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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 30, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> developing this morning,ly from three states are looking for a driver who allegedly killed a 18 year old girl in a fit of road rage. plus this. >> as a modified travel ban takes effect, trump works for certain details, seth lemon on capitol hill. >> the heat and how many i i had at this returns, katie tracking thunderstorms headed into the holiday weekend. today is friday, june 30, good morning, i'm jim donovan, rahel solomon is off.
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katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things. but you know what? i don't care. it is friday. >> anything goes. >> it is friday. come on, now. >> you love it when jim goes just get me to my car. >> just trying to get back to my car. >> look outside, construction out there, also a bridge opening, and couple every accident. we will talk about that coming up. >> no weather-related problems, thankfully, although the air condition remembers probably beginning to crank across the delaware valley. definitely warm out there this morning, you'll have sun glare problems, too, but machines when you're traveling, the sun might look little more hazy to you, moisture content beginning to build in the atmosphere, so you have got more moisture to work with, building humidity certainly, although storm scan totally quiet. mid to lower 70s, generally where we stand right now, mid to upper 60s and few outline ers like the poconos, atlantic city but off to warm start here. so we will give you sort of relaxed cast as we like to call it here for the region as a whole. today is a toasty one in the city of philadelphia. where calling high of 93 degrees today, generally with sunshine, but in the,
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little thunderstorm icon there, i don't think it is primarily, or necessarily, a philadelphia issue, even the outline suburbs but the further northwest you travel, you have a shot with disturbance nearby, just clip the area, and bring with it a late day shower or storm. meantime, though, the uv index is very high, you really need to take care of your skin if you're out in the sunlight. at the shore in the mountains, similar scenario here. great beach weather. i don't think you'll have any wet weather at all along the jersey shore, or the delaware beaches. but up in the mountains, pretty decent chance for to you just to see scattered shower, storm, but again, it is not a wash out, meisha. so if you have outdoor plans go for it. >> for those going down the shore that's music to their ears. thank you. looking outside right now, so looking pretty good here. keeping my eye on 95 at girard, pushing in the southbound direction toward center city. see it starting heat up. still traveling at posted speeds, but, if you're just headed out to interstate 95, again pushing in the southbound direction, give yourself couple every extra minute start being right now.
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then 42 northbound, creek road, approaching 295, looking good there, anyone traveling just as they should kind of holding steady at those levels. talcony palmyra bridge is up. the schedules will go upright about now. right on time. i will give awe heads up. this will be open a little bit longer because we will have two shift passing through, rather than just one ship. pack on little extra time headed out there right now. we do have an accident here, abington, downed pole and wires. meeting house road is closed between susquehanna road and huntingdon pike. heads up on that if that's your neck of the woods. again with the closure that might start to slow you down little bit. then regatta this weekend, kelly drove will be closed in just between ten a.m. and 6:00 d sunday. >> authorities in chester county searching for driver accused killing a teen in a fit of road rage. >> this happened in the southbound lanes every route 100. that is near route 202, in west goshen township there is happened about 5:30, wednesday evening. "eyewitness news" reporter
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trang do, live, outside of the west goshen police department, with the latest in the investigation. good morning, trang. >> well, good morning, jim. we now have description of the possible shooter as well as the vehicle he was driving, we are also learning more about the young lady whose life was cut so tragically short. >> eighteen year old bianca roberson just graduated from the high school in west chester two weeks ago. she was excited about heading to college. >> just at a time of joy and celebration in a young person's life, and for her family, and it is just replaced by utter sadness and tragedy. >> now she won't get the chance. her life taken west goshen police say in a explicable act of road rage. offers remember looking for the faded red chevy pick-up truck seen driving next to her green chevy mal but wednesday evening. chester county district attorney team hogan said traveling southbound route 100 toward 202, when she attempted to merge. >> another car, a red pick-up
