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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  July 5, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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tonight -- >> whoo! >> j-rod's romance fireworks. ♪ from backstage secrets to their rockin' house party. what we just found out about their pda weekend in new york. >> happy fourth of july, everybody! plus, inside ben and jen's independence day reunion, and why taylor swift gives her legendary backyard bash. then -- brittany sings live to shut down lip sync rumors. and then jeremy meeks is in hot water again, and celine dion stripped down. ♪ >> why she is bearing all in her sexy new photo shoot as she storms paris fashion week. now for july 5, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight."
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>> j-lo and a-rod. >> if you enjoyed the fireworks yesterday, wait until you see the ones between these two. >> nobody did independence day better than them, and we have behind-the-scenes details we'll get into. j-rod was all smiles, hand in hand, even locking lips, leaving the long island city stage where she debuted her new spanish language single. all while she showed off her toned figure in this daring 22 thousand 5 hundred fausto puglisi gown. >> a-rod was right there, just off stage as jennifer performed for the macy's fourth of july fireworks spectacular here in new york. and if this isn't true love -- he waited very patiently for her as she did an interview right afterwards. ♪ i'm still jenny from the block ♪ >> jennifer was in town rehearsing on friday and pre-recorded her two performances for the special on
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saturday. >> they were spotted holding hands, and she was still in that gorgeous gown, which by the way, was first seen on kendall jenner in 2014 for the music awards. j-lo had to change it up somehow, and she added her own custom embroidery. >> on july fourth, while her performance was airing, j-lo celebrated with a house party wearing a white lace dress. she did an impromptu sing-along, alex, the proud boyfriend shooting it on his phone and posting it for everyone to see. >> hey! >> today, j-lo thanked her fans and her ex, who was one of her producers, for turning her single into a hit. ♪ >> by the way, can we give a shoutout to j-lo for her photo shop skills? here's the original one, and then yesterday the dress and the earrings changed to this red
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color before going patriotic for the fourth. the american flag and earrings changed again. >> nice. you know taylor swift is known for throwing amazing fourth of july bashes with star guests and her current boyfriend front and center. well, her beau is now joe awlyn. where was this year's party? no bikini clad besties. no flying flags. no "i love taylor" tanks. the 27-year-old's rhode island mansion was anything but rockin' yesterday. >> whoo! >> yes, there was an inflatable slide set up near the pool, but it seems the only ones enjoying the massive beachfront property were taylor's parents. her dad, scott, reportedly sent over "1989" guitar picks to fans camped out nearby with "we love you taylor" signs. so where was taylor and her squad?
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>> i think we'll both be in paris. we have our press tour. >> cara delevingne and karlie kloss were busy at paris fashion week. cara chatting it up, and fellow model visiting paris. stateside, blake lively celebrated with her family including her adorable nephew, baylen. and model martha hunt shared her fourth with fans online. she took in a traditional carnival with her photographer boyfriend, jason mcdonald. one fan noting, this doesn't look like taylor's backyard. so why did tay-tay break tradition? it seems the pop star is still laying low with her new beau, actor joe awlyn. the couple was spotted sipping coffee on a balcony in nashville just last month. ♪ >> a source tells "e.t." that taylor is really focused on working on her new music and that she's keeping her new romance on lockdown in hopes of avoiding the media frenzy she's experienced with past loves. well, taylor's album is expected to drop later this year. her last record titled "1989" was released in 2014, so it has been a while. the fourth was also eventful
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for exs ben affleck and jennifer garner. they got together, and we have the details. the family reunited at an independence day parade. ben, jen, their three kids and the family dog, a golden retriever that ben gave the family when they split in 2015, all spread out on the grass beneath colorful umbrellas. both wore jeans. ben in a maroon tee, jen wore a red and white tank top. and last week, ben joined jen and the kids in the bahamas for a vacay at the atlantis resort. a source tells us they want to keep their kids' lives as normal as possible, and continue to do things together. our source says although they haven't ruled out dating other people, for now, it looks like the focus is on family. >> we do try our best. >> the couple separated two years ago, but it wasn't until this april -- a month after ben completed rehab for alcohol addiction -- that they filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. the couple are seeking joint custody of their three kids. >> how do you guys make all of that work, and what are your areas of expertise with the kids?
