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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  June 29, 2017 3:10am-4:00am EDT

3:10 am this is the cbs "overnight news." turning now to syria. cbs news has learned the u.s. and russia are still othein the fight against isis. at least 6,000 u.s. troops are on the ground in syria and iraq. today, holly williams met theirn northern syria, a dirt airstrip for the u.s. military. tons of munitions.
3:11 am
>> this is an american logistics hub to retake raqqa, the isis capital which began a month ago. lieutenant general steven u.s.-led coalition to fight isis. and came straight from a forward command post near raqqa. getting started good in ju raqqa. >> as u.s. backed fighters close in on isis from the north they have also clashed with syrian regime forces which are backed by russia. 'sd drawn into a direct conflict. but the general downplayed that risk. >> we worked out a deconfliction line with the russians and the regime. and they seem, content to let us work on the raqqa problem and there we have drawn a line. they're happy to work on their side of it. we'll work on our side of it. >> reporter: general townsend promoted young officer to first
3:12 am
eu >> and acknowledged to us that u.s. troops went be leaving this country any time soon. >> i think u.s. troops will leave syria when isis is defeated. tau awe isis will surely turn into insurgency when they lost their territory. >> that's the next stage of isis, we call that isis 2.0. insurgency, rural. i think we still still be here dealing with that problem set for a while. >> isis and its cult of barbarity may be difficult to eradicate entirely.ns base to launch attacks on the west and the u.s. hopes retaking the city it will prevent future attacks. >> a viral video on facebook shows a jacksonville florida, police officer, threatening to haul a young black man to jail after stopping him for jaywalking. did the low-level infraction warrant a high intensity encounter? >> take your camera point it
3:13 am
across there at the red hand. that is a cross walk. >> reporter: moments after being stopped for allegedly jaywalking, 21-year-old davonte shipman started to record the incidence. >> i am about to put you in jail. >> disobeying a direct order. >> that's not resisting, officer. >> reporter: the interaction happened a week ago. shipman believes this is about more than just a jaywalking citation. >> i was just stopped for being black and walking how i feel. >> racial profile. racial discrimination. >> you are illegally detained. if you don't, you dill, i will put you in jail. >> in florida jaywalking is a crime that could mean citation and fine. not jail time. >> in the state of florida you have to have an id card on you i dent feeg who you are. >> according to florida law only motorists are required to have ids not pedestrians. >> reporter: the jacksonville sheriff's department says they
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are aware of the video and are conducting an administrative review. anthony shipman was issued two citations totaling $198 in fines. >> thanks. >> coming up, a type of guardrail used in more than half the country is at the center of two new lawsuits. >> instead of a flu shot would you prefer a flu patch? it says you apply the blue one ok, letto me. this. here? no.
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the families of three people killed in crashes last year involving a controversial type of guardrail filed law suits in tennessee. here is transportation correspondent kris van cleave. >> this dash cam shows the red suv he was riding in slamming into a guardrail in tennessee. instead of collapsing backwards the guardrail splinters sending metal ripping through the vehicle killing the 69-year-old. one of seven deaths in three states authorities linked to x like guardrails. awe losing a child is just the horrific, horrific thing that anyone -- can imagine. >> her daughter lauren and her friend jacob davidson died one year ago this week after their vehicle hit an x like guardrail that pierced the gar. >> to think she died senselessly.
3:18 am
that's why we want to bring awareness to this issue so other folks don't lose their children. >> reporter: video from lindsay transportation systems which makes x like how its say pez to work telescoping backward to absorb impact. instead tennessee department of transportation found in some high speed crashes the first section can separate allowing the next section to potentially spear a vehicle. the state sent this let skper device and spending millions to remove all of them from tennessee road. 14,000 along roads in half the country. most in these seven states. and the attorney, ted leopold. >> because of the design defects in the system. it its causing -- just, horrendous damage. and deaths. >> federal regulators, say nine states have stopped buying or
3:19 am
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a frightening scene in iowa today. a tornado touched down in stewart, west of des moines. it was on the ground for about ten minutes. so far, no injuries have been reported. fewer than 50% of americans got the flu shot last year. researchers in atlanta want to increase those numbers. by giving people the option to vaccinate themselves.
