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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 28, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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henry, joins us live from bensalem police department where investigators worry there could be more victims, henry, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, about six years a decade ago. look at what he looks like right now but pictures we are about to show you in just about 302nd police want to you focus on because there is concern there may be more than just the three victims that they know about right now. >> although it is my prayer and hope, that there are no other victims, it is my fear that there may still be other victims out there, and that is why we're making this plea for your help. >> reporter: thinks what shannon west moreland who goes by the name shawn, looks like right now. bucks county authorities say you should focus on these pictures, their driver's license photos from 1999 through 2005 during that time he is accused of sexually assaulting three girls while coaching football for ramblers athletic association. >> age four to 18, so, there
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are crimes out there, this man , repeatedly raping these young, juvenile. >> reporter: bucks county district attorney matt wine taubb says is there nothing specific that points to more victims but he warns. >> these type of cases take on a pattern, and, you know, we are just concerned that the pattern may have repeated itself in this instance. >> reporter: d.a. says that both parents of football players and cheerleaders of the team should have conversations, with their children. we have reached out to the atretica so, to find out what if any background checking was done before hiring this guy. we have not gotten a response but we will keep after them and let you know when we have new information. live from bensalem, henry ross off, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". welcome to the "eyewitness news" team. dramatic surveillance video from northern liberties, it shows a u-haul truck crashing in the restaurant month. man eating lunch narrowly escaped disaster here. cell phone video from outside shows that the driver falling out of that truck and then running away.
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this happened at the urban village brewery on second street, luckily, no one was injured despite that video. we did talk to the woman who just missed being hit by a truck. >> it seemed unreal. it felt like a movie honestly. >> not, going to do that for a long time. >> driver was eventually taken into custody. police say he was under the influence at the time and driving the wrong way, on a one way street. in south philadelphia today homeowners are dealing with a disturbing, crime. hateful graffiti spray painted on their houses. now, police are investigating and city workers didn't waste anytime they power washed and painted over messages right away but residents are concerned, at the thoughts of vandals targeted their neighborhood. >> i have been here for zero seven years. my concern is, the statements, that says, kill a cop, save a life like what are you thinking.
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i mean, you know, graffiti, but how serious are you on a statements. >> i have been here 35 years, you know, all of a sudden you get this. >> detectives are reviewing surveillance cameras from local business toss identify a suspect or suspects. and in north philadelphia loved won are right now remembering woman murdered in rayburn park over the weekend. "eyewitness news" what the a community vigil for deborah gulliver, just a short time ago, people gathered at dobbins high school to sign a banner and youth photograph. the three three-year old was violently stabbed behind a park in the high school as she walk home early saturday morning. police are offering a $20,000 reward for any help in find herring killer. day of celebration for animal lovers every where, today's pennsylvania governor tom wolf signed tough new legislation, that protects animals from cruelty and knee globing. lawmakers are calling it a huge victory for animals
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throughout pennsylvania. the stroke of the pen, governor tom wolf signed animal cruelty prevention bill into law. >> no one should be, allowed to get away with the neglect of animals and now thanks to this statute, they won't be able to getaway with it. >> reporter: comprehensive bipartisan measure increases penalties for animal abuse, called the dog that was on hand for the signing, found severely abused and neglected as a puppy and nursed back to health making a miraculous recovery in pennsylvania, torturing or seriously abusing an animal in most instances was punishable only by equivalent of the traffic ticket and that was just wrong >> up until now, pennsylvania was one of the only three states in the entire country without this kind of tough law against animal cruelty. animal cruelty is not consistent with pennsylvania values, and again, not consistent with the rest of the country. >> reporter: overhaul bill allows some cases of animal abuse to now rise to the level of a felony. it also included mandatory
