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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 27, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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after her. >> friend and family mourn the death after woman who was stabbed to death outside after school. police search for her killer. >> gop bill, the congressional budget released report on its impact. today is tuesday, june 27th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. rahel is off today. katie is back from her days off. meisha, were you gone forever. >> yes. >> i was. >> i didn't even recognize you. >> took couple every second to think about it, so good to be back. i missed you guys, 120 degrees gets olds. >> it is so hot. >> anyway looking outside right now, wet roadways, katie, hoping that kind of moves out of the way right now, causing little bit of problems. talk about that coming up. >> thankfully it is good for now. i think the rest of the morning is dry. but later this afternoon spotty shower or storm, take renewed look at storm scan, and there are some showers, at the moment, too. making their way into harrisburg, i think those will
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bypass philadelphia if not fizzle. to me it looks like the maniac tiff at this for the rest of the day any i would happen into the afternoon certainly we had the heavy storms that rumbled through in the last few hours, but looking at the 60s up and down 95, low 60s millville, dover, up ear's from lancaster up to allentown, and out at wildwood, atlantic city currently whoever erring in the mid 60s, at this hour. naturally see the rain, thunder, mover through some of those areas, you didn't really see the rain cooled air coming in as a result. for now, pleasant sunrise currently underway. we take a look out over philadelphia, offer in the distance, there see the skies beginning to clear nicely. we should ends up with some sunshine for the majority of the day. here is the thing, again, frontal boundery still working it way through, it will help trigger spotty shower or thunderstorm, second half of the day specially, shore may end one dry day, i don't want to totally rule out spotty shower or storm for you. but mainly dry there. and in the mountains, you probably don't even hit zero seven here today. just scattered shower or
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thunder storm in the works for you, as women. but regardless, the cooling has definately had an impact on how it will end up here later today, meisha. >> looks that way. katie thank you so much. looking at those wed wrote ways. glad to hear it is moving out of the our way right now just as we hit up to the 6:00 hour, we start to see little shift. than what we were seeing in the 4:00 and 5:00 hour. forty-two freeway, creek road, take this to 295. what you are look at, not bad. for tuesday morning new into the 6:00 not bad at all. fog will post little bit of problem for some of you, in some of the areas, blue route, route one, headlights southbound direction, but john jest ton levels looking good, kinds of holding steady here. not really heating up. blue route looking good. we do have some survey operations on the schuylkill. this is part of larger project, we will talk more about this in a second. but right here, schuylkill west, 476 to 202, this will be in effect between ten a.m. and 2:00 p.m. this week, schuylkill
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westbound between route one and route 476, one lane block, again, overnight, between nine p.m. and 5:00 a.m. more on this coming up in the next ten minute, back to you. >> thank you, new this morning, police working to identify a suspect and motive after a teenager shot and killed overnight in south philadelphia. police responded to south marshall street just after 11:00 last night. eighteen year old man was shot in the back, then managed to run inside nearby home for help. he was returned to the hospital but died a short time later. >> they found multiple shell casings south marshall. they also found a shell casing and a car shot up west fit gerald. >> authority tell us two eyewitnesses including the victim's brother, are being interviewed by homicide detective. >> also new this morning, artist work space in callowhill catches fire. artists working inside are able to get out safely. fire bribing out before
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2:00 north 11th street. firefighters tell cbs-3 they contained the fire to outside fire escape, and no injuries. investigators now searching for the cause of the blaze. >> well, search for a killer continues after woman is murdered while walking home in north philadelphia. police offers for tips leading to arrest. more on this vicious crime, good morning, trang. >> reporter: good morning, jim. police really want to talk to two young men who called 911 but left the scene when police arrived. at this point, investigators are not sure if this was a random attack or if she was targeted. meantime they're urging women in the neighborhood to walk together in pairs and avoid desolate areas. >> some sick person. >> friends, loved ones, of 33 year old debra gulver still in shock over her violent murder inside a city park over the weekend. >> somebody wanted her to suffer. like somebody -- they went
