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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 6, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> right now at 11:00, demanding change of aafter a string of shootings a community comes together calling for end, in violence. >> living up to own a piece of atlantic city history. bargain hunters do their part to clear out the old trump taj mahal. >> and rain turned into a rainy night and storms are not over yet. morning commute could be a wet one i'm jessica dean. >> and i'm ukee washington. >> let's get to meteorologist lauren casey. and what we can expect overnight into the morning hours. lauren. >> unfortunately we'll prepare for more rain. potential for heavy rain and thunderstorms as well. hardest hit portions of the area northern delaware throughout the day today. we saw flooded roadways. stranded vehicles and a day car flooded by high water over 5" of rainfall reported and middle taken to, newcastle country, delaware, 'we saw report of 4, 5" of rainfall and heavy steady rain fell
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across portions of the state. check out the rain total for bethany beach. the rain moved in and dumped 4.7" of rain and lower amounts still helmy amounts as we look to other areas in the delaware valley. oxford valley half an inch. wildwood half app inch and .40" of stormtracker 3. as we pan out we're dealing with wet weather upwind due to stalled frontal boundary off to the south. if my computer wants to work, it does not. it's tired of the run and needs a break. we'll get to that and talk more what to expect during the overnight and rain for the communicate commute coming up in a few. >> neighbors in philadelphia germantown neighborhood come together form a run of gun violence there. the latest shooting left a maybe in critical condition and follows three shootings on the 4th of july. one was deadly. our david spunt is in germantown where there was a packed house for a community
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meeting tonight, david. >> hi, ukee, neighbors are upset this is a close knit area germantown. they want to take things in their own hands and do what they can to stop crime. >> it's unwelcomed site for the people of germantown. police lights and crime tape. after uptic in shootings neighbors came to address the problem. >> people don't know what's going on around them. >> angelina stayedman and other neighbors met with philadelphia police captain john hern and steven to talk about crime prevention. >> how you can expect police department to do something help them out. the only way they do something people have to talk. >> we caught up with philadelphia mayor jim kenney earlier in the day to talk about crime in sger man town and around the city. >> it's frustrating and heartbreaking an we have to look in the mirror sometimes and realize we're a country prone to violence and to having availability of guns. >> ard coming to philadelphia
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police there have been 156 homicides city wide so far this year the most since 2012 when 185 homicides athe this point in a year. double the current number by december and we could hit more than 3 0 0 homicides in 2017. 2012 was ingt late time we hit more than 300. 8 5 homicides have been in north philadelphia. hardest hit hear mcpherson square. mayor kenney is focuses on that and the entire city. >> we're doing our best to pay attention to the hot spots and assign officers where they need to be and it's our society gun happy. >> a large crowd at that meeting tonight. state representative says he hopes to hold more meeting in the future. david spunt, cbs 3, eyewitness news. >> david, thank you. >> falls township police officer suffered serious injuries in a crash at the time the officer was involved in a chase with suspect for a
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theft at the best buy on commerce blavd. during the chase the officers truck a bystander vehicle which reportedly turned in frovrnt the patrol car. both officer and driver of other car were rushed to st. st. mary trauma center and police took four people into custody for questioning. >> and bill cosby retrial on sex assault charges are set for november. parties must report to november 6. cosby is accused 6 drugging and sexually assaultsing an tree ain montgomery county home. >> a former bucks countsy teenager is facing charges for alleged relationship with a students. newtown township police say jessie obertoen gamed in a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old council rock high school in 2015 and 2016. he worked as i teacher from the school district from 2003
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to 2015 faces institutional sexual assault and charges. >> police in burlington are searching for that that man that perform aid lude act on a walking path between the lake executive campus route 73 north crop well road. a woman walking on lunch break stumbleded upon the man and he walked towards her. the suspect was last seen running north or cropwell between green tree road. >> philadelphia father is in custody tonight after police say his baby daughters was stuck with a needle and had to be reversed with opiate drug. andrea hoff has the details. >> when questioned by police why the bed had needles on it 35-year-old steven welsh said he put them there while cleaning room and forgot with them when laid his 9-month-old baby at it. there was no answer on the door police were called to.
