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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 12, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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reporter henry rossoff live in doyletown where henry, person of interest was just arraigned on new charges. >> reporter: that is correct, cosmo dinardo was arraigned inside judge's chambers behind me just about 45, 50 minutes ago and currently on his way to the bucks county correctional facility as we show you video, picture of him , this time bail was set at $5 million cash, highest bail amount that the judge has ever set. it means family cannot bond him out at 10 percent which is what happened yesterday when he was being held on one million-dollar for a weapons charge and his family came up with a hundred thousand. dinardo now stand accused of taking car of one of the four missing men and trying to sell it to the friend for $500. district attorney's office says that carries a 1996 nissan maxima belong to go 21 year-old tom meo last seen by family and friend july 7th reported missing july 8th and dinardo is accused of trying to sell the car which has meo
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's diabetic kit still inside july 9th. police say car was recovered in one of the dinardo properties, of course, that is where all of the searching has been happening, on property, owned by the family during last few days. in court d.a.'s office argued that dinardo has a diagnosed history of schizophrenia and he was a flight risk maintaining court community. there are two attorneys arguing from the police station in bensalem said he had no criminal history and d.a.'s office was upset he managed to post bail yesterday on that old weapons charge, but dinardo sat there in a gray tank top giving a one or two word answers when judge asked looking very relaxed. we just got court papers as related to this proceedings and we are go through them line by line and we will have a more complete report showing you everything that is inside this document coming up at 6:00. live from doyletown henry ross off for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> see you shortly. we have a report from joe holden, near the farm in solebury township where it
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remained a very active scene tonight. >> reporter: despite two daily news conferences, prosecutors have provided only vague details on the nature of their intense search on a sprawling 90-acre farm 40 miles northe of philadelphia day four of an agonizing search for clues in the disappearance of jimmy patrick, dean fan chara and mark sturgis matt wine taubb made a bold prediction at his mid afternoon news conference. >> we will find something for sure, i have no doubt of that. >> reporter: what that something might be, prosecutors declined to get into specifics. from chopper three fbi and law enforcement could be seen excavating parts of the dinardo property in an area a dozen yard from the farmhouse, cosmo dinardo facing numerous charges indirectly related to the disappearance is not cooperating with the investigation, per police sources. prosecutors wouldn't say if his parents who owned the property were assisting police family and friend have remained inside the search
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perimeter. while questions about what happened to these four young men pile up, we're told pace of the investigation has picked up speed. >> i'm very encouraged by that that we will get some finality in this just prolonged ordeal. >> that was our joe holden reporting, be sure to stay with "eyewitness news" as search continues for these missing men. when not on tv get latest developments on cbs excessive heat warning is on the horizon in this hot weather, only going to get steamy. meteorologist lauren casey's live on the sky deck with a closer look at those climbing temperatures, lauren. >> reporter: thanks, jessica, you can feel it stepping outside that heat and humidity , oh, so oppressive, and it is what start sweating right away when you step outside. temperatures in the 90's right now in philadelphia 91 degrees ninety in ac. eighty-nine in wildwood. 89 degrees in wilmington. we have heat index values to