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after her. >> police identified gulver monday as the victim of haneous attack that happened sometime after 2:30 a.m. saturday near 21st and lehigh behind dobbins high school. >> she was brutally assaulted. she was stabbed in excess of 12 times. >> captain james clark says gulver had just gotten off the bus with a friends, and then they parted ways. clark said gulver was known to cut through rayburn park to get to her home about three blocks away. >> we did see the victim entering the location. no one following her. who ever did this we believe was already in the park. >> police have interviewed a man who called 911 to report the stabbing. as well as gulver's companion on the bus. they're hoping to talk to two young men who also called 911 from the park but left the scene before police arrived. >> monday community members prayed at the spot where gulver's body was found. and those close toast her cut a beautiful life cut way too short. >> she had been talking about moving to florida and getting
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away from all of this. and she never had the chance. >> in a community vigil for debra gulver is scheduled for tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. outside dobbins high school. all are welcome to attend. but for now live outside police headquarters, trang do, cbs-3 "eyewitness news," jim, back to you. >> thank you, trang for that update. meanwhile in other news in california a civil suit against bill cosby could get a trial date today. cosby is accused of sexually assaulting a teenager at the playboy mansion more than four decades ago. accuser judy said she was 15 whether it happened. the hearing comes less than two week after pennsylvania jury dead locked in a criminal case against cosby. mistrial declared on charges that cosby drugged and molested andrea constand. >> well it, may be time for deal making if the gop senators want to push through their senate healthcare bill. the congressional budget offers released it report on the impact of the bill, and set lemon shows us many in
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washington believe the findings will lead to the bill's demise. >> john democrats, protesting senate healthcare bill. >> this is moral moment. this is not a political moment. after the release after report from the non-partisan congressional budget office. report says new legislation will cost 22 million more americans to lose coverage by 2026 slight improvement over the house version. >> this report should the end of the road for trump care. republicans would be wise to read it like a giant stop sign biggest drop in coverage would come next year when 15 more million will be insureds primarily because the penalty for not having insurance would be eliminated there. would also and net reduction of more than $300 billion in the deficit, that would be mostly due to reduced spending on medicaid.
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>> republican leered ship has been pushing for a vote as early at this week, rat least handful of republicans, though have, said publicly, a vote is premature. >> other republicans are worried how they would get this. >> best way to start buying people off. sews that he what i'm really suspicious of. >> with democrats all expected to vote no, republicans can only afford to lose two of their own for the bill to pass. seth lemon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> here at home, demonstrators making their voices heard over the healthcare bill. protested outside the old city offices of pennsylvania republican senator pat toomey again yesterday. the group protested therefore several days now. calls the gop healthcare bill a first step in repealing obamacare. coming up in the next half hour, cbs news business
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analyst jill schlessinger will break down the numbers and explain how the gop healthcare bill will impact americans. also, ahead, tens of thousands of ache remembers scorched out west. as major wild fires spread in several states. find out why the situation is not expected to get any better, any time soon. plus this: >> ♪ help, help i torri is dancing. >> we'll save derrick pit from the franklin institute. can we help it? >> i can't reach. >> let me help you. >> oh. that will help. >> more when we come back. ♪ pro-tip. get these great smoked ribs. twenty minutes on the grill, they're done. you think he cares if i smoke ribs for six hours? what? the best food at amazing prices, giant.
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>> at least 1200 ache remembers scorched in california in this massive wild fire. authorities say the blaze in the hills started with a car crash on a nearby highway. >> the blaze now called the plan's anita fire started when car crash yesterday afternoon, that car went up in flames, which then caught dry brush on fire, resident nearby getting ready to evacuate just in case. >> little bittner syringe. i've been in the last fire that they had up here. it came all the way down to my back porch. >> every time we saw smoke in a fire, always a scary thing for us, because just never know if it will come over that mountain and we have to evacuate. >> both the driver and passenger of the car were treated for their injuries and are expected to be okay.
