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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 29, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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williams resigned immediately after admitting to the court that he accepted bribes. >> we have live team three coverage of the today's developments. our greg argos is live outside district attorney's office. we will begin with joe holden live at federal court, with more on how it all unfolded in the courtroom, joe. >> reporter: well, jessica and ukee question is how did this evolve in seth williams mind? we know last night he was at his home in overbrook farms and apparently, because of the drum beat of continued testimony the allegations, the alleged crimes, perhaps, for seth williams he knew there was in other way out. seth williams career crumbled to the ground in an instant, his guilty plea triggered shock waves across political and legal circles. prosecutors confirmed at 1:00 o'clock thursday morning that philadelphia's disgraced philadelphia district attorney , raised the white flag this morning at 1:00 a.m. mr. berk reached me and said that they wanted to accept the deal that we had discussed
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which was, this plea to one count, and that you heard with an admission of all of the other criminal conduct in the indictment. >> reporter: while pleading guilty to the single bribery charge that could keep him in jail for five years, williams also admitted guilt to every allegation contained in the government's superseding indictment. >> afterthought full consultation over the last few days, with his family and his friend, seth williams has accepted responsibility. >> reporter: williams voice shook answering judge paul diamond's questions, guilty plea was overshadowed by judge 's decision to immediately lock him up, this came shortly after williams resigned from his position as district attorney. >> when he came to the realization that he was resigning from the office that he loved and that he worked so hard to obtain, realization that he is facing jail time and time from his family that changes his demeanor clearly. >> it was a dramatic turning
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point in his life. >> reporter: jurors were dismissed with the judge's thanks. one member told me that she was bummed, they didn't get to see the case through. assistant u.s. attorney, robert, who was working for prosecution, promised continued vigilance over area politicians. >> it is unfortunate that periodically we have to gather like this, and address corruption in the city, and in the state of pennsylvania. >> reporter: you are looking at a live picture of philadelphia's federal detention center, right now that is seth williams home. he will be assigned an inmate number, no inmate number yet on the bureau of prisons web site. it has only been a few hours. that does take sometime. that takes time for federal government to process and then after that, he will be back in court on october 24th, at 9:30 in the morning in front of the judge paul diamond for his sentence, again, looking at a maximum time of five years. reporting live outside federal court in center city, joe
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holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". with williams, in prison aloft people are wondering tonight what it means for the cases that he tested over the years at d.a.'s office going forward? our greg argos is outside in center city with that part of the coverage tonight, greg? >> reporter: thanks, ukee, good evening. we have reached out to a spokesperson who tells thaws no cases are affected now that seth williams is in federal custody. it has been business as usual here at district attorney's office. a stunning fall for now former district attorney seth williams, thursday afternoon, pleading guilty to one federal bribery charge. despite asking judge paul diamond to how him to return home before his october sentencing diamond instead sending him directly to federal prison. >> for him to remanded in custody was shocking. >> reporter: political consultant randy robinson worked on williams d.a. campaign. >> i have seen a lot of outcomes. i'm deeply disappointed
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because i worked with him and i know the promise he had in terms of his future going forward. >> just keeping him, you know, >> reporter: robert par selles williams spiritual advisor. >> he wants to get this over with and behind him. >> reporter: while williams waits for his october 24th sentencing which could lead to five years in federal prison, his former collogues at philadelphia district attorney 's office must continue their work under first d.a. kathleen martin's leadership. >> she looked around to all these people they are dedicated public servants. they want to do their job and do it well. philadelphians should know that the district attorney's office continues the pursuit of justice, and the hope for a safe city. >> reporter: in charge of that city mayor jim kenney who had little to say about the fallen d.a. >> clearly it was wrong, and, you know, he took to it trial. probably should have had this conversation with the justice department, earlier then now
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but better late then never. >> reporter: we just heard from joe holden, williams will be sentenced october 24th, in federal court. that is a tuesday and exactly two weeks after that will be election to elect a new district attorney here in philadelphia county and city. that person will take over the role here, at d.a.'s office. we're live from center city, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". "eyewitness news" sat down with former philadelphia district attorney lynn abraham she work with seth williams for 10 years in the district attorney's office and said she was surprised that he was led away in handcuffs after the guilty plea and immediately taken into custody. >> the fact that judge diamond made a credibility judgment and has committed him to prison. going from chief law enforcement officer to prisoner is a pretty steep and hard core. it is not the way that should have turned out.