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contend with as well. when you factor in the humidity it feels like 96 in philadelphia. feels like 99 in dover. 98 degrees in millville. as we have this excessive heat warning in effect for philadelphia and surrounding counties 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. tomorrow watch has been upgraded to that warning and remainder of the area or much of it we have a heat advisory for the same time frame, as we head throughout the day tomorrow so you want to be sure to take it easy, wear that light weight wait light colored clothing and, of course, hydrate properly throughout the day tomorrow. can we kick this heat, humidity out of here for upcoming weekend? we will talk about that and when to expect strong storms in your full forecast, coming up. >> lauren, see you shortly, thank you. neighborhood in turmoil after 57 year-old lawncrest woman is stabbed to death early this morning. people on the woman's street hurt screams as she tried to fight off her attacker. our natasha brown reports. >> i heard screaming. >> reporter: neighbors heard
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screaming from 5589 north hill creek drive just after 7:00 a.m. wednesday. >> i hear her daughter run outcrying, screaming. >> reporter: without hesitation aj wright who grew up in the neighborhood runs toward danger trying to get inside the door, when he catches a crime in action. >> i move to the door, when i go to the door the guy slams it in my face, boom, so now i'm trying to get in the house aj please trying to kill my mom right now. i'm panicking because i love her. i grew up with her. >> reporter: aj says suspect jumped from the second floor window and escaped leaving 57 year-old woman stabbed to death. distraught neighbors are left wondering who could have done this to the woman affectionate ly known in the neighborhood as miss roz. she was described as a church going woman always seen walking her dog, detective removed the dog from the home, his white coat splattered with blood. >> she was sweet as pie she would look out for me, i get zika lot, sitting on the curb,
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she would come out and say help you home. >> very big loss to the community. it will sad even things up around here because everybody loved her and it is not too many people out there like her anymore. >> reporter: neighbor who tried to help victim identify her as roselyn wicks, he said did he get a glimpse of the suspect but has never seen the man in the area before suspect was last seen inside that area covered in blood. homicide detective are continuing continue on investigate, this vicious crime, they are following up on many lead at this point. they tell us that anyone with any information is asked to cat police right away live from the news center, natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police continue continue on investigate another deadly crime, a double murder in fair hill that occurred just after midnight. thirty-five year-old, lily man dose a was gunned down with her 19 year-old stepdaughter ashley marie torres on the 3,000 block of north lawrence street in what police are calling a possible drive by shooting. friends tell "eyewitness news"
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that the red pickup truck mendoza was driving was not hers but a friends so this could be a case of mistaken identity. >> she didn't do anything. she was a caring person. she had no even miss. you caught the wrong person. >> victims both suffered multiple gunshot wound and police are searching for a suspect and motive. they have gathered surveillance cameras from nearby homes. tonight president trump leaves for par toys meet with the president of the france, this comes as he continues to support his oldest son who is embroiled in scandal. donald trump junior e-mail bomb shell could change the course of the russia invest igation. president trump is defending donald trump junior meeting with the russian lawyer who had possible ties to the kremlin, quote my son donald did a good job last night he was open, transparent and innocent, this is the greatest witch hunt in political history. sad. >> it was such a nothing. >> reporter: trump junior went on "fox news" to explain his release of the e-mail exchange
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he had with music publicist rob goldstone who set up that meeting in june 2016. goldstone says lawyer had quote information that would incriminate hillary and would be very useful to your father. goldstone called it part of russia and its government support for mr. trump. trump junior responded saying that quote if it is what you say, i love it. >> in retrospect i probably would have done things differently. again this is before russia mania. this is before they were building it up in the press. for me this was opposition research. >> reporter: now this is part of the special counsel's robert muhler's investigation in the russia meddling in the u.s. election and congressional committees with their own investigation want trump junior to testify. >> his story has kept changing as it is confronted the facts coming out. >> reporter: president trump's attorney says there was nothing illegal about the meeting and the president had no idea it happened. >> he did not read e-mail, was not provided to him until we saw it yesterday when you all
