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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 25, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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two tornadoes are confirmed in new jersey after severe weather rolled through the region. we will show you some of the damage left behind from those saturday storms. also, this morning, new details on a standoff in the lehigh valley that ended with a suspect found dead. and, changes to today's philadelphia triathlon after the rain we had yesterday, we're live with what is different about this years event. today is sunday, june 25th , good morning i'm jan carabao. lets get over to meteorologist matt peterson with the eyewitness weather forecast, good sunday morning, matt what a difference a day makes from yesterday, wow. >> twenty-four hours later we are quiet, we are calm, you would have never thought, that
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without the damage we had we had all that bad weather yesterday. it does look like today in general will be much better, then yesterday across the board. no not just here but throughout the afternoon it will remain on the quiet side of things. we will see plenty of sunshine which is wonderful and temperatures and that humidity much lower for our sunday then what we haddon saturday after noon. we have to show you this picture from neighborhood network right off the about a from palmyra cove across the bridge in new jersey and a wonderful scene this morning showing you sky line of our great fair wet i, the city of brotherly love hon what will be a wonderful sunday afternoon with temperatures that are much more seasonable, and that low humidity. storm scan three again quiet this morning, what a difference 24 hours makes. not a cloud even, on there on our satellite image and will remain that way. few high cloud but should remain without any precipitation, throughout the day time hours. temperatures, right now we're in the 60's in many spots, down to 53 in mount pocono.
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we are holding ton 72 here in philadelphia. sixty-three in millville. sixty-seven starting off in wilmington. these temperatures are a lit built on the cooler side compared to recently. dew points in the 60's that could drop more down to the 50 's as we go in the afternoon and that is into that more than comfortable range. now 9:00 o'clock this morning we are looking at temperatures around 75. we will peak at 86 degrees this afternoon, jan but we have a couple spotty showers throughout the week. we will talk bay few weak systems in just a bit. >> thank you. the national weather service confirms two tornadoes touchdown in monday mount county, new jersey on saturday wow, you can see the powerful wind blowing opened the doors of this home depot in howell. what looked like a funnel cloud destroyed power lines in the parking lot there, high wind flipped over a couple of cars, thankfully in injuries were reported. there is damage from this weekend's severe weather in
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other parts of the new jersey as well. residents are working around the clock clearing down trees, on park avenue in collinswood, huge trees were up rooted there damaging sidewalk, and one street over on stokes avenue a neighbor says it appears that whatever passed through clipped just the tops of the trees outside of his home. >> it sounded like a plane going right over the house, super loud, my wife, we woke up, dragged me out of bed and there was, trees all over the place, and then this is knowing what was going on until neighbors were out and fire department came. >> significant damage on that street, high wind also snapped power lines in some neighborhoods. a dramatic pursuit in a 10 hour barricade situation end with the man and woman dead in lehigh county. investigators believe the couple died by murder suicide last night in upper saucon township, their bodies were found in the attic of the home they were held up in. officials say that the couple fired shots when officers attempted to stop them and a
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traffic stop, around noon time , and then the man and woman drove away. after their car got stuck in the mud bank there the couple ran, and they approached several people to demand their car keys but authorities were careful when approaching the suspects. >> the individual entered two homes that we know of, which were occupied at the time. a robot was sent n tear gas was deployed and in the property, and er t team made entry and discovered two deceased persons in the attic. >> officials say that the pair was wanted for a parole violation, in another county, and they have not released the suspect's identities, no other injuries were reported throughout that incident. well, detectives continue to investigate a deadly stab nothing north philadelphia. the violence happened directly behind a school. "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves has the latest. >> reporter: philadelphia police are investigating a gruesome homicide in the
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strawberry mansion section of the city, one that has some residents like dana harrison on edge. >> now to hear that somebody was viciously, brutally attacked, outside, i wondered what the motive would be. >> reporter: 3:21 in the morning a police were called here passerby discovered a bloody body in the grass. >> her condition, shows an awful experience that she must have gone through. >> reporter: police say woman was bludgeoned in her face, pants were pulled down to her ankle and she was stabbed a dozen time from her thighs all the way up to her chest. >> this was a very, brutal, savage attack, somebody really wanted to make sure that she did suffer and that she was killed. >> reporter: all morning authorities combed the area where body was found and discovered some of the woman's purse contents thrown around in the grass. authorities have not found the weapon used to stab the woman and they have not made any arrests leaving some like
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harris, concerned about her safety. >> if somebody need to try to do something to protect us because just because this is the area where we live don't mean this is stuff we should to have face. >> reporter: at this hour we have checked with homicide detectives and they are not releasing the identity of the woman killed only saying she was 34 years old and her last known address was not too far from the location of her her body was found out side philadelphia police headquarters, alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in washington now senate bill that would repeal and replace the affordable care act could be in trouble, five g.o.p. senators now say they cannot support the current draft of the bill, they say it does not do enough to repeal the conferred affordable care act. if three vote no on the senate legislation the measure will fail, president trump focused his weekly address on reform health care. >> democrats in congress created this calamity and now, if we don't act, millions more
