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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 26, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> more on breaking news, car slams into a police car and bike ago vest ers have a carjacking and now the search is on for that driver. >> the u.s. supreme court may announce the decision on president trump's travel ban today. we will tell you the reason why that decision may not be the biggest news to come out of the high court. >> and university of delaware professor is learning her fate, that's after she went on a facebook and said otto warmbier got what he deserves in north korea we'll tell you what schooled administrators are doing about it. >> today is monday june 26, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo, pat got never for meisha and jim is playing the role of jim this morning, good morning. >> who is on first, what's on second, i don't know what's on thirds. >> so far so good, traffic wise. it look like the weather is holding up as women. got to love it. >> good morning, guys. you need the sunglasses. that's the biggest thing if
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you're headed out the door this morning, if you are driving around, sun glass, sun glass, sunglasses. sun is shining, wonderful start to our monday. always nice when we can talk about nice quiet conditions on a monday morning, as we start out the work week. this is what it look like down in rehoboth. folks already out enjoying the wonderful weather on the boardwalk, air feeling that it is going to be a crowded day at the beach today. you're relaxed forecast for today at the shore, 08 degrees for the high temperature, got to get out there and soak up the raysment going to the poconos, 73, so again, our vacation spots are leisure spots, across the area, looking good for a monday. temperatures out there, still waiting for couple of reports, from some of the reporting stations but for the most part looking at 50's, 60s across the delaware valley, that humidity is also much, much lower today than what we had even over the weekend. so it feels just wonderful outside. maybe even have a feeling of a light sweatshirt as you walk out the door. now i won't get carried away. still in the 70s by 9:00 this morning, but only going to be
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topping it out at 81, so, looking really good as we go through the afternoon, pat, like i said, sunglasses for those folks getting out into the cars this morning, i think it looks like that will be our biggest concerning so far weather wise. >> no doubt about it, i think it was bob marlie that said sun shining, the weather is sweet. there you go. you like that? >> hey, what's wrong with that? >> i wrote that down earlier. i had to use it. so yes, the sun is definitely shining on 95, at girard, it is blazing out there, so matt said, pack the sunglasses and definitely wear them. this is southbound toward the city where volume levels are starting to pick up. if you are going northbound, that's what you are looking at. and here, at the schuylkill expressway, at spring garden, no delays headed into the city, i mean, beautiful look though as you pass by boat house row. norristown, we have an accident. this is lafayette street at hamilton street. there is an overturned car, that plowed into couple of parked cars. that's still blocking lafayette street here. the schuylkill, though, construction coming later on this morning. it begins at 10:00 a.m. goes from the blue route, out
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to 202, so it will be today, and tomorrow, during those four hours, a lane will be closed, that's deftly going to cause some slow downs. same here, 59 northbound, and southbound, between broad street and enterprize avenue. one lane will be closed between nine a.m. and 3:00 p.m. in this area. and if you are headed into the city of philadelphia, jfk boulevard this will be a problem going westbound, 20th street at schuylkill avenue. again, 9:00 a.m. through 3:00 p.m. jim, over to you. >> thank you, pat. updating breaking news, several philadelphia police officers are almost hit by a wreckless driver while on the job. that car, still on the loose. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do, is live in the harrow gate section of the city this morning, with the response from police. good morning, trang. >> good morning, jan, jim. no one was hurt as this car went speeding through an active police investigation, that was going on at the intersection of i and erie. at this point, police have not yet determined whether this was an intentional act to harm police officers.
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take look at this video of the scene overnight. this all started just after 2:30, when officers on bikes, and in a patrol car, stopped red chrysler see bring convertible that had just been reported stolen? carjacking, at k and pike street. officers arrested two men and recovered a gun related to that crime. now, one officer broke his hand, during those two arrests, while officers were still on the scene here, a black nissan squeezed between the convertible and a police cruiser, damaging that cruiser, and manning link three police bikes, captain drew says the car was traveling as fast as 60 miles per hour. >> it amazes me how police are out here doing the job in the middle of the night providing public safety to all philadelphians and this has to happen where somebody has complete disregard to the safety of police officers trying to provide protection to the city.