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the anything's largest wild fire continues its path in southern utah. so far the fire burning near the ski resort town of brian head has scorched about 46,000 . now, also destroyed 13 homes now tops $7 million. fire started june 17 by someone using a torch to burn weeds. that blaze is right now about 10% contained. >> we know the pitfalls of live television there is morning, another pitfall. >> oh! >> leprochan there. irish weather man derrick was swept away, by high winds, while reporting last week, the gust every winds even turned his umbrella an inside out. sure seems like the studio crew thought it was funny. waist not hurt. thank goodness he wasn't broadcasting at the white cliffs of dover or something like. that will the thing that amaze me about there is though, watch. it's got a man bun. if you see him when he comes
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back, a man bun. i don't know. if you're not a sport figure, you shouldn't bewaring a man gun. >> he pulls it off, don't you think? meisha agrees. >> yes. >> right back here, i just cover it. >> ya. you know what would make my world, would make my millennium? >> i have enough hair. i could probably try it over the weekend. i'll sends awe photo t would be kind of scary looking. >> scary or awesome? i mean, let the internet be the judge. don't you think? oh, boy. >> here we go. >> you and pat gallen should both grow man buns, pat, what do you think? >> nope? not doing it? not doing it. >> i'm good, i'm good. >> i think you both could really pull it off. >> pat wants a mullet. >> there you go! >> hey, let's go old school. let's rock the 80s hair, all right? so, at this point, we had some stormy wet their rolled through through the overnight, obviously since cleared. beautiful start to the day at this point. nothing more than few rest
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idanissavich cruel clouds. it feels like 62, even though we had the storms, humidity really been held back here, feels real comfortable all-in-all. we look at storm scan at this wider zoom. this little pocket is what i want to keep my eye on at this point. there is a possibility, nudges into some of the west most suburbs, but the storms rumble through, see that? that's what rumble through the city overnight maybe woke you up in the middle of the night, now long since gone, generally specking partly sunny day, just spotty shower or under this earl storm will fire at some point, or early evening, high hit 80, so still technically below average, 5 degrees or so, tonight we drop to 57. few clouds, mooing more, looking forward to the forecast, begins to really heat up specially come friday, saturday, sunday, weaver holiday weekends coming up here, meisha, looking to me like there may be few showers or storms granted but they won't be wash-out days coming up here, certainly going to be hot enough for the pool or the beach. >> yes, for sure. all right, katie, thank you so much. talking about steamy, take a look, at this gorgeous
6:17 am
sunshine, exactly how we want to start the day specially because we started earlier with wet roadways, little crumby, foggy, now it is the sun peaking through, pack the sunglasses but soak this in. gorgeous, 202 north, at chesterbrook boulevard. what we are looking at around the area. see congestion levels not bad at allment look at the schuylkill, same story, schuylkill usually heats upright around now, looking good, taillights eastbound direction approaching montgomery dry. either way you go, eastbound, westbound, looking good, beautiful commute right now, might be little bit of damn many on the roadways, but overall still looking good. then talking about some survey operations on the schuylkill, actually, part of much larger project, part one of two, schuylkill west from 476 to 202, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. then talking about some overnight construction, as well, between route one and 476 this week. one lane block. nine p.m. to 5:00 a.m. a lot more to discuss when we come back in a little bit, jim, back over to you. >> thank you so much, meisha. we all know the franklin institute knows all about learning and having fun. but you can now add a new
6:18 am
engaging exhibit to the list, and pat gallen here to live us a behind the scenes look. hello again sir. >> jim, who does not love the franklin institute. >> i do. >> such a great place. >> yes, such a special place. one, it always leaves guests in awe. now, they are taking science and entertainment to another level. with escape the room. vittoria woodill and i were task with breaking out. could we do it? get ready to put on your thinks capping, the franklin institute want you to escape the room. started out with getting out of the rooms with different puzzle. we took it to another level at tsi. >> vittoria woodill got a look, one of two games the pun can play at the franklin. >> this is going to be one of the first in the science center in the u.s. we will be learning a lot as we go along. >> same here. what exactly is our mission? >> this escape vroome about saving derek pits.
