. >> the g messy out there. thank you. >> brutal attack in the strawberry mansion section of the city, woman is stabbed to death in a park, "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, live on the scene with the very latest on this investigation. anita? >> good morning, police calling this brutal savage attack, they say the victim believed to be in her early
6:33 am
30's, though unclear at this time if she new her attacker. now it happened in this park behind me at 21st street and west lehigh avenue. this is in a park behind dobbins high school. police say someone walking by found the body laying here in a grassy area at the park just after 3:20 this morning, they say that this woman had been stabbed at least 12 times from her legs all the way up to her chest. they say that this was a violent murder, and that it is clear that who ever did this, the suspect wanted this woman dead. >> signs of stabbing trauma from her leg area all the way to up her chest. her chest is covered with blood. her hands are covered with blood. >> and another live look here at the park, where police say this happened. they say that this rain did
6:34 am
create some problems, in trying to collect evidence from this park, this morning. earlier, they had k9 unit out here looking for a murder weapon, at this time, they've not found one. but they're also searching nearby businesses for any surveillance video that may help catch the person believed to have done this. live in strawberry mansion this morning, anita oh, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> all right, keep us to up date, and of course we will be following all of this breaking news. >> all right, switch gears this morning, the group boyz ii men will become a permanent fixture on philadelphia's streets. the city of philadelphia will honor the r&b singers street re maiming at 11:00 today. the stretch of broad street between christian and carpenter will be known as boyz ii men boulevard. the group attended philadelphia high school for creative and performing arts on that block. we're also, also, performing at the wells fargo center tonight with new kids on the block, and paula abdul. >> also, happening this weekend, the food truck festival in sea isle city.
6:35 am
alexandria hoff checks it out. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> live music, vendors, and 19 premiere food trucks from as far away as new york, i'm hoping a lot of great tacos, a lot of good food. >> it is a fun time, having a great time. the place to come. >> we're looking like a traveling carnival, just bring really good food. >> the sea isle city food truck invitational, no invitation retired to dine. >> just like popular vacation spot, people like you know what? i'm off work. i'm here, might as well try something new, from fries at philly fry, i'm holding our most popular item, steak and fries, american cheese, steak steak, bacon. >> to waffles drenched in ice cream, crunchy. >> thank you. >> next to that artisan soda, pirate pete's. and even, yes, a burger with bacon between two glazed donut. >> orders up. >> oh, totally, holy moly,
6:36 am
right? holy moly. >> what was whim sack al for some, just few bites for others. >> so what do you think about the food trucks? as the weather held up, not every game did. still, that fun came with a sign of anything your stomach could desire. alexandria hoff, cbs 3, "eyewitness news." >> and the event continues today from noon until 9:00 p.m. then sunday from noon until 6:00. looks yummy. >> well some good news now. if you are headed down the shore for the weekends, this town sent inlet bridge now open to traffic. the bridge connects sea isle city to avalon. the first car crossed the bridge there around 4:00 friday afternoon. it has been closed to traffic since early april for emergency repairs. after officials found a crack in one every it support beams. well, some giant visitors are in town for the summer at the tyler ash reads up, here for more than just their largest than life sun. as our vittoria woodill shows
6:37 am
us, giants here to educate us on some of the most tiny creatures on the planet. >> were they like small, tiny bugs walking around? >> no, they are ... >> look out, bug lovers, i've got the dirt on the tyler arboretum new exhibit, david rogers, big bugs. >> david rogers is an artist on from long island, who had this brain storm in 1993, big bugs are all about a big message, about the tiny creatures that have enormous role in the natural world. >> follow the trails and find ten larger than life insect in their natural habitat. like enormous and the, marching in at 25 feet long. or a 18-foot long pray mant us. >> well, i hair praying mant us keep their -- eat their heads first. >> they do. >> maybe we should see something. >> and the wives eat their husbands. >> you'll see 12-foot wide dragon fly, amidst a marshy
6:38 am
pond. >> a dam sell fly. >> she doesn't look like she's in distress. >> a grasshopper. and more giant size bugs, from the creepy, to the captivatin captivating. >> you will see the assassin bug, and the assassin bug has very large pointy spike, which it uses to stab its pray, and inject poison. >> oh, ya. that looks like that would hurt. ouch. >> each one is beautifully crafted, so they're art, and from my perspective, entertainment, so much fun watching people enjoying these giant creatures in the land scale. >> now time for me to bug out. i'm getting hungry. vittoria wood he will, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> want to get you back now to that severe weather we're experiencing a tornado warning for parts of south jersey, here is meteorologist, matt
6:39 am
peterson with an update. >> yes, hi, jan, like we said, we have our tornado warning for south new jersey, just going until 7:00 this morning. here's storm scan3, we have this strong line of thunderstorms, that we've been talking about all morning long. now, moving in to south new jersey, so we will zoom right in on our tornado warning, this again going until 7:00 this morning for burlington, camden, and gloucester counties. cities of depford, gloucester, voorhees, washington, all incorporated within this tornado warning, again, until 7:00 this morning, you can see, east grenitch, western edge of our tornado warning, as well, so looks like for the most part the threat maybe in the western half of this tornado warning, diminishing. with a we are looking for right now, our velocity image, shows us the winds as it travels away and toward our radarment look for green and red, casino every comes together. right around the gloucester area, that maybe our concern at this point.