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>> and again, that driver still on the run, police are looking for a black nissan, possibly with some scratches as well as some dent. they are hoping some of the area businesses here at this intersection have surveillance video that can identify this car and this driver. for now live in harrow gate, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." jan, jim, back to you. >> trang, thank you. >> meanwhile new this morning, a man is shot to death in philadelphia's send sing ton section, officers fawn the victim near d and allegheny streets just after 11:00 last night. now, they say he was standing in the street with his girlfriend and another friends when the shooter walk up to him and fired without warning. police have not released a motive or made any arrest he is. >> another overnight shooting there is time, man is ambushed in philadelphia's frankford section, police say the victim was walk to go his car with his girlfriend, on the 1,000 block of harrison street, when the shooter suddenly emerged from behind a bush. the victim survived being shot four times and is now in stable condition. the victim's girlfriends tells
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police she believes the suspect is her ex-boyfriends. so far no one is in custody. >> firefighters in delaware county made quick work of a house fire overnight, "eyewitness news" on the 1300 block of west seventh street in west chester. police tell us everyone got out okay. there were no injuries. so far no word on what may have caused that fire. philadelphia district attorney, seth williams, returns to court today as his corruption trial continues. prosecutors say williams accepted bribes in the form of various gifts and exchange for legal favors. last week businessman muhammad ali was on the stand and told jurors he paid for a vacation for williams, and he gave the da other loans and gift. williams has denied any wrong-doing. >> well if you were anywhere in cape may county yesterday, chances are you saw this black smoke billowing into the sky. it came from a house fire in wildwood crest. and this morning, we now know what sparked that blaze.
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>> flames broke out on the 7100 block of park boulevard, around 3:00 yesterday afternoon. fire officials tell it is began with a air conditioner malfunction. several beach-goers recorded video and posted to the cbs philly twitter and facebook pages about 100 firefighters from five different didn't came out to help. >> propane tanks in the rear deck, between the two buildings, there is condensers for air-conditioning units, they exploded. >> every year quadruple it, they're worth it, all volunteers. very impressive. >> well the fire destroyed two homes, both will likely be torn down and rebuilt, good news, no one was hurt. >> meantime, fire officials say a deadly fire in chester county began in the kitchen. flames broke out here, about 5:30 yesterday morning on buck walter road, east coventry township, nine year old little boy was home at the time. was killed. according to the chester county fire marshall, the fire has been ruled accidental. well, a dog attack in south philadelphia leaves a
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child hospitalized. this happened along the 1500 block every south 26th street, this is just after 9:30 last night. the child was transported to children's hospital, and it is unclear at this time where the child was sitting, or who the dog belonged to. still no word on that child's condition. >> meanwhile, 57 year old man is hospitalized following a two car crash in north philadelphia. this sent his car into the side after building. authority say that man's car was clipped by another vehicle near 13th and master streets. the impact forced his car off the road, into a light pole, and through a fence before it slammed into the building. the driver of the other vehicle is expected to be okay. >> the university of delaware is cutting ties with a professor under fire for her alleged social media comment about otto warmbier in a statement the university announced that catherine detwiler, adjunct and throw policy professor, would not be rehired to teach in the
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future. now deleted facebook polls, reportedly wrote in part that warmbier quote got exactly what he deserved, warmbier died last week after returning home in a coma from a 17 month imprisonment in north korea. >> well, president trump says he's sure there will be enough republican votes to pass the gop healthcare bill. at least five republican senators say it is too similar to the affordable care act. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is pushing for a vote before the july 4th recess, but many lawmakers say that could be too soon. the bipartisan congressional budget offers is expected to release its analysis of the bill as early as today. lot of issues await the supreme court today before the justices begin their summer break, it is expected there could be rulings on the trump administration's travel ban, and a separation of church and state dispute, to missouri. but the biggest news could be the just cents cents themselves. rumors with whirling that justice anthony kennedy could announce his retirement today. he turns 81 years old next
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month. his departure would give conservatives affirm grip on the court. meanwhile, ohio governor john kasich is targeted by computer hackers, they posted this message on kasich's official website, referencing the president. the message state that president trump would be, quote, accountable for every drop of blood flowing in muslim countries. investigators say the hacking group, team system dz, is behind that attack. a fun night at the pool turns into chaos. when a car careens through a wall and into the water. we will tell you what officers say caused this crash. and tragedy in columbia, when a tourist boat since with more than 100 people on board. we will tell you what survive offers think may be to blame.