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saw it. >> reporter: trump junior says he is happy to cooperate with the investigation. the president's son in law jared kushner and campaign manager paul manafort attended trump tower meeting and cbs news has confirmed that mana fort informed them of that meeting back in may. senate confirmation are underway for president trump's pick to run fbi. christopher wray told lawmakers he plans to lead an independent fbi if confirmed to run nation's top law enforcement agency. he also said he supports special counsel robert muhler 's investigation in russia election meddling and possible connection with the trump campaign. >> i believe to my core that there is only one right way to do this job and that is with strict independence by the book playing it straight. anybody thinks that i would be pulling punches as fbi director sure doesn't know me very well. >> reporter: wray was attorney
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for new jersey governor chris christie during the bridge gate scandal, if confirmed he will replace james comey, president trump trump fired comey2 months ago. a marine from new jersey was among 16 military members killed in the military plane crash, in the mississippi. twenty year-old dan baldaczar was aboard aircraft that went down in the soybean field monday night. fifteen other marines were killed with the navy kormen. plane suffered a catastrophic failure and quickly plumeted to the ground and burst into flames. special ceremony at city hall recognized by philadelphians as they celebrate an important milestone. >> they were participating in a program to receive their high school difficult prom a they were facing time behind bars for first time felony drug owe even ifs and this program allowed graduates to pursue education, instead of incarceration through penn foster's partnership with jevs human services. "eyewitness news" at philadelphia where, they
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celebrated their second annual community day and wellness garden at hospital's care about pediatric care certainty employees gave their time to weed, plant, prepare bed for fall crops. they also made a $2,000 donation to the children's hospital foundation. well, hot weather isn't stopping thousands from packing the atlantic city beach, more on who is in concert by the ocean in a live report at 5:30. story of love and devotion , despite challenges of life, ukee takes a look at the big stick up next. massive iceberg breaks free and wait until you hear how bigot is and where it might be headed. it is a dangerous trend kid not getting emergency allergy medication that they need, why this is happening and what doctors are recommending, when we
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we are seeing video of tornado that touched down in eastern iowa yesterday. aaron myers shot this video of the twister, going through the field f you look closely you can see trees just flying right into it. some in the area were destroyed but no injuries were reported. 2600 customers who power.
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she falls in love only to get her heart broken and then ramifications of the health scare, take this romantic comedy to a whole new level. >> the big stickies rapidly turning into a big hit, great reviews for a great cast, we have both seen it and three of the films key players came through town and they are hoping you see it as well. the film is based on real life love story of kumal and emily. >> she's white. >> she does not look like you. >> okay. >> he plays himself pakistani born comedian who connects with emily played by so i. she gets a thumbs up from the real emily. >> she would hug me very closely when she got on set, yeah, take my energy. that is fine too. whatever you need to do. >> yes. but i think she did a great job. >> reporter: job of competing for the affections unbeknownst to emily was autopsy begins a family tradition of arranged
5:16 pm
marriages. >> this is how we do it. >> she's out there. >> real truth is that he loves emily, even more so when she becomes very sick. >> we have put her in the medically induced coma. >> coma. >> holy hunter and ray romano play emily's parents both of whom he has never met and thus emotional tug of war, begins. >> so, 9/11. >> i always wanted to have that conversation with people. >> you have never talk to people about the/11. >> it is the key. >> it sound morbid but some of the best comedy comes out of a eulogy, you know. >> okay. >> they want that release. >> humor is a great way to get people to feel emotional. it disarms you. >> reporter: in charge of bringing out emotions michael showwalter a man who directs with his heart and soul, also on board comic genius of judd