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americans will be hurt, bio bam a care's deepening death spiral. >> some democrats are holding events this weekend to stand autopsy begins the bill, and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he wants to hold a vote before the july 4th recess. well, it will be a dry triathlon in philadelphia this morning but because of heavy rains yesterday, organizers of the philadelphia triathlon decided to cancel swimming portion of the race. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live on mlk drive with more on the changes to the event, anita? >> reporter: good morning, jan more than 2500 athletes have registered to be part of the 13th annual philadelphia triathlon here, and as you mentioned it is a dry tri this year because of the debris from the heavy rain, recently and also the fast moving water , it is jewels not safe, organizers say for swimmers to be out there it will be a run bike run this year. joining me to talk more about that is race director bill burnt.
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you have been doing this for five years. one of the most exciting parts >> for me most exciting parties 30 elite athletes, prize money is back at philly escape triathlon, $20,000 will be contested today, 10,000 for men, 10,000 for women. we are excited to have a couple of americans that raised in the rio olympics recently. just an exciting part of the event because it is the best of the best here, back in philadelphia, you know, at the triathlon. >> reporter: absolutely. can you describe what the actual race course will be today. >> well, athletes will run a 2-, they will start at finish line and basically run 2 miles from there, and transition, to the exact same bike if it would have been a swim bike run. the bike course has not changed whatsoever. the final run when they get off their bike is 4.2 miles, so the athletes are still racing a total of 50 clam tears which is what we want to try to get them to swim take
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ate way because of unsafe conditions. >> reporter: last time the swim portion was cancelled was in 2015 what are you hearing from athletes hoff trained to be in the water this morning and obviously the conditions are just not safe. >> it is disappointing, of course, the athletes want to swim, we want them to swim but just sheer luck that a lot of rain fell north of the city yesterday and it just created unsafe conditions. but athletes that do this sport of triathlon and participate know that, there is another plan, if something takes place, and if something happens and alters the swim. today we are put ago this plan in place. it is a dry tri this morning. >> reporter: thanks very much. excited to be here. top three finishers in each age category will get a spot in next years escape from alcatras triathlon which is, of course, a bucket list for many people, so that is also very exciting, and this will kick off at 6:30. we will be here throughout the morning and bring you updates, but for now, live from fairmount park i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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>> a dry tri, okay, anita, a bumper glad they will get tonight. thanks, anita. caught on camera this morning a plane crashes in toy day care building. day of fun turns frightening at an amusement park when a little girl is stuck dangling from a ride, how park goers rushed to help her. and also ahead what a home owner did after video of a delivery man, throwing his package at his front door, we are
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back on "eyewitness news", and caught on camera a small plane crash necessary to a day care center in fort myers, florida. investigators say that the plane went down shortly after take off, saturday morning, a passenger was killed in the crash, but the pilot survived and is now hospitalized. fortunately the day care center was closed. there is no word yet what caused the crash. a authorities in chine after recovered at least 10 bodies after a massive landslide there swept over 60 homes in a remote village. earlier officials had said 15 people were killed but they have now revised those numbers ninety-three people are missing, landslide happened early saturday morning while many were sleeping. more than 2500 rescuers are working to find survivors, but so far, just three people, a couple, and their one month-old infant, than been saved. experts say heavy rain toys blame for this deadly landslide. and 10 days after nearly 80 people were killed in a high rise fire in london, and
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british authorities say that 27 apartment buildings all across the country have side ago this failed fire safety tests. as jonathan vigliotti reports, officials scrapple told evacuate a housing building after experts say they were un safe. >> reporter: residents were ordered to leave this public housing, high rise in, north london, over mounting concerns about exposed gas pipes, and combustible exterior cladding. >> where do they think we are all going? >> reporter: many must now sleep in the cramped community center. officials are dealing with what has grown into a health, safety crisis. one resident understandably frustrated said he still does not know when it will be safe for him to return back home. governmental officials are scrambling to identify fire hazard in at lee 10 other buildings in the wake of last weeks deadly greenfel blaze that started in a faulty refrigerator and may have been
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fueled by the cladding. known in the trade as aluminum composite material or ecm, it encasees a polyethylene core that is highly flammable. why and how it was installed here and other buildings is now part of the growing investigation. >> we are reviewing every company at the moment involved in the building and refurbish. >> reporter: one of those companies, new york based arco nic supplied a component which never should have been used on buildings over 32 feet high but in a statement the company said it had known panels would be used in the tower, but it was not its role to decide what was or was not compliant with local building regulations. ultimately, a lack of government oversight may be to blame, while the cladding is banned in high rises in other countries, including in the u.s., the uk has in the taken similar action. jonathan vigliotti for cbs news, london.