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>> back on "eyewitness news," dramatic video, tour boat quickly singing in columbia a search and rescue effort now underway, right now, at least, six people are confirmed dead, another 31 are missing. this morning, heavy rains and thunderstorms in that region every columbia are hampering rescue efforts. >> correspondent set limb on more on the tragic accident, n and the latest on the rescue efforts. >> this video shows the fairy rocking back and forth violently as it began taking on water in columbia sunday. people in boats and jet skis nearby raised to help passengers, clinging to the top of the four story tourist boat. several people are reported dead, and dozens of others missing. >> the police chief says authorities are now interviewing families, to determine exactly how many are unaccounted for. >> the boat was packed, with more than 150 people, celebrating a holiday weekend,
6:15 am
when it quickly began singing. >> this woman says she witnessed people trampling each other to avoid going under. others who made it to safety said the boat a periods to be overloaded and that no one was wearing a life vest. officials say scuba divers had been called in to assist with the search as investigators try to figure out what caused the boat to go under. >> set limb on, cbs news. six new york firefighters are recovering this morning, after battling a blaze right near the gate pride -- gay pride parade. hudson street in the westville and yesterday afternoon, blaze started in a restaurant four story residential building, meanwhile, events were taking place in honor of gay pride weekend. we're told one of the firefighters was rush to the hospital with serious injuries, and there is no word on with a spark that blaze. eight people are recovering this morning after driver allegedly under the influence slams new a wall and crashes into a motel swimming pool in california. this happened just before 7:30 last night.
6:16 am
seven people were hurt, and treated for minor injuries. an eyewitness described what the scene looked like right after the crash. >> it was heart breaking, like, as soon as i heard it, when i came, i saw the car. and kids were right there being treated for injuries, and it was terrible. >> now, authorities are not publicly identified the suspects, but we're told he's in critical condition. well, nearly 1,000 fire crews in at least ten helicopters continue to battle the nation's largest active wild fire out in southern utah. the brian head fire has been burning now for eight days, and has scorched about 42,000 acres. crews say the massive blaze is being fueled by heavy winds hit that region. so far, the fire has destroyed more than 20 structures including 13 homes. that fire is only 8% contained at this point. >> similar situation has forced more than 1500 people from their homes, a major forest fire fueled by windy conditions, is threatening the
6:17 am
southern part of the country. on sunday emergency services deployed 11 planes, ten helicopters to aid in a joint military civilian operation, around 750 people are temporarily being housed. >> the windy conditions out west, overseas, beautiful morning for us. >> really is, and top ten morning, as far as i'm concerned. >> yes, definately, jim, you're right, wonderful day today, already looking fantastic out there. taking a look from the palmyra cove nature park, just across the bridge, and there it is, our fair city, our skyline there, on wonderful monday morning, kicking things off with plenty of sunshine, and it is going to remain that way all the way throughout the afternoon today. again, not too much going on out there. maybe few high clouds to start things out, but really about it, now, some of the reporting stations, they're having trouble this morning, looking at temperatures out there, though, that are in the 60s, in many spots, including here at philly. sixty-four in dover, and then, as you head down toward the shore points, still warm in wildwood, 69 degrees, 61 for
6:18 am
us, currently in atlantic city, even when we're not getting reports, in seeing temperatures that are just in that low to mid 60s range, head up little closer to the poconos, though, that's where we're seeing temperatures even still in the 50's, later this afternoon, well, plenty of sunshine, low humidity, allow temperatures to climb to 81 degrees, average high this time of year, right around 85, so it would be a little below average for us, if you are planning on maybe headed out this evening, maybe you want to just grill out in the backyard, not going to be bad evening to do that. temperatures right around 6:00. mid to upper 70s for us, humidity still staying low, plenty of sunshine so wouldn't be bad night to maybe break out the grill, later on and get a little bit after outside meal going. storm scan3, again, there is the clear skies, maybe again, few high clouds out there. but that's really about it. our temperatures throughout the afternoon, today, again, we will get to up about 81 degrees for hi, as we move through the overnight hours, tonight, we will be dipping it down into the 60s, some 50's off to the north, maybe even some areas in the poconos, tonight, into tomorrow
6:19 am