5:17 pm
apatow as an executive producer, they have faith in him who is an extremely popular, actor, writer and comedian. >> when i told my kid i have a script written by some guy kum al they said, immediately you are doing it, because they have their finger of the pulse of who is hip and who is current and hoist not. >> let me give you some advice , love isn't easy, that is why they call it lovey thought i could start saying something and something smart would come out. >> the big stickies playing right now in our area at king of prussia, bryn mawr, ritz east and voorhees, film opens up every where nationally this friday. did you like it. >> i loved it. >> it has a lot of heart. >> it looks so cute, funny. >> it really is. >> all right, lauren joining us now you are in from the steam bath outside. >> yes, thankfully, yes, my hair got fluffy being out
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there but it is so humid right now, tomorrow will be even worse before we get a break, just in time for upcoming weekend. we have rough stuff first and then right now 91 degrees in philadelphia our current temperature feeling like 96 degrees. we have that breeze out of the west southwest at 22 miles an hour, but it is just moving all this hot air around down the shore at 90. feeling like 95. poconos not too bad 79 degrees currently feeling like 81 with the west wind at 17. dew points right around that 70-degree mark, even higher, dealing with oppressive humidity and that is as soon as you step outside, overnight tonight it will be humid. spotty thunderstorm. low temperature only falling to 77 degrees and then for the day our hottest, most humid of the stretch 97 degrees. we could see late day thunderstorms developing especially during evening hours and heat is definitely going to be on. 97 degrees, 1 degree shy off
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the record high temperature of 98 setback in the 90's. future feels like temperature we take this heat combined with the oppressive humidity, it will feel like 90 degrees by 9:00 o'clock hour. pack along that lunch or else you will be soaked heading out for that sandwich feeling like 100 for your lunch hour in philadelphia, feeling like 100 in wilmington, 99 in atlantic city as we head in the second half of the day those heat index up in the triple digit range, bumped down by some storms that will be moving through as we head in the afternoon and evening hours. of course good reminder wear that light weight wait light colored clothing, drink plenty of water, notice no signs of heat exhaustion, draw your blind, crank up that ac, avoid outdoor exercise, take a day off, take it easy, check on elderly neighbors and make sure they are doing okay and always protect your pets in the extreme heat. storm scan three showing us quiet conditions right now, couple rumble up toward poconos, might be hearing
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rumbles of thunder with the cell off to your east, couple showers working through northampton county over last couple of hours and as we head in the evening and overnight spotty showers, a few spotty thunderstorms rolling through otherwise mainly dry conditions, we will start off sunny for our thursday and then as we head in the second half of the day we will deal with those scattered storms as we head into our friday, showers around in the morning, and then as we head into friday afternoon and evening we will see downpours and potential for some stronger storms as well and even some isolated severe storms much of the delaware valley in the slight risk of severe weather as we had friday afternoon and evening as well, so keep yourself a tuned to the changing weather situation. after we get through this heat , humidity and strong storm chance beautiful quiet conditions for upcoming weekend, not as hot, lower humidity and a lot of sunshine >> lower humidity. still ahead on "eyewitness news" who says you need big time stars to head line a blockbuster. >> wait until you hear who
5:21 pm
clint eastwood had cast, don. final day of the flyers camp ends by the beach, it is trial on the aisle, we have latest on the team's top prospects next in
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coming up, the story behind this snapshot in montgomery county and very sweet, ending for this three-year old girl. some people get together with friend, family for their birthday, maybe a nice birthday dinner. >> true, true, but one havertown man is celebrating his big four-zero by running with the bulls. jeremy chapman and his wife on the right are in pamplona, spain and today they ran with the bulls. they didn't suffer any scratches or broken bones, thank goodness, chapman says it was the most scary thing they have ever done but it was all amazing. >> happy 40th, my friend, happy 40th.