3:22 am
with a skin patch. dr. jon lapook takes a look. >> reporter: as georgia tech engineer watched his three children get flu shots, he asked himself, a question. why do we need a needle that is an inch long to cross a barrier that is, incredibly thin. so the thought was, let's make very small needles. make microneedles that can cross the barrier. >> reporter: traditional flu vaccinations require a needle long enough to reach muscle. but the engineer and those at his university tried something new. delivering vaccine to just inside the skin using a patch covered with needles that dissolve within minutes. the patch scan be self administered. >> if you zoom in and look at each of the individual microneedles, the height of each of the needles is equal to about the wouldle of paper. >> their study found the patch was safe, causing mild itching and redness. and gooz as traditional flu shot, stimulating a immune response measured by blood test. researchers have to prove the vaccine protects people from getting the flu. >> next step of course is to stud gee more people. and, and make sure that, these initial findings are, sfil correct in a larger population. >> reporter: 29-year-old daisy
3:23 am
barosa participated in the trial. >> really foresee this should be something like amazon prime, get it at your doorstep. and then do it, while you are watching tv. >> if awful goes well he hopes the patch will become commercially available within five years. the vaccine holds up without refrigeration for up to ape year.n the developing world. >> dr. jon lapook with a great invention. author michael bond, creator of padington bear has died. in 1956, bond, a bbc cameraman purchase aid lonely looking teddy bear for his wife and named it after paddington train station. bond dreamed up adventures for the bear inspired by the plight of world war ii refugee children. paddingson tent on to star in a movie and seld 35 million books. michael bond was 91 years old. up next, sharing stories about an issue most of us would rather ignore.
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to request your free decision guide. we end tonight with a celebration of life. and second chances. here is mark strassmann. >> every photo in this exhibit tells a story. just not the story you might expect. >> yeah, i feel like she is so relatable. i love her quirky one-sided smile. >> since 2010. photographer desiree stage has taken a snapshot of america to talk about an issue often treated like a dirty word. >> you hear the word suicide. you thing i want to go there. and this project is not about death. this project is about life. work is about life. >> all these people. almost 200 of them, survived at least one suicide attempt. >> not supposed to happen to me. >> they agreed to let stage use
3:28 am
their names, tell their stories and take a portrait. for a project called, live through this. 50-year-old nancy nettles tried to overdose with pills. >> when i wok up, i was in a coma for three days. i realized that okay. god, the universe, did not see fit for me to leave here the way i wanted to. what this project does is it gives people permission to talk about it. which is often all we really need. >> why did you choose that technique? where they look directly at the camera. >> there is something about looking into someone's eyes. intimacy there. >> her goal its to get us talking about a taboo subject. >> i'm going to make it okay. >> challenge assumptions. >> i look happy right now. i look like a unicorn. but i have been struggling. you know, sometimes i struggle more. some times i struggle less. >> twice the now 33-year-old
3:29 am
stage has tried to end her life. most recent leap, 11 years ago. >> how did you survive it? with a lot of love from my friends. i got the help i needed when i needed it. tell me a little bit again. there is a bravery and courage to live through experience like that. stand up. go, okay. i am going to keep on living now. >> yes, many of these people, still struggle. but in their photos you can also see the face of resilience. mark strassmann, cbs news, philadelphia. and that's the "overnight news" for this thursday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back with us a little later for the morning news and cbs this morning.yo ci.
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welcome to the "overnight news". a planned vote on the senate health care bill isat lst a doz senators are concerned about the current version of the bill. republicans can afford two no votes without any support from democrats. president trump voted lawmakers to the house in an effort to help close the deal. here is margaret brennan. >> so we are going to talk. >> president trump summoned all republican senators to the white house. for an emergency meeting tuesday after party leaders postponed the health care vote due to a
3:31 am
lack of support. >> this will be great if we get it done. and if we don't get it done it is something that we are not going to like. that's okay. i understand that very well. >> reporter: some senators arrived become to capitol hill optimistic they will find a path to passage. >> we are not there yet. we don't have consensus. >> others are less confident. >> this president is the first president. in our history. who has had neither political nor military experience. and thus it has been a challenge to him to learn how to interact with congress. >> mr. trump downplayed their di center in a twitter post. saying that republicans are working hard and really want to get it right. but his aides worked to turn the tide. vice president pence, lobbied the entire republican caucus at their weekly lunch. while white house chief of staff, and press secretary worked capitol hill. >> think we have got a good chance of getting there. it will take longer. >> the senate majority leader, mcconnell, must try to resolve party concerns or be forced to find hard to win democratic
3:32 am
support. >> have to sit down with senator schumer. my suspicion is in negotiation with the democrats would include none of the reforms that we would look to make. >> now, during yesterday's white house meeting, a number of republican senators complained about president trump's supporters running attack ads against one of their own. a pro trump committee running this ad against dean heller. and that strategy backfired. heller complained about the ads. shortly after the meeting, the group agreed it would stop running them. >> a mother in new jersey highlighting how critical it can be for families to have good health insurance. she tweeted a vick tur -- picture of a hospital bill. and the post was retweeted 57,000 times.