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truck, merged in at the same time, and a man in the red pick-up truck pulled out a gun, and shot her in the head killing her. this is now a murder case. >> roberson died instantly. her car left the highway and slammed into a tree. the other driver sped away onto 202, and continued on the paoli pike. >> he's doing this in a moving vehicle, or just to be first in line at a merge, i mean, i just can't fathom what would bring someone to that. >> the da sending strong message to the man who pulled the trigger. >> that person, to ma man who fired a shot, turn yourself in now. every second you are out there, you are only making this worse for yourself and worse for this young lady's family. >> and hogan also providing a description of the suspect. he described as while male, 30's, four's, with blonde or light brown hair with medium build. now, if anyone has any information, they're asked to contact west goshen police. but for now, live outside the
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west goshen police department, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," jim, back to you. >> thank you, trang, let's be hopeful they finds that man quickliment one person hit by gunfire after a shooting in delaware county, officers corded off part of plaza street in marcus hook last night. police say multiple shots were fired, just before midnight. there is no word on that person's condition, or what caused the shooting. >> well, seth williams career as philadelphia's district attorney is over. right now he's sitting in jail after pleading guilty to a corruption charge. williams also stepped down yesterday, this is a copy of the handwritten resignation letter. this stunning admission came on the eighth day of his corruption trial. the once promising political star pleaded guilty to a single count of excepting a bribe. he had been charged with 29 count of bribery, extortion, and fraud. >> mr. williams asked me to express to you and to the public his most sincere apologies, not only to his supporters and the voters of philadelphia, but also, to the
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hard-working men and women of the philadelphia district attorney's office. >> now, the judge in this case ordered that williams go to immediately to jail. he'll be sentenced october 24. williams could get five years behind bars. part of the president's executive travel order now in effect. supreme court allowing these provisions to be enforced until hearing in october. cbs news correspondent seth lemon explains how some americans are responding. >> protesters gathered in l.a. and new york thursday night. moments after, president trump's modified travel ban took effect. >> the entire idea, discretion from coming into the nation as a whole. >> under the new restriction, travelers from six predominantly muslim countries will only be allowed in the u.s. if they can proof a bonafide family tie like parent, child, spouse, sib ring. grandparent, aunt, awning else, cousins, do not qualify. fiancee's were a no but late last night that moved into the okay to enter column.
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>> united state needs to do more to enhance our screening procedures because of safety and security of americans comes first. >> volunteer lawyers have now set up shop at airport in major cities to assist travelers who may need legal help. >> there are so many layers here. they're not clear in the definition of what a bonafide relationship means. >> justice happened earlier this year with the initial travel ban. this one is already facing opposition in the court. hawaii last night filed an emergency motion asking a federal judge to clarify the scope of the policy. this traveler says the ban has made many of her friends and family in the middle east feel unwelcome. >> airport are a sign of being welcome, being lit in. and the travel ban cans very dif rupp tiff. >> in response to some of the concerns, department of homeland second tire released a statement saying us customs and border protection offers remembers trained and prepared professionally process travelers in accordance with the law. >> seth lemon, cbs-3, "eyewitness news."
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well, happening today, new jersey law make letters try to pass their nearly 35 million-dollar budget ahead after possible government shutdown. admit night tonight. governor chris christie alerted the cabinet could be the first shutdown since 2006. the assembly holding up a involvement he opposes legislation overhauling the state's largest health insurer, that legislation part of bipartisan budget agreement. >> well, pennsylvania lawmakers plan to vote today, less than 24 hours after governor tom wolf unveils their $32 billion budget t carries more money for schools and pension obligations, but will require bell tightening across government agencies and in medicaid. lawmakers say they'll try next week to find money to cover a projected shortfall. >> well, still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, florida police say tennis star venus williams is to blame for deadly accident a few weeks ago. even though she wasn't cited at the time of the crash. finds out how this report could be used against her.
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>> plus, handwritten note that adele wrote to her fans at a london convert. why fans all over the world are upset about what she wrote. jan? >> reporter: and jim, it is friday, you know what that means, tgif and summer fells. we are coming to you live from philadelphia today. we've been taking a look at a couple of hidden gems. up next a garden not on the ground, but in the air. i'll
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>> welcome back, summer fest continues here in philadelphia, as the city of brotherly love prepares to turn red, white and blue to celebrate the fourth of july this morning. we're also talking about the green.
