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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 26, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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personally i think it is, in a prep eighth but would i venture she has a right to say them. >> local professor under fire for controversial comments, and her post about an american student died after being imprison in north korea comes as an uproar on line and now she's being punished for it. good evening i'm jessica dean. i'm joe holden. ukee's off tonight. adjunct professor will not be asked to return to the university of delaware where she tout anthropology. >> "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live with what the woman said, university's reaction and what students are saying tonight, anita. >> reporter: that is right, lieutenant to cover. i got in touch with that professor kathy death we will they are morning. she tells me she and her familiar live been receiving death threats and her personal information has been plastered all over the internet. because of that she declined to make a statement but this controversy is making national headlines and as we learned today many others have plenty to say about her on line
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comments. adjunct professor at university of delaware will not be asked to return after comments that she made on line went viral prompting a swift, fierce backlash across the country. >> are you kidding me? report report last week kathy detwiler who taught on throw polling wrote on her face book page, in part is it wrong to think otto warmbier got exactly what he deserved? she also later wrote about entitlement of young, white, rich clueless maleness her own classes. >> i am a teach's cysttent. would i never do that to my student. >> reporter: warmbier, university of virginia student , imprisoned for 17 months in north korea for reportedly trying to steel a propaganda poster there. he recently died due to a severe brain injury frown known causes, six days after being returned to the united states in a comb. personally i think her comments were i guess inappropriate but would i defend her right to say them. >> reporter: university officials say late sunday night they would not be retiring detwiler in the future, david feller took
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detwiler's anthropology class in the fall. >> it is her choice by the end of the day but would i like to see her stay because she was a good professor court. >> reporter: kevin tyranny says controversy is over shadowing a tragedy. >> at the end of the day there was a kid who passed away. that is more important then anything else. >> reporter: the university of delaware said quote we condemn , all message that he is endorse hatred and convey inn sensitivity toward tragic event such as one otto warmbier and his family suffered. some students told me today that while they disagree with her statements they believe it is wildly inappropriate for anyone to insight violence begins detwiler and her family live from the sat center, i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police identified a woman who died after being stabbed near north philadelphia high school over weekend. authorities found three three-year old deborah gulliver early saturday morning, near dobbins high school and 21st and lehigh avenue. she had just gotten off bus and walking through the park when someone attacked her.
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she was three blocks from home >> she caught the bus from kensington area, to 21st and lehigh with one male friend. when they get off the bus. he allegedly goes one way, she cuts through the park. >> police say they have interviewed victim's friend, right now, $20,000 reward is being offered for information, leading to an arrest in the case. philadelphia police are also searching for a hit and run driver who plowed through an active crime scene overnight, authorities say officers were investigating a carjacking at the time and happened around 2:30 near i street and erie avenue and har rowgate. speeding black nissan narrowly missed several officers but damaged a patrol car and several police bikes. >> there was in logical reason for this, this vehicle may have done this intentionally, in an attempt to harm the officers. >> you saw what is going on. there is no reason that nobody should have, been speeding around here. they should have been mindful.
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>> none of the officers were hurt by speeding car but police say one office der break his hand while trying to arrest a carjacking suspect. second week of testimony in the corruption trial of the philadelphia district attorney seth williams began with a top member of the philadelphia police department. deputy commissioner joe sullivan told the court today that williams approached him about muhammad ali, he is a businessman, friend of williams who testified last week. sullivan told the court that williams believed ali was being profiled at philadelphia international airport and subjected to increased security measures. sullivan told jurors he checked with counterparts in the fbi and agents warned him not to get involved. >> going back which i have done many times over what happened, considering how it unfolded, the information i received and who i received it from i certainly realized i move forward in good faith. >> testimony in the case will resume in the morning.