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forfeiture of the abused animal to an animal shelter if the abuser is convicted. stipulation to dog tethering, increased protection for horse s and civil immunity for veterinarians and humane society officers to prevent frivolous lawsuits from reporting animal cruelty pennsylvania spca says this updated bill will go a long way in saving, preserving the quality of life for all animals. >> the passing of house bill 1238 is a historic legislative step toward protecting animals , from abuse and neglect. >> reporter: this historic legislation takes effect in 60 days and meant to cut down on the number of abuse cases reported every single year throughout the commonwealth of pennsylvania. philadelphia police need your help finding a man wanted for violently trying to grab a woman's purse in rittenhouse square. watch at the top of the screen here you can see man grab the woman's wrist and drag her down 200 block of south 16th street. four good samaritans chased suspect away, before he could take anything, victim suffered
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minor scratches. lets look at this vicious attack in west chester, police are searching for that man who publishedched another man, sunday morning one gay street. victim suffered serious head injury and is in serious condition tonight. two freight train conduct ors are killed on the job, in washington d.c., they were struck by an amtrak train and killed on the track. it happened near union station , just before midnight. investigators say conductors got out of their csx train to check out a problem. they walked on a active track and struck by amtrak train 175 inbound from boston. accident disrupted services between philadelphia and washington all morning long but it has resumed, the ntsb is investigating. tony luke, junior is a name synonymous for cheese steaks and he hopes fight to end stigma is associated with heroin abuse. tony recently lost his son tony luke the third to heroin. today tony luke junior announced formation of the heroin addiction initiative called the brown and white
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campaign. tony's encouraging anyone who lost a loved one to heroin to wear a brown, white item and share it through social media. >> i want people to know this is not something to runaway from. that people need to be aware, people need to drive down the street and see all of the people that have been affected by this. >> tony luke, junior says it is important to remember that people lost to heroin like his son are not just a statistic. well, also a big bust at airport customs officers make a valuable discovery they found this money hidden on some passengers body yesterday all that cash there as adding up to 93,000 doll arts. officers found money on a man, his wife and some of their children before they got on a flight to qatar. they got $3,000 back but the rest was taken by the officers testimony in day seven of the corruption trial of the philadelphia's district attorney seth williams focused on campaign finance. lisa gonzales seen here with
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our joe holden was executive director for williams political action committee friend offset williams. she testified that she felt uncomfortable with some of williams spending habits at the union league. she told court that those expenses included a $2,600 birthday party in 2014 for williams girl friend. williams defense attorney argued expenses made on behalf of the campaign were legitimate. well, food bank in south jersey received very special vice from it one of the nation 's largest on line retail tours day. >> it is all part of the new program that helps non-profit organizations become more efficient, reporter cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is in pennsauken those details. >> reporter: this is south jersey food bank, they bring in, pack up, send out is 11 million-pound of food every year. 200,000 families fed throughout the south jersey region. this summer, with the help of volunteers, they will pack up. >> breakfast, lunch, a snack for 8,000 kid a day but need
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is so great they want to do more. in comes logistics expert from who took a look at the mail packing operation. >> the process we were looking at is very similar to the process we do inside our building. >> reporter: they know it is little things that make or break a process. >> you open the bag up, like this. >> it might not be as much as money savings as a time saving >> reporter: so what would happen if you were able to save two to 32nd bagging each meal that would be tremendous, we would have more food going out and maybe be able to process more food and 10 more kid who don't to have have food today and tomorrow. >> reporter: free advice is part of the amazon program where company experts consult on everything from lighting to storage, to product movement to help food banks run more smoothly. amazon volunteer, also packed meals, they gave 10 grand and co will donate $10,000 in product in the days to come so the food bank can pack up and
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send out more food to families who need it most n pennsauken, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". penn state made more changes in the aftermath of the student's death at a fraternity parity. >> latest way school is trying revamp the greek system. plus a path of destruction after a street sweeper is stolen. what the driver was doing just before the truck got stolen. playing the name game at philadelphia zoo unique way they decided what to call this adorable new addition at the zoo, and meeting behind the gorilla's name. lauren. that is a gorgeous day across the delaware valley but changes are just around the corner with summertime sweat factor returning i'll let you know when to expect high temperatures cruising in the 90's in your full forecast, coming up. you deserve it and brett brown knows it, how sixers head coach described this cities thirst for a winner. that is later in ♪ pro-tip. get these great smoked ribs. twenty minutes on the grill, they're done.