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including one green facing a unexpected spot. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live in south philly to tell us all about this place, jan? >> reporter: jim, good morning, last hour we showed you the beauty that is philadelphia's magic gardens, this is an art installation, here on south street, made up of colorful glass bottles, tiles, and mirrors, well, now we are taking you to more traditional garden in a un traditional place. >> from the ground, it is i am per except tonight finds this garden you have to go eight stories up. from the air, it is patch work of color and texture is revealed. this is the peco green room. green roofer. >> installed in 2009 atop peco headquarters at 23rd and market street, in center city there is 45,000 square foot secret garden is one of philly's first green roofs and still one of the largest of it kind in the entire state. it provides more than just spectacular views of
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philadelphia. the peco green roof captures more than 70% of rain water that falls during the growing season, and an estimated 1.6 million-gallon of a year. >> really help with capturing the storm water before it releases into the storm water system, helps to cleanse the water and the toxins that gets into the water system. >> plantings also keep summer temps on the roof up to 08 degrees cooler than conventional green roof, reducing energy costs, pennsylvania horticultural society maintains the gardens and provides tours, looking at sustainable, meant to awe and inspire. >> we hope that as more people learn about it, they become inspired to bring green roofs to their own businesses or residences. >> now, phs gained just about 700 people a tour of that green roof last year. they give tours to just about every month. and they say if you want your own green roof on top of your home, be sure do your research
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first, consult structural engineer to make sure it is safe. we have all of that information on our website at reporting live along south street this morning, jan carabeo, cbs-3 "eyewitness news," back to you. >> good advice, jan, you don't want trees and grass crushing through your ceiling unexpectedly. the things i think of, kate. >> i what might go wrong, as opposed to how wonderful would this be? you know what? you got to have both, for sure, right? well, as we celebrate summer fest, just celebrating great summer weather coming up here, too, absolutely will keep overall some pretty quiet weather in the forecast for you, so many of us, lucky you, have the nice long week toned enjoy coming up here. and i'm thinking the weather will again be generally cooperative. now, it is not completely quiet. we at the moment even already have heavy thunderstorms rumbling through part of ohio, part of lake erie, some of what's building out this way will barely clip you in the poconos specially this this
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afternoon. tomorrow frontal boundery starts it approach, puts us in minor risk for some heavier thunderstorms across good portion of the area. go into the lehigh valley, poconos, parts of lancaster and bucks county then specially into central pa, you're more likely to see heavier thunderstorms fire up out there, especially again, second half of the day, when we think we will have built up the heat at that point and also have some instability to work with talk about serenity, granted little steamier, but nice quiet beginning to the day. what promises at the shore to be generally sunny and bright, on the stand, it will be hot sand. make sure you've got your sandals ready wacking out there, 82 to eight a the projected range of highs, winds noticeable out of the south, crank as high as 20 miles per hour. water still little cool for me, but in the 60s at this point, so starting creep up little bit. uv index as you might imagine is quite high. rip countries being is also important to note. it is moderate.
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swim near the lifeguards. make sure you're staying within their site. and looking forward, upper 80s continue into early neck week. and all-in-all, you've got sunshine in the forecast, meisha? >> that's what we want for the fourth, all right, katie, thank you so much. very good morning to you. happy friday, guys, and the end of the work week, looking outside, we do have little hiccup here, 422 westbound, approaching observation oak, see an accident here pulled off to the shoulder. do have reports there might be a car off the road, as well. just a heads up. as you come around this bend, you are probably going to be forced to tap on your brakes, to kind of sneaks up on you. do have people outside their vehicles, this is where we can have other problem areas start to just take it easy around the bend, again, 422 westbound approaching oaks, pulled off to the shoulderment talcony palmyra bridge was up, came back down, open little longer because we had two ships going on through. it is back down now. schuylkill at city avenue, pushing in the westbound direction, looking okay. dropping less than posted spree, take the boulevard, moving in the southbound direction, then jump on the schuylkill around here.
