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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 6, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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reporter alex movies live in manayunk with new information. alex. >> reporter: par medics were able to revive that baby girl. she remains in stable condition at the hospital. there was no answer door in the 200 block of green lane in manayunk where around 6:30 p.m. yesterday police say paramedics responding to a call found an unresponsive nine month-old baby with a hypodermic needle stuck in her leg. photo confirmed by a close neighbor shows the child with her father, identified as 35 year-old stephen welsh, "eyewitness news" has learned that welsh told investigators he had been cleaning his room and tossed needles on to his bed forgetting they were there he said he put the baby on the bed where she rolled on to one paramedics revived child with narcan, treatment that reverse s effects of an opioid overdose. >> my brother died from a heroin overdose. it is all over the place. >> reporter: neighbor dennis says addiction in this town, just like elsewhere, has been
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destroying families. >> it surprises me anyone would be that irresponsible but not surprising at all because heroin at dicks all over the place. >> reporter: father is facing charges including aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child. >> the father should be tried. >> reporter: this neighbor asked we not show her face. another long time resident tells "eyewitness news" that four generations of good people lived in the home and that stephen welsh was an extremely proud father to his baby girl. we have a fire truck going by bye welsh was arraigned this afternoon, he will powe $1,000 of his $10,000 to be free. reporting live from manayunk, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we have new information tonight about the discovery of a small casket, containing, infantry mains that was found on a north philadelphia sidewalk, monday. northwest detectives say that it appears that the baby was a three to four month-old child, and that the baby was being buried in south jersey last
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thursday. workers at a funeral home notice aid broken latch on the casket so they put babies body in a new one. for some reason that child's organs were left in the broken casket and police say that an employee dumped the casket with the organs still inside, on clear field street in north philadelphia. >> we're not definitely certain that the employee of the funeral home knew that the organs were in the discarded cab death. >> police are not yet naming worker or funeral home but sources tell "eyewitness news" employees at stanley's memorial chapel are being investigated, in one at the chapel wanted to speak today. we are tracking a flash flood watch in effect for portions of the area tonight, parts of the region are reeling from heavy downpours this eyewitness video from middletown delaware shows how quickly the waters can rise on the road. the intersection of the main and wood streets looking more like a river and lauren, that can be a particularly dangerous situation for drivers. we say turnaround, don't drawn
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you know how deep it is. how long will this weather last. >> absolutely turnaround, don't drawn. you don't necessity how deep that water is. it only takes a foot of what the tore move that vehicle as that continues, we will see an suv did get stranded in that high water. that is what we are seeing across new castle county, delaware and we have report of the day care flooded in towns end, vehicle stranded in middletown and towns event. over 5 inches of rain. thinks an hour ago our last report in middletown. smyrna kent county over 4 inches of rainfall is falling and just a few hours time but the rain has been very steady, in nature across portions of delaware. that yielding part of the problem. on top of that we have had heavy intense rainfall across new castle county delaware. we do still have flash flood warning that remains in effect until 7:30 this evening. mount pleasant, middletown, townsend in that warning that continues at this hour. at least intensity over about
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the last 30 to 45 minutes has lessened but you can see the rain is still tallying up in these areas, contribute to go more localized flooding. we are seeing a little bit of thunderstorm activity popping too within this area of precipitation. we have severe thunderstorm warning just west of the delaware, again these are very slow moving but keep an eye on that cell. to the north stalled boundary the rain is moving to center city philadelphia but continues to track over same areas, again and again, lighter in intensity but we have flash flood watch in effect for philadelphia and surrounding counties through late tonight so what to expect this evening, and tonight, some widespread rain, steady, heavy at times, possibility of embedded thunderstorms and that localized flooding. we will talk more about this flood threat when this rain will clear out and beautiful weekend in store coming up in a few. >> see you in a bit, thank you date has been set for re trial of the bill cosby, montgomery county district attorney office revealed that new trial is set to begin on
