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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  July 12, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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tonight -- the fairy tale celebrity wedding of the summer. inside julianne hough's emotional i dos. >> oh, my god. she's so beautiful. >> the stunned groom. the daddy-daughter dance, and cameras capturing every moment. >> then, did jennifer garner confront ben's new girlfriend? plus -- >> we woke up very sad and angry. with just days until the "game of thrones" premiere, what has kit harington up in arms? >> 99 really infuriates me. plus, the date night without the twins. inside angelina's wild vacation with her daughter. and shia labeouf's arrest video tirade. >> i got more millionaire lawyers than you know what to do with. now for july 12, 2017, this
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is "entertainment tonight." >> oh, my god. >> i think every married man can remember the first time he saw his bride on their wedding day. that look on the face of julianne hough's husband says it all. we're taking you inside the wedding tonight for nancy o'dell. >> for love and commitment. every moment was captured in such an intimate way that you will feel like you were actually there. >> this is going to take your breath away. every moment of julianne's wedding was captured in such a groom brooks laich was stunned the first time he saw his bride in her marchesa gown. her father bruce walked her down the aisle in front of more than 200 guests. after they officially became mr. and mrs., the couple just
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continue contain their joy. [ cheers and applause ] >> at the reception, she danced with her father to a recording of her singing "daddy's little girl" which she wrote. ♪ i'll always be daddy's little girl ♪ >> her three-piece sheer ensemble was another custom-made marchesa embroidered with thousands of crystals and pearls. they twirled on an antiqued mirrored dance floor. julianne had hinted to us it was going to be special. >> best dance floor ever. best music. >> "people" magazine has all the photos and details from the magical ceremony. you can see the full video from the cover story on the "people" entertainment weekly app. before the i dos, the couple surfed on the lake during a huge outdoor welcome party with their friends and family. the bride's brother derek who was a groomsman, tipped us off it was going to be big multiple-day celebration! >> we're going to have a great time. we're there for, like, a week. it will be, like, a weeklong event. it's going to be amazing. >> the carefree bash included a giant game of jenga.
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everything was perfect for the rustic weekend wedding. the bride's dream of a fairytale day came true. >> i love it. ben affleck isn't ready to walk down the aisle with his new girlfriend, but the two are generating a lot of attention. there is a rumor circulating that jennifer garner confronted ben's new lady about their relationship. jennifer peros has the details. >> a source close to ben's new girlfriend tells "e.t." that they have been in an on again off again relationship since 2013. the source adds that there was a report confronting lindsay about their relationship, but asource close to them says they have been friend for a long time and denies the claims. >> the couple was spotted on a theater day in london. they arrived together but walk
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in separately. shookus in a producer at "snl," and we just conevered this video of her in a digital short with andy samberg back in 2008. >> as for jennifer garner, she appears to be doing just fine, and here's how she is taking the high road. she is focusing on her career. the actress has a new movie out next year, and here are pictures of general onset back in march filming scenes for their upcoming movie. the movie is based on a young adult novel of the same name, and she plays the mom of a gay teen. >> general's real life role of a devoted mom is helping her move on. we are told she's keeping things civil for their sake. >> and another key to jen's success in all of this, she is hitting the gym hard. we spotted her four times in just the past week, and it's pretty obvious that all the hard work is paying off because she looks amazing.
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>> get ready because jen is coming back. >> you have not seen anything yet from jen. let's move onto george and amal. they got a break from 5-week-old twin last night, doing date night at the black cat restaurant, not far from their home in lake como in italy. >> a source tell us us the new mom, happy and relaxed and looked like she wasn't sleep deprived. >> no, and george still sporting his goatee. they arrived at their home earlier this month. we know george loves that villa. >> it is fantastic. >> i got a house there. and angelina jolie celebrated knox and vivienne 9th birthday. >> they were in namibia because
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that's where they opened a sang wear. >> new backpacks at our house. meanwhile, back here in the states, it's the day that abby lee miller dreaded, and it has finally arrived. the "dance moms" star reported to federal prison in victorville, california this afternoon. >> abby lee arrived at 12:05 p.m. she stayed in the car with the windows rolled up. a source close to abby lee tells "e.t." she spent part of last night filming here lifetime. abby rolls into what will be her new home for a year and a day. >> she has been upbeat about going behind bars, even joking with the paparazzi, while out to dinner on monday. >> you better learn how to make a shank. >> it's a shiv. >> okay. a shiv. >> but what will her life behind bars really look like? victorville is a medium security prison with a population of around 1,300. abby will wear a khaki uniform and her shirt must remain tucked. she is allowed visitors between 8:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. she is allowed phone calls which
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are monitored and e-mails containing text only. and lights out at 10:00 p.m. one former inmate describes the food at victorville as cheap and loaded with carbs, which could be tough for abby who is on a restricted diet after undergoing sleeve surgery. >> my life is no potatoes and rice and noodles. lean fish. so it's hard. so we'll figure it out. >> so abby's just headed to jail. meanwhile, shia labeouf spent a morning behind bars. he was arrested after reportedly getting out of control, and we obtained the police body camera footage. of his arrest. >> i have rights. i'm an american. >> ranting and swearing at police. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> cops tell "e.t." this all started after he approached an officer and asked for a cigarette and became disorderly.