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well, take a look, there is a new addition to the los angeles sky line, the will shire grand center is now tallest building west of the mississippi. from the street to the expire the building reaches a sky-high, 73 stories. it feature led lights, on the spine and inside, restaurant, retail and international hotel , korean air built the complex at a cost of more than $1 billion and the building has the ability to withstand and flex in the event of an earthquake, important if you build something that call in california. >> absolutely, that is a $1 billion. >> pretty cool to see. >> crazy, always cool when they are putting new buildings up. we have a new comcast center, it is wild to watch them go up but yesterday i hope nobody was working in any of those high rises because it was a mess. >> it was. >> thunderstorm activity came through the philadelphia area we had two tornadoes in new jersey as well. we will talk about real quickly our storm reports from the last 24 hours, and you can
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see, again, lots of wind reports, yesterday, lots of strong gusty wind, a few areas where we did see some flooded roadways but central, new jersey that is where our bull 's eye was we had two tornadoes that came in yesterday. 7:21 yesterday morning we had an ef0 in the four planes area estimated wind about 75 miles an hour and this was confirmed in the howell township area it touched down in the home depot parking lot right around route nine this was only half a mile or so in length and w idth of 40-yard. not a huge tornado but just enough to cause lots of tree damage, and again, lots of just scared folks out there in central new jersey and monmouth county. at 7:27 we had our second tornado of the day in oak glenn, also a ef0, also estimate the wind of 75 miles an hour in the howell township area and this is why, a tornado that tracked through the glenn park or excuse me, oak glenn park area and also just with a third of the mile
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in length. so again, not really long tractor made owes. they weren't overly strong but they were still a tornado, nonetheless central new jersey yesterday. we had record rainfall in trenton, as well as reading, we had just shy of 2 inches, breaking old record from 2006 in reading. we had an inch and a third from 1989. so again a wild morning for us on saturday, what a difference 24 hours makes, that satellite radar nice and quiet in the delaware valley but watching another area of low pressure through the great lakes and that will give us a chance, not so much today, but, as we goat into the beginning of the workweek for maybe a few spotty showers. 6:00 this morning in our future weather until lunchtime not even a cloud in the sky, and maybe a little witt in the afternoon a few spotty showers here or there, generally north of the city, probably in the poconos, maybe the southern poconos getting a better chance in the northern sections of the poconos for a shower, again later on this afternoon, philadelphia down into new jersey and delaware we will stay dry, throughout the day, as we go through
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tonight, and monday morning, dry commute, plenty of sunshine for our monday as well but once again, in the later afternoons, toward early evening time frame a few spotty showers, do pop up, most of them are north of the city, it looks like as we kick off our workweek. temperatures, right now just stepping outside, it is still 72 in philadelphia. lots of 60's in the area including wilmington at 66. millville at 63. down the shore atlantic city at 67. wildwood is 58, cold, 58, down in the ocean. here it is, you're witness weather seven day forecast, 87 , sensational sunshine, humidity will be much, much lower to go with, seasonal temperatures. tomorrow, a high of only 80 degrees we are below average starting out the workweek stray shower is a possibility later in the day, 79 with a mix of sun and cloud on tuesday where we're really looking cool there, wednesday the sunshine is back, humidity stays low we are at 80 degrees and then we will start to see
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our temperatures humidity creep up in the second half of the workweek there, thursday, a high of 87. shore, isolated thunder, storm on thursday afternoon and then we will get 90's back in the forecast it looks like by friday into next weekend a lot of sun in the seven day, thanks, matt. terrifying moment at an amusement park in upstate new york and we do want to warn you some of you may find this video difficulties turning. the video shows the girl dangling from the sky ride at six flags greatest scape near albany. people rushed over to catch that little girl when she fell from the ride. she was taken to the hospital where she's reportedly in stable condition. park officials shut down that ride and they say they will conduct a thorough review. a pennsylvania family has a message to their daughter's bullies and it is getting a lot of attention on the social media. fifteen year-old girl committed suicide after being bullied, gordonlesh has the
6:21 am