morning. looking at temperatures that are in the 40's, by tomorrow afternoon, across the area, even little cooler, and once again, on wednesday morning, looking at those temperatures in the 50's and 40's through the north, 60s for us here currently across l delaware valley. 18 degrees the high temperature, 79 for the high tomorrow. pat, back up into the 80s on wednesday, but then get ready, seeing humidity by the ends of the week. >> still looking like pretty decent week my friend. got to love it. a look at the boulevard, right at the schuylkill expressway, you can see through the haze of the sunshine, there are no delays right here, 6:19 a.m. i think anyone that goes this direction would absolutely take that. so, this is a good sign, so far. this is good sign, as women. look at the vine street expressway, pretty much empty this morning, a lot of people off on mondays, in the summertime, so if you're cruising through this area, again, it is a beautiful ride, but there will be overnight closures, if you take the vine street expressway, and that will start at 11:00 p.m. tonight roll through thursday. new jersey, 42 freeway, headed
6:20 am
toward the city of philadelphia, things looking good here, as well. no complaints really on a lot of major roadways, there are few things to look at, though, route 70 being one of them, eastbound and westbound between penn avenue and cropwell road. alternating lanes will be closed, that goes through friday at midnight. so, take heed if you are head in the that direction. also garden state parkway southbound between the great egg harbor tolls, ocean city, right lane here blocked. jim, back over to you. >> pat, the japanese airbag maker blamed for more than dozen deaths in a huge recall is filing for bankruptcy. takata executives made the announce until the japan. they say bankruptcy protection is the only way they can continue to replace the airbag inflaters. the airbags can explode and sends shrapnel into drivers and passengers, 11 death are being blamed on the airbags in the u.s. and several other countries, as well. a special ceremony taking place today to mark the 67th anniversary of the start of the korean war. we'll tell you the way councilman david o and other
6:21 am
councilmen will be
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>> good morning, everyone, never too early to talk about the weekends, even though we just finished one up. it is going to be on the hot, humid side of things, as we get into this coming saturday, sunday, throwing in few shower chances, as well. temperatures back up near 90 degrees, so that's what we're looking at as we move into the coming weekends, in the next five to seven days. >> now, for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> from the delaware county dale times, more than two pun people in the opioid addiction turned out for drug awareness vigil this week in upper chichester. event hosted by not one more save our generation. and in the burlington county times, duane dog chapman, america's most famous bounty hunter, is taking aim at the new jersey state house, targetting a bill, bail reform law, that took effect january 1st.
6:25 am
that's when the state essentially shifted from a monetary based bail system, to using a risk assessment that takes into account factors such as seriousness of the crime, a person's criminal record, and the nature of past convictions. >> from the news journal estimated 20,000 people turned out for the new castle county ice cream festival. at rook wood park, love ice cream, portion of the proceeds of the two day event benefitted the alfred i. dupont hospital for children. >> nice. a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. well later this morning, ceremony will honor veterans from the korean war from our area. >> the war began 67 years ago, yesterday. this is video from last year's ceremony. the korean war claimed the lives of 5 million soldiers and civilians between june 1950 and july 1953, her to than 600 were from the philadelphia area. today's tribute begins at 11:00 at the korean war memorial on pens landing. >> thank you for your service. >> indeed. >> well, pictures of camping with families suddenly someone
6:26 am
complains they've been stunning by a bee, doctor rob danoff is here, will tell us the most common things people will do next that could make things even worse of the plus, he'll have other ways to stay safe outdoors. >> plus, chaos in a california mall. when a bunch of fight break out. what officers had to do next to try to get these brawls under
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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo in for rahel solomon. it is now 6:30. here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute, today, monday, june 26, 2017. >> offers remembers searching for out of control driver who plowed his car through a crime scene. >> police have yet to determine at this point whether there was i an
6:30 am
intentional act to harm police. >> and explosion and fire in wildwood crest. >> the winds blowing this way, the whole block would be gone. >> damage assessment now underway. >> a search and rescue effort is underway after a tourist boat capsizes in columbia. >> i want to see a bill with heart. >> president trump is prompting is some lays month changes to get the gop healthcare bill passed. >> unbelievable. he does it again. >> and that was jordan seats picking up his tenth career win yesterday at the travelers championship. >> you don't she often, little chest bump at a golf tournament. so fun to see. look like great weather out
6:31 am
there, great weather on tap for us today, too. >> hey wonderful day today, will have plenty of sunshine for us this monday, the biggest thing we'll experience though, biggest thing everybody will in the, as soon as you walk out the door, just how low the humidity is across entire delaware valley. temperatures for us this morning, reporting sites are struggling on this monday, they're kind of dealing with the beginning of the work week too, but get the gist every what's going on, we had the 60s pretty much across the region, maybe 50's up into the pocono areas. but for the most part again temperatures this morning, average to maybe even slightly below average. but again the biggest thing that you will notice this morning, stepping outside, just how low that humidity is. dew point in the 40's, and 50's, which are into the more than comfortable range. it is very dry out here. that's good news for us it, will last all the way through the afternoon hours today. getting look at the winds, it won't be that breezy after day, little bit breezy at