6:40 am
that's where we could be seeing upper level rotation within the atmosphere, and within this line of thunderstorms as again it now travels to the east. again, gloucester, and washington are within our tornado warning here, going until 7:00 this morning. just want to grab our piece of paper that came from the national weather service this morning, right now, this is traveling right around 45 miles an hour, traveling pretty much east at 45 miles an hour as we get another scan here on the velocity image, you can still see right to the east of gloucester where we are getting again that green and red coming together where we could potentially see some of the upper level rotation, as we put our radar in motion, for you, you can see, route 30, right there, if you are in the route 30 area, you need to be moving to your safe spot right now. again gloucester specially you need to be in your safe area. bellmawr you're just outside of the tornado warning and again washington and you're just on the southern edge. then glassboro just outside as
6:41 am
well, anywhere within the red box here you need to be get to go your safe spot immediately, to the lowest level of our home, if you have a payments, down to the basement area, if not you want to put as many walls inbetween yourself and the outside as you possibly can. still picture, we zoom in little closer. >> see turnersville new jersey, pine hill, west berli berlin, glenn oaks, this area having the potential for maybe radar indicated tornado, at this point, because that's why we do have tornado warning going again until 7:00 this morning. within more tike, the village every glenn oaks, buckingham village. so route 47, route 42, this morning, you don't want to be traveling in that area. there is us30, around the lindenwood area, pine hill
6:42 am
area, all spots you need to be again moving to your safe space immediately, as soon as this was issued, just about i would say 15 or so minutes ago, at this point, you needed to be immediately moving to the safe, safe spot. so zoom out could be wider range picture every just how big this warning is, it extends all the way from the wofford area, medford lakes, you're just on the northeastern edge of our polly gone. so again that's where you're going to be need to go take some shelter at this point, again, lowest level of your area, walt, that's what you need to do, keep yourself safe when we have these kind of situations, right now, they're saying this is moving at about 45 miles an hour, so we can put a storm track on this, and we can kind of time out where we think it might be, just in the next hopefully maybe 20
6:43 am
minute or so. even less than that since our tornado warning does go until 7:00. so for another 18 minute we will be looking for this tornado warning to continue. here is our storm track, we kind of zoom out to the east. see the pine hill area right around 644, berlin, new jersey, 6:48. the lowden area around 6:52. so again, pine hill, 6:44, well, it is 64:00 it, so basically on top of you at this point specially moving at 45 miles an hour, extremely fast moving and dangerous situation now developing in south-central new jersey, one more time back to the velocity, try to give you an idea once again where that maybe upper level rotation is at the national weather service was indicating could potentially have the potential to maybe form a tornado. so again, right around gloucester, just now past gloucester, south of us30, circumstance tell for you, casino every right in here, is
6:44 am
where we are looking for that rotation. the reason we're looking there is when you have a green and red next to each other on this velocity image, what we are looking at is he winds upper level, moving away from the radar site, of course fort dix is our radar site. right now seeing green and red touching together she we could be upper leveled some rotation potentially there. that's why this tornado warning still in effect for another 16 minutes, until 7:00, this morning. but the good news for some of us is hopefully see this cancel little bit from west to east as this system fast, very quickly tracks, to the east, now, getting report, though, this coming in just around 6:39, the national weather service in mt. holly saying that tornado warning for mercer county and monmouth
6:45 am
county, also, in new jersey, has been issued as well. >> this one will be going until 7:15 go up, just past the trenton area, again, meshes err county is part of our viewing area, talking about tornado warning until 7:15, and middlesex, kind of central new jersey, as well, we will go back to just our regular run of the mill radar, you can see, not just lot of heavy rainfall, thunder and lightning, associated, all radar indicated. no reports of any tornados that are on the ground. this is all just radar indicate nothing report of anything that is on the ground, but dreary low hanging clouds it, makes it very difficult to see anything, whether it is a funnel,
6:46 am
whether it is actually tornado, and system and situation where we're taking little extra precaution, by looking at the radar. >> have these situations, so we'll just one more time. >> we get the information on it, as well, precipitation rate very high in that area, too, but with a we are looking for here is tornado warning, mercer, including the city of hamilton, marlboro, middletow middletown. >> radar indication cents there is potential for some rotation there had a issued a tornado warning. >> there is no risk of severe weather, no marginal slight risk for today.