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this is where you will start to get up. boulevard southbound starting to heat up as well, starting to go slower than posted speeds now. we have another accident here, downed pole wires, abington township, meeting house road, closed, between susquehanna road and huntingdon pike. heads up on that if that's your neck of the woods. give yourself extra time there. we are talking little bit about mass transit coming up in the next ten minutes, jan, back over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. new police report just released shows that tennis star venus williams social security blamed for a deadly crash in florida. cbs news correspondent hena daniels with the latest. >> this is the palm beach gardens intersection where police say the fatal car accident took place in the early afternoon, on june 9th. late thursday, investigators released a police report. alleging venus williams was responsible for the crash. witnesses told investigators, she ran a red light in her toyota suv. that's when another car driven by linda, crashed into her, claiming she was unable to
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stop. seventy-eight year old hugs, jerome, injured in the crash, and died two weeks later. williams hasn't received a citation or been charged. >> if you look at vehicular homicide, what they would need for the threshold, they would need wreckless driving it, don't appear there was wreckless driving because she wasn't cited for. >> she told officer she enters the six lane intersection on green light, did not see the other vehicle. her attorney released a statement calling the accident an unfortunate incident. adding venus expresses her deepest condolances to the family who lost a loved one. williams, who battled autoimmune disease, was not hurt in the crash. the police report says the 37 year old athlete was traveling at 5 miles per hour at the time and was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. ten a daniels, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> well, in other news this morning, rumor has it that
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adele might never tour again. that's coming from the singer herself at a recent show in london, adele left her fans, this handwritten letter in the concert program. it says, in part, quote, touring is a peculiar thing it, doesn't suit me particularly well. the star played 123 shows on this tour. her letter went ton say the london show might have been her last, she does intend however to keep on recording music. that's a lot, that's not an easy life. i know it looks glamorous. >> absolutely. >> constant, constant, constant. >> not everyone is cut out for it, not everyone can keep one that pace. i respect her for send that note to her fans number one, yes. >> can you imagine when you're a recording artist, people expect the they'll be able -- understand their frustration. >> not the glamorous life we lead at waking up ought 1:00 in the morning. and to go touring? >> oh, it would be fun, it
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would be fun. >> fun? ya, still ahead, fireworks recall to tell but as we head into the fourth of july weekend. meisha katie and i on road trip. oh, my goodness, plus real treat for holiday travelers, while their road trip, they'll be seeing the cheapest gas prices in 12 years. twelve years, we tell you. >> that's coming up. >> fill them up.
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whom day weekends around the corner, promises to bring relatively quiet conditions, but front at boundary will help trigger showers, thunder storm, second half of saturday specially, that's the best chance for anything to be at all widespread. but even still, scattered showers, or storms, and meantime it is hot, steamy, hires flirting with or actually into the low 90s. guys? >> thank you, katie now for look at newspaper headlines from across our region, in the trentonian, beginning july 6, route 206 in princeton will be
6:26 am
fully closed through the rest of the year. the new jersey department of transportation says the road will be closed for the rehabilitation of the route 206 bridges over stony brook, they'll be two detours in place during construction, one forecaster, and another for trucks. >> from the spirit of delaware county, morton borough council wants the morton name to be included in the springfield school district name, matter every pride. been more than 50 years since the pennsylvania department of education ordered the morton school district be merged with springfield. >> and in the news journal, an overheated delmarva electrical cable is to be blamed for shattered piece of the roadway at west thirds and north monroe street in wilmington. like a tree route growing underneath concrete sidewalk, the heat actually cause the the cable to push up, and it broke through the street above. and that's a look at some newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> well, coming up in the next half hour every "eyewitness news," president trump is under fire from republicans and democrats a look, for twitter attack on two cable tv
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news hoses. and now, harry potter author jk rolling is even weighing in. anita? >> for those every us planning to take a holiday road trip, some good news for your wallet. that next, meisha? >> all right, and looking outside, beautiful day, nice driving conditions, but we do have a couple every accident out there, debris in the roadway, and updates for road closure this weekend. all of the updates coming up. first we'll take a quick break, stay right where you to that customability. you've got a thousand different fabrics to pick from. very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier.
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you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. this summer in a place where flavor runs deep, any dish and every glass might be the best you've ever tasted
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as long as you don't forget your appetite. new york state. it's all here. it's only here. plan your trip to the finger lakes at
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>> good morning, today is june . >> turn yourself in now. >> the search is on this morning for driver who allegedly shot and killed a recent high school graduate in
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a fit of road wage. >> police soon discovered that bianca roberson had been shot in the head before she crash her car on the side of the highway. >> there is welcome news for the 44.2 million americans expected to hit the road this holiday weaken. these are some historic summer lows for gas prices. >> as a modified travel ban, takes effect, the trump administration works to define certain details. >> they're not clear in the definition whatever a bonafide relationship means. >> that saddens me. >> inapropriate, and wrong. >> criticism from both sides of the aisle, over president trump's tweets about two cable news anchors. >> this is philadelphia's magic gardens, probably been by it here on south street, a million times, right? but have you ever gone inside? >> and jan took us inside the
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magic gardens in the last hour, part of our cbs-3 summer fest in philadelphia. she will be back to show us popular south philly breakfast spot, in about 15 minute, first, here is kate which today's forecast. >> hey there, jim. today actually looks like real great day. but it is going to be hot. if you're take that little stroll down penn's landing south street, all-in-all, really looks like just hot summer day, with sunshine, bit of building humidity, lots noticeable breeze, starting to notice on the skydeck, too, but storm scan is quiet. what you in the in the last their heir loop, wet weather rolled behind the lettering of storm scan3 there. some of that is courtesy of little disturbance nearby. that may actually end up bringing you shower if not thunderstorm in the farthest north and west most suburb, generally toward early evening, mid to low 70s the current values that we're finding on the thermometer at the moment. upper 60s in atlantic city, but that is mild start to the day for sure.