6:32 am
times on our sunday, overall looking at very calm to maybe five, maybe 10-mile her hour winds at most throughout the afternoon hours as we get into the start of the work week. temperatures at 9:00 in the morning, we will be low 70s at that point. really looking at low humidity through the lunch time hour, i suggest if you can to get outside, maybe have outdoor lunch, then 81 degrees, for the high temperature today, pat, again, no weather problems on the roadways today. but i know that traffic just starting to get going. >> no doubt about that, looks like perfect day so far for your monday morning, 6:32, you know it will look like this on 95, this is 95 south, right near the betsy ross bridge. one of our problem spots, as it normally is at this time of the day. so it is a slow go here. and also a slow go on the schuylkill expressway, this is at city avenue, going westbound, again, one of your normal trouble spots, and as we look at the wide-angle of the delaware valley, you'll see those trouble spots, 15 miles per hour right there at city avenue, 20 miles per
6:33 am
hour on 95, then taking the boulevard towards the schuylkill expressway, just about 22 miles per hour. so your normal spot at 6:33 in the morning. schuylkill construction though. this is going to be a problem later on, so if you take this road, make note of it. schuylkill westbound, from 476 out to 202, it start at 10:00 a.m., goes until 2:00 p.m. there will be one lane closed, this happens today and again tomorrow, and then 95, construction as well, northbound, southbound, broad street, enterprize avenue, one lane closed from 9:00 until 3:00. jan, back to you. >> pat, thank you very much. >> and update on breaking news, that we've been covering all morning long, now, philadelphia police continue to search for driver who almost hit officers overnight. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do liver at the harrow gate section, and the latest, good morning, trang. >> well, good morning, jim and jan. this was very chest call, but fortunately, no one was hurt as this car sped through this intersection of ian erie during active police
6:34 am
investigation, police say the car was going as fast as 60 miles per hour what they don't know whether there was intentional act to harm officers. but take a look at this video of the scene overnight. this all started just after 2:30 when officers on bikes and in a patrol car stopped a red chrysler see bring convertible just reported stolen at k and pike streets. officers arrested two men, recovered a gun, related to the crime. one officer broke his hands during the two arrests. while officers were still on the scene here, a black nissan squeezed through the convertible and patrol car, damaging that police cruiser, and manning link three police bikes. now, we just spoke to the victims of the carjacking, who returned to the scene here to look for their property. here's what they had to say. >> people saw what was going on. there is no reason that nobody should have been speeding around here like they should have been mindful too. sorry for the officers if anybody got hurt or anything like that. >> and fortunately we do know that no officers were hurt when the accident happened
6:35 am
here. but police are still looking for that nissan maxima, you will tim a, rather, they say it probably had some scratches and dents on it, as it went through these two cars that were here at this intersection. but for now, liver in harrowgate, trang trang do, cbs-3 news, jim, jan january, back to you. >> this morning man shot to death in philadelphia's kensington section. officers found the victim near d and allegheny streets, just after 11:00 last night. they say he was standing on the street with his girlfriend and one other friends when the shooter walked up to him and fired without warning. police have not released a motive or made any arrests. meantime another shooting overnight. this time a man is ambushed in philadelphia's frankford section. police say the victim was walking to his car with his girlfriends on the 1,000 block of harrison street when the shooter studily ' merged from behind a bush. now in stable condition. the victim's girlfriend tells police she believes the suspect is her ex-boyfriends.
6:36 am
so far no one is in custody. in camden county new jersey, now, police are investigating after a woman is shot to death inside her home. investigators say 45 year old dianna marie scordo shot multiple times on the 700 block of birdsmore avenue winslow township. officer tried to provide aid, but she died at the scene. no arrest have been made. >> we now know the names of man and woman who died in a stand-off with police in lehigh county saturday. officials have identified the woman as 25 year old emily fatsinger from delaware county the man 33 year old eric miss i can from northampton coy i am their bodies did i covered in the attic after home they were inside of in upper saw kin township. officers say it was a murder suicide. now, a stand-off began shortly afternoon on saturday. when the couple was stopped by police. the couple began firing handguns at the officers, then they attempt topped end we are homes before being discovered in the attic after third home in that area.