6:47 am
>> we were looking for potential of stronger thunderstorms, through the morning hours. good news, looks like later this afternoon, that we are going to clear things out. jan, i'm going to kind of sends it back over to you at the desk just real quick. >> i want to ask you quick question, i want to stay with this, matt. you say tornado warning. explain to the folks at home exactly what that means? it doesn't mean tornado has actually touched down, right, just means the conditions are ripe for a tornado? >> that's correct. >> when the tornado warning circumstance use it, usually means either there are -- there is rotation on the radar or could be tornado on the ground. this particular tornado warning that we actually both of these, the national weather service saying they're radar indicated so again what that means is that they looked at the information on the radar rain, velocity, and then they determine that there was the potential therefore a tornado
6:48 am
to form. while it doesn't mean there is one on the ground these do have potential to form a tornado. >> highest risk, tornado warning. >> cannot go higher than tornado warning, so it means this situation is ongoing. and, again, like i said, the rain, out there, too, really kind of obscuring things, so if there is even a rotating funnel clouds, if there is something out, there the rain can really make it tough. >> we saw the traffic cameras out there, short time ago. could you really, the visibility, was incredibly low. you could see it was raining, coming down hard. want to go over exactly again, matt, counties we are talking about for the tornado warning and the times and what people should do right now. >> start with the first one issued, tornado warning for burlington, camden, gloucester county this one going for just about another 12 minutes for depford, gloucester, voorhees
6:49 am
and washington >> that's where we are potentially seeing the rotation, you see, berlin, in there, the waterford area, gibbsboro as well, new jersey, 73, and us30, if you're around either of those areas, here this morning, you need to be get to go your safe space watch we talk about safe space, always the lowest level of your home. if you have a basement, go there. if you have to stay on the first floor of your house, as many walls inbetween the outside and yourself. you want to be away from windows, and the reason we tell people as many walls inbetween outside, just extra protection. one more thing, jan, i like to bring up, if you can, if you have children, even yourself, put your bike helmets on. maybe take a pillow with you, if you're somewhere, where either potential for things to fall down.
6:50 am
if you do have strong gusty winds >> do we know how fashion this storm is moving? and how much rain is coming down, do we have any of that information or is that still developing? >> so it is moving right now, actually just about to put another storm track on this, for everyone specially in central new jersey 45 miles per hour, moving to the east at this point, so these are time stomachs manies. the west axle area, 6:52. just about two minutes, but with something that's moving this fast, if you're in west atco, 6:50, 6:52, union should be in your safe place already, basically almost on top of you.
6:51 am
waterford, the same thing, 6:53. 6:50 right now. do still have couple every minutes to get to your safe place, just outside of our tornado warning, the flya area is. then you see the shamong area around 7:00. just by the time this tornado warning getting ready to expire it, should be moving into that shamong area. much calmer, what we're concerned with, is this, eastern, edge, of this line of thunderstorm activity, again, moving at 45 miles an hour, at this point, lowden, right almost on top of you, i did just want to go back one more time. >> really is our best pool that we have, with our radar, because again, it gives you the idea of where the potential rotation is, and again, always concerned with. when we talk about radar
6:52 am
indicated, this is most likely what the national weather service was looking at. >> that's winds going toward and away from the radar. >> oh,. >> and when you have them next to each other, usually can mean that there is the potential for some spin, in the atmosphere, so of course, of course, we would look for something like a tornado to spin counter clockwise, so in the area right around berlin, there is a little bit of green and red together. also, just down to the south, north of andrews, we're also getting, again, that green and red coming together, so that's where we could potentially be seeing that upper level rotation at the national weather service concerned about. >> what we are looking at, is that real time? >> real time. >> this last scan, scans come in every two minute i believe.