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november 6th. mistrial was declared last month in norristown when jury could not reach a verdict. cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting andrea constand in his montgomery county nome 2004. delaware dance instructor is accused of having sexual contact with the teenage student. alexander boycough of hockessin was arrested in new york city after a 17 year-old reported at alleged incident. student told officer that he took him into a locker room, told them to undress and engaged in sexual contact with him. he is known to give dance lessons all over the region. a former bucks county teacher is facing charges for an alleged relationship with the student. newtown township police say jesse oburto engage in the sexual relationship with the 16 year-old in 2015 and 2016. he faces institutional sexual assault and related charges. montgomery county sheriff 's office welcomes a new chief deputy, adam berry,
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who was sworn in afternoon at montgomery county courthouse in norristown. he is a 17 year veteran of the sheriff's office and held position of lieutenant before the promotion. outing chief deputy t michael beatty is off to become superintendent of the tredyffrin township police department in chester county. it was a race against clock when seconds mattered a septa police officer came upon a burning car and he and a passerby feverishly worked to free the injured driver as cameras captured their heroic efforts. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden has this story. >> reporter: septa police sergeant mark pascrell was on the clock 1:15 when he happened upon this crash, from his dash camera you can see a sedan that slammed into the back of the trash truck. sergeant got out to check on things and realized the driver of the car was slumped down, almost below the steering wheel. >> female that was driving the trash truck said carries on fire so at that point you got
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to get him out. >> reporter: that is when a seven year veteran of the force said the adrenaline got going. >> i ran to get a fire extinguisher but then realized like this is going to waste time. >> reporter: as time passed suggested knew things were only getting more dire he and this man doctor jafari started knocking on the doors. the doctor who happened to be driving by spoke to us over skype while vacationing in spain. >> the officers and, our adrenaline kicked in and i guess we started working as a team and we fed off each other and we went around to all of the car doors and gathered them up. >> reporter: sergeant pascrell was able to reach a lock through broken window but problems were still adding up. >> i kept slipping on the engine oil. that concerned me because the car, front of the carries on fire and i'm engine about that catching fire and engulfing me and the passerby. >> reporter: drivers legs were also wedged below dashboard, complicating things but the
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sergeant persisted. >> i grabbed his leg and pulled him out and he came right out. then we just dragged him to a off to the side. >> reporter: man they pulled behind the wheel was hospitalized for serious injuries. as for sergeant mark pascrell who has two children age seven , two, asked what they thought about all this, he tells us they thought it was cool to see their father on the news a long delaware avenue joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia officials today announced details of the summer 2017 philly may program >> aim to get kid moving, combating epidemic. justin udo from our sister station kyw news radio has more. >> reporter: put down your games, get off couch and get act i have. that is part of the message city officials are send to go kid as they kick off their 2017 play philly practical. >> we fine creating an opportunity for structured play is important for young people. kid have forgotten thousand play. >> reporter: over next six week play philly staff will
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ensure children participate in 50 minutes of physical activity a day. >> we do free play to figure out what they like to do most and then we will phoning us and go back and create games. >> reporter: free program in the fourth year is offered at 28 different parks and day camps throughout the city. >> our recreational department , library and parks system is important because it gives young people kid an outlet to have safe fun during summer and to keep active and to be healthy. >> reporter: officials say the play 30 initiative does more than just get kid active but teaches them teamwork, competitiveness and shows them activity. >> it is good to keep them activity. in school, they do a lot of sitting and learning. here their main point obviously toys learn and we want them to be moving and learning and here it is more about skills. >> reporter: from jumping rope to playing basketball the kid here in the recreation center in the northeast have no problems to play for at least 60 minutes. >> getting to play at camp, it is a knock out.