3:33 am
>> how did you get a scar? does it hurt? >> no. >> ethan chander born with nine congenital defects and organs in the wrong place. first heart surgery at six days old. >> two surgeries, heart catheterization, procedure, doesn't know any other life. >> reporter: did you ask yourself how am i going to pay for this? >> i didn't have to. >> the family is covered by employ year provided private insurance. but ethan's fight to get better gave his mother perspective on the battle over health care. >> i'm not sitting here telling you the aca is perfect. it's not. when i said i am thankful for obama care, what i mean i am
3:34 am
thankful there is a set of laws that tell the insurance companies look this is what you need to cover. you need to cover essential health benefits. >> under affordable care act, insurance plans must meet minimum standard of coverage. includes, essential health ben fichlts the plans you offer need to cover prescription medications, hospitalizations, specialist visits. >> the senate will come to order. >> under the proposed senate bill, some benefits could be removed from the state's definition of essential health benefits. >> he is not a budget. >> she tweeted her two-year-old's last opt bill for open heart surgery and ten day stay. total. more than $230,000. luckily insurance negotiated and cover the majority, leaving the family with just $500 to pay. after tweeting, she was surprised to find out how much
3:35 am
their story resonated with others. >> the chander family is probably better off than many. bah at this point today they have what seems good employee sponsored plan. the odds are. >> the health policy professor, michael sparer says there are a lot of uncertainties with proposed bill. >> lot of other folks who may be buying on the exchanges or lot of folks on medicaid who may be more nervous than the family. because the they true three may be in a situation, where they will be, priced out of health insurance quickly. ee noon will take medication for his life and will likely need procedures. she hopes lawmakers will work to improve health care and its cost for all americans. >> i don't think that right now, our government is, is looking out for us. i think we need how to come together. and demand that they, they do better. >> three chicago police officers facing charges in the deadly shooting of a black teenager. not for pulling the tricker for what they did after the shots were fired. the officers are accused of lying about the killing of 17-year-old mcdonald which was caught on video. police dash cam video from october 2014, captures
3:36 am
17-year-old, laquan mcdonald walking away from chicago police as he carries a knife in his right hand. he is then shot 16 times by officer jason vandyke. and police reports that followed, officers reported that mcdonald swung the knife toward the off theers in aggressive manner and after he was shot was attemption to get up while armed with the knife. tuesday, special prosecutor, patricia brown holmes announced charges. >> this indictment alleges she's defendants lied what occurred during a police involved shooting to prevent independent criminal investigators from learning the truth. >> detective david march and officer, joe self walsh and thomas gafney charged with conspiracy, misconduct, obstruction of justice. >> while they're sworn to protect, uphold the law. they are not above the law. >> in a statement. current chicago sumtd, eddie
3:37 am
johnson said the department is fully kwop rated with prosecutors and committed to implementing mol seize and training to prevent an in the dent like this happening again. following the video release in 2015. thousand demonstrated across chicago. the city's superintendent was fired. and in january, a federal investigation concluded the department engaged in the pattern or practice of excessive force. the union for chicago police told us they do not comment on active investigations. gafney suspended from the force following the indictment. and march and walsh no longer work with the police department. their prison terms up to five years. van dike pleaded not guilty. and is awaiting trial. we'll be right back.
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this is the cbs "overnight news." de says the syrian government appears to have taken american warning abut chemical weapons seriously. mattis told reporters there has been no chemical attack since the white house warned a heavy used again. meanwhile the fight against isis is intensifying. cbs news crew joined a group of american troops inside syria. holly williams is north of the isis stronghold. >> reporter: officially there are 500 u.s. troops here in syria for the fight against isis. the real number is thought to be much higher. and yesterday, we met some of them. just 12 miles north of raqqa. >> replacing a shattered bridge destroyed when isis fled the area two months ago. when isis left they vowed to haunt this place for 70 years. perhaps what they meant are the
3:41 am
deadly mines the extremists planted around the village. >> where isis had positions. >> captain bobby murray, based at north carolina said his team is working with the villagers to clear the area. >> they'll point them out as we go by. if we are going by, we see them. we will help dispose of them. >> just minutes later, a truck hit a mine less than a mile away. >> hit that truck. >> marines raced off off to investigate. the driver, miraculously was still alive. medic colton treated him. and a fighter with america's syrian allies and said he was heading to the front line when his vehicle was thrown in air. marines later found more mines
3:42 am
and detonated them. winning hearts and minds in the middle east will never be easy for the u.s. but the callus brutality of isis has at least for the moment made it a little easier. the villagers were too frightened to speak to us, on camera because they have family members living under isis control. but after half a decade of civil war, they told us they are in desperate need of running walter, food, and education for their children. the cbs "overnight news" will be right back. ♪ sorry about the holdup, folks. we have some congestion on the runway and i'm being told it'll be another 15, maybe 20 minutes, and we will have you on your way. ♪ runway models on the runway?