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>> my area of expertise, it's spotty. not homework. >> earlier this year, we learned that scarlett johansson was splitting with her husband, and she has been spotted moving on romantically with her lawyer and now with "snl" star, colin jost. they were just seen together again in east hampton, new york. last month, they had a dinner date in new york city where an eyewitness told "e.t." quote, they were holding hands and looked cozy. so remember this guy? jeremy meeks, aka, the hot felon. after his mugshot went viral meeks went from running to the police to walking runways back in the world, and he is back in hot water after pictures of him getting cozy with the heiress. why is that a problem? maybe you should ask jeremy's wife. >> water skiing --
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and making out in the mediterranean aboard a 180-foot yacht. yep, the 33-year-old felon is living the good life, but that woman he's kissing, that's not his wife of eight years, melissa. that's heiress chloe green. she is a 26-year-old socialite and reality star. her father, sir phillip, is the chairman of arcadia group, a retail company that includes topshop. he's worth more than $5 billion. chloe's no stranger to a high-profile romance. she also dated j-lo's ex, marc anthony, for a year back in 2013, but the attention she's getting for this one may be too much for her. chloe deleted her instagram account shortly after posting this picture of her and meeks with the caption, just the beginning. we appreciate all the love and the hate. meeks has since edited his account, deleting all photographs of him and wife melissa. >> hey, jeremy. how's it going? >> what's up? all right. >> meeks is now back in california. he flew in solo and was greeted
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by the paparazzi. >> i have to ask, what's going on with that girl? you were kissing in the boat. >> i ain't making no comments right now, man. >> are you happily married though? >> i ain't making no personal comments. >> he spent the holiday with his kids posting this pic. wife melissa spent the day with her sister. >> now back to chloe, the other woman and her family, you can understand how they roll. for her younger brother, brandon's bar mitzvah, they flew 300 guests to france which included beyonce. >> did that cost anything? on the way, celine dion in paris on a balcony. yes, queen! >> see lean donning diamonds in a bathtub? plus, how kelly clarkson is shutting down fat-shamers. and britney proves she has
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serious singing skills. closed captioning provided by -- join us live on "e.t.'s"
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>> what's my snack? banana. >> well, chris pratt lit up instagram with the what's my snack game. nischelle turner joins me now. >> he posted this shot asking 13 million followers to guess which part of his body is spray tanned. i'm going to be safe and say his
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arms. >> you think so? >> i saw this while doing my instagram story this morning, and it popped up. britney spears has a message for her haters. tonight's know and tell, britney gets her revenge. >> a lot of people think that i don't sing live. >> after slamming accusations she doesn't sing live -- ♪ ♪ happy birthday to you >> britney proves she has the pipes that made her a star by serenading a friend live on stage. take that, haters. ♪ what doesn't kill you makes you stronger ♪ >> speaking of haters, kelly clarkson just shut down one of hers in epic fashion. ♪ it all started after the grammy winner tweeted a thank-you on the fourth of july. a troll commented "you're fat" in response.
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slashingson clarkson tweeted back, and still bleeping awesome. oh, snap, and some of lady gaga's fans have been so abusive towards ed sheeran, he georgia set her fans straight, tweeting, i love ed. no reason to tear down awe artist simply because they are on top. as for ed, he i haven't quit anything yet. coming up, more singers. ♪ why celine dion got naked in paris. her surprising fashion confession. then from jessica simpson to the beckhams. how celebrities are celebrating their anniversary. >> we're in love. >> plus -- the top gun sequel. we have the new details. and what you don't know
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about the "will & grace" revival. >> we're excited.
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restlessness... extreme anxiety... pacing... a constant urge to move. if someone you know is suffering from schizophrenia they may also be struggling with akathisia: a common side effect of some schizophrenia medications. learn more at well, earlier you saw katy perry hanging in paris at the chanel show, and she brought her mom along, and hung out with pharell williams, and we saw another star really lighting up the city of lights. >> celine dion who is treating the streets like her own runway. it's her lack of clothes in a
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new photo shoot that's really turning some heads. ♪ >> the 49-year-old singer is stripped down holding a couture dress taken while celine was changing her looks between fashion shows. in a new photo spread for "vogue's" instagram account, celine looks spectacular while setting paris alaze with in a fashion frenzy. she attended the dior show wearing this mustard colored skirt by the designer. she wore this floral giambatista valli mini with thigh high boots to the designer's show, sharing the front row with "vogue's" editor in chief, anna wintour. celine tells "vogue" going to a fashion show, quote, gives me a bit of freedom when my life has been work, discipline, hard, hard work. ♪ >> celine, who is also on tour in europe, wears couture gowns on stage that are altered to accommodate her movements.
