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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 9, 2017 2:05am-2:35am EDT

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>> ♪ live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> stunned. scared. worried. >> tonight at 11 o'clock, that's exactly how residents in one northeast philadelphia community feel after a body was discovered burning in their neighborhood. philadelphia police are now investigating that gruesome discovery as a homicide. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves joins us live outside of police headquarters with the very latest on this ongoing investigation. alycia. >> reporter: well, natasha, police believe the person who was killed and then set on fire was shot at least eight times and may have even been mutilated. authorities have not made an arrest tonight leaving people in the community where this happened resting uneasy tonight. a homicide investigation under way in the bridesburg section of northeast philadelphia. at 5:00 in the morning just outside this recycling and garbage facility, a body was discovered on fire.
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>> it's very scary, very scary especially with our kids here. it's -- it's shocking. >> reporter: people who live in the nearby relatively quiet neighborhood are in disbelief over the discovery but also right frightened by the gruesomeness of this crime. around 3:45 workers at the quick way transfer station heard what they now know to be gunfire. they initially thought it was fireworks. an hour later one of the workers saw flames in the front l as that worker called 911 and went to extinguish the flames it was realized what was burning was a man's bullet riddled body. >> that area is very remote. unless you're from around there you wouldn't know that's back there. >> reporter: this lot where the burning body was found cannot be seen from a main road in part because all the way around it's covered by overgrown shrubs and trees and there's almost no lighting back here. residents are calling for this isolated area to be addressed by the facility or by police.
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>> maybe surveillance. maybe hiring security guards. >> some light, too, it's pretty dark. >> yeah and some lighting. >> all this empty land in the back here you know, you can pretty much do anything back here. it's not much security, police are non-- nonexistent. >> reporter: and police did find an i.d. near the charred remains but authorities have not been able to confirm if that identification belongs to the victim. authorities saying the body was that burned beyond recognition. outside philadelphia police headquarters, alycia nieves cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> all right, alycia, thank you so much. also developing tonight a two-year-old girl is recovering at children's hospital after falling from a window in west philadelphia. police say the girl fell from the second story of the home on the 800 block of marco street. officers say the window didn't have a screen and there's no word tonight on the girl's condition. a six-year-old girl vacationing in wildwood new
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jersey with her family ground today at the nantucket inn and suite on the 4100 block of ocean avenue. police say it happened in a pool on the property when officers arrived other people staying at the inn were already rendering cpr. officers say the girl had unknowingly entered the deep end of the pool. a man is dead after police say he crashed his motorcycle into the back of a truck this afternoon. it happened just after 3:00 at 17th and the parkway. officers say the 27-year-old motorcyclist was doing wheel stands at the time of the crash. the ride are was transported to hahnemann hospital where he was pronounced dead. still no word on the condition of the truck driver. and now police are investigating after three people are shot in the city's strawberry mention section. two victims are teens. it happened after midnight in the 1900 block of north 31st street. police tells a 17-year-old boy was struck in the right thigh and the right shoulder. a 15-year-old boy was shot in the leg. they're both stable. officers also tell us a
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25-year-old man was shot in the back and is currently in critical condition. and it may have been some brief showers earlier but it was mostly a beautiful day today. "eyewitness news" here near the art museum on ben franklin parkway. lots of folks out there spent the night strolling, walking the stairs. meteorologist chelsea ingram joins us now with a look at what's supposed to be an even better day tomorrow, right, chelsea. >> i know and who doesn't want that. we've got sunshine lower humidity on the way. we were tracking a couple showers and thundershowers that moved through earlier this evening, now just a couple sprinkles along philadelphia. that's going to be clearing out. they're from the back edge of a boundary t behind the boundary is some very comfortable air that is going to be heading our way and it's moving in overnight tonight. 78 degrees right now in philadelphia. we're at 72 in millville. we're in the 70's down the shore. 76 in atlantic city. 78 degrees in wildwood. we're in the 60's in allentown. mount pocono right around 63 degrees. as we head into the overnight hours tonight, we'll be turning mostly clear, a calm night and a comfortable night on the way with an overnight
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low temperature around 67. that will be nice for a change. we'll talk about a picture perfect sunday heading our way coming up in just a bit p natasha back to you. >> chelsea thank you. president trump is back on u.s. soil tonight after spending his last day in meetings at the g20 summit in germany. today's meetings include add sitdown with china's president and north korea quickly became the main issue discussed. the communist country also dominated trump's meeting with japan's prime minister. this after north korea's first successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile. >> prime minister is i will say this very, very focused on what's going on with respect to north korea. >> reporter: also at the summit world leaders announced their commitment to the paris climate change accord despite president trump's decision to pull out. britain's prime minister theresa may urged trump to reconsider that decision. today thousands marched