6:37 am
now one is injured when a car goes up in flames in ocean county new jersey this is eyewitness video, you can see the flames engulfing the suv on the garden state parkway. this was approaching the toms river toll plaza last night. police say the driver fortunately was already out of the car. >> well, an upscale mall in california forced into lockdown when a brawl breaks out just before closing. >> this was the chaotic scene inside the westfield mall in san francisco last night. cell phone video shows dozens of police officers there struggling to break up multiple fights. authorities say some officers were assaulted, others were injured, and several people were detained, in connection to that brawl. but so far no official arrests have been made. >> republican leadership will be working hard this week, to get the votes to pass their healthcare bill to replace obamacare before the fourth of july. correspondent seth lemon reports from capitol hill. >> angry protesters demonstrated outside senate
6:38 am
majority leader mitch mcconnell's officer revealed details of the senate noon repeal and replace obamacare. 142 page bill would rollback obamacare expansion of medicated. >> republicans will kick millions off their medicaid coverage. >> the legislation also eliminates obamacare's insurance mandate taxes but retains good portion of obamacare tax credit to help lower income americans by health insurance. >> when legislation does come to the floor it, will present senate democrats with another opportunity to do what's right for the american people. >> we low love tougher money and light this on fire. >> but furious democrats just saw the bill for the first time thursday. >> speed and secrecy have been the watch words, and they're a toxic reference. >> what could be wrong in letting the health committee take a look at the healthcare bill. >> while republicans doesn't need democrats to pass the bill, senate leadership has some arm twisting ahead. at least four of the senate's 52 republicans are opposed,
6:39 am
that's two vote short of passing. >> you have to give the 50 votes. and if you have only got 48, i think that means you're going to need to negotiate. >> this doesn't get the job. >> the white house is so far taken hands off approach, but the president tweeted thursday evening i'm very supportive of the senate healthcare bill. look forward to making it really special. remember obamacare is dead. senate leaders want a floor vote on the bill before the fourth of july. >> seth lemon, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." well, if you're planning to enjoy the nice weather, bonds withing nature, you want to stay tuned. >> doctor rob is leer with ways to stay safe while outside. he'll tell us how to treat the bug bites and debunk a common mitt about poison ivy rashes. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> the big night for bruno mars at the bet awards in l.a. the award he's taking home and the special award chance the rapper received for his humanitarian work. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> welcome back, the bet awards takes the music worlds by stomach, with a performance. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> bruno mars gave an energetic performance at the 17th annual bet's, and he took home the title of best male r&b pop artist. music's biggest names tipping microsoft theater last night, chance the rapper accepted the humanitarian awards for his work in hometown of chicago. my god doesn't make mistakes. and i, i like to think, that he's putting this enormous pressure on me, to see how i react. and i have plans originally to try and tell the world and everybody watching how to make it a better place. >> and chance got a message from a very special fan from first lady michelle obama. she couldn't be there in
6:44 am
person so gave a taped message. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> check this out, took his young son on stage with him last night at the bet's, joined by fellow musicians, lil wayne, quevo for his hit song i'm the one, but it was little asad, you know i'm not onto these names. >> that's okay, doing good job. >> it was that was who stole the show. >> yes, that little one. >> rock the headphones, look at that. >> they put on good show last night. and mother nature putting on a good show this morning. >> absolutely, guys, a wonderful wonderful monday. always talk about sunshine, calm weather, just really just good conditions as we start out a work week, and today is exactly that kind of day. our eyewitness weather watchers on monday, sending in some pictures of a wonderful sunrise there is one coming
6:45 am
from from phil from the philadelphia area this morning, again, great start to the day with plenty of sunshine for us, and it will be a wonderful afternoon. do want it check in with couple of weather watchers out there. dolores one of my favorites newark, 56 this morning. with some sunshine out there. bright sunshine, cool start to a hopefully comfortable day. and dolores, i think you will be in luck, very comfortable day. 54 degrees out in tabernacle as well as john's house, sunshine for us, saying it is a good fall oops summer morning, rather chilly start to the day. no winds out there. but sun is rising, and it is going to be a wonderful afternoon. as we get all the way to 81 degrees today, with all of that sunshine out there. and low humidity, so again, just fantastic way to start out the work week. i don't think it get any better. planning on maybe getting a with a from the city head down to the beach, it will be great day to did that, as well, 08 degrees the high temperature, now, little cool in the water, six a, little chilly for my taste. but out on the beach, sunscreen for sure. uv index today all the way up
6:46 am
to nine. so do you have to be careful if you're out in the sunshine, so good news, if you do go in the water low risk for the rip currents, but you always want to swim near the lifeguards. never want to take any kind of chancesment future weather for us going through the afternoon today, not too much out there. we will see maybe stray sprinkle, and some of the areas, in the poconos, but overall that better chance for maybe rain shower or an isolated rumble every under this letter come through the nighttime hours tonight. you see at 1:00 this morning, little bit of precipitation right around the philadelphia area. as we go then, in early portions of the tuesday, some clouds cover. but it is dry for our drive to work. looks like on tuesday morning, as we get then into tuesday afternoon, more spotty showers head into the afternoon right around 3:00. again maybe rumble every thunder for us is a possibility. getting a look at the weather forecast for the next seven days, 81 as i said for the high temperature today, plenty of sunshine for us, little cloud cover with the spotty showers, tomorrow, 79 for the high, back to the 80s wonderful conditions on wednesday. but now here we take turn back toward more summer like weather headed into thursday and friday.