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this man could have been the mayor, maybe even the governor , who knows where his future may have led him. >> abraham went on to say that the next d.a. will face the tall task of revamping the office and restoring public trust. today's guilty plea and resignation end williams seven plus years in office. he was sworn in back in january 2010 after being elect using the campaign slogan a new day, a new d.a. the first signs of trouble began in august of 2015 when federal agents subpoenaed record from his political action committee. now we jump ahead to this year in, january, williams was find $62,000 for failing to disclose gifts and sources of income. that was the largest ethics fine in the cities history. less than a month later williams announced wow not be running for a third term in office. then we go, to march of this year, and that is when federal prosecutors indicted williams on corruption and bribery charges.
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and then, of course, there is today, when the case came to i dramatic conclusion as williams pleaded guilty and judge immediately sentenced him to jail, until he is sentenced in october. be sure to stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the seth williams, guilty plea, as soon as there are new developments we will have them for you here on tv and also at cbs family and friend are remembering a disable veteran shot and killed while trying to stop a robbery in olney. surveillance shows a moment before a gunman opened fire at harold white outside the bar at fifth and spencer just before 1:00 this morning. authorities say that the former marine was trying to stop the gun man who was seen canvassing this bar, and white 's cousin says he just wanted to keep the peace. >> it is very hard for me and my family, because he was serving his country. he came home, to get shot down like a dog. it is very hurtful, and very
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painful. >> the suspected gunman is, under arrest. the pennsylvania senate has approved a bill that will allow schoolworkers to legally possess guns on school ground, and we spoke to philadelphia superintendent william hite about his take on the controversial issue. >> i think that communication send a terrible message to children and we can, have safe schools without inserting firearms into the, into the hand of the individual who work in those schools. >> bill still need approval from the pennsylvania house, governor wolf has said that he opposes the bill. just in time for the fourth of july a new law in new jersey allows for the sale of sparklers and other small fire works. governor christie signed a bill to legalize sale offhanded held and ground sparklers to peak 16 and older new law takes effect immediately. party poppers and snappers will be available at retail stores, but aerial firecrackers and bottle rockets remain illegal.
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there is a warning, from doctors that they can be dangerous and every year, it causes injury even death. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with a local victim's reveal. >> this is scary, guys. big danger with fire works is when they are set off in backyard or parks, by people whether or not, trained professionals, and things like firecrackers and sparklers have been linked to a greg number of injuries. stacy young can finally see more clearly her vision slowly restored after devastating facial injury when a fire work exploded nearby. >> i was trying to yell, and trying to get up, everything went black. i could not see anymore, the pain, jesus god do i know what pain is. >> reporter: it happened 17 years ago her skull was fractured in five places, stacy was told that she would never see again. >> cornea nice and clear. >> reporter: after six reconstructive surgeries at penn medicine some of station 's vision has been
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restored in one eye. >> i'm seeing stuff now that i have not seen in 17 years. >> i can see my son's face. i haven't seen his face in 17 years. >> reporter: consumers products safety commission says fire works caused nearly 11,000 injuries in 2015, and 1300 were to the eye. >> i cringe, because you don't really a appreciate how much of a risk that you take. >> reporter: penn doctors hoff been working with stacy say fire work injuries are often devastating. >> i was looking in the mirror >> she was very lucky, very unlucky. very luck that i she still had vision in the one eye. there was a lot of damage that we could not fix. >> reporter: now being able to look back through her journey stacy's grateful and still feels patriotic but for her fourth of july festivities are
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a painful reminder. >> apple pie, i cannot taste that apple pie and i sure can't sit at that blanket and look at those fire works anymore. >> so scary, doctors warn people to stay away especially from backyard firecrackers, sparklers things like that that is where most injury happen. best to stick with professionals, to see, safe fire works, and when you talk about kid and fire works. >> oh, boy. >> you have to be careful. >> amen to do that. >> no question. >> new developments tonight in medical marijuana coming to philadelphia. >> a local spot where drugs will be sold. >> reporter: buddhist temple concerned about fake monks aggressively begging for money in center city see what happens when i couldn't front panhandlers. also new worries that the site of the old burial ground why some archaeologist say the construction