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peacefully through hamburg protesting the g20 after two consecutive days of violence in the streets there. the international mix of people waved flags held up posters and created banners. german police are estimating about 50,000 people participated. and since the demonstrations began this week at least 213 officers were injured, 114 people arrested and 89 folks have been taken into custody. protesters set bonfires in the streets looted shops and also stacked uplocks of pavement to use as projectiles. and now crews are working to try to clean up the mess that's been left behind. an additional 1,000 police officers from around germany are stationed in the city trying to keep riots from braking out for another night. president trump's pick to head the fbi set to appear before the senate judiciary committee next week. the nomination hearing for christopher ray comes two months after president trump fired fbi director james comey. ray formally served assistant attorney general in charge of
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the justice department's criminal division. if confirmed he would head the agency as it continues its probe into russian meddling in the 2016 election. now a six month old girl in alaska meantime became an internet celebrity courtesy of former president obama. this picture here of little gisele being held by president obama, the former president went viral. gisele's mom joel snapped the photo on monday morning. she says they ran into obama as he headed back home from vacation. he caulked up to them and asked to hold gisele and talked about how quickly kids go up. she said it felt unreal to meet the former president and described him as friendly. a local businessman opens a new store in west philadelphia and it means so much more to him than just selling water ice.n for business on the 200 block of south 60th street.
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owner sadiq moore started way cart at temple university back in 1995 when he was a student. moore says he's proud to open his flagship store in his home neighborhood. >> we have to make a difference. how do you do that? we have to take charge. we have fox5 actually make a difference ourselves. >> moore also was recognized by city council for his commitment to west philadelphia. fishes announced that 60th street between spruce and locust will be named sadiq water ice way. that's going to be in september. residents of germantown enjoyed some good food, fun today at the third annual second saturday festival. activities included face painting vendors food trucks and live music. the event was originally set for may but poor weather forced its cancellation then so it was rescheduled for dan the weather was just perfect. now school principals from all around the nation were in upper darby today building a new playground. about 150 principals came
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together at the stone hurst hills elementary school. the service project is all part of the national principal's conference which is being held in philadelphia from july 9th through july 11th. stay with us. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight destruction left behind. one look at this delta airlines flight paints a horrifying picture. what happened on board that forced the pilot to make an emergency landing and also hospital a flight attendant. >> it was kind of heading in our direction so we got the dogs, jumped in the car. >> hundreds of people forced to flee. western wildfires are being fueled by record breaking heat. and coming up later an under water music festival. why hundreds of people are taking the plunge to jam to
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>> welcome back. quite a mess left behind after a man assaults a flight attendant. the u.s. attorney's office filed a.m. criminal complaint against the man from tampa saying he interfered with flight crew members. the flight crew says they were 45 minutes into the flight from seattle to beijing on thursday when the man lunged at the exit door and tried to open out. the man punched the flight attendant tells so many he had to
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had -- so many times he had to be hospitalized orange ring he go star celebrating his 77th birthday t he's marking it the same way he has with nearly a decade way peace and love campaign. it started in 08 when an interviewer asked starr what he wanted for his birthday he said more peace and love. starr held peace and love events in new york city nashville and germany. >> five, four, three, two, one, peens love, peace and lover,. >> today also happens to mark the 50th anniversary of the u.s. release of the beatles hit song all you need is love. the bull and the boys all former phillies were cooking up delicious barbecue today all for a great cause. greg the bull luzinski john kruk mike schmidt tom knee green and dickie noellehis cookf
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at xfinity in south. the bull owns a bull's barbecue right across from citizens bank park. >> it's obvious i like to eat it. it's very good but i have always had a great time barbecuing even when i was a player and i continued it and fortunate enough to be across the street citizens bank park, friendly citizens bank park where i have a few recipes there and get to mingle with the great fans of philadelphia. >> all of the money raised goes to philadelphia phillies charities. record breaking heat meantime is fueling a growing wave of wildfires out west. chris martinez has the latest now from los angeles. >> reporter: in less than a day, this fire near santa barbara exploded in eyes from 150 acres to more than 6,000. massive plumes of smoke descended towards rural towns forcing hundreds to evacuate including gretchen leaf. >> it was kind of heading in