6:33 am
hot and steamy afternoon, folks, the three the call for the day tie how many, starting to feel that, you know, like that here at noontime, 86 degrees, temperature, as you hit the road maybe for all of your long weekend to get started or just headed out to lunch. so keep in mind, with building humidity, will definitely feel steamiment looking at the area headlines, hot and humid weekend expected, showers and thunderstorms, and we time it out little more for you. little later in the show. meisha, how does my hair look? i felt that wind. >> looks beautiful, katie, looks beautiful, always does. always. good morning shall everybody, i'm sure you all agree with me, doesn't her always look so gorgeous? looking outside right now, accident here, 422 approaching oaks, it is pulled all the way off to the far right shoulder. so take a look at this, because as you come around that bends, it can really sneak up on you, neighbors and friends in front of you will be tapping their brakes, take it easy here, they've laid the cones out there. we did have people outside of their vehicles walking around and report of car that went off the road. so again just take it easy,
6:34 am
422 westbound approaching oaks. debris we had it in the roadway, sheet metal, southbound direction, near ridge pike, that has now since been cleared. but you can still see some flashing light pulled off to the shoulder, crews making sure everything is cleaned up indeed. you might have little bit of residual slow downs because of when that sheet metal was in the road, everyone was slowing down, kind of backing up traffic as it stands right now. burlington bristol bridge, scheduled to go up at about 6:55, the next 20 minute or so, just heads up headed out there to the bridge. another accident abington township downed pole, wires, included meeting house road closed between susquehanna road and huntingdon pike. i'll let you know as soon as that clears, jim, back to you. >> police this chester county continue to search for driver accused of faithly shooting teen on highway. apparently in a act of road rage. this happened in the southbound lanes of route 100, near route 202, in west goshen township. bianca roberson was kill on her way home around 5:30 wednesday evening. investigators say, the 18 year
6:35 am
old vick tell was merging, when a red pick-up truck merged at the same time. that is when police say the driver of the pick-up truck pulled out his gun, and shot bianca in the head. authority have a strong message for the man who allegedly pulled the trigger. >> to that man who fired the shot, turn yourself in now. every second you are out there, you are only making this worse for yourself. worse for this young lady's family. >> graduated from high school just two weeks ago and plans to go to college. please if you have information contact the west goshen township police department. now, police say they are looking foreman with either blonde or light brown hair. they say again he was driving a small red chevy pick-up truck, with a extended cab. the incident again happened 5:30 p.m. wednesday, southbound, on route 100, near the 202 intersection. now, police consider the driver of that pick up to be armed and extremely dangerous.
6:36 am
>> in other news this morning, archeologists starting to analyze hundred, of remains discovered in old city earlier this year. student and expert unloaded the bodies to be examined in burlington county yesterday. in march, crews found the remains at construction site knee second and arch streets. now the archeologists want to know who these historical philadelphians were. >> we want to learn about the health, about the disease went around the early city population, want to learn burial practices, we want to learn about the material, culture of the past, and then ultimately we want to get these people back in the ground where they need to be. interesting stuff, believed they leafed between 1757 and 1859. >> people calling twitter attack lunch by president trump second is. yesterday the president called msnbc host meisha and joe scarborough low iq crazy micah
6:37 am
and psycho joe. then, he said that when the two visit him at his mar-a-lago resort, she was bleeding badly from a facelift. came after she questioned the president's manhood and call him a liar. >> i think he's been very clear, when he gets attack, he's going to hit back. i don't think it is a surprise to anybody that he fight fire with fire. >> now, responds today president trump's tweet by posting cheer owe's ad that reads made for little hands. >> harry potter author also weighed in on the president's comment, yesterday posted tweet on her twilt their reads nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character give him power. she a tribute the quote to abraham lincoln. >> record number of americans are expected to hit the road this holiday weekends all thanks to low gas prices, they haven't seen in years. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, here with the details, good to have you in the studio. >> great to be with you. we need to take road trip.
