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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 30, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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that is technically illegal i'm greg argos at devil's pool in the wissohickon valley park why police are, cracking down and what these swimmers think bit. and now at 6:00 o'clock it is summer if he in the city this fourth of july weekend we are celebrating our history and we're looking into our future. summer fest in full swing, hi, good evening everyone i'm ukee washington. and i'm jessica dean, coming to you atop of the national constitution center as we look out over independent mall cradle of liberty on this fourth of july weekend 2017. it is a wonderful day to be outside. we are learning all about the history here in philadelphia, some of it we all know by heart, some of it may surprise you. i think we will be able to give you something, new, to know about our city of philadelphia, but there are lots of people out here walk
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around enjoying this friday evening, and they are all excited to kick off this holiday weekend. we will go to lauren casey at belmont plateau, and she's got a look at our holiday weekend forecast, lauren? >> thanks, guess contact i'm out here on the plateau beautiful view of the city behind me our fair city. little hot out here but we have moved to the shade. it doesn't feel is he bad in the shade with that breeze but heat is on after a nice break earlier in the week. humidity has ramped up and temperatures cruised back in the 90's after a break earlier this weekend philadelphia our current temperature 91 degrees we have cooled, 1 degree over the last hour, temperatures in the 80's and 90's across the area. eighty-eight in allentown with rain cooled air in mount pocono at 72 degrees. dew points a big difference over 24 hours. dew points in the mid 60's and lower zero seven's. it feels steam toy oppressive. also, we are dealing with thunderstorm activity far
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north and western of the city berks county, lehigh valley and poconos. watch out for that, heavy downpours, frequent lightening and possibility of some gusty wind. your fire works forecast in the city spruce street harbor park not looking too bad maybe a stray shower but most of us will be staying dry to enjoy all of the festivities and me and my photographer nate are heading over to spruce street harbor park after the show tonight. we will there been for 10 and 11. we will show you footage of the fun, fire works coming up later tonight, back to you. all right, a few people were there at spruce street harbor park i have a few people will be there. you know in philadelphia there are a lot of neighborhood and there air lot of discussions, let's say over where neighborhoods started and end. certainly a lot of history behind how each neighborhood got its name and so we were wondering how did each neighborhood get its name. we went to the expert to check it out, lets take a look.
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philadelphia is said to be a city of neighborhood. we have got a few, there are currently 200 named neighborhood in our city. do you know why it is called queen village. >> i do not know why it is called queen village but is there a queen street. >> i do not know nothing about the queen or her village. >> do you think it is named after an actual queen. >> kind of. >> okay. what about fishtown. >> people that lived there originally fished. >> it was bunch of fish there. >> any reason why it is brewerytown. >> i would have to say there was breweries there back in the day. >> i i don't know why it is called mantua. >> i can google it. >> there are a lot of guesses as to why our neighborhood are named what they are. why is dean village queen village. but for the answers we went right to the experts. >> here is where the art museum is, it is called fairmount. it is on the hill. >> reporter: lee arnold is director of the library of the historical society of pennsylvania, and he knows a lot about the history behind
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our neighborhood names. some of them are somewhat expected. fishtown. >> the name after people would fish in the area so they called chad, eel, and other fish. >> reporter: brewerytown. >> bluery town also makes sense in 1920's it was called brewerytown because of the breweries that was there at one time. >> reporter: it turns out queen's village was named for an actual queen. >> queen village is maimed for queen cristina of sweden, who gave some swedes land in 1653 in what is now queen village. however, the name queen village wasn't popularized until 1970's. >> and then there is some names like mantua, that does necessarily come want easy explanation. >> this is most odd one i can think of because at first i thought maybe lenape or dealing with people who made dresses, mantua or something like. that it is named after mantua italy and that is it.