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an mawnk, 6:30 p.m., wednesda wednesday, paramedics found his daughter unresponsive with needle in her leg. welsh told police she rolled ton it. the child was revived with a dose of narcan treatment used to reverse affects of opiate overdose. >> it surprises me anyone would be that irper responsible. >> like elsewhere he has seen and felt how the opiate epidemic affect families. >> it's all over the place. >> welsh is facing charges including aggravate aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child. >> this neighbor asked we not show her face and a long term resident said the home contained four generations of good people and welsh was a proud father to his baby girl. >> last update we received is baby girl is in stable condition. the needle that punctured her is being tested to see if it
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was used before. rot energy manayunk. hof hof, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> we're learning more tonight about a small casket containing infant remains found ob north philadelphia sidewalk. the 3 to 4-month-old baby was being burd burried in south jersey thursday. workers at a if you know raling home notice aid broken latch in the casket and they put the baby's body in a new one. the baby's organs were left in the broken casket and an employee dumbed that on clear field street in north philly. >> it was a race against the clock a septa police officer happened upon a burning car and found the driver slumped inside. it was all recorded on camera 1 a.m. friday. sergeant mark parquerella. he an a passerby dr. martosa
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jafari tried to get him out of the locked car they knew it was burping quickly. >> i kept slip on engine oil. that concerned me. the car is on fire. i'm worried about the engine that catching fire and engulf he me and the passerby. >> the officer and good samaritan pulled the driver to saferty. he was hospitalized in serious condition. pasquerella was honored for heroic efforts. >> russian president vladimir putin tomorrow at the summit in hamburg, germ nix the whitehouse has not release agenda for that meeting. president trump bhet german chancellor andrea americale. stopped short of condemning russia for interfering in the u.s. u.s. elections. >> we urged russia to deceased stabilizing activitys in ukraine and elsewhere and
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support for hostile regimes including syria and iran. >> anti-capitalist demonstrators clashed with police in hamburg ahead of sgxt 20 summit. they set fires and yell at mrivrz in. >> large crowds linld up to own piece of accuweather casino history. the taj ma hall is having a liquidation sale. everything have chairs to ice buckets being told to make way for the newhard rock hotel. president vump as not been afillitiaed since prupscy in 2009 sales goeser told us he was reason for the interest. >> bekt boardwalk in new jersey. >> the city that's been named number one by xweech goers and why they khosz it. also ahead at 11 taste with torey travels to berks county for a crash course on craft beer.
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and where they're brewing one of a kind ales and cooking up the perfect pairing. >> also it was a birthday phillies own kevin hart will not for gecht the big party and lasting tribute that was dedicated today. >> and rain is expected through the night. here's a live look at center city. meteorologist lauren casey is tracking when the wet weather moves out and which weekend tracking when the wet weather moves out and which weekend day is looking about.
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>> officials at the national constitution center say a lifetime of sacrifice and service. senator mccain will receive the honor this fall in philadelphia. the national constitution center made the announcement this morning. his long-time friend joe biden will help present the award. it is presented to men and women and people of courage and conviction. >> committed to public service and constitution and this goes back to over two
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decades in the military. he was a hero in vietnam. his commitment to the country and service to the country did not end there. >> liberty metal ceremony take place october 16. >> today was kevin hart day in philadelphia. entertainer celebrated with hundreds ever fans in north philly. that's around the corner from childhood home. a mural was dedicated today in kevin's honor a lasting tribute to a man that will never forget where he came from. >> i'm trying to be a representation of the positive that can come from philadelphia. especially north philadelphia. you hear a lot about the negative and not enough about the positive. >> kevin was presented with liberty bell in phillies and plenty of entertainment was on hand. >> cbs3 summer fest is headed to kutztown, pennsylvania, for the 68 annual folk festival. >> we can't way do khout down and there was a pub and brewery in town to try.
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>> today's taste with tori says it's all about pairing food with the right drink♪ ♪ >> if you think it's all farm and rolling hills think again. there's an old car dealership turned brewery and food and craft beers at sawk any creek. who is sarting mission of making kutztown proud who better than the locals. >> we're all local guys. there's symbiosis we're giving back to the community as well as product. >> kirby pal one of the partners says there's always 12 to 14 craft brews on tap and they only use local hops. >> we have a hopps farm 3 miles from here and we design beers around their hop s.
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>> if you hop in the bank you'll see the big beer tanks. >> each tank holds 30 barrels of beer or roughly equating to 250 to 300 cases of beer. >> and remnants of old body shop. >> right here lift the vehicle in the air to get under for service. >> in the kitchen it's a slow clap forehead chef turning the grub. >> all right! ♪ >> in the showroom get ready to cho down on cheese plate from a local art sfwlan it's zel cat and creamy and fresh. >> and perfect time to try the hector eye look over. there. >> per oaky fries, yes, deep fried per oakyes. >> topped with local mushrooms and sunny so you cream. >> if you love steak cut fries and perogies and if you
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love tasting something that is just unique and fun and different this is it. >> finally ending to flight. try unicorn toast. toasted fresh local briosche and cinnamon honey. >> heart felt, local, passionate. it's kutztown. >> the animal should be the unicorn. >> let's be good. must be good. unicorn toast. summer fest kicks off eyewitness news starting tomorrow morning and tune in at 5, 6, 10 and 11 p.m. as the celebration continues tomorro tomorrow. over there along with vittoria and we'll be at the kutztown folk festival. >> you know where we'll hang dinner break. what will the weather be like.