story. >> reporter: bedford pennsylvania is a quiet sleepy place a hundred miles east of pittsburgh. fewer then 3,000 people live here one of the main attractions is a giant coffee pot this town is where 15 year-old saidi rich was born and sadly it is where she took her own life this week. >> she wanted to be a fire fighter, or a vet. >> reporter: we talked to her aunt by phone who said that saidi hung herself because of bullies at her high school. >> they called her everything in the book. >> reporter: family wrote a heart breaking obituary addressing them quote for bullies involved please know you are effective in making her feel worthless, to all of the bullies out there i just want to you know as much as we despise your actions never ever do we wish for to you feel paralyzing pain that engulfs our bodies. >> on her cell phone, snap chat, kick, instagram, getting bullied object. >> reporter: saidi facebook page is filled with smiling selfies no indication that anything was wrong, but the obituary said saidi had been
6:22 am
seeking help but it was all too much for just such a young girl to live w mid her family is preparing for her funeral this weekend. they ended it with a simple request, quote in lieu of flowers the family of saidi ask that you be kind to one another. >> finally being able to get heard where she can help somebody out in the long run. >> that was gordon lesh reporting. there is a number to call if you or someone you love is dealing with suicidal thoughts that number to the national suicide prevention life line number is right there on your screen, 800273-talk. switching gears now ups has apologized to a customer after surveillance video caught one of its drivers throwing a passage, a door bell camera captured this scene in southern florida on thursday, and the man receiving that package had the camera sync, to his cell phone and he watched it in real time the content, car parts that he had ordered were fine.
6:23 am
>> throws it like he is bowling or something. i could in the believe my eyes >> i was angry like what the ... you know, but at the same time i said did i just really watch that. >> unreal. >> ups has formally apologized , the company says in part this is not how we train our drivers. the customers say he will continue to use ups. still ahead on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" on sunday morning, get your warrior pose ready, why doctors say yoga may be as safe and effective as physical therapy, for some forms of chronic pain, we will be right
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yoga for back pain. new research says it can be good for some patient goes, health reporter stephanie stahl, explains. >> reporter: she takes regular ohio classes. >> i apparently have a spine that is, covered with arthritis. >> reporter: the 74 year-old says yoga helps ease her back pain. >> i'm much more comfortable with movement. >> reporter: now a new study backs that up. researchers looked at 300 low income patient was chronic low back pain some took classes designed for back pain once a week, others did physical therapy. >> we found that the yoga was as effective at physical therapy for reducing pain intensity, improving peoples physical function and perhaps most importantly, reducing pain medications, and use. >> lift your backup.
6:27 am
>> reporter: instructor debbie green says yoga cultivates balance in the body which can help relief back pain. >> we have the equipment and we use it, it is really helpful but you could do without equipment, and yes, everybody can do it. >> reporter: carroll shapiro has scoliosis is and has suffered with back pain much of her life. >> when you are in severe pain i'm not one for medications, it is, truly debilitating. >> reporter: she says yoga has allowed her to be much more mobile. >> i feel really strong, powerful, connected. >> reporter: researchers say based on this study they hepp more doctors will recommend yoga to treat chronic back pain but they caution it went work for everyone and that you should always check with your doctor first. i'm stephanie stahl, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". so, how many times have you been to the happiest place on earth? well, one california man is breaking a personal record, he been to disney land 2,000
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times in a row. day after day you can find jeff wright getting his fill of the parks most popular ride he is an air force veteran and it is something he looks forward to each and every day and he has been doing it since january 2012. >> i'm going to disneyland again. i'm going to go have some fun. i'm looking forward to hitting the tea cups and manahorn and riding guardian of the galaxy, i love that one, been on it a dozen times so far. >> kid at heart. he calls it a treat to go every day and said he plans to keep ongoing through the turn styles, for as long as he can, good for him. coming up next on "eyewitness news", the special honor for a popular r and b group that calls philadelphia home. and, sunglasses just keep your eyes safe from these uv rays but everybody wants to find a fashionable pair, right still ahead we will ask a sun glass expert about the hottest
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and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one.