5:25 pm
>> that is one way to do it. >> oh, my. >> won't forget that. >> would you do it. >> i don't know. >> no, man, no. >> i would maybe watch it. >> really. >> yeah. >> looking out one of the windows. >> that is right you feel like you will really do well and one tram manies you and then it is just not that great. >> would i like to try, get the station to support it. >> we will start a campaign, would i love to see it too. >> yes, there you go. now everybody knows. lets talk about the flyers, guys. maybe you can take a fish out of water. today flyers prospects left the ice for a day in the sand, and in the process they took a big team bonding step forward. for 11th time flyers top prospects took part in the teams trial on the aisle in stone harbor, new jersey. >> who holds the flyers record for most shorthanded goals,
5:26 pm
five on three. >> day was filled with trivia contest and games like bubble soccer, final day that the teams development camp for its prospects. >> this week is a week for them to really one develop their skills as ron hextall said in the beginning of the week this will not tell them who will make or break the team but how to make them better players. if you have to develop players and they have to develop a culture and they have to develop that bond that comes from, things like this. >> reporter: from the beach, to the rink, three of the flyers top prospects held a clinic for kid at stone harbor elementary and then off to an autograph session where players met fans one on one. >> obviously team passion and support it goodies to see everybody down here. >> nice change of pace for flyers. >> indeed. >> yes, play around, all right , don. >> #bell and the bulls. >> campaign underway. >> we will get it done. >> coming up next half an hour
5:27 pm
a giant iceberg breaks free in an arctic cars, how big and where it might be goning next, that is in five minutes. new information suggest kid with potentially deadly allergies are not getting medicine they need right away, find out why and what doctors are advising
5:28 pm
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as news continues at 5:30 here's is what hatching as search continues for four missing men in bucks county, person of interest cosmo dinardo is back behind bars on theft charges. authorities say that he tried to sell a car linked to one of the four missing young men. excessive heat warning will be going in to effect across the region, it is
5:31 pm
certainly hot out there and heat tomorrow could be record setting. good evening i'm jessica dean. aim ukee washington. heat has people heading to the shore and many are on the beach right now, in atlantic city for a big concert. >> our cleve bryan is live in ac where thousands turned out to see pink, cleve. >> reporter: people go to the beach to cool off and today if you came to atlantic city you are here to see pink. they are here to see pink. the boardwalk is packed by pink fans that are enjoying the beginning of the beach fest first of the three atlantic city beach concerts. there is a huge line going in the vip check in. those people get to sit in the shade. they will be beating the heat but it is not too bad down here at the moment. there is a light breeze, all of the people will be right against the ocean next to that enormous stage set up on the beach, close to the playground , used to be the pier at caesars. and this is kick off to the beach concert series.
5:32 pm
we saw lots of people carrying water, seats, chairs to sit in as they try to stay cool for this beach concert with pink. we talked to atlantic city police about how they are getting ready for the heat factor. >> pretty warm out here today. it will be in the 90's. we're hoping our folks, visitors, guests will come prepared with their water and sun tan lotion. >> reporter: they tell people make sure you are hydrated if you aring out on the beach for concert. is there another beach concert tomorrow, with brandtly gilbert and then in august there are the rough riders with bmx and ja rule, oh, yeah , it is getting hot here in atlantic city. we are live, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> my man, thanks cleve. one weather extreme to the other floating ice shelf in an arctic case now missing a massive piece that scientists say is roughly size of the state of delaware. >> 1 trillion-ton iceberg broke free from the so-called
5:33 pm
ice shelf this week. this is one of the biggest ever recorded and scientists say they have been waiting for this moment to happen for years in 2014 we first noticed a large rift developing in the ice shelf that is now detach. from the large iceberg in the sea. >> iceberg is likely to remain in the area, or drift north, toward south america. new healthwatch many children with severe potentially deadly allergies are not getting medication they need right away, according to new research. >> health reporter steph he knee stall has new details. >> reporter: interesting, epi-pens are go to solution when a child has a severe allergic reaction, doctors say this new research is troubling that some patients aren't using them when they should. maya never leaves her house without her epi-pen. >> my main allergies are peanuts, nut, avocado and cherries, those are my deathly