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>> while playing sharks and menows and we run around, hectic but fun. >> reporter: is what your favorite game to play at camp. >> playing here. >> reporter: program officials say rain or shine they have a plethora of games, activities to keep kid active and make sure they leave with the good work out. justin udo for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> justin in that tie, getting in there, good job. >> that was great. >> still to come, sit of brotherly love and sisterly affection showing some extra heart. kevin hartist back in town, cities, special gift for actor , comedian and his heart warming response. walking away with pieces of history, some of the interesting items people purchased at a liquidation certainty at former trump taj mahal, don. all eyes are on markelle what fultz learned after just two games in the nba summer league we're talking sixers later in
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you may now have a chance to own a piece of atlantic city history, casino history. >> that is right once grand but shuttered taj mahal is having a 60 day liquidation sale. everything from chairs, to ice buckets, are being sold to make way for new hard rock hotel. >> liquidating everything here in the taj mahal, 1250 guest rooms, 300 of those are suites , poker room, health club, a lot of the restaurant furnishing, tables, chairs. >> even though former owner president trump has not been affiliated with the casino since bankruptcy in 2009 he was on the minds of bargain hunt tours day. when the taj mahal opened in 1990 trump called it the eighth wonder of the world. philadelphia funny man kevin hart was guest of honor in his hometown today is not only his 38th birthday but also kevin hart day in philadelphia and he celebrated with hundreds of friends and fans in his old neighborhood. >> ♪ happy birthday to you. ♪
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>> birthday block party for a home town hero and one of the funniest guys on the big, small screen. july 6th has been declared kevin hart day in philadelphia , a celebration for a man who has done so much for this city. >> philadelphia, is what up, y'all can do better than that. >> reporter: comedian was honored at max's cheese steaks in north philadelphia just around the corner from his childhood home. >> there was a point in my life where i needed people to buy cheese steaks for me at max's and now when i go to max 's my face is on the side of the building which is unbelievable. >> dedicated to day, this is the mural. >> i think that this is honestly the biggest honor, that i have gotten in my career, to date report report lasting tribute to the man who says he will never forget where he came from. >> that is what i'm trying to do trying to be a reputation and i did come from philadelphia especially north philadelphia. you hear a lot about the negative not enough about
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positive. >> reporter: it is his positive outlook on his humble beginnings that truly make him the heart of the city. for a long time to come. >> he identifies himself as a philly guy and north philly guy and his stories are about philadelphia and from philadelphia and he has gone on from comedy, writing books, doing mover is but he remembers our city and he remembers the people. >> reporter: kevin was presented with the liberty bell and phillies jersey. his son joined him on stage, his wife, daughter and other family members were in the crowd. >> eat, live, breathe and sleep this city. >> reporter: but it goodies that we celebrate today, a good man, and an amazing mural >> ♪ happy birthday to you >> reporter: lasting legacy. >> happy birthday. >> that is awesome. >> happy birthday, deaf, welcome home. no place like home, indeed. rain was off and on it held off. >> it looked like the show was going on fine. >> not too bad in center city philadelphia we have had
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steady period of light to moderate rain but to the south conditions have been more problematic with heavier rainfall and that steady rainfall you can see rainfall totals across the area as we check in on our live neighborhood network totals over .8 of an inch at dover air force base, salem new jersey point will, ardmore over half inch in philadelphia , over .4 of an inch right now because we have seen a light rainfall but it has been on and off throughout the day-to-day. racking up that total of half inch this evening. commute will be a little rough , areas of rain on i-76, i-95, i78 toward lehigh valley , passing showers that looks like best commute across the delaware valley. storm scan three showing us patchy areas of rain toward berks county, allentown. we do have steady more widespread rain across parts of the dover and now some of the rainfall is filling in central and southern delaware. we have been dealing with the rain across northern delaware, new castle county where we have had reports of flooding.