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penn state has developed an advisory group of students, faculty and trustees to address issues in the greek system. comes following death of timothy piazza, 19 year-old sophomore died in february at beta theta pi house during an alcohol fueled hazing incident eighteen members of the now shuttered fraternity now face charges in connection with piazza's death. police are searching for a suspect who stole a street sweeper and went on a joy ride this happened in paterson, new jersey, 2:00 o'clock this morning. ride ended when vehicle crashed into several parked cars, person operating the street sweeper had gotten out of the vehicle to change a garbage bag and that is when suspect jumped in and took off he drove a mile before
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crashing the vehicle and running away, luckily no one was injured. city of philadelphia gearing up for independent day with a brand new photo exhibit , this is what visitors will see when they arrive at philadelphia international airport. the exhibit recognizes philadelphia's designation, as the nation's first world heritage city. mayor jim kenney and other leaders were on hand for the ceremony this morning as part of the cities welcome america festivities. that time of the year. >> yes, it is. western low land gorilla born earlier this month at philadelphia zoo now has a name and his own mom, or momma , was the one to pick it out. >> john mcdevitt with our sister station kyw news radio was at the zoo today and shows you how the name was selected. >> it was standing room only as visitors packed a primate preserve, three boxes, each with the name on it, filled with all sorts of gorilla goodies including peanut butter were set up in the outdoor even close another. name on the first box, will be the name of the baby. mom kira carrying new born was
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first to dig n she checked, miracle in sway heelly. the name christie farly rambo says delivery a few weeks ago was a life threatening situation. >> about to use, modern medicine, and human intervention we probably would have who her baby. it is a miracle that she's here today. >> reporter: human doctors delivered baby gorilla using forceps. >> we had an ob-gyn, anesthesiologist whole team on stand by and ready at drop of the hat. we said hey, she's in trouble. we need you this he were here within minutes. and, they delivered a baby gorilla. >> one month-old, grill ace expected to lincoln to the mom over next few months or so before becoming independent like half sister amani who turns one in late august. many of the children enjoyed how small the babies are and how they spend time with their moms.
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>> they hang on to their backs , or belly, like. >> they are big or small. >> small. >> so small, right. >> yes. >> the names not chosen were thank you very much, and a word that means love. john mcdevitt for kyw cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> turf get over there. i've got to get on there. i will. lauren has your forecast, beautiful day. >> beautiful day for your outdoor activities, took dogs for a walk, they were cruising , enjoying sunshine, enjoying breeze and low humidity and getting a live look at center city philadelphia all well, 79 degrees, feeling good wind at 6 miles an hour and no, feels like index because humidity is so low. temperatures running below average. we should be in the mid up to ker 80's. we are in the zero seven's at most of the reporting sites. 80 degrees in ac right now. sixty's in the poconos and 79 in wilmington.
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comfort index we have die pointings that are sub 50 degrees. we are in that awesome category and this evening, overnight tonight, another beautiful one. keeping those windows open mostly clear, pleasant. low of 64 degrees. for our day tomorrow we will start heating things up, mostly sunny, warm, breezy. 88 degrees. humidity levels won't be oppressive tomorrow but as we head into friday and saturday that summertime steaminess will return which is bordering on oppressive humidity levels into saturday and sunday. storm scan three showing us quiet conditions, really all across the region a couple passing cloud, closest storm system well up wind over upper midwest and will take its time getting here. that means good news as far as quiet weather, high pressure in control will act as a blocker, strong area of high pressure will cause that area of low pressure to move very slowly, eastbound as we head in the next several days. we will keep a lot of sunshine
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around, keep rain chances at a minimum. we will increase them as high pressure shifts off to thee allowing that low to make a close approach as we head into friday and upcoming weekend. your shore forecast over next couple days looking down right awesome, tomorrow, sunshine, breezy. 82 degrees. eighty-six on friday. be sure to put on that sun screen as we head into salt day, possibility have the late day storm but best chance of storms as we head in the upcoming holiday weekend will be overnight, saturday and into early sunday. we will have spotty storms during the day time hours, late day, keep an eye to the sky but not a wash out. good amount of sunshine as well especially on saturday. humid conditions for both days we will be more comfortable. monday looks like a gorgeous day, sunshine and fourth of july, improving forecast models looking a lot better then they were yesterday for the fourth, so we have bumped down rain and increased sunshine. for your holiday forecast. it will be a hot, steamy go into friday, saturday and sunday.