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documents show federal agents wiretapped cell phones of the philadelphia labor boss john dougherty and his pro shay bobby henan for more than a year. they apparently list toned dougherty's calls for 16 months starting in april of 2015. dougherty head the international brotherhood of electrical workers local 98, he has been focus of an fbi investigation into nearly all aspects of the union's operations. cloud of smoke and flames can be seen for miles in wildwood crest yesterday. fire officials are trying to figure out what caused the devastating fire. that was scene from the frown from the 7100 block of park boulevard around 3:00 yesterday afternoon. fire fighters say that fire may have started with an air conditioning unit between two homes. fire marshals say they do in the believe the fire is suspicious, we are told both homes that were damaged will likely need to be knocked down , rebuilt, nearby homes were also damaged, officials
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say no injuries were reported. south jersey teacher is facing jail time after admitting he had an inappropriate relationship with a student. william jenkins pleaded guilty to day to several charges including endangering welfare of the child, prosecutors say that he had a sexual relationship with a 17 year-old student while he tout at a south jersey high school. jacobs will be sentenced in september. delaware state police need help finding these two shoplifting suspects led them on a chase, police say woman stole more than $1,000 worth of merchandise, from the kohl's on kirk wood highway yesterday morning. when a worker confronted them they dropped the item and then sped off. state trooper spotted their cars and tried to stop them but they took off leading to the chase, pursuit ended when suspects crossed over the pennsylvania border. supreme court is allowing president trump's travel ban to go forward in a limited form. high court today overturned lower court order blocking the
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ban, and 90 day ban would apply to most citizens from iran, libya, somalia, sudan, syria and yemen countries that the trump administration called terror prone. "cbs evening news" will have much more on the travel ban and supreme court's decision to hear the case, that is coming up at 6:30 here on cbs-3 right after "eyewitness news". protesters hit the streets in opposition, make that to the g.o.p. health care bill in the senate. "eyewitness news" was in olde city outside philadelphia office of pennsylvania republican senator pat toomey. protesters many of them disable, chanted and blocked streets. they urged senator toomey to vote no. well, talk bay wonderful start to the workweek. it was a perfect summer day. meteorologist chelsea in grammys live to let us know how long this great weather will stick around and when a rain might move in, chelsea. >> still stunning, refreshing, outside, right now, couple scattered cumulus cloud and overall things are feeling
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great. lets look live from storm scan three where we have all nothing much going on. we have showers looking off to our north and west. we could see a stray shower heading in the evening hours tonight, but most areas will, stay dry. our temperatures are clear reflection of how fantastic it feels outside, it is 80 degrees currently in philadelphia we are in the upper 60's in the poconos. that is cool spot on the map. take a lot these dew points, dew point is what is making it feel so comfortable outside, right now, dew points are checking in the 40's and 50's across the entire region and that is making things just feel oh, so comfortable. 45 degrees is current die dew point in philadelphia so here's what we have on tap, more refreshing weather, a spotty shower possible as we head into tuesday, and then heat, humidity will be on the rise, i'll let you know when coming up in a bit, for now, back to you. chelsea, thank you. we are following breaking news out of montgomery county,
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chopper three live over the 2600 block of wood land avenue in lower providence where the driver of a box truck who control and crashed into a home. this happened just before 5:00 . officials say driver was freed after being trapped for a short time and flown to the local hospital where he is listed in serious condition. right now officials are investigating what caused the driver to lou control of that truck there. wilmington pool where former vice-president joe biden work as a young man new bears his name. pool at brown burton winchester park has officially been rename the joseph r biden , junior aquatics center. the former vice-president was there for the dedication ceremony today. >> you always had my back, neighbors always had my back, and god willing i've always had your back. i'll have it as long as i'm around. i love ya, it is a great honor thank you very much. >> biden used to work as a life guard at the pool.
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well, someone in our area just became an instant millionaire. >> we will tell you where winning ticket was sold. >> but first health scare for one of our own simple pain that sent kate bilo to the hospital and the message that she hopes will save lives. the son, sand, and the city, where you can see these impressive sand sculptures without hiding down the shore when "eyewitness news" continues. perhaps for a pair of sixth are and chance to pick up hardware as well, how dario and joe joe will go head to head knit in sports.
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medical scare for meteorologist kate bilo. she's recovering from blood clots in her lung after spending weekend in the hospital. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on why kate going public could help save others. >> it really could, joe. kate's sharing her medical ordeal on facebook.