6:19 am
>> awe. so all we have to do is save derrick pit, and that's all to? >> sound east. >> i first give answer wrist bands, and a role. >> them time to he is came. first, into the warm hole. >> in here we had to play the right tune. >> on to the next, where the clues were even more difficult. >> let me try logging in now, but it doesn't reach. that can't be right. >> anyone in here? >> this says system fails, get the code. >> as we scan the room, we look for signs.
6:20 am
>> and, just like that, success. >> not so fast. >> in the system fails get the code. >> woe we be able to escape before the oxygen runs out? >> red square. red circle. yellow square. to be continued. ton at 5:00 tori has part 26 our journey through the escape rooms at the franklin institute. see if we can get out or if derrick pit is gone forever. what we did was we went through intergalactic escape, one of two newest cape rooms there, one opening tomorrow is called islands escape. very cool. like boats and stuff. but two different escape rooms, all at the franklin. >> but running out of oxygen you don't want to be stuck with tori. she is constantly talking she will suck up all of the air in the room. and watch at 5:00. coming up small town photographer making small impression with graduating seniors, see why high school
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students are coming from all over the country to have them take their senior photos extreme style of the that's coming up next. ♪ it's not carbonation. those bubbles are celebrating. ♪ right now, get $1 any size soft drink. only at mcdonald's. ♪
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frappé or shake for $2. small mcdonald's smoothie, how do you top a deal like that? ♪ hurry in, only at mcdonald's. ♪ >> a duplex suffered extensive fire damage in last night, dozen every neighbors and gathered on main street to watch firefighters douse the flames and bring it under control in a less than half hour. no injuries fortunately reported. >> from the news journal, director of housing fourth fired last night after concerns that he may have lied on his resume, eugene, hired in october, was terminated effectively immediately following questions going back years about his credential. ten year old william wallace has been playing with poke man collectable trading cards for only two and a half years, but
6:25 am
get this, in that time he has travel the wormed competing in tournament, as far as australia. he's won thousands of dollars in cash and prizes. who knew? as of yesterday he was ranked fifth in the world, in the age ten and under category. >> that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> well, if a photograph nerve iowa creating one after kind senior portraits in the small town where he grew up. ben scheck owns photography studio in wilton, eye owe washing been doing high school senior portraits for the pass ten years, uses green jean to transport his subjects and bring out their passion. the photographer says, creativity is key. >> the more you work with it, the more time practice being creative, around creative people it, builds the creativity, being able to put amazing artwork in people's homes just i think i love doing it. >> i like this idea. he said he got started when
6:26 am
photography because he wanted to take pictures every his son, seniors, have reached out to him all over the country for portrait. that's cool. but how could you do that on your own? i don't even know how you would be able to do that? really cool. >> in front of the green screen every day, why aren't you doing things like this? we should have magical things behind you. >> i know, i want to be like sky diving, i want to be in like allison wonderland or wiz around every oz or something. >> look, there we go. >> oh, okay. from the king of world. >> if you say so. >> common. >> i try to make any movie reference, you never work with me, come on. >> because i don't know all of your movies, you're like an end cyclo media. >> he's leaving me. here is our green wall. you can make anything happen. we can make magic. >> yes, yes. poof. >> and coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news," guess what? >> tell me. >> we will tell but a million dollars winning powerball ticket sold in philadelphia.
6:27 am
i think meisha won. plus a legal victory for president trump, supreme court let part of his travel ban to take effect. find out what we can expect at the nation's airport. now to the lottery winner, meisha? >> jim, katie, my green screen pretty lonely over here, i have to say. that will looking outside right now, looking at some rain earlier, now the sunshine is moving, in do have downed tree, how much, and big construction project on the schuylkill to talk about when we come back. first we will take a quick break, stay right where you are, cbs-3 "eyewitness news"
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it is 63 what you need to start your day in the morning minute, today is june 27, 2017. >> a woman brutally murder in a park behind a school in north philadelphia.