5:34 pm
allergies. >> reporter: eighteen year-old has had several life threatening reactions known as anaphylaxis and had to inject herself. >> i was like 15, so i was really scared. >> reporter: many kid prescribed epinephrine do not get medication as soon as they need it, new study looked at 400 children who went to the er or urgent care for anaphylaxis, less than half had been given epinephrine before they arrived even though they had a history of anaphylaxis. >> we want to prevent anaphylaxis from escalating and epinephrine auto injectors are drug of the choice. antihistamines can be used, however they are not drug of choice and they are not reliable to prevent anaphylaxis. >> reporter: one-third of patients prescribed epinephrine did not have their injectors when they had their allergic reaction. >> patient that is did not use it before urgent care visit when necessary will be more likely be admitted or stay in the emergency room. >> reporter: maya had a severe reaction once and didn't have
5:35 pm
her medication with her. >> ever since that happened i kept tonight my back. it is life or death. >> reporter: researchers say there could be a number of reasons for under use of epinephrine including delayed recognition of the symptoms and people not understanding the importance of treatment. experts say it is important that families develop an action plan so that everyone knows exactly what to do in the event of a severe allergic reaction. like she just said difference between life and death. >> you don't want to panic, you want to have a plan. >> thanks, stephanie. still to come on "eyewitness news" sending a note to our troops show of brotherly love and sisterly affection when people gather for a christmas in july celebration. where care packages are heading in less than 10 minutes. you can go your own ways how you can customize the traffic sounding app sound like home, lauren. it is wednesday we're halfway to the upcoming weekend and conditions will improve dramatically just in
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time so enjoy our weekend hugh mid levels dropping throughout the day feeling much more comfortable by saturday night and sunday. temperatures not as hot as well after we have extreme heat tomorrow temperatures closer to average, for upcoming weekend in the mid to upper 80's, we could see morning cloud on saturday otherwise a lot of sunshine to take us throughout the upcoming weekend so get those plans in order, we will ♪ luis waited his whole life to celebrate his team being crowned champions. so our wellness coaches developed a plan, to keep him fit and healthy. and when his moment finally arrived, his knees were up to the job. aetna. you don't join us, we join you.
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well, uso, sugar house casino and volunteers joined force toss show troops overseas how much they care about them. >> john mcdevitt from kyw news radio reports. >> reporter: volunteers were treated to performance from the uso show troop speaker
5:44 pm
after speak are thanked those gathered for their support for christmas in july care package s sent to military personnel overseas, tastykake and herrs potato chips among goodies being put into bags for troops. joe brooks is president of the uso of pennsylvania and south jersey. >> it was an idea been out of the fact that this is time we're recreating and having a good time, whether it is poconos, jersey shore, delaware beaches. when we have folks serving overseas that are not recreat ing, we wanted those young men and women to remember we have not forgotten them. >> reporter: she knows how it feels when receiving a care package she's an army reservists and received treats when deployed in gatar and afghanistan. >> it is a taste of home. when they come around, it is tastykake. everybody local knows tastykake are amazing. >> reporter: 1300 boxes will go to qatar, africa, south
5:45 pm
korea and they will be in the troop's hand in a matter of days. >> sugar house wants to reach out and give a little bit of fail to our servicemen and women overseas and show that they love, care and what we support in doing over there for us. >> i have spoken to a few of them hoff said that the love they feel over there, for when they get these packages, it is brightening up their day. >> reporter: john mcdevitt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". i will applaud that too. that is great. our summer celebration continues this week, cbs-3 summer fest heading to phoenixville we will broadcast live friday as the town prepares for the annual festival. >> we will showcase everything the area has to offer and get a look at history of the town and history of blobfest, that is friday, right here on cbs-3 somebody need to redue that movie, blobfest. >> yes. >> update it or something. >> all right, i will to have ask about the weather for friday. >> i know, it will be dicey,
5:46 pm