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because pulmonary embolism can be easily mistaken for something minor doctors say that kate's story will help raise awareness and save lives on facebook meteorologist kate bilo said it started with a dull pain in her ribs that spread to her shoulder, when advil didn't help she drove herself to the hospital. ct scans revealed pulmonary embolisms or blood clots in the lungs. >> it is relatively common and can be very dangerous. >> reporter: doctor joseph bushrose chief of emergency medicine at lankenau medical center says cloths usually start in the leg and travel through the heart into the lungs. >> all of this is blood clots in the lung. >> that is one there and is there another smaller one. >> reporter: kate had a baby three weeks ago being pregnant or postpartum increases risk for blood clots. >> because of the harmonal changes in pregnancy still cause blood to be thicker so to speak mowing pregnant woman have swelling in their legs to begin with so blood flow through legs isn't normal and
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they are not moving as much especially after having a baby so, that combination of things will often lead to this condition. >> reporter: on facebook kate says plead let my experience serve as a reminder to always listen to what your body is telling you. it would have been so easy to write off pain as muscular or think i'm too bus toy go to the er and sometimes that's the difference between life and death. >> she did the right thing. she came to a hospital, list toned her body. >> reporter: doctorate is applauding kate for going public with her story, people he said need to necessity not to ignore unusual pains. >> quicker the treatment that you get, the better the outcome. >> reporter: main symptoms for pulmonary embolism are chest pain and shortness of breath, it is treated with blood thinners and they are usually no long lasting complications, with this. also we want to tell you kate 's home, resting, doing okay. she wants to thank everybody for their support, good wishes , she will be fine and everything is okay with that adorable baby. >> yes, that is so good.
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we are so happy to hear she's okay. >> our best to kate. >> thanks, stephanie. a ride at six flags amusement park in new york remains closed after a girl's terrifying fall. >> we will catch you, honey. go ahead. >> well this 14 year-old from delaware apparently slipped under the safety railing of the ride carriage yesterday and was helped by good samaritan below, park officials are conducting an internal review of the operations, authorities say the girls actions cause had tore fall, investigators from the warren county sheriff's office called the accident human error. >> winning power ball ticket worth a million-dollar was sold at philadelphia's this weekend. the ticket was sold at the fifth variety store in the 6,000 block of north fifth street in olney on sunday. that ticket matched all five white balls but not the power ball. the store earns a five you this dollars bonus for selling the winning ticket.
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so far the prize has in the been claim. fisherman reels in quite the catch down the shore, check out this hammerhead shark that gentlemen tobin caught in cape may last night. we are told shark was about 4 feet long and weighed between 30 to 35-pound. tobin snapped a few pictures, before putting the shark, back in the water. >> quite the catch. >> probably like, okay, bye. >> yes, you know, wonder if mary lee is by. >> very brave to hold that. >> yes. >> right out of the water, like that guy with the lobster a half an hour ago. >> yes. >> chelsea's here with the look at the forecast. gorgeous day. if you start off a week this is how you do it. >> stunning, low dew points low humidity, things feeling fantastic. live look outside, center city that is reflection on of how just gorgeous it is, couple of couple rust included out there but overall dry weather, and things are just looking good. lets get to a live look at
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storm scan three now where not too much going on, we have a couple showers well off to our north and west even just north of the state college. we could see a stray shower this evening but overall things are looking good for us so by about 8:00 p.m. we will drop down in the lower 70's. seventy by 10. we will see increase in included cover this evening and tonight and then of that risk for stray shower but most areas i believe will end up staying dry. take a look at temperatures across the region. we are in the 60's, 70's and 80's across the delaware valley. eighty in philadelphia. eighty-one atlantic city. seventy-eight down the shore. seventy-eight in millville. seventy-eight in allentown. right around 78 degrees in reading as well. dew points, man, making it feel so great outside, and such a special treat to have this time of the year because month of june is usually more humid. dew point of 45 degrees in philadelphia. that is making it feel awesome out there but we are going to start to creep backup on this scale as we head in the end of
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the week and weekend, so energy these next few days while we have very refreshing weather. more where that came from as we head into tomorrow, look at these temperatures upper 70's, well below average, forecasting a high of 78 tomorrow afternoon in philadelphia, average high is 85 degrees, stay below average through wednesday and then thursday we will turn more seasonal but by end of the week and weekend, that is when high temperatures creep backup in that 90-degree range, feeling hot, and also, very humid. upper level disturbance moves through as we head into tuesday bring a stray sure or storm otherwise high pressure buildness as we head in the middle of the week provides with us the abundant sunshine once this high pushes off shore that will switch flow coming more in the south, and west allowing heat and hugh floyd climb backup as we head in the even of the week and weekend. we are in store for a dry night, still see a stray shower this evening as we head out west and north in the
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poconos. otherwise we will see partly sunny skies heading into tomorrow and couple showers, thunderstorms possible by tomorrow afternoon and evening down the shore things looking great, high temperatures in the 70's. seventy-seven on wednesday with abundant sunshine. here's your forecast for tonight overnight low temperature right around 64 degrees, partly cloudy mainly dry. as we head into tomorrow a high of 78. partly cloudy to sunny skies with a high of 78 and stray shower can't be ruled out heading in the afternoon and evening. things are looking great for the first part of the week but then by the end of the week creeping backup in the 90's, heat, humidity and shower chances returning once again in time for the holiday. >> yes. >> thanks, chelsea. don bell next with sports. >> still talking hoops, why not. joe joe verse dario. where in the world is ukee? a splash landing in the desert day baseball for phillies and die machine backs, sports ♪ pro-tip. get these great smoked ribs.