6:38 am
because there is -- >> meisha said she'll drive. >> sheen has a lead foot. we have to bucknell if that's the case. good news for the 44.2 million americans, expected to hit the roads this independence day weekend as the national average for the price of gas covers around $2.25 sent. that's the low it's been for the july 4th weekend since 200567820056789 surprisingly the cheapest gas in the region is not in new jersey, it is in delaware, who would have thought. majority of travelers 84% will be driving to their destinations. these historic summer lows and gas prices, are due to an over supply of crude oil. those in our area are taking full advantage. >> we'll go to harrisburg this weekend because gas prices are low we're able to do that. >> and triple a of course is reminding drivers to check car tires, batteries, fluids, before hitting the road. interestingly, expert have predicted gas prices to go up this summer as they do to
6:39 am
nearly $3 a gallon, but of course, as we know, that didn't happen. >> always trust predictions, thank you, anita, appreciate t meanwhile just days before the fourth of july holiday, if you are going anywhere and you take fireworks, pay attention, over 36,000 fireworks are being recalled the these tnt red white and blue smoke fireworks are being ripped off of shelves. the us consumer product safety commission is advising customers to stop buying and using the devices. there have been multiple reports of a fireworks exploding when lit. >> well, if you recently ordered package on line it, could take little longer to arrive. specially if it is coming from overseas. that's because the cyber attacks earl this week that have target dollars the shipping industry. the world's large he shipping companies have been affected by this cyber virus. still ahead on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning, fire that's down alleged child preditor to protect his daughter and it is all caught on camera. hear what he says about taking matters into his own hands.
6:40 am
>> real unique house for sale, where you can be in two places at once just by stepping through the front door. jan? >> and it is friday, that means, it is time for cbs-3's summer fest, we're coming to you live from philadelphia this week. and this morning we're in south philly. and you know we cannot do south philly without stepping into melrose diner. i'm jan carabeo, coming up after the break, we check in with a few regulars here who are here each and every day. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ summertime ♪ >> it is summertime and it will get steam think weekend. meisha is gassing up a bus, we'll go on road trip apparently somewhere, i don't know where. hold on to your seatbelts, folks. we have another 20 minute left to go. weekend just around the corner. >> ♪ >> ♪ summertime ♪
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>>joe: hi.this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to launch the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including erin. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> welcome back to cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning, there is an unusual home for sale. it is not mine. but it is one after kind. this stone fixer up is her both in vermont in the u.s. and in quebec, canada. it is right on the border there. it was built in the 1800, nine bedroom, five bath fixer upper listed price, and budget more money for repairs, not easy sale, the current owner remembers the previous owner. >> she slept in canada, he slept in the united state. i have a wonderful relationship with both sides. i feel equally the us and canadian. >> it makes it more difficult, because i have to make sure they have the rice customs papers to own the property. >> back door on the property has to remain bolted shut all of the time because it is an un manned border crossing. the owner says he enjoys dual
6:45 am
citizenship but that perk doesn't come with the house. imagine, katie, not letting the girls into the backyard because they could be arrested? >> that's unbelievable. >> don't open that door! >> and not at all where i thought we would be going for that story, who ever wrote that piece, well done you. >> very interesting. >> yes, that's really interesting story, i love. that will well, you know, i wouldn't say there is a heck of a lot real interesting about our weather pattern, sometimes those are the best scenarios, if you have outdoor plans this coming weekends, who doesn't at this point, fireworks, beach plans, pool plans, lake plans, barbeque plans, all of them taking place outside. it looks as though the weather will actually cooperate for the most part, always be some sort of caveat that i have to throw at you, but first we check in with eyewitness weather watchers, wha what i wat you to notice, wind speeds, noticing more than anything the direction that this wind is coming from. it is pretty light. generally, below seven, 8 miles per hour, but it is almost exclusively coming out
6:46 am