6:53 am
>> most severe conditions, berlin, watt r forwards? >> anything within our tornado warning pollygone, again, see blerb lynn, andrews, water forwards forward, we can try to zoom in little bit more anywhere along route 30, anywhere around the tansborough area, lowden, up toward jackson road, hopewell road, raymond avenue, anywhere in that area, that is our main area of concern. >> but it moving so fast 45 miles per hour we're concerned about the berlin area right now, tans borough, lowden, in the next couple every minute, we will be already talking about areas out maybe toward the dullos area, shamong area, medford lakes, because this is, again, such a fast moving storm. so you need to be taking shelter right now, even if you're outside of our tornado warning pollygone, med for lakes, tabernacle, shamong,
6:54 am
along 206. now need to be concerned, you need to be taking your precautions already, even though, we don't have that tornado warning in effect currently, still going to continue to monitor this for another seven minute, this does go until 7:00. this morning. >> we always talk about timing, too, matt, with storms, you know, i guess we're semi fortunate. it is a weekends. >> this isn't rush hour we're talking about. but on the same, in the same vein, people might still be asleep since it is the weekends. >> another thing we do get concerned with, when we have these kind of early morning systems, again, especially on a weaken. >> we're in a area weather radio, noah weather radio great tool for severe weather. un fortunately since we are not in an area that is necessarily prone to severe weather all the time, a lot of folks do not have them a lot
6:55 am
of cell phones will go off if your cell phone signal hits a tower within or near so many miles of a tornado warning or severe thunderstorm warning, your phone will go off. so even if you don't have necessarily all of this severe weather tool hopefully your cell phone will protect you, hopefully woke some people up that were in gloucester township out near glenn gloucester, water forwards areas, woken up by their cell phone, maybe just woke inch up by the thunder and lightning, turn it on, realize i need to get to my safe place. >> so we have about five minutes left matt until this expires? >> just about five more minutes, that is correct. >> just in, the tornado warning is set to expire at 7:00. tornado warning in gloucester as well as burlington counties, this, and camden county as well, set to expire at 7:00 watch that means is the national weather service
6:56 am
has assessed the situation. they believe that the threat has diminished enough that they're not going to cancel the warning early, still another four minutes, but they believe that the threat has diminish enough that at 7:00 we are not going to re-issue another tornado warning at this time. it wouldn't surprise me with the line of thunderstorms and the fact we did have this tornado warning that that did add severe thunderstorm warning on the back side of this. >> just as precaution? >> and it would be for strong winds, most likely what we would see. usually when we have these kind of line segment, they zoom our radar out, we can get a look what's going on, i put it in motion for us, as well. it really, right now, has kind of given thus line segment. and when that happens, we usually ends up with very strong gusty winds. which sometimes can do just as much damage, as a tornado, they can gust 60, 70, or more miles an hour, at times. >> yes, a lot of people when we see damage afterward, think
6:57 am
maybe it was a tornado but it is straight line winds that can cause as much damage sometimes? >> that's correct. and, again, we will have our tornado warning for just about another three minute or so. what i want to do as we get toward the ends of our tornado warning here, i want to put another storm track on there is because again, this whole line of thunderstorms, is very, very potent. it is very strong. obviously, if it spawned a tornado warning, again, moving about 45 miles an hour, so it is now through the philadelphia area, and the folks in central and south jersey, now going to be kind of in the cross hairs for this for the next hour or so. so here is a storm track for the next couple of hours, for the rest of new jersey, for eastern new jersey, from the inland, pinelands, pinelands areas all the way to the coastline. you can see winslow, looking at the shower, thunderstorm activity right over top of you right now, but just past 7:00 right around 7:15, the crest wood village area,
6:58 am
you're going to start see the strong line every thunderstorms move on in, manchester, 7:17. then toward the coastline, towards toms river, just around 7:30, jan. so still going to be monitoring this, even though tornado warning is going to expire here, in just another two minutes, still going to be having to monitor this line, as it moves across central new jersey towards the coastline. because again still looking at very potent line of thunderstorms. >> you mentioned toms river, and central new jersey. right on the outskirts of our coverage area there, there is another weather alert in central and north jersey, correct, that expires, i believe you said, 7:15? >> that's correct. we do have another tornado warning for this one, for mercer county, and then, also, for north -- mercer, middle, and monmouth counties until 7:15, still continuing to monitor the northern edge of this strong line of thunderstorm activity, again, hamilton, marlboro area, middletown, all incorporated within that tornado warning,
6:59 am
we will kind of just take one, another look, at this. tuesday our same stools, and see where the national weather service maybe is looking at this line, or this cell, where the potential strongest areas are for some of that rotation, and right around the manalapan area, the national weather service will continue to monitor this situation. that actually gives us a little bit after better, call it, radar signature, than we had central jersey and burlington and -- burlington county, camden county, as well. so again, this is just on kinds of the northern edge of our viewing area. but if you do know anyone that is near the freehold area, near monroe, near east windsor, up into, you know, just around mercer county into the north central part of new jersey, if they're not up. if you do know them, give them
7:00 am
call real quick. let them know what's going on, see if they're okay. >> this corks again, potentially be dangerous situation, as well. >> matt, i'm wondering; this is the same system that came up with cindy, or is this something totally different? >> so this is actually this is the renmant of what was tropical storm cindy. it came up through the gulf of mexico, as we all know, flooding along the gulf coast. unfortunately, one fatality, small boy, ended up having his life taken unfortunately with this, and then as the low continued to track inland it, weakens, but this is the renmant of what was tropical storm cindy. so, again, that's why we have so much moisture with this, usually we get a line of thunderstorms, that fire up along the cold front. they come in, wham, bamm, we've been so hot, so humid, our atmosphere was ripe for the potential for some


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