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philadelphia archeological forum wants the city to stop work on a construction site where bones, and coffins were found this year, for months we have been reporting on the graves unearthed in olde city that cities located between second and third on arch street. the archeological group has asked l and i to stop work because of recent credible reports of more remains being found. and l and i says it cannot stop work based on unconfirmed reports. south east pennsylvania could soon have 19 new melodies expenseries, the state department of health announced which co will get licenses, to grow and sell drugs. that includes four dispensar iness philadelphia, bustleton, east mt. airy, fishtown and northeast philadelphia outside of the city there will be six dispensariness montgomery county, three in bucks county and two each in berks, chester and delaware counties. they all have six months to be operational before they can begin dispensing medical marijuana. maybe you have seen men on the streets of philadelphia
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addressed like monks, and then they hand you a training death and ask for a donation, "eyewitness news" reporter henry rossum caught up with those men today and what he learned about them, may surprise you. >> reporter: walk around center city long enough and you are bound to see these guys. they are dressed in what looks like traditional buddhist closing, they hand you something and ask for money in return. real buddhist monks we spoke with said don't be fooled. this man dressed in an orange robe zigzagged up and down city streets offering people like monica john bracelets and gold colored medal uses. >> i thought it was freed. then he asked for donations. >> reporter: did you assume he was with the religion. >> yes. >> you know, it is wrong. >> reporter: we showed video to chief monk, shown here with the pray buddha ramsey temple of philadelphia and new jersey he said these alleged fake monks give real monks a bad name and he is seeing more and more in greater philadelphia. there is a facebook page called fake monks in
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philadelphia. >> the monk who practice kind ness and not to pay for something. >> reporter: he says any real monk has given up everything in the name of making the world a better place and should never beg for money or sell something, so we went to confront this guy along chestnut street. are you with the religion? he repeatedly waved us off. we later found another alleged monk taking a smoke break on walnut street. most american buddhist frown on smoking. then we saw him giving out medals and went to speak with him also. you are not with the religion? do you think it is wrong that you dressed up like you are in a religion? >> i was than the completely aware that he was a fake machining so yeah, it is definitely shady now that i know. >> reporter: there have been reports of this hang in other sit fridays new york all the way to seattle, and i spoke to philadelphia police and they say is there not to much do as far as enforcement. they add vei the public to be careful about who you give your money too. in center city henry rossoff,
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for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> very interesting. lauren casey joining us a lot of people out and b it looks and feels like summer out there yes. >> starting to heat up, after a break from the heat and humidity. for early risers, i necessity i was than the one of them. maybe you were at 4:30. you got check out what the rocket launch created. we have been waiting for weeks , on this nasa rock tote launch. it kept getting scrubbed but this morning it took off in the 4:00 o'clock hour. it was early but if you went out to see that created artificial cloud from vapor, beautiful scene and it was spot add long the new jersey coastline. check out this other image, green, blue, kind of aurora- like looking cloud generate blood that rocket lawn. that was courtesy of nasa taking a live look at center city if ale. high cloud, sunshine. 86 degrees. warmer then this time yesterday. it is breezy, south wind at 21 . storm scan three showing us generally quiet conditions,
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more dense high level cloud cover toward the poconos and lehigh valley, filtering out sunshine. as we head in the knit partly cloudy, still breezy but temperatures only at 70 degrees. tomorrow that ac will be work ing overtime after getting a break earlier this week, hot , breezy. 92 degrees with the isolated afternoon thunderstorm, otherwise mostly sunny and we will see best chance of storms tomorrow west of i-95 temperatures right new we are warm, say for that sea breeze along the coast, temperatures in the mid up toker 70's and dew points they tell us about that sticky factor and they are on the rise over the last 24 hours. you might note that is mugg iness returning and definitely notice as we head into saturday, oppressive humidity levels before becoming more comfortable as we head into sunday. scattered to spotty storms saturday afternoon and evening , and then drying things out into sunday, monday still looking great, sunshine, warm temperatures and fourth of july keeps looking berth and better. sunshine, low humidity for independent day on tuesday but down the shore tomorrow,