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she keeps a master file with pages from magazines of looks she likes. she also tells the magazine, her fashion is public but her jewelry is private. sometimes when she is at home in vegas, and missing her late husband rene, she wears all her jewels and retreats to her bath. and there was an incognito fan in the street when celine posed at her hotel, katy perry. >> celine dion in paris on a balcony. yes, queen! >> i want a katy perry and celine dion collaboration. i'd love to see that. expect to see more from celine in paris. she is there through the weekend on tour. celine dion live, 2017 wraps up one month from today. ♪ happy belated birthday to tom cruise. he turned 55 on monday. tom is busy prepping for the "top gun" sequel which he confirmed to us months ago, but today we have new details about
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top gun -- maverick. mark your calendars. july 12, 2019 is the official release date of the sequel, which tom says is titled "top gun: maverick." he'll step back into his pete mitchell fight suit and reportedly, the movie will explore the end of the dog fightinger era as the military increasingly turns to un-piloted drone technology. >> tom was coy about sequel plot points. we chatted with him last month. >> there's going to be jets in it. very fast jets, okay? >> there's one thing we don't know -- >> there's going to be an aircraft carrier. maybe two. and a wide range of jets. 2 music. music. motorcycles. >> there's a motorcycle? >> there's a motorcycle. maybe a volleyball game. maybe. we'll see. >> still up in the air, who would be tom's co-stars. we know val kilmer said he
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is down to join. he tweeted this picture, i'm ready, tom. we don't have to wait for this comeback. "will & grace" returns in september. >> nothing scary here. >> what's happening? who rang that bell? >> is it easy to fly back in with those guys again? >> it felt like we had been away for the weekend. that was the weirdest thing about it is that it doesn't feel weird. it just felt, like, oh, hey, guys. so i start talking in a high voice. it's just really bizarre. like it just totally was there. >> and this just dropped promo >> we're excited. it has been 11 years, and it's i guess the thing that's most whiting is everybody is coming back. i mean the whole cast, the whole crew. i mean, it's a testament to how close a family we were. i'm excited to laugh and i'm excited to make people laugh. >> by the way, 12 new episodes
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will begin airing september 28th on nbc. new the big question comes -- who will show up as guests? sharon osbourne guest starred on the show in '04 playing a bartender, and sharon yesterday celebrated her 35th wedding anniversary with ozzy she tied the knot back in 1982, and independence day weekend is a time for a lot of is celebrities. >> jessica simpson posting a patriotic picture on the fourth of july, but today, the eric johnson are celebrating their third wedding anniversary. >> i just want to wait until after everything is over so i'm not a hormonal bridezilla. >> delaying "i dos" until after starting their family, the couple tied the knot at the romantic san ysidro ranch on a holiday weekend and now have two adorable kids, max and ace. >> ashton kutcher. that's me. >> and mila kunis. >> we caught them at first blush, after filming the pilot
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of "that 70's show" almost 20 years ago! >> i'm having a good time. >> cut to 2017, ashton and mila celebrating their second wedding anniversary on the fourth! >> we're still in love. like, you high five when you still like each other and you like your kid at the end of the night. >> and it was also sparks on the set for julia roberts and her camera operator husband, danny moder. the two met while filming "the mexican" and are celebrating 15 years of marriage of getting hitched on july fourth. often working together, the key to keeping it together might be that they have each other's back. >> there were times we would look at each other and think, okay, if you're here for me, i'm here for you, and we'd go a little bit more. >> and check out this flashback photo david beckham posted celebrating his fourth of july anniversary to wife victoria. married for 18 years, the beckhams now have four kids with youngest son cruz posting this wedding snap of mom and dad, saying "you are the best parents in the whole wide world."
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>> i'm open as an old book. you know, i don't hide anything. warts and all. >> and after going through some very public rough patches, including infidelity and addiction, sharon and ozzy just celebrated 35 years of marriage on the 4th. sharon posting, quote, "always remember, you carry my heart in yours, and it's getting older and needs protecting." while ozzy's instagram shot features their 1982 wedding on maui, saying "happy anniversary my love, you are my everything!" well, a big congratulations to them on their anniversaries, and also this pair -- singer sierra and her pro football player hubby, russell wilson. they are celebrating their anniversary tomorrow. when we come back, we're heading to the set of deadpool, two.
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travel consideration provided by -- tomorrow on "e.t." -- >> that's going to be so good. >> we're with julie chen before the first live "big brother" eviction". >> expect the unexpected. >> who does she this will go home? >> i'm freaking out. and jada pinkett smith on
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her 20-year marriage to will. >> i get mushy. >> why she is fine becoming an empty nester. >> mommy goes -- >> tomorrow on "e.t." >> welcome back, everybody. check out ryan in costume filming the "deadpool" sequel on the rooftop. >> ryan had his devil on hand, but another person was spotted onset. his wife. >> and she should be. they shared a special smooch right through ryan's mask. i hope it's ryan. would it be bad if that were mistaken? they met back in 2015 when he play ed "green lantern," and this year will mark their fifth wedding anniversary. good night, everybody.
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ben affleck and jennifer garner reunite. reese witherspoon and channing tatum make it family affairs. and khloe kardashian gets wet and wild. >> hey! happy fourth of july! then, was kathy griffin interrogated by the secret service over her infamous trump photo? >> i don't know if i'm going to be arrested today. i don't know. and number three. maria menounos opens up about her new health crisis. >> so he called me and said, you have a brain tumor. it's called meningioma. >> how her heartbreaking diagnosis mirrors her mothers battle. plus, your "insider" bonus. queen latifah and jada pinkett-smith reunite for a "girls trip." >> wow! wow! >> why it took them over 20 years. >> just know that would never happen in real life. and meet the world's oldest working showgirl who's owning the stage at "little big shots." >> what does that mean to you? >> not much! >> fiv s


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