6:31 am
>> police do not know if this was random attack or if she was targeted. >> a being show g attack caught on surveillance video, tourists beaten and robbed in new orleans' french quarter. >> we urge them to turn themselves? >> the fate of the senate gop healthcare bill, is in jeopardy. >> a surprise catch down the shore, a hammer head shark rolled in, in cape may. >> everybody knows michael keaton, but i found out that you're not michael keaton. your real name you actually use and tell the people what it is. >> my real need michael douglas, people get very confused because, driver over the site. >> and then i show up. >> that was michael keaton, also known as michael douglas
6:32 am
on the late show with steven dog bert, thinks you learning watching the late show. >> i love that. >> good, good stuff as you always say, right? all right, well, jim, we had the thunderstorms rumbled through the overnight, now long gone thankfully, how much, i can't promise you we're totally dry through the rest of the day, but that was the brunt of anything that was going to strike our area. what you notice at this just shop shot view, the try said sweep made with the area radar, the heaviest rain that came through early this morning now much more after new york problem, heck moving out of the big apple toward long island, parts of connecticut, long since made full departure, notice to the left, batch of showers around harrisburg, i want to keep my eye on this we should be in the clear elsewhere. the rest of the region, for the majority of the day here later few thunderstorms,
6:33 am
because front crossing through, pretty weak in general. low 60s currently up and down, mid 60s at the shore, much cooler by comparison mount pocono, even reading where only at 58 degrees, today, all-in-all, call it partly sunny, see sun thine throughout the half of the day, spotty under this earl storm very likely to pop on the radar, doesn't mean everyone gets hit but certainly means we have to mention it out there. because it will affect generally anybody at any time in this second half of the day. but cooler than average day as we expect the high to only hit 08 degrees, light winds, is projected out of the west. meisha, over to you. >> all right, katie thank you so much. keep an eye on the roadways right now look like little dry, has shine down on us, make sure to pack the sunglasses overall congestion levels i have to say, push through the 6:00 hour, not bad. boulevard, pushing in the southbound direction, you might start to get hung up as you jump on to the schuylkill. then once you jump on the schuylkill around city avenue take a look, push in the westbound direction, that's pretty slow moving, a lot of brake lights going on, no
6:34 am
longer traveling at posted speeds, there i would say get yourself, you'll probably need it, look at the ben franklin bridge, coming from jersey, pushing in the westbound direction what we're working with all lanes looking nice and open, still traveling around at posted speeds, probably won't be as you approach the 7:00 hour, how much, then we do have drowned tree in norristown heads up in front every montgomery county courthouse, speed street, ear airy street, right lane is compromised right now, just that is your neck of the woods bring it to tour attention, plus construction delaware talking about both spots, 295, 495, when we come back in the next ten minute, back to you. >> philadelphia police offering $20,000 to help anyone who can help them finds a killer who brutally murdered woman in a city park, debra, early saturday morning, walking in ray born park near 21st and lehigh avenue. friends, say, she used the park behind done inch high school as a short cut to get her home. the victim's friend tells us
6:35 am
she doesn't know why someone would go after gulver. >> had been talking about moving to florida getting away, and she never had the chance. she could have been anyone's daughter, anyone's sister, she could have been anyone's friends but she was my friends and now she's gone. >> officers wanted to speak with two men spot in the surveillance video, witness cents called 911 from the scene, but they were gone by the time police got there. well, testimony continues until the federal corruption trial of distinct attorney set william. yesterday police deputy commissioner joe sullivan told the court williams had approached him about muhammad ali. ali the businessman and friends every williams who testified last week. testified williams, to step up security at the airport, and ask sullivan checked in with the fb i am. they told him not to get involved.
6:36 am
>> going back many times, the information i received and who i received it from, i certainly realize i move forward in good fate. >> williams faces bribery and more than dozen other charges. he could be sentenced to up 20 years in prison if convicted. >> meanwhile, document show federal agent wiretapped the cell phones of philadelphia labor boss john dougherty and his protege on the city council. bobby even and for more than a year. they less continued dock err early's calls for 16 months, dougherty runs the international brotherhood of electrical workers local 98 he is the focus of an fbi investigation into nearly all aspect of the union operation operations. >> white house warning syria, on its own citizens. press secretary, sean spicer, announced the news last night, he said, there is, quote, potential evidence that syria is planning a chemical attack. blame on civilians in april.