of the south or southwest right now. so, you know, that southerly flow is partly where this warmth is coming from for sure, see the humidity creeping up. take a lock at the storm, temperatures while we're at it here, off to pretty mild starting folks, most of are you in the mid or low 70s, couple every outline ers like more row mother browns mills upper 60s, at mary ann's house, or low 70s, again, pretty much everywhere else. now, as we switch it on back to the maps, look what's happening. so system, disturbance, that's crossing through part of the great lakes right now, bring withing it actually pretty heavy thunderstorm, this is going to just barely clip us. i think, if you are going farther north and west here, lehigh valley, specially folk, you've got the best chance later today to see scattered shower or thunderstorm. but, most of us, stay dry, especially at the shore, don't worry about rain at all. here is a look at the dew point elsewhere, in the 70s in handful of spot, so certainly mugginess, beginning to overtake the region, but dew point still somewhat low along
6:47 am
i 59. northwest of that, so the transition taking place in short, if you are going to be out barbequing, maybe get little practice through the upcoming holiday there is evening look great all-in-all again keep your ears perk to thunder specially north and west every philly. # 87 around dinnertime, but we hit 93 officially for high upper 80s justin right into the neck week, and even beyond, the holiday. meisha? >> looking good. all right, katie, thank you. and very good morning to all of you. happy friday. so still looking at this accident here. 422 westbound approaching oaks, see pulled off to the right shoulder. as you come around this bends, lots of flashing lights, people outside of their vehicles, got the cones set up, got vehicle off the roadway. this bend can actually be little tricky. because this accident right here on it can actually sneak up on you. just pay attention to that as you come around that bend there. burlington bristol bridge scheduled to go off in about six, seven, eight minutes or so, 5:00, a so taking the burlington bristol, give yourself couple of extra minute, accident here overturned vehicle, 59
6:48 am
southbound, onramp from bartrum avenue heads up. still traveling around the area. at around 5 miles per hour, that's why i want to keep you hopefully until deeper into the 7:00 hour. we have another accident here. abington township downed pole and wires, meeting house road closed between susquehanna and huntingdon pike. your neck of the woods. still traveling adder there, but you are starting to tap on your brakes. and with the road closure add extra time, as well. so for those every you take that time, i would choose one of your local alternates, and also, fares increasing on saturday for septa by the way. and patco running modified schedule, eastbound, and westbound, just make sure to check the schedules on line. jim, back over to you. >> "eyewitness news" is exploring south philly this morning, as part of our cbs-3 summer fest. jan carabeo has found a place to grab breakfast, she's live at the famous melrose diner, a spot that's been serving up dishes for hungry customers
6:49 am
since 1935. good morning, again, jan. >> reporter: jim, good morning. twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, you mentioned, since 1935. can you imagine how much history this place has seen? how many stories have been told at this counter? coming to you liver from melrose diner in south philadelphia this morning. and we want to check in with one of the regulars here, this is bruce from south philly. bruce, thanks for being on our show. i said you guys, bruce, you look familiar. that's because he is. i often come into this diner, get reaction from the community about various news topics. i've actually spoken to you at least once before. do you remember what it was about? >> about the eagles. >> of course it was about the eagles. that's what we come to melrose diner to see how eagles fans really feel. why do you keep coming back year after year? >> good family, you know, environment, all friend here, we meet in the morning, we have our coffee, our breakfast, then we get off to work. >> is this your typical spot? is this bruce's spot? >> it is my seat.
6:50 am
they should have my name on it i've been here so long. >> how long have you been coming smear. >> i grew up in the neighborhood so i've been coming here since a kid. >> almost since birth? >> pretty much. >> this really is family watch do you get every day? do they know your order? do you get the same thing every day? >> jimmy knows when i come in, get it start, bacon eggs and cheese. >> oh, i like that, that sounds good. jimmy, you mentioned, behind the line right now. what's it like to see the same faces every day? >> it is nice. comfortable. it is gooden vier on: i like it like that. i'm not one to change. >> all right. well, you know, speaking of change, a lot of people are going to be coming in at 7:00. you kind of get in before the rush. >> yes. we are the early crew. >> you are the early crew. >> yes. >> and i want to show you guys some people who have been working here, they think they're getting offer easy because they're trying to hide behind the camera. claire there has been working this register for how long? claire? >> about 12 years. >> twelve years. not too shabby, right? >> no, no. >> what do you like best about working here at melrose diner?