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good morning i'm jan carabao a beautiful sunday on tap, meteorologist matt peterson is live on the sky deck with eyewitness weather.
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matt, we need a break after yesterday. >> you are not kidding, it was a wild saturday morning. we had that line of thunderstorms that came through that spawned two tornado warnings, two confirmed tornadoes in monmouth county, new jersey and we could not have pulled a more than 18-degree turn yesterday from today f we had planned it, it is just a wonderful sunday morning out here already. lots of sunshine for us, last couple of times been out on the sky deck it has been humid , warm, this morning, almost no humidity out here. it just feels fantastic. plenty of sunshine for us to go with nice calm wind and temperatures that are more than reasonable to start off the day. here are wind speed they are calm as you head up toward poconos and then we will get in a bit of a northwesterly wind here in wilmington, trenton back down toward atlantic city and that is because cold front came through. on the back side we will get west/northwesterly wind and they will bring in cooler air, they will bring in dryer air and that is really, giving us this wonderful, wonderful
6:33 am
start, to our sunday. taking a look at the temperatures, low 60's heading up toward lancaster, reading, out toward allentown as well, trenton at 65. we are at 63 in millville. upper 60's, wilmington, dover at 67. we are hanging on to lower 70 's here in philadelphia itself. we could see our temperatures maybe dip another degree or two but at this point now that the sun up, these temperatures will be most likely on the rise for the rest of the morning. as we look at 24 hour temperature change, right now compared to where we were 24 hours ago we were five to 10, 15 or 20 degrees cooler then we were again, 24 hours ago and here's our hour by hour forecast. we will get up to 86 degrees this afternoon. we have a couple stray rain showers in the mix as we start out the workweek and we will talk about that when i come back inside. >> azamat math mentioned the national weather service has confirmed two tornadoes touched down in monmouth county, new jersey on saturday
6:34 am
this video shows powerful wind , blowing opened the doors to the hope depot there in howell. what looked like a funnel cloud destroyed power lines near the parking lot. high wind flipped over a couple of cars there, fortunately, no injuries were reported. back here at home now, a mural dedicated to the memory of philadelphia native ed bradley is getting closer to completion. the new center museum, hosted community paint day for ed bradley mural in west philadelphia dozens gathered to paint pieces at memorial that will be installed at 949 belmont avenue. best known for his time on 60 minutes late cbs news correspondent was a trailblazer. >> if ed were here i think he would be surprised and really excited about this. he never, well, while he reached tremendous heights as a journalist he never thought of himself as a big man in his own head, he did his work. so he would be really, really placed, and deeply honored as
6:35 am
well i think. >> now, the mural will be revealed on november 9th, and, cbs corporation joined the ed bradley family foundation to fund the mural. the philadelphia association of black journalist, and bradley's alma matter, cheyney university are both playing big rolls in this project. well, a special honor for philadelphia's very own, boys two men. >> applause. >> broad street between christian and carpenter is now known as boys two men boulevard, it was renamed in honor of the grammy award winning group during a big celebration in south philadelphia yesterday. members of the group attended philadelphia high school for creative and performing arts located on that stretch of broad street. congratulations to them. well, the 13th, philadelphia triathlon is underway, but it is a bit different this year. race organizers decided to cancel the swimming portion of the event after yesterday's heavy rains. "eyewitness news" reporter
6:36 am
anita oh is live this morning on mlk drive where some of the athletes there were scheduled to start just minutes ago, anita? >> june 25th, 2017. >> good morning. well, this is 13th annual philadelphia skate triathlon, very loud here i'm sorry, jan but here we just had racers go by. this is woman portion now, top women's portion which will just be getting underway. so, of course, very exciting event for many people hoff been training, for months and months, for this, and unfortunately the swimming portion has been cancelled because of the debris, from the rain and the rain and flow of the water is just too fast, so that is a little disappointment for some people here toy day and one is lazy schmidt, here from philadelphia, actually and has competed in triathlons all over the country. so tell us what is the most exciting part of this for you. >> i just love the community.