6:37 am
president trump ordered missile strikes in retaliation for that incident, the white house has not provided evidence to back up this recent claim. >> meantime, the supreme court is giving the president's travel ban a chance, the court is allowing most of the ban to be enforced while it prepares to hear the case in october. the white house called the decision a clear victory for national security, the 90 day ban would apply to most from iran, libya, somalia, suddan, yemen, countries that the trump administration calls terror prone. supreme court justices said the lower courts had blocked the ban, went too far in limiting the president's authority. the ban could be put into place as soon as today. by now you have seen the headlines, but do you understand the full impact of the senate healthcare proposal? well, here to breakdown some of the numbers cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger joins us live from new york, good morning, jill. who is covered under medicaid, how would this new senate plan in the works change the
6:38 am
program? medicaid turns 51 years old next month, currently covers about 74 million americans this includes low income families, pregnant women, people with disabilities, and those who need long-term care. two thirds every all people in nursing homes in the u.s. are there because of medicaid. it is funded as partnership between the federal partnership and the state. each portion pace a portion every bills with no limit. un the affordable care ability, medicaid expands today include 14 million more people fell below $44,000, fell for family of four. under the senate plan, the expansion would be ruled back by the year 2024 and most importantly medicaid would be re structured in a big way. in instead of largely open ended program, the senate plan would reduce the amount of
6:39 am
money that the government would provide, and would allow states to up out of coverage from certain conditions. so let me boil this down, gang. medicaid un the senate plan would become smaller less generous program. >> jill, how does this senate plan that they are looking at right now impact taxes? it would repeal taxes, that includes 3.8% tax on capitol dividends, applies to individuals who earn 200 grand, married couples making more than 250 grand. the repeal would actually be retroactive to the beginning of the year. now there is also a separate .9% payroll tax for these folks. that would remain in place until 2023 after that would also be repealed. the senate would also spread taxes on indoor tanning salons, pharmaceutical conditions, medical device makers. >> well, at this point, what's the bottom line on this proposal as it stands now?
6:40 am
fresh numbers from the congressional officer, over the next ten years, 22 million people would become uninsured, and, here is the number that i'm really focusing on, $772 billion reduction in medicaid spending. now that's reduction, along with other cut, would amount to trillion dollar drop in direct government spending. however those tax cut for the wealthy other changes to the affordable care act, that would cost the government a bunch of money, $700 billion, so even though making a trillion dollar cut in medicaid, in spending, we only see the deficit dropping by $321 billion over the period. that's ten years, i've key ate dollars comprehensive healthcare plan, q and. , how sub syd list change, as well, hop onto jill on money. com. >> thank, check your lottery ticket, so far no one claimed
6:41 am
winning powerball ticket worth $1 million sold here in philadelphia. the fifth variety store in olney sold the ticket on saturday, i still think meisha has this ticket, for some reason, that ticket matched all five white balls but not the powerball. the store earns $5,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket n case you thought you may have the winning ticket those numbers again: >> well up next in the health watch, new warning about night shift work plus caught on camera, shark swims into shallow water, pat? >> summertime, kids are outside playing with cool new toys, saw the crazy car, let me tell you, it is fast, and it is not that i'm way too big for it, but we'll finds out what kids are playing with these days, when we come back.
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>> clouds, beautiful sunrise down the shore, we look at this time lapse this morning. >> so relaxing. but you know what, there were some scary moment on beach in spain, when a shark is spotted in shallow water. talk about two close for comfort, this blue shark caused beach goers to head for the shore. the beach had to be shutdown, officials from aquarium were called in to cap sure the shark. the shark had serious head wounds, not good, and seemed to be dying. experts say it is pretty rare for blue shark to attack a human. >> no one needs to be in pain. i don't want it to bite me but i don't want it in pain. >> poor thing. >> good beach day? >> i would say so.