6:47 am
that's where we will see upper 80s on thursday, 90 on friday, that humidity returns. the chances for thunderstorms return, so i think we got to get out there and enjoy what we have today. i don't know about you. >> i'll try to do that, maybe lunch outside today. looks pretty good. thank you, matt. this is a look, at 42, the 42 freeway, looking southbound, at college road. there are some delays right here. we will take a look at couple of cameras where there are delays in the delaware valley t has been pretty quiet morning up until 631 of the trouble spots. another one because of the sun glare, this is a look at the 202 northbound, right at king king of prussia. no delays. better put the vice or down. better put the sunglasses on because it is a wicked glare out there in that area. this is 95 northbound in delaware county right at route 452, slowing down just little bit. headed northbound here. and, the blue route, at route one, another slow go here. southbound delays in this area, construction coming into the city of philadelphia, jfk
6:48 am
boulevard westbound, between 20th street and schuylkill avenue. will be closed between nine a.m. and 3:00 p.m. that goes through thursday. now, 21st, 22nd, 23rd streets, that's where it goes over those roads. but if you are using any of those, you under side of jfk boulevard it, might and problem for you. also, out in norristown, we've got overturned vehicle, there in the process of clearing this out of the way. car hit couple of park cars at lafayette street at hamilton, then the garden state parkway still out there southbound between the great egg tolls and ocean city. jan, over to you. >> pat, thank you. well the summer season is here. that means, it is time for outdoor fun like camping trips and hiking in the woods. but, it is easy for outdoor fun to also ends in the doctors office. family physician, doctor rob danoff outside our studios, with jim donovan, ways to stay safe, healthy, while enjoying the great outdoors. i think you just wanted to get outdoors and enjoy the weather. >> if i can't go out to the
6:49 am
country i'll bring the country in. we have our tent and chairs here. so doctor rob, you know, i have a house up in bucks county, a weekend place, a cabin. >> yes. >> and there is bugs, i'm always, you know, getting cuts, working in the yards. so, number one, what should people have when they go out whether it is camping or out somewhere else? >> safety. one of the things for safety too, you want one of these type of strobe lights here. what's really good on here, so when walking toward important, so many people go camping, you want to know what to bring. real easy. let me show you. first of all bring some stuff that really is helpful. you know, these soft light, use them for babies, but very good, clean wounds with these wipes, and something that saline spray, in case someone ever gets cut, have this, help clean it out. really important. >> okay. >> yes, this is great to have. now, the other thing is, vaseline, sometimes people get caving in their legs or walking you can put this on there. and as far as safety, medications it, doesn't take a lot of time.
6:50 am
but you want to have certain things with you. so, you can organize it very well. any type of prescription medications you want to take and organize it, however, a pain medication is really good, over the counter, you have those, you have something for diarrhea, just in case, and also, for allergy. just in case maybe you go peace on ivy, get bug bites, a letter jibbing to it, have an ointment for wounds. so put that in one container, and then the next container it is really easy you have tape, you know, you have something for cuts, it is called new skin, but tut on, it can help cover it, seal it, it is really goodment antibiotic ointments, real helpful. then last thing sometimes people walking around, and you maybe sprain yourself or cut, you want to have some type of gauze, you have something for sprains that you put on there, it works real well. and then, jim, the other thing is sometimes people get cuts, right? so what's really helpful is you have gloves, just in case you use them, and then the other thing, sometimes at night it get really cold or
6:51 am
someone not feeling well, mylar blanket, very easy to put on, will preserve heat. lastly always keep duct tape. i'll tell you why, it really works well if you have blisters, put it on there, wart, and you never know in case of an emergency, then lastly jim always want to keep something a whistle if you ever get lost, this will be heard up to mile away. >> you're really prepared. what about bug bites? >> mosquitos out there, fir of all, this works really well. put it on your tent, put it on your shoes, your clothes it, will kill the bugs it, works real well. and then in case you ever get a bug by the, mosquito bites, if you scratch it more it, makes it worse, you can make a pace using baking soda and water, put it on the bite. it will stop the itch real good. the other thing if you bring soda or cans, yellow jacket like to go inside the can. always check for them first. and then because they can sting a lot yellow jackets. once they lever the stinker you can flip it out with a credit card but jello jackets and hornets can sting repeatedly.