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baseball players are creatures of habit and right now phillies november flow not just because they are losing but because their timing is literally off. they are in the middle of a 20 game stretch where each game starts at a completely different time. today, first pitch was at 3:40 , in arizona. and they got off to a rocky start, and first batter of the game chris herman takes nick paveta in the deepened lake literally in the pool. but there are a bunch of phillies fans out there and naturally they get the ball and say you know what, get out of here. you know what, you cannot take us anywhere. you just can't. second inning paveta struggles continues, bases load a walk, three to nothing d backs. he lasted two abe 23rd, six runs, seven hits. fightins trailing six-one in the seventh. get out of here. they go bat it in practice using colorful land wage fcc will not loud me to compete.
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joel embiid said dario saric can't guard them. both rook writes named nba all rookie first team. tonight we will find out who the rookie of the year is, joe joe finally played after missing his first two seasons, averaging 20 points in 31 games. dario czarrish averaged 12 points per game while playing, nearly the entire season. both will compete with milwaukee's malcolm brogden for top spot. congratulations to inform flyers mark recollect hoy has been induct in the hockey hall of fame. he played more than 600 games with the flyers and won three stanley cups in his career. he is 12th on the nhl all time scoring list. the best play of the weekend, happened right here on cbs-3, jordan spieth and sudden death playoff at the travelers championship, and he holes out forbidder i, on the first playoff hole. that reaction though? his opponent daniel burger had to make a long putt to tie but
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you know how this ended. >> yeah. >> spieth tenth career win, and who is that? that is ukee washington trading the putts. >> similar there with the celebration. >> that is right. >> very good. >> letting everybody know, how about that, river wind country club to support cancer research, the scramble for research benefits the american association for cancer research and sidney kimmel cancer certainty and of course , ukee looking good. >> um, um. >> great day out there. >> yeah. >> all right, don. >> thanks very much. up next the shore comes to the city where you can check out spectacular sculptures without getting sand between your toes
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♪ if you want a taste of freedom, keep going. we hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal.
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we must want our fellow human beings to have rights. stonewall means fight back. stonewall means fight back. discover new york state's rich legacy of equality. plan your trip to our equal rights destinations at annual welcome america sandal sculptures made their debut today at liberty place. >> made out of 32 tons of sand hand made sculptures feature philadelphia icons including constitution, ben franklin and betsy ross. spirit of this years theme everyone is a history maker, the sculptures were dedicated to the cities history makers. sculptures will be on display through the month of july. we want to thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on the cw philly. back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", here now is anthony
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mason. >> mason: a big victory for the president. the supreme court clears the way for his ban on travelers from six mostly muslim nations, including syria. also tonight... >> keep going, keep going, keep going! >> mason: holly williams is inside syria on the from the lines of the battle to retake the isis capital of raqqa. >> they're worried that a suicide car bomber is coming toward the point where we were just sitting. >> mason: north carolina parents worry a toxic chemical released into their drinking water may be causing cancer in their kids. >> it just seems odd that we're having the fight for clean water after we've fought for our children's lives. >> you're a wizard, harry. >> mason: and celebrating 20 years of harry pottehe


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