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rain still coming down, light in intensity, that is good news but still add together rainfall in kent county particularly sussex county, delaware as we have thunderstorm activity that is rolling its way in, and delaware beaches, running indoors and keeping an eye on the severe thunderstorm that is slowly working its waye, so it could potentially impact sea ford as we head in the next 45 minutes. as far as jersey shore is concerned we have a band of showers working its way northward, ocean city, margate city seeing light rain, same case with somers point. we have a break in center city philadelphia and suburbs. we had that rain coming down for several hours, and new drying out, but we still have patchy areas, of light to moderate rainfall across portions of our, western suburbs and also south jersey as well. storm scan three showing us we have some more wet weather off to the south and west. we are dealing with the stalled frontal boundary, south of the boundary we are seeing this stagnate but north have the boundary we are
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seeing more motion and this rainfall pressing on through and as we head in the next several hours and overnight tonight still expect those areas of prolonged, steady rainfall, that rain will be heavier to the south and we could see addition will rainfall accumulation of one to to to 3 inches where we see heavier downpours. please remember, turn around don't drawn we have had reports of the stranded vehicles in parts of the delaware only takes about a foot of water to move your vehicle, future weather showing us as we head throughout overnight, pockets of the rainfall into tomorrow morning dealing with showers and a few thunderstorms, more scattered in nature for tomorrow and we could see redevelopment after sunshine breaking out tomorrow afternoon, as we head into tomorrow evening so keep that in mind rolling through these graphics, dew point is his elevated, humid out there, overnight tonight we will see rain continuing across much of the area and low temperatures falling back to 70 degrees and for the day tomorrow keep that umbrella on stand by if you see sunshine high of 86 degrees as we will see
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scatter storms both in the morning and then again in the afternoon and then evening, but it is again not being like activity we are seeing right now. weekend still shaping up great , morning shower, saturday and sunny, low humidity, breezy, glorious. >> indeed. thanks, lauren. >> don's up next with sports. >> native son loves to take down phillies and rough debut for new sixers, we will have the latest from nba summer league up next in
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for millions who suffer from schizophrenia a side effect of their medication... is something called "akathisia." it's time we took notice. you are telling us rain delay has been lifted. >> go away. >> we will play baseball tonight. >> we will start with the 24 year-old name chad cole from bear delaware, went to the university of delaware. back in 2013 he was drafted by pittsburgh pirates. tonight he pitch's begins phillies just 36 miles away from where he was born. thanks to the rain first pitch
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tonight at 6:50, 30 minutes or so. sixers will wrap up their first leg of summer league play in utah, markelle fultz will not be in the line up, averaging 20 points and three assists in the two games. nineteen year-old has learned a lot over the last couple of weeks. >> just the pace of the game, working on defensive end, and work on the things and just a lot of people seeing how they can score and just learning the teammates. we have not been together very long. i just learned where i can find my teammates, best to score at, stuff like that. >> ukee, that kiddies legitimate. rookie fur can korkmaz made his debut, 19 year-old from turkey had a rough game, finished with just three points. give the man credit, he had 11 hour flight. >> yes. >> to the u.s. on monday, five hour flight to utah. it will take sometime. >> my first game. i will get better and better
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every day. it is a challenge he will play tonight. sixers made two draft night deals official today they sent second round pick ju want evans to the clippers and sterling brown to the milwaukee and team gets cash, in return. close call today at the tour of france a huge flying umbrella, nearly takes over the ride. all of the riders managed to dodge it, no one was hurt. surprisingly. >> surprising will. >> you know how many times we have seen that video when they are so close and it is like dominoes. >> somebody better check if marry poppins is okay. >> yes. >> thanks, don. >> when we come right back an honor for senator john mccain right here in philadelphia. >> the way the one time presidential nominee is recognized and person who will be presenting him with the aw,,
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"eyewitness news" is hitting the road tomorrow for our summer if he celebration, i'm heading to berks county for 68th annual kutztown foulke festival, vittoria wild, lauren casey and i will join and the rest of the crew to show you many traditions with some special places around kutztown, summer if he kicks off on "eyewitness news" starting tomorrow morning, and tune in at five, six, 11 as celebration continues, through the day and night, it is all right here on "eyewitness news". well arizona senator john
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mccain will be honored in philadelphia. >> he will receive liberty medal this fall. national constitution center made the announcement this morning. mccain's long time friend joe biden will present the award. liberty medal is presented every year to men and women of courage, conviction. national constitution center officials say that they pick mccain for his lifetime of sacrifice and service. >> john mccain has committed his life to publish service, to our nation, our constitution and this goes back to over two decade in our military, he was a hero in vietnam but he is committed to our country and service to our country didn't end there. >> the liberty medal ceremony honoring senator mccain will take place in philadelphia october 16th. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on cw philly and we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, the "cbs evening news", here now is james brown in new york, take care family we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> brown: protests against the summit. >> german authorities sent out 15 how the police to try to keep them under control. >> brown: in poland, cheers for the president. and a message for moscow. >> we urge russia to cease its destabilizing activities in ukraine and elsewhere. >> brown: also tonight, the government ethics watchdog resigns, then talks to us. >> reporter: do you think the president and his family are using the office to enrich themselves? >> brown: is it the beginning of the end of the internal combustion engine? a bold move by volvo. hobby lobby, arts, craft, and now somethingled artifacts. and a really cool plates -- place for ki


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