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>> i was asking for a cigarette. you said no. i said, word. and then you arrested me, you dumb [ bleep ]. i got more millionaire lawyers than you know what to do with, you stupid [ bleep ]. i'm from it, you dummy. >> in the video, recorded around 4:00 a.m. saturday, shia calls the arresting officer the same derogatory term no less than ten times during their car ride. you can hear the cop's frustration exiting the squad card. >> oh, my god. >> once at the jail, she goes into a tirade about his handcuffs. >> these cuffs are too tight. why am i in custody? >> a female officer, seemingly unaware of the star's status, tries to get basic info. >> why am i in custody. >> then this male officer gets a compliment? >> you're cute. >> now the 31-year-old faces charges of obstruction, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. a rep didn't respond to our
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request for comment. he was released on a $3,500 bond. on monday, he was seen back on the set of "the peanut butter falcon," which also stars dakota johnson. oh, shia. next court date, july 25th. up next, the "this is us" cast goes back to work. then "game of thrones" versus the prying paparazzi. kate hairing ton on the extreme measures they took to keep the story line top secret. >> it could be a fake or a setup. the "america's got talent" judges tell all about each other. >> who is most likely to be flirty with a contestant? >> what really happens behind the scenes? closed captioning provided by --
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well, look at this. summer is officially over for the cast of "this is us." they are back to work. >> absolutely. mandy moore sharing this shot from the makeup chair. here's a glimpse of the scene that takes place in a maternity ward. >> the show returns september 25th on nbc. >> that's 76 days away if you are counting. >> you know i did. by the way, a day ago, it was all about "america's got talent." more than 12 million people tuned in, but you didn't see this. i got the judges to dish a little bit on each other. who is most likely to be flirty with a contestant? >> heidi. >> heidi. >> you have a swagger thing going on. >> mel and i.
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>> there are a lot hot guys on the stage. >> and which judge is most likely to be taking up the time with critiques? >> listen to me. >> no. no. >> you can't listen to me for one second? >> no. >> which judge is most likely to cry? >> none of them. they don't have emotion. >> maybe not a lot of tears, but the real judges and the reason it's the number one show of the summer, the contestants, because you never know what you are going to get. like 13-year-old angelina green last night. ♪ i'll stand by you >> i love you so much i'm going to hit the golden buzzer. >> i thought i had seen it all, and then you do the auditions. someone turns up. >> all of a sudden, everything clicks, and in that moment, you are watching someone get crowned. their dream coming true. and their life changing forever. >> not every act is a winner. >> there is a guy who was hammering nails into wood with his head. doink, doink, doink. >> the judges will start making cuts next week.
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each judge gets another golden buzzer to push contestants through to the live show. if they don't make it, there's always mama tyra. >> i'm the first thing they see, and sometimes they don't have family here. so i am that for them. i have to encourage them and tell them, you know, it's okay. >> the love from mama tyra. doesn't stop does it? now they are still in the thick of this season, but already thinking about next season. auditions start in november. still ahead, we reveal the top ten highest paid country stars. why carrie underwood didn't make the cut. plus mariah carey's surprise for fans. jamie foxxx's game show. she sits down behind a piano, and you will never guess what happens next. and our "game of thrones" countdown. what kit harington wants to take from the set when the show is over. >> straight-up steal. i'm going to steal it.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, mariah carey! y'all thought i was joking, huh? >> you have to check out those contestants losing their minds when she makes a surprise appearance tomorrow night on fox. host jamie foxx loving this. >> that's what happens when mariah shows up. mariah sits down at a piano, and a microphone's right there for her. what is she going to perform? >> thank you. thank you. >> nothing. >> that was it.
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>> she gets right back up, blows a kiss and she walks away. that's mariah. >> seeing her, just enough. here's a question -- which country music star has made the most money over the last year? when you combine record sales, touring endorsements, "forbes" just added it all up. ♪ all you got to do is put a drink in my hand ♪ >> i'm sure eric church will talk about the fact he made $25 million, tying with the zac brown band, and at number nine, anything coal kidman's hubby, keith urban. the aussie didn't waste any time in the last year, earning $30 million, thanks in part who his 79 shows and his line of guitars. >> i love that he is passionate about his music. ♪ >> beating out keith by $1.5 million, blake shelton. ♪ >> while most top earners got their cash flow from touring, he made his outside the arena as a coach on "the voice." >> i'm trying to win this show.