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our direction so we got the dogs jumped in the car. >> reporter: further north, hundreds of firefighters are struggling to contain this fast moving blaze near sacramento. residents like sharon albertson are preparing to flee. >> i put my trailer on the rig. we're loaded up. we're ready to go. >> reporter: on top of the wildfire danger, brutally hot temperatures with records toppling across the soenix hit f 118 degrees friday, breaking a 112 year record for the date. palm springs reached 122 degrees, one of its hottest days ever and in death valley, the mercury soared to 127. >> we are going to see an increase in calls during this peak heat. >> reporter: commander eric spot says many people avoid the risk of spending too much time outdoors. >> firefighters are not exempt to this heat themselves. a firefighter going to a fire takes with them approximately
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100 extra pounds. you have temperatures up to 112 degrees right now, it's very challenging. >> reporter: forecasters say there is some relief in sight. slightly cooler weather is expected sunday before a real cooling trend begins monday that could help with the effort to get some of those wildfires under control. chris martinez, cbs news los angeles. >> intense dangerous heat out west. we're going to get a break. >> really nice break. some fantastic weather is heading our way for the second half of the weekend. today wasn't all that bad either. we made it to 87 degrees at philadelphia international airport. and guess what? that is perfectly seasonable for this time of year. the average high temperature is right around 87 degrees so it was a beautiful day out there though we did track a couple of showers and thundershowers that moved through earlier this evening. those have moved out. now i'm tracking some cloud cover and possibly a stray sprinkle or two that's pushing through on the back edge of this boundary.
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behind the boundary that's where we finds some comfortable air that's going to be moving in as we head into the overnight hours tonight. temperatures right now have fallen back into the 70's. 73 in wilmington, 70's down the shore. it's 76 in atlantic city. 78 degrees in wildwood. we are in the 60's in allentown it is 68 degrees and right around 63 degrees currently in mount pocono. dewpoints in the lower 60's to right around 60 degrees so humidity has come down. still a little bit noticeable but what will really be noticeable tomorrow afternoon is that there won't be any humidity much it's going to be so comfortable because dewpoints will be falling back into the 50's so some really great hair weather is heading our way for your sunday. so that means it's going to be practically perfect as we head into tomorrow. a top 10 day for sure. we'll have sunny skies, wall to wall blue skies, wall to wall sunshine, warm temperatures, lower humidity and also a light breeze coming
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in out of the north and west and it's going to be that northwest wind that filters in the drier air, the more comfortable air. associated with this area of high pressure that builds in throughout part two of the weekend. this is responsible for providing us with all of the sunshine that's going to be around in our neighborhood as we head into your sunday and then it's going to bring us that clockwise wind out of the north and west to help make it feel so comfortable. so, looking good down the shore. your shorecast calls for sunny skies and gorgeous conditions on sunday. high temperature right around 79 degrees. 80 on monday. plenty of sunshine. but then by monday night and tuesday things start to turn a little bit more unsettled. we'll have to watch for some showers and perhaps even some thunderstorms returning to the forecast. not just down the shore but also right here in philadelphia. mostly clear, calm and comfy overnight. that's nice for a change falling back into the 60's. 67 for your overnight low temperature. as we head into tomorrow look for sunny and gorgeous conditions, along with that lower humidity an high temperature right around
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85 degrees. tomorrow is just going to be spectacular. your eyewitness weather seven-day forecast, as we head into monday, 89 degrees. we'll have sunshine, so we're dry for the first half of the day but by the second half we could have a shower or thunderstorm rolling on through. we're heating back up as we head into your tuesday and your wednesday. that's when we see 90's returning to the forecast once again along with the heat comes the humidity on unsettled weather as we head into next weekend but enjoy tomorrow. enjoy the first half of monday. >> beautiful. thank you so much. that's it forget about everything else. thank you so much. lesley has sports highlights. >> nice to play in the nba. james hardin gets a giant contract extension. i'll tell you how much money he'll make a day in the nba -- and the nba tells joel embiid to
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>> you know, unalways put a positive spin on things. >> glass half full. >> nice day to see the battle of two offensively challenged teams in south philadelphia. phillies ranking 29th in runs per game hosting the padres. they're last. aaron nola on the mound. mike schmidt bobble head give away today. all time home run leader. aaron nola dealing early. aaron finished with nine strikeouts in eight innings. maikel franco crushes this pitch deep into the left field stands, his 13th homer of the season. aaron gets in trouble in the seventh. austin hedges just a flick of the wrist end gets a base hit to drive in a run and the padres take the lead. he went eight giving up two runs but the offense couldn't get the job done. maikel franco grounds out to end the game. phillies with just four hits they lose two to one. this is their 23rd one run loss of the season much that's a team record before the all-star break.