our most dicey summer fest weather is on tap for friday. >> wow. >> we have talked about this a little bit. >> it will be brutal. tough go with widespread storms and maybe strong or isolated severe storms. we have a live look at center city philadelphia and storms rolling in, and for good amount of sunshine break go through, 91 degrees our temperature right now, feeling like 96 degrees, when you factor in that steaminess, southeasterly wind, around 22 miles an hour so certainly a healthy breeze but i don't know if it can do much to cool us off from those temperatures in the 90's. getting a live look at monroe county, 82 degrees, not warm but not too bad, bit of the breeze out of the west, northwest and temperatures are soaring all across the delaware valley, even beaches at 91 degrees in atlantic city eighty-nine in wildwood. we're currently up near 90 degrees in dover. check out these feels like temperatures feeling like 99
5:47 pm
in dover. feeling like 98 degrees in millville and worries still yet to come, that will be tomorrow when we have this heat advisory for the area. also an excessive heat warning in effect 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. tomorrow for philadelphia and surrounding suburbs and you will want to take it easy tomorrow with this excessive heat we will be dealing with near record heat and oppressive humidity on top of that, overnight tonight that ac will be working overtime only falling back down to 77. humid with a spotty thunder shower. for our day tomorrow very hot, very humid, 97 degrees with a breeze. mostly sunny but we will see afternoon storms developing but storm scan three right now showing us quiet conditions most activity off to the north and east seeing a little cell working through poconos, couple drip drops right now coming down over mount pocono but we could see spotty shower or thunderstorm moving through heading into tonight but more activity expected as i
5:48 pm
mentioned on friday downpours and thunderstorms and more widespread in coverage. could see localized flooding and we have enhanced damaging wind threat for late afternoon and evening hours, storm prediction center does have delaware valley most of it in the slight risk of severe weather so we are in this tear two category as we head throughout the day saturday. keep yourself aware of the changing weather situation if we have outdoor plans friday evening, have a backup plan have a place scouted out if you see dark cloud looming when thunder roars go indoors because we have a enhanced threat of damaging winds, giving you a general idea you can see area in the 15 percent category so we have that threat, of seeing scattered storms with damaging wind on late day friday. it is something we will to have prepare for but as we look ahead toward saturday kick in those storms out of here, planning to be pool side beautiful conditions not as hot 87 degrees. mostly sunny.
5:49 pm
more comfortable but you need sun screen with all that sunshine as we head into friday. we will see downpours and thunderstorms rolling through after we get through that excessive heat tomorrow. upcoming weekend beautiful conditions, 87 on saturday, sunshine, 88 degrees, pretty comfortable on sunday. guys machine not looking bad either before we are backup in the 90's by tuesday. >> lauren, thanks. >> cbs news suspense thriller salvation premiere tonight. >> with the asteroid just months from colliding with earth on the show it is a race to save the planet. >> where are you getting this science fiction on from. >> not true. >> no. >> okay. you won't mind me tweeting about an asteroid forced to slam into us in say 186 days to my 20 million twitter follower, make that 21 million >> okay. >> which is it science or fiction. >> we spoke with the show star after santiago cabrera about
5:50 pm
the new series. >> great theme i love about this show is that when put up against the threat like that as human beings do we come together and solve it or do we destroy ourselves in the process. under that veil these great characters really come to life and get developed and you have a lot of conflict, relationships and you know, love, betrayal all those things coming through these characters. >> catch salvation tonight at 9:00 p.m. right here on cbs-3. old you tube video has gone out of style, gang ham style. liam hems worth shares a pick on instagram that miley isn't fond of. >> three real life heroes are starring in the client chin eastwood here i, here's bex from our sister station 96.5 with the hot minute. >> thanks ukee and guess contact you tube's most watched video of all time has been replaced, in 2012s purchase si gang am style broke the play counter but hates been dethroned by wiz
5:51 pm
khalifa and charlie puf see you again with more than 2.9 billion views. >> ♪ >> charlie shared his excitement saying quote for the record i join you tube in 2007 hoping to make a video that would reach 10,000 viewers. you have heard been there, right, when your significant other posts the most un flattering picture of you but they look great. miley cyrus and lie am hems worth are in the same predicament. liam sharing this photo with the caption my little angel and i but it was miley's very relatable comment that won the post saying quote why this picture? see, celebrities are just like us. >> ♪ >> this is amazing, three real life heroes, who stopped a terror attack on a french train in 2015 are starring in clint eastwood upcoming film,