6:37 am
i love seeing my friend down here, racing on the road, that i train on and i'm really excited to be here. swim or no swim we will have a great day. >> reporter: what was your reaction when you found out that the swimming portion was unfortunately going to be cancelled. >> quite honestly it is not my thing i'm a runner and biker. so this is my race today. i'm pretty excited. it is, always disappointing but as far as the sport you never know what will happen. >> reporter: is there a $20,000 pry purse you are not going for that but what kind of training initial to this. this is very intense. >> it is, you know, i have done this race six or seven times and i race long distance course so i'm training for an iron man right now, so, it is just long distance takes a lot of time but it is a commitment , it is a lifestyle and people that are out here racing for money, they are doing a lot of training, as well, so, we will see what happens. >> reporter: is what the message that you tell yourself it is hard, challenging what
6:38 am
do you tell yourself to keep yourself going. >> well, when it gets hard that is always my favorite part because anyone can go out for a bike, run, it is just how to figure out to get through those hard parts and i remind myself not everybody can do this and i'm grateful that i can. >> reporter: thank you so much you are inspiring. good luck to you today. first part of the race kick off at 6:30 and will continue throughout the morning in cycles and top three finishers of each age and category will get a free entry into next years escape from alcatras triathlon in san francisco. live from mlk drive i'm anita oh, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> not everyone can do a triathlon the under statement of the morning. loud out there. but we will check back with you. also, happening today, the manayunk arts festival continues today on main street now in the 28th year the festival kick off yesterday. this years show features 300 different local and nationally
6:39 am
known artists and crafters. and for the sixth year's merging artists had a spokes section to showcase their work , manayunk arts festival goes from 11:00 until 6:00 today. always a good time out there on main street. well, still to come right here on cbs-3 this sunday morning getting your lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood isn't easy, just ask my dad what to do if you are considering hiring a pro to help with the maintenance. and, tuesday is national sunglasses day, so, wear some of the hottest trend for summer, an expert gives us some advice, straight
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welcome back. most homeowners are happy to have a beautiful lawn but maintaining it can be a big headache which is why many hire someone else for the job n this weeks angie's list report jim donovan takes a look at some things you should know before hiring a pro to take care of your lawn. >> reporter: it used to be more common for people to care for their own lawn but now it seems homeowners just don't have enough time. >> people are turning to out sourcing because of how busy families are and in particular kid they are involved in so many more activities and the lawn sometimes gets ignored. >> reporter: he decided to put an expert in charge. >> it is hard to take care of a lawn, not a huge yard but it is work, time to maintain, to understand what is going on with your lawn and what it need. >> reporter: matt caldwell tested the soil and developed a detailed plan for mowing,
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and fertilization a lot of times we can apply an application for less than what it would cost to you go down and buy the product and the equipment to do so. >> reporter: get on site quotes from three different providers and ask if additional services like grub control and aeration are included. also ask if the same person will come each visit. >> it is very important to have the same technician on your lawn each time. they know your expectation they know what to expect and they know where is there high spots, low spots, where there may be troubled areas. >> reporter: now full service lawn care costs around 35 to $50 and can go up to their but before hiring anyone to take care of your lawn, check reference toss find a company you can trust. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. and matt, if you like working on your own lawn today is probably a good day to get out there. >> we don't usually get too much days like this. >> right. >> in june as we get toward middle and summertime where humidity is low, temperatures
6:44 am
is comfortable where we're not just dying as soon as you get outside, sweating and you need to be taking frequent breaks. while we need to take a break working hard this afternoon outside it is not a bad day to get out there and do maybe a little bit of yard work. not a bad day to step out in the ocean and take a walk down the beach, as we look at rehoboth on our neighborhood network. thinks where i wish iowas this morning. i don't like waking up, with all you folks out there but it is a great day and morning to start things out down at the beach. if you plan to go to the beach this afternoon it is a perfect day for that. 84 degrees. chilly stepping in the water. it is only 60 degrees for your water temperature there uv index high, lots of sunshine to day v. inn connection of nine. not too much of a rip current risk, that is a good news and weak breeze out of the southwest at five to 10 miles an hour. if you asked me this is a perfect beach day for anybody that is going to have the ability to do that. temperatures out there, right now, we have been hovering in the 60's, most of the morning, to start things off, it is still clinging in the lower