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no matter who was in there last. protection. new lysol power & fresh 6 goes to work flush after flush for a just-cleaned feeling that lasts up to 4 weeks. lysol. what it takes to protect. a young baseball star known as babe ruth could be coming to the majors as early as next season. a double threat. last year he won his league's home run derby and threw its fastest pitch ever. here is executive editor of "sports illustrated" on assignment for 60 minutes. >> reporter: this sliver through the fence of the batting cage made for a fitting introduction. we found dozens of japanese outlets angling for a slice any slice of otani in action. cameras follow him to the exclusion of every other player on the field. and so do the fans. we met supporters who traveled 5,000 miles to the desert
3:46 am
southwest just to watch him train. having glimpsed the phenomenon on the road. our search to find what all the fuss was about took us here to japan's northernmost island. it is home to the national champion baseball team, the nippon ham fighters and also home to the sports most intriguing prospect. and otani looms large in saporo. if tokyo is a fastball, saporo was a curveball. japan's fifth largest city feels not unlike a laid back ski village. this is a baseball town. and this is the home stadium, the saporo dome. it is here we sat down with otani. broke the ice with a question about what we had heard was his favorite local fast food. >> very important question. in and out burger? captain kangaroo burger? >> captain kangaroo. >> better? >> towering and affable, working on his english felt more
3:47 am
comfortable using translator. >> want to ask you about coming to the majors. if or when? should we say, if or when? >> that is a tough one. i mean, nothing is for certain, so i guess it is if. >> despite that cautious response, otani eagerly revealed which major league players he looks most forward to facing. no less than bryce harper, and star pitcher, clayton kershaw. i watch bryce harper, clayton kershaw. pitcher and hitter. yeah, unlike me. kershaw is lefty. >> see a little of yourself in kershaw and hafrper? >> i actually do see myself. i actually try throwing left yeefs some times. >> how do you think you do against kershaw. >> thinking of facing him. makes me happy, excited. i can tell he is a great pitcher through tv screen. >> how would you pitch to harper? >> would have to go with my best pitch, the fastball. i want o see how my best pitch
3:48 am
fares against one of the best hitters. >> likely, quite well. throwing his dancing fastball. he strikes out battlers in a hyperrate than kershaw. and unfurling his violent, elegant swing he hits home runs in a hyperrate than harper. there are days, otani makes baseball look laughably easy. consider this performance last summer. on the very first pitch of the game, otani, batting leadoff hit a home run. he then pitched eight shuttleout innings and struck out 10 batters. at 6'4", the designated hitter turned pitcher reliably brings the crowd to its feet. when he threw the fastest pit,
3:49 am
breaking his record, opponents looked on in astonishment. last year you threw a pitch. 165 kilometers an hour. more than 102 miles an hour. how much faster can you throw than 102.5? >> i don't have an exact answer for that. but i am still young. i thin thrk is more room to grow. as seasons go. 2016 will be hard to top. the ham fighters took the japan series. otani was the league mvp. about the name, fighters are owned by nippon ham. makers of japan any best selling sausages. and while yes the name resists serious treatment, the team itself is widely regarded as the most innovative in the league.
3:50 am
manager, hikaki, lead the fighters and an ace for the texas rangers. >> can you contain this to anything you have seen. >> no, never seen anything like it. never. >> what is it like, a player, best pitcher and best hitter? >> he is so talented. it is really tough to use him the right way. with the right balance. >> if you thought money ball, ve intuition, contorted a manager's conventional thinking. tripe overseeing a two way player. his formula. he pitches otani sundays. bats him the rest of the week. day or two off befe start. distractions are to be kept to a minimum. same goes for praise. and otani may be the star of the team.