5:52 pm
alex scar lotto, spencer stone and anthony sadler are playing themselves in the 1517 to paris. eastwood looked for actors to portray the trio but decided story would be best told by them. that is your hot minute i'm be x from today's nine have .5. >> thanks. hottest thing in hamilton. >> one hundred forty-second our lady of mount carmel festival and tori is their life. >> that is right, it is home of the longest italian running festival, take a look behind me, people are in line getting ready to beat the ride, we're going to learn about this incredible festival and the meaning behind it, coming,
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
tradition goes back 142 years. >> our late of mount carmel festival is getting underway in hammington, new jersey. >> vittoria wild is there with all of the excitement tonight, tori. >> reporter: i get it, guys, send the italian and proud to be here, we're live in hammington and this festival was established in 1875. nick, you are nine. you have been coming your whole life. what is best part about coming here. >> probably the momma goat. >> awesomey hear you are a big fan of the roast pork, sharp provolone, broccoli rob sandwich. >> yeah. >> dawn help me out. >> yeah. >> lets learn more about the festival witt being here so long, it building tradition. nick has been coming since he was little. lou has been growing up in the festival forever. he is part of the our lady of mount carmel society and in the only part of it but
5:57 pm
president. your dad was part of it. that is how it gets passed on. >> my grandfather, my father, my brother, my cousins, my uncles, yes. >> tell me about the festival. >> it is a week long. it originated in 1875 from ancestors from cecily, they came over to pay homage to the blessed mothers, bountiful crops, good weather and just for being in america. from that day forward we have continued that consecutively this will be our 100 forty-second year. >> look what you have done, you draw thousands from all over the place, because it is, the longest running in america >> that is correct, longest running italian festival in the united states we are very proud of that there is great people here, frankie, my vice-president. >> that is greaty see behind you, frank, looking here but looking up what we have here behind me because not only are you celebrating such an incredible tradition but feast is on sunday. >> that is correct, right. >> but incredible food here.
5:58 pm
>> what do we have here. >> over here we have peppers sausage and onions. >> love it. >> here is our pork, spiced pork, provolone broccoli robb. >> my kind of guy. >> thanks very much. >> thanks for being herey will dig into this. and before i do that lets pop up some information, you want to make sure you get down here , celebrate the italian tradition and celebration all there is about this festival and celebrating our fee day of our lady of mount carmel july 16th, in hammington st. joseph's church on third street. i will grab this. hold ton. that frank, can you hold ton this he will dot inn view. >> interview is over, guys, i've got business. >> as soon as that comes out, bye-bye. >> it looks delicious. >> my gosh, look at her. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 back in cuss
5:59 pm
toyed person of interest cosmo dinardo taken to jail, latest twist and turns in the investigation of four missing men in bucks county, lauren. >> reporter: it is hot, steamy and more heat and humidity heading in the day tomorrow. i'm meteorologist lauren casey and let you know when excessive heat warning goes into effect and when to expect strong storms in your forecast and preparing for pink, fans will brave the heat down the shore to see home ground talent hit the stage, way officials are dealing with the crowd and temperatures. plus a young girl handed a ticket by a police officer for what she did right, i'll show what you caught that cop's attention and very sweetening. it is 6:00, here's is what happening, developing right now a person of interest back in custody as search for four missing men in bucks county, continues. tonight we are learning cosmo dinardo is facing
6:00 pm
charges for stealing the car belong to go one of those missing men. hello, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we have team three coverage. we will start with "eyewitness news" reporter henry rossoff live in doyletown where an arraignment was held just a couple hours ago, henry. >> reporter: ukee and jessica judge set bail at five million-dollar, cash, that means cosmo dinardo's family has to come up with every penny of that money, not just 10 percent normal standard in court cases. we have obtained this court document from prosecutors that details how dinardo got his hands on the vehicle of one of the four missing men. cosmo dinardo sat back in his chair wearing a gray tank top as prosecutors brought more charge as begins him. he now stand accused of taking nissan maxima of 21 year-old tom meo, last seen july 7th and reported missing july 8th, july 9th according to court documents dinardo went to the frie a


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