6:46 am
we had storms rumble through earlier, but the skies have nicely cleared at this point. we can expect that we're basically looking ahead to some sunshine. much like you saw in the time lapse, did you at the moment more blue sky than anything, take you through handful of pictures that came in from the weather watchers, more blue sky than anything, bright sunshine, outside peter's house this morning. he he is in williamstown, new jersey, been lingering clouds up in chesterfield, but he did say the rain has since stopped. it was actually crossing right through his neck of the woods in the last hour and a half or so. >> certainly some clouds still out, there but they're thinning nicely, even though you'll still see them throughout the day. we are going to end up with again some pretty pleasant weather all-in-all, very quick check on area temperatures sent in from the watchers here. eileen gilbertsville, 58. cool start to the morning, 58,
6:47 am
levit town, zero six, low 60s around much of the region. marty in chalfont just 58 degrees this morning. as is lisa in wilmington, little cool start, i wouldn't say jacket weather necessarily, but it is cool. specially for june morning. and, i had to do second guess, hey, we are still in june right? months are fleeting aren't they? we look at storm scan, here was the batch of rain that rumble through with storms through the early morning hours, maybe it woke you up in the middle of the night. still keeping watch on this little pocket of showers try to nudge closer, so i'll let you know if it is going to hilt you there. generally speaking i think you'll ends up with sunshine first half of the day, then high pressure builds in in the wake of the frontal passage that take place throughout the course of the afternoon, so spotty shower or thunderstorm still in the cards this afternoon or toward evening, clear out overnight. dropping down to very comfortable 57 degrees low. >> we heat up with time, lever the air-conditioning cranking by the time we hit the
6:48 am
weekend, three state day nine's starting friday. >> i saw that, mine broke down when i was on vacation, not only is your placed into willing but your air conditioner is broken. tell you all about it during the break. 422 headlight moving in the eastbound direction at oaks right now, 59 by girard, take a look how slow moving that's going as you push in the southbound direction toward center city. heads up on this, getting very busy give yourself maybe extra 20 to 25 minute there as you head out the door. also accident here north wales 202 dekalb pike at plymouth road. showing green around, i just want to bring it to your attention, might start to slow you down coming up in the next 30 minute. construction 495 south edgemore road closed 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. jim, back over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. it is summertime which means the kids are outside playing more often pat gotten live outside with a look at toys to keep cool to have fun, games for the whole family, patrick?
6:49 am
kids done, home fo for the summer, how do you keep them entertained. >> this cool stuff, this is alley, high! >> hi, how are you doing? >> i'm good. doing well. tell us about all of these cool things including this start with tower first. >> great. twist time tower crash. it as great family game that you can play outside. figure out what color you'll point out. >> careful. >> oh, oh, i did it. >> on top. >> all right? >> and the goal for it not to fall over. try to build the tallest most wobble tower that you can. >> perfect. did i it. this is this sidewalk, paint spray err from crayola.
6:50 am
>> okay? >> pump this up. spray the paint on to the sidewalk. >> can i spray it onto kyle's shoes? >> that's up to kyle. >> oh, i see how it goes. >> and then you can either draw whatever you want with it, or you can use the stencil and create cool shapes. >> oh, nice. >> everyone is a art which is crayola a remote control cars. >> very cool remote control car. got big tire treads. so when you drive it, it can drive over grass, through water, different terrains, and it can do these really cool 360 spins. >> look at that thing. >> kids will definately love this. >> the cool car, i like. how about this one smear. >> for younger quids to play with on hot day right?