3:51 am
last year when we won the chich it was the first time he gave me a compliment. he said that was great pitching. >> never complimented you before that. >> not once. he always says, you have got to and, he has his reasons. now.uly believe he is a lot the crowd at the saporo dome is less stingy with the praise. you don't get a lot of quiet time here. no peanuts. cracker jacks, either. plenf atmosphere pervades. the caliber of play is considered one level below the top japanese players, names like, ichiro, and matsui aspire the u.s. amid such sum pane, otani steps out. jon gibson reported on japanese base fall for 20 years.
3:52 am
>> what is it like covering this guy. a guy throws 1000. a guy who hits home runs. not somebody thing abut in real life. nobody does that. who does that? >> we had hoped to leave the dome with otani, get to know the mortal behind the comic book character. he politely declined. not a quick captain kangaroo burger. so we invited a couple of his teammates instead. brandon laird, louis mendoza two foreign players. laird, saw action as a yankee. mendoza once pitched for the royals. saporo not a bad place. over dinner at their favorite spot in town. laird told us that otani its most talented teammate he ever had. this from a guy who played with
3:53 am
derek jeter and alex rodriguez. >> some pitchers can hit. but he actually does it in a game like he is in our lineup. and you know, it's, impressive. watching him hit the ball. and cabrera, power, power. >> remind you of cabrera. >> yeah, uh-huh. >> have you been out with him? >> no. he doesn't really do anything. he just, mellow kid. the biggest star in baseball. with salary of $2 million. not owning a car. lives in the minimalist teen dorms. otani confirmed he seldom leaves the facility. not that it keeps fans from waiting for him outside. even from a distance. plenty of observations scan be made about the pitching slugger or slugging pitcher. he is meticulous, stopping mid pitch to adjust his form. open to advice on his batting
3:54 am
privilege. even baseball tedium provide enjoyment. this is some body who plays baseball but always worked at it too. otani grew up in a small industrial town on japan's mainland. his father once an amateur player, coached his little league teams. and he showed promise as the a hitter, but drew more interest as a pitcher. and occasioning visits from scouts when he was still in high school. at age 18 he held a press conference to announce intentions went so far as to tell japanese teams not to draft him. but the nippon ham fighters known for doing things, drafted him nonetheless to. watch he full report go to our website. cbs and click on 60 minutes. we'll be right back.
3:55 am
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3:56 am
over the past month.
3:57 am
new study shows america's obesities epidemic includes pets. one out of three dogs and cats are either overweight or obese. >> reporter: busy lifestyles and unhealthy diets are wreaking havoc on our pets. >> overweight, obesitien our cats and dogs increased by 160 >> reporter: the lead veterinary researcher behind a study by banfield hospital. >> right now one out of three cats and dogs are overweight. >> he attributes the increase to factors, lack of exercise, too much food, and a changing attitude towards our pets. >> we are starting to consider pets more and more to be members of our family. so we would lack to communicate with them and show our affection to them by offering them treats. and it can be pretty easy for us to offer too many treats in the.
3:58 am
>> that's a problem because, just as in humans, lugging around all that extra weight scan be hazardous to your pet's health. >> heart disease. respiratory disease are something we will see. type ii diabetes we will see with cats that are obese. see other diseases linked with dogs before overweight. >> how do you know if your pet need the treadmill treatment. after all, animals, especially dogs, come in all different shapes and sizes. the doctor says you can use this as a general guide. looking at your pet from above, he says you should see a distinct tuck at your dog or cat's waist. and from the side you, should be able to easily feel but not see its ribs. but if fido is too fat or fluffy is too fluffy. there is something you can do about it. >> you can forget that your pet needs exercise too. >> deborah montgomery with morris animal inn in new jersey, kind of day care for pets, where
3:59 am
they can run trails, or swim, or just play. what advice do you have for people who didn't have access to this kind of place? >> you know even taking a walk, you got a chance to bond with your pets. just, just something simple. as giving them more healthy diet. >> that's what worked for happy. when she was 10, she weighed 43 pounds. and was sluggish and unhealthy. her new owner simply walked her more often, and traded healthy snacks for the junk she used to eat.
4:00 am
captioning funded by cbs it's thursday, june 29th, 2017. this is the "cbs morning news." sex abuse charges hit a high ranking vatican official. now the accused cardinal i speaking out. and president trump's travel ban takes effect today. details on the restrictions. plus, new safety rules are being rolled out at airports across the u.s. the changes you'll notice the next time you fly the friendly skies. good morning from the studio 57


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