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i have no idea why. >> so, we have a very distinct reason why, others will remain a mystery but they are all wonderful and all have something unique to offer, in our fair city. when you are talking about living here in philadelphia you got to go back to the beginning and if you do that you have to go to elfreth's alley, located off of second street in olde city, it is known as our nation's oldest residential street. thirty-two homes long cobblestone and brick street were named a historical landmark in 1966. some of the still privately owned residences do open up their doors, on special occasions throughout the year, and they have been there, really beautiful homes and we have talked about the history of philadelphia, it has a lot of that but david spunt is joining me now and we're also a growing city. we are a city people are coming to and city that is expanding. >> one time there was a
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gentlemen's agreement you could not build taller then billy penn's hat. since then that city has changed over the last few hundred years and it has only better place toss go in the future. lets take a look. >> ♪ >> reporter: on a beautiful june day in philadelphia, dozens wait in line to see the famous rocky statue. >> i wanted to see rookie stairs to run up there and do the song. >> bronze statue means even more for angela and her husband chris, they proudly married in front of the landmark in 2009. >> it has made it more special for us, everything involved rocky for us and rocky story and the theme, and heart that goes with it. >> reporter: but philadelphia is so much more than this statue it is a city that has transformed from revolutionary village 250 years ago to a hub of business, production, in the 1950's and 60's. that has been in the cities
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promotional film from 1963. >> much has been accomplished in philadelphia but much more will be done. >> reporter: fifty years later and even more is being done. >> thanks to philly's growth rent erin creasings are now able to over deliver on amenities. >> reporter: meet 37 year-old charles i mcgraph a developer in philadelphia who left the city for other big cities. he decided to come back to philadelphia when he saw the future of the city right in front of his face. now he is overseeing a 50 million-dollar renovation, of the bourse in olde city. >> people literally came here and used this as a meeting place to exchange goods. we are doing same exact thing but 150 years later. >> he says next year bourse will be packed with young professionals. the philly neighborhood are unique with charm, restaurants , a culinary flight around the world, tourist say that philadelphia is now a destination, not just a stop over on the way to new york and washington. >> right now it is already
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fresh and we are adding to it. just a hundred times better. >> reporter: mcgraph says bourse renovation is just tip of an iceberg full of growth and surprise. >> young people want to be here because it is affordable, and it is cool, and it has been cool for 300 years. >> it has been cool for 300 years and still cool, i love that line in that story right there bourse will be an exciting project, one of the many projects here in philadelphia we have come so far. at one time tower of independent hall, different then it was that was one of the tallest buildings in the city. it is amazing to see how far this city has come. >> well, you were talking to people in that story about how many people want to stop in and become a destination and national magazine said we were number two best place to visit >> that is right. >> lots to see here in philadelphia, ukee, we know you love it as much as we do. >> no doubt about that. guess kaine entire team stand by we will be back to you
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shortly. in the news tonight authorities released a sketch of the suspected gunman who shot and killed a young woman during a road rage incident in chester county. take a good look driver described as a man between 30 and 40 years of age with a medium build and blonde hair. the government shot and killed bianca roberson after they tried to merge in the same lane on route 100 in west goshen wednesday afternoon. he was driving a red pickup truck. >> just over a quarter mile, at 60 miles an hour. so it was, it was in the very long at all. >> high rate of speed and high volume of traffic to get out of the area and drove on the shoulder of the road to do so. >> once again here is the sketch of the gunman, anyone with any information is asked to contact the police. still to come tonight on "eyewitness news" summer if he in the city continues, when it comes to philadelphia there is no shortage of spots to spend the holiday weekend we are hearing what makes the belmont plateau the place to go for many philadelphians, don.