6:51 am
>> sure. >> got all of the cool toys. >> from step two. >> what are the ages for this? >> eighteen months and up. >> okay. >> perfect for me. >> right. and other kids who can't swim. so they can splash in the pond, power water through the cool ramps. there is bucket, lit friends to play with as well and splash in the pool. >> all right. over here. so the dunk tank, how does this work? >> gun game where one of us will wear it on their heads. fill it up with water here, just like you're at carnival. i'm use the foam balls, try to hit the target and hit you in the face. >> when you hit it it will dunk the diver. >> i wish they wish it was filled with weighter g to the carts? >> go to the carts. >> these are crazy cards. >> crazy carts from razor, super cool. >> okay. >> silt down, design for younger kids to dress on go cart. instead of drift bar keep both
6:52 am
hands on the steering wheel. >> jim, pretty cool. we'll ride off into the sunrise. >> thank you, see, i was supposed to be out there. >> watch out for oncoming traffic! >> that's all you have to do, get hit by a car. thanks, patrick. 6:52. a lot coming up, of lovely nora o'donnell joins because preview. good morning, nora. >> good morning to you, jim. ahead we will break down the senate healthcare bill, how will it affect your coverage and its cost. plus, jeff is in alaska looking into the increase in bear attacks, two deadly encounters already impacting the summer tourism season. more people are complaining about harmful reactions to their cosmetics. doctor on which products to watch out for. and, controversial tennis legends john mcenroe is here on studio 57.
6:53 am
all of that plus the eye opener, your world, in 902nd. see you right at 7:00. >> lots to look forward, to thanks, nora, we will be watching. until the health watch this morning it, looks like working the night shift really isn't good for you. oh, could have asked me. researchers say working throughout the night can hurt your body's ability to repair the wear and tear of cells. they believe it has something to do with the suppression of the hormone meletonin. doctors say meletonin helps regulate one's internal body clock. >> well, big catch for fisherman down the shore. take a look, joe tobin was with his wife when he caught hammer head shark. he made the catch sunday night off of sunset beach in cape may. his wife said the slacker was about 4 feet long, wade about 30 pounds, took few pictures with it, and the video, before putting back into the water. >> in this guy, though, is not lucky enough to return to the water. a tsa agent spot add 20-pound lobster in a checked bag. >> this happened at boston's logan airport. the tsa says it is not unusual to find lobsters in checked
6:54 am
luggage in new england. but this one may have been the biggest one agents have discovered. it was cleared to fly, no word on where it was headed or what happened whether it arrived. >> well, we will be right back with three to go. stay with us.
6:55 am
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>> here is three to go, hearing is taking place in california today, in a lawsuit against bill cosby. he is accused of sexually assaulting a teenager at the playboy mansion more than 40 years ago, a trial date could be set. >> testimony continues this morning, in the corruption trial of philadelphia district attorney, seth williams. and congratulations to 30 recently promoted members of the philadelphia fire department. the ceremony taking place in their honor today. that's three to go, let's get last check on weather and traffic. >> congratulations, wonderful news there. we do have cool weather in place. low 60s currently up and down i95, 50's in hands full of spots, but expect to go heat up in the days ahead, as far as today goes, spotty light day shower, tomorrow looks awesome shall meisha. >> all right, katie thank you so much. couple of places looking real busy, can't see it here, taillights eastbound direction, westbound around city avenue on the schuylkill looking very slow, also, 59 at cottman, as well. >> and thank you shall meisha. wilmington swimming pool now has new name. it has been named after one of it former lifeguards, you may know this guy, joseph r biden, jr. aquatic center unveiled
6:59 am
yesterday. the former vice president works at the pool, at brown burton winchester parkas a young man, now the pool is named after him. >> and even after all of these years, he still looks good, up in that lifeguard stand. >> and in case you were wondering what the vp looked like back in the day, here it is, joe wearing the traditional swimsuit lifeguards back in the summer of 62, back then the pool was known as the prince's run swimming pool. >> look at him. >> looks great. >> vintage throw back, love it. swimmer body. >> swimmer body. >> the two of you with the arms cbs this morning is next, remember to join us each weekday morning here on cbs-3 starting 4:30 a.m. have a great day everybody. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
7:00 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ good morning. it is tuesday, june 27th, 2017. welcome to cbs this morning. the white house says it has evidence the syrian government is planning to use more chemical weapons on its own people. it warned al-assad that he and hid military will pay a heavy price for any gas attack. >> another senate republican says no to the latest health care bill after the new e finds it would leave 22 million more people without insurance. how it will affect your coverage. and americans are having more dangerous reactions to cosmetics. we'll show you which products to watch out for. and we're in alaska where two deadly bear attacks are


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