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another great looking day, sunshine, temperatures in the 80's, still windy though, temperatures up the water to 65 degrees. watch out for moderate rip current risk tomorrow along the coast n your seven day forecast we have stretch of 90 's for tomorrow all the way through sunday before scaling back to the upper 80's as we head into monday. that fourth of july forecast, ahh, looking so nice, sunshine with that low humidity and nice, dry kind of comfortable stretch as we head into mid week next week. >> um-hmm, good, thanks, lauren. landmark restaurant in philadelphia with century old recipes that never get out of style, tonight at 11:00 vittoria woodill kicks off our summer if he celebration at one of the philadelphia's most historic restaurants. serving up a helping of the italian food and history in tonight's taste with tori at 11:00. don't forget summer fest fun continues tomorrow in philadelphia for the long fourth of july holiday weekend i will be live on independent mall, we will have crews spread out, across the city as
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we celebrate all of the history of philadelphia, as only philadelphia can tomorrow on "eyewitness news". that is going to be fun. >> um-hmm. >> that will be fun. so is sixers basketball, coming up, get ready. >> ready for your championship ring. >> excuse me. >> that is what i said. what are chances sixers win nba title this upcoming season vegas has spoken and odd will surprise you, plus, markelle fultz is getting ready for summer league. we will hear from t
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in the word of the kanye west you have to crawl, before you ball. but apparently vegas does not think so, nevada sports book released odd for baby sixth tours win next years nba finals. as 66 to one, they have the ninth best odd in the nba. ukee, your thoughts? >> just get in the playoffs, anything can happen.
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>> sixers in camden preparing for summer league they start play monday in utah, they have three games in salt lake sit, ben simmons will in the play but number one pick markelle fultz will. >> you know, we will get a chance to play with these guys and get a feel for the game, and i haven't played ball, so just to get up and down and just be to be here will be good. phillies are in new york, they open up three game series tomorrow night against the mets. fightins are in the middle of an awful season but triple a lehigh valley is get something love. five members of the iron pigs will play in the triple a all-star game, scott kingry and reese hopkins will ball in the futures game. nhl free agency opened up on saturday and philadelphia inquirer is report ago this steve mason plans to sign elsewhere that means the flyers, will have to find another goalie. rumor has it that brian elliott and jonathan burner are on their radar.
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tim tebow, former eagles quarterback is making his way to the next minor league system. was promoted from low single a ball to high single a ball in the dramatic home run in his second at bat. okay, okay. >> yes. >> well done. >> thanks, sir. >> up next, it is a feast for the eyes and your stomach, one thing a lot of ingredients used to make all of these hoagies, and what they just did for the first time in 25 years, a hoagie day,
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today, it is the 25th annual wawa hoagie day celebration. the party started at national constitution center earlier today when sandwich experts assembled 23,000 short is using, ingredient. all part of the philadelphia's welcome america celebrated celebrations and for the first time it will be half turkey, half italian. >> really. >> all the way good. >> yes. >> that is right. >> um, um. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next "cbs evening news" politicians on both side struggle to respond to president trump's latest twit era tack and, who can and cannot come into the country, when the president's travel ban takes effect, tonight, here's anthony mason. take care family. we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: bipartisan backlash. republicans and democrats blast the president over his latest demeaning tweet. >> how come low i.q. crazy mika along with psychojoe, she was bleeding badly from a facelift. i said no. >> mason: no apology from the white house. >> he fights fire with fire. >> mason: also tonight, what happens to drug treatment programs if obamacare is repealed? >> without medicaid expansion, i probably would be dead. >> mason: the new labor trend. americans changing careers in their 40s and 50s. >>imented to be in a position where i could never be downsized. >> mason: and for sale-- nine bedrooms, five baths, one giant


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