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a freak injury for an eagles starter, and an on the job interview for phillies prospects, why nick williams will make his debut tonight in new york coming up later in
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there is no surprise a local swimming spot is getting a tension even though it is supposed to be off limits. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos explains why venturing out for a swim in this spot could mean taking a dip with danger. wissohickon valley park is a place of tranquility, peace, relaxation but is there a popular pocket of the park known as devil's pool where anything goes. >> swimming, having a good time, you know. >> staying cool. >> reporter: kevin barkley has been coming here for years. >> once, twice, three times a year. >> reporter: for many like him from the northwest a summertime tradition grab a
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brew and bathing suit and head for the cliff. problem is swimming here isn't even allowed. >> swimming is illegal. >> reporter: laura mccarrot is executive director of the conservancy group friend of the wissohickon. she said devils pool along remote area of the river, cell phone reception with shallow water and plenty of rocks. >> no soft landing in the creek. >> it is easy to see why swimming is illegal because of the physical danger. and there are the health risks as well, this water, coming from sewage plant. >> up to 90 percent of the water in the creek is treated waste water. that doesn't seem to board dozens gathered here for a dive in the ditch. this water is, treated sewer water did you know that. >> no. >> it is treated sewage. >> it don't matter. >> reporter: swimming can get you a fine and cause philadelphia police making round but no one can care.
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>> it is hard to stay away from something beautiful. >> reporter: with just one small side warning, fine, and fees hard to imagine devil's pool will ever be empty. >> i think what will be better is swim at your own risk and then they are not liable. >> wissohickon veil park, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". so many people across our region have great memories of the belmont plateau especially around fourth of july. we are out there today and we found people getting a jump on the holiday fun and relaxation , plateau is a favorite among many in philadelphia's african-american community. we have talk with the legendary patty jackson from w das about one of her favorite aspects of the plateau. >> you could be on the plateau , and then you look over and like wow, there is the city, and it just makes you think one of the great places in philadelphia. >> so true. speaking of the belmont plateau where meteorologist lauren casey's tracking weather conditions for our
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summer if he and of course the holiday weekend, lauren? >> reporter: thanks very much, ukee, outside on the plateau in the word of the illustrious will smith the plateau is a place where everybody goes, and nice out here we have the breeze, we have some sunshine and now in the shade feeling good but it is a little bit of tan. it is a holiday weekend, with, temperatures all across the area 90's in philadelphia and reporting sites reporting hot temperatures, right now in the 90's and 80's across the area 89 degrees in trenton. eighty-eight in wilmington. bit cooler with the sea breeze down the shore temperatures near 80 degrees and rain cooled air at mount pocono at 72. we have breeze toy windy conditions, at lee hot air, isn't stagnant. wind speed 15 to 20 miles an hour with higher gusts. we have breezy conditions in the evening hours as well. we are experiencing sticky factor through much of the week and then today dew points
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ramped up in the 60's and 70's and interest is feeling quite steamy right now and that is the trend for tonight and through our saturday as well before dew points start to decrease into sunday but storm scan three showing a stormy start to the holiday weekend north and west of the city, allentown, berks county, rolling through, some containing downpours and frequent lightening, head up for that but in the city and suburbs overnight tonight partly to mostly cloudy, warm, mug that i ac is working overtime falling back down to 73 degrees, and then tomorrow most inclement day of the holiday weekend we will see cloud around oppressive humidity levels high temperature in the 80's. watching out for round of afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms and a few storms could be on the stronger side, storm prediction center has areas to the north and west of the city including berks county, lehigh valley, poconos and slight risk of severe weather for philadelphia, i-95 corridor, much of the south jersey. we have the crew coming
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through. oh, yeah. they are enjoying their weekend. down the coast though we will not, we will not be in that slight risk area into our saturday but in those air area keep yourself of the wear of the changing weather situation if you have outdoor plans. if we look at jersey shore forecast, possibly a stray storm along the coast late in the day and sunday and monday down right gorgeous beach days but be sure to latter up spf30 you have to be at that far i'm toll. as we head in the weekend in the city 89 degrees on monday fourth of july looking beautiful, fairly comfortable humidity levels. we will have high temperature in the middle 80's to celebrate our independent day. we will be right back after this with sports and don bell.