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>> jason aldean is up next. followed by a tie between toby keith and florida georgia line, and then the 71-year-old dolly parton. ♪ >> as the only female in the top ten, dolly earned her $37 million with 63 performances and her dollywood theme park. >> i'm hoping that i can do this all my life. >> luke bryan's love of hunting actually helped him snag the third spot, and 42 million bucks. the 40-year-old makes bank beyond the stage thanks to the reality show "buck commander" alongside "duck dynasty's" will li robertson. and he has not one, but two deer companies. ♪ >> kenny chesney barely outruns luke for the number two spot, but the real king of country is mr. garth brooks. ♪
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>> the 55-year-old earned $60 million. so what's the secret to his success? playing multiple shows at the same arena all in one day. cha-ching. ♪ i got friends in low places he has also got lots of friends at banks. you might be asking yourself, what happened to carrie underwood? she had a big year out on tour, but it wasn't enough to break the top ten. she is in good company. tim mcgraw, dierks bentley and miranda lambert didn't make it either. ♪ that music. "game of throne" fans. doesn't it get your heart pumping? it's back this sunday on hbo. and all eyes will be on kit harington. >> he is right on the top of the list of fan favorites. that's for sure, but something explosive is happening this season. some of the key players are going to start joining forces, and kit told carly steele all about it. >> how exciting was it for you to get to work with some of the cast that you hadn't worked with before?
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>> i think that's the thing i enjoyed the most. i got to work with some very, very close friends i never work with, and i loved it. >> one of those friends could be emilia clarke, the mother of dragons herself. the paparazzi in spain snapped picks of them filming together. >> fans have been so excited about seeing the photos of jon snow and khaleesi. >> that was annoying. drones were flying around, and we all got upset and angry that people would want to spoil a tv show in that way for people. i'm not even -- i know there is photos out there, but i'm not going to confirm if we meet. it could be a fake. it could be a setup. >> and kit's not kidding. he said they shot 15 hours of fake scenes to throw the paparazzi on the set. shooting for the eighth and final season, it starts this fall, and the 30-year-old may have a hard time swiping a souvenir from the set.
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>> are there any props on the set that you have your eye on? that you are, like, i'm taking that? >> there is only one i have ever want. i want my sword. the first surgeons general s she -- season, they went, yeah, of course. as the seasons went on, and the show became more and more popular, and that sword's value went up and up, they became quieter about it, and i'm hinting more and more. like, i want that sword. i'm just going to steal it. >> just like he stole rose leslie's heart. they fell in love while she was on the show, but thank goodness for facetime because he is shooting all over the world. who knew? right? that's that's actor ryan phillippe on the sirius xm radio show. i don't know if he showed off that skill to reese witherspoon, while they are married, but we know how the family feels about dad because he was just asked. >> have your kids felt embarrassed by their parents or do you get the ultimate cool card?
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>> i don't think any parent get s the ultimate cool card. for instance, right now i'm shirtless on the cover of a magazine. i'm sure that's not my daughter's favorite thing in the world. >> it is fun for you to read the comments about how much they look like you and reese? >> it's weird because isn't that obvious? >> you're the parents. >> who else are they going to look like? >> the 42-year-old, who is dad to 17-year-old ava and 13-year-old deacon is playing dad once again. >> here it is. >> yay! >> this time, starring opposite joey king in the film, "wish upon". >> i'm so sorry you had to see that. >> did you pull from the relationship with ava? >> of course. there are a lot of similarities. they're both highly intelligent, super funny, and it made that much more comfortable for joey and i. >> did you find anything? >> i feel like this is your first horror film since "i know what you did last summer," which is 20 years ago.
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>> yeah. one of the things that drew me to this was how much it reminded me of the movies in the '90s, which i was a part of. it's scary and you jump, and you want to look away, but it's not overly gorey. by the way, if you think ryan's new movie is scary, try hosting "the little women of l.a." reunion. the ladies got crazy. and a couple of things happened that shocked me. >> it was wild. you were speechless. we're coming right back.
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travel consideration provided by -- all right. quick tune-in alert. this year's top athletes will be honored tonight at the 25th espys on abc. >> john cena hosted last year, but he'll be sitting front row to watch peyton man ing take over this year, and we spotted where nba star steph curry will be sitting, and laurie hernandez. they will be rubbing shoulders with hollywood's elite like samuel l. jackson. we'll have the highlights tomorrow. >> see you then. >> take care.
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>> "the insider" -- tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> number one -- it's full speed ahead for ben affleck and lindsay shookus.
7:30 pm
but what about jennifer garner? >> you're the best thing that ever happened to ben. >> did she confront lindsay about their relationship? we're breaking down fact from fiction. then inside maks and peta's fairy tale wedding. >> we enjoy partying together. >> new details about their royal "i do's". >> make some noise! >> and number three -- kim kardashian shuts down drug rumors. >> i don't play like that. like i'm -- come on. >> why the moment confused even her. >> after all that, this table in the background -- >> plus your "insider" bonus. the stars open the doors to their homes away from hollywood. >> we wanted some land and privacy. >> plus -- >> you just came from the edit suite. >> i did. >> how's looking? >> i -- i like it. >> first images from oprah's "a wrinkle in time." but which costar couldn't shake the lady o effect? >> she'd be like, you know what book i really love? and everybody would get silent.


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