6:45 am
zero seven's around center city at 72 degrees. heading out west, in lancaster it is 63. it is 67 degrees in dover. right now again if you are at the shore wildwood at 68. trenton is at 65. so again, a comfortable morning, not just temperature wise, but dew points are nice and low, and they are in the 60's and sometimes that can have a little bit of the humid feel to things. check out mount pocono in allentown those 50's out there that is what we will satisfaction take over the entire region it looks like later this afternoon. so much dryer air, and now moving in on the back side of our departing cold front. we have another round of showers that will be possible. we have a little bit of a weak low pressure system that is right now sitting up in the great lakes, it is what we call a shortwave, a weak impulse that will stay north of pennsylvania, pretty much but you can see here on monday a few light showers, maybe toward the evening time frame toward the poconos, and same goes for our tuesday, that is we get both a shortwave, track s off to the north, and thene as we get through the
6:46 am
day tomorrow, a few showers are a possibility for us, again, tomorrow afternoon, we could see some of those closer to delaware valley and then high pressure starts to take over as we head into wednesday we will start to get a more westerly flow to things, once more for middle of the week and it will clear us out, we will stay dry. we will see temperatures on wednesday, that are once again a little bit below average. as we go through the day-to-day we will see 80's for highs as we get toward overnight hours, we will dip it down probably into the 50's and 60's in a lot of places, by tomorrow again once more we are looking at those kind of high, 70's to maybe around 80 degrees and then as we get into wednesday morning we are back down in the 50's and 60's eighty-six we see today when compared to average we are close to their and even through july and august we are looking good even if we were maybe toward the next month or so we would be right around par for this time of the year. eighty for the high. tomorrow after the 86 today a few showers are a possibility for us. as we get into tuesday a high of only 79. once again a spotty shower in
6:47 am
the forecast, maybe a bit more cloud cover for us as well, and then we will stay cooler then normal on wednesday, but plenty of sunshine and then the heat and humidity start to crank backup a little bit as we get toward the second half of our workweek. eighty-seven object thursday. we could see 90 by the end of the week on friday. >> okay, matt, thanks very much. time right now 6:47. time to check the road. lets go over to kyle hahn at cbs-3 traffic center, this is, kyle. >> hi there jan. we will take a live look at our penndot cam on the vine street expressway eastbound just past broad street is there a major crash causing a full road rage blockage. coming from the schuylkill expressway looking to get in center sit eye exit to spring garden street as crews clear this up. lets take a look at some speed throughout the area here and you will see some delays building up on the vine due to that crash. outside of that everything is running pretty much on time if not better, as you are going somewhere between 49 and 55 miles an hour, on most of your routes, in the area
6:48 am
around the city including 76, 95 and turnpike. not much in the way of volume as commuter make their way from south injuries any to philadelphia in the traffic center i'm kyle hahn, jan, back to you. >> head up, it is national sunglasses day and a day that remind people that wearing sunglasses is not only fashion will be fun but also, a health and necessity to protect your eyes from the sun. who better to talk about sunglasses then sunglasses stylist to the stars, iain connection letter with solstice sunglasses. iain has helped style celebrities from liza mineli, doyle parton and em believe mount and so many more. before you give me the dish on them after the show lets that you can about the biggest trend some people want to look like a celebrity. is what the biggest one out there business trendies round and retro. you are seeing all of the
6:49 am
young, you know, models, hollywood elite, at coachela wearing these kind of styles here that have that round lens they have a little bit of the point in the corners. so, it doesn't feel so super round, and these or great options from carera and polaro id and they are polarized lens es for $65. it is their 80th anniversary. >> top models are wearing that one. >> yes. >> slim face with the round lens. >> yes. >> important to know. but talking about lenses colored lenses are thinking about season. >> brightly colored mirrored lenses are super big and colored frames, and here's some options, this one back here, in purple, and then we have one from smith which has great color pop lens technology, another polar/and then find this one. you can see bright mirrored lenses popping out and it is fun. >> this one catches my eye in the middle, it is about texture. what is that. >> this is 3-d printing from