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they had 23 all of last season. >> no offense once again. we couldn't get the runs in. we had an opportunity in the seventh. couldn't get the runs in at least one of them anyway. another one run loss. it's not fun. >> sixers under way tonight in summer league action in vegas taking on the the warriors. they're tied in the second quarter. sixers signed jj redick and amir johnson both got one year deals, reddick 23 million johnson 11. reddick finished in the top five in three-point percentage in the last three years. that he have a years of nba experience but j.j. says they are not paying him 23 million to be a leader on the bench. >> great to have those guys in the locker room on the plane on the bus that can be leaders and then take guys aside and sort of mentor them but the most effective way is guys that can be on the court with you and in the moment, you know, teach you, work with you. that's how you really get better and that's how you win games.
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>> sixers center joel embiid lovers to use social media and today the league told jo-jo to use it responsibly. he was fined $10,000 for using inappropriate language earlier in the week on instagram joel said blank lavar ball. that start add war of words between him and lavar said embiid had a limited vocabulary. houston's james hardin signed a six year, $228 million contract extension. this is the biggest contract in nba history surpassing steph curry's $201 million deal he got last week. james had his best season averaging 29 points 11 assists eight rebounds and finished second in the nba m.v.p. voting behid russell westbrook. to arena football. soul on the road in baltimore putting a 17 game winning streak on the line. under 10 seconds left soul down by left.
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soul loss for the first time in two years. >> i'm still thinking about james hardin's deal. >> 104,000 a day. wow must be nice. thanks lesley. stay with us. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a 10-year-old boy is being called quite the hero. how his selfless act helped save his little brother's life. we'll tell you all about it. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back everyone. a family in mobile alabama says their 10-year-old son is quite the hero. we'll tell you why. grayson wilkinson was buckled into the back seat of his family's car alongside his little brother when their suv was hit by a truck and flipped. the little boy was able to unbuckle his belt and free his little brother who was trapped. >> i undid my seat belt and so i flew to the roof of the car.
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and i with this arm i held him up and then with this arm i undid the latches and got him out. >> well, a number of good samaritans who ran out of a nearby restaurant helped the rest of the wilkinson family get out safely. wow. quite a little hero. we'll be right back ever
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>> finally tonight a beautiful tribute to the world's third largest living coral barrier reef took place in the florida keys this afternoon. about 400 divers and snorkelers explored the under water reef while rocking out. the music festival promotes reef protection. >> the more people realize what's down there and enjoy it the more they're likely to protect it. >> provided a sub americand soundtrack tour divers discovering the key's diverse realm of tropical fish could you recall formation and. music broadcast was piped under water through speakers suspended beneath boats under the reef. >> pretty cool. >> that takes talent. >> definitely. >> chelsea one last look at the forecast. >> really nice weather heading our way for sunday.
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85 degrees, that is the high temperature forecast. plenty of sunshine, lower humidity, great hair day. 89 degrees on monday. we will bring back the chance for showers and thunderstorms starting monday night all the way through next weekend. we're in the 90's by tuesday and wednesday. 85 sounds good right now. >> absolutely. nice. thank you so much and thank you for joining us. i'm natasha brown for lesley chelsea all of us here we appreciate you being with us and we're always on have a great night, everyone. >> ♪ i'm one of those cukoo, cukoo, cukoo. >> byron allen, coming to you from this is the "the american athlete". get ready to hang out with some of the greatest world's superstars. tiger woods. >> you determine your own future. you don't have to depend on
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teammates, if you blow something or screw up, it is your fault. >> michael andretti. >> i own the car. so now i'm all worried about them banging into things. >> ronnie lott. >> hey, he's telling the truth. >> so where did you grow up? >> southern california, about 15 minutes away from here. >> is that right? you started playing golf in diapers. >> i was pretty young. >> were you? >> 11 months. >> what do you remember? >> as far back as i can remember? >> yes. >> i guess when i was 3, i think, three or four i won a tournament -- sorry, second in the pitch, putt and drive tournament for kids. i remember the tournament being all the way up to my shoulder because i was so short.


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