6:52 am
check inside the cans. >> the issue i have because i work out in the yard a lot. poison eye. >> i there is a lot. leaves of three, let it be. poison ivy has often three leaves. sometimes it will have these yellow flowers or little while berries. and it can be in a bush or vine or shrubs. so try to identify them. poison oak look similar except look like oak leaves consideration have little red berries, sometimes they're five leaves. but look for clusters of leaves, try to avoid them. then something called poison sue mack, can be seven leaves, to up 13, in pairs with one at the top, they're in foggy areas. so if you're near them or scratch against them, something you can do, it is the oil that's contagious. so if you get oil on you, there is something here that you can wash it off. what you want to do is spray the area that you come in contact with and get the oil, or you can rub it and use the gloves, and then rub it on the area then rinse it off with water. that will get the oil out. because if someone has a rash from poison ivy, not the rash that's contagious, it is the oil. so you need to get that off.
6:53 am
>> i've found that you don't go to bed with that on you because it will get on the sheet and then the next day like there it just continues to get all over the place. >> you're right, then people develop rashes. sometime within eight hours usually, you're right, get it on your clothes or your pet, you'll keep on getting it so do you have clean everything. >> great advice, doctor rob, good advice for all of us. i send it back into the studio i believe. coming up next we will be back with three to go. >> that's right. good advice, thank you, jim, make sure to come back, in you can't stay out there. thank you. pool facilities where former vice president joe biden was once a lifeguard, will now bear his name. the pool at the brown burton winchester park will officially be named the joseph r biden junior aquatic center. the dedication ceremony is happening today, starting at 11:00 a.m. wilmington mayor is hosting the event, and former vice president biden will be there, too. >> the philadelphia manna tacked by group of young people at germantown bus stop is being honored for his courage. last month a video posted on
6:54 am
social media of mark smith getting sucker punched by group of juveniles, smith, who is intellectually disable, hasn't spoken bought that incident, the delaware county organization teach anti-bullying awarded smith with a metal, and assigned photo of his favorite sport star basketball star seth can you. >> i he is a true leer owe. we wanted to do it in front of the rocky statue and the philadelphia art museum steps, it symbolizes what the city all about. that's to create great champions like mark. >> there have been arrests in the case. police have not released those names of the suspects because of their ages. coming up: three things to you need to know before go. back in just a momen ♪ it's not carbonation. those bubbles are celebrating. ♪ right now, get $1 any size soft drink. only at mcdonald's. ♪
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frappé or shake for $2. small mcdonald's smoothie, how do you top a deal like that? ♪ hurry in, only at mcdonald's. ♪ >> we will talk with house minority leader nancy pelosi about healthcare legislation and about calls within the democratic party, for her to step aside. plus, oprah will reveal her book club next selection, and comedian will ferrell and amy fowler, in our continuing series something in common. see you at 7:00. >> and before you head out the door here's three to go. >> philadelphia police are searching for a suspect who sped through crime scene overnight hitting police bikes and cruiser and causing one officer to break his hand.
6:59 am
>> the supreme court is expected to rule on several cases today, before the justices begin summer break. here's speculation just as anthony kennedy could announce retirement today, as well. >> and sixers stars joel embiid and dario are two of the finalist for rookie of the year. award announced tonight. >> that's three to go. >> last check on weather and traffic. >> real nice today, low humidity, temperatures low 80s, i don't think it gets much better than that specially with the sunshine, but few showers maybe towards the nighttime. >> looking at traffic, 95 southbound at broad, we've got an accident, it is blocking now the left two lanes, and there will be some construction in that area. a little bit later on starting at 9:00 a.m., northbound and southbound broad street near enterprize avenue, ugly, ugly. >> next on cbs this morning, house hine or at this leader nancy pelosi answers to calls on the democratic party for her to step aid side. >> join us each and every weekday morning here on cbs-3 starting at 4:30. have a great day.
7:00 am
>> ♪ captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, june 26th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." cbs news is the first america network to reach the city that isis proclaimed its capital. holly williams reports in syria. the senate does not have enough votes and nancy pelosi is here in studio 57 today. she has found critics in her own party who say she should step aside. what caused a plane to shake for over two hours? passengers say the pilot told th t


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