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then drying things out with no rain on monday, and then looking like a much better forecast with nice sunshine and chance of the late day storm by the fourth. okay, thanks very much. we are following breaking news right now, police say a farm tracker ran over a two-year old boy in lumberton burlington county. chopper three is over investigation on the 300 block of landing street, paramedics are preparing to take the bye to the hospital right now. no word on his condition at the moment. we will try to get more information and have it here on television or on cbs philly .com. >> um, um, um. >> very sad story. >> don has sports. >> no zen in the big apple, brett brownies fired up, just like rest of us and phillies trying to do something they have not done
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yes, right now. >> all right. >> sorry. >> it is all over the place. it has been two months since
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phillies won a series, on the road, and they are zero-nine- one during that span right now they have a chance in seattle. phillies down one to nothing in the third, and todd kelly with the man on. >> launches one it is deep. >> deep right field, how about that, it is gone. they take a two-one lead. phillies up three-two not anymore, danny valencia, crushing it. game tied at three. and then bottom of the fifth, robinson canu, um, wow. sweet swinging, he is g 14th of the season. phillies down four-three. they are still playing in the eighth inning. they have a chance. he has been most intimate witness to the war stretch of basketball in sixers history and yet brett brown remains patient, resilient. approaching year five as their head coach brown finally has talent to work with and he is embracing the excitement that comes with it. >> the city has earned the right to share in the
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excitement that we have as an organization and to see the crowd react to markelle fultz when we officially announced it. i think they did the same thing with ben simmons, and, you know, i think that excitement, we too feel. we know there is a lot of work to be done but i think the city deserves this. >> more from brett tonight at 11:00. the z en master is out of new york. team president phil jackson and knicks agreed to part ways jackson has had public fights with team star carmelo anthony and, dust up with other players. today portland trailblazers traded tim corbin , whoever that is for cash considerations, trailblazers twitter team had a little fun this tweet came out, big bag of money in front of the mike even if with the quote this trade is a blessing i'm ready to grind, rip city. i think i can make an immediate impact on the floor.
6:26 pm
cash considerations. >> that is great. >> that is great. >> you see that but they put a funny spin on it. >> seeing that smile on brett brown's face. >> yes. >> he knows. >> yes, indeed. >> looking forward to it. >> up next celebrating a century how local hospital was marking 100 years of treating,,
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well, mercy philadelphia happies marking a major milestone. >> officials revealed a huge ban tore kick off celebration of the hospital's 100 anniversary, "eyewitness news" here in west philadelphia the hospital's gospel choir delivered a inspirational performance, over the next year mercy philadelphia hospital will be remembering past, celebrating the present and dreaming of the future. thank you so much for watching us here at 6:00 we are back at 10 on the cw philly and back here at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". up next home land security demand tighter security at hundreds of airports all around the world, what the crackdown means for travelers and researchers test a new way to deliver the flu vaccine, here now is anthony mason, take care family, we will see you tonight.
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>> mason: stopping the next attack. homeland security considers drastic action. a possible ban on all electronic devices from some airports. >> our enemies are adaptive. we have to be adaptive, as well. >> i'm about to put you in jail. >> mason: a white officer threatens to jail a black man for jaywalking. he's the $17 million man, the president's former campaign chairman registers as a foreign agent. families sue the makers of a guardrail linked to highway deaths. >> it is causing horrendous damage. >> mason: and survivors open up about a taboo subject. >> it gives people permission to talk about it, which is often all we really need.


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