6:50 am
italy, and thinks the osito brand very high end department stores and sun glass stores. >> talk about this one modeled after a shoe. >> this is javieranas a new collection and it is originally a flip flop brand. this was designed after the flip flop so it has a unique look as you can see. >> yes. >> some fashions go in and out of style, talking about big sunglasses they were all of the rage 10 years ago. >> yes. >> are they back in style again. >> super big as you can see here. we have some great options in the front. we have carera and we have some kate spade, what is this one i forget. >> this is tommy hillfigure. >> yes. >> we have some nice, options for men and women. you will see closer to fall that these styles will get a little bit smaller but right now they are big, bold, fun. >> we're talking about summer. you always think about light, airy and color white. >> yes. >> is that on trend. >> yes, so on trend. >> as you can see white sun
6:51 am
glass options here this one is from bobby brown. we have one here from smith. if you don't want to completely commit to white if it is not something that makes you feel comfortable you can go with the brown here. we have a time hillfigure pair here where brown and whiteys integrated in the frame. you can still get a touch of the white and be on trend. >> right, because white want be intimidate to go do all white but just a touch of white. >> yes. >> really cool. >> i saw you try these on earlier and they are amazing. you have to try them on again. >> is this what would you suggest for me this type of shape. >> yeah, this is great because you know, again you don't have to be soup's frayed of the round because it has the pointed edges. it has that aviator going on and it is doing everything for you, and then it goes right now for you do i look ready for the beach. >> completely. >> i see a surf board, a beach towel and a chair, thanks, thank very much. >> thank you. >> we will be right back.
6:52 am
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6:54 am
phillies, get for third straight win here in arizona they pick it up in the fourth inning, ben lively gets a big fly, right there, it is his first major league home run. that makes it two-one phillies wheels would fall off in the ninth inning with the fightins, down, cameron perkins there, drives one to deep center field, it is ray fuentes with the great catch. phillies lose this 19-two. here's joe holden with the rest of "eyewitness sports".
6:55 am
good morning, day two of the nhl draft, wrapped up in chicago, the flyers, continue to add more forward toss their roster, selecting five forward s a goalie and defenseman. flyers swapped their second round pick with a third and a fourth round pick to arizona to move up nine spots. they took, 6-foot six winger isaac rat cliff he scored 28 goals and 67 games for a ontario league. isaac was 27th ranked prospect he thinks his game will help the flyers in the future. >> i'm a big guy. i can play offensively and defensively and really that kind of team and playing all that there is in the zone. so, adding that to their line up, and then being able to maneuver my way in to that line up in the future and playing with a lot of those guys, it will be awesome for me and bring a lot to the table. well, on friday, the flyers sent brayden schenn to
6:56 am
the blues for the 27th pick in the first round. and picked forward morgan frost from canada schenn scored 17 power play goals last season, but struggled in five on five play. next season orange and black could have six rookies in the line up so the question is are they in full rebuild mode. >> no, no. are we getting younger, yeah, we're getting younger. rebuild, absolutely not. we have young players, at some point here we have to give them an opportunity, for them to play, and when we feel they are ready to play i think that is our philosophy we do not want to hold players back, if they are ready to take that next step we want to allow them to take that next step. >> let's talk soccer now after franchise record four game winning streak union lost three in a row, last night they looked to get back on track against d.c. united.
6:57 am
and, and, back of the net, and sons of ben were happy as union take the lead here. seventieth minute, after a handball was called on the union, d.c. united had a penalty kick and andre blake coming up big, access denied, blake with the his sixth shut out of the season and union's three game losing streak is over one to nil was the final. that is all for sports i'm joe holden have a great day. joe holden on sports. what can't he do. thanks, joe. >> that is it for "eyewitness news" at 6:00 here's what we have at 7:00. we are live at philadelphia triathlon this morning but we will tell you why part of the event has been cancelled this year. pennsylvania is toughening its animal cruelty and neglect laws we will have more on the changes that governor wolf says he will sign, in the cbs-3 pet project with carroll erickson we will be right back
6:58 am
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police officers approached the home. there were three gunshots that were heard. we are hearing more from the district attorney coming


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