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>> i hope good. >> we all hope that. >> we could. we'll have to watch out for a spotty storm during the evening hours and most active weather will be in the morning hours. yeah, it has been fairly active day across parts of the area and look our city looks a little smaller and shorter right now because of these low clouds. this fog looming over center city, philadelphia, 71 degrees our current temperature and temperatures struggled through the day today. with clouds cover and rain falling and oorlly whipped off ocean. we're dealing with reduced visibilities across the area down to five miles in philadelphia and high temperature today, 75. that is it. our normal high temperature, 87. nowhere near that. temperatures rights now hanging in 70s. 7 allentown and 7 1 trenton. the wind pattern east stalled frontal boundary out of the east north of the boundary and south, south of the boundary
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it's draped across the delaware valley and that's providing tloyvt atmosphere. storm scan 3 showing us clouds in place. spotty areas of rain. we'll see this increase in coverage and intensity throughout the overnight period. and delaware. if you look to the south check out that light show s storms rolling over the delmarva peninsula we'll see more in the way of thunderstorm activity isolated in tight nature throughout the overnight hearen a stalled frontal boundry lift north overnight tonight and that enhances rain chances. overnight showers redeveloping with a few rumbles of thunder low temperature back to 7 owe. for friday, steamy, 86, with scattered storms most likely in the morning and we could see storms redeveloping as we head to evening hours. morning is a time to prepare for the rain. that's when we see the heaviest of rain as well as especially west of 95. during the afternoon minimum of sun and clouds and maybe even mostly sunny skies and we
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take much of the area and mainly dry and in the evening it won't be widespread. we'll see a couple of spotty storms redeveloping. we'll have to watch for that. future weather showing us as the warm front lifts north we'll see more activity breaking out. imbedded thunderstorms and into the morning areas of rain we will see more rain over south jersey than this model is showing. heading into the second half of morning a few ling areing showers and sunshine he can braking out across the area really from west to east. as we head into the late afternoon and evening no problems for friday evening commute and here comes redevelopment. not wide spread but spotty in nature in wul of the rolls over your neighborhood and you can get another downpour into the evening hours and stronger activity as i mentioned up towards berks county and lehigh valley and poconos. best chance of that stronger weather is going to be with the weather that comes through tomorrow morning. all this clears out in time for the up coming weekend.
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beautiful conditions. sunshine. low humidity sunday looks looks are like perfection. 4 adds we head to monday. nice an quiet as well. mostly sunny conditions and high temperature at 86 and really say for a chance of few thunderstorms tuesday a quiet week next week. we like that and the weather has been active over last several weeks. i know i could use a break. >> you could. >> i'm tired. >> don is up next in sports. >> talking hoops. sixers continue summer league play and you see a couple of local guys get action in nbc uniform. phillies take hats against the pirates. that's,
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>> xwaibl phils and pirates game four of four game series.
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fanatic doing cram work and during a 47 minute rain delay. okay. bottom of the third we go. wild play. swings and misses and bat goes into the stand and everyone is watching the bat. diaz stride to throw out andrew at first and ball got away and he had his eyes set on home plate and makes it. 1-0 phils. top of the fourth josh bell. no relation. takes jeremy to left and god a two run home run. two-run pirates. and two runs going score in a play and erin trying to stretch to double and caught. chad cool. allowing three runs and tied at. to much the 8th. bill at it again. double down the right field line brings in a run. pirates adding two more in the frame. and phils lose 6-3.
11:26 pm
your final score it's a three game losing streak. >> a full timeout for markle folk. sixers with a summer league game in utah tonight. number one pick gets the night off after garaging 21 points in first two games. getting receipt, ukee. >> on the bench is watch team plates play. he's 19 years old being fit wart the quaer three point shot good. ten point. imowe tech time running out in first quarter rment st. joe grad isaiah miles at the buzzer. nice long for him and of the third quarter we go. sixers looking to beat the clock again. james blackman jr.. pull within two. sixers finish 22-7 run and win 94 to 86. top look at flyers prospects and team kicked off
11:27 pm
development camp in voorhees. and socking tonight the union in kansas city. diego rubio and beats john mccarthy in 49th minute. 20 minute later roland ties it up and that's how it ended. union got a point. after the 1-1 tie. >> 1-1. >> thank you, sir. >> up next the best boardwalk in new jersey is? the winner when we come
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>> how amazing the wildwood boardwalk is. just a few weekends ago for cbs3 summer fest. >> recently name the best barred walk in new jersey. during watch three earlier in the 134er that honor was bestowed things to do in new jersey. it received 46% of the vote. lauren. >> this rain will clear out in time for the upcoming weekend and it could be one of the nicest of the summer. thunder shower is pot possible early saturday morning and otherwise lots of sunshine, humidity levels drop off and sunday especially had gorgeous day with low humidity values.
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especially by july standards. high temperatures middle 80s and feeling great. be sure to get outside. we'll be right
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>> it's late know with stephen colbert and followed by late late show with james core bin. for lauren, don, everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> we're always on at >> have a good night, family, >> have a good night, family, and sleep well
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