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we know is there history at national constitution certainty and independent mall but history is spread out all over our fair city and we have one of the most historical stadiums in the country, lets get now to don bell who is live from franklin field, hi there, don. >> hi jessica yeah 122 years and counting we will talk more about franklin field in a few moments but lets get started with baseball, phillies open up three game series in queens taking on the mets. ben lively will be on the bump there we have other news involving phillies, as well, they have placed outfielder howie kendrick on the 10 day disabled list with the bad hamstring and call it nick williams from triple a lehigh. he was part of the six player trade with texas involving cole hamels and batted .280 with the iron pigs, tonight he is batting sixth and playing left field. now we will talk about the bird and we have a celebration that went ary. eagles middle linebacker
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jordan hicks, injured his hand on his honeymoon in greece. recovery time is three to four weeks. training camp starts in less than a movement bird making some other news today they released wide siever dario green beckham after just one season. last year he had 36 catches for 392-yard, and they also signed quarterback dane evans to a three-year contract. now for some action, on the ice, flyers top draft choice noland patrick will miss camp next month recovering from the sports hernia surgery he had a couple weeks ago. flyers getting involved, also in free agency. orange and black have reportedly signed goalie brian elliott to a two year deal worth five and a half million. he had a sub par season with the calgary flames allowing his highest goals against average in six seasons. now for some sixers news for you, they have released guard or veteran guard i should say gerald henderson, averaged
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just nine points a season ago and also, there is a report out there that the sixers are only offering free agent one year deals, free agency begins tonight in the nba so if you are looking for that multi year deal for a guy like jj reddick that may not happen. now is there some action in camden to day at lee there was earlier, they are getting ready for rookie camp i should say or summer league is really what it is and that starts monday. of course all eyes on top draft choice markelle fultz trying to game speed of the nba. >> college is a little bit slower. you get a lot of plays quickly you have to adjust the best you can and it is all good. a lot of plays, lieutenant of motion out of those plays. >> looking forward to watching markelle fultz, start his sixers career and in some sort of a way on monday in summer league. meanwhile we are here at franklin field coming to you
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live, once again, this stadium has been here for 122 years historic venue one of the top in the country and longest, active, stadium in the country , and also, the place of many firsts, and lets show you exactly what we're talking about this goes back to say 1895, this place had the first ever scoreboard believe it or not. also, it was first two teared stadium. so you see that all over the country now, that started in philadelphia in 1922. first football radio broadcast and that happened on our sister station wip, that happened in 1922. and as far as a television football broadcast that happened on kyw-tv, that is right, cbs-3 in 1939. and eagles played first monday night football game for eagles happened in 1970 right here in this stadium. historic franklin field is where we decided to camp out here in summer if he and we are enjoying it here because this place like constitution
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center built with a lot of history, steeped in history. now back to you. all right, don thanks very much. a lot of firsts there. our summer fest fun continues when we come back. chopper three high above the national constitution certainty, where we are broadcasting live, much more still to come when we come back.
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we are joined bayou key, don, ukee and then i have tori and david here. we have been talking about the pennsylvania here in philadelphia, the future here in philadelphia, and there is one thing that is classic. >> what sit. >> cheese stake, hello. >> yes, appropriate in the past, present and future, always. these are from the lovely people at sonny's steaks just down the road. rest of the team got them as well. we wanted to make sure everybody got a little something. >> can we crack them open. >> i'm kind of like i know where you are. >> you will get yours opened there. >> yes. >> don, ukee, lauren. >> tori is already going in to it. you enjoy your as well. we are back at 10 on the cw philly, 11:00 on cbs-3. up next anthony mason with the "cbs evening news". have a great night.
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>> mason: under attack. a doctor opens fire inside a hospital where he used to work. >> i saw blood on the floor. i saw a doctor with blood on his hands. >> mason: also tonight, a small plane crasheses in flames on a busy southern california freeway. the president's twitter feud escalates. the hosts of "morning joe" now accuse the white house of blackmail. americans on the move-- travel's at an all-time high with gas prices at a 12-year low. >> i love the lower price. it helps me out tremendously. glm and steve hartman's "on the road"" and in the yard where an unlikely friendship has taken


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