6:51 am
>> i know practically everyone who comes in here. i really do. >> do you know their orders, too? >> i know you're behind the register, but you see what they're paying for. >> yes, i kind of know what they're going to eat. >> tell me about the butter cake real quick? >> oh, it is delicious. you have to bring something back to the studio. it is great. >> oh, now you're speaking their language. >> it is the same recipe from 1945. >> thank you, claire. thank you. so butter cake, that's what they're known for. jim, i'll see if i can get a piece for you. >> i love claire. give her a hug for me and katie and meisha. we hear food, we love it. thank you, jan. summer fest continues all day in philadelphia for the long fourth of july holiday weekend. jessica will be live on independence mall, and we will have crews across the city as we celebrate all of the history of philadelphia today on "eyewitness news" that's starting at 5:00. time now 6:51. a lot coming up on cbs this morning, nora o'donnell gives us preview from new york, good morning, nora. >> good morning, jim.
6:52 am
ahead, bipartisan backlash, president trump's personal attacks on twitter. hear reaction this morning, how the white house is defending him. plus family stages a high-tech sting operation in their backyard to catch alleged sexual preditor. and we go for a dive to see how citizens scientists are helping to rebuild florida's coral reef. all of that plus the eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. see you at 7:00. >> looking forward to it, nora, have a great weekend. >> you too. >> thanks, suspected purse snatch err leads police on wild chase. this began in louisville, kentucky lasted more than half hour crossing state lines into indianna. driver finally gave up in a cornfield. now how the chase ended is the subject after investigation, after several officers were seen beating that suspect. >> it made it for a very extreme, very chance situation, obviously, we discussed several times whether we should end the pursuit or not, in the pursuit. but knowing it was a fell on in the vehicle, we felt like that person needed to be apprehended.
6:53 am
>> now, the suspect, robert ellis, in custody charged with fleeing and resisting law enforcement. >> in oak home, a a father takes matters into his own hands, to catch an alleged child preditor. the entire take-down was caught on surveillance video. father who did not want to be identified by name said he set up the sting to catch a man he says came to his house to have sex with his 15 year old daughter. >> oohs he walked in, looked into the tent, my first nephew jumped out, my cousin jumped out after that, i came with the zip top. >> now the father of the three girls says he found explicit messages between his 15 year old and a 33 year old man. the man in question was arrested and released on bond. well, budist cents in philadelphia say fake monks in the city are giving them a bad name. you supply seen them on the streets, dress like monks, hand people trinkets, ask for donations, but real monks say don't be fooled. we showed pictures of the man,
6:54 am
he says he's alleged fake monks are bad for the image of real budist cents. >> the monks who practice, you know, we believe in live a good life, not to take something from people. >> there is even a facebook page called fake monks in philadelphia. and on that note, we will be right back. with three to go.
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>> man hundred dollars is underway, a man in a pick-up truck shot a teenager in a case of possible road rage. set williams is in jail awaiting sentencing, pled guilty yesterday to bribe bring charge and resigned as philadelphia district attorney. >> and scaled back version in place, from six muslim majority countries won't be allowed to enter the country for zero nine days. that's three to go, last check on weather and traffic? >> looks like it will end up being great summer day all-in-all. feeling the heat. temperature will easily climb mid seven's where we currently stand, in the live neighborhood network in reading through the mid 90s, but time today, just spotty shower, thunderstorm, specially northwest of the
6:59 am
city, more so anything for the holiday weekend. >> thank you, accident here, 422 westbound approaching oaks, pulled off to the shoulder, careful coming around the ben, we have people outside their vehicles, plus, overturned vehicle here, 95, southbound, the onramp from bartrum avenue. >> dozens every pigs had to be rounded up after tractor-trailer truck, some wandered more than mile from the scene. authority say they're not sure how many pigs got away. peta says the pig should be provided with sanctuaries after the frightening crash. i believe meisha will adopt them all. >> i would love to. oh, i would love to. it is my kind of bill working let me in, i would. >> they're freaking out watching us right now. imagine, she's bringing pigs! cbs this morning is many coming up neglect, don't forget celebrating summer past all day in philadelphia, watch for new reports coming up in "eyewitness news" at 5:00. have a great day and wonderful weekend, stay safe out there. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
7:00 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, june 30th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." lawmakers from both parties blast president trump for his personal attacks against two tv hosts. angry republicans ask him to show respect. they say his comments are beneath the dignity of the office. a manhunt is under way for a person who shot and killed a teenage girl. plus an oklahoma dad showed how he set up a sting in the backyard to catch someone for seducing